Rodney Mims Cook Papers

Rodney Mims Cook Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Rodney Mims Cook Papers
Creator: Cook, Rodney Mims, 1924-
Inclusive Dates: 1946-2013
Bulk Dates: 1951-1978
Language(s): English
Extent: 35 box(es) (16 linear feet and 984 megabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL180RMC
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection consists of the papers of Rodney M. Cook from 1951 to 1978. The political series (1951-1978) contains papers relating to Cook's campaigns for public office including the Atlanta Board of Aldermen (1961, 1965), Atlanta Mayor (1969), Georgia Legislature (1965-1970), Congress (1972), and Georgia Governor (1978). The series also contains records relating to Cook's involvement with Republican Party activities at the local, state, and national level. The Aldermen series (1951-1972) documents Cook's service on the Atlanta Board of Aldermen. Records include subject files and committee files relating to such subjects as civil rights, Atlanta government, urban renewal, and zoning. The legislative papers relate to his tenure as a representative-at-large for Fulton County in the Georgia Legislature (1952-1972) and include such topics as Cook's support of the seating of Julian Bond, the 1971 special session for redistricting, his service as chairman of the Joint Senate-House Committee on Computerized Criminal Records Study, and his involvement with the development of Atlanta.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Rodney Mims Cook, Sr. was born March 23, 1924, in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Washington and Lee University in 1947. He served in World War II as a lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve. After leaving the military, Cook returned to Atlanta and worked in the insurance industry. Cook began his political career by serving as a member of the Atlanta Board of Alderman from 1962 until 1970. As an alderman, Cook chaired the Planning Development Committee and was a member of the Parks and Zoning Committee. From 1966 to 1972, Cook served in the Georgia House of Representatives as a Republican representing Fulton County. While a representative, Cook served as chairman of the Joint Senate-House Committee on Computerized Criminal Records Study. In addition, he was a member of Appropriations, Ways and Means, and Industry Committees.

Cook was heavily involved in legislation pertaining to civil rights, urban renewal, and zoning. He was one of five white representatives out of 205 voting to seat African American candidate Julian Bond in the Georgia Legislature. Cook also introduced a resolution in 1962 to take down "Peyton Wall," a roadblock that divided black and white sections of Atlanta. Cook was involved in developing the city of Atlanta by opposing business interests that might displace residents. He encouraged Atlanta citizens to participate in urban renewal and contested systems that discriminated against minorities, particularly in regard to housing rules.

In 1969, Cook ran for mayor of Atlanta but was defeated by Sam Massell. Cook ran for governor of Georgia in 1978 but was defeated by George Busbee.

Cook died on January 13, 2013, at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the papers of Rodney M. Cook from 1951-1978. The Political series (1951-1978) contains papers relating to Cook's campaigns for public office including the Atlanta Board of Aldermen (1961, 1965), Atlanta Mayor (1969), Georgia Legislature (1965-1970), Congress (1972), and Georgia Governor (1978). The series also contains records relating to Cook's involvement with Republican Party activities at the local, state, and national level. The Alderman series (1951-1972) documents Cook's service on the Atlanta Board of Aldermen. Records include subject files and committee files relating to such subjects as civil rights, Atlanta government, urban renewal, and zoning. The Legislative series relates to his tenure as a representative-at-large for Fulton County in the Georgia Legislature (1952-1972) and include such topics as Cook's support of the seating of Julian Bond, the 1971 special session for redistricting, his service as chairman of the Joint Senate-House Committee on Computerized Criminal Records Study, and his involvement with the development of Atlanta. In addition to these manuscripts, the collection includes photographs, editorial cartoons, artifacts and audiovisual materials.

Organization and Arrangement

The Rodney Mims Cook Papers are divided into seven series: I. Political, II. Alderman, III. Legislative, IV. Photographs, V. Artifacts, VI. Personal and VII. Audiovisual Materials. The political series is arranged into two subseries: A. Campaigns and B. Republican Party Activities. Series two, Alderman, is arranged into two subseries: A. Subject File and B. Committee File.

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Rodney Mims Cook Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Notes

The papers, upon receipt, contained several water-damaged boxes which may cause difficulty in reading some of the documents. Photographs, editorial cartoons, and artifacts were separated for preservation. Photographic prints and negatives were made of the editorial cartoons, and the originals were returned to the donor. (The cartoons were loaned subsequent to the original gift.) Editorial cartoons are housed with the photographs.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Political

14 box(es) (6.25 linear feet)
The Political series is arranged into two subseries: A. Campaigns and B. Republican Party Activities. Subseries A contains information about the elections in which Rodney Cook participated as a candidate. In addition to his political activities, these papers also provide information of Cook's work as alderman and state representative. A general section includes a folder with a variety of materials relating to several campaigns between 1961 and 1972. Noted items are a file about Lester Maddox, a copy of a letter from President Richard M. Nixon to Cook about the 1972 Georgia Congressional campaign, and two magazine articles about changes in southern politics during the twentieth century. Papers relating to the 1969 mayoral campaign comprise the largest section of this subseries. These include materials describing the Atlanta city government, Rodney Cook correspondence with supporters, campaign tactics, news clippings, staff organization, opponents, and political literature. Two files cover the 1961 and 1965 races for alderman. Additional items of interest are the Issue Book and the 1970 Henry H. Perritt Jr. thesis about this election. Other files cover Rodney Cook's political campaigns for the Georgia legislature, 1965-1970, the 1972 Congressional election, and the 1978 Governor's race. Subseries B contains material covering Cook's involvement with Republican Party activities of local, state, and national concern. Files include papers relating to a movie about the Republicans made in Houston, Texas and work of the Fulton County Republican Planning Committee as well as the Republican Roundtable, both on which Cook served as chairman.

A. Campaigns

1. General
I.11Advertising - Miscellaneous, [?] November 8
I.12Atlanta and Issues [clippings and correspondence relating to Atlanta's taxation and revenue sources, Atlanta's mayoral race, liquor districts], 1962-1969
I.13Campaign Buttons [empty, see artifacts series], 1969-1972
I.14Cook, Rodney [campaign clippings], 1963-1972
I.15Cook Support—Names and Socials [lists of supporters], 1968-1970
I.16Maddox, Lester [clippings, correspondence, and speech drafts regarding Maddox], 1962-1972
I.17Miscellaneous Papers [campaign literature for Cook, correspondence, press kit], 1962-1972
I.18[campaign correspondence and a profile of Cook], 1969-1972
I.19Politics, Southern—"Blacks and Rednecks: The Holy Alliance of '76," New York, 1976 July 16
I.110Politics, Southern—"Changing Face of Southern Politics," Look, 1976 November 16
I.111Survey of Political Attitudes in Georgia, 1977 December
I.112[News Clippings], 1961-1972
2. Alderman
I.21City Election [clippings, correspondence, and reports], 1959-1961
I.22Aldermanic Campaign, 1965-1966
I.23Correspondence - Congratulations, 1965
3. Mayoral
I.31Correspondence - General Mayoralty Correspondence, 1969
I.32Correspondence—Lists—Completed (for Thank-you letters), 1969
I.3 3-4 Correspondence—Mayor [regarding campaign], 1969
I.35Ethnic Groups, 1966-1969
I.36HR 498 - Resolution urging Cook to offer for Mayor of Atlanta, 1969 March 26
I.41Issues—Issue Book of Atlanta Mayor's Race, 1969
I.42Issues—Issues/Speeches, Mayor's Race, 1969
I.43Miscellaneous—Mayor's Race, 1969
I.44Miscellaneous—Mayor's Race, 1969-1970
I.45Miscellaneous—Mayor's Race, 1969
I.51Opponents—Leroy P. Johnson, 1969
I.52Opponents—Massell, Sam, 1969
I.53Opponents—Massell, Sam, 1970-1972
I.54AOpponents—Sam Massell Shakedown, 1969
I.54BOpponents—Sam Massell Shakedown, 1969
I.55Opponents—Everett Millican, 1969
I.56Opponents—Horace E. Tate, 1969
I.57Perritt, Henry Hardy Jr. [thesis]—"Decision Making Strategies in a Political Campaign Organization", 1970 September
I.58Press—Campaign Announcements, Mayor's Race, 1969
I.59Press—News Clippings—Baldy cartoons, 1969
I.510Press—News Clippings—Mayor's Race, 1969
I.511Press—Newspaper Clippings Mayor's Race, 1963-1970
I.512Press—News Releases, 1969
I.513Press—Press (List), 1969
I.61Publicity—Ads, 1969
I.62Publicity—Anderson, Walt, 1969
I.63Publicity—Biographical Sketches, 1969
I.64Publicity—Mack, Lynn, 1969
I.65Publicity—PB Special, 1969
I.66Publicity--#1 Newsletter Samples, 1969
I.67Publicity—Roy Pfautch, 1969
I.68Publicity—Printed Material, 1969
I.69Publicity—Rafshoon, Gerald Advertising, 1969
I.610Publicity—Rafshoon, Gerald Advertising, 1969
I.611Publicity—Rafshoon, Jerry Advertising—Correspondence, 1961-1969
I.612Publicity—Rodney Cook, 1969
I.71Staff—Election Day, 1969 October 7
I.72Staff—Master File—Offers, 1969
I.73Staff—Staff Organization, 1969
I.74Vote Analysis—Atlanta Elections of 1969 by Charles S. Rooks, 1969
I.75Vote Analysis—Confidential, 1965-1969
I.76Vote Analysis--Neighborhood Canvas, 1969
4. State Legislature
I.81Advertising Proposal for Rodney Cook, 1968
I.82Campaign, 1965
I.83Campaign, 1966
I.84Campaign, 1966-1968
I.85Campaign, 1970
I.86Campaign Contributions, 1970
I.87Correspondence—Congratulations, 1968
I.91Correspondence—Thank You Letters, Georgia House, 1968
I.92Correspondence—Thank You Notes, 1968-1969
I.93Volunteers—Material Distributed, 1968
5. Congressional
I.101Congress, 1963-1964
I.102Campaign Correspondence, 1964-1972
I.103Campaign Correspondence, 1972-1973
I.104Correspondence—Form Letters, 1972
I.105Finances—Agenda for Fund Raising, 1972
I.106Finances—Bills, 1972
I.107Finances—Budget, 1972
I.108Finances—Invoices, 1972
I.109Georgia Certificate of Candidacy, 1972
I.10 10-11 Issues—Congressional Campaign, 1972
I.1012Issues—1972 Republican Congressional Committee (RCC) Speech Kit, 1972
I.1013Issues—Speech, 1972
I.111Miscellaneous [Poll Watchers summary, speeches, North Fulton Expressway, Massell Plan], 1968-1972
I.112Miscellaneous [speech drafts, campaign finance], 1972
I.113Miscellaneous—Note from John E. Smith II, 1973
I.11 4-5 Press—Clippings—Rodney Cook Campaign, 1972
I.116Press Releases, 1972
I.117Publicity—Cook Campaign Literature—"American Tomorrow…Our Challenge Today", 1972
I.118Publicity—Campaign Literature—"Cook for Congress" [Bumper Sticker], 1972
I.119Publicity—Campaign Literature—"Keep Rodney Cook Serving You" [Campaign Pamphlet], 1972
I.1110Publicity—Campaign Literature—brochures, pamphlets, and mailers, 1972
I.1111Publicity—Cook Campaign Button [empty, see artifacts series], 1972
I.11 12-13 Publicity—Photographs from National Republican Congressional Committee [empty, see photographs series], 1972
I.1114Publicity—RC Pictures [empty, see photographs series], 1972
I.1115Staff—Advisory and Steering Committee, 1972
I.1116Staff—Campaign Workers, 1972
I.1117Staff—Names for Future Use, 1972
I.1118Republican Victory for 1972, North Side Headquarters, 1972
MapcaseAtlanta Street Map with specific marks of interest to Cook's Campaign [removed from Republican Victory 1972]
I.121Vote Survey—Georgia 5th Congressional District Survey, 1972 October
I.122Vote Survey—Master List, 1972
I.123Voter Irregularities Letter to Walter Mote, 1972
I.124Charles Weltner, 1963-1969
I.131Young, Andrew, 1970-1972
I.132Young, Andrew, 1970-1972
I.133Young, Andrew—Press, 1972
6. Gubernatorial
I.141[Certificate to run for Governor in 1978 as Republican Nominee], 1978 August 17
I.142Issues and Clippings—Governor's Race, 1978
I.143A-3BPress Coverage, 1978
I.144Rodney's File [clippings], 1978
I.145Speeches—Statements, 1978

B. Republican Party Activities

I.146Campaign—"Fulton County Republicans' Operation Breakthrough", 1964
I.147Houston Movie, "Why Southerners Should Join the Republican Party", 1962-1964
I.148Miscellaneous [correspondence and clippings], 1952-1971
I.149Republican Planning Committee—Fulton County, 1951-1963
I.1410Planning Committee—Fulton County Republican Planning Committee, 1959-1961
I.1411Republican Planning Committee, 1963
I.1412Press—"Militant Mood of the Georgia Republicans," Atlanta, 1963 February
I.1413Republican Roundtable, 1965-1966
I.1414Atlanta magazine article, 1963 March
I.1415 24th House District Dialogue , 1972 July-October

II. Alderman, 1951-2012 (1951-1972)

11 box(es) (5.5 linear feet)
The Alderman series is arranged into two subseries: A. Subject File and B. Committee File. Subseries A covers issues of civil rights, Atlanta government from 1964 to 1966, liquor licenses, pornography, guns, and flood control. A miscellaneous file contains a 1961 note from Vice-President Richard M. Nixon to Cook as the Nixons left Washington, D.C. It also includes an August 23, 1965 letter from Senator Richard B. Russell to Cook, concerning Russell's health and decision to run for re-election. Several folders also pertain to traffic and road construction in Atlanta and Georgia. Subseries B contains materials relating to committees on which Rodney Cook served or had contact with while alderman. The largest number of papers covers his work as chairman of the Urban Renewal, Planning and Development, and the Urban Renewal Policy Committees as well as membership on the Zoning and other committees connected with those projects. These papers center on the improvement and development of Atlanta into a modern city of the South, and they focus on the years 1960 through the early 1970s. Many files contain ordinances proposed by Cook and letters from private and business sectors favoring or protesting changes. Maps and sketches of suggested development are also included. Another topic covered is the construction of the Atlanta stadium. The remainder of this subseries consists of single folders of other committees on which Cook served: Prisons, Purchasing, Traffic, and Water Quality.

A. Subject File

II.11Civil Rights—Atlanta Negro Voters League, 1960-1962
II.12Civil Rights—Barricade—Peyton Road, 1962-1963
II.13Civil Rights—Community Relations, 1966-1968
II.14Civil Rights, 1963-1964
II.15Consolidation of Inspection Services in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, 1964 January
II.16Flood Control [correspondence, clippings, report from Atlanta Department of Planning], 1963-1964
II.17Government of the City of Atlanta, Georgia: A Survey Report, 1965
II.18Gun Control, 1965-1968
II.1 9-10 Liquor Licenses—Correspondence # 1, 1962-1966
II.21Liquor Licenses—Correspondence # 2, 1964-1965
II.22Liquor Licenses—Whiskey Correspondence, 1951, 1962-1964
II.23Liquor Licenses—Whiskey Ordinances, 1962-1964
II.24Miscellaneous [correspondence and clippings], 1961-1964
II.25News Clippings, 1963-1969
II.26News Releases [clippings and press releases related to Cook, Campaigns, Republican Planning Committee, and State Highway Department], 1961-1971
II.31Pictures [photographs removed to series IV], 1961-1970
II.32Pornography—RMC Pornography Bill & News, 1968-1969
II.33Profile—"Outstanding Leadership During 1962-1963…," The Washington and Lee Alumni Magazine, 1963 Spring
II.34Profile—"Young Men on the Go: Richmand Freeman and Rodney Cook," Atlanta Magazine, March 1963
II.35Public Administration Service Report, 1964-1966
II.36Refuse and Street Cleaning Operations in Atlanta, Georgia, 1966
II.37Road Construction—Expressways, 1956, 1960-1963
II.38Road Construction—Expressways—Cook's Personal Notes, News Releases, etc., 1961-1965
II.39Road Construction—Expressways—Correspondence, 1962-1964
II.41Road Construction—Expressways, 1964-1965
II.42Road Construction—Georgia Roads, 1964-1966
II.43Road Construction—Highway Department, 1960-1967
II.44Road Construction—I-485, 1963-1966
II.45Road Construction—Traffic, Parking & Transit Committee, 1963-1966
II.46Road Construction—Power structure—Civic, 1966
II.47Sign Ordinance, 1967-1968
II.48Taxation—The Role of Property Taxation in Financing Community Service in Atlanta, 1967 February 10
II.49Taxation—Final Report and Recommendations of Citizens Tax Study Committee—Adopted, 1966
II.4108th Ward Town Hall Meeting, undated

B. Committee File

1. Planning and Development/Urban Renewal/Zoning
II.51Downtown Plan, 1967
II.52Highways—I-485, 1965-1972
II.53Land Use Plan, 1968-1969
II.54Metzger Personal Notes, 1963-1964
II.55Model City Program, 1967-1970
II.5 6-8 Planning and Development Committee, 1964-1969
II.61Planning and Zoning Correspondence # 3, 1961-1966
II.62Planning and Zoning Correspondence # 4, 1963-1964
II.63Planning and Zoning—Office and Institutional District (O-I District) Zoning Provision, 1962-1963
II.64Planning and Zoning—Ordinances, 1963
II.65Public Housing and Relocation, 1963-1966
II.66Rapid Transit (MARTA), 1963-1968
II.67Recreation—Alderman Rodney Cook Contractual Agreement Between Atlanta and Fulton County Recreation Authority and Milwaukee Braves, 1964
II.68Recreation—Auditorium [Buttermilk Bottoms-North Avenue Redevelopment], 1963-1968
II.69Recreation—Coliseum [Omni], 1969
II.610Recreation—Preliminary Report on the Anticipated Financial Performance of the Proposed Atlanta Stadium, undated
II.611Recreation—Atlanta Stadium, 1960-1967
II.71-2 Atlanta Tree Ordinance, 1966-1968
II.73Urban Affairs - Federal, 1963-1965
II.74-6 Urban Renewal Planning and Development Committee and Policy Committee [Folders A, B, and C], 1962-1968
II.81Urban Renewal Planning and Development Committee and Policy Committee [Folder D], 1962-1964
II.82Urban Renewal Correspondence, 1968
II.83Urban Renewal Correspondence General, 1957
II.84Urban Renewal Important, 1957-1965
II.85Urban Renewal, 1962
II.86Urban Renewal , 1963
II.87Urban Renewal, 1961-1966
II.88Urban Renewal, Important, 1969-1970
II.89Urban Renewal—Bedford Pine, 1968-1969
II.91Urban Renewal—Butler Street, 1962-1969
II.92Urban Renewal—Community Renewal Plan # 1, 1962-1964
II.93Urban Renewal—Community Renewal Plan # 2, 1963-1965
II.94Urban Renewal—Georgia Baptist Hospital Area, 1967-1968
II.95Urban Renewal—Georgia State College, 1962-1967
II.96Urban Renewal—Georgia Tech, 1963-1969
II.97Urban Renewal—Nash Bans Area, 1967-1968
II.98Urban Renewal—Rawson-Washington, 1962-1967
II.99Urban Renewal—The Renewer: Newsletter of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Urban Renewal, 1963-1968
II.910Urban Renewal—Rockdale, 1962-1968
II.911Urban Renewal—South Carolina, 1966
II.101Urban Renewal—Street Closings, 1960-1963
II.102Urban Renewal—University Center, 1961-1969
II.10 3-4 Urban Renewal—West End General Neighborhood Renewal Plan (GNRP), 1957, 1960-1969
II.105Workable Program, 1962-1965
II.106Zoning—Jett Road and Mount Paran Road [Folder A], 1964-1965
II.11 1-3 Zoning—Jett Road and Mount Paran Road [Folders B, C, and D], 1964-1965
II.114Zoning—Kimberly Road Rezoning, 1969
II.115Zoning Material, 1968
II.116Zoning—Paces Ferry Road and North West Expressway, 1964
2. Prison Committee , 1961-1965
II.117Prison Committee, 1961-1965
3. Purchasing Committee , 1962-1965
II.118Purchasing Committee, 1962-1965
4. Traffic Committee—Traffic Ordinances , 1968
II.119Traffic Committee—Traffic Ordinances, 1968
5. Water Committee , 1961
II.1110Water Committee, 1961

III. Legislative

3 box(es) (1.5 linear feet)
This series consists of papers relating to Rodney Cook's service in the Georgia General Assembly. He considered candidacy in 1964 and was elected as a representative-at-large from Fulton County in 1965, re-elected in 1966, 1968, and 1970. Cook's work in the Assembly often overlapped with his duties as alderman, and an investigation of the Alderman series is recommended. The files are arranged alphabetically by subject and include Cook's support of the seating of Julian Bond, the 1971 special session for redistricting, transportation, sales taxes, water quality control, and Rodney Rhino. Other topics involve his service as chairman of the Joint Senate-House Committee on Computerized Criminal Records Study, and his involvement with the development of Atlanta.
III.1 1-2 Annexation [consolidation of Atlanta and Fulton County; annexation of Sandy Springs], 1964-1969
III.13Annexation [annexation of Kimberly Road area into City of Atlanta; annexation of Sandy Springs], 1968
III.1 4-5 Annexation [consolidation of Atlanta and Fulton County; annexation of Sandy Springs], 1966-1972
III.16Annexation [News Clippings], 1972
III.21Bond, Julian, 1965-1966
III.22Crime—Challenge of Crime in a Free Society, 1967
III.23Crime—Computerized Criminal Record Study Committee, 1964-1969
III.24Miscellaneous, 1952-1968
III.25[News Clippings], 1969, 1971-1972
III.26Park (Spring St., Carnegie Way and Ellis Street), 1962-1967
III.27"Profile on the Professionals in Atlanta," Service (The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America), 1968 Spring
III.28Rapid Transit (MARTA), 1971
III.29Redistricting, Special Session, 1971
III.210Rodney Rhino (Atlanta Zoo), 1968
III.211Safety [Highway Safety and driver education], 1971-1972
III.212Scrapbook, 1970-1971
III.213Scrapbook—Clippings, 1970-1972
III.31Slum Clearance, undated
III.32Taxes—Sales, 1965-1967
III.33Taxes—Sales, 1966-1967
III.34Water Quality—Fulton DeKalb Water Quality Committee, 1964-1966
III.35Water Quality—Metropolitan Area Water Quality Control Commission, 1966-1967
III.4Scrapbook, 1971

IV. Photographs

3 box(es) (1.25 linear feet)
The photograph series spans the course of Rodney Mims Cook's political career. Images range from functions within the Atlanta City Council, such as committee meetings and various city projects to pictures of campaigning, social functions, building designs and Cook with various political figures. This series also contains photographic prints made of ten editorial cartoons drawn by Clifford H. "Baldy" Baldowski and Eric ?. The cartoons reference Rodney Mims Cook and his political career.
IV.1RMC-PF-01 Tour of Atlanta water works facilities with mayor-elect Ivan Allen and newly elected alderman, 1961 November 14. ( 6 (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-02 Cook and four unidentified people at the Atlanta Republican Conference [see RMC PF 10 for same event], 1961. ( (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-03 Election night at campaign headquarters—Bob ?, RMC, Aunt Jimmie Mims, Liz McAden, Wiley Milam, Dr. Sidney Isenberg, and Jean Witherspoon, 1961. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-04 Promotional photographs of Cook, including his wife Betty and others at political functions, circa 1962. ( (8x10") b/w, 2 (7x9") b/w, (3x3") color )
IV.1RMC-PF-05 Proposed apartment site on property on 26th street, 1962. ( 2 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-06 Mr. And Mrs. Cook, Mr. And Mrs. Jack Summers, Ivan Allen, circa 1962. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-07 Operation Breakthrough—Cook presenting key to the city to some young Native American boys from Arizona who were visiting Atlanta under the Indian Guides Program, 1963. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-08 Cook giving a report at the annual alumni meeting at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, 1963. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-09 RMC delivering a speech in Hollywood Beach, FL. [possibly Leaders Club Banquet, see RMC PF 11], 1963. ( 2 (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-10 Bill Miller, Cook, Representative of Women's Federation, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) at Atlanta Republican Conference [see RMC PF 002 for same event], 1961. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-11 Leaders Club Banquet—Person to person skit: Ed Phelps, two unidentified, Cook. Men in tuxedos: Cook, John Cameron, Howard C. Bushley, 1963. ( 2 (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-12 Cook (CLU, Incoming President of Leaders Club) delivering a speech in Atlanta, 1963. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-13 Cook speaking at Southwest High School, 1963. ( (5x7") b/w, 2 (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-14 Promotional pictures of Cook, circa 1964. ( 11 (3.5x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-15 Cook standing in front of a building, circa 1964. ( 2 (8x10") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-16 DeKalb County/Peachtree Creek watershed [poor condition], 1963. ( 12 (3.25x4") )
IV.1RMC-PF-17 Oglethorpe City—A Planning Community, circa 1965. ( 2 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-18 Proposed Catholic Children's Home, circa 1964. ( 2 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-19 Proposed designs from Roman Catholic Parish of the Holy Spirit [poor condition], circa 1968. ( 2 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-20 Mary Cameron, Cook, Jeff [?] (local Republican party), circa 1965. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-21 John Cameron, Cook, George Paldi—Leaders Club Meeting, 1965. ( 2 (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-22 Mayor Woody Brooks, former Mrs. Cook, Senator Donald Russell, circa 1966. ( 2 (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-23 Ground breaking for housing project. Bill Wofford, Eddie Sterne, Ivan Allen, Cook, circa 1966. ( 2 (8x10") b/w, (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-24 Chuck Palmer, Bob Sommerville looking over Atlanta's Urban Renewal Program, circa 1966. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-25 Purchasing Antee—Jane Beatly, Gregory Greggs, Charlie Leftwich, Cecil Turner, circa 1964. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-26 Arthur J. Schroeder home on Jett Road, circa 1966. ( (3x4.5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-27 Land, buildings and trees on Peachtree—Piedmont property [poor condition], 1966 November 29. ( 3 (3x4") )
IV.1RMC-PF-28 Proof sheets—Cook with family at home, circa 1965. ( (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-29 Cook with another man in front of Atlanta capitol building, circa 1965. ( (3x3") )
IV.1RMC-PF-30 Cook at public functions—with wife Betty Jo and constituents, circa 1966. ( 6 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-31 Proof sheets—Cook at home, as alderman, and individual portraits, circa 1966. ( 4 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-32 Cook in front of doors to Atlanta City Hall, circa 1967. ( (3.5x3.5"), (5x7") )
IV.1RMC-PF-33 Cook with Tom Murphy and other state legislators, circa 1967. ( (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-34 Cook, Paul Muldawer, Senator Frank Miller—Underground Atlanta, circa 1968. ( (8x10") color, (4x5") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-35 Cook, Buddy Fowlkes, Everett Milican, and Charlies Leftwich— Alderman Committee meeting, circa 1965. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-36 Phil Campbell, Cecil Turner, Cook, Ivan Allen, American Diary Princess, Buddy Fowlkes, Sam Massell, circa 1965. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-37 Richard Freeman and Cook leaving Atlanta City Hall, circa 1965. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-38 Cook and his daughter with George L. Smith, circa 1968. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-39 Cook and his son with George L. Smith, circa 1968. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-40 Cook with is family at television station WSB, circa 1968. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-41 Cook with his son and mother, circa 1968. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-42 Cook with Senator Gerald Ford (R-MI), 1969. ( 7 (8x10") b/w, (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-43 Cook on steps of nations capitol, 1969. ( 16 (8x10"), 2 (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-44 Cook with Bill Ruckelhaus, 1969. ( 13 (8x10"), (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-45 Unidentified man with Cook, 1969. ( 5 (8x10"), (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-46 Portraits of Cook at work, 1969. ( 34 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-47 Political functions—campaigning, pages, circa 1969. ( 9 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-48 Portrait of Cook, circa 1968. ( (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-49 Cook seated with two other assemblymen, in back, a group of young people are standing, circa 1968. ( 4 (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-50 Cook holding an envelope, circa 1965. ( (5x3") )
IV.1RMC-PF-51 Portrait of Cook, circa 1964. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-52 Cook attending a social function [poor condition], 1970. ( (8x10") )
IV.1RMC-PF-53 Cook at Rotary Club, Griffin, GA, 1970 July 4. ( (3x4") )
IV.1RMC-PF-54 Cook with other man standing in front of a car, 1970 October 24. ( (3.5x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-55 Ed Mergan with Cook, circa 1970. ( 4 (8x10"), (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-56 Cook with Bob Michael, circa 1970. ( 4 (8x10"), (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-57 Portrait of Cook, circa 1971. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-58 Cook speaking to the Georgia Safety Council, 1971. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-59 Vandalism to Cook campaign signs, 1972. ( 3 (3x4") color )
IV.1RMC-PF-60 Cook, B. J. Hampton—Campaign headquarters for mayors race, 1969. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-61 Fletcher Thompson, Cook, President and Mrs. Richard Nixon, 1972. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-62 Cook receiving a plaque from a young woman, circa 1972. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-63 Two men with John Lewis and Cook, circa 1972. ( (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-64 Cook shaking hands with unidentified man, circa 1972. ( (8x10"), (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-65 Cook shaking hands with unidentified man, circa 1972. ( (8x10"), (4x5") )
IV.1RMC-PF-66 Portrait of Cook, 1978. ( (8x10") color transparency )
IV.1RMC-PF-67Prints of Baldy and Eric [?] Cartoons depicting Cook and his career ( 3 (8x10") b/w )
IV.1RMC-PF-68[Negative of Baldy Cartoon, Mayoral Race], 1969
IV.1RMC-PF-69President's Club Meeting, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Boca Raton, Florida, 1956 April
IV.1RMC-PF-70Book signing for J. J. Brown, Capital City Club, Atlanta, 1992 December 10
IV.2Testimonial Dinner in Honor of James A. McLain, Hotel Pierre [group portrait; rolled photograph], 1963 December 2
IV.31Radio Station WATL Atlanta Annual Travel Scholarship Tour, Atlanta to Boston, 1940s
IV.32Sailor Cook on leave (World War II) enjoying show at La Hula Rhumba, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1940s
IV.33Rodney and Bettijo Cook Residence, 3495 Valley Road, Atlanta, 1959
IV.34Election Night: Ivan Allen, Richard Freeman, Cook and others, Atlanta, 1961
IV.35Cook and new-born daughter Jody Cook at home, Atlanta, 1960s
IV.36Wedding: Rodney and Sidney Cook with friends and family, 1970s
IV.37Rodney and Sidney Cook dressed for ball, Bakers' Farm, 1970s
IV.38Rodney and Sidney Cook at social event, Atlanta, 1978 July 1
IV.39Rodney and Sidney Cook at insurance event, circa 1980
IV.310Cook with Richard and Christina Freeman at Sidney Cook's 60th birthday celebration, Atlanta, 1983 March
IV.311Cook at Blenheim Palace, 1984 January
IV.312Rodney and Sidney Cook at ball, Atlanta [includes letter from Richard and Christina Freeman], 1986
IV.313Jack Kemp for President meeting: Sidney Cook, Sandy Miller, Jack Kemp and others, circa 1988
IV.314Cook home at Wild Dunes after Hurricane Hugo, South Carolina, 1989
IV.315Rodney and Sidney Cook with Jack Kemp, Atlanta, 1989
IV.316Rodney Mims Cook, Jr. and sister at Valley Road residence, Atlanta, 1980s
IV.317Rodney and Sidney Cook, Cape May, 1980s
IV.318Rodney and Sidney Cook and Mary Wayne Dixon at event, 1980s
IV.319Rodney and Sidney Cook, Venice, Italy, 1990 April
IV.320Golfing Trip to Scotland, 1990 August
IV.321Rodney and Sidney Cook in formal attire, Atlanta, circa 1990
IV.322Rodney and Sidney Cook with friends, Villa d'Este, Italy, 1994 April
IV.323-27Rodney and Sidney Cook residence construction, Charlestowne Grant, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, 1994-1995
IV.328Rodney and Sidney Cook with Ronnie Milsap and concert; Sidney's birthday dinner with family and friends, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, circa 1997
IV.329Rodney and Sidney Cook, Mount Vernon reception, 1998
IV.330Rodney and Sidney Cook with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Tornberg, Cape May, 1999 July 10
IV.331-32Cook, Atlanta, 1990s
IV.333Rodney and Sidney Cook with Mr. and Mrs. McLain, Versailles, 2000 January 31
IV.334David and Martha Lane family, Buckingham Palace, London, 2000 May
IV.335Rodney Mims Cook, Jr. and family at Charlestowne Grant property, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, circa 2000
IV.336-39Rodney and Sidney Cook residence, 128 Sea Oats, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, 2001
IV.340Cook and friend on golf course, Scotland, 2002 July
IV.341Cook and Lane Young, Litchfield-by-the-Sea, Pawleys Island, South Carolina, 2003
IV.342Cook at Big Canoe, circa 2003
IV.343-45Rodney Mims Cook, Jr. family residence, Alexandra Park, Buckhead, Atlanta, circa 2004
IV.346Alexandra and Emily Cook riding at Alexandra Park, Buckhead, Atlanta, circa 2004

V. Artifacts

13 item(s)
This series consists of campaign memorabilia, largely buttons promoting Cook's campaign for mayor of Atlanta in 1969.
V.1Pro-Paz Pin [dove with olive branch], 1969
V.1Red, Massell Balloon Mayor's Race, 1969
V.1"Cook" Campaign Button, 1972
V.1"Cook" Campaign Button, 1972
V.1"Cook" Campaign Button, 1972
V.1"Look to Cook" Campaign Button
V.1"Atlanta Needs Another Great Mayor", small campaign button—Mayor's Race, 1969
V.1"Atlanta Needs Another Great Mayor", large campaign button—Mayor's Race, 1969
V.1Cover to Republican Congressional Committee Speech Kit, 1972
V.1"I Am for Rodney Cook Representative" Campagn Button, undated
V.1"Cook" Campaign Buttons [3] , 1972
V.1"President Nixon" Campaign Button, 1972
IV.2Members of the House of Representatives [rolled posters], 1966-1972
IV.2Members of the Senate [rolled posters], 1969-1972
IV.2Masters for "Look Cook" Re-election Campaign [rolled items], circa 1970
IV.2Georgia House of Representatives Commissions [rolled certificate], 1966-1971

VI. Personal, 1946-2013

3 box(es) (1.75 linear feet and 984 megabytes)
This series includes materials documenting Cook's family life and business, files related to organizations of which he was a member, speeches he made to a variety of audiences, files compiled about his son, architect Rodney Mims Cook, Jr., and materials documenting his funeral.
This series contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.
VI.11[Business clippings, correspondence and photographs], 1942-1963
VI.12[Letter from James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy], 1946 July 16
VI.13[Clippings], 1950
VI.14[Clippings], 1963-1974
VI.15HR No. 697 - Resolution at passing of Mr. James L. Cook, 1968 February 15
VI.16Legislature, 1966
VI.17[National Education Association] Clinics, 1967
VI.18Guardian, 8
VI.19Notes on miscellaneous, undated
VI.110Speeches, 1968
VI.111Resurgens Speech, 1969 March 27
VI.112Mayor, 1969
VI.113Speech Material, 1971
VI.114-15Speeches, 1970-1971
VI.116All Purpose Speeches and Extra Copies, 1970
VI.117Atlanta, 1968
VI.118Campaign (Alderman?), undated
VI.119Consolidation Speech, undated
VI.120Church Groups, 1964
VI.121Government and Morals, 1965
VI.122Civil War Round Table, 1973
VI.123Fulton County Development Authority, 2000
VI.124Gridiron Secret Society, 1978
VI.125Martin Manor Civic Club, undated
VI.126MDRT [Million Dollar Round Table], 1969-2004
VI.127Oglethorpe University, 1979
VI.128Peachtree Planning Corporation, 2011
Rodney Mims Cook, Jr.
VI.21-2Mims, 1973-2004
VI.23-5Mims Cook - #2, 1975-1996
VI.26-8Rodney, Jr., 1974-1981
VI.29[Preliminary architectural drawings of Mims Park] (3), 2012
III.4[Clippings: Rodney Cook home], 1963-1965
ER 1Rodney Mims Cook, Sr. Funeral [digital files], 2013

VII. Audiovisual Materials

2 item(s)
User reference copies of the audiovisual recordings may be available upon request. Availability is dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
Original and transfer media formats for this collection include 16mm film and DVD.
RBRL/180/RMC DVD 0001Rodney Mims Cook, Sr. Videos, 2012-2013 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
RBRL/180/RMC 16mm 0001The New Breed in the South (Young Republican National Federation film), 1960s ( 1 moving_image(s) )

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