Robert Brown Papers

Robert Brown Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert Brown Papers
Creator: Brown, Robert Lofton, 1950-2011
Inclusive Dates: 1960-2012
Bulk Dates: 1960-1995
Language(s): English
Extent: 143 box(es) (142 linear feet, 15 audio recordings, and 165 megabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL314RB
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Robert Lofton Brown served in the Georgia State Senate (26th District) from 1991 to 2011 and was a member of the Bibb County Schools Board of Education between 1984 and 1991. Brown was also actively involved in education policy reform in the 1970s and 1980s through his work with the American Friends Service Committee and the Southeastern Public Education Program. Brown's papers document his political career, his civic and social activities, and his advocacy for education reform and civil rights in Macon and beyond.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Robert Lofton Brown was born on January 30, 1950 in Greenville, Georgia to Joe and Ruby Lofton Brown. From 1968 to 1971, Brown attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, earning a B.S. in Sociology and Christianity. Brown lived in Macon for the remainder of his life and was actively involved in several civic organizations including the Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church, Black Student Alliance (chairman), M.L.K. Coalition for Freedom, Macon Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (board president), Volunteer Macon, Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass (president and founding member), and the National Coalition of Advocates for Students (founding board member). Brown's many local honors and awards include the Macon Courier's Community Service Award (1979) and the Concerned Citizens League's Medgar-Martin-Malcolm Award (1982).

Brown was actively involved in education policy reform in Georgia, South Carolina, and throughout the southeastern United States in the 1970s and 1980s. From 1971 to 1980, Brown served as a program associate and then associate regional director of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) where he helped to lead programs focused on school discipline and juvenile delinquency; competency based education; and monitoring of local agency compliance with the Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title IX of the United States Education Amendments of 1972. From 1980 to 1985, Brown served as Director of the Southeastern Public Education Program (SEPEP) where he was responsible for administering a multistate advocacy program in support of local schools.

Robert Brown's political career began with two unsuccessful races for the Georgia House of Representatives (District 102) between 1978 and 1982. In 1984, he was elected to the Bibb County Schools Board of Education and served on the board until his resignation on June 14, 1991 to campaign for the Georgia State Senate. Brown was first elected to represent Georgia's 26th District in the George State Senate in a special election held in August 1991 to fill an unexpired term. Brown's opponents in the election were Robert Reichert and Jack Ellis, both of whom would later serve as mayor of Macon. Brown was sworn in as Bibb County's first African American state senator on September 9, 1991.

During his time in the Georgia State Senate, Brown held several leadership positions including assistant floor leader under Zell Miller, Democratic Minority Leader (2005-2011) and Secretary of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. Brown's committee and task force assignments included Administrative Affairs, Economic Development, Insurance and Labor, Joint Legislative Ethics, Joint Lottery Oversight, Judiciary, Reapportionment and Redistricting Committee, Senate-House Regional Hospital Study Committee, Senate Study Committee on Children at Risk, Senate Government Procurement of Recycled Products Study Committee, Aged and Disabled Transportation Task Force, and the Senate Task Force on Violence in the Media. Throughout his political career, Brown advocated for a variety of causes for his district and the state including the health and education of children, opposition to school voucher programs, racial non-discrimination, fair reapportionment and redistricting, the establishment and preservation of the HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) scholarship program, strengthening the position of consumers treated unfairly by utility providers, strengthening legal protections for animals, and support for the arts.

Brown retired from the Georgia State Senate on June 9, 2001 to run (unsuccessfully) for mayor of Macon. Robert Brown died on December 8, 2011 from an apparent suicide.

Scope and Content

The Robert Brown Papers document his political career as a member of the Georgia State Senate (26th District) between 1991 and 2011; his involvement in education policy reform in Georgia and throughout the southeastern United States in the 1970s and 1980s as a member of the Bibb County School Board of Education, as program associate and then associate regional director of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and as director of the Southeastern Public Education Program (SEPEP); and his advocacy for the preservation of the historic Douglass Theatre in downtown Macon, Georgia and support for the arts through his work with the Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass, Inc. The collection includes memoranda and correspondence, business and financial records, meeting minutes, subject files, campaign materials, reports and other publications, publicity materials, photographs, audio and video recordings, and artifacts.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged in six series: I. American Friends Service Committee, II. Bibb County Schools Board of Education, III. Southeastern Public Education Program, IV. Education Subject Files, V. Political and Personal, and VI. Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass, Inc.

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Robert Brown Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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During processing, Russell Library staff could not always be sure in which series to place subject files since each series deals with similar subject matter. Subject files were searched for correspondence or other materials that would indicate if they were related to Brown's work with the AFSC, Bibb County Schools Board of Education, or SEPEP. If the original use could not be determined, the files were placed in Series IV (Education Subject Files).

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, Agozie Onyirimba, and Brandon Pieczko, 2018.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. American Friends Service Committee, 1964-1985

30 box(es) (29.25 linear feet)
This series documents Robert Brown's involvement with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), especially the organization's work related to education reform and the desegregation of schools. Other subjects include child welfare, racial equality, economic equality, and a wide range of social issues. Records in this series include correspondence, business files, National Community Relations Committee files with progress reports on AFSC initiatives, project files, and subject files.
11Bi-Lingual/Multicultural Education, 1977
12Black Coalition of Higher Education, 1977
13Black Politics, 1973-1974
14Black Youth Club - Macon, 1972
15Georgia Budget, 1976-1978
16Brown, Robert (Correspondence), 1974-1976
17Car and House, 1971-1974
18Caucus for the Improvement of Georgia Education, 1973
19Collective Bargaining, 1976
110Communications - Complaints, Information, 1971
111Alabama Program, 1975-1976
112Committee RRR - Macon, 1973
113C.B., 1972-1973
114Creative Discipline Newsletter, 1977
115Community Relations Division - Interim Committee, 1977
116Crime - Macon, 1974
117Discipline Project, 1977
118Edgefield County - South Carolina, 1970
119Education Coalition, 1977
120Macon Task Force Early Adolescents, 1976
121Early Adolescents Committee, 1976-1977
122Foundations, 1976-1977
123Fringe Benefits, 1971-1976
124Labor, 1973-1975
125Middle Georgia Area Planning and Development Commission, 1975-1977
126National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Labor Committee), 1975
127National Save Black Schools, 1973
128Program Proposals (SEPEP), 1976
129Personnel, 1973-1976
130Project 23, 1975
131South Carolina Program, 1976
132Urban Education Improvement Act of 1970 (Section by Section Analysis, 1970
133Voter Registration, 1974
21Voter Registration, 1975
22Voter Registration (Letters Out), 1975
23[Northeast Recreational Complex], 1975
24African Affairs, 1970-1974
25Gibbs Family, 1977
26[Organizing to Combat Racial Discrimination], 1972
27African Liberation Support Committee, 1973
28AFSC Reports, 1973-1974
29Ramos, Jackie, 1978
210-11Correspondence Incoming Elise Davis, 1979
National Community Relations Committee
212-14[National Community Relations Committee], 1979-1983
215Government and Human Needs, 1980
216-17[National Community Relations Committee], 1976-1978
218American Association of University Women, 1972-1973
219American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU], 1974
220American Federation of Teachers, 1975
221American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU], 1968-1969
222Black History, 1974
223Children's Defense Fund - Classifications, 1973
224Exclusion Maps, 1973
225Children's Defense Fund - Exclusions, 1973
31Children's Defense Fund - Institutions, 1973
32Columbia Urban League, 1974
33Community Education Coalition, 1973-1975
34Community Education Association, undated
35Constitutional Rights Foundation, 1972
36Educational Resources Information Center, 1975
37Educational Testing Service, 1973-1974
38Head Start, 1974
39Health, Education, and Welfare, 1976
310International Association of Pupil Personnel Workers, 1975
311Law Students Civil Rights Council - International Development Research Association, 1975-1976
312Massachusetts Advocacy Center, 1974
313National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice (NCCIJ), 1976
314National Urban Coalition, 1975-1976
315National Council of Juvenile Court Judges, 1976
316National Education Association, 1974-1975
317National Education Association - External Advisory Committee, 1974-1975
318National Organization on Legal Problems in Education, 1972
319Public Voice, 1974
320Race Relations Information Center, 1969
321Richard County Education Association, 1975
322South Carolina Council for Human Rights, 1974
323Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, 1974
324School Law News, 1976
325South Carolina Electric and Gas - Employment, 1976
326South Carolina General Assistance Center, 1973
327South Carolina Legislature, 1974
328South Carolina State Advocacy Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1975
329South Carolina Summer Study on Student Involvement, 1971
330Southern Regional Council, 1969-1972
331Syracuse University Policy Research Corporation, 1972-1973
332United Communities for Child Development, 1971-1972
333-35[National Organization on Legal Problems in Education], 1975-1977
336South Carolina - School Attendance Law, 1969-1970
337School Desegregation, 1973
338South Carolina School Health, 1974
339Student Involvement, 1971
340School Finance Conference, 1973
341Schools, 1970
342South Carolina School Code, 1972
343Summer Study on Student Involvement, 1971
344State Department of Education, 1973
345Orangeburg - South Carolina State College, 1969
346Teachers, 1969-1971
347Teacher Rights, 1973
348West, 1970
41South Carolina Voter Education Project, 1968-1970
42South Carolina Welfare, 1969-1971
43South Carolina Education - Year-Round School, 1973
44Job Corps, 1973
45Afram Associates, 1970
46[AFSC Field Representatives], 1973
47Congress of Racial Equality, 1969-1970
48Congressional Record, 1969
49Council for Basic Education, 1970
410Comprehensive Health Services, Inc., 1971
411Committee to End Violence Against the Next Generation, 1974
412Columbia Urban League, 1973
413The Field Foundation, 1971
414International Reading Association, 1974
415Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, 1970
416Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1969
417Lowcountry Conference on Education, 1973
418Midlands National Welfare Rights Organization, 1972
419The Field Foundation, 1966-1967
420National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP], 1968-1971
421National Education Association, 1969-1971
422National School Boards Association, 1969
423National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students, 1971
424Penn Center, 1974
425Robert F. Kennedy Fellowship Program, 1970-1971
426South Carolina Association for Retarded Children, 1967
427South Carolina Christian Action Council, 1969
428South Carolina School Board Association, 1970-1973
429Scholarship Education and Defense Fund, 1969
430Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1968-1969
431South Carolina Desegregation Center, 1971
432South Carolina Education Advisory Committee, 1971
433South Carolina Employment Security Commission, 1972
434South Carolina Education Association, 1969-1973
435United Citizens Party, 1969-1972
436Southeastern Voter Education Project, 1972
437United Citizens Party, 1972
438Vocations For Social Change, 1969
439[Education Coalition], 1969-1972
440-41Washington Research Project, 1969-1972
442Ruby Martin, 1969
443Young Women's Christian Association, 1969
444[Local 1199 of the Hospital Workers Union], 1972
445Black Child Development Institute, 1971
446Black Journal, 1970-1971
51Southerners for Economic Justice, 1978
52[Southerners for Economic Justice], 1977
53The Church's Responsibility in the Changing Southern Economy, 1977
54-5National Committee for Citizens in Education, 1977
56M. Hayes Mizell, 1977-1978
57-8[South Carolina Education Association], 1975-1979
59[Birdie Mae Davis v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County, et. al.], 1968
Projects: Alabama and South Carolina
510Education Coalition, 1972-1973
511Black Drafts Counselors, 1972
512Black Star Project - Taylor, Jesse, 1973
513Community Project Funding Advisory Services, circa 1970-1979
514Community Organizational Plans, 1970
515City of Commissioners' Committee on Community Affairs, 1964
516Circuit Clerks Manual, 1974
517Children's Defense Funds, 1973
518Children's Defense Funds Agreement, undated
519Children's Defense Funds Questions, undated
520Davis, Birdie Mae v. United States of America by Ramsey Clark, 1968
521Census of Alabama by County, 1970
61Davis v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile, Alabama, 1971
62Program for the Disadvantaged, 1969
63Discipline Proposal, 1975
64Congressional Record, 1971
65Discrimination Report, undated
66Education for Blacks, 1972
67East Alabama Educational Foundation, 1971
68Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1974
69[Emergency School Aid Act], 1973
610Bulk, undated
611Southern Hearing Financial, 1984
612[School Financing], 1972
613Financing Public Education in South Carolina: Problems and Prospects - A Report Prepared by the Educational Finance and Governance Program of the Policy Institute of Syracuse University Research Corporation for the South Carolina Community Relations Program of the AFSC, 1972 October
614-15Federal Communications Commission Complaints, 1970
616Fredericka Evans Scholarship Program, undated
617Hartzler, Wilton, 1971-1972
618Moffett, Barbara, 1970-1972
619Superintendent's Contact List, 1972
620Superintendent and Board Members Contact List, undated
621Contacts - ACT Education Group, Black County Wide PTA, Community Workshop List, School Board Members, Student List, Regular Contact, Montgomery Planning Students List, 1970-1971
622Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA) F-2, 1973
623Discipline Report (Oakland Public Schools), 1969
624Metropolitan Applied Research Center Fact Book on Educational Transportation, 1972
625Federal Communications Commission Complaints, 1970-1971
626Alabama League of Women Voters Contact List, undated
627AFSC: Mobile Project, June 1970, 1970
628[Education Law Bulletin], 1982
629Financing Public Education in South Carolina: Problems and Prospects - A Report Prepared by the Educational Finance and Governance Program of the Policy Institute for the South Carolina Community Relations Program of the AFSC, 1972 October
630[Georgia's Children Program - SEPEP], 1984
631Southern Hearing Call to Hearing Information, 1984
632ACT, 1969-1973
71ACT II, 1972
72Stop "Violence" in Schools Act, 1972
73ACT Education Program - The Effects of Desegregation on Black Personnel and Black Schools in the Mobile County Public School System in the 1970-1971 School Year by Donald B. Dickerson, 1970-1971
74Alabama Coalition for Better Education, 1970
75Alabama Council on Human Relations Report on Housing in Montgomery, 1968
76Alabama Education Study Commission (January 16, 1969), 1969
77The Alabama Story, 1969
78Atlanta Public Schools, 1969
79Administration of Justice (AFSC), 1972
710Accessibility to Schools, undated
711Abraham Lincoln High School, 1972
712Black Capitalism, undated
713Black Banks, undated
714Berkeley Unified School District, Kathryne Favors, 1969
715The Berkeley Scene, 1969
716Battle, Jessica (Reports), 1973
717Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, 1970
718Bridgeton High School ( A Year In The Life...), 1971
719ACT Education Program - The Effects of Desegregation on Black Personnel and Black Schools in the Mobile County Public School System in the 1970-1971 School Year by Donald B. Dickerson, 1970-1971
720Emergency School Assistance Program, 1972
721Mrs. Janice McArthur, 1973
722National Education Association, 1975
Projects: Calhoun County, South Carolina School Fees
723Calhoun County Boycott News Articles, 1976
724School Fees Questionnaire (School Districts) - School Fee/Date Regarding Districts, 1977
725[Schools- News Articles], 1975
726Board - Superintendent Controversy Sumter #2 - News Articles, 1976
727Breakfast Program Clips, 1975
728School Fees Letters, 1975-1976
81School Fees, 1977
82[Concerned Parents v. Caruthersville School District 18], 1976-1977
83School Fees "Bills - Legislation", 1977
84[School Fees], 1977
Projects: Child Abuse
85Child Abuse Study Materials Includes: Child Abuse Law Pamphlets, undated
86Child Abuse Study Materials Includes Questionnaires, 1976
87Child Abuse Study Materials Includes: Department of Social Services Questionnaire, Superintendent's Questionnaire, 1976
88Child Abuse Study Materials - Materials Include: Questionnaires, 1976
Projects: Discipline (Alternatives to Suspension)
89Alternatives to Suspension Requests, 1976
810Requests for AFSC Sixteen Point Guide for Communities on Discipline/Suspension, 1976
Projects: Regional Offices
811AFSC - Denver, 1973
812Los Angeles Unified School District Citizens' Advisory Committee on Student Integration - Preliminary Report to the Los Angeles City Board of Education - January 10, 1977, 1977
813[Los Angeles Integration], 1976-1977
814Los Angeles Integration - A Guide for Speakers and Community Leaders - Prepared by Community Relations Conference of Southern California, 1975
815[Education Committee], 1977
816Evaluation Report Neighborhood Organizing Program of the Pasadena Urban League - Planning Council of United Way Los Angeles, California (December 15, 1976), 1976
817[Los Angeles Integration], 1977
818AFSC - San Francisco, 1976
819[Education Programs of the Pacific Northwest Region], 1977-1980
820AFSC - Seattle, 1977
91AFSC - Georgia Education Program, 1977-1978
92Louisville, 1976
93Dayton, Ohio, 1975-1978
94AFSC - Pasadena, 1975
95AFSC - New York, 1976
96[AFSC National Community Relations Committee Meeting], 1976
97Proceedings in Regards to Task Force on Desegregation (Thursday, April 29, 1976), 1976
98[Philadelphia Desegregation - Letter and Flyer], undated
99Philadelphia, 1974-1976
910AFSC - Chicago, 1975-1976
911AFSC - Boston, 1976
912Boston, 1974-1976
913[The Boston Media Project], circa 1976
Subject Files (Alphabetical)
914Bread 'N Better, 1981
915Children's Advocacy Center Newsletter, 1979
916Career Education, 1972-1973
917Chief State School Officers Council, 1977
918Child Advocacy, 1978
919Child Advocacy and the Schools, 1980
920CHIP/SCAP Demonstration Project, 1978
101Colquitt County, 1974
102SEPEP/ Carnegie Colloquium on State Compulsory Education, 1983
103Committee on Public Education, 1979
104Compensatory Education, 1976-1983
105Compensatory Education: Alabama, 1982
106Court Case 81-6044 Civ-NCR Broward County, Florida, 1983
107Competence-Based Education Plan, 1978-1980
108Crawford County, 1976
109Closer Look, 1979
1010Committee to End Violence Against the Next Generation, Inc., 1984
1011Council for Children, 1984
1012Children's Defense Fund Reports, 1980-1982
1013Center for Community Change - Monitor, 1983
1014Center for Early Adolescence, 1978-1983
1015Center for Law and Education, Inc., 1980-1983
1016Center Point, 1980-1984
1017Children's Defense Fund, 1980-1982
1018-22Children's Foundation (The), 1978-1982
1023Children's Rights Report, 1977-1979
1024Civil Liberties Alert Newsletter, 1978-1984
1025Created Equal, 1980
1026Clearing House on Georgia Prisons and Jails, 1976
1027Department of Education: Weekly, 1981
1028Desegregation Update, 1977
1029Day Care, 1971-1975
1030Decatur County Complaints, 1980
1031DeKalb County, 1974
1032Department of Education Bill 24-44, 1979
1033Desegregation, 1982
1034Desegregation Update, 1979
1035Discipline Conference, 1979
1036Discipline Job Advertisement, 1979
1037Dodge County, 1975-1977
1038Dougherty County, 1978
111Education Law Bulletin, 1970
112Education of the Disadvantaged (Newsletter), 1979-1980
113Emmaus House, 1979
114Epilepsy Association of Georgia/Frontier Outpost, 1983
115Eastman, Georgia, 1979
116Educable Mentally Handicapped Reclassification, 1982-1983
117Education Coalition, 1978-1981
118Education Department (Federal), 1980
119Education Law, undated
1110Education Round-Up, 1972-1976
1111Educational Alternatives Program, 1978
1112-13Educational Data and Reports (General), 1978-1983
1114Effingham County, 1975
1115Emerging Issues in Education, 1980
1116Employee Discrimination Case, 1978
1117EMR Program [Program for Exceptional Children], 1970-1971
1118The Equality Center, 1983
1119Eric Clearinghouse on Urban Education, 1983
1120Emergency School Aid Act Regulations, 1972-1980
1121Emergency School Aid Act - Gain Project, 1978
1122Everybody's Business: A Book About School Discipline, 1980-1982
1123Everybody's Business Promotion, 1980
1124Education Week, 1982
1125Education Daily, 1980
1126Federal Register, 1979-1980
1127Federal Register, 1980
1128Ford Vocational Project, 1982
1129Food Research and Action Center, 1978
1130Fundamentals of Federal Education Policy, 1977-1981
1131Gibbs Family, 1971
1132Gifted Program, 1975
1133Georgia School Board Member Organization, 1970
1134Georgia Education Program, 1977
1135Georgia School/Lunch and Breakfast Information, 1971-1979
1136Georgia Headstart, 1977
1137Georgia Higher Education Coalition, 1975-1978
121[Georgia Compensatory Education], 1981
122Houston County, 1977
123Hancock County, 1975
124Handicapped Program Development, undated
125Health, Education, and Welfare, 1974-1979
126Health, Education, and Welfare: Maintenance and Retention of Records Regarding Elementary and Secondary Discipline Procedures and Actions, 1980
127International Year of the Child: Resources, 1978-1979
128International Year of the Child, 1979
129Institute for Responsive Education, undated
1210Jefferson County, 1975
1211Jenkins County, 1979
1212Johnson County, 1974
1213Kentucky Youth Advocates, Inc., 1983
1214Lamar County, 1974
1215Laurens County, 1974
1216Legislative Review, 1978
1217Liberty County, 1979-1980
1218Louisiana Contacts, 1981
1219Learning Resources Cooperation, 1976
1220Life Lines, 1982
1221Mercer University Medical School, 1978
1222Macon Courier, 1979
1223The Measuring Cup, 1979
1224Minority Business Today, 1982
1225Modeled Behavior, 1980
1226Monitor, 1978-1983
1227The Mooter, 1977-1980
1228Mosley Report, 1982
1229Mt. Ida Reporter, 1979
1230Multinational Monitor, 1980
1231National Anti-Klan Network Newsletter, 1981-1982
1232National Coalition of Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I Parents, 1983
1233National Committee for Citizens in Education Publications and Films, 1983
1234Network, 1979-1981
1235The New Republic, 1979
1236Newsline (Center for Children and Youth), 1978-1981
1237Nexus, 1979
1238Nuclear Times, 1980
1239Outlook Southeast Resource Center for Children and Youth Services, 1984
1240PAC Rap: Tri-State Newsletter - AFSC/SEPEP, 1979
1241Parents Union Newsletter, 1982-1983
1242The Peaceful People, 1979
1243Peer Perspective, 1972-1982
1244Perry, Fort Valley, Warner Robins News, 1979
1245Phi Delta Kappan, 1977
1246The Practitioner, 1977
1247Louisville, 1979
1248The Preservation Gazette, 1979
1249Pretrial Reporter, 1978-1984
1250Progress, 1979-1980
1251Protection and Advocacy News, 1979-1981
131Principals and Teachers (Demotions, *TATE) - Georgia, 1970
132Pritchett Solomon, 1976
133Project '84, 1982
134Proposals/Other Non Profit Organizations, 1983
135Publications Brochure, 1980
136Pulaski County, 1974-1975
137Putnam County, 1975
138P.L. 94-142 Handicapped Act, 1976-1979
R.19Parent Complaints, 1978
This folder contains records protected by FERPA and is open for research on January 1, 2054.
1310Parent/Student Rights Organization, 1973-1978
1311Parents Union Newsletter, 1978
1312Peach County, 1977
1313Health, Education, and Welfare: Maintenance and Retention of Records Regarding Elementary and Secondary Discipline Procedures and Actions, 1979
1314Vito Perrone, 1979
1315Read Resources, 1977-1978
1316Reagan Budget, 1981
1317Report of International Jurists Visit With Human Rights Petitioners in the United States August 3-20, 1979, 1979
1318Robert Clark Project, 1978
1319Richmond County, 1974-1975
1320Rodriguez, 1979
1321Rural and Small School Conference Participants, 1982
1322Ryals, William R., 1980
1323Student Rights, 1974-1975
1324Sumter County, Americus, Georgia, 1978-1981
1325School Sites Policy 40-4200, 1975, 1980
1326Screven County, 1981
1327Senate Discipline and Suspensions and Senate Juvenile Justice Committees, 1981
1328SEPEP Impact, 1981
1329SRC [Southern Legislative Research Council], 1980
1330State of South Carolina Department of Education, 1983
1331South Carolina School Advisory Council, 1982
1332South Carolina School Statistics, 1983
1333South Carolina State Education Accountability Project, undated
1334Southeastern Committee for Young Adolescents, 1978
1335Southern Coalition for Educational Equity, 1979-1980
1336Southerners for Economic Justice, 1983
1337Special Brochure File, 1979
1338Special Education, 1974-1975
1339Special Education Students, 1980-1981
1340Special Student Concerns Program, 1979
1341STEPS (Students, Teachers, Educators and Parents for Schools), 1981
1342Summer Parenting Program, undated
1343Street Law Proposals, 1975-1980
1344Student Organizing Materials, 1967-1971
1345School Attendance Policies, 1982
1346School Desegregation Studies, 1978
1347School Finance, 1982
1348School Finance Reform, 1972-1978
1349Tattnall County Schools, 1978
1350Taylor County, 1970-1972
1351Telfair County, 1977-1978
1352Tennessee, 1981
141Testing, 1979-1982
142Title I Publication (Joan First), 1983
143Title IV - Desegregation System Centers, 1979
144Title XIII, 1976
145Title XX, 1976
146Truancy - Absenteeism, 1976
147Twiggs County, 1977-1982
148United States Department of Education, 1981
149Upward Bound, undated
1410United States Office of Education Regulation Writers, 1979
1411Unionville School Promotion Policy, 1979
1412Vocational Education, 1977-1982
1413Vocation School Applications, undated
1414Washington County, 1978
1415Washington (Georgia School District), 1970-1977
1416Wilkes County, 1972-1974
1417L.H. Williams High School, 1980
1418Winrock, undated
1419Youth Policy Institute, 1979
1420Youthwork, 1978
Subject Files (Schools By County)
1421Darlington County, 1972-1973
1422Colton County, 1973
1423Abbeville, 1969-1974
1424Aiken County, 1969-1973
1425Aiken, 1973-1974
1426Allendale County, 1972-1974
1427Anderson County, 1972-1973
1428Bamberg County, 1972-1973
1429Barnwell County, 1972-1974
1430Beaufort County, 1973
1431Berkeley County, 1972-1973
151Calhoun County, 1972
152Charleston County, 1973
153Cherokee, 1971-1973
154Chester County, 1973-1974
155Chesterfield County - Teacher's Rights, 1970
156Dillon County, 1972-1974
157Dorchester County, 1973
158Edgefield County, 1973
159Fairfield County, 1972-1973
1510Florence, 1974-1975
1511York County, 1973
1512Williamsburg County, 1972-1974
1513Union, 1969-1974
1514Sumter #2 [Sumter District #2], 1974
1515Pickens County, 1972-1974
1516Richland County, 1972-1973
1517Saluda County, 1973
1518Spartanburg County, 1972
1519Sumter County, 1973
1520Oconee County, 1973-1974
1521Orangeburg County, 1972-1974
1522McCormick, 1973
1523Newberry County, 1973-1974
161Lexington County, 1973
162Marlboro County, 1971-1974
163Marion County, 1973-1974
164Laurens County, 1973-1974
165Lancaster County, 1972-1973
166Horry County, 1972-1973
167Lee County, 1974
168Jasper County, 1973
169Hampton County, 1972-1973
1610Kershaw County, 1972-1974
1611Greenwood County, 1973
1612Georgetown, 1973-1974
1613Greenville County, 1973
1614-15Horry, 1976-1979
1616Kershaw, 1977-1978
1617Jasper, 1974
1618Kershaw, 1974-1976
1619Lancaster, 1973
1620Laurens, 1974-1976
1621Lee, 1974-1975
1622Lexington, 1975-1976
1623Marion, 1975-1976
1624McCormick, 1975
171Marlboro, 1974-1975
Removed and destroyed files from this folder about a student's expulsion because the files were protected by FERPA and had minimal research value since it was an isolated incident.
172Newberry, 1974-1975
173Oconee, 1975
174Orangeburg, 1974-1975
175Pickens, 1974
176Richland 1, 1974-1977
177Richland County District #1, 1975-1976
178Richland 2, 1976
179Saluda, 1974-1975
1710Spartanburg, 1975-1976
1711-12Sumter, 1974-1976
1713Union, 1974
1714Williamsburg, 1974-1976
1715York, 1975-1976
Subject Files
1716Majority Black School Districts, 1970
1717United States - Employment, 1969
1718Housing, 1972
1719Desegregation, 1970-1972
1720Black Studies, 1966
1721United States Education - Research, 1968-1969
1722United States Education - Rights, 1969
1723United States Education - Legislation, 1968-1969
1724North Carolina - School Desegregation, 1969
1725School and Community, 1968
1726United States - Politics, 1968
1727United States - Racism, 1968-1969
1728Special Programs, undated
1729Textbooks, 1972
1730Teachers, 1971-1972
1731Violence in the United States, 1969
1732Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1969-1971
1733Yankee Segregation, undated
1734Emergency School Assistance Program, 1971
1735South Carolina - Emergency School Assistance Program, 1971
181Emergency School Aid Act, 1970
182United States Justice Department, 1969
183Emergency School Assistance Program, 1970-1971
184United States Office of Education, 1971
185United States Health, Education, and Welfare - Office of Civil Rights, 1968-1971
186White House Conference of Children and Youth, 1970
187United States Office of Education - Office of Programs for the Disadvantaged, 1969
188Office of Education - Office of Programs for the Disadvantaged, 1968-1969
189United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1969-1970
1810Office of Education - DEEO - Division of Equal Education Opportunity, 1969-1970
1811United States Health, Education, and Welfare - Office of Education, 1968-1969
1812United States - Office of Economic Opportunity, 1969
1813United States Health, Education, and Welfare Department, 1969-1971
1814Black Politics, 1972
1815South Carolina Higher Education, 1971
1816Elementary and Secondary Education Act - Title I, 1969-1970
1817Revenue Sharing, 1973
1818Social Service Regulations 1973 Changes, 1973
1819Interviewer's Kit for Reviewing Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (P.L. 89-10), 1969
1820Title I Workshop, 1969-1973
1821Ability Grouping, 1970
1822Adult Education, 1969
1823Busing, 1970-1973
1824Busbee, 1972-1973
1825Day Care, 1972-1973
1826-27[Health, Education, and Welfare - Emergency School Aid Act], 1972-1973
1828Emergency School Aid Act - 1972-1973, 1972-1973
1829Educational Finance, 1971-1972
1830Handicapped Program, 1973
1831Office of Education - Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1968-1971
1832United States Education - Innovations, 1968-1971
1833Education Innovations, 1969-1971
1834North Carolina, 1970
191School Lunch Program, 1970
192Richmond Decision, 1972
193Revenue Sharing Charts, 1973
194Tutorial Materials, 1966-1968
195Year-Round School, 1972
196United States - Statistics, 1969
197United States Education - Statistics, 1966-1969
198Adult Education, 1971
199Black Economic Development, undated
1910State Board of Education, 1967-1971
1911Cyril Busbee - State Department, 1972-1973
1912Disciplinary Actions, 1970-1971
1913South Carolina Education Innovations, 1971-1972
1914South Carolina Education Organizations, 1973
1915Early Childhood Education, 1971
1916South Carolina Education, 1968-1971
1917South Carolina - Food Stamps, 1971
1918South Carolina - Health, 1968
1919South Carolina - Housing, 1969-1972
1920Individually Guided Education, 1973
1921Kindergartens, 1969-1970
1922South Carolina Private Schools, 1973-1975
1923Busing, 1976
1924Boston, 1975-1976
1925Child Abuse, 1975-1976
1926Clipped and Noted Newsletter and Other Newsletters, 1975-1976
1927Data Systems, 1974
1928Day Care Centers, 1971-1973
1929Education Fair Proposal - M. Hayes Mizell, 1974
1930Emergency School Act, 1972-1975
1931Kindergarten, 1974
1932Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Act, 1974-1975
1933Juvenile Justice, 1973-1975
1934Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, 1975
1935National Teachers Exam, 1973-1975
1936Private Schools, 1975
1937Ravenel, 1974
201School Finance, 1975-1976
202School Finance Reform, 1976
203Privacy, 1974-1975
204School Records, 1975
205South Carolina Educational Statistics, 1975
206-7Special Education, 1973-1974
208Teachers, 1974
209Textbooks, 1975-1976
2010Title XX, 1976
2011AFSC - Peace, 1974
2012Collective Bargaining, 1978-1981
2013Community Education, 1974
2014Competency Testing, 1978
2015Competency, 1977-1978
2016[Competency - Basic Skills], 1979
2017Desegregation on "General File", 1976
2018National Desegregation, 1977
2019School Desegregation, 1976
2020South Carolina - School Desegregation, 1974
2021Early Adolescence, 1976
2022EVAN-G - End Violence Against the Next Generation, 1979
2023Food Stamps, 1976
2024Gifted and Talented Program, 1980-1981
211Handicapped, 1975-1976
212Home Instruction, 1981
213School Councils, 1976
214School Fees, 1978
215Sexism, 1974-1975
216Student's Rights, 1970-1973
217Student's Rights and Discipline Codes, 1970-1971
218South Carolina Student's Rights, 1971-1972
219Suspensions/Expulsions, 1974-1977
2110Special Education Workshop, 1974
2111Title IX, 1975
2112Young Adolescents - Youth Project, 1976
2113The Youth Project, 1976
Georgia School Districts
2114-52Americus City-Elbert, 1969-1973
221-57Emanuel County-Stewart, 1969-1973
231-28Sumter County-Worth County, 1969-1973
2329[Baldwin County], 1981
2330Mobile: Title IV, 1969
2331AFSC - Alabama, 1968-1970
2332AFSC - National Office, 1969-1970
2333AFSC - Community Relations Division Correspondence, 1970-1972
2334AFSC - Community Relations Division - Barbara Moffett, 1968-1970
2335AFSC - Community Relations Division - Phil Buskirk, 1969-1970
2336AFSC - Community Relations Division - Call to Research and Act to Stop Hunger (CRASH) Program, 1969
2337AFSC - Community Relations Division - Program News Memo, 1969
241AFSC - Community Relations Division - For Your Eyes Only (FYEO), 1970-1972
242AFSC - Community Relations Division - Seattle Education Group, 1972
243AFSC - South Carolina Community Relations Program - Proposal, 1968-1969
244AFSC - South Carolina Community Relations Program Questionnaire Replies, 1969-1970
245AFSC - Southeastern Regional Office - High Point, 1970-1972
246AFSC - Southeastern Public Education Project, 1969-1972
247AFSC - South Carolina Community Relations Program - Education Organizer Applications, 1969
248Daryle Carter, 1969-1970
249AFSC - Focus, 1969-1970
2410AFSC - Tenants Outlook, 1969
2411AFSC - Rural Income Development Program, 1968-1969
2412AFSC - Working Committee, 1971
2413Xerox 660, 1971
2414AFSC - Community Relations Division - Third World Coalition, 1971
2415Community Relations Division Roundup (February 18-23, 1971), 1971
2416Disciplinary Action Questionnaire, 1971 February
2417Peter Mehring - Survey, 1971
2418Lou Lucas Visit (March 8, 1972), 1972
2419Caucus of Black School Board Members, 1971
2420Day Care and Child Development Meeting (January 27, 1971), 1971
2421Task Force - 1965 - General, 1965
2422Quarterly Reports - Charles A. Mathis Attorney at Law, 1979-1983
2423Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Memo to Health, Education, and Welfare, 1965
2424AFSC Georgia Parent Intern Program, undated
2425Education for Married and Pregnant Students, 1973
2426Energy Use in the United States of America, 1974
2427Rose Hawkins Case, 1975
24281976: Macon Police (Black) Case, 1976
2429Mailing and Contact Lists, 1970
2430Middle Georgia Opportunities Industrialization Center, 1977
2431Operation Stay at Home Barnesville, Georgia, circa 1974
2432Bibb County Department of Family and Children Services - Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, 1976
2433Alabama Students for Civil Rights, 1976
2434AFSC Women's News, 1977
2435AFSC Executive Meeting Minutes, etc., 1975-1976
2436Ability Group - In-School Segregation, 1970
2437Academy of Criminal Justice, 1975-1976
2438East Macon (Recreation), 1978
2439Education Testimony, Califano, 1978
2440Early Adolescence, 1977
2441Encampment for Citizenship, Inc., 1976-1977
2442Emergency School Aid Act, 1972-1975
251Emergency School Assistance Program Monitoring, 1970-1971
252Exclusion Project, 1973
253Executive Committee, 1975
254Fair School Finance, 1975
255Federal Education Project Newsletters, 1976-1978
256Action, circa 1970-1979
257Action Line (Community Crime Prevention), 1978
258Collective Bargaining, 1975
259Children's Rights Reports, 1978
2510Children's Defense Fund, 1976-1978
2511Boy's Club, 1974
2512Black School Board Members (Letters to), circa 1970-1979
2513Juvenile Justice, 1974-1977
2514Federal Programs for the Poor, 1967
2515FRAC - Food Research and Action Center, 1977
2516Food Stamps Information, 1971-1975
2517Education Task Force, 1975-1977
2518Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1975
2519Education Coalition, 1976-1978
2520Emergency School Assistance Ten Percent Proposition, 1970-1971
2521Justice Department, 1976-1977
2522(Information Retrieval Center on the Disadvantaged) IRCD Bulletin, 1977
2523Fannie Lou Hamer, undated
2524Fund Raising (General), undated
2525Georgia Student Parent Network, 1977
2526Housing Information, 1970-1977
2527Health, 1977
2528High Point Correspondence, 1976
2529Housing, 1972-1973
2530Gay Liberation, 1975-1976
2531Georgia Citizens Concerned About Corrections (GCCC), 1976
2532General Education, 1975
2533Juvenile Delinquency, 1975
2534National Community Relations Committee, 1977-1978
2535National Council of Churches, 1977
2536Miss, 1975
2537Monitoring, 1971-1972
2538Monitoring - Press Coverage (Big City), 1972
2539Monitoring Court Cases, 1969-1971
2540National Association Black Social Workers, 1976
2541National Committee for Citizens in Education, 1975-1977
2542Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, 1976-1978
2543Legislative Monitoring Georgia, 1977
2544Learning Institute of North Carolina, 1976
2545Legal Services - Bernice Turner, 1973-1974
2546Legislation, 1975
2547Macon Junior College, 1977
2548Mercer Center Juvenile Rights Project, 1976
2549Middle Georgia Youth League, 1977
261Minimum Competency, 1978
262Maps, undated
263Secretaries United, 1976
264Southern Education Foundation Internship Information, 1971
265Segregated Academies, 1972, 1975
266Self-Determination for D.C., circa 1970-1979
267Senate Bill, 1976
268Sexism, 1978
269South Africa South African Affairs, 1977-1978
2610Social Services, 1973-1976
2611Southern Coalition Report, 1978
2612Southern Regional Council (SRC), 1975, 1977
2613State-Wide Desegregation Order, 1972-1973
2614Student's Rights Information, circa 1970-1979
2615-19Third World Coalition, 1971-1975
2620Tift County, 1976
2621Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1975-1976
2622Title I Organizing Materials, 1976
2623Title I Project, 1976-1977
271Title IX Report, 1975-1977
272Title XX Regulations, 1976
273Violence in Schools, 1974
274Vocational Education, 1967-1976
275Voter Registration, 1975
276Walkabout Program, 1977
277[Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare], circa 1970-1979
278Wilmington 10, 1976
279Welfare Rights (Georgia), 1976-1978
2710Your School Records, 1975-1976
2711[Encampment for Citizenship, Inc.], 1980
2712[Church Third World Coalition/AFSC - Photograph], undated
2713Staff Meeting Minutes, 1978
2714News Release, 1979
2715Media Contacts, 1977
2716Milner Building (Lease) Correspondence, 1977
2717Jackson Office, 1980
R.118SEPEP: Attorney's Reports - Attorney Al Bailey, 1976-1980
This folder contains records protected by FERPA and is open for research on January 1, 2056.
R.119SEPEP: Attorney's Reports - Attorney Herb Buhl, 1975-1980
This folder contains records protected by FERPA and is open for research on January 1, 2056.
2720SEPEP (Complaints), 1973-1980
2721SEPEP Advisory Committee Members and Plans for 1979 Advisory Meeting, 1979
2722Georgia Legal Services, 1980-1982
2723AFSC - Youth Action and Involvement, 1978, 1981
2724Joan First, 1979
2725Testimony, 1980
2726Testimony: AFSC, 1974-1980
2727Bills (House or Senate), 1977-1982
2728Community Relations, 1980-1982
2729AFSC - News Releases, 1978-1982
2730Investigation and Action Project - AFSC, undated
2731AFSC (Mid-Atlantic Region), 1978
2732SEPEP Budget, 1980
2733SEPEP Fund Raising, 1975-1981
281AFSC - Minutes Board of Directors, 1976-1979
282AFSC - Pacific, 1975
283AFSC - Policies, 1973-1978
284AFSC - Reports, 1971-1983
285AFSC - Information, 1976-1981
286AFSC, Description of, 1968
287AFSC Executive Committee Minutes, 1975-1978
288AFSC Annual Reports and Financial Statements, 1980-1981
289AFSC - Board Fund, 1980
2810Metropolitan Atlanta Community Foundation, Inc., 1985
2811National Education Association Conference, 1985
2812AFSC Southern Africa Program, 1984
2813AFSC Education Program, 1983
2814-15[National Community Relations Committee], 1984
2816AFSC - February Meeting, 1985
2817Atlantic Center for Research in Education (ACRE), 1980, 1984
2818BCBOE [Georgia School Boards Association] - Task Force on Education Reform, 1984
2819Board of Education Reference Manual, 1985
2820Black Community Leaders Directory, 1980
2821Center for Law and Social Policy, 1978
2822Center on Social Welfare Policy and Law, 1977
2823Chicano Education Project, 1979
2824Citizens for Better Education (Twiggs County), 1983
2825Citizens' Education Coalition, 1979-1980
2826Citizens for Public Education, 1979
2827[Coalition for Legal Services, Inc.], 1982
2828The Council on Maternal and Infant Health of the State of Georgia, undated
2829CDR Committee (AFSC), 1983
2830Fair Tax Coalition, 1983
2831Citizens Coalition for South Carolina Public Schools, 1981-1983
2832Georgia Employment and Training Council, 1979
2833Georgians for a Fair Budget, 1982
2834Georgia Poverty Rights Organization, 1979-1983
2835Intergovernmental Relations (Minutes), 1983-1984
2836Intergovernmental Relations (Correspondence), 1984-1985
2837Intergovernmental Relations (By-Laws), 1977
291Intergovernmental Relations (University of Georgia), 1984
292Intergovernmental Relations (Budget), 1984
293[SEPEP Financial Statements], 1983
294Proposed Charter of the Consolidated Government of Macon-Bibb, Georgia, 1984
295Transition Budget - Consolidated Government of Macon-Bibb, Georgia, 1984
296Institute for Responsive Education, 1973
297Kentucky Youth Advocatees, 1984
298Management Assistance Group, 1984
299National Black Child Development Institute, 1980-1981
2910National Coalition of Advocates for Students Board of Inquiry Information, 1984
2911National Coalition of Advocates for Students Revised Budget, 1984
2912National Welfare Rights Organization, undated
2913Native American Affairs, 1975
2914National Council of Jewish Women, 1976
2915Network, 1975, 1977
2916Nixon, 1972
2917National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP] (Labor Committee), 1972-1978
2918Office of Civil Rights - Health, Education, and Welfare, 1975-1977
2919Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, 1977-1978
2920Parent Intern Training Materials, 1976
2921Parent Intern Reports Richmond County, 1976
2922Peace Education, 1975-1976
2923Pretrial Reporter, 1977
2924Prisons, 1973-1976
2925Project Read, 1978
2926Property Inventory, 1975
2927Public Law 93-380, undated
2928Public Information Regulations - Parent's Rights Information, undated
2929Push-Outs, 1975
2930Read, 1977
2931Reading is Fun, 1975
2932Requests for Assistance, 1976
2933Requisitions, 1976
2934Responses to Alternatives to Suspensions, 1976
2935Robert F. Kennedy Law Intern Program, 1975
301Revenue Sharing Pamphlets, 1975
302Reports from Silvia Knight, 1973-1974
303Revenue Sharing, 1972-1974
304[Georgia Education Program], 1975

Series II. Bibb County Schools Board of Education, 1967-1992

6 box(es) (5.75 linear feet)
This series documents Robert Brown's work as a member of the Bibb County Schools Board of Education and includes minutes and other materials from board and town hall meetings as well as information about the administration of the school system. Many of the records pertain to desegregation (including annual desegregation reports to the federal court), facilities planning, and a civil rights survey.
305[School Closings], 1974-1983
306Dr. H. L. Winecoff's Paper Review of 6-2-4 Plan, 1984
307City of Macon 1990 Plan - Phase II Housing Analysis, 1982
308[Bibb County Schools Status Reports], 1978-1983
309Middle School Information, circa 1983
3010David Lucas, 1979-1980
3011[Bibb County School Closings], 1978-1984
3012Most Recent Court Orders Pertaining to the Desegregation of the Bibb County School System, 1969-1974
3013Special School Study for the Bibb County Board of Education, 1977
3014[Bibb County - Bond Issue], 1978-1983
3015Use of Facilities Task Force, 1977
3016Comprehensive Study - Bibb County (April 7-11, 1975), 1975
3017[Bibb County Plans and Budgets], 1976-1978
3018[Proposed Curriculum], 1976-1977
3019Bibb County Consent Decree, 1978-1979
3020[Feeder and Secondary Schools], 1977
3021Bibb County Public Schools - Funding Priorities - Response to Court Decree, 1979
3022[Bibb County School Desegregation], undated
3023Office for Civil Rights Public School Survey, 1978
3024Annual Report to Judge W. A. Bootle - Preference, 1969
Court Order #1926 Section: IX Para 2 (i) Withdrawal of Choice of Change in School Attended Section IX, Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each School
3025-27Annual Desegregation Report to the Federal Court Reference, 1976-1983
Court Order #1926 June 29, 1967 - Section IX, Para 2 (i) Change in School Attendance Section IX Para 2 (ii) School Faculties Section IX Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each Grade in Each School
311-10Annual Desegregation Report to the Federal Court Reference, 1972-1981
Court Order #1926 June 29, 1967 - Section IX, Para 2 (i) Change in School Attendance Section IX Para 2 (ii) School Faculties Section IX Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each Grade in Each School
3111-14Annual Report to Judge W. A. Bootle - Preference, 1969-1971
Court Order #1926 Section: IX Para 2 (i) Withdrawal of Choice of Change in School Attended Section IX, Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each School
3115[Adams v. Board of Education], 1984
3116[Defendant's Answers to Plaintiff's Interrogatories], 1978
3117Annual Desegregation Report to the Federal Court Reference, 1977
Court Order #1926 June 29, 1967 - Section IX, Para 2 (i) Change in School Attendance Section IX Para 2 (ii) School Faculties Section IX Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each Grade in Each School
3118[Bivins, v. Board of Education and Orphanage], 1967
3119Bibb County Ten Year Plan, 1978
3120Annual Desegregation Report to the Federal Court Reference, 1973
Court Order #1926 June 29, 1967 - Section IX, Para 2 (i) Change in School Attendance Section IX Para 2 (ii) School Faculties Section IX Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each Grade in Each School
3121Annual Report to Judge W. A. Bootle - Preference, 1971
Court Order #1926 Section: IX Para 2 (i) Withdrawal of Choice of Change in School Attended Section IX, Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each School
3122[Vocational Education and Response to Court], 1978-1982
3123Monthly Report Eunice L. Richard 1982, 1982
3124Bibb County: Special Promotions Task Force, 1978-1979
3125Annual Desegregation Report to the Federal Court Reference, 1972
Court Order #1926 June 29, 1967 - Section IX, Para 2 (i) Change in School Attendance Section IX Para 2 (ii) School Faculties Section IX Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each Grade in Each School
3126[Criterion-Referenced Test Averages], 1976-1982
3127-28Annual Desegregation Report to the Federal Court Reference, 1974-1975
Court Order #1926 June 29, 1967 - Section IX, Para 2 (i) Change in School Attendance Section IX Para 2 (ii) School Faculties Section IX Para 2 (iii) The Number of Students by Race, in Each Grade in Each School
321Southwest Feeder Schools, 1975
322Central Feeder Schools, 1975
323Northeast Feeder Schools, 1975
324Response to United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia Pursuant to Its Order of September 5, 1978 A Plan for Quality Control and An Overview of Capital Needs, 1979
325Bibb County Board of Education Correspondence, 1978-1979
326[Bibb County Desegregation Suit], 1978
327Court Cases, 1979
328[Court Cases], 1972-1980
329Bibb County School Desegregation: Consent Decree, 1978
32106-2-4 Central/Southwest Ingram - Open - Neel, Unionville - Closed, 1982-1983
32116-2-4 Organizational Plan Utilizing Existing Schools, 1982-1983
32126-2-4 Northeast Close Bernd, Hall, Hunt, 1982-1983
32136-2-4 Organizational Plan Hunt, Unionville Closed, 1982-1983
32146-2-4 Organizational Plan Hunt, Duresville - Closed Appling A - Opened, 1982-1983
32156-2-4 Original Proposal, 1982-1983
3216-19[Elementary and Secondary School Civil Rights Survey: School Year 1976-77, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare], 1976-1977
School Board Meetings
331-28[Board and Committee Meetings], 1986-1987
341-37[Board and Committee Meetings], 1985-1991
351-2[Board and Committee Meetings], 1986
Town Hall Meetings
353Second Annual Education Town Meeting (May 16, 1992), 1992
354First Annual Education Town Meeting (February 9, 1991), 1991
355[Developing Better Educational Services as a Crime Prevention Strategy], 1990-1991
356-7Bibb County Public Schools - Elaine H. Lucas - Elementary Counselor Ingram-Pye/Hartley Schools, 1984, 1991
358[First Annual Education Town Meeting], 1991
359Education Town Meeting, 1992
3510-12Town Meetings, 1990-1992
3513Complaints, 1991
3514Bibb County Public School System Business Plan, 1991-1992
3515Bibb County Board of Education, 1978
3516Legal Fees 1988 Board Issue, 1988
3517Robert Brown Resume, undated
3518[Ethnic Diversity Study], 1990
3519Pupil Personnel Services Handbook, undated
3520Macon College, 1991
3521News Articles, 1990-1991
3522Project Read Meeting, 1987-1991
3523Update to the 1978 Plan for Quality Control, 1990
3524Strategic Plan, 1991-1992
3525[School Parent-Teacher Organizations], 1990-1991
3526[News Clippings], 1991
3527[School Plans], 1990
3528School Bond Litigation, 1989
3529National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP] Education Committee, 1990
3530Robert Brown Correspondence - School Board, 1990-1991
3531Committee Assignments, 1985
3532Contacts, 1990
3533Correspondence Out, 1985
3534Enrollment Data, 1990
3535Initiatives, 1989-1991

Series III. Southeastern Public Education Program, 1962-1991

59 box(es) (57.5 linear feet, 6 audio recordings)
This series documents Robert Brown's work with the Southeastern Public Education Program (SEPEP), a non-profit organization that provided assessment, training, and consulting services to improve public schools. SEPEP began in 1965 as a project of the AFSC but became an independent organization in 1982. Major focuses of the organization included parental involvement, better access to education for children from low-income and minority families, and discrimination. The majority of the records in this series are reports and subject files from various SEPEP projects, as well as financial records, correspondence, and other records showing their collaboration with other organizations including the National Coalition of Advocates for Students.
Arranged in three subseries: Subseries A. Business Files, Subseries B. Organizations, and Subseries C. Project Files.

Subseries A. Business Files

General Files , 1969-1989
361Southern Education Foundation, 1981-1982
362Job Descriptions - SEPEP Staff, undated
363[Public Education in South Carolina: The Move to Quality], 1983
364Inventory - Office Equipment, 1981
365The Hazen Foundation, 1981-1982
366[Macon Housing], 1979-1980
367Carnegie Corporation, 1983
368New World Foundation, 1979-1982
369[Childhood Poverty], 1983
3610Brown, Robert, Incoming Correspondence, 1983
3611Carnegie Title I Evaluation Project, 1980
3612National Coalition of Advocates for Students 1983, 1983
3613Carnegie Corporation, 1979-1984
3614Jane Petty: SEPEP History, 1980
3615South Carolina Chapter II Survey (1982), 1984
3616-17Brown, Robert Correspondence, 1982
3618Title I (Miscellaneous Reports and Data), 1981
3619Brown, Robert Correspondence, 1983
3620Background Paper for a Colloquium on State Compensatory Education Program, 1983
3621Robert Brown Correspondence, 1981
3622Robert Brown's Response to Individual/Community Requests, 1983
3623[Public Schools Are Your Schools - Southeastern Public Education Program Brochure], undated
3624Levi Strauss Foundation, 1982-1983
3625Ability Grouping, 1980-1981
3626[Correspondence Regarding SEPEP Projects], 1983
3627Gann Watson, 1983
3628Southern Education Foundation, 1983
3629Mizell, Hayes Correspondence In, 1982
3630Phil Harden Foundation (The), 1983
3631SEPEP Board - John Griffin, 1982
3632SEPEP Board - Susie Kaeser, 1983
3633SEPEP Board - Milton Kimpson, 1982
371SEPEP Board - Arthur Dye, 1981-1983
372SEPEP Board - Barbara Moffett, 1982
373-9SEPEP Board of Directors Meetings, 1980-1983
3710For Periodic Mailing to SEPEP Board Members, 1981-1983
3711Robert Brown, 1981-1982
3712SEPEP - Legal Documents, 1981-1982
3713SEPEP Financial Matters - Fiscal Year 1982, 1982
3714SEPEP Budget Matters - Fiscal Year 1982, 1982
3715SEPEP Organizational Management Matters - Fiscal Year 1982, 1982
3716SEPEP Organizational Management - Resource Material, 1981-1982
3717SEPEP - Budget - Fiscal Year 1981, 1981
3718Personnel - Fiscal Year 1981 and Before, 1977-1982
381SEPEP - Management New Organization - Fiscal Year 1981, 1981
382[American Friends Service Committee Directory of Personnel], 1980
383Transition Issues, 1980-1981
384[Meetings and Staff Newsletters], 1981
385Transition Committee, 1980-1981
386Schism/Transition, 1980
387Southern Coalition for Education Equity, 1979-1980
388Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc., undated
389Carnegie Corporation, 1979-1980
3810Terry Saario (Southern Coalition for Education Equality), 1978-1979
3811Terry Saario (Sexism), 1978-1979
3812Alternatives to Discipline (Ford Foundation), 1974
3813[Field Foundation], 1969-1973
3814The Ford Foundation, 1978-1980
3815Ford Discipline Report Back-up, 1977
3816Ford Foundation, 1977-1978
3817Ford Foundation Discipline Group, 1978-1980
3818Foundation for Child Development, 1974-1976
3819SEPEP - Program, 1980-1981
3820The PAC Associate Project of SEPEP, undated
3821Title I Resource Materials, 1977
3822SEPEP Board of Directors Meeting January 26-27, 1983, 1983
3823SEPEP Board Correspondence, 1980-1984
3824Dye, Arthur, 1982-1984
3825Personnel Resources, 1981-1982
3826SEPEP - Bank Resolutions, 1983-1984
3827Accountant, 1982-1984
3828SEPEP Board of Directors Meeting July 14, 1982 - Atlanta, Georgia, 1982
3829Consultants' Remunerations, 1979-1981
3830SEPEP - Tax Exempt, 1981-1983
3831[Robert Brown Correspondence], 1981-1983
3832Foundations, 1981
3833New World Foundation, 1973-1976
R.391-2Southern Education Foundation, 1979-1980
R.393Robert Brown - Board Meeting (July 6-7, 1983), 1983
R.394SEPEP Board Meeting (April 15, 1982), 1982
R.395SEPEP Board of Directors Meeting (November 10, 1982), 1982
R.396[Budget and Cash Flows], 1981-1982
R.397Booker T. Washington Center Board Meeting Minutes, 1982
R.398Babcock Foundation, 1981-1982
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.399Transition Information (Financial), 1982
R.3910Browning-Ferris Industries, 1983
R.3911Bank Reconciliation, 1982
R.3912Board of Directors Roster SEPEP, undated
R.3913Bank Resolution, 1982-1983
R.3914Fiscal Year 1983 Budget, 1983
R.3915SEPEP - By-Laws, undated
R.3916Fiscal Year 1983 Budget Information, 1983
R.3917Cash Accounting (July 13 1981 through September 15, 1981), 1981
R.3918Children's Defense Fund, 1983
R.3919Columbia's Rent - Office Space, 1982
R.3920Columbia Business Equipment (Sharp Copier), 1983
R.3921-23Cash Accounting, 1981
R.3924Carnegie Foundation Proposed Budget, 1980-1983
R.3925Cash Accounting (January 21,1982 through February 5, 1982), 1982
R.3926Colloquium-Financial Report, 1983
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.3927Colloquium-Consultants, 1983
R.3928Colloquium-Correspondence (Other), 1983
R.3929[SEPEP Colloquium on State Compensatory Education Programs], 1983
R.3930Monthly Cash Account Forms, undated
R.3931Consultant Format, 1983
R.3932Board's Approval of Group Insurance Package, 1983
R.3933International Paper Company Foundation, 1984
R.3934Bibb County Commission on Excellence in Education, 1984
R.3935Budget Rent-A-Car, 1982
R.3936Fund Development Letters, 1984
R.3937SEPEP's Reorganization Plan, circa 1980-1989
R.3938Cash Accounting (February 18, 1982 through March 2, 1982), 1982
R.3939Cash Accounting (November 18, 1981 through January 18, 1982), 1981-1982
R.3940[SEPEP Account Summaries], 1981
R.3941Cash Accounting (February 6, 1982 through February 12, 1982), 1982
R.3942Colloquium-Ramada Hotel, 1983
R.3943Carnegie Foundation, 1983
R.3944Citizens for Better Education Twigg County, 1983
R.3945Colloquium - Cindy's Paper, undated
R.3946Colloquium - Agenda, 1983
R.3947Colloquium - Participants, 1983
R.3948Federal Education Project, 1982
R.3949Ford Foundation City High School Recognition Program, 1982-1983
R.3950[School Desegregation Developments], 1965
R.3951Files List, 1984
R.3952[American Friends Service Committee National Community Relations Committee], 1984
R.3953SEPEP Financial Reports, 1982
R.401American Friends Service Committee - National Community Relations Committee, 1983
R.402Lisa's Activity Log, 1982
R.403American Friends Service Committee Check Transmittal, 1982
R.404Alabama Assessment Project, 1983
R.405The Ford Foundation, 1978-1979
R.406Colloquium - Background Paper, 1983
R.407Task Force Questionnaires (Fall 1965), 1965
R.408SEPEP/Columbia, South Carolina Imprest Fund Accounting, 1983-1984
R.409[SEPEP Budget/Expense Analysis], 1984
R.4010SEPEP Chapter I/Title I Publication, 1983
R.4011[Review of Bibb County Board of Education Proposed for Closing Schools], 1984
R.4012Georgia Tax Reform, 1983
R.4013Colloquium - Proposal, 1983
R.4014Job Descriptions, undated
R.4015CCSCPS, Columbia, South Carolina [Citizens' Coalition School Improvement Project], 1982-1983
R.4016Publications/Subscriptions, 1983
R.4017Bank Reconciliation, 1983
R.4018Financial, 1983
R.4019Robinson Humphrey Inc., 1984
R.4020[Consulting Fees], 1983-1984
R.4021Retainer, 1984
R.4022Registration - Statement Charity Organization, 1982
R.4023Scott & Stringfellow, Inc., 1983
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4024Schedule Expenditure Compared With Budget, undated
R.4025Trans World Airlines Contract, 1982
R.4026Jenna Whitehead, 1983
R.4027WXIA-TV Channel 11 Grant, 1982
R.4028Booker T. Washington Center Board of Directors Minutes, 1982
R.4029Charles Mathis' Reports, 1982
R.4030Memorandums, 1982
R.4031Parents Can Make A Difference - At School (Mailing Information), 1984
R.4032The William Penn Foundation, 1982
R.4033Agencies, 1982
R.4034Public Welfare Budget, 1982
R.4035The Lyndhurst Foundation, 1982
R.4036Joint Foundation Support, 1984
R.4037Jackson Office Close-Out, 1982
R.4038Lilly Proposal, 1983
R.4039The Bank of Lancaster Common Shares, 1982-1983
R.4040Leases, 1980-1983
R.4041Internal Accounting and System Manual Forms, 1981
R.4042Mrs. Hilda Hickman, 1983-1984
R.4043Edward W. Hazen Foundation, 1984
R.4044The Human Endeavor, 1982
R.4045The Field Foundation, 1978-1979
R.4046Field Foundation, 1981-1982
R.4047[Southeastern Public Education Program Georgia Children's Project], undated
R.4048Grants From Individuals, 1982-1983
R.4049Anti-Busing Movement, 1979
R.4050Analysis of a Survey of Citizen Opinion About Public Education in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties South Carolina, 1980
R.4051Arkansas Program Development, 1981
R.4052State of Alabama Department of Education, 1983
R.4053Basic Skills Assessment Project, 1982
R.4054Baldwin County, 1975-1982
411Baker County, 1971
412Bilingual Education (Federal Regulations), 1980
413Black Higher Education in Georgia, 1974-1976
414Black School Board Conference: Mississippi, 1978
415Block Grants, 1982
416The Brown Decision, 1979
417Burke County, 1975
418Butts County, 1977
419[Camden County], 1977-1980
4110Candler County, 1975
4111Southeastern Public Education Program Staff, 1975-1977
4112Payment Schedules Fiscal Year 1983, 1983
4113Financial Report Fiscal Year 1983, 1983
4114Southeastern Public Education Program - Statement of Income, 1981 August 31
4115Southeastern Public Education Program's Budget 1983, 1983
4116Incoming Correspondence, 1982
4117Southeastern Public Education Program - Publications, 1980
4118Southeastern Public Education Program Regional - National Task Force, 1976
4119Southeastern Public Education Program - Staff Meetings, 1980
4120Southeastern Public Education Program Transition - Financial Data, 1982
4121Southeastern Public Education Program: Washington, 1978
4122South Carolina Community Relations Program, 1978
4123Southeastern Public Education Program - Program Committee, 1978
4124Southeastern Public Education Program - Program Reports, 1977-1979
4125American Friends Service Committee - Southeastern Public Education Program, 1977-1978
4126Chapter II Education Consolidation and Improvement Act: Correspondence From/To Hayes Mizell, 1982-1983
4127Brochure, 1980-1981
4128Southeastern Public Education Program Brochure Ideas, 1983
4129[Southeastern Public Education Program Brochures], undated
4130[State Compensatory Education Programs], 1983-1984
4131Citizen's Model for Accountability: How People Try to Make Schools Work for Their Children - M. Hayes Mizell, undated
4132Hayes' Activities, 1980
4133Jackie Williams' Statement Before House Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary and Vocational Education March 3, 1978, 1978 March 3
4134National Institute of Education Safe School Study: Statement by Hayes Mizell, undated
4135What Are We Supposed To Be? A Report on the Organization of School Advisory Councils Mandated by Section 6 of the South Carolina Education Finance Act of 1977, 1978
R.421Lou Becker Report to Carnegie on Southeastern Public Education Program's Title I Project, 1976
R.422Thinking About Alternatives to Suspensions and Expulsions April 1974, 1974
R.423Testimony for Subcommittee on Equal Opportunity Committee on Education and Labor - the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act May 1974, 1974
R.424Parent Involvement in Public Schools: What Does it Mean?, 1979 February 1
R.425Minimum Competency Testing: An Overview and Concerns by Robert Brown December 1980, 1980
R.426Community Coalitions - Outline at NCCIJ Desegrigation Workshop, undated
R.427Hayes Mizell Speech: Children Out of School in America: How Far Have We Come, 1977 March
R.428Hayes Mizell Speech on School Desegregation, 1976 October 2
R.429Designing and Implementing Effective In-School Alternatives to Suspension, 1978 April
R.4210South Carolina Vignettes: Local School Districts Anticipate Federal Budget Reductions in Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act - Mizell and Boone, 1981
R.4211Title IX Complaint and Findings: Furman University, 1983 September
R.4212Greenville (LOF), 1981
R.4213Financial Records, 1984
R.4214Weekly Reports and Work Plan, 1983
R.4215-24Financial Records, 1984
R.4225Business, 1983
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4226Financial Records, 1984
R.4227Southeastern Public Education Program's IRS Ruling (501 c 3), 1983
R.4228Southeastern Public Education Program Mailing List, 1989
R.4229[Insurance], 1980-1983
R.4230[Opportunities Industrialization Centers], 1981
R.4231Southeastern Public Education Program Board of Directors Reception - January 23 1983, 1983
R.4232[Southeastern Public Education Program Publication Advertisements], undated
R.4233Inside Southeastern Public Education Program No. 5, 1983
R.4234Inside Southeastern Public Education Program Blank Pages, undated
R.4235Inside Southeastern Public Education Program Volume 1 No. 1, 1980-1981
R.4236Inside Southeastern Public Education Program Volume 1 No. 2, 1980-1981
R.4237Inside Southeastern Public Education Program Volume 1 No. 3, 1981
R.4238Inside Southeastern Public Education Program Volume 1 No. 4, 1982
R.4239Southeastern Public Education Program Staff Meetings, 1978
R.4240Personnel Paul Beasley, 1977-1978
R.4241Personnel Roberta Clarington, 1979-1980
R.4242[Correspondence and Notes], 1982-1983
R.4243[Southern Coalition for Education Equality], 1979
R.4244Clay County, 1973
R.4245Retainer Agreements for Legal Services, 1978-1982
R.4246[Proposal to Carnegie Corporation - Educationally Disadvantaged Children], 1983
R.4247B.S. Ingram, 1981
R.4248Southeastern Public Education Program- Financial Statements as of September 30, 1982 and Accountants' Report, 1982
R.4249Education in a Changing South: New Policies, Patterns, and Programs - Continuing Conference, 1983-1984
R.4250Southeastern Public Education Program - Information, 1985
R.4251[Board of Directors], 1984
431Form 941 Federal Taxes Returns, 1983-1984
432Bank Reconciliation, 1984
433Journal Entries Fiscal Year 1983, 1983
434IRS Form 1099 and 1096, 1984
435Competent and Caring Teachers: Hayes' Personal File, 1983
436Competent and Caring Teachers, 1983
437Competent and Caring Teachers: Ideas for Attributing Able Young People Into Teaching, 1983
438Education Consolidation and Improvement Act, 1981-1982
439Parents Can Make A Difference - At School: A Southeastern Public Education Program Report on its School Needs Assessment Project, 1983
4310Collective Bargaining, 1977-1981
4311[Southeastern Public Education Program], 1981
4312[Resource Materials for School Improvement Initiatives], 1983
4313[NCAS Photos of Students and Teachers], undated
4326[Third World Coalition Review], 1975-1976
Foundations , 1968-1984
4314The Abelard Foundation, Inc., 1983
4315Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, 1974-1976
4316Brown Fellows, 1978
4317The Capp Street Foundation, 1981
4318Title I (Carnegie Proposals), 1977
4319Council on Foundations, 1982
4320Carnegie Corporation, 1974-1976
4321Field Foundation, 1969-1973
4322Field Notes, 1977-1978
4323Finger, Bill, 1982-1983
4324Foundation for Child Development, 1979-1982
4325Foundation for Child Development, 1974-1976
441Ford Foundation Discipline Group, 1974-1982
442Ford Foundation, 1977-1978
443Ford Foundation, 1980-1981
444Ford Foundation (Discipline Report Back-Up), 1977-1978
445Foundation Visits, undated
446Foundations General, 1977
447Ford Foundation, 1980-1982
448Funding Exchange, 1982
449Frequent Foundation Contacts, 1982
4410The Hodge Foundation, Inc., 1983
4411Inglewood Foundation (The), 1983
4412Joint Foundation Support, 1977-1982
4413New York Foundation, 1973-1975
4414Spring Mills, Inc., 1981
4415Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, 1981-1983
4416Grace Foundation, Inc., 1981
4417George Gund Foundation (The), 1981-1982
4418Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, 1979-1982
4419Getty Oil Company Foundation, 1983
4420General Mills Foundation, 1981
4421[Citizens' Council for Ohio Schools], 1982
4422The Human Endeavor, 1983
4423Springs Foundation, 1981-1982
4424John Hay Whitney Foundation, 1980
4425Joyce Foundation (The), 1982
4426International Paper Company Corporation, 1981-1982
4427The Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, 1981
4428Kettering Foundation, 1982
4429Edna Mcconnel Clark Foundation, 1978-1982
4430[Carnegie Corporation], 1982-1983
4431[Carnegie Corporation], 1980-1983
4432[Carnegie Corporation], 1979-1982
4433[Ford Foundation], 1981
4434[SEPEP History], 1965-1980
4435[Mr. Beddall], 1982
451AETNA Life and Casualty Foundation, 1982-1983
452Arca Foundation, 1982-1983
453[Foundations-General], 1982
454[Foundations-General], 1980-1982
455Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, 1981-1983
456Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, 1974-1976
457Field Foundation, 1980-1982
458The Field Foundation, 1978-1979
459[Ford Foundation], 1980-1983
4510[Ford Foundation], 1980-1983
4511Hazen Foundation, 1980-1982
4512Hardin Foundation, 1981-1983
4513International Paper Company Found., 1981-1982
4514Joint Foundation Support, 1981-1982
4515[Kellog Foundation], 1980-1983
4516[Kellog Foundation], 1980
4517Lilly Endowment, 1980-1981
4518Lyndhurst Foundation, 1978-1983
4519Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, 1981-1982
4520Needmor Fund, 1981-1983
461New World Foundation, 1979-1983
462New World Foundation, 1980-1983
463Norman Foundation, 1981-1983
464The Playboy Foundation, 1980-1981
465Public Wellfare Foundation, 1982
466Revson Foundation, 1981-1983
467Rockefeller Foundation, 1981-1983
468[Southern Education Foundation], 1981-1983
469[Southern Education Foundation], 1969-1978
4610[Southern Education Foundation], 1972-1980
4611[Southern Education Foundation], 1966-1977
4612Standard Oil of Ohio - Corporate Contributions, 1982-1983
4613Levi Strauss Foundation, 1981-1982
4614Southeastern Council on Foundations, 1981-1982
4615Elliot White Springs Foundation, 1979-1983
4616Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation - Ark, 1981
4617Aetna Life and Casualty Foundation, 1982-1983
4618ARCA Foundation (The), 1982
4619Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, 1981-1984
4620Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc, 1983
4621Carnogie Proposal, 1983-1984
4622Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1981-1982
4623Cummins Engine Foundation, 1981-1983
4624Ford Foundation, 1981-1983
4625Office of Special Education Programs, 1984
4626Ford Foundation Publications, 1981-1982
4627Hazen Foundation, 1979-1984
4628Individual Donor: Lundeen, Phoebe, 1982-1984
4629Joint Foundation Support Inc, 1981-1984
4630Kellog Foundation (The), 1982-1983
R.471Lilly Endowment, 1977-1983
R.472Lilly Foundation, 1974-1977
R.473Lyndhurst Foundation, 1981-1982
R.474Macarthur Foundation, 1982-1983
R.475Mott Foundation, 1981-1982
R.476Ms. Foundation, 1980
R.477Needmor Funds Foundation, 1981-1982
R.478Needmore Foundation, 1981-1983
R.479Norman Foundation, 1977-1983
R.4710Public Education Fund, 1983-1984
R.4711Public Welfare Foundation, 1981-1982
R.4712Sapelo Island Research Foundation c/o Arca, 1983
R.4713Sherwood Forest Fund, 1981-1982
R.4714Southern Education Foundation 1984, 1984
R.4715Walter S Johnson Foundation, 1981-1982
R.4716Women and Foundations/Corporate Philantrophy, 1980-1981
R.4717Individual Donor: Kaesar, Susie C., 1982
R.4718Fund-raising - Direct Mail, 1982
R.4719Fund-raising Strategies, 1982
R.4720Individual Donor: Hart, Francis, 1982
R.4721Fund Solicitation Individuals, 1982
R.4722Lamont, Corliss, 1982
R.4723Grant Application CFDA No. 84.029P, 1984
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4724SEPEP - Special Fundraising, 1982
R.4725[SRC], undated
Correspondence , 1975-1985
R.4726Davis, Elise - Correspondence Out, 1978 August-December
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4727Davis, Elise - Correspondence In, 1978 August-December
R.4728Davis, Elise - Correspondence Out, 1980 January-June
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4729Davis, Elise - Correspondence Out, 1979 July-December
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4730Davis, Elise - Correspondence Out, 1979 January-June
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.4731Davis, Elise - Correspondence In, 1980 January-June
R.4732Watson, Gann, 1979-1981
R.4733Interoffice Correspondence, 1982-1983
R.4734Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1979 January-June
R.4735General Correspondence, 1981-1983
R.4736Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1977 July-December
R.4737Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1976-1977
R.4738Norton, John, 1979-1980
481Mizell, Hayes - Papers and Publications, 1978
482Moffett, Barbara, 1968-1979
483Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1980
484Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1980 July-December
485Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1979 July-December
486Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1979 July-December
487Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1979 January-June
488Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1978 July-December
489Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1978 January-June
4810Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1968-1977
4811Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1978 July-December
4812Dickson, Reecy, 1979-1980
4813Perry Valley Warner, undated
4814Green, Winifred - Correspondence In, 1979
4815Green, Winifred - Correspondence Out, 1979
4816[Green, Winifred], 1980
4817Green, Winifred - Correspondence In, 1978
4818Green, Winifred - Correspondence Out, 1978
4819Green, Winifred - Correspondence In, 1975-1977
4820Green, Winifred - Correspondence Out, 1968-1977
4821Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1981
4822Robert Brown Courier Articles, 1979-1980
4823Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence Out, 1981
4824Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1984-1985
4825Brown, Robert - Correspondence In, 1984-1985
4826Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1981
4827Brown, Robert - Correspondence In, 1980 July-December
4828Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1980 July-December
4829Brown, Robert - Correspondence In, 1980 January-June
4830Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1980 January-June
4831Brown, Robert - Correspondence In, 1978 July-December
4832Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1978 July-December
491Brown, Robert - Correspondence In, 1978 January-June
492Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1978 January-June
493Brown, Robert - Correspondence Out, 1975 May - 1977 December
494Brown, Robert - Correspondence In, 1975 May - 1977 December

Subseries B. Organizations

National Coalition of Advocates for Students (NCAS) , 1976-1987
495NCAS, 1979
496The Discipline Group (NCAS), 1977-1978
497NCAS Suspension Altern., 1977
498NCAS, 1979
499[NCAS], 1979
4910[NCAS], 1983
4911[NRC [National Research Council] and NCAS], 1982
4912-13[NCAS], 1982
4914[NCAS], 1982-1983
4915NCAS, 1980
501National Coalition of Advocates for Students (NCAS), 1981-1982
502[Highschool Suspension Statistics], 1974-1978
503-4National Coalition of Advocates for Students (The Discipline Group), 1980
505Discipline Conference, 1977-1978
506Discipline Project, 1978
507National Coalition for Parent Involvement In Education, 1980
508The National Consortium on Testing, 1979-1980
509National Commission on Resources for Youth, 1979
5010New Federal Realities, 1981
5011John Norton Reports, 1978-1979
5012North Carolina School Improvement Workshop, 1983
5013OCR Compliance Reviews, 1979
5014OCR Survey, 1982
5015Organizing Parents, 1976
5016NCAS, 1981
5017-18NCAS, 1980
5019National Coalition of Advocates for Students, 1979-1980
511NCAS Board of Inquiry, undated
512NCAS Budget, 1983
513NCAS - Funding, 1980
514NCAS Meeting, 1979-1980
515National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children, 1980-1983
516-8[NCAS], 1982
519NCAS Fall Board Meeting, 1984 September 17
5110NCAS, 1984
5111[NCAS Board of Inquiry], 1984
5112-13National Coalition of Advocates for Students, 1979-1984
5114NCAS Correspondence, 1985
5115AED [Academy for Educational Development] Consultant, 1985
5116Backgrounders: NCAS, 1985
5117College Board Rural Dialogue, 1985
5118Consultancy: Miami Race and Desg. Center, 1985
5119[Southern Education Foundation], 1985-1986
5120Robert Brown - Free, 1985
5121Consultancy: NCAS, 1985
5122Contacts: General, 1983
5123Mailing List: National, undated
5124NCAS Advocacy Network, 1982-1985
5125Proposals: NCAS, 1985-1987
5126Reports to NCAS, 1985
5127QBE [Quality Basic Education] Updates, 1985-1986
5128NCAS - Background and Research Papers, 1985
5129Research Papers and Background Information NCAS Project, 1985-1986
521[Indicators of Education Status and Trends], 1985
522NCAS - Background, 1985
523Steps Newsletter, 1985
524Student Placement Special Education, 1980
525Southern School Watch Project, 1985
526Mississippi Reform Project, 1985
527Expenses: NCAS, 1985
Other Organizations , 1969-1987
528[Project Phoenix], 1986-1987
529[Project Phoenix], 1985-1986
5210[Project Phoenix], 1986-1987
5211ACLU, 1977
5212ACRE [Atlantic Center for Research in Education], 1980-1982
5213Advocates for Children New York, 1977-1981
5214Carnegie Corp, 1978
5215Center for Early Adolescence, 1976-1983
5216Center for Early Adolescence, 1979-1980
5217[Center for Early Adolescence], 1978-1980
5218Chicano Education Project, 1974-1978
5219Children's Defense Fund, 1975-1980
531Christian Action Council, 1969
532Citizen's Coalition, 1979
533[Citizen's Coalition on SC School Financing], 1976-1977
534Community Care, 1975-1981
535Council for Basic Education, 1981
536U.S. Department of Education, 1977-1980
537Education Coalition, 1977
538Education Coalition, 1978
539Education Coalition, 1976-1978
5310EEOP [Equal Educational Opportunity Programs], 1976-1977
5311ACLU Board Mtgs., 1978-1981
5312Black Alumni, 1976-1978
5313Boy's Clubs Minutes, 1977-1979
5314Coalition for Political Awareness, 1977-1978
5315OIC [Opportunities Industrialization Center], 1978
5316Urban Reinvestment Task Force, 1979
5317NAACP, 1977-1978
5318Housing, 1978
5319-20[Robert Brown], 1983
5321SEF Continuing Education Conference, 1984
5322Center for Law and Education, Inc, 1979
R.541National Committee on Self Development of People, 1983
R.542Rural American Women, 1984
R.543Network News Ford Foundation City High School Recognition Program, 1984
R.544Rural Development Leadership Network, 1984
R.545Rural Development Leadership Development, 1984
R.546Southern Growth Policies Board, 1983-1984
R.547South Carolina Fair Budget Coalition, 1982
R.548Statewide Youth Advocacy (SYA), 1984
R.549Ku Klux Klan, 1980-1982
R.5410KKK [Ku Klux Klan] - Special File, 1981

Subseries C. Project Files

Sexism and Gender Equity (Title IX, Vocational Education) , 1971-1991
R.5411[Renovation Cost Allowances], 1991
R.5412[NCAS], 1991
R.5413South Carolina State Advisory Council on Vocational and Technical Education, 1983
R.5414Created Equal News Articles, undated
R.5415Created Equal - Mailing List, 1981
R.5416Gender Equity (Special File), 1981
R.5417Gender Equity - ACLU Survey, undated
R.5418Gender Equity Report, 1981
R.5419Noncompliance Letters - Georgia, 1981
R.5420Sex Equity Bibliography, 1979
R.5421[Sex Equity Bibliography], 1975-1979
R.5422Sex Equity/Vocational Education Portion of Five-Year Plan, 1977-1981
R.5423Sexism Checks, 1977
This folder must be reviewed for bank account numbers prior to research use. Please request this folder three business days prior to your research visit to allow time for this review.
R.5424Sexism Project Related, 1980-1981
R.5425Sexism Project Report, 1980-1981
R.5426Jane Petty - Sexism Report, 1976
R.5427Title IX Correspondence, 1979-1982
R.5428Title IX - Jean Walker, 1980-1982
R.5429Title IX, 1980
R.5430Title IX - Related Articles, 1980
R.5431Marilyn B. Culliver Montly Reports, 1980-1981
R.5432Barbara Macphee Reports, 1981
R.5433Vocational Education (Correspondence and Data), 1983
R.5434Watson, Gann (Correspondence), 1980-1982
R.5435Walker, Jean (Reports), 1981
R.5436Gender Equity Staff Meeting, 1981 September
R.5437Sexism (General File), 1976-1981
R.5438Gender Equity Resource, 1975-1980
551Gann Watson Reports, 1980-1982
552Vocational Education Pilot Study, undated
553Vocational Education - National, 1982-1983
554Weekly Activities Logs - Helen Polk, 1981
555Porter, Melvenia Reports, 1981-1982
556Gender Equity Survey Information, 1981
557Gender Equity Project Related, 1981-1982
558Notes to the Files, 1982
559[Sex Equity in Vocational Education], 1981
5510Bibb County Schools, 1980
5511[ACLU Survey], 1981
5512[Department of Health, Education, and Welfare], 1977-1980
5513Correspondences (In and Out), 1981-1982
5514[Phone Numbers], undated
5515Miscellaneous Information [on Equality in Vocational Education], 1981-1982
5516Almost as Fairly: The First Year of Title IX Implementation in Six Southern States [SEPEP Report], 1977
5517Monthly Reports, 1978
5518Monitoring Notes Mississippi, undated
5519Monitoring Notes South Carolina, 1978
5520Monitoring Notes Louisiana, undated
5521Monitoring Notes Georgia, 1978
5522Memos From WG/ From Rosa King, 1978
5523Memos from Muffin, 1978
5524Correspondence, 1978
5525[SEPEP Sexism Project], 1980
5526Lisa P. Stroud (Reports), 1980-1982
5527Stroud, Lisa (Correspondence), 1980-1981
5528Notes to the Files (Stroud, Lisa), 1982
5529Weekly Activities Logs - Lisa Stroud, 1981-1982
5530Weekly Activities Logs - Melvenia Porter, 1981
5531Weekly Activities Logs - Gann Watson, 1981-1982
561Walker, Jean (Correspondence), 1981-1982
562Student [Survey], undated
563[Communication Skills], 1982
564[South Carolina ] Voc Ed [Vocational Education] State Plan, 1975
565[South Carolina State Plan for Vocational Technical], 1979
566[South Carolina Accountability Report], 1978-1982
567[South Carolina State Plan for Vocational-Technical], 1978-1982
568[FY 1980 Accountability Report for Vocational-Technical Education in South Carolina], 1980
569[FY 1980 State Plan for Vocational-Technical Education in South Carolina], 1980
5610[South Carolina] Voc Ed [Vocational Education] State Plan, 1971-1972
5611[South Carolina] Voc Ed [Vocational Education] State Plan, 1974
5612[Today's Students/Tomorrow's Workplace: Are they Ready for Each Other? Vocational Education in South Carolina's Secondary Schools], 1982-1983
5613[American Friends Service Committee], 1984
5614[Humanities Events in South Carolina], 1979-1982
5615Voc Ed [Vocational Education] for VISTA Volunteers: Governor's Office on Rural Dev., 1983
5616VISTA Workshop - Newberry, 1983-1987
5617SHARE Conference, 1983
5618Rural Women in the Workforce: A Panel, 1981 July 27
5619Econ. Development Planning Committee - SSCH - No Action, 1982
5620SEPEP Forum on Vocational Education - Not Held, 1982
5621Voc Ed Report: Responses to Report and Misc Correspondence, 1983
5622Voc Ed Report: ABC Letters and Mailing List, 1983
5623Voc Ed Report: Original Copy, 1983
5624Voc Ed Paper: Drafts, Notes, Footnote Documentation, 1981-1983
571[Women in Apprenticeship: A Training Workshop], 1981-1982
572Newsclips/Articles on Sex Equity/Non-Traditional Vocational Training, 1982
573Sex Equity Materials- S.D.E [South Carolina Department of Education], 1977-1981
574SEPEP Sex Equity Materials, 1979-1980
575Sex Equity Materials - Feds, 1976-1982
576Statistics on Women and the Labor Force- Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1979-1981
577Misc. Publications on Women Related to Voc Ed/Work, 1981
578[Achieving Sex Equality in Vocational Education], 1976
579Guidelines for Sex Fair Vocational Education Materials, 1974-1878
5710[SEPEP Activities Log], 1981
5711G.E.P Weekly Rep, 1981
5712[Calendars], 1981-1982
5713[Gender Equity Project], 1981
5714Created Equal, 1980-1982
5715SEPEP Gender Equity Reports Staff, 1980-1981
5716Final Issue of Created Equal Voc Ed, undated
5717[SEPEP Sexism Project], 1980
5718[Strategies], 1982
5719[SEPEP], 1980-1982
5720[Impact and Narrative Statements], 1981-1982
5721Marlboro, 1981-1982
5722[Created Equal], 1981-1982
5723Fairfield AVC [Area Vocational Center], 1981
5724[Pam Williams], undated
5725Richland Two Wilson Vocational Center, 1981
5726York Rock Hill Career Dev. Center, 1981
5727Spartanburg Daniel Morgan Voc. Center, 1981
5728Trident Tech, 1978-1981
5729Williamsburg Tech, 1981
5730[Vocational Education Survey], undated
5731S.C. Vocational Education Enrollment by Sex, 1980-1981
581Abbeville, 1981-1982
582Richland One Lynhaven Career Center, 1981-1982
583Richland One Voc Ed Administration, 1981-1983
584Calhoun-Orangeburg Voc Center, 1981
585[Congressional Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education], 1981
586[Hearings on Reauthorization of the Vocational Education Act of 1963], 1982
587[Statement to the Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education], 1981
588Testimony, 1983 October 14
589[Testimony Before NCAS/SEPEP Hearings], 1984
5810South Carolina State Government Response/Involvement - Vocational Educ., 1983
5811Response to Mo's Letter to Chapman, 1983
5812Correspondence, 1974-1983
5813[South Carolina Administrative Provisions Vocational-Technical Education], 1981-1982
5814[South Carolina FY 1981: Administrative Provisions Vocational-Technical Education], 1983-1984
5815[Report on the Status of Males and Females in Vocational Education], 1978
5816[A Study of Pre Vocational Education in South Carolina], 1981
5817[South Carolina Vocational Centers; The Success Network, circa 1980s
5818Voc. Ed. Draft Accountability Report FY 1979, 1979
5819Voc. Ed. State Plan, 1980
5820[Developing South Carolina's Most Valuable Resource... People], 1980-1984
5821[Final Draft of the South Carolina FY 1982 State Plan for Vocational-Techinical Education], 1981
5822[Vocational Education School Enrollment, By Sex], 1983
5823[South Carolina State Plan for the Administration of Career Education], 1979
5824[The South Carolina Vocational Education Cost Study], 1982
5825South Carolina Advisory Council: GW [Gann Watson] Correspondence, 1981-1983
5826South Carolina Advisory Council on Voc and Tec. Education: Scavte Publications, 1978-1982
591Youth Employment and Training Programs - Reports and Papers, 1978-1980
592Youth Employment and Training - Disadvantaged and Handicapped Youth, 1979
593Youth Employment Statistics - Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1970-1980
594Youth Employment and Training - Legislation, 1980
595Articles on Employment/Job Opportunities in the South, 1980-1982
596S.C. Employment Security Commission, 1980-1990
597Governor's Council on Rural Development, 1980
598Voc. Ed. - Methods of Admin, 1979-1980
599Voc. Ed. - South Carolina Voc Ed Centers, 1980-1983
5910[Student Summer Study Project], 1973-1981
5911S.C. Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (SCOICC), 1981-1982
5912Newsclips/Articles: Jobs of the Future/ Re-Tooling Industry/ Job Training, 1990s
5913Hi-Technology, 1979-1981
5914Newsclips/Articles: Hi-Tech, 1982
5915Action/Inaction at the Federal Level with Respect to Vocational Education, 1981-1982
5916Vocational Education, 1979
5917Voc Ed. - Newsclips, 1975
5918Voc Ed., 1974
5919S.C: Vocational Education, 1973
5920Voc. Ed. - S.C. State Board and Voc. Ed., 1980
5921S.C. State Development Board, 1981
5922[South Carolina Employment Security Commission], 1983
5923[Governor's Rural Economic Achievement Trophy], 1982
5924["Free Training": Special For-Industry State-Subsidizied Job Training Programs in Two States], undated
5925[Vocational Education], 1971-1983
5926[Vocational Education in South Carolina], 1972
5927[South Carolina Area Vocational Centers], 1972
5928[New Guide Matches Vocational Course; Enrollments to Business Employment Needs], 1973-1978
601[A National Policy on Career Education: 8th Report], 1974
602[Report on Review of Grants Awarded to the State of South Carolina Under the Vocational Education Program], 1974
603[List of Attachments], 1977
604[Citizens Committee on the Five Year North Carolina State Vocational Education Plan], 1978
605[Report on the Status of Males and Females in Vocational Education], 1978
606[State Superintendent of Public Instruction], 1978
607[Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery], 1979
608[Executive Summary of the Vocational Education Equity Study, 1979 April
609[Between Two Worlds- Youth Transition from School to Work], 1980
6010[Beyond Nostalgia: A Rural Vocational Education Policy for the Eighties], 1980
6011[The Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education], 1980
6012[Citizens Council for Ohio Schools], 1980
6013[South Carolina Department of Education OFfice of Vocational Education Publications], 1980s
6014[The Vocational Education Monitoring Project], 1980-1982
6015[Evaluation Report], 1981-1982
6016[Recruitment of Females and Minorities for Engineering, Technology, and Industrial Careers], 1981
6017[The National Center for Research in Vocational Education], 1981
6018[A Portrait of Rural America: Conditions Affecting Vocational Education Policy], 1981
6019[The Condition of Vocational Education], 1981
6020[Understanding Vocational Education in Ohio], 1981
6021[Rural Development Policy for South Carolina], 1981
6022[Education is a Failing Industry], 1981
6023["What We're Doing in Our Schools"], 1981
6024[Position Paper: On the Reauthorization of the Vocational Education Act of 1963 as Amended], 1981
6025[Developing South Carolina's Most Valuable Resource...People], 1981-1982
6026[A Report of the Vocational Skills Committee of the Juvenlie Advisory Council], 1982
6027[Quality Indicators for Vocational Education], 1982
6028[Today's Students/ Tomorrow's Workplace: Are they ready for each other?], 1982-1983
6029[The Economic Value of Academic and Vocational Training Acquired in High School], 1982
6030Handbook of Occupational Programs, Task Linkage Project Publication No.1. Georgia State University, School of Education, 1979 September
6031A Guide to Task Analysis for Competency Based Education. Trade and Tecnical Programs. Task Linkage Project Publication No.2. Georgia State University., School of Education, 1980 July
6032A Guide to Task Analysis for Competency Based Education. Health Occupations. Task Linkage Project ublication No.4. Georgia State University, School of Education, 1980 July
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6038Cornett, Lynn M. Preparing Students for the World of Work. Vocational Guidance Delivery Systems. Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta, Georgia, 1982 August
Basic Skills Assessment Programs , 1974-1983
611Final Project Report. BSAP(Basic Skills Assessment Program) Parent Support Project. Southeastern Public Education Program, 1981-1982
612[Preliminary Results], 1981-1983
613[How are Children in your School District Performing on South Carolina's Basic Skills Tests?], 1983
614[Cognitive Skills Assessment Battery], 1980-1981
615[The Huron Institute National Consortium on Testing], 1981-1982
616[A Description of the State Department of Education's Monitoring Process and Reports], 1982
617[Utilization Packet], 1981
618[Basic Skills Assessment Assorted Papers], 1980s
619[Basic Skills Assessment Pamphlets], 1978-1982
6110[Alabama Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6111[Arkansas Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6112[Georgia Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6113[Kentucky Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6114[Louisiana Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6115[Mississippi Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6116[North Carolina Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6117[South Carolina Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6118[South Carolina Names], circa 1981-1983
6119[Tennessee Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6120[Virginia Mailing Labels], circa 1981-1983
6121[The Rainbow Book for First Grade], 1980
6122[Reading: Grades 4,5,6; Teaching and Testing our Basic Skills Objectives], 1981
6123[Mathematics: Grades 4,5,6; Teaching and Testing our Basic Skills Objectives], 1981
6124[Reading: Grades 7 and 8; Teaching and Testing our Basic Skills Objectives], 1981
6125S.C. Basic Skills Assessment Program: Annual Reports of BSAP [Basic Skills Assessment Program] Implementation, 1978-1983
6126S.C. Basic Skills Assessment Program: BSAP [Basic Skills Assessment Program] Survey, 1982
621Cognitive Skills Assessment Battery (1st Grade Readiness Test), 1974
622BSAP [Basic Skills Assessment Program] Objectives K-12, 1979
623Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education, 1980
624National Consortium on Testing Study of BSAP [Basic Skills Assessment Program] Implementation, 1979
625Test Results, 1980-1983
626Word List, Grades 1-12, 1981
6242924[Teaching and Testing our Basic Skills Objectives Pilot Edition], 1981
629[Pilot Edition Writing; Teaching and Testing our Basic Skills Objectives], 1981
6210[Pilot Edition: Reading Grades 9-12], 1981
6211[Pilot Edition: Mathematics Grades 9-12], 1981
Defined Minimum Competency, 1970-1982
6212General Topics. Native American Council, 1979
6213Defined Minimum Program - Initial Implementation, 1973-1974
6214General Topics - Edgefield Competency, 1978
6215General Topics - Governors Conference on Education, 1978-1979
6216General Topics - Grouping - Tracking, 1976-1979
6217General Topics - Hazardous Busing, 1979
6218Dorchester Hazardous Busing, 1979
6219General Topics - Charleston/Memminger, 1979
631Citizens' Coalition, 1980
632By-Laws, circa 1980s
633[Funding Proposal], 1980-1982
634Citizens' Coalition and the Education Finance Act Budget Cut, 1980 March
635Board Meeting - Coalition, 1980 February
636Coalition Board Meeting, 1980 December
637Hayes' Draft Grant Proposal, 1980
638Southern Association Accredation, 1970-1971
639Issues - Defined by HM [Hayes Mizell], SEPEP, 1977-1981
6310Revisions Debate/ Controversy, 1980
6311Revisions - As Presented to SBE [State Board of Education], 1979
6312Publication of State Department of Education - StatewideTesting Program, 1976-1978
6313Membership, Letters Re FOI, 1977-1978
6314Norton Notes on 1979 Revision, 1978-1979
6315Studies, Research by Others, 1973-1981
6316Interviews with SDE Officials, 1978
6317Cost Relationship-DMP/EdFinAct. Ohil Kelly's original documents., circa 1980s
6318DMP Standards, 1980
Minimum Competency Programs , 1976-1982
6319[The Status of Minimum Competency Programs in Twelve Southern States], 1980 April
6320[Roster of Participants], 1976-1979
6321[Who Tests the Testers?], 1979
6322[Florida], 1977-1979
6323[Florida], 1978-1979
6324Alabama, 1978-1979
6325Kentucky, 1978-1979
6326Virginia, 1978-1979
6327Arkansas, 1977-1978
641Louisiana, 1977-1978
642Tennessee, 1977-1982
643-5North Carolina, 1977-1979
School Advisory Council , 1977-1982
646Interviews, undated
647Newsletter- Mailing List, 1978
648Report Notes, 1978
649State Department of Education, 1977-1978
6410Law - Richland No. 1 Policy, 1977-1978
6411[SEPEP], 1978
6412Questions, 1978
6413[School Advice Council Seeks Recommendation], 1978
6414[Role Perception], undated
6415[The South Carolina Education Act of 1977 and School Advisory Councils. How They Operate and What They Can Do to Improve Education], 1977
6416[Individual School Report South Carolina Education Finance Act], 1977
6417[Policy Options For Local School Boards Implementing the Education Fincance Law of 1977], 1977-1978
6418-19[School Advisory Council Assessment Project], 1981-1982
School Discipline , 1973-1983
6420Alternatives to Suspension Project, 1976-1978
6421Advocacy Groups and School Discipline, 1976-1979
6422Background Paper for AFSC Education Round-Up Discipline, 1976
6423Child Abuse, 1978
6424Complaint Forms, undated
6425Corporal Punishment, 1977
651Discipline: Bibb County, 1977-1978
652Discipline Committee: Bibb County, 1977-1979
653Discipline Consulation Group, 1977-1978
654Discipline: Federal Response, 1978
655Discipline Group, 1976-1979
656Discipline Handouts, 1970s
657Discipline Legislation, 1978
658Discipline Materials, 1979
659Description of Discipline Project, 1979
6510Discipline Project - Job Descriptions for Coordinator and Field Workers, 1974
6511Discipline Project: Report Forms (Originals), undated
6512Discipline Public Service Announcement, undated
6513Discipline Publications, 1976
6514Discipline Resources, 1973-1977
6515Discipline Work Plans, 1978
6516Due Process, 1975
6517In School Violence, Discipline, Mass Communication, undated
6518Monitoring Sheet for Public Policy Making Bodies Affecting Discipline in Bibb County Schools, undated
6519NASSP [National Association of Secondary School Prinicipals] Institutes, 1977-1978
6520Neal, Martha Discipline Field Worker, 1978
6521Newsletter, undated
6522Probations, Suspensions, Expulsions, 1974
6523Push-out/Drop-out Forms, undated
6524School Discipline Committee, 1978
6525Student/Parent Complaint Procedure, undated
6526Discipline Project Pilot Parent Intern Application, undated
6527Student's Rights: Bibb County, undated
6528Suspension/Expulsion, 1975-1976
6529Discipline Contest, 1977-1978
6530Discipline Correspondence, 1977-1978
R.1401Field Reports: Howard, Joel, 1978 February 14-August 14
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
R.1402Field Reports: Neal, Martha, 1978 March 27-June 2
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
R.1403Field Reports: Neal, Martha, 1978 June 5-August 14
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
R.1404-5Howard, Clifford (Monthly Reports), 1978
The records in these folders are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
6531Project Advisory Council, 1978
6532Statistics: Bibb County Schools, 1978
6533Suspension Anaylsis Report, 1974-1975
R.1406Weekly Reports: Howard, Joel, 1978
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
6534Weekly Reports: Neal, Martha, 1978
6535["Creative Discipline"], 1978
6536[News: Bureau Labor of Statistics], 1983
661NCAS, 1979
662Discipline Conference, 1978
663NCAS Suspension Alternatives, 1977
664NCAS Reports and Correspondence, 1978-1979
665The Discipline Group (NCAS), 1977-1978
666[South Carolina Education Finance Act Annual School Report Cover Sheet], 1982-1983
667Discipline Project, 1977-1978
668Everybody's Business: A Book about School Discipline, 1980
School Discipline - Bibb County, Georgia Discipline Project , 1973-1980
R.1407Weekly Reports: Collins, Yolande, 1979-1980
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
669Annual Report (Discipline Project), 1979-1980
6610Discipline Youth Meetings, 1979
6611Christmas Essay Contest, 1979
6612Draft SEPEP Discipline Project, 1978-1979
6613Status Report on AFSC -Miller A Cooperative Discipline Project, 1979
6614Mailing List for Modeled Behavior, 1979-1980
6615Miller A Handouts, 1979
6616Modeled Behavior, 1979-1980
6617[Parents Have Rights, Too], 1973
6618Peer Tutoring Investments, 1975
R.1408Progress/Status Reports, 1979 Decemeber
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
6619Tabulation of Teacher Responses, undated
R.1409[American Friends Service Committee Student Information Form], 1979
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
R.14010Referral Assessment and Recommendation, 1979
The records in this folder are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
6620Richland County, South Carolina; Task Force on Discipline, 1979
6621Summer Project, 1980
6622Suspension Statistics Miller A School Discipline Project, 1978-1980
6623Suspension Statistics, 1973-1980
6624AFSC Youth Meetings, 1979-1980
R.14011-12Yolande B. Collins Weekly Reports, 1979-1980
The records in these folders are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
School Improvement Workshop , 1981-1983
6625[School Improvement Plan], 1982-1983
6626[Tennessee Workshop of School Improvement], circa 1980s
6627Workshop Announcements - TN, 1983
6628Workshop Announcement - NC, 1983
6629North Carolina Workshop on School Improvement, 1983 March 26
6630Agenda, circa 1980s
6631North Carolina School Improvement Workshop Participants, 1983
6632Final Publication Assessment Project, 1981-1982
6633North Carolina Workshop Evaluations, 1983
6634Tennessee School Improvement Workshop, 1983 April 14
6635School Improvement Workshops Originals - Handouts, 1983
671Memphis Workshop Registrations, 1983
672[A Workshop on School Improvement], 1983
Underfunded School Districts , 1974-1979
673District School Budget Stories, 1978
674Abbeville School Taxes, 1978
675Williamsburg, 1977-1979
676Kershaw, 1978
677Abbeville, 1977-1978
678Ideas, circa 1970s
679[The Cost of and Revenue Availiability for the Education Finance Act], 1978
6710Allendale, 1978
6711Anderson, 1977
6712Berkeley, 1977-1978
6713Chester, 1977
6714Clarendon No. 1. Summerton, 1977-1978
6715Clarendon No. 2. Manning, 1977-1978
6716Clarendon No. 3. Turbeville, 1977-1978
6717Colleton, 1977-1978
6718Dorchester No. 1. St. George, 1977-1978
6719Dorchester No. 2. Summerville, 1977-1978
6720Dorchester No. 3. H-R, 1977-1978
6721Edgefield, 1977-1978
6722Fairfield, 1976-1978
6723Georgetown, 1978
6724Hampton No. 1 and No. 2, 1977-1978
6725Horry, 1977-1978
6726Jasper, 1977-1978
6727Marion No. 2 and No. 3. Mullins, 1978
6728McCormick, 1977-1978
6729Orangeburg No. 3. Holly Hill, 1977-1978
6730Saluda, 1974-1978
6731[South Carolina School Districts Superintendents Meeting], 1978
6732[South Carolina School Districts Finances], 1976-1978
6733Project Assignment, 1978
6734[Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina, 1978
6735Horry News Clips, 1978
6736Clarendon News Clips, 1974-1976
6737Dorchester All Districts Clips, 1975-1977
6738NAACP Mid-year Conference, 1978
6739News Clips, 1978
6740[The Future of the Education Finance Act], 1978
6741Weekly Reports, 1978
6742[Clarendon County], 1976-1978
6743Map - Extra Forms. Selected Printouts, 1975-1978
6744School Advisory Councils, 1978
6745Impact and Question, 1978
6746Notes from School Finance Project - General, 1978
6747SEPEP Committee Meeting. Finance Project, circa 1970s
6748[A Citizen's Guide to Understanding School Finance], 1977-1978
South Carolina School Assessment and Education Accountability , 1962-1984
6749Legislative Director, 1982
6750-51Lists/General Education Information, 1982-1984
6752[South Carolina School Districts Statistical Data and Publications], 1976-1983
6753Majority-Black School Districts in the 11 Southern States, 1970 July
6754NAACP, 1983
6755South Carolina - Richland County, 1973-1982
6756South Carolina Department of Education Newsletters, 1981-1983
6757South Carolina - School Boards Association, 1978-1983
6758South Carolina School Directories, 1976-1979
6759South Carolina School Directories, 1980-1983
681S.C. Sourcebook - Assorted Artwork, PMTs, 1979-1980
682Publications of State Department of Education - Annual Accreditation Reports, 1979-1981
683Publications of State Department of Education - District Surveys/Calhoun, Collet, 1978
684Publications of State Department of Education - District Surveys/ Georgetown, Darlington, 1977-1978
685Publications of State Department of Education - Miscellaneous Curriculum, 1968-1975
686Publications of State Department of Education - The Rainbow Book, 1979
687Publications of State Department of Education - School Districts of South Carolina, 1969-1972
688John, 1978-1979
689J. Norton, 1978-1979
6810To Hayes from John, 1979 January 17
6811State Education Statistics - Miscellaneous State Department Statistics, 1968-1974
6812Education Statistics, 1967-1970
6813School Law in S.C. - School Code, 1962
6814School Law in S.C. - SDE (South Carolina Department of Education) School Board Publishing, 1978
6815State Department of Education - Advisory Committees of SDE/SBE, 1978-1979
6816General Topics - PTA "Taking Action", 1979
691[PTA President], 1979
692General Topics - Pub. Part. / Sch Bd Pols, 1979
693General Topics - Protection/Advocacy System, 1979
694General Topics - S.C.E.A. (South Carolina Education Association), 1978
695Revision of Fin. Act - SACs, 1979
696[Responsibilities Told Advisory Councils], 1979
697Annual School Reports - SAC Asst. Project Documents, 1979-1980
698General Topics - School Advisory Councils/EFA, 1977-1979
699General Topics - School Fees, 1976
6910[PTA Officers Resign], 1978-1979
6911P.E.C.C. (Parents for Effective Communication and Cooperation) - Sumter No. 2, 1980
6912General Topics - Parents' Forum, 1980
6913General Topics - Trident 2000, 1978-1980
6914John's SEPEP Files - Letters Out - Acct. Proj., 1979-1980
6915John's SEPEP Files - Reports on Projects, 1978-1980
6916SEPEP/South Carolina State Department of Education Project. John Norton, 1979-1980
6917School Law in S.C. - 1976 School Code and Supps., 1976
6918School Law in S.C. - Regs in 1976 Code and Supps, 1976
6919John's SEPEP Files - Letters In-Acct. Project, 1979-1980
6920Materials from SBE Meetings, 1981
6921State Education Statistics - Dropout Data, 1969-1972
6922Visuals for John's 1979 State Ed. Workshops, 1979
6923[Rules for the Governance of the State Board of Education], 1979
6924[Requirements for Teacher Education and Certification], 1976-1979
6925Implementation of Educator Improvement Act, 1979-1980
6926Teacher Training Legislation, 1979
701State Board of Education - National Teachers Exam (NTE), 1978-1979
702State Board of Education - Board Composition Issue, 1978-1980
703State Board of Education - Background on Terms of Office, 1979
704State Board of Education - Fall Meet with Lobbying Groups, 1979
705T.C. Kistler- SBE Role Study, 1979
706State Board of Education - Materials Concerning Effectiveness, 1979
707State Board of Education - Committees of the State Board, 1979
708State Board of Education - Controversy: DMP Revisions, 1981
709State Board of Education - Biographies, 1978-1980
7010State Board of Education - SBE Vacancies, 1979-1980
7011[Calhoun], 1979
7012State Board of Education - Vacancies Project, 1978-1979
7013State Department of Education - Test Data Release, 1979
7014State Department of Education - Freedom of Information Activities, 1979-1980
7015State Department of Education - Equal Employment Statistics, 1978
7016State Department of Education - Discipline Project, 1979-1980
7017State Department of Education - South Carolina Educational Policy Manual, 1978
7018State Department of Education - "Crusade for Better Education", 1980
7019State Department of Education - Indicators for Ed Quality, 1975-1976
7020State Department of Education - Career Education, 1975-1979
7021State Department of Education - Audit by USOE, 1979 Fall
7022State Department of Education - B.E.D.S. System, 1979
7023Curriculum Development, 1974-1979
7024Federal Programs, 1980
7025School Food Services, 1978-1979
7026Textbooks, 1981-1982
7027School Building and Planning, 1978-1982
7028Transportation, 1978-1982
7029Division of Finance, 1978-1979
7030Finance, 1978-1982
7031Programs for Handicapped, 1978-1982
7032Teacher Certification, 1978-1982
7033ITV (Instructional Television) and Radio, 1978-1982
7034Vocational Education, 1978-1982
7035Adult Education, 1978-1982
7036Penn Community Services, 1977-1978
7037P.T.A - Parent Teacher Association, 1973-1980
7038Quaker Meeting- Transactions, 1974-1975
7039Quakers, 1971-1972
7040South Carolina School Boards Association, 1974-1975
7041-42Southerners for Economic Justice, 1979-1984
711[Southerners for Economic Justice Board of Directors Meeting], 1980 May 16
712South Carolina Board of Education, 1975-1976
713South Carolina Citizens for Creative Discipline, 1976
714South Carolina Committee for the Humanities, 1972-1982
715South Carolina State Department of Education, 1974-1982
716South Carolina Statistics, 1974-1975
717South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, 1974-1982
718USC (University of South Carolina) - Education, 1977
719[How to Look at your State's Plans for Educating Handicapped Children], 1975-1976
7110[Governor's Sign-off], 1974-1977
7111South Carolina Black History, 1975
7112[Coalition News], 1977
7113Black Leaders, 1972-1983
7114Bilingual Education, circa 1970s
7115Child Abuse, 1976-1977
7116[Department of Education Appropriation Request], 1980-1981
7117Model for Info Dissem/Loc BDS, 1977
7118School Finance in S.C. - SDE Five Year Plan, 1980-1984
7119School Finance in S.C. - Budget Request (Detail), 1979-1980
7120School Finance in S.C. - SDE Annual Requests to B&CB, 1978-1980
7121Coalition Questionnaire and Survey, 1979
7122[Tax and Spending Limitation Referenda in Six States], 1978
7123SCEA Research Data, 1978-1979
7124[Bowman School Finance Increases Defended], 1975-1979
7125Recommendations of SBE, SDE, Task Force. RE Revisions of Finance Act, circa 1970s
7126[South Carolina Education Finance Act], 1977-1975
7127Ed. Fin. Act Payout Projections, 1978-1979
7128Legislation Related to Finance Act, 1977-1978
7129Basic Information About Finance Act, 1978-1979
7130[A Status Report on the Implementation of Section No. 6 of the Education Finance Act of 1977], 1980
7131Materials Distributed to Basic SKills Advisory Commission, 1978
7132[State Board of Education], 1978 August 11
7133Lee County, 1973
7134Richland County School District No. 1, 1972-1975
721-2Florence County, 1972-1975
723Marion County, 1972-1975
724York County School District, 1972-1975
725[Branchville Public Schools], 1975-1976
726Calhoun County, 1974
727Economic/Industrial Development, 1983-1984
728-9Education Finance Act, 1977-1981
7210-11ESEA Title I Programs That Work, 1977-1979
7212Freedom of Information Act, 1977-1978
7213[School Statistics], 1967-1969
7214[Annual Report], 1969-1972
731South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Annual Reports, 1965-1966
732South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Annual Reports, 1971, 1973
733South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Annual Reports, 1975-1976
734South Carolina State Superintendent of Education Annual Reports, 1977
735Newsletter of the South Carolina Education Association, 1975-1983
736Something's Happening in South Carolina. Desegregation in Higher Education, 1982
737South Carolina School Directories, 1966-1967, 1969-1972
738South Carolina School Directories, 1972-1974
739South Carolina School Directories, 1974-1976
7310[Grants to Strengthen State Departments of Education], 1973
7311[Rankings of the Counties and School Districts of South Carolina], 1971-1973
741-9[Rankings of the Counties and School Districts of South Carolina], 1973-1981
7410[Requirements for Teacher Education and Certification], 1983
7411[School Districts of South Carolina Organization and Administration], 1983
7412-14[South Carolina Educational Policy Manual], 1979-1982
7415Minutes/Agenda of South Carolina Advisory Committee, 1982
7416Results of Implementation USA, 1982-1983
751Chapter II ECIA (Education Consolidation and Improvement Act): S.C. School Districts' Use of Funds, 1982
752Chapter II ECIA: South Carolina State Advisory Committee, 1982
753South Carolina State Department of Education Use of Funds, 1982-1983
754-5Analysis Survey, 1977-1982
756State Comp Ed Programs - The Carnegie/SEPEP, 1983
757State Comp Ed Programs - South Carolina, 1982-1983
758Georgia, 1982
759South Carolina SDE Advisory Committee on Compensatory Education, 1978-1983
7510[Evaluating School Administrators], 1981-1982
7511[The Annual School Plan], 1977
7512The Board Member as Community Interpreter, 1970
7513Policies for Improving Board-Superintendent Relations, 1971
7514Policies for Improving School Board Meetings, 1970
7515Orientation and Training of School Board Members (Recruitment, Leadership and Training Institute), 1975
7516Resources for Effective School Board Operations, 1974
7517Selecting a School Superintendent, circa 1970s
7518The History and Development of School Boards, 1969
7519[Detail Budget Presentation], 1981-1982
7520Summary Char Effective Schools, 1980
7521[What Recent Research Says about Effective Schools and Effective Classrooms], 1979-1981
7522[Characteristics of Effective Schools], 1982-1983
7523[Effective Schools], 1982
Title I , 1962-1984
761Program Directives, 1978-1979
762SAC, 1980
763[Recommendations Concerning Teachers], 1982
764[Parent Evaluation], 1980-1981
765Bibb DAC Correspondence, 1979-1980
766[Elementary Student Evaluation], circa 1980s
767State Workshops, 1979-1983
768[Advisory Council Assessment Project], 1981
769-11[Student Assessment], circa 1980s
7612[Reagan Administration Budget Proposal Would Devastate Title I], 1982
7613-14[Program Description], circa 1980s
7615[Major Themes and Additional Budget Details], 1980-1983
7616[Recommendations], undated
7617[Monthly Report - Boone, Bettye, State Coordinator S.C. Title I PAC Program], 1981
7618[Education Amendments of 1978], 1978-1980
7619Bibb County Board Members, undated
7620[Georgia Official Highway Map], 1979
7621Maps, 1979
7622Testing, 1979-1982
7623Adel Georgia. Cooh County, undated
7624Unresolved Inferrals and Walk-ins, 1982
7625Work-shop Contact and Resource, 1982
7626Carol (Angela) Mullis Warner, 1981-1982
7627Densmore, 1982-1983
7628Children's Foundation, 1980
7629[The Federal Education Project], 1980-1982
7630Miscellaneous Publications and Newsletters, 1979-1982
7631Walk-ins and Referrals, 1982
7632[Bibb County Public Schools], 1981-1983
771Chapter II Survey, 1982
772Hancock County, 1982
773State Coordination, 1982
774Monitoring Project, 1982
775Dekalb County. Jessie Dixon, 1982
776Federal Education Monitoring Project, 1982
777Children's Defense Fund, 1981-1982
778[Chapter I ECIA Application Form], 1981-1982
779[Grievance Procedure], 1982
7710[Proposed Operating Budget and Related Data], 1982-1983
7711[Use of Test Data in Dekalb Schools], 1982
7712[Programs of School Improvement: An Overview], 1980-1982
7713Bibb County Newsletters and Articles, 1979
7714Bibb County School and Student Data, 1981-1982
7715[Interviews], 1982
7716SEPEP Correspondence, 1982
7717Leadership Skills Material, 1982
7718[South Carolina State Department of Education Title I Monitoring and Enforcement Plan], 1980-1983
7719[Preparing for Chapter I: What Title I Parent Advisory Councils Can Do], I98I-I982
7720[Title I Assessment Project], 1981-1982
7721Title I Project, 1979
7722-23Title I, 1976-1980
7724-25Title I Reauthorization, 1977-1978
7726Title I - SCCH, [Preparing for Chapter I: What Title I Parent Advisory Councils Can Do]
781Title I Project, 1978-1979
782[Georiga Title I Report], 1978-1979
783[Alabama AFSC-SEPEP Title I PAC (Parents Advisory Council) Project], 1978-1979
784[Parents Involved in Mississippi], 1979-1980
785Weekly Reports and Plans, 1979-1980
786-7[Coordinators Responsibilities], 1979
788Statewide Workshops, 1979
789Workshop-Horeuce, 1979
7810Workshop-Spartanburg, 1979
7811Workshop-Greenwood, 1979
7812Workshop-Sawlee, 1978
7813Workshop Evaluation, 1979
7814Workshop Materials, 1976
7815Workshop Registration Forms, circa 1979
7816[News Release], circa 1970s
R.14013-15Weekly Reports, 1977-1978
The records in these folders are subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restrictions of seventy-five years from the date of creation of the record.
7817[The Status of Title I Parent Advisory Councils in South Carolina], 1980
7818Annual Report PAC Participation Question. (PAC Workshops), 1978-1980
7819[Community Services], 1979-1980
7820Annual Report. LEA Monitoring, 1978-1980
7821Annual Report, 1978-1979
7822Annual Report. SDE Monitoring, 1978-1980
7823Annual Report. Work Outline, 1978-1980
7824Annual Report. Appendices, 1978-1980
791[Results of Inquiries Made at State Department of Education], 1982
792Assessment Project, 1981-1983
793[Title I Project], 1978-1981
794Mizell, Hayes - Correspondence In, 1980-1982
795Georgia Complaint Procedure, 1976-1981
796Jane Shah, 1981
797Title I Coordinators, 1980-1981
798Evaluation Natural New Project, 1978-1981
799Local Mailing Lists, undated
7910Contact People for Title I, 1980
7911Correspondance In, 1979
7912Contact, People, undated
7913Coordinators Correspondance In-Out, 1981-1982
7914State and Federal Title I of Local Mailing List, 1979
7915General Correspondance, 1978-1981
7916Class Observations, undated
7917Title I Coordinators and Parent Coordination, 1981
7918DAC Chair Persons, 1979-1980
7919General, 1981
7920Monthly Reports, 1981
7921[Title I Assessment Project], 1981-1982
7922[Time line and Procedures Guide], 1981
7923[Jasper County DAC (District Advisory Council) Assessment Procedures], 1981-1982
7924[Assessment and Recommendations of the Pulaski County Title I District Advisory Council], 1982
7925[Assessment and Recommendations of the Jasper County Title I District Advisory Council], 1982
7926[SEPEP Advisory Council Title I Assessment Project], 1980-1981
7927[SEPEP Title I Project Annual Report], 1978-1979
7928PAC Reports Title I, 1978
7929PAC Trainer Interview Form, undated
7930Review of the State Program Under Title I of the ESEA, 1979
7931SEPEP Title I Project, undated
7932Title I Complaints, 1977-1979
7933Title I Complaints- Procedures, 1977
7934Title I Comments, undated
7935Title I Eufaula, 1979
7936Title I Description of, 1976
7937Title I Evaluations, 1981
7938Title I Hearings, 1977
7939Title I: PAC, 1978-1980
7940Title I Regulations, 1976-1977
7941Monthly Reports. Betty Boone, 1981
7942Monthly Report. Eunice Richard, 1981
7943Guidelines for Title I E.S.E.A., 1971-1979
7944Title I: Project Evaluation, 1977-1979
7945NCCE Chapter 1 Monitoring, 1982
7946[Report of Helen Moore], 1978-1979
801-3Weekly Report - Helen Moore, 1979
804National Coalition of ESEA Title I Parents/Jackie Williams, 1979
805Judy Barber's Newsletter, 1979
806-7Bettye Boone Weekly Reports, 1979
808Contact List for Title I ESEA Problems and Comments, circa 1979
809Filing a Title I Complaint, circa 1979
8010Colorado Department of Education. Procedures for Resolving Complaints, 1978
8011Correspondence Out - Title I, 1980-1982
8012Coalition to Save Title I, 1981
8013-14Judy Barber Title I Reports, 1979-1980
8015Correspondence In Title I, 1981-1982
8016Abbeville School District, 1980
8017Cherokee School District, 1974
8018Colleton County/PAC, 1980
8019Dorchester No. 2 (Sommerville), 1980
8020Lee - R. Hooser, 1979-1980
8021Orangeburg No. 2, 1980
8022Orangeburg No. 3, 1978-1979
8023Orangeburg No. 5, 1976-1980
8024Lee, 1979
8025Laurens No. 56, 1978
8026Newberry, 1979
8027Marlboro, 1978-1980
8028[Newberry Map], undated
8029Laucaster, 1979-1981
8030York No. 3, 1979-1980
8031Somter No. 2, 1978-1979
8032Florence No. 1, 1980
8033Marion No. 3, 1978-1980
8034Marion No. 1, 1980
8035Marion No. 2, 1978-1980
8036Region No. 4 Target Districts, undated
8037Target Districts Visits, 1979
8038Region No. 1, circa 1979
8039Region No. 3, circa 1979
8040Berkeley County Correspondence/Documentation, 1978-1979
8041Berkeley DAC Recommendations, 1979-1980
8042Berkeley, 1980
8043Project Application, 1978
811York District No. 1, 1977-1978
812York School District No. 1 - Statement to Board and District Response, 1978
813Newspaper Coverage Report, 1978
814York District No. 4, 1978
815Report to the P.A.C. - York No. 1, 1978
816Project Application - York No. 1, 1978-1979
817Monthly Reports - Bettye Boone, 1980-1981
818-9Monthly Reports - Eunice L. Richard, 1979-1980
8110Eunice L. Richard - Weekly Reports, 1979
8111Title I Project, 1980-1981
8112School Assessment Project - South Carolina, 1981-1982
8113SEPEP/Title I Field Supervisor Job Description, 1979
8114Jackie Williams Correspondence, 1977-1979
8115Title I Training Application/Announcements, circa 1979
8116Eunice L. Richard - Weekly Reports, 1979
8117Title I Training Program, 1979
8118[Parent Advisory Council Title I Assessment Project], 1980-1981
8119Title I Training Program, 1977-1978
8120Hayes Mizell Correspondence Out, 1978
8121[SEPEP Parent Advisory Council Title I Asessment Project], 1980-1981
8122[Councils and LEA in Assuring Compliance], 1981-1987
8123State Coordinator, circa 1980s
8124Richland No. 1, 1981-1982
821Richland No. 1Teachers, undated
822Richland No. 2 Parents, undated
823LEA Fairfield, 1983
824Teacher's Fairfield, undated
825FEP Fairfield Parent Interviews, 1981-1982
826Lexington No. 5, 1981-1983
827Lexington Teachers, undated
828Parents Lexington, 1981-1982
829FEP North Carolina, 1983
8210FEP Monitoring Project, 1982
8211[Federal Register], 1979-1982
8212[Title I Applications], undated
8213[U.S. Department of Education], 1982
8214Lexington No. 5, 1982
8215[Richland No. 1], 1982
8216[Questionnaire for LEA Title I or Federal Programs Coordinator], 1981-1982
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0001Fairfield County School District Title I/Chapter I Coordinator SDE-BSAC Meeting [Tape 1], 1979 March 30
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0002Fairfield County School District Title I/Chapter I Coordinator SDE-BSAC Meeting [Tape 2], 1979 March 30
8217[Supplement], 1982
8218Dixon, Gwendolyn Reports, 1977
8219Cummings, Lillie, 1976-1977
8220Cummings, Lillie Reports, 1976-1977
8221-22[Title I Pac Associate], 1976-1977
8223Dixon, Gwendolyn, 1977
8224Goldsby, Patricia, 1976
8225-26McGee, Cornelia Reports, 1977
8227Cornelia McGee, 1977
8228Miles, Mary A., 1976
8229Miles, Mary Reports, 1976-1977
831Statewide People, 1979
832Berkeley County, 1980
833Berkeley School District, 1978-1979
834Darlington, 1979
835Clarendon No. 1, 1979
836Chesterfield, 1978-1979
837Charleston, 1977-1980
838Calhoun, 1979
839Allendale- DAC, 1979-1980
8310Dorchester No. 3, 1978-1979
8311Dorchester No. 1, 1978-1979
8312Dillon No. 2, 1978-1979
8313Dillon No. 1 - W. Moddy Lakeview, 1979-1980
8314Dillon No. 1, 1980
8315Dillon No. 3, 1978-1980
8316Orangeburg No. 7, 1978-1979
8317Florence No. 4, 1978-1980
8318Greenville, 1979
8319Greenville DAC, 1979-1980
8320Spartanburg No. 6, 1978
8321Spartanburg No. 2, 1979
8322Spartanburg No. 7, 1979-1980
8323Richland No. 1 DAC, 1979-1980
8324Colleton County, 1979
8325Montgomery County Board of Education Letter From CDF (Children's Defense Fund), 1974-1975
8326Montgomery County School Case, 1973-1975
8327Montgomery County School, City, and County, 1971-1973
8328Montgomery Unitary School System, circa 1970s
8329Montgomery County Monitoring Report, 1973
8330Russell County, 1970-1972
8331Wilcox County, 1971
8332William P. Thompson versus Wilcox County Board of Education, 1972
8333Title I Proposal (Wilcox County), 1970-1971
8334Tulane Court Case, 1971
8335Montgomery-CDF (Children's Defense Fund) Monitoring Info, 1974
8336SEPEP Title I Training Manual, 1978-1979
8337Planning, Assessment and Evaluation - Title I PAC - Berkeley County, 1980
8338Teacher, Parent, Student, and Admin. Interview Instruments Berekely, 1979-1980
8339Workshop Agendas, 1979
8340Case Study: York and Ft. Mill PAC Activity - Letter from NC State University, 1978
8341Correspondence to and From State Department of Education, 1978-1980
8342Rough Draft: Title I PAC Chapter - USOE Policy Manual, 1980
8343DAC Chairpersons-List, 1978-1979
8344South Carolina Title I Co-ordinators, 1977-1978
8345SEPEP's Title I PAC Newsletter - 'Parent Involvement', 1978-1980
8346Original Report to PAC, 1978
8347Original Report to PAC York No. 1, 1977-1978
8348Requests for Title I Information, 1977-1979
841Responses - Coordinators, 1979-1980
842Responses from Title I Coordinators, 1978-1979
843Complaint to USOE and SDE Respone. Title I PACs in S.C., 1978
844Meeting between Statewide PAC Group and Officials from SDE and US Department of Education, 1980
845Findings and Recommendation of U.S.O.E. on Title I in S.C., 1978
846USOE Title I Review, 1978-1979
847[DAC Chairpersons], 1978
848[Title I Newsletter Mailing List], 1980
849Betty Boone, 1980
8410PAC Coordinators Mailing List, 1980
8411Title I Coordinators Mailing List, 1980
8412PAC Coordinators, 1979
8413Originals/Evaluation Berkeley County Handbook, 1980
8414Annual Report - Boone, 1978-1980
8415[Highlights of SEPEP'S Work with Berkeley County Title I Parent Advisory Councils], 1978-1979
8416Final Project. PAC Project, 1978-1980
8417[Parent Involvement], 1978-1980
8418Teacher Interviews Berkeley County, 1981
8419Florence No. 1, 1980-1981
8420Richland No. 1, 1980-1981
8421York No. 3 (Rock Hill), 1980-1981
8422Transparencies of Berkeley PAC Handbook Table of Contents, circa 1980
8423[The Berkeley County (S.C.) Title I Parent Advisory Council], 1980-1981
8424Annual Study and Recommendations - Berkeley PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
8425-26Berkeley PAC Assessment Project - Program Description, 1980-1981
8427Berkeley PAC Assessment Project - Teacher Interview Instrument, 1980-1981
8428Berkeley PAC Assessment Project - Actual Responses/Teacher Interviews, 1980-1981
8429Teacher Interview Actual Responses - Beaufort PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
8430Beaufort PAC Assessment Project Program Description, 1980-1981
8431Berkeley County, 1980-1981
8432Travel Vouchers, 1980-1981
8433Parliamentary Procedure, 1979
8434State Revew Federal Reports, 1979
8435Eunice Richard Monthly Reports, 1981
8436Rosa West (Deloris), 1979
8437Federal Education Project Correspondence - Out, 1979-1981
8438Project Reports, 1978-1979
8439Testing, 1979-1980
8440Federal Education Project Newsletter, 1978-1980
851[Newsletters Concerning Handicapped Education], 1979-1980
852National Advisory, 1980-1981
853Planning Sheet, circa 1980s
854-5Georgia Title I Report, 1978-1979
856Clisby SAC Assessment Project, 1980
857State Title I Coordinator's Labels, 1978
858Project Reports, 1976
859In Correspondence - SEPEP Staff, 1980
8510[Workshop Coordination], 1980
8511State Workshop, 1980
8512Request, 1979-1980
8513Betty Boone Reports, 1981
8514[Project Application], 1979-1982
8515[The Federal Education Project], 1979-1981
8516AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) Correspondence - Out, 1979
8517In Correspondence - Hayes Mizell, 1979-1981
8518Response and Request to Newsletters, 1979
8519State Title I Coordinator's - Correspondence Out, 1978-1980
8520State Department Employees - Correspondence In, 1980
8521State Title I Coordinator - Correspondence In, 1978-1980
8522State Department Employees - Correspondence Out, 1978-1980
8523Local Coordinators - Coorespondence Out, 1978-1980
8524Bibb County Complaint, 1978-1980
8525General Correspondence Out - Richard, 1978-1980
8526Local Coordinators - Correspondence In, 1978-1979
8527Counties Approached and Their Responses, 1980-1981
8528Miller, Alma Reports, 1976-1977
8529Alma Miller, 1976-1977
8530Miller, Maxine, 1976-1977
8531Miller, Maxine Reports, 1976-1977
861Nelson, Roy C., 1976-1977
862Nelson, Roy Reports, 1976-1977
863-4Eunice Richard, 1976-1977
865Richard, Eunice Reports, 1977
866Barney Schoby, 1977
867Schoby, Barney Reports, 1976-1977
868Smith, David L., 1976
869[Commitments for Future Activities], 1976
8610PAC Associates - Alaama Interviews, 1977
8611Title I PAC Associates (Georgia), 1976-1977
8612Phyllis Bynum Title I PAC Associate Reports, 1977
8613Phyllis Bynum PAC Reports, 1977
8614Title I PAC Associate Phyllis A. Bynum, 1977-1978
8615Title I PAC Associate Thelma Craig, 1977
8616PAC Associate Reports - Lillie Cummings, 1976-1977
8617Title I PAC Associate - Lillie Cummings, 1976-1977
8618Nathaniel Glover - Weekly Reports, 1978
8619Helen Moore - PAC Reports, 1978
8620Roy Nelson - Title I PAC Associate Reports, 1977
871PAC Associate Reports - Roy C. Nelson, 1976 August - December
872PAC Associate Reports - Roy C. Nelson, 1977 January
873Title I PAC Associate - Roy C. Nelson, 1976-1977
874Eunice Richard Title I PAC Associate Reports, 1977
875-6PAC Associate Reports - Eunice L. Richard, 1976-1977
877[PAC Members], 1977
878Title I PAC Associate - Eunice L. Richard, 1977-1978
879Parent Organizing Materials, 1975-1976
8710[Informal Education - Parents and Schools], 1980-1981
8711[Pulaski County DAC Assessment Procedures], 1981-1982
8712[Application for Grant to meet the Special Educational Needs of Educationally Deprived Children Under Chapter 1 of Public Law 97-35], 1982
8713[Organizing an Effective Parent Advisory Council], circa 1970s
8714AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) - Correspondence In, 1979-1981
8715[Needs Assessment], 1981
8716Chapter II Survey, 1982
8717[The Jasper County Title I Parent Advisory Council], 1981-1982
8718Hand-Outs, 1978-1981
8719Evaluating [the Title I Program], 1975-1980
8720Year End Report, 1982
8721Hickory Knob, 1982
8722Evaluation Forms, 1982
881[Scheduling Methods], 1981
882[Nationwide Fundraisers, Inc.], 1981-1982
883Jasper County Title I - Notes and Application, 1981
884[Attachments for Pulaski County], 1982
885[Decisions to be Made], undated
886Year End - Report, circa 1980s
887Candler County, 1981
888Pulaski County, 1981-1982
889Taylor County, 1981
8810Jasper County, 1981-1982
8811SEPEP Gender Equity Project - Gann Watson, 1981-1982
8812-13SEPEP Sexism/Gender Equity Project - Gann Watson, 1980-1982
8814BSAP Parent Support Project - Jerome Williams, 1981-1982
8815BSAP Parent Support Project - Resumes/Interviews, 1981
8816Title I - Training, 1982 January 29-31
8817Federal: District Profiles, 1979
8818Bettye Boone, 1982-1983
8819SEPEP Title I Project - Bettye Boone, 1979-1980
8820-21SEPEP Title I Project - Bettye Boone, 1980-1981
8822SEPEP Title I Project - Bettye Boone, 1981-1982
891SEPEP Title I Project - Hayes Mizell, 1980-1981
892SEPEP Title I Project - Hayes Mizell, 1981-1982
893Eunice Richard, 1982-1983
894SEPEP Title I Project - Eunice Richard, 1980-1981
895SEPEP Title I Project - Eunice Richard, 1981-1982
896Everybody's Business, 1980-1981
897Secton 8 (59-30-10), 1979-1980
898[Parent Advisory Council Handbook], circa 1980s
899Mary Alice Miles PAC Report, 1977
8910-11Weekly Report - Helen Moore, 1978 June 12 - Decemeber 15
8912Helen Moore PAC Associate Reports, 1977-1978
8913-14Eunice Richard PAC Reports, 1977 October - 1978 April
8915Eunice L. Richard Weekly Reports, 1978 July 31 - December 15
8916Jackie Williams Field Reports, 1976-1977
8917[Title I Project], 1980-1981
901[Evaluation Guide for Parent Programs], 1978
902[Project Directors' Parent Program Resource Book], 1978
903[The Schoolwide Projects Provision of ESEA Title I: An Analysis of the First Year of Implementation], 1981 April
904[A Textual Comparison of the New Regulations Governing Title I of ESEA, the Title I Statute and the Previous Title I Regulations], 1981
905Richmond County School District No. 1 Title I Project Application, 1981
906[Title I Handbook], 1982
907["What We're Doing in Our Schools"], 1981
908[ESEA Title I Parent Advisory Council Handbook], circa 1980s
909[MGAP (Middle Grades Assessment Program) Leader's Manual], 1981
9010[Southeastern Public Education Program Parent Advisory Council Title I Assessment Project], 1980-1981
9011[Application for Grant to Meet the Special Educational Needs of Educationally Deprived Children], 1978-1981
9012[Instructional Activities - Evaluation of Project Objectives - ESEA Title I Evaluation Report], 1979-1980
9013[Crisp County Schools Title I Summary Report], 1978-1979
9014Liberty County Board of Education Title I Project Application, 1979
9015Project Reports Staff Members, 1979
9016-17[Bibb County Project Application], 1978-1979
9018[Meeting Monitoring Sheet], 1979
9019State Work-Shop, 1979 May 19
9020Workshop Site for Title I, 1978
9021[Attending the Conference], 1979
9022Regional Workshop, 1978-1979
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0003Title I Training Session at Hickory Knob State Park, South Carolina [Tape 1], 1982 January 30
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0004Title I Training Session at Hickory Knob State Park, South Carolina [Tape 2], 1982 January 30
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0005Title I Training Session at Hickory Knob State Park, South Carolina [Tape 3], 1982 January 30
911Weekly Report, 1978-1979
912[Report to the PAC: The Organization, Activities, and Performance of the York County (South Carolina) School District No. 1 Title I Parent Advisory Council, 1977-1979
913[Operating the Title I Program], 1979-1980
914Correspondence In - Richard, 1978
915[State Title I Parent Council Survey], 1979
916Annual Report (Original) - PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
917Original Proposal - PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
918PAC Assessment Project Monthly Reports, 1980-1981
919Beaufort County, 1980-1981
9110Annual Study and Recommendations - Beaufort PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
9111Classroom Observation Instrument - Beaufort PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
9112Teacher Interview Instrument - Beaufort PAC Assessment Project, 1980-1981
9113Annual Study and Recommendations - Extra Copies, 1980-1981
9114Department of Education, 1981-1982
9115SEPEP Title I Developed Materials, 1980-1981
9116Title I Law and Regulation, 1976-1981
9117Compilation of Job Descriptions of ESEA Title I Parent Coordinators in Maryland, undated
9118PAC Specialist Job Description - S.C. Office of Federal Programs, undated
9119Title I and Parent Participation - (Inequality in Education), undated
9120SEPEP Title I Project - Jackie Williams, 1978-1979
9121PAC Workshop Office of Federal Programs, 1978-1981
9122Chapter 1 S.C. State Department of Education, 1980-1982
921Department of Education, 1981
922Title I Law and Chapter 1 Law, 1978-1981
923Summary of Provisions in Ed. Law Requiring Parental Public, and Student Involvement, undated
924[Filing a Title I Complaint], 1979
925[ESEA Title I Profiles and Programs that Work], 1979
926[ESEA Title I Evaluation Report], 1979
927[Comparability of Services], circa 1970s
928[ESEA Title I Parent Advisory Council Handbook], undated
929[Proposed Title I Cuts a Problem for the South], 1982
9210Chapter II ECIA: Explanation of the Law, 1981
9211The Coming Changes in Federal Education Filmstrip Presentation, 1981
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0006Atlantic Educational Corporation, The Coming Changes in Federal Education, 1981

Series IV. Education Subject Files, 1964-1989

31 box(es) (29 linear feet, 9 audio recordings)
This series consists of subject files containing reports and other materials on various education topics including collective bargaining, teacher competency, day care and early childhood education, discipline, education law, students with disabilities, parent and citizen involvement, education policy, desegregation, gender equality, school effectiveness, testing, and vocational education.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Collective Bargaining , 1975-1981
9212Collective Bargaining: Citizen Participation, 1975
9213Collective Bargaining: Effects/Cost of, 1980
9214Collective Bargaining: General Information, 1977
9215Collective Bargaining: South Carolina, 1977-1979
9216Collective Bargaining: Specific States, 1976-1981
Competent and Caring Teachers , 1978-1983
9217Competent and Caring Teachers: Minority - Issues, 1980-1982
9218Competent and Caring Teachers: Math/Science Teacher Shortage, 1982-1983
9219Competent and Caring Teachers: Differential Pay/Master Teachers, 1981-1983
9220Competent and Caring Teachers: Incentives, 1983
9221Competent and Caring Teachers: Performance on Tests, 1981-1982
9222Competent and Caring Teachers: Salaries, 1981-1982
931Competent and Caring Teachers: State Initiatives, 1978-1982
932Competent and Caring Teachers: Teacher Quality, General, 1978-1983
933Competent and Caring Teachers: Teacher Supply/Attrition, 1980-1983
Day Care Early Childhood Materials , 1966-1974
934-10[Day Care Early Childhood Materials], 1966-1974
941-2[Day Care Early Childhood Materials], 1967-1971
943[Day Care and Child Development in Your Community], 1971-1972
Discipline , 1970-1983
944-6[Discipline], 1975-1982
947-8Student Discipline: Advocacy Aides, 1975-1981
949Student Discipline: Alternative Education, 1977-1982
9410-11Student Discipline: Corporal Punishment, 1977-1982
9412Student Discipline: Counseling, 1976-1977
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0007Options in Education, "Discipline, Part I and II," Program Number 166 and 167 (Interview with Mizell Hayes), circa 1980s
951Student Discipline: Court Decisions and Litigations, 1973-1980
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0008Christopher Joyce, Suing the Schools: What the Supreme Court Decision in Wood v. Strickland Means to You, 1975
952-3Student Discipline: Improvement/Prevention Programs, 1976-1982
954Student Discipline: Law, 1973-1975
955Student Discipline: Management, 1975-1979
956Student Discipline: Parents, 1978-1982
957School Discipline: Peer Influence Prevention Models, 1974-1976
958Student Discipline: Resources, 1979-1980
959Student Discipline: School Buses
961[Student Discipline: National Education Association, "Discipline Techniques" Filmstrip Presentation], 1976
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0009National Education Association, Discipline Techniques, 1976
962[Discipline], 1982
963-4Student Discipline - Discrimination/Civil Rights, 1979-1982
965School Discipline - Delinquency/Juvenile Justice, 1974-1982
966School Discipline - Droupouts (See also the file on Truancy/Class Cutting/Absenteeism), 1980-1983
967[Discipline], 1979-1982
968Student Discipline-General Analysis and Discussion, 1974-1981
969Student Discipline and Handicapped Students, 1976-1981
9610School Discipline - Improvement/Prevention Programs, 1977-1982
971Student Suspension Studies - CDF, SRC,NEA, LDF (Legal Defense Fund), 1972-1980
972Student Suspension Studies - Cities, 1973-1982
973Student Suspension Studies - States, 1970-1982
974[Louisiana State Department of Education Bureau of Technical Assistance], 1976
975Student Suspension Studies - States, 1975-1977
976[Solutions to Conflict and Violence in the Schools], 1976
977Student Discipline -Training Programs, 1977-1982
981Student Discipline Codes - District Level, 1974-1982
982[Discipline], 1977
983Student Disruptive Behavior - Responses To, 1976-1978
984Student Handbooks/Codes - School Level, 1976-1982
985-7Student Rights/Law, 1970-1981
988[Discipline], 1979
989Truancy/Class Cutting/Absenteeism - (See also the file on Student Discipline - Dropouts), 1976-1983
991-2Truancy/Class Cutting/Absenteeism - (See also the file on Student Discipline - Dropouts), 1975-1982
993-4Violence/Vandalism, 1974-1982
995[Violent Schools - Safe Schools. The Safe School Study Report to the Congress Volume 1], 1978
996-8Student Discipline - Teacher Aides, 1972-1980
Discipline and Educational Law , 1975-1989
999Protection and Advocacy, 1979-1980
9910South Carolina - Issues Related to the Education of Disabled Children, 1980-1982
1001[Discipline and Educational Law], 1981
1002[The Legal Status of Adolescents], 1980
1003[Educational Law Manual for New York State], circa 1980s
1004[Educational Law Bulletin], 1975-1977
1005S.C. - State Department of Education Office of Programs for the Handicapped, 1975-1981
1006Special Ed and Discipline, 1978-1980
1007[Educational Law Bulletin], 1978-1980
Education of Handicapped Persons , 1972-1983
1008National Organizations - PTA, 1978-1981
1009State Organizations - Citizens Education Center Northwest, 1982-1983
10010Volunteers, 1970-1982
10011Volunteers - Training Materials for Tutors in Reading, 1972-1976
10012Volunteers - Training Students as Volunteers, 1978-1979
1011[Community Competencies for the Handicapped], undated
1012-3[Special Education: A Manual for Advocates], 1982
1014-5Education of All Handicapped Children Act. P.L.94-142 (General), 1978-1983
1016P.L. 94-142 Regular Classroom Issues ("Mainstreaming"), 1980-1982
1017P.L. 94-142 and Title I (Chapter 1), 1979-1980
1018Closer Look, 1972-1980
1019Due Process, 1978-1979
10110IEP - Individualized Education Plan, 1976-1977
10111Learning Disabilities, 1977-1978
10112Legal Issues, 1972-1980
10113Mattie T. (CDF's Special Education Litigation in Mississippi), 1977
10114Miscellaneous Newsletters, 1980-1982
10115Misclassifcation, 1979-1982
1021Misclassifcation, 1972-1982
1022Parent Resources/Aides, 1976-1978
General Info , 1970-1979
1023Affirmative Action Register, 1979
1024Application of the Right to Treatment in an Institutional Setting, 1974
1025Case, 1977
1026Children's Defense Fund, 1976
1027Civil Rights, 1975-1979
1028Consumerism in Education, circa 1970s
1029Crime, 1977
10210Education:General, 1973-1977
10211Equal Opportunity in Planning Guide, 1976
10212Employment Discrimination Conference Registration, circa 1970s
10213Energy Conservation in Schools, 1978
10214FOCAL [Federation of Community-Controlled Centers of Alabama], 1976-1978
10215Government Spying, 1975-1977
10216Inequality in Education, 1972-1974
10217Institute of Paralegal Training, circa 1970s
10218Law and Education, 1975-1977
10219Legislative Advocacy, 1978
10220Macon - Bibb E.O.C, 1979
10221Macon - Bibb Planning and Zoning, circa 1970s
10222Militant, 1975
10223Miscellaneous, 1972-1979
10224National Assessment of Educational Progress, 1973-1978
10225National Council of the Churches of Christ, 1976
10226The People's News, 1975
10227Publications and Periodical Materials, 1978
10228Racial Segregation, 1979
10229A Relook at Tucson '66 and Beyond, 1973
10230ROTC Armed Forces B-1 Bomber, circa 1970s
10231Illiteracy in Georgia by Counties, by Race, in 1910, circa 1970s
1031School Finance, 1975-1978
1032Social Welfare, 1976-1977
1033Southern Education Foundation, 1970-1978
1034Southern Africa, 1974-1977
1035Synergist, 1979
1036Teenage Pregnancy, 1977
1037Title VII, 1972-1976
1038Vietnam, circa 1970s
Parent/Citizen Involvement , 1970-1983
1039-10School Advisory Councils, 1978-1983
10311School Boards/Superintendents, 1970-1981
10312School-Community Relations, 1973-1982
10313School to Parent Communications, 1972-1982
10314National Organizations - IRE, 1974-1983
10315National Organizations - National Coalition of ESEA Title I Parents, 1981-1983
10316NCCE - Handbooks for Parents/Citizens (Various Subjects), 1976-1982
1041National Organizations - NCCE, 1974-1983
1042Parent/Citizen Participation in Schools: Major Studies, 1978-1979
1043Parent - School Cooperation, 1968-1978
1044Federally Mandated Parent/Citizen Involvement, 1973-1982
1045-6Parents as "Teachers" (Helping the school by working with children at home), 1975-1982
1051School Advisory Councils, 1977-1982
1052-3[Parent/Citizen Involvement], 1976-1980
1054Citizens and Local School District Budgets, 1978-1981
1055Parent/Citizen Participation in Schools - General Information, 1971-1980
1056Parent/Citizen Advocacy, 1980-1982
1061Parent/Citizen Participation in Schools: Major Studies, 1974-1982
Periodicals , 1974-1989
1062BTES Newsletter, 1978-1980
1063Bibb Public Schools: School News and Views, 1979-1981
1064Board Briefs, 1979
1065The Advocate, 1979-1984
1066AFSC in the News, 1979
1067Federal Education Project, 1976-1984
1068The Force, 1980
1069Ford Foundation Letter, 1983-1984
10610Future of the South (Commission), 1980
10611Georgia State Department of Education News Release, 1984
10612Georgia Advocate, 1978-1979
10613Industrial Union Caucus in Education Newsletter, 1980-1981
10614Inside SEPEP, 1981-1982
10615IEL Network News, 1982
10616IABBE's Newsletter International Association of Black Business Educators, 1984
10617NAACP Education Committee, circa 1980s
10618Newsnotes - Center for Law and Education, 1979-1981
10619-20Phi Delta Kappan, 1989-1983
10620[Youth Policy], 1981-1982
1071U.S. Department of Justice, 1976-1980
1072The Testing Digest, 1979-1982
1073Third World Coalition, 1982
1074The Trumpet, 1979
1075Work Education Exchange (The), 1979-1981
1076Work and Training News, 1980
1077Youth Law News, 1984-1982
1078Youth Link, 1979-1982
1079Publications and Periodicals, 1978-1982
10710Quick Start, circa 1980s
10711Resource Spotlight, 1980
10712School Law News, 1977-1980
10713School Record (Acre Newsletter), 1983
10714The Shared Plow, 1980
10715SNI [Selective Notification of Information], 1979
10716Social Justice, 1979
10717S.C. Humanities Newsletter, 1983
10718Southern Coaltion Report, 1976-1982
10719Southern Arts Federation, 1979
10720Southern Growth Policies Board Foresight, 1983
10721Southernview of Washington, 1983
10722Southern Neighborhoods, 1983
10723State Education - State Education Review (Education Commission of the States), 1982-1983
10724Report to the Chairman, Disparities Still Exist in Who Get Special Education, 1981
10725Statement of Alice M. Rivlin, 1983
10726The State Education Bulletin, 1979
10727Statewide Youth Advocacy Project (SYA), 1979-1980
10728Steps, 1980-1981
10729-31[Periodicals], 1974-1984
Policy Research Papers on Education , 1975-1983
10732Policy/Research Papers: "Deregulation", 1981
1081Policy/Research Papers: Directories of Ed. Researchers, 1980-1982
1082Policy/Research Papers: Computers, 1982-1983
1083Policy/Research Papers: Department of Education - U.S., 1982
1084Policy/Research Papers: Employment, Income, Economic Opportunity, 1981-1982
1085Policy/Research Papers: The Federal Role, 1977-1982
1086Policy/Research Papers: Financing of Education, 1981-1982
1087Policy/Research Papers: Future Trends in Education, 1979-1980
1088Policy/Research Papers: IFG Policy Notes (newsletter of the Institute for Research on Education Finance and Governance), 1981-1983
1089Policy/Research Papers: Public and Private Schools, 1981-1982
10810Policy/Research Papers: Secondary Education, 1981
10811Policy/Research Papers: Teachers, 1979-1980
10812Policy/Research Papers: Title I Achievement Outcomes of Title I Project, 1979-1983
1091Policy/Research Papers: Title I Alternatives, 1975-1982
1092Policy/Research Papers: Title I Evaluation Issues, 1978-1980
1093Policy/Research Papers: Title I - Implementation of 1978 Title I Amendments, 1979-1980
1094Policy/Research Papers: Title I Basic Title I/Chapter 1 Information, 1979-1981
1095Policy/Research Papers: Title I Implementation of Chapter 1, ECIA, 1982-1983
1096-9Policy/Research Papers: Title I NIE 1977 Study of Title I, 1977-1978
1101Policy/Research Papers: Title I Relation Between Title I and Needs of Handicapped Students; Program Overlap, 1978-1980
1102Policy/Research Papers: Regulating Programs (including Bi-lingual Ed Information), 1975-1982
1103Policy/Research Papers: Tuition Tax Credits, 1980-1982
School Desegregation , 1967-1983
1104[Twenty Years After Brown: Equality of Educational Opportunity], 1975
1105School Desegregation - Briggs v. Elliot (S.C. companion case to Brown), 1979
1106-7School Desegregation - Brown 25th Anniversary Analysis, 1976-1979
1108School Desegregation - Busing, 1971-978
1109School Desegregation - Community Involvement, 1975-1978
11010School Desegregation - Court Decisions, 1977-1983
11011School Desegregation - Education Commission of the States - National Project of Desegregation Strategies, 1978-1983
11012School Desegregation - Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA), 1978-1981
1111School Desegregation - Federal Civil Rights Enforcement, 1974
1112School Desegregation and Housing, 1975-1981
1113-4School Desegregation - How to Desegregate, 1976-1980
1115School Desegregation - Legal Issues, 1974-1977
1116School Desegregation - Magnet Schools, 1975-1978
1117School Desegregation - Private Schools, 1975-1982
1118School Desegregation - Research, 1967-1979
1119School Desegregation in Specific School Districts of the South, 1972
11110[School Desegregation], 1970-1977
11111School Desegregation - Status in 1980, 1980
11112School Desegregation - Status in 1981, 1981
1121School Desegregation - Status in 1982, 1982-1983
1122School Desegregation - Students, 1981
1123School Desegregation - Status in 1979, 1979
1124School Desegregation - State Government, 1978
1125School Desegregation in Specific School Districts of the West, 1970-1979
1126School Desegregation in Specific School Districts of the Midwest, 1972-1979
1127School Desegregation in Specific School Districts of the Northeast, 1975-1981
1128[School Desegregation: The Courts and Suburban Migration], 1975
1129-10School Desegregation in Urban and Metropolitan Areas, 1972-1982
1131School Desegregation - Teachers and Classroom Issues, 1970-1980
1132School Desegregation - Status in 1975/76, 1976
Sex Equity in Vocational Education , 1978-1982
1133Pamphlets on Working Women, 1979-1982
1134ERIC: Strategies for Sex Equity-Role of Vocational Teachers, 1980
1135Publications on Vocational Education and Rural Women, 1978-1982
1136216 Resources for Educational Equity, 1983
1137Strategies for Sex Equity: The Role of the Educational Administrator, 1980
1138Promoting Positive Parental Attitudes towards Non-Tradition Vocational Education, 1980
1139ERIC: Women Still in Poverty, 1979
11310Role Models in Classroom: A Handbook for Recruiting and Training Journey Women as Trade Teachers, 1980
School Effectiveness , 1969-1989
11311[School Effectiveness], 1982
11312Project Deep. Witchita, Kansas, 1979
11313Alternatives to Conventional Schooling, 1973
11314-15[School Effectiveness], 1976-1981
1141Jr. First Grade. Summerville, SC, 1981
1142[School Effectiveness], 1972-1981
1143How to Change the Process of Teaching Basic Reading Skills in Secondary Schools, 1979
1144-5[School Effectiveness], 1974-1981
1146School Advisory Council (EFA) Activity Guides, circa 1980s
1147-9[School Effectiveness], 1976-1983
11410Middle Grades Assessment Program - Gail Dorman, 1981
11411[Users Manual], 1981-1982
11412[School Effectiveness], 1981-1982
1151[School Effectiveness], 1977-1982
1152Evaluation - Title IV Program Contains: Needs Assessment Format, 1978
1153[School Effectiveness], 1975-1981
1154Classroom Observation Checklist: Developed for Citizen's Coalition, circa 1980s
1155-9[School Effectiveness], 1970-1983
11510Ohio State Department of Education. Elementary, Junior High, and High School Compliance Evaluation Forms, 1981
11511-12[School Effectiveness], 1977-1981
1161-3[School Effectiveness], 1971-1982
1164School Improvement Processes, 1982
1165NCCE Proposed Manuscript 'How To Evaluate Your School', 1982
1166[School Effectiveness], 1976-1979
1167Roberta Clarington, 1977-1978
1168-12[School Effectiveness], 1969-1982
1171-6[School Effectiveness], 1970-1984
Student Suspensions , 1975-1983
1177Student Suspensions - In-School Alternatives, 1977-1983
1178Designing a Positive In-School Suspension Program - Mizell, 1977-1978
1179[Student Suspensions], 1975-1983
1181-3[Student Suspensions], 1976-1981
1184-6Student Suspensions - Alternatives, 1975-1981
1187[Student Suspensions], 1977-1978
1188-10Student Discipline - Improvement/Prevention Programs, 1976-1983
Testing , 1964-1983
11811Captrends - Clearinghouse for Applied Performance Testing, 1981-1982
11812The Measuring Cup, 1980-1981
11813Test Abuse - General, 1972-1981
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0010National Education Association, Tests and Use of Tests, Dr. W.F. Brazziel, Speaker ("Bias in Testing"), circa 1972
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0011National Education Association, Tests and Use of Tests, Dr. R.L. Williams, Speaker ("Misuse of Tests: Self-Concept"), circa 1972
1191Test Data - South Carolina - CTBS, 1977-1981
1192Testing - Ability Grouping, 1970-1981
1193Testing - CTBS, 1980-1981
1194Testing - Educational Testing Service, 1981-1983
1195Test Data - South Carolina - SAT, 1979
1196Test Use - General, 1980-1981
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0012National Education Association, Tests and Use of Tests, Dr. J.A. Cardenas ("Use of Tests: Educational Administration"), circa 1972
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0013National Education Association, Tests and Use of Tests, Dr. T. Spencer ("Use of Tests: Employment and Counseling"), circa 1972
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0014National Education Association, Tests and Use of Tests, Dr. D.D. Allen ("Wrap-up Speech"), circa 1972
UC RBRL/314/RB/CS_0015Henry S. Dyer, "On the Assessment of State Educational Assessment," Invitational Conference on Educational Assessment and Educational Policy, 1974
1197Testing - Criterion Referenced, 1970-1974
1198Testing - General, 1979-1981
1199Testing - Local School Districts' Programs, 1979-1980
11910Testing - Minimum Competency, 1979-1981
11911[Testing], undated
1201Testing - Parent Aids, 1974-1979
1202The Testing Digest, 1980-1982
1203Testing - Psychological, circa 1970s
1204Testing - Reading, 1975
1205Testing - South Carolina, 1974-1982
1206Testing - Standardized, 1975-1981
1207Testing - Teachers, 1974-1980
1208Testing - Title I Evaluation, 1978
1209[CSE Secondary School Test Evaluations: Grades 7 and 8], 1974
12010[CSE Secondary School Test Evaluations: Grades 9 and 10], 1974
12011-14[Minimum Competency Testing: A Case Study of the Florida Functional Literacy Examination], 1977-1980
12015[CSE Secondary School Test Evaluations: Grades 11 and 12], 1974
12016[Research Study: "A Study of the Tested Differences in the Performances of Children with Kindergarten Experiences and Children with Non-Kindergarten Experiences Enrolled in First Grades of the M.M. Bur-Dell, G.W. Carver, Henry A. Hunt, and B.S. Ingram Ele, 1964 May
1211[Testing, Teaching and Learning], 1979
1212[Handbook for Reporting and Using Test Results], 1976
1213[Practical Methods and Techniques in Test Selection and Development and Using Test Information in the Classroom], 1979
1214[Minimum Competency Testing], 1979
Vocational Education , 1975-1983
1215Newsclips/Articles: Vocational Education in States Other than S.C, 1982
1216Voc Ed: Quality Indicators, 1982
1217Implementation of the Education Amendments of 1976: A Study of State and Local Compliance and Evaluation Practices, 1980
1218Newsletters on Vocational Education: South Carolina, 1981-1983
1219Miscellaneous Newsletters on Vocational Education, 1980-1983
12110Vocational Education Newsletters/Period - Centegram, 1981-1983
12111Vocational Education Newsletters/Period - Education Times, 1983
12112Newsletters Education and Work, 1982-1983
12113Newsletters Manpower and Education Weekly, 1980
12114Newsletters Network Exchange, 1980-1982
12115Newsletters Work-Education Exchange, 1979-1981
12116Vocational Education Newsletters/Periodicals - You and Youth, 1980-1982
12117Newsletters Youth Policy, 1981
12118Newsletters Youth Programs, 1980-1982
12119Federal Regulations, 1977-1979
12120Vocational Education Interest Groups, 1976
12121Vocational Education Monitoring, 1976-1981
12122[Achieving Sex Equality in Vocational Education], 1976
12123Vocational Education. National Advisory Council on Vocational Education (NACVE), 1975
1221Reports on Youth Employment and Training, 1979-1980
1222Youth Employment and Training - CETA, 1980
1223Employment and Training Report of the President, 1980
1224Reports/Papers/Articles on Career Education, 1975-1981

Series V. Political and Personal, 1960-2012

16 box(es) (15.25 linear feet, 165 megabytes)
This series documents Robert Brown's political career, particularly as a member of the Georgia State Senate (1991-2011), and includes newspaper clipping and general subject files, campaign materials, issue files, correspondence, press releases and photographs, mailing lists, and phone message books. The series also includes some personal files containing cards, letters, event programs, photographs, and other materials.
Arranged in five subseries: Subseries A. Newspaper Clipping Subject Files, Subseries B. General Subject Files, Subseries C. Campaigns, Subseries D. Georgia State Senate, and Subseries E. Personal Files.

Subseries A. Newspaper Clipping Subject Files

1225School Desegregation (Court Cases), 1970-1979
1226School Desegregation (General), 1970-1979
1227Education (Pre-School), 1973-1975
1228Houston County Schools, 1973-1976
1229School Finance, 1973-1980
12210Bibb County Public Schools and Undated Articles, 1974-1975
12211Bibb County Board of Education, 1975
12212Black Politics Bibb County, 1975-1978
12213Children/Children's Rights, 1975-1977
12214Discipline, 1975-1978
12215Education, 1975
12216Education (Teacher Affairs), 1975-1977
12217Newspaper Clipping South Carolina Office, 1975-1982
12218Private Schools, 1975-1979
12219Public Transportation, 1975-1978
12220School Lunch and Breakfast, 1975-1977
12221Bibb County Commissioners, 1975-1980
12222Bibb County Board of Education, 1976
12223Bibb County Public Schools, 1976
12224Education, 1976
12225New York Schools (General), 1976-1980
12226Bibb County Board of Education, 1977
12227Bibb County Public Schools, 1977
12228Education, 1977
1231Houston County Schools, 1977-1978
1232State of Black Macon, 1977
1233Bakke [Regents of the University of California v. Bakke], 1978
1234Bibb County Board of Education, 1978
1235Bibb County Public Schools, 1978
1236Bibb County Vote, 1978
1237Black Affairs: General, 1978
1238Black Affairs: Macon, 1978
1239Black Politics: General, 1978
12310Busing, 1978
12311Competency Testing, 1978
12312Corporal Punishment, 1974-1978
12313Death Penalty, 1978
12314Douglas Theatre, 1978
12315East Macon Recreation Center, 1978
13221Education: Bibb County, 1978-1979
12316Education: College, 1978
12317Education: General, 1978
12318Education: Teacher's Affairs, 1978
12319File 80, 1978
12320Ft. Valley State College, 1972-1980
12321Gauntlet, 1978
12322Gay Liberation, 1978
12323Georgia Education, 1978
12324Haralson County, 1978
12325Hew, 1979
12326Human Rights, 1979
12327Macon-Bibb Affairs, 1978
12328Macon-Bibb Commission (Zoning), 1978
12329Macon-Bibb Discrimination, 1978
12330Macon-Bibb Politics, 1978
12331Macon Junior College, 1978
12332Macon Politics, 1978
12333Medgar-Malcom-Martin-Center, 1978
12334Mercer Law School, 1978-1979
12335Mercer Medical School, 1978-1979
12336Mercer University, 1978
13224[Multiple Subjects], 1978-1979
13225[Multiple Subjects], 1978-1980
12337Political Elections Macon, 1978
13227[Politics], 1978-1980
12338Rape: Macon, 1978
12339School Desegregation (Bibb County), 1978-1979
12340School Desegregation (Boston), 1975-1978
12341Sex Desegregation, 1978
12342Student Violence, 1974-1978
12343Taxes, 1978
12344Title IX, 1977-1978
12345Unions, 1978
12346Violence in the Classroom, 1978
12347Vocational Education, 1978
12348Warner Robins, Georgia (School System), 1977-1978
12349Welfare Relief, 1978
12350African Affairs, 1979
12351Alternative Schools, 1979
12352Baldwin County Schools, 1979
12353Bibb Board of Education, 1979
13220[Bibb County Board of Education], 1979-1980
12354Bibb County Schools, 1979
12355Black Affairs: General, 1979
12356Black Affairs: Macon, 1979
12357Black Panthers, 1979
12358Black Politics: Macon/Bibb County, 1979
12359Bleckly County Schools, 1979
12360Board of Education (State), 1977-1979
12361Busing, 1979
12362Cagles, 1979
12363Camden, 1979
12364Capital Punishment, 1978-1979
12365Capricorn Records, 1979
12366CETA [Comprehensive Employment Training Act], 1979
12367Charities, 1979
12368College Finance, 1978-1979
12369Core, 1978
12370Crimes, 1977-1979
12371Desegregation: College, 1978-1979
12372Desegregation: General, 1978-1979
12373Discipline, 1979
12374Discrimination on the Job (Macon), 1978-1979
12375Dodge County Schools, 1979
12376Education (Bibb County), 1979
12377Education: General, 1979
12378Education (College), 1975-1979
12379Education (Special), 1976-1979
12380File '80, 1979
12381Freeport, 1979
12382Fulton County Schools, 1979
12383Gay Liberation, 1978-1979
12384Glynn County Schools, 1979
12385Houston County School Bond Issue, 1979
12386Houston County Schools, 1979
12387International Year of The Child, 1979
12388Juvenile Justice, 1978-1979
12389KKK [Ku Klux Klan], 1979
12390Macon - Bibb Affairs, 1979
1241Macon-Bibb County Water and Sewerage Authority, 1976-1978
1242Macon-Bibb Discrimination, 1979
1243Macon-Bibb Politics, 1979
1244Macon-Bibb Police, 1979
1245Macon Historic District, 1979
1246Dr. R. J. Martin, 1979
1247Mercer University Med School of, 1975-1979
13226[Multiple Subjects], 1979-1980
1248NAACP, 1979
1249Peach County Schools, 1979
12410President Jimmy Carter, 1977-1979
12411Prisons, 1978-1979
12412Private Schools, 1978-1979
12413Reidsville, 1979
12414Ronnie Thompson, 1978-1979
12415Sex Education, 1978-1979
12416State Department of Education, 1979
12417Student Rights, 1978-1979
12418Sumter County Schools, 1979
12419Taxes, 1979
12420Taxes, 1979
12421Teacher's Affairs, 1979
12422Testing/Competency, 1978-1979
12423Testing (School), 1975-1979
12424Thomaston Schools, 1979
12425Title I, 1979
12426Title I (Bibb County), 1975-1979
12427Title IX, 1979
12428Twiggs County Schools, 1979
12429Unions, 1979
12430Upson County, 1979
12431Vietnam War, 1979
12432Women's Rights, 1979
12433Andrew Young, 1979
12434YKK [Zipper Plant in Macon], 1979
12435Zimbabwe, 1979
12436Bibb County Schools, 1980
12437Bibb County Board of Education, 1980
12438Black Affairs: General, 1980
12439Busing, 1980
12440Butler School, 1980
12441Cobb County School System, 1980
12442Desegregation, 1980
12443Desegregation: Bibb County, 1979-1980
12444Desegregation: Dougherty County, 1976-1980
12445Discipline, 1980
12446Education: Bibb County, 1980
13222Education: Bibb County, 1980
12447Education: College, 1980
12448Education: General, 1980
12449Education: Preschool, 1980
12450Education: Special, 1980
12451Education: Teacher Affairs, 1980
12452File '80, 1980
125105File '80, 1980
13223File '80, 1980
12453Ku Klux Klan, 1980
12454Lamar County Schools, 1975
12455Magnet Schools, 1976-1980
12456Politics, 1978-1981
12457Private Schools, 1980
12458Public Service Commission, 1979
12459Scoop/Black Media Inc., 1980
12460Sex Education, 1980
12461Special Education, 1980
12462State of Black Macon, 1981
12463Student Violence, 1980
12464Sumter County Schools, 1979-1980
12465Teenage Sex, 1978-1980
12466Testing, 1980
12467Vocational Education, 1980
12468Wilmington 10, 1980
12469Youthful Alcoholism/Drugs, 1979-1981
12470Bibb Board of Education, 1981
12471Bibb County Economics, 1981
12472Bibb County Private Schools, 1981
12473Bibb County Schools, 1981
12474Black Affairs, 1981
12475Black Affairs - Macon, 1977-1981
12476Busing, 1981
12477CETA, 1979-1981
12478Collective Bargaining, 1981
12479Death Sentence, 1979-1981
12480Desegregation, 1981
12481Discipline, 1981
12482Education: Bibb County, 1981
12483Education: College, 1981
12484Education: General, 1981
12485Education: Preschool, 1981
12486Education: National, 1981
12487Education: South Carolina, 1981
12488Education: Special, 1981
12489Education Survey, 1981
12490Elderly (The), 1981
12491Fulton County Schools, 1981
12492General, 1980-1981
12493Ku Klux Klan, 1981
12494Magnet Schools, 1981
12495Macon Affairs, 1980-1981
12496Macon-Bibb Politics, 1981
12497Project '82, 1981
12498State of Black Macon, 1981
12499State of Macon, 1981
124100National Education Department, 1981
124101Private Schools, 1981
124102School Administration: Bibb County, 1981
124103School Administration: General, 1981
124104School Finance: Bibb County, 1981
124105School Finance: General, 1981
124106School Finance: Georgia, 1981
124107School Lunch and Breakfast Program, 1981
124108Schools: General, 1981
124109Schools: South Carolina, 1981
124110SEPEP-AFSC/Staff Related Articles, 1981
124111Sex Education: Bibb County, 1981
124112Sex Education: General, 1981
124113State Board of Education, 1981
124114Student Violence, 1981
124115Teacher Affairs: Bibb County, 1981
124116Teacher Affairs: General, 1981
124117Teacher Affairs: Georgia, 1981
124118Testing/Minimum Competency: Bibb County, 1981
124119Testing/Minimum Comptency: General, 1981
124120Title I, 1981
1251Title IX, 1981
1252Vocational Education, 1981
1253Bibb Board of Education, 1982
1254State of Black Macon, 1982
1255Bibb County Schools, 1982
1256Block Grants, 1982
1257Busing, 1982
1258Discipline, 1982
1259Education: Bibb County, 1982
12510Education: National, 1982
12511Education: Preschool, 1982
12512Education: Special, 1982
12513Education: South Carolina, 1982
12514Education: Teacher Affairs, 1982
12515Fulton County Schools, 1982
12516Gender Equity, 1982
12517Georgia, 1982
12518Ku Klux Klan, 1982
12519Politics: Macon/Bibb County, 1982
12520Putnam County Schools, 1982
12521School Administration: General, 1982
12522School Finance: General, 1982
12523Schools: General, 1982
12524Segregated Academies, 1982
12525SEPEP-AFSC/Staff Related Articles, 1982
12526Sex Education: Bibb County, 1982
12527State Board of Education, 1982
12528Sumter County Schools, 1981
12529Teacher Affairs: General, 1982
12530Teacher Affairs: Georgia, 1982
12531Testing/Minimum Competency: Bibb County, 1982
12532Testing/Minimum Competency: General, 1982
12533Title I, 1982
12534Vocational Education, 1982
12535Bibb Board of Education, 1983
12536Bibb County Schools, 1983
12537Black Affairs, 1983
12538Board of Education: Georgia, 1983
12539Board of Regents: Georgia, 1983
12540Busing, 1983
12541Clayton County Schools, 1983
12542Department of Education: Georgia, 1983
12543Education: College, 1983
12544Education: Georgia, 1983
12545Education: Bibb County, 1983
12546Education: National, 1983
12547Education: South Carolina, 1983
12548Fulton County Schools, 1983
12549Georgia, 1983
12550Gender Equity, 1983
12551Ku Klux Klan, 1983
12552Magnet Schools: Bibb County, 1983
12553National, 1983
12554Politics: Macon/Bibb County, 1983
12555Private Schools: Georgia, 1983
12556School Administration: Bibb County, 1983
12557School Administration: National, 1983
12558School Finance: Georgia, 1983
12559School Finance: National, 1983
12560Segregation/Desegregation, 1983
12561State of Black Macon, 1983
12562State of Macon, 1983
12563Teacher Affairs: Georgia, 1983
12564Teacher Affairs: National, 1983
12565Vocational Education, 1983
12566[Newspaper Clippings], 1983

Subseries B. General Subject Files

12567ACLU of Georgia, 1980-1981
12568Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children, 1980
12569Affirmative Action: City of Macon, 1979-1980
12570Afro-American Law Enforcement League, 1980
12571Alcohol and Drug Abuse, 1980-1982
12572AMBBERDSYCHWB, 1977-1979
12573American Red Cross, 1980
12574Application for Certificate of Appropriateness, 1980
12575Bishop Tutu, 1976
12576Blacks in the Military, 1980
12577Booker T. Washington Community Center Board of Directors, 1982-1983
12578Boys Clubs of Macon, Inc., 1981
12579Business in the Black, 1981
12580By-Laws of the Middle Georgia Area Planning and Development Commission, 1980
12581Campaign File, 1980-1983
12582Capital Punishment, 1979
12583CBS Transcripts, 1980
12584Child Health Assurance Program (CHAP), 1980
12585Civil Rights Data, 1976-1982
12586Coalition for Human Dignity, 1974-1979
12587Coalition for Political Awareness, 1977-1982
12588Cochran, Georgia, 1978-1979
12589Committee to Honor Don Richardson, 1980
12590Committee of Independent Democrats, 1981-1982
12591Community Column- Macon Telegraph and News, 1981-1982
12592Community Council for the Humanities (Douglas Theatre), 1978-1979
12593Community Council for the Humanities, 1979-1980
12594Community Council for the Humanities/Colored Girls, 1980-1981
12595Community Council for the Humanities: Ebony Fashion Fair, 1980
12596Community Council for the Humanities: General, 1979-1980
12597Community Council for the Humanities: Incorporation, 1978
12598Community Council for the Humanities: Membership File, 1979
12599Community Council for the Humanities: NEH Youth Projects, 1978
125100Community Council for the Humanities: Stationery, circa 1980s
125101Community Council for the Humanities: "Women Hold up Half the Sky", 1979-1980
125102Community Council on Minority Affairs, 1979
125103Community Council on Minority Affairs, 1978
125104Community Day Care Center #2, 1979-1980
1261Community Development Department, 1978-1982
1262Community Development Program, 1978-1981
1263Community Program, 1980-1982
1264Community Survey Forms, circa 1980s
1265Community Treatment Center, 1980
1266Concerned Citizens League, 1981-1982
1267Conference on Fighting Race and Sex Discrimination on the Job, 1978
1268Conferences and Symposiums, 1976-1978
1269Congressional Black Caucus: Guidelines for Black Voter Evaluation of Presidential Candidates, 1979
12610Contacts, circa 1980s
12611Contribution "Thank you Letters", 1980
12612Cotton Corner Rap, 1981-1982
12613Crime: Black, 1980
12614Court Cases, 1981
12615[Court Cases - Education], 1980
12616Dead Projects, circa 1980s
12617Death Penalty, 1979
12618-19Desegregation: University System of Georgia, 1975-1978
12620Early Adolescence, 1976-1977
1271Economic Opportunity Council, 1978
1272ERA, 1981
1273Family Counseling Service, 1973
1274Federal Programs (Comments), 1975-1977
1275Ficklin, Henry C. Rev., circa 1970s
1276Food Stamps, 1979-1980
1277Foster Care, 1977-1982
1278Free Breakfast Newsletter, 1972
1279General Data, 1981-1982
12710Georgia Citizen's Coalition on Hunger, 1982-1983
12711Georgia Clients Council, 1981
12712Georgia Committee Against the Death Penalty, 1979
12713Georgia Council for the Arts and Humanities, 1980
12714Georgia IYC [International Year of the Child], 1979
12715Georgia News Media Directory, 1978-1979
12716Government Surveillance and Citizen Right Program, 1976
12717Grant Application Form, 1980
12718Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church, 1979
12719Group Discussions, 1979
12720Historic Advisory Board Meeting, 1980-1981
12721Historical Planning and Zoning Committee, circa 1980s
12722Houston-Bibb Community Treatment Center, circa 1980s
12723HUD [Housing and Urban Development], 1980-1982
12724Hughes, Graham, 1977
12725Human Rights Committee, 1979
12726International Clean Community, 1979
12727IYC Representative Stephanie Moss, 1979
12728-29Justice Task Force, 1975-1977
12730Juvenile Justice, 1977-1979
12731Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention, 1979
12732Landmark and Preservation Codes, 1969-1975
12733Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission, 1978-1982
12734[Macon - City of Macon 1990 Plan: Phase 2 (Commercial Analysis)], 1982
12735Macon Heritage Foundation, 1980
12736Macon Housing Authority, 1978
1281[General Subject File], 1979
1282Macon IYC Forum Participants and Evaluation, 1979
1283Macon IYC Correspondence, 1979-1980
1284Macon IYC General Info, 1979
1285Macon IYC Mailing List, circa 1970s
1286Macon Police Discrimination Suit, 1976
1287Macon Progressive Resource Center, 1982
1288Macon Regional Clients Advisory Council, 1978
1289Martin Luther King Jr. Mobilization Committee, 1981-1982
12810Dr. R.J. Martin, 1979
12811Medgar-Malcolm-Martin Center, 1980
12812Mercer University Black Alumni Chapter, 1980
12813Middle Georgia Diocesan Mission Board, 1981-1982
12814Middle Georgia Public Assistance Coalition, 1979
12815Mr. Thomas Miller, 1979
12816Mr. Thomas Miller: Race/Reprisal, 1979
12817Milner, Vivian, 1980
12818Minority Conference on the International Year of the Child, 1979
12819Miscellaneous, 1974-1978
12820Mt. Zion Bond, 1979
12821NAACP, 1979-1982
12822NAACP Budget Coalition, 1982
12823NAACP CETA Committee, 1979-1980
12824NAACP CETA Grievance, 1979-1980
12825NAACP Complaints, 1980-1981
12826NAACP Legal Defense Fund, 1982-1983
12827NANBPW (National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs), 1975
12828National Conference on a Black Agenda for the 80's, 1980
12829National Endowment for the Humanities, 1978-1979
12830National Survey of Children, circa 1980s
12831Neighborhood Coordination Committee of the Historic District Program Area, 1980
12832New Right, 1981
12833Office Notes, 1979-1982
12834Pharmacy Child Abuse/Neglect Awareness, circa 1980s
12835Political, Correspondence: Evans, Nunn, Talmadge, 1979
12836Political Data, 1982
12837Politicians Information, 1979
12838Poverty Rights, 1978
12839Program Area Committee Historic District, 1979-1983
12840Program Evaluation Form, circa 1970s
1301Project 80 Map of Macon, circa 1980
12841Proposals: Youth Employment, 1980
12842Proposed Areas for United Action By Macon's Black Leadership, circa 1970s
12843Public Information Regulation, circa 1970s
12844Revenue Sharing, 1980
12845Second Street Advisory Board (Boys' Club), 1979
12846Smith Day Care Center, 1979
12847Social Welfare Policy and Law, Center on, 1978
12848Southern Conference Leadership Conference, 1978-1982
12849Southern Regional Council, 1978
12850Southwest Community Hospital, 1983
12851Speeches - Robert Brown, circa 1980s
12852Survey Techniques, circa 1980s
12853Tindall Heights, 1980-1981
12854United Farm Workers, 1975
1291Urban Bishop's Hearing, 1979
1292Volunteer Macon, 1982-1983
1293Voting Rights Project, 1982
1294WDDO Advisory Board, 1979-1980
1295Wrightsville, Georgia, 1980
1296Wilmington 10 Case, 1980

Subseries C. Campaigns

1297[Bibb County Board of Education Election Certificate], 1984 December 28
131Buttons: Congressional Campaigns, circa 1970s-2008
Consists primarily of buttons for Democratic Congressional candidates from Georgia.
131Buttons: Presidential Campaigns, circa 1980-2008
Consists primarily of buttons for Democratic presidential candidates.
131Buttons: Socio-Political Events and Causes, circa 1970s-2008
Causes represented include education reform, environmental protection, labor unions, opposition to the death penalty, health care, disability rights, and the Anti-Apartheid Movement.
131Buttons: State and Local Campaigns, circa 1970s-2008
Consists primarily of buttons for Democratic poltical candidates in Georgia, including one button from Robert Brown's 1978 campaign for the Georgia House of Representatives.
1298Campaign - Advertisement, 1978
1299Campaign - Bills, 1978
12910Campaign - Brochures, 1978
12911Campaign - Contracts and Workers, 1978
12912Campaign- Correspondence, 1978
12913Campaign - Opposition, 1978
12914Campaign - Statements, 1978
12915Campaign and Financial Disclosure Reports, 1978-1982
12916Campaign Notes, 1980
1304Campaign Signs for Other Political Candidates (Michael Thurmond for U.S. Senate; C. Jack Ellis for Mayor of Macon; Wallace for Governor; and "Ronnie Thompson Territory"), circa 1970s-2010
12917Issues (Resources), 1977-1978
12955Jesse Jackson for President Democratic Primary Flyer, 1988
12918[News Release Concerning Macon City Compliance with Consent Decree], 1982
12919[Political Bumper Stickers and License Plate], circa 1990-2008
1302Robert Brown State Representative and State Senator Campaign Signs, circa 1978-1990s
1303Robert Brown Macon Mayoral Campaign Signs, circa 2011
12920[State Representative Campaign Flyers and Postcards], circa 1978-1980s
12921[State Representation Campaign Letters], 1980-1982
12922[State Senator Campaign Flyer], circa 1991

Subseries D. Georgia State Senate

Issue Files , 1989-1999
12923ACOG [Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games], 1991
12924Arts, 1995
12928Bibb County, 1996
12941Bibb County, 1991-1992
12929Bibb County Concerns, 1992-1996
12925Bibb Delegation, 1993
12926Bibb Discretionary Funds, 1993-1994
12927Bibb School System, 1991-1994
12930Black Colleges Associations, 1994
12931Board of Regents, 1992-1991
12943[Brown], 1992
12932Carswell, Margaret Anne, 1994
12933Chaplain of the Day, 1993-1994
12934Cherry Blossom Festival, 1993
12942City Council "Redistricting" (Macon), 1992
12935Clinton Economic Package, 1993
12936Commission on Women, 1992-1993
12937Committee Assignments, 1991-1995
12938Computer Access for Pedophiles, 1994
12939Council on Aging, 1992
12940Defense Conversion Strategy, 1993-1994
12944DOD [Department of Defense] Project, 1993
12945DOT [Department of Transportation], 1993-1996
12946Douglass Theatre Project, 1997
12947DUI, 1993
12948Fair Employment Practices, 1992-1993
12949Fall-Time Freeway, 1994-1996
12950Flexible Benefits, 1991-1992
12951Free Trade, 1992
12952Ft. Valley College, 1993
12953Georgia Music Hall of Fame, 1989-1990
1321General Assembly Restructuring, 1996
12954Gestational Surrogacy SB 451, 1997
1322Governor's Development Council, 1993
1323Green Thumb Program (DFCS), 1993-1994
1324Head Start, 1994-1996
1325Historic Schools, 1997-1998
1326Horne, Frank, 1993
1327Housing Authority, 1995
1328I-16 Lighting, 1999
1329Immigration, circa 1995
13210Indian Concerns, 1995
13211Indigent Care, 1992
13212Insurance, 1993-1995
13213Irwinton, 1993
13214Jeffersonville, 1993
13215Jekyll Island, 1993
13216Jones County, 1993-1994
13217Judicial Matters, 1995-1996
13218Justice Department, 1992
13219Lottery, 1993-1997
13228Macon Airport, 1988-1989
13229Macon-Bibb Consolidation, 1996-1997
13230Macon, City of, 1993-1994
13231Macon College, 1992
13232McIntyre City Boundaries, 1996-1997
13233Mexico, 1994-1998
13234Miscellaneous, 1997-1998
13235Miscellaneous, 1993-1998
13236News Clippings, 1991-1997
13237Ocmulgee Greenway Project, 1993-1996
13238Ocmulgee Judgeship, 1994
13239Ocmulgee River Park, 1994
13240Ocmulgee Sierra, 1992
13241Ostrich Farming, 1995
13242Page '98, 1998
13243Pages, 1994
13244Robert's Pages - '95, 1995
13245Pension Plan (Macon Water Authority), 1994-1995
13246Pharmacists, 1995
13247Political Contacts, 1993-1995
13248Public Safety, 1993-1997
13249Public Service Commission, 1994-1997
1331RDC's, 1993-1997
1332Republics, 1994
1333School Vouchers, 1992-1994
1334Senate Bill 21, 1997
1335Sex Ed, 1993
1336Southern Legisislative Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, 1994 July
1337Standard Form Letter, 1996-1997
1338State Employees Concerns, 1993-1997
1339Task Force on Aged/Disabled, 1994
13310Tax Issues, 1993-1997
13311Technical/Adult Education, 1994
13312Transit Authority, 1995
13313Transportation, 1991-1997
13314Warner Robins AFB, 1994
13315Wilkinson County Concerns, 1992-1996
13316Worker's Compensation, 1991-1994
13317World Congress Center, 1993
13318Worth v. Multimedia WMAX; Aids Right to Privacy, 1994
Macon-Bibb County Files , 1992-2011
13319-20Georgia Music Hall of Fame, 2001-2011
13321Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, 1995-2009
13322District 26, 2010
13323[Weatherization], 2010
13324Bibb County, 2010
13325[Ways to Reduce Violence in our Communities], 2010
13326Bibb County Delegation, 2010
13327Bibb County, 2002-2011
13328Bibb County Board of Education, 2006-2009
13329Authorities: Development Authority of Bibb County, Macon-Bibb County Industrial Development Authority, and Urban Development Authority, 1992-2001
13330-31Bibb County Restructuring, 2010-2011
1341[The Volpe Center], 2008-2011
1342City of Macon, 2003-2010
1343Consolidation, 2011
1344Bibb Special Project, 1995-2001
1345Macon Day, 2001-2008
1346Macon's Lighting Project, 2001-2008
1347Older Americans Council Macon, 2005
General Files , 1980-2011
1348Incoming Correspondence Checklist, 1982-1983
1349[Georgia Senate District 26 Reapportionment], 1992-1995
13410Mailing List and Alphabetical Reference, undated
13411[Mailing Lists], undated
13412[Phone Message Books], 2001
13413[Phone Message Books], 2001-2002
13414[Phone Message Books (Jackson/Brown)], 2004-2010
13415[Phone Message Books], 2004-2007
13416[Phone Message Books], 2008-2011
13417[Cock Fighting (Clemson Report)], circa 1980
13418Ebon International Preparatory Academy Second Annual Red and Green Gala Program], 1998 December 13
13419Local Legislation - Articles, 2001
13420Racial Profiling, 2000
13421Bisi Coker, 2001
13422Johnny Mays, circa 2000s
1351Morehouse/CDC, 2000
1352Ms. Vera Pittman's Estate, 2001
1353Seabrooks, 2001-2002
1354Twiggs County-Travel Rate Per Mile, 2001
1355Anthony Tan, 2001
13562000 Election: A Wake up Call for Reform and Change, 2000
1357Brown's Legislation, 2001
1358Committee Resources, 2002-2007
1359United States Representatives, Senators and Congressman, 2001-2003
13510Sine Die Ideas, 2001-2004
13511Flag Flying/Door Keeping, 2002-2003
13512[Robert Brown's Testimony for Georgia v. John Ashcraft U.S. Supreme Court Case Concerning Georgia's State Senate Redistricting Plan and the Voting Rights Act], 2002
13513Local Assistance Grants, 2001
13514Discretionary, 2002
13515Local Assistance Grants, 2002
13516Resolutions, 1999-2002
13517Budget, 2002
13518Bibb County, 2000-2002
13519[Twiggs County Redistricting Maps], circa 2002
13520Bibb County Legislative Delegation, 2001-2002
13521Bibb Delegation, 2001-2002
13522[Resolution: Bobby Jones Crosswalk in Macon], 1993
13523[Resolution: Walter L. Hardin Bridge in Macon], 1993
13524[Resolution: Macon Day in Atlanta - Taste of Macon Recognizing 2001 Cherry Blossom Festival], 2001
13525Resolution Copies, 2002
13526Budget, 2000
13527Budget Items, 2001
13528Department of Transportation, 2004-2011
13529Brown's Addresses, 2000-2005
13530Brown's Bio, 2001-2007
13531Chaplain of the Day, 2002-2010
13532Press Issues and Articles: Press Release, 1998-2001
R.1361Inmate Correspondence, 2001
This folder contains constituent case mail that is closed for 75 years from when the letters were written.
R.1362Inmate Correspondence, 2002
This folder contains constituent case mail that is closed for 75 years from when the letters were written.
R.1363Consents/Release Requests, 2000-2002
This folder contains constituent case mail that is closed for 75 years from when the letters were written.
13533Press Issues and Articles: Opposition Press, 2003
13534Press Issues and Articles: Press Clips, 2004-2005
13535Press Issues and Articles; Georgia House of Representatives Communications Office Daily Report, 2005
13536Press Issues and Articles; Newspaper Clippings, 2005-2006
13537Official Certificate of Sine Die, 2006
13538Green Cemeteries, 2008
13539Session, 2009
13540Hotel/Motel Tax, 2009
13541SB 90, 2007
13542Voucher Related, 2007-2009
13543HBCU's, 2008-2009
13544HB 251, 2009
13545Energy Issues, 2009
13546Homestead Tax Relief, 2009
13547Legislation Bill Summaries, 2009
13548The 2009 Georgia Senate Memories: A Collection of Candid Images from the 2009 Senate Session, 2009
13549[Payne City Community Development Block Grant], 2010
13550Commission Chairs, 2010 September
1371NAACP Georgia State Conference Branch President's Directory, 2010
1372[Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Directory], 2010 December
1373[Photographs - Robert Brown with Unidentified Groups and Individuals], 1993-2002
1374[Photograph - Leroy R. Johnson, Cleopatra W. Johnson, and Robert Brown at Dedication of Portrait in Georgia State Capitol], 1996
1375[Photographs - Robert Brown with Governor Zell Miller, Pierre Howard, and Pages], 1996 February
1376[Photographs - Robert Brown and Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor with Georgia State Senate Pages], 1998-2009
1377[Photographs - Robert Brown and Other Legislators at Swearing-In Ceremony], 1999 January
1378Photographs - Robert Brown and Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor with Twigg County Leadership, 2001 February
1379[Photographs - Robert Brown Discussing History of Lottery Expenditures toward Education], 2006
13710[Photographs - Robert Brown with Rashidah C. Hardwick (on Right)], 2006
13711Holding File, 2001-2003
13712Holding File, 2002-2003
13713-14To Be Filed - Brown, 1996-2011
ER 1Georgia Public Broadcasting "Prime Time Lawmakers" Interview with Robert Brown [digital files], 2011 February 10
Interview with Georgia Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown for the Georgia Public Broadcasting program, Prime Time Lawmakers. Topics discussed include partisanship, the Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office, Democratic support for public transportation (especially rail), investment in higher and K-12 education, tax council proposals (e.g. taxing groceries), and the HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) scholarship program. Run time: 06:20.
13715-16To Be Filed - Brown, 1996-2011

Subseries E. Personal Files

1305Census 2000 Complete Count Committee Appointment Certificate, 1999 October 13
131"Georgia Agrirama Tifton, Geogia" Railroad Spike Souvenir, undated
13717Amby, 1976
13718[Appointment Books], 1980
13719[Black Youth Council], 1972
13720[Certificates], 1978-1983
13721Civil Rights, 1979
13722[Convention Programs and Reports], 1960-1969
13723[Georgia Federation of Colored Women's Clubs], 1960-1963
13724[Letter from Rob Anderson about history of the Civil Rights Movement in Macon], 1986 May 31
13725[Macon Cherry Blossom Festival 25th Anniversary Pins], 2007
13726Macon's Movement, 1975-1976
13727Memorabilia, 1960s-1980
13728[Personal Cards and Letters], 1977-2011
13729[Photograph - David Lucas, John Edwards, Nikki Randall, and Robert Brown], circa 2004
13730[Photographs - General], circa 1970s-2008
13731[Photographs - Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign and Others] (Most are blurry), 1984
13732[Postcard Feautures Southeast High School Patriots (Macon, Georgia) Men's Basketball Team], circa 1979
13733Robert Brown Memorial Service Program, 2012 December 14
13734Robert Brown Personal, 1978-1982
13735Speech Delivered by Ruth B. Love at National Forum in Chicago], 1981 October 25
13736Warranty Deed for 169 New Street, Macon, 1981
13737[Willie Hill (First African American Elected to Citywide Office in Macon) Newspaper Clipping], 1987 October 7
13738[Workshop Notes], 1961

Series VI. Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass, Inc., 1979-1990

3 box(es) (2 linear feet)
This series contains correspondence, board of directors meeting minutes, planning documents, promotional materials, and other records from the Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass, Inc. Robert Brown served as president and was a founding member of the organization and helped lead its campaign to preserve and rehabilitate the Douglass Theatre, a historic African American theater in downtown Macon.
1306"Celebrating King's Birthday at the First Annual Douglass Rejuvenation Music Festival" Poster, 1984 Jan. 15
1307The Morton Theatre: Adaptive Rehabilitation of a 1910 Theatre, circa 1980
1381[Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass], 1980-1991
1382[Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass], 1981-1984
1383[Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass], circa 1984-1990
1384["Join the Effort to Restore the Douglass" Newspaper Article Written by Robert Brown], 1984 Feb. 11
1385[Photograph of the Interior of the Douglass Theatre], undated
1386"Save the Douglass Telethon" Flyer, 1983 Mar. 12
1387Public Properties Meeting Info, 1983
1388BAAD Douglass Dollar Day, 1984
1389[Broadway Arts Alliance at the Douglass], 1984
13810Robert Brown (BAAD), 1983
13811Robert Brown BAAD, 1980
13812BAAD - Legal Documents, 1980-1982
13813BAAD Correspondence Out, 1985-1986
13814BAAD - Correspondence/Letters of Apology, 1983
13815BAAD-Contacts, 1981-1982
13816INA Dollars for Doers, 1984
13817Douglass Theatre Group, 1984
13818BAAD - Endorsements, 1980-1981
13819BAAD Executive Committee, 1984
13820BAAD Fashion Show and Dinner, 1984
13821BAAD Film Coupons Distribution, 1983
13822[BAAD], 1983-1984
13823[New Products from CRS], 1984
13824BAAD - Funding Sources], 1981-1983
13825BAAD-News Articles and Releases, 1980-1985
13826Gala Roast Information, 1983
13827BAAD - General Data, 1980-1983
13828BAAD - Governance, 1980-1984
13829Georgia Council for the Arts Grant Application, 1981-1985
13830[BAAD Correspondence], 1981-1984
13831Correspondence-In, 1984
13832Mr. Robert Brown Regular Board Meeting, 1985
13833BAAD - Preservation Studies, circa 1980s
13834BAAD Bill Powell Roast, 1984
13835BAAD - Radiothon, 1983
13836BAAD - Renovation, 1981-1983
13837Douglass Renovation Technical Advisory Committee, 1984
13838BAAD Talent Show, 1984 June 12
13839BAAD Douglass Telethon, 1983
1391BAAD Volunteers, 1981-1982
1392BAAD Information Board of Directors, 1985
1393Board of Directors Memos, 1983
1394BAAD - Board Minutes, 1980-1984
1395BAAD - Board Meetings, 1981-1982
1396Board of Directors Memos, 1984
1397BAAD - Budget, 1983
1398BAAD - Business, 1982-1983
1399BAAD Committee Assignments/Meetings, 1984
13910BAAD - City, 1980-1985
13911BAAD - Correspondence, 1979-1985
13912Correspondence - Out BAAD, 1984
13913BAAD Fundraiser, 1984
13914[BAAD Fundraising], 1982-1983
13915[BAAD Fundraising], 1982-1983
13916BAAD Insurance, 1983-1984
13917BAAD Organizational Structure, 1981
13918BAAD Rejuvenation Music Festival, 1984
13919BAAD - Management, 1980
13920BAAD - Occupancy, 1980-1981

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