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Augustus Turnbull Collection of Carl Sanders Speech/Press Records

Augustus Turnbull Collection of Carl Sanders Speech/Press Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Augustus Turnbull Collection of Carl Sanders Speech/Press Records
Creator: Turnbull, Augustus
Inclusive Dates: 1963-1967
Language(s): English
Extent: 13 box(es) (6.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL199ATCCS
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Augustus Turnbull was the Assistant Press Secretary to Governor Carl Sanders during the last year of his term in office (1966-1967). The materials in this collection, however, are from Sanders entire term, 1963-1967, and document his interest in efficiently maintaining state government departments as well as his public addresses and press relations.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Carl E. Sanders was born in Augusta, Georgia on May 15, 1925. He attended the Academy of Richmond County and received the alternate appointment to West Point. He found himself at the University of Georgia, however, where he accepted a football scholarship. In 1943, before he could finish his college education, he enlisted in the Air Force and trained as a B-17 pilot. After World War II he returned to the University, finishing three years of law school in two years and passing the bar in 1947. That same year he married Betty Foy of Statesboro, Georgia.

Sanders entered private practice in Augusta and eventually started the law firm of Sanders, Thurmond, Hester and Jolles. In 1954, he made a successful bid for the Georgia House of Representatives. Two years later, in 1956, he won a seat in the Georgia Senate. At the time, the seat rotated between Richmond, Glascock and Jefferson counties. Sanders was subsequently elected to the same seat by both Jefferson and Glascock counties due to his overwhelming popularity, becoming the only man to serve three consecutive terms in a multi-county district. In 1959, Governor Vandiver named Sanders as Senate Floor Leader. He went on to serve as president pro tempore of the Senate from 1960-1962.

Sanders took the next step in his political career by running for governor in 1962 against Marvin Griffin. Shortly after his announcement, federal courts ruled that Georgia's county unit system was unconstitutional. The state would elect its officials by popular vote, giving the urban candidate, Sanders, a greater chance at victory. As a moderate concerning racial issues, he faced an outspoken opponent of integration in former-Governor Griffin. While agreeing that Georgia should keep its tradition of segregation, Sanders believed it was imperative that the state avoid violence and obey the laws of the country. Unlike Griffin, his campaign issues were not built around race. Instead, Sanders focused on the elimination of corruption in state government and pushed for overall progress for the state. He also wanted to improve education and bring industry to Georgia. With his positive campaign, Sanders emerged victorious, making him the youngest governor in the country at the time. He was 37.

Upon his election, Sanders set about following through on his campaign promises. In order to revitalize Georgia's educational system, the new governor created the Governor's Commission to Improve Education in 1963. Based on the commission's findings and with the General Assembly's approval, Sanders improved education a great deal. His program raised teacher salaries, added new teachers to the system, and reorganized the Department of Education. It also built new school buildings, established more junior colleges and vocational schools and created the Governor's Honors Program. Sanders also appointed the Governor's Commission for Efficiency and Improvement which helped to reform many government agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the Highway Department, as well as the prison and state merit systems.

In May, 1963, Sanders sought to draft a new state constitution. With the appointment of the Constitutional Revision Commission, he hoped to condense and clarify Georgia's Constitution. While the General Assembly approved the new constitution, it was never put on the general ballot. The momentum was lost when federal courts declared that the General Assembly was incorrectly apportioned and the constitution was, therefore, invalid. Sanders would later play an integral part in the passage of the reapportionment of congressional districts, but would never succeed in revising the constitution.

Sanders appointed many blacks to state government jobs, but civil rights were never a pressing issue for the governor. He did, however, testify against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, being especially opposed to the section regarding public accommodations. Despite this, he greatly improved Georgia's image, giving the state a more moderate, law-abiding reputation

Sanders could not succeed himself as governor and, therefore, retired back into private life. Instead of returning to Augusta, he and his family remained in Atlanta where he started a new law firm. On April 25, 1970, Sanders reemerged to announce for what would be his last attempt at public office. His campaign for governor, however, ended in defeat, with Jimmy Carter taking office. Sanders never ran for public office again but worked for many other Democratic candidates such as Zell Miller, Andrew Young, and Sam Nunn. He also went on to serve as Finance Chairman for the Democratic Party during George Busbee's term as governor.

Sanders managed the law firm, today known as Troutman Sanders LLP, for 25 years, and afterwards continued to serve the firm as partner and Chairman Emeritus. Sanders died November 16, 2014.

Scope and Content

The Augustus Turnbull Collection of Carl Sanders Speech/Press Files consists of manuscripts, reports, and news clippings from Sanders's term as governor of Georgia. The years represented are 1963-1967, and the activities documented are political and executive.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is divided into five series: I. General, II. State Agencies and Organizations, III. Speeches, and IV. Press Releases. The organization of the collection is chronological; the second series (State Agencies and Organizations) is organized alphabetically by department and then chronologically within each folder.

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Augustus Turnbull Collection of Carl Sanders Speech/Press Records, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Clippings and thermofax papers have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Oversized materials and photographs have been separated for preservation.

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Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2000.

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Subject Terms

Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1951-
Georgia. Governor (1963-1967 : Sanders)
Governors -- Georgia.
Press releases.
Sanders, Carl Edward, 1925-

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. General

1 box(es)
(.5 linear feet)

A. Personal

Christmas cards depicting Goldwater, the old Governor's mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.
I.11Sanders' Goldwater Christmas Cards

B. Americans for Democratic Action

Consists of reproductions of the liberal magazine's annual congressional scorecards from 1948 to 1965.
I.12ADA World (Americans for Democratic Action), 1947-1953
I.13ADA World (Americans for Democratic Action), 1954-1963
I.14ADA World (Americans for Democratic Action), 1964-1965

C. Democratic Party

Includes speeches, and background information on various Democratic Party platforms, 1960-1964. Arrangement is chronological.
I.15Democratic National Party Partisan Materials
I.16Democratic National Party Platforms and Drafts

II. State Organization and Agency Files

4 box(es)
(2 linear feet)
Sanders continued efforts initiated by previous Governor Ernest Vandiver to eliminate corruption and streamline government. These files consist of reports and correspondence which document the activities and progress of various state departments, boards, commissions, and organizations. Organization is alphabetically by agency and chronologically within each folder.
II.11State Departmental Files
II.12Project COG (Coordinating Opportunities in South Central Georgia)
II.13Office of Economic Opportunity
II.14-7Department of Education
II.21State Department of Family and Children's Services
II.22Forestry Commission
II.23Game and Fish Commission
II.24Georgia Historical Commission
II.25Georgia Ports Authority
II.26Georgia State Library
II.27Highway Department
II.28Georgia Department of Industry and Trade
II.29Department of Labor
II.210Department of Law
II.211League of Women Voters of Georgia
II.212State Merit System of Personnel Administration
II.31State Board of Pardons and Paroles
II.32Department of Parks
II.33State Board of Probation
II.34-5Department of Public Health
II.36Department of Public Safety
II.41Public Service Commission
II.42Board of Regents
II.43Department of Revenue
II.44Department of State
II.45Bureau of State Planning
II.46Supervisor of Purchases
II.47Department of Veteran Services
II.48Board of Workman's Compensation

III. Press Relations and Media Activities

8 box(es)
(4 linear feet)
The Press Relations and Media Activities series consists of those files which document the activity of communicating Sanders' view on various issues through speeches, press releases, and reports. As Sanders' Assistant Press Secretary, Augustus Turnbull accumulated these files, many of which concern Sanders' efforts to make the state government and its departments more efficient.

A. Speeches

( 5 box(es) ) ( (2.5 linear feet) )
These are the final versions of speeches that Sanders delivered to various government assemblies, civic organizations, business associations, church groups and school organizations in Georgia and elsewhere. At the beginning of each month's folder is a list detailing that month's speaking engagements. Arrangement is chronological.
III.11Speeches, January 1963
III.12Speeches, February 1963
III.13Speeches, March 1963
III.14Speeches, April 1963
III.15Speeches, May 1963
III.16Speeches, June 1963
III.17Speeches, July 1963
III.21Speeches, August 1963
III.22Speeches, September 1963
III.23Speeches, October 1963
III.24Speeches, November 1963
III.25Speeches, December 1963
III.26Speaking Schedule, (1964-1966)
III.27Speeches, January 1964
III.28Speeches, February 1964
III.29Speeches, March 1964
III.210Speeches, April 1964
III.31Speeches, May 1964
III.32Speeches, June 1964
III.33Speeches, July 1964
III.34Speeches, August 1964
III.35Speeches, September 1964
III.36Speeches, October 1964
III.37Speeches, November 1964
III.38Speeches, December 1964
III.39Speeches, January 1965
III.310Speeches, February 1965
III.311Speeches, March 1965
III.41Speeches, April 1965
III.42Speeches, May 1965
III.43Speeches, June 1965
III.44Speeches, July 1965
III.45Speeches, August 1965
III.46Speeches, September 1965
III.47Speeches, October 1965
III.48Speeches, November 1965
III.49Speeches, December 1965
III.410Speeches, January 1966
III.411Speeches, February 1966
III.412Speeches, March 1966
III.51Speeches, April 1966
III.52Speeches, May 1966
III.53Speeches, June 1966
III.54Speeches, July 1966
III.55Speeches, August 1966
III.56Speeches, September 1966
III.57Speeches, October 1966
III.58Speeches, November 1966
III.59Speeches, December 1966
III.510Speeches, January 1967

B. Press Releases

( 2 box(es) ) ( (1 linear foot) )
These are files of press documents originating from Governor Sander's office. These press releases consist chiefly of announcements of appointments, reports of the progress of state and local departments and committees, and details of Sanders' many speaking engagement. Of note to researchers are the Sanders' 1963 efforts to draft a new state constitution as well as his term-long interest in improving education in Georgia. Arrangement is chronological.
III.61Press Releases, January 1963
III.62Press Releases, February 1963
III.63Press Releases, March 1963
III.64Press Releases, April 1963
III.65Press Releases, May 1963
III.66Press Releases, June 1963
III.67Press Releases, July 1963
III.68Press Releases, August 1963
III.69Press Releases, September 1963
III.610Press Releases, October 1963
III.611Press Releases, November 1963
III.612Press Releases, December 1963
III.613Press Releases, January 1964
III.614Press Releases, February 1964
III.615Press Releases, March 1964
III.616Press Releases, April 1964
III.617Press Releases, May 1964
III.618Press Releases, June 1964
III.619Press Releases, July 1964
III.71Press Releases, August 1964
III.72Press Releases, September 1964
III.73Press Releases, October 1964
III.74Press Releases, November 1964
III.75Press Releases, December 1964
III.76Press Releases, January 1965
III.77Press Releases, February 1965
III.78Press Releases, March 1965
III.79Press Releases, April 1965
III.710Press Releases, May 1965
III.711Press Releases, June 1965
III.712Press Releases, July 1965
III.713Press Releases, August 1965
III.714Press Releases, September 1965
III.715Press Releases, October 1965
III.716Press Releases, November 1965
III.717Press Releases, December 1965
III.718Press Releases, January 1966
III.719Press Releases, February 1966
III.720Press Releases, March 1966
III.721Press Releases, April 1966
III.722Press Releases, May 1966
III.723Press Releases, June 1966
III.724Press Releases, July 1966
III.725Press Releases, August 1966
III.726Press Releases, September 1966
III.727Press Releases, October 1966
III.728Press Releases, November 1966
III.729Press Releases, December 1966
III.730Press Releases, January 1967

C. Scripts

( 0.5 box(es) ) ( (.25 linear feet) )
Includes the script to "Georgia on the Move" narrated by Sanders and produced by the Georgia Forestry Commission as well as the "Challenge for Change" script produced by the Department of Revenue.
III.81Display Board Script
III.82"Georgia on the Move" film script, (1963-1966)
III.83"Challenge for Change" script

D. Report to the People , 1966

( 0.5 box(es) ) ( (.25 linear feet) )
The 1966 Report to the People was an update on government improvement and efficiency during the Sanders administration. Included in this subseries are several drafts of the report.
III.84Report to the People (McCullar Draft), 1966
III.85Report to the People (first cutting of McCullar Draft), 1966
III.86Report to the People (with Departmental approval copies), 1966
III.87Report to the People (late working drafts), 1966
III.88Report to the People (final draft), 1966

E. Photographs , 1966

( 1 photograph(s) )
Contains an 8"x10" black and white photograph of Carl E. Sanders and John McDonough in 1965.
III.89Carl Sanders with John McDonough, 1965 April