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Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series II: Political Activities

Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series II: Political Activities

Descriptive Summary

Title: Williamson S. Stuckey Papers, Series II: Political Activities
Creator: Stuckey, Williamson Sylvester, 1935-
Inclusive Dates: 1966-1976
Language(s): English
Extent: 25 box(es) (12.75 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL210WSS_II
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Series II: Political Activities documents Stuckey's campaigns for the Georgia 8th District US Congressional seat in 1966 and his re-election campaigns of 1968, 1972, and 1974. Included in this series are correspondence, voter contacts, voter lists, speeches, newspaper clippings, financial information, limited strategy records and election results.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Williamson Sylvester Stuckey, Jr. was born in Eastman, Georgia, May 25, 1935. He attended the Georgia Military Academy and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1956 with B.B.A. and LL.B. degrees. He was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social and Phi Delta Phi Legal fraternities.

From 1956 until 1966, Stuckey was president of Stuckey's Timberland, Inc. and executive vice-president of Stuckey's Inc., a division of Pet, Inc. He also was president of the Stuckey Pecan Company, 1958-1966, and Stuckey Investments, Inc., from 1958 to 1966.

Elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives from the Eighth and later the Ninth District, Stuckey served in Congress from 1967 until 1977. He was not a candidate for re-election in 1976. While in Congress, Stuckey served on the Agriculture committee, the District of Columbia committee, the Interstate and Foreign Commerce committee and its subcommittee on Commerce and Finance and was chairman of the Commerce, Housing and Transportation subcommittee.

Stuckey was most proud of two pieces of legislation that dealt with the environment. He successfully introduced and had passed a bill that made Cumberland Island, Georgia, a National Seashore. The other measure he introduced made the Okefenokee Swamp a Federally Protected Wilderness open to the public through five water trails.

Since 1985, Stuckey has been chairman of Stuckey's Corporation. He is married to Ethelynn McMillan and they have five children. He currently resides in Washington, D.C. and Eastman, Georgia.

Scope and Content

Series II: Political Activities documents Stuckey's campaigns for the Georgia 8th District US Congressional seat in 1966 and his re-election campaigns of 1968, 1972, and 1974. Included in this series are correspondence, voter contacts, voter lists, speeches, newspaper clippings, financial information, limited strategy records and election results.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is arranged chronologically by campaign.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


II. Political Activities

26 box(es)
(12.75 linear feet)
This series documents Stuckey's campaigns for the Georgia 8th District US Congressional seat in 1966 and his re-election campaigns of 1968, 1972 and 1974. Included in this series are correspondence, voter contacts, voter lists, speeches, newspaper clippings, financial information, limited strategy records and election results. Arrangement is chronological.

A. 1966 Campaign

( 18 box(es) ) ( (9 linear feet) )
Bill Stuckey was the Democratic nominee for the 8th District United States Congressional seat in 1966. He successfully defeated the republican candidate, Mack F. Mattingly, in the general election. This subseries contains key contacts from the 8th District, voter lists, correspondence, financial records, minutes, speeches, county reports, and election results. Arrangement is chronological.
II.1 1-2 Campaign Contacts, 1966
II.1 3Lists and Contacts for 8th District, 1966
II.1 4More lists, contacts and miscellaneous
II.1 5More lists of People in the 8th District
II.1 6Lists and Miscellaneous
II.1 7Untitled Lists
II.2 1Untitled Lists
II.2 2-4 Other Lists
II.2 5Lists and miscellaneous
II.2 6More lists and miscellaneous
II.2 7Audio reel
II.2 8Georgia Congress booklets
II.2 9Lists of Tobacco Growers
II.3 1-2 Lists of Tobacco Growers
II.3 3Beauticians
II.3 4Introductory Letters Lists
II.3 5Mayes Dobbins List
II.3 6Revised Form Letters
II.3 7Special Lists
II.3 8Principal Letters
II.3 9Addresses of High School Seniors
II.3 10List of Baptist Ministers
II.3 11Special Letters
II.3 12Outside Letters
II.3 13Wilcox Reunion lists
II.3 148th District Contacts
II.3 15More lists of contacts
II.4 1Adel District 1145
II.4 2Qualified Voters of the Bailey District
II.4 3Blackshear Voters List, 9/14/1966
II.4 4Bleckley County--List of Registered Voters, 1965
II.4 5Coffee County Voters List
II.4 6Qualified Voters from Dodge County
II.4 7-9 Qualified Voters of Glynn County
II.5 1Qualified Voters of Glynn County--26th District
II.5 2Qualified Voter List--Valdosta District
II.5 3-4 Eligible Voters in Valdosta District, (9/14/66)
II.5 5Key Supporters in each county
II.5 6Eligible Voters in 8th District, Aug-64
II.5 7Eligible Voters, (9/14/66)
II.5 8Qualified Voters lists from Various Districts
II.6 1-3 More Qualified Voters Lists
II.6 4Miscellaneous
II.6 5Agency for International Development
II.6 6-7 Agriculture Speeches
II.6 8Chauncey Speech, (12/28/66)
II.7 1Eastman Air Speech
II.7 2Miscellaneous and Speeches
II.7 3-11 Speeches, 1966
II.8 1Abbeville
II.8 2Adel
II.8 3Alapaha
II.8 4Alma
II.8 5Ambrose
II.8 6Argyle
II.8 7Axson
II.8 8Baxley
II.8 9Blackshear
II.8 10Bristol
II.8 11Broxton
II.8 12-14 Brunswick
II.8 15Chauncey
II.8 16Chester
II.8 17Cochran
II.9 1Denton
II.9 2-4 Douglas
II.9 5DuPont
II.9 6Eastman
II.9 7Enigma
II.9 8Fitzgerald
II.9 9Folkson
II.9 10Hahira
II.9 11Hazlehurst
II.9 12Hoboken
II.9 13Homerville
II.9 14Hortense
II.9 15Jekyll
II.10 1-2 Jesup
II.10 3Kingsland
II.10 4Lake Park
II.10 5Lakeland
II.10 6Lenox
II.10 7Lumber City
II.10 8Manor
II.10 9McRae
II.10 10Mershon
II.10 11Milan
II.10 12Millwood
II.10 13Nahunta
II.10 14Nashville
II.10 15Nicholls
II.10 16Ocilla
II.10 17Odum
II.10 18Osierfield
II.10 19Patterson
II.10 20Pearson
II.10 21Pitts
II.10 22Ray City
II.10 23Rhine
II.10 24Rochelle
II.11 1Saint George
II.11 2Saint Marys
II.11 3Screven
II.11 4Sea Island
II.11 5Sparks
II.11 6Statenville
II.11 7Stockton
II.11 8Surrency
II.11 9-11 Valdosta
II.11 12Waresboro
II.11 13-14 Waycross
II.12 1-2 Waycross
II.12 3Waynesville
II.12 4West Green
II.12 5White Oak
II.12 6Willacoochee
II.12 7Woodbine
II.12 8Wray
II.12 9-11 Out-of-District
II.13 1-2 Out-of-District
II.13 3Correspondence, (April-May 1966)
II.13 4Correspondence, (June-August 1966)
II.13 5Correspondence, (August-September 1966)
II.13 6Correspondence, (October-November 1966)
II.14 1Form letters
II.14 2-4 Copies of letters
II.14 5Letters written for others
II.14 6Norman Dorminy (copies of letters)
II.14 7Russell D. Franklin (copies of letters)
II.14 8letters from Stuckey, 1966
II.14 9Solicitations
II.14 10Copies of telegrams
II.14 11Phil Parkerson--correspondence
II.14 12Form letters
II.14 13Carbon copies of letters from Stuckey
II.15 1Correspondence handled by others
II.15 2Campaign correspondence
II.15 3Memo--S. Harris
II.15 4Toby Powell
II.15 5Letters by Stuckey, Sr., 1966
II.15 6State officials correspondence
II.15 7Lurner Williams
II.15 8Telegrams
II.15 9Biographical Information
II.15 10Introductions for speaking engagements
II.15 11Appling County Information
II.15 12Atkinson County Information
II.15 13Bacon County Information
II.15 14Ben Hill County Information
II.15 15Brantley County Information
II.15 16Camden County Information
II.15 17Charlton County Information
II.15 18Clinch County Information
II.15 19Coffee County Information
II.15 20Dodge County Information
II.15 21Echols County Information
II.16 1Glynn County Information
II.16 2Irwin County Information
II.16 3Jeff Davis County Information
II.16 4Lowndes County Information
II.16 5Pierce County Information
II.16 6Telfair County Information
II.16 7Ware County Information
II.16 8Wayne County Information
II.16 9Wilcox County Information
II.16 10Berrien County--Confidential
II.16 11Bleckley County--Confidential
II.16 12Coffee County--Confidential
II.16 13Cook County--Confidential
II.16 14Glynn County--Confidential
II.16 15Lanier County--Confidential
II.16 168th Congressional District Miscellaneous Inform
II.16 17Outside letters
II.16 18Mickey Thomas
II.16 19H. D. Heath
II.16 20John Barber
II.16 21Wallace Jernigan Letters
II.17 1Checkbook, (October-November 1966)
II.17 2Detail work [call list]
II.17 3Economics Committee
II.17 4S. V. Lee [money raised and spent]
II.17 5Payroll
II.17 6Campaign contributors
II.17 7Schedules
II.17 8Minutes of strategy meetings
II.17 9Interoffice memos
II.17 10Bill Stuckey for Congressman Chicken Supper
II.17 11Clippings [regarding Stuckey campaign]
II.17 12Stuckey publicity photographs
II.17 13-15 Drafted Materials (publicity, press releases, etc.)
II.17 16Key supporters
II.17 178th District Contacts and guest register
II.17 18Lawyers--8th District
II.18 18th District Congressional Democratic Executive Committee
II.18 2Democratic Executive Committee Material, 1966
II.18 3Election
II.18 4-6 Miscellaneous
II.18 7ballot, 1966
II.18 8-11 Business cards

B. 1972 Campaign

( 5 box(es) ) ( (2.25 linear feet) )
The 1972 Campaign materials consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, information about Stuckey's opposition, financial records, and voter lists. Arrangement is alphabetical.
II.19 1Agenda Items
II.19 2Campaign materials, 1972
II.19 3Lists of Campaign Contributors, 1972
II.19 4Campaign Miscellaneous
II.19 5Campaign Help
II.19 6Letters, (August-September 1971)
II.19 7Reading File, (September-November 1971)
II.19 8-9 Reading File, (October 1971-January 1972)
II.19 10-11 Re-election letters from Stuckey, 1972
II.19 12T Letter File, 1971
II.19 13U Letter File, 1971
II.19 14V Letter File, 1971
II.19 15W Letter File, 1971
II.19 16XYZ Letter File, 1971
II.20 1Newspaper clippings
II.20 2Congressional coordinators list
II.20 3Contributions letter
II.20 4Democratic Party (state)
II.20 5Campaign funding
II.20 6-7 Fundraiser Information, 1972
II.20 8Biographical Sketch of W.S.S.
II.20 9Powell, Harry [Candidate for Congress]
II.20 10Miller, Mitch [Democratic Candidate for Congress]
II.20 11Thompson, Ronnie [Republican Candidate for Congress]
II.20 12-13 Macon Area
II.20 14Eastman Masonic Lodge Information
II.20 15Schedules, September-October 1972
II.21 1Confidential Information from John Kraft
II.21 2Herman D. Heath
II.21 3General Information (Washington-Atlanta)
II.21 4Eighth District Election Information, 1972
II.21 5Lists of Black Organizations and Churches, 1971
II.21 6-7 Campaign Contributions
II.21 8Contribution Thank Yous, 1972
II.21 9"Stuckey Boosters' Check Receipts, (December 1970-April 1974)
II.21 10"Stuckey Boosters' Check Receipts, (March-June 1972)
II.21 11"Stuckey Boosters' Check Receipts, (July-August 1972)
II.21 12"Stuckey Boosters' Check Receipts, (September-October 1972)
II.21 13"Stuckey Boosters' Check Receipts, (November 1972)
II.21 14Booster Deposits
II.21 15Volunteers for Stuckey bills
II.21 16Bank statements and deposit slips
II.21 17Miscellaneous finances
II.22 1Advisory Staffs and Industrial Lists
II.22 2Lists
II.22 3-8 Voter Lists
II.22 9-11 Miscellaneous

C. 1974 Campaign

( 2 box(es) ) ( (1 linear foot) )
The 1974 re-election would be Stuckey's last campaign for political office. Included in this subseries are newspaper clippings, financial records and election results. Arrangement is chronological.
II.24 1election, 1972
II.24 2Eighth District, 1971
II.24 3District meetings
II.24 4Open Houses
II.24 5Advisory list completed
II.24 6Wilcox county advisory list
II.24 7"Milton's Money"
II.24 8campaign support, 1974
II.24 9Contribution Thank Yous, 1974
II.24 10Receipts, expenditures, 1974
II.24 11campaign material, 1974
II.24 12Media campaign, 1974
II.24 13election, 1974
II.24 14Ratings of congressmen by various groups, 1974
II.24 15Newspaper clippings, 1973
II.24 16Contents of scrapbook, 1974
II.24 17Newspaper clippings, 1973
II.24 18Fish Fry (fundraiser), 1973
II.24 19Independent Brokers and Dealers Trade Association speech
II.24 20election results, 1974
II.24 21Congratulations for election victory, 1974
II.25 1-2 Contribution and expenditure information
II.25 3Ledger of contributions
II.25 4Campaign contributors
II.25 5Fundraiser contributors
II.25 6"Stuckey Boosters' check receipts, (June-September 1974)
II.25 7"Stuckey Boosters' information, (July-November 1974)
II.25 8House report for committee, (10/27/72-1/31/74)

D. 1976 Campaign

Stuckey did not seek re-election in 1976. However, there are files related to those running for his seat, as well as correspondence, contribution lists and printed materials.
II.26 1Campaign Communications Handbook, Georgia Gilmen's Association Directory; The Federal Election Commission pamphlet, 1975-1976
II.26 2United States Code Annotated, 1975
II.26 3Political letters, 1975
II.26 4Election advisory opinion, 1975
II.26 5Voting percentage 94th Congress
II.26 6Billy Adams
II.26 7Jimmy Hancock
II.26 8Roy Schaffer
II.26 9Campaign help
II.26 10Contributions from Georgia, 1976
II.26 11Analysis of Federal and State Campaign Finance laws, undated
II.26 12Campaign correspondence [map of Macon and Bibb County moved to map collection], 1975-1976