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Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series III: Political

Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series III: Political

Descriptive Summary

Title: Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series III: Political
Creator: Hardman, Lamartine Griffin, 1856-1937
Inclusive Dates: 1894, 1914-1928
Language: English
Extent: 44 box(es) (20.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL/137/LGH_III
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series III: Political files are divided into two subseries. The General files include correspondence, speeches, financial records, and newspaper clippings relating to Governor Hardman's gubernatorial campaigns. There are also fragmentary accounts of the 1894 campaign for State Senator. The most prolific records are from the 1926 and 1928 gubernatorial campaigns. The County files were kept in the campaign years 1926 and 1928 and are arranged alphabetically then chronologically by county. The majority of correspondence consists of mass-mailings to the electorate. There is also some correspondence between the candidate and his supporters.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Reputedly one of the wealthiest men in North Georgia at the turn of the century, Dr. Lamartine Griffin Hardman was a man who had diverse interests in a number of areas. Physician, businessman, manufacturer, farmer and statesman: Hardman's versatile career embodied the full spirit of the Progressive Era in the South. He was truly a Renaissance man.

One of eleven children, Lamartine Griffin Hardman was born on April 14, 1856 in Harmony Grove (now Commerce), Georgia to Dr. William Benjamin Johnson and Susan Elizabeth Colquitt Hardman. His father was a physician and Baptist minister. Hardman inherited his political aspirations from the Colquitt side of the family, which counted among its members four governors in Georgia and Texas.

Hardman first followed his father's footsteps by attending medical college. He graduated from the Georgia Medical College in Augusta in 1876 and opened his own practice in Commerce later in that year. He then furthered his medical training at Bellevue Hospital in New York, and pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, the New York Polyclinic and Guy Hospital in London, from which he received a second degree in 1890.

Returning home after nearly a decade and a half out of the South, Hardman opened his own medical practice in Commerce, and later joined his brother, William B. Hardman, in establishing the Hardman Sanatorium in 1899. "They introduced into the hospital advanced apparatus," claimed journalist Louie Newton, "and before 1900 Dr. L. G. Hardman was a nationally known physician." The sanatorium served a large numbers of patients throughout northeast Georgia until 1945.

During this period, Hardman experimented in the field of anesthetics. He had completely anesthetized an animal by injecting tincture of Indian Hemp (cannabis indica) into the femoral vein of a dog. This work brought him into close touch with the earlier work of Dr. Crawford W. Long. Long was well known in medical history as a pioneer in the use of ether as an anesthetic during surgery in the 1840s in nearby Jefferson.

Besides his medical practice and research, Hardman was committed to creating manufacturing enterprises to stimulate economic growth in rural north Georgia. In 1893, Hardman founded the Harmony Grove Cotton Mills. He later established the Hardman Roller Mills, also in Commerce.

While he was creating a local manufacturing boom in Commerce, Hardman was also investing in farmlands. By 1900, he was among the largest farmers in Georgia, owning land in seven counties and in Florida. From walnuts to livestock, Hardman was an example of a successful scientific farmer. He conducted a variety of experiments on his produce, and if successful, shared his new methods with his neighbors. His commitment to agriculture innovation was reflected in his active service as a trustee of the Georgia State College of Agriculture in Athens. This would later become the Agriculture College at the University of Georgia.

As if such enterprises did not fully consume his time and energies, Hardman accepted the challenge of political life with encouragement from his friends and colleagues. He was elected to the Georgia legislature in 1902 as a representative from Jackson County. He served in the House until 1907, when he was elected state senator, an office he held through 1908. He returned to the House for a final term in 1909. During his tenure in the General Assembly, Hardman introduced considerable legislation, including a bill requiring public schools to offer basic agriculture courses; a measure petitioning the United States Congress to authorize a commission to conduct a drainage survey of Georgia; an act furnishing free treatment for hydrophobia, utilizing the Pasteur method; and legislation establishing the State Board of Health.

In 1907, Dr. Hardman, along with W. A. Covington and W. J. Neel, authored the prohibition bill banning legalized whiskey in Georgia. Upon its passage, he received much acclaim, with favorable mail from around the country congratulating him on this early victory for the Prohibition movement. As both a physician and son of a Baptist minister, Hardman believed that alcohol was destructive to the human body and that no good could come from its use.

For more personal reasons, 1907 was also an important year for Hardman. At the age of fifty-one, he married the twenty-five year old Emma Wiley Griffin, from a socially prominent family in Valdosta. They had met in 1901 when introduced by W. W. Landrum, an Atlanta preacher. On a bet, Reverend Landrum promised to introduce the matrimony-proof Hardman to a young woman in Valdosta if on their wedding day he would give the Baptist mission $1,000. After six years of courtship they married, and had four children together.

During World War I, Hardman served as the U. S. Fuel Administrator for Georgia. After two unsuccessful gubernatorial campaigns in 1914 and 1916, he was finally elected governor in 1926 (at the age of seventy-four) in a run-off election over John Holder, who had generated controversy for fiscal improprieties as head of the state highway board. In 1928, he comfortably defeated E. D. Rivers in his bid for re-election as the state's chief executive.

Governor Hardman promised to give the state a businesslike administration, eliminating waste and extravagance. In his second inaugural address in 1929, he declared: "It is apparent in our state, and indeed in most, if not all the states in the Union, that there is a need and a demand for a more modern, businesslike arrangement of operating the state's affairs." He went on in that speech to recommend the creation of an agriculture college as part of the University of Georgia, and the preservation of the "the majesty and enforcement of the law."

Unfortunately, Hardman proposed this ambitious agenda just before the stock market crash and the onset of the Great Depression. Given the ensuing climate, the legislature was in no mood to embrace dramatic changes of this sort. Nevertheless, Hardman could claim more minor achievements for his administration. During his governorship, the state capitol was remodeled, the Rhodes home in Atlanta was accepted as a depository for the state archives, and a plant to produce license tags was established. His most significant achievement was in laying the groundwork for a comprehensive reorganization of the state's government, the Allen Commission on Simplification and Coordination, headed by Ivan Allen, Sr., that would be put into effect by Hardman's successor, Richard B. Russell, Jr.

Hardman was seventy-seven years old when he relinquished the governor's office in 1933. He returned to Commerce, where he lived the last four years of his life. He died of a heart ailment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on February 18, 1937.

Scope and Content

Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Series III: Political files are divided into two subseries. The General files include correspondence, speeches, financial records, and newspaper clippings relating to Governor Hardman's gubernatorial campaigns. There are also fragmentary accounts of the 1894 campaign for State Senator. The most prolific records are from the 1926 and 1928 gubernatorial campaigns. The County files were kept in the campaign years 1926 and 1928 and are arranged alphabetically then chronologically by county. The majority of correspondence consists of mass-mailings to the electorate. There is also some correspondence between the candidate and his supporters.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is organized into two subseries: General and County files.

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Lamartine Griffin Hardman Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Processing Note

During the arrangement and description process, archivists noted that many of the manuscripts were very fragile and in need of preservation work. After Hardman's death in 1937 his papers were moved to Harmony Grove Mills for storage. When the Hardman family sold the mill in 1990 the papers were transferred to the basement of the First Commerce Bank in Commerce, GA. Shortly after the papers arrived at the Russell Library, archivists observed that the collection had suffered serious deterioration from poor paper quality. Additionally, many of the pulp paper carbons of Hardman's correspondence had become very brittle and were literally breaking into pieces. The more these originals were handled, the more fragile they became. These papers required transfer to an additional format to ensure the information would be available for current and future researchers. After discussions with the Hardman family in 1997, Russell Library archivists proposed a project to microfilm the collection.

Thanks to a generous grant through the Harmony Grove Foundation, the Hardman Preservation Microfilming Project began in January 1998. The library hired a microfilm preservation specialist to prepare the collection for filming and to supervise the filming project, which was conducted in cooperation with Computer Hardware, Imaging and Preservation Services (CHIPS) at the University of Georgia Libraries. Items in each folder of the collection were re-arranged alphabetically or chronologically (depending on the nature of the material), a task that took well over a year to complete. Items not selected for filming routinely included duplicates, household bills and receipts, cancelled checks, invitations, greeting cards, photographs, advertisements and promotional pamphlets, and non-print memorabilia. Material to be filmed was then counted, programmed onto individual reels, targeted and microfilmed according to Research Libraries Group (RLG) guidelines--a process that ultimately produced 153 reels of microfilm, or roughly one reel per linear foot of manuscript material. Reels for research use are housed at the Russell Library. Master negatives are stored at the Georgia Department of Archives and History in Atlanta; copy negatives are housed at the University of Georgia Libraries. A microfilm reel finding aid, keyed to the collection finding aid, is available to assist researchers.

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Use of microfilm recommended.

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Before material from collections at the Richard B. Russell Library may be quoted in print, or otherwise reproduced, in whole or in part, in any publication, permission must be obtained from (1) the owner of the physical property, and (2) the holder of the copyright. It is the particular responsibility of the researcher to obtain both sets of permissions. Persons wishing to quote from materials in the Russell Library collection should consult the Director. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original.

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Agricultural industries -- Georgia.
Commerce (Ga.)
Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1865-1950.
Georgia. General Assembly. House of Representatives.
Georgia. General Assembly. Senate.
Georgia. Governor (1927-1931: Hardman)
Governors -- Georgia.
Hardman, Emma
Legislative records.
Legislators -- Georgia.
Medicine -- Practice -- Georgia.
Physicians -- Georgia.
Valdosta (Ga.)
Women -- Georgia -- Diaries.
World War, 1914-1918 -- Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


III. Political

44 box(es)
(20.5 linear feet)
This series contains the political papers of Governor Hardman from 1894 and from 1914 to 1928. The series is divided into two subseries. General files include correspondence, speeches, financial records, and newspaper clippings relating to Governor Hardman's gubernatorial campaigns. There are also fragmentary accounts of the 1894 campaign for State Senator. The most prolific records are from the 1926 and 1928 gubernatorial campaigns. Telegrams congratulating Hardman on his heated 1926 campaign and subsequent run-off election victory over opponent John Holder are included in Box 3A. News stories and editorials accompany the correspondence. Arrangement is chronological. The County files were kept in the campaign years 1926 and 1928 and are arranged alphabetically then chronologically by county. The majority of correspondence consists of mass-mailings to the electorate. There is also some correspondence between the candidate and his supporters. There are thick files from relatively small counties where the races were hotly contested, and there is a file on Milton County (Alpharetta, county seat) which is no longer in existence.

A. General

11-2State Senate [microfilm reel #64], 1894
13Gubernatorial [microfilm reel #64], 1914
14-11Gubernatorial [microfilm reel #64], 1916
21-7Gubernatorial [microfilm reel #64-65], 1926
3A1-4Gubernatorial [microfilm reel #65], 1926
3A5-12Gubernatorial [microfilm reel #66], 1928
3B1-11Gubernatorial [microfilm reel #66], 1928
OS1Oversize items [not filmed], 1928
L.G. Hardman Campaign poster [not filmed]
Prohibition broadside

B. County files

41Appling [microfilm reel #66], 1926
42Appling [microfilm reel #66], 1928
43Atkinson [microfilm reel #66], 1926
44Atkinson [microfilm reel #66], 1928
45Bacon [microfilm reel #66], 1926
46Bacon [microfilm reel #66], 1928
47Baker [microfilm reel #66], 1926
48Baker [microfilm reel #66], 1928
49Baldwin [microfilm reel #67], 1926
410Baldwin [microfilm reel #67], 1928
411Banks [microfilm reel #67], 1926
412Banks [microfilm reel #67], 1928
413Barrow [microfilm reel #67], 1926
414Barrow [microfilm reel #67], 1928
415Bartow [microfilm reel #67], 1926
416Bartow [microfilm reel #67], 1928
51Ben Hill [microfilm reel #67], 1926
52Ben Hill [microfilm reel #67], 1928
53Berrien [microfilm reel #67], 1926
54Berrien [microfilm reel #67], 1928
55Bibb [microfilm reel #67], 1926
56Bibb [microfilm reel #67], 1928
57Bleckley [microfilm reel #68], 1926
58Bleckley [microfilm reel #68], 1928
59Brantley [microfilm reel #68], 1928
510Brooks [microfilm reel #68], 1926
511Brooks [microfilm reel #68], 1928
61Bryan [microfilm reel #68], 1926
62Bryan [microfilm reel #68], 1928
63Bulloch [microfilm reel #68], 1926
64Bulloch [microfilm reel #68], 1928
65Burke [microfilm reel #68], 1926
66-7Burke [microfilm reel #68], 1928
68Butts [microfilm reel #68], 1926
69-10Butts [microfilm reel #68], 1928
71Calhoun [microfilm reel #68], 1926
72Calhoun [microfilm reel #68], 1928
73Camden [microfilm reel #69], 1926
74Camden [microfilm reel #69], 1928
75Campbell [microfilm reel #69], 1926
76Campbell [microfilm reel #69], 1928
77Candler [microfilm reel #69], 1926
78Candler [microfilm reel #69], 1928
79Carroll [microfilm reel #69], 1926
710Carroll [microfilm reel #69], 1928
711Catoosa [microfilm reel #69], 1926
712Catoosa [microfilm reel #69], 1928
81Charlton [microfilm reel #69], 1926
82-4Charlton [microfilm reel #69], 1928
85Chatham [microfilm reel #69], 1926
86-7Chatham [microfilm reel #69], 1928
91Chattahoochee [microfilm reel #69], 1926
92Chattahoochee [microfilm reel #69], 1928
93Chatooga [microfilm reel #69], 1926
94Chatooga [microfilm reel #69], 1928
95Cherokee [microfilm reel #69], 1926
96Cherokee [microfilm reel #69], 1928
97-8Clarke [microfilm reel #70], 1926
99Clarke [microfilm reel #70], 1928
910Clay [microfilm reel #70], 1926
911Clay [microfilm reel #70], 1928
912Clayton [microfilm reel #70], 1926
913Clayton [microfilm reel #70], 1928
914Clinch [microfilm reel #70], 1926
915Clinch [microfilm reel #70], 1928
101Cobb [microfilm reel #70], 1926
102Cobb [microfilm reel #70], 1926
103Coffee [microfilm reel #70], 1926
104-5Coffee [microfilm reel #70], 1928
106Colquitt [microfilm reel #70], 1926
107Colquitt [microfilm reel #70], 1928
108Columbia [microfilm reel #70], 1926
109Columbia [microfilm reel #70], 1928
1010Cook [microfilm reel #70], 1926
1011Cook [microfilm reel #70], 1928
1012Coweta [microfilm reel #70], 1926
1013Coweta [microfilm reel #70], 1928
1014Crawford [microfilm reel #70], 1926
1015Crawford [microfilm reel #70], 1928
111Crisp [microfilm reel #71], 1926
112Crisp [microfilm reel #71], 1928
113Dade [microfilm reel #71], 1926
114Dade [microfilm reel #71], 1928
115Dawson [microfilm reel #71], 1926
116Dawson [microfilm reel #71], 1928
117Decatur [microfilm reel #71], 1926
118Decatur [microfilm reel #71], 1928
119DeKalb [microfilm reel #71], 1926
121-7DeKalb [microfilm reel #71], 1928
131Dodge [microfilm reel #71], 1926
132Dodge [microfilm reel #71], 1928
133Dooly [microfilm reel #71], 1926
134Dooly [microfilm reel #71], 1928
135Dougherty [microfilm reel #71], 1926
136Dougherty [microfilm reel #71], 1928
137Douglas [microfilm reel #71], 1926
138Douglas [microfilm reel #71], 1928
139Early [microfilm reel #71], 1926
1310Early [microfilm reel #71], 1928
141Echols [microfilm reel #72], 1926
142Echols [microfilm reel #72], 1928
143Effingham [microfilm reel #72], 1926
144Effingham [microfilm reel #72], 1928
145Elbert [microfilm reel #72], 1926
146Elbert [microfilm reel #72], 1928
147Emanuel [microfilm reel #72], 1926
148-9Emanuel [microfilm reel #72], 1928
151Evans [microfilm reel #72], 1926
152Evans [microfilm reel #72], 1928
153Fannin [microfilm reel #72], 1926
154-6Fannin [microfilm reel #72], 1928
157Fayette [microfilm reel #72], 1926
158Fayette [microfilm reel #72], 1928
159Floyd [microfilm reel #72], 1926
1510Floyd [microfilm reel #72], 1928
161-3Floyd [microfilm reel #72], 1928
164Forsyth [microfilm reel #72], 1926
165Forsyth [microfilm reel #72], 1928
166Franklin [microfilm reel #72], 1926
167Franklin [microfilm reel #72], 1928
1712Fulton [microfilm reel #73], 1926
173-6Fulton [microfilm reel #73], 1928
181-6Fulton [microfilm reel #73], 1928
191-5Fulton [microfilm reel #73], 1928
201-5Fulton [microfilm reel #74], 1928
211-6Fulton [microfilm reel #74], 1928
221Gilmer [microfilm reel #74], 1928
222Glascock [microfilm reel #74], 1926
223Glascock [microfilm reel #74], 1928
224Glynn [microfilm reel #74], 1926
225Glynn [microfilm reel #74], 1928
226Gordon [microfilm reel #74], 1926
227Gordon [microfilm reel #74], 1928
228Grady [microfilm reel #74], 1926
229-10Grady [microfilm reel #74], 1928
2211Greene [microfilm reel #74], 1926
2212Greene [microfilm reel #74], 1928
231Gwinnett [microfilm reel #74], 1926
232Gwinnett [microfilm reel #74], 1928
233Habersham [microfilm reel #74], 1926
234Habersham [microfilm reel #74], 1928
235Hall [microfilm reel #75], 1926
236-7Hall [microfilm reel #75], 1928
241Hancock [microfilm reel #75], 1926
242Hancock [microfilm reel #75], 1928
243Haralson [microfilm reel #75], 1926
244Haralson [microfilm reel #75], 1928
245Harris [microfilm reel #75], 1926
246Harris [microfilm reel #75], 1928
247Hart [microfilm reel #75], 1926
248Hart [microfilm reel #75], 1928
249Heard [microfilm reel #75], 1926
2410Heard [microfilm reel #75], 1928
2411Henry [microfilm reel #75], 1926
2412Henry [microfilm reel #75], 1928
2413Houston [microfilm reel #75], 1926
2414Houston [microfilm reel #75], 1928
2415Irwin [microfilm reel #75], 1926
2416Irwin [microfilm reel #75], 1928
251Jackson [microfilm reel #76], 1926
252Jackson [microfilm reel #76], 1928
253Jasper [microfilm reel #76], 1926
254Jasper [microfilm reel #76], 1928
255Jeff Davis [microfilm reel #76], 1926
256Jeff Davis [microfilm reel #76], 1928
257Jefferson [microfilm reel #76], 1926
258Jefferson [microfilm reel #76], 1928
259Jenkins [microfilm reel #76], 1926
2510Jenkins [microfilm reel #76], 1928
2511Johnson [microfilm reel #76], 1926
2512Johnson [microfilm reel #76], 1928
2513Jones [microfilm reel #76], 1926
2514Jones [microfilm reel #76], 1928
261Lamar [microfilm reel #76], 1926
262Lamar [microfilm reel #76], 1928
263Lanier [microfilm reel #76], 1926
264Lanier [microfilm reel #76], 1928
265Laurens [microfilm reel #77], 1926
266Laurens [microfilm reel #77], 1928
267Lee [microfilm reel #77], 1926
268-10Lee [microfilm reel #77], 1928
271Liberty [microfilm reel #77], 1926
272Liberty [microfilm reel #77], 1928
273Lincoln [microfilm reel #77], 1926
274Lincoln [microfilm reel #77], 1928
275Long [microfilm reel #77], 1926
276Long [microfilm reel #77], 1928
277Lowndes [microfilm reel #77], 1926
278Lowndes [microfilm reel #77], 1928
279Lumpkin [microfilm reel #77], 1926
2710Lumpkin [microfilm reel #77], 1928
2711McDuffie [microfilm reel #77], 1926
2712McDuffie [microfilm reel #77], 1928
2713McIntosh [microfilm reel #77], 1926
2714McIntosh [microfilm reel #77], 1928
281Macon [microfilm reel #77], 1926
282Macon [microfilm reel #77], 1928
283Madison [microfilm reel #77], 1926
284Madison [microfilm reel #78], 1928
285Marion [microfilm reel #78], 1926
286Marion [microfilm reel #78], 1928
287Meriwether [microfilm reel #78], 1926
288Meriwether [microfilm reel #78], 1928
289Miller [microfilm reel #78], 1926
2810Miller [microfilm reel #78], 1928
2811Milton [microfilm reel #78], 1926
2812Milton [microfilm reel #78], 1928
291Mitchell [microfilm reel #78], 1926
292Mitchell [microfilm reel #78], 1928
293Monroe [microfilm reel #78], 1926
294Monroe [microfilm reel #78], 1928
295Montgomery [microfilm reel #78], 1926
296-8Montgomery [microfilm reel #78], 1928
301-4Montgomery [microfilm reel #78], 1928
311Montgomery [microfilm reel #78], 1928
312Morgan [microfilm reel #78], 1926
313Morgan [microfilm reel #78], 1926
314Murray [microfilm reel #79], 1926
315Murray [microfilm reel #79], 1928
316Muscogee [microfilm reel #79], 1926
317-8Muscogee [microfilm reel #79], 1928
321Newton [microfilm reel #79], 1926
322Newton [microfilm reel #79], 1928
323Oconee [microfilm reel #79], 1926
324Oconee [microfilm reel #79], 1928
325Oglethorpe [microfilm reel #79], 1926
326Oglethorpe [microfilm reel #79], 1928
327Paulding [microfilm reel #79], 1926
328Paulding [microfilm reel #79], 1928
329Peach [microfilm reel #79], 1926
3210Peach [microfilm reel #79], 1928
3211Pickens [microfilm reel #79], 1926
3212Pickens [microfilm reel #79], 1928
3213Pierce [microfilm reel #79], 1926
3214Pierce [microfilm reel #79], 1928
3215Pike [microfilm reel #79], 1926
3216Pike [microfilm reel #79], 1928
331Polk [microfilm reel #79], 1926
332Polk [microfilm reel #80], 1928
333Pulaski [microfilm reel #80], 1926
334Pulaski [microfilm reel #80], 1928
335Putnam [microfilm reel #80], 1926
336Putnam [microfilm reel #80], 1928
337Quitman [microfilm reel #80], 1926
338Quitman [microfilm reel #80], 1928
339Rabun [microfilm reel #80], 1926
3310Rabun [microfilm reel #80], 1928
3311Randolph [microfilm reel #80], 1926
3312Randolph [microfilm reel #80], 1928
341Richmond [microfilm reel #80], 1926
342-4Richmond [microfilm reel #80-81], 1928
345Rockdale [microfilm reel #81], 1926
346Rockdale [microfilm reel #81], 1928
347Screven [microfilm reel #81], 1926
348Screven [microfilm reel #81], 1928
349Schley [microfilm reel #81], 1926
3410Schley [microfilm reel #81], 1928
351Seminole [microfilm reel #81], 1926
352Seminole [microfilm reel #81], 1928
353Spalding [microfilm reel #81], 1926
354Spalding [microfilm reel #81], 1928
355Stephens [microfilm reel #81], 1926
356Stephens [microfilm reel #81], 1928
357Stewart [microfilm reel #81], 1926
358Stewart [microfilm reel #81], 1928
359Sumter [microfilm reel #81], 1926
3510-11Sumter [microfilm reel #81], 1928
3512Talbot [microfilm reel #82], 1926
3513Talbot [microfilm reel #82], 1928
361Taliaferro [microfilm reel #82], 1926
362Taliaferro [microfilm reel #82], 1928
363Tattnall [microfilm reel #82], 1926
364Tattnall [microfilm reel #82], 1928
365Taylor [microfilm reel #82], 1926
366Taylor [microfilm reel #82], 1928
367Telfair [microfilm reel #82], 1926
368Telfair [microfilm reel #82], 1928
369Terrell [microfilm reel #82], 1926
3610Terrell [microfilm reel #82], 1928
3611Thomas [microfilm reel #82], 1926
3612Thomas [microfilm reel #82], 1928
361Tift [microfilm reel #82], 1926
372Tift [microfilm reel #82], 1928
373Toombs [microfilm reel #82], 1926
374-5Toombs [microfilm reel #82], 1928
376Towns [microfilm reel #82], 1926
377Towns [microfilm reel #83], 1928
378Treutlen [microfilm reel #83], 1926
379Treutlen [microfilm reel #83], 1928
3710Troup [microfilm reel #83], 1926
3711Troup [microfilm reel #83], 1928
3712Turner [microfilm reel #83], 1926
3713Turner [microfilm reel #83], 1928
381Twiggs [microfilm reel #83], 1926
382Twiggs [microfilm reel #83], 1928
383Union [microfilm reel #83], 1926
384Union [microfilm reel #83], 1928
385Upson [microfilm reel #83], 1926
386Upson [microfilm reel #83], 1928
387Walker [microfilm reel #83], 1926
388Walker [microfilm reel #83], 1928
389Walton [microfilm reel #83], 1926
3810Walton [microfilm reel #83], 1928
3811Ware [microfilm reel #83], 1926
3812-13Ware [microfilm reel #83], 1928
3814Warren [microfilm reel #84], 1926
3815Warren [microfilm reel #84], 1928
391Washington [microfilm reel #84], 1926
392Washington [microfilm reel #84], 1928
393Wayne [microfilm reel #84], 1926
394Wayne [microfilm reel #84], 1928
395Webster [microfilm reel #84], 1926
396Webster [microfilm reel #84], 1928
397Wheeler [microfilm reel #84], 1926
3981928, 1928
399White [microfilm reel #84], 1926
3910White [microfilm reel #84], 1928
3911Whitfield [microfilm reel #84], 1926
3912Whitfield [microfilm reel #84], 1928
3913Wilcox [microfilm reel #84], 1926
3914-16Wilcox [microfilm reel #84], 1928
401-5Wilcox [microfilm reel #84], 1928
411Wilkes [microfilm reel #84], 1926
412Wilkes [microfilm reel #84], 1928
413Wilkinson [microfilm reel #85], 1926
414Wilkinson [microfilm reel #85], 1928
415Worth [microfilm reel #85], 1926
416Worth [microfilm reel #85], 1928
417County file -general [microfilm reel #85], 1928
418-9Clippings [microfilm reel #85], 1926, 1928
42Campaign posters, rally meeting posters [oversize] [microfilm reel #85]