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Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VII: Office Administration

Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VII: Office Administration

Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VII: Office Administration
Creator: Thomas, Robert Lindsay, 1943-
Inclusive Dates: 1981-1992
Language(s): English
Extent: 3 box(es) (3 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL179RLT_VII
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Robert Lindsay Thomas represented the First Congressional District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1992. Series VII: Office Administration documents the work of Thomas's Washington D.C. office and includes correspondence, records from event and travel planning, office policies, staff lists, and information that the staff gathered to serve Thomas and his constituents.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Lindsay Thomas, a Democrat, was elected in 1983 to represent the First Congressional District of Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his terms, he served in different capacities on the Agriculture Committee (1983/1984; 1985/1986), Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee (1983/1984; 1985/1986), and Appropriations Committee (1989/1990; 1991/1992), and served as co-chair for the Wetlands Task Force and the Forestry 2000 Taskforce. Thomas gained a reputation for his middle-of-the-road views and for supporting environmental causes. He chose not to run for another term in 1992.

After leaving the House, Thomas first worked as director of governmental affairs for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. He became president and CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1996, building the organization into a powerful lobbying force for Georgia businesses. From 1998 to 2002, he served as the federal commissioner of the Georgia, Florida and Alabama Tri-State Water Compacts, and in 2002 he became senior vice president of governmental affairs for AGL Resources.

Robert Lindsay Thomas was born on November 20, 1943 in Patterson, Georgia and earned a B.A. degree in English from the University of Georgia in 1965. Prior to his political career, Thomas worked as an investment banker and stockbroker until 1973, when he took over management of a farm he inherited. He also served in the Georgia Air National Guard from 1966 to 1972.

Scope and Content

Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Series VII: Office Administration documents the work of Thomas's Washington D.C. office. The series includes correspondence, records from event and travel planning, office policies, staff lists, and information that the staff gathered to serve Thomas and his constituents.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is organized into six subseries: A. Correspondence, B. Events, C. Information, D. Policies, E. Staff, and F. Travel. The rest of Thomas's Papers are described in separate finding aids: Series I: District Office, Series II: Political, Series III: Personal, Series IV: Legislative, Series V: Constituent Services, Series VI: Press Relations and Media Activities, Series VIII: Photographs, Series IX: Artifacts, and Audiovisual Materials.

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Robert Lindsay Thomas Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, 2013.

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Legislators -- Georgia.
Thomas, Robert Lindsay, 1943-
United States. Congress. House.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


VII. Office Administration, 1981-1992

A. Correspondence

VII.11Inauguration, 1989
VII.12Miscellaneous, 1989
VII.13Awards and Activities, 1990
VII.14Miscellaneous, 1990
VII.15Miscellaneous, 1992
VII.16F-16 Ride, undated
VII.17Sidney Lanier Bridge-Brunswick, 1990

B. Events

VII.18NAM [National Association of Manufacturers] Luncheon Meeting, 1983
VII.19YMCA Seminar, 1983
VII.110Georgia Agribusiness Council Visit, 1984
VII.111Savannah Export Trade Seminar, 1984
VII.112Georgia Products Dinner, 1985
VII.113Galvin Luncheon, 1985
VII.114Savannah River Plant [Visit], 1986
VII.115Allen Paulson Luncheon, 1984 August 4
VII.116[USS Georgia], 1984
VII.117[USS Georgia], 1983-1984
VII.118St. Patrick's Day, 1987
VII.119Talmadge Bridge Luncheon, 1987
VII.120Australia Visit Info Miscellaneous, 1987
VII.121Coastal Trip with Carter, 1987
VII.122Paulson Reception, 1988
VII.123Liberty County Day, 1988
VII.124Georgia Delegation Alumni Breakfast, 1988
VII.125President's Georgia Trip, 1989 June 15
VII.126YMCA State Dinner- Host, 1989 October 23-24
VII.127Pre-Legislative Forum, 1989
VII.128Bo Ginn Fish Hatchery, 1989
VII.129Jane Parker Claxton Reception, undated
VII.130Guestbook for Guests of Thomas' Office, 1983-1987
VII.131Guestbook from Thomas' Washington DC Office, 1987-1988
VII.132Unknown Guestbook, undated

C. Information

VII.133Agriculture Bulletins [Information], 1984-1987
VII.134Black Elected Officials 1st District, 1984
VII.135Benchmark Memos, 1984-1987
VII.136Congressional Award, 1985
VII.137Congressional Award Program (folder 1 of 2), 1990
VII.21Congressional Award Program (folder 2 of 2), 1990
VII.22Congressional Award Program, 1991
VII.23Congressional Award Program, 1992
VII.24Congressional Research Service, Background Material [Speech Writing and Legislative Process], 1987
VII.25Congressional Research Survey, Background Material [Flag], undated
VII.26Congressional Research Service, Background Material [Legislative Process], 1987
VII.27Congressional Research Service, Background Material [Legislative Research], 1981-1986
VII.28Consumer Catalog, 1983-1985
VII.29District Information, 1991
VII.210Flags [Thomas Register], 1982
VII.211Georgia Congressmen, undated
VII.212Group Tour Information, undated
VII.213Special Events Information, undated
VII.214Sapelo Island, 1987
VII.215Secrets of the Capitol Dome Lecture- Steven D. Ealy, 1986 October 3
VII.216Space Camp, 1989
VII.217Yellow Pages for Local Government Assistance Needs, 1984
VII.218Misc. Information, 1986-1987
VII.219Misc. Information, 1986
VII.220Misc. Information, 1985-1986
VII.221Misc. Information, 1984-1985
VII.222Misc. Information, 1985-1986

D. Policies

VII.223Civil Action Program-Politics and You: Campaigning Handbook; Politics and You: Campaign Game Book, 1982
VII.224Congressional Handbook, 98th Congress, 1983-1984
VII.225Franking, 1987
VII.226Notification of Election Contribution, 1983
VII.227Office Administration Manual, 1983
VII.228Use of Committee on Ag. Hearing Rooms, 1985
VII.229Open Season Health Benefits, 1985
VII.230Presidential Classroom, 1983
VII.231Room Requests, 1991
VII.232Samples [Form Letter Examples], 1985
VII.233Scheduling Task Force, 1989
VII.234Sexual Harassment, 1991
VII.235Standards of Official Conduct, 1991
VII.236Telephones, 1988
VII.237Office Information, 1989-1991
VII.238Office District, 1986
VII.31Office Washington, 1986
VII.32Office Washington, 1984
VII.33Office District, 1984
VII.34Office and District, 1985
VII.35Office Washington, 1984-1985
VII.36Office Information, 1988

E. Staff

VII.37Staff, undated
VII.38Staff Acknowledgement Letters, 1991-1992
VII.39Staff Info, 1986
VII.310Staff Info, 1991
VII.311Staff Information, 1989
VII.312Thomas Staff-Nancy Newton, 1986-1989
VII.313Biographies [Thomas Staff], 1989
VII.314Inter-Office Memos Nancy Newton, 1984
VII.315Notes to Staff, 1986
VII.316Page Info, 1984
VII.317Intern Housing, 1984-1985
VII.318Intern Program, 1987
VII.319Internship/Fellowship Info Close Up, 1987
VII.320Intern Info, 1988-1989
VII.321Summer Interns, 1989
VII.322Internship/Fellowship Info Close Up, 1989
VII.323Intern Housing Info, 1989
VII.324Congressional Senior Citizen Intern Program, 1990
VII.325Intern Handbook, 1990-1991
VII.326Page Information, 1991
VII.327Intern Housing, undated

F. Travel

VII.328Georgia Agribusiness Trip, 1989
VII.329Travel Information, 1984
VII.330Trip to District, 1984 April
VII.331Travel Information, 1984-1986
VII.332Chicago Trip, 1985 September 27
VII.333Mexico Trip [Includes Photographs], 1985
VII.334Travel Information, 1987
VII.335Montana Trip, 1987-1988
VII.336Travel Information, 1988
VII.337Bevill Trip to Brunswick, 1989 May 5-7
VII.338Travel Information, 1989
VII.339Travel, 1991
VII.340Park Travel Agenda, undated