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Descriptive Summary
Collection Description
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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing
V. Legislative, 93rd Congress 1973-1975
A. General Legislative
B. Agriculture Committee
C. Appropriations Committee
D. Armed Services
E. Banking and Currency
F. District of Columbia
G. Education & Labor
H. Foreign Affairs
I. Government Operations
J. House Administration
K. Interior & Insular
M. Interstate & Foreign Commerce
N. Judiciary
O. Merchant Marine & Fisheries
P. Post Office & Civil Service
Q. Public Works
R. Rules
S. Sciences & Astronautics
U. Veterans
V. Ways and Means
W. Davis Committees
X. Davis Bills
V. Legislative, 92nd Congress 1971-1973
A. General Legislative
B. Agriculture
C. Appropriations
D. Armed Services
E. Banking & Currency
F. District of Columbia
G. Education & Labor
H. Foreign Affairs
I. Government Operations
J. House Administration
K. Interior & Insular
L. Internal Security
M. Interstate & Foreign Commerce
N. Judiciary
O. Merchant Marines & Fisheries
P. Post Office
Q. Public Works
R. Rules
S. Science & Astronautics
T. Standards of Official Conduct
U. Veterans Affairs
V. Ways & Means
W. Davis Committees
X. Davis Bills
V. Legislative, 91st Congress 1969-1971
A. General Legislative
B. Agriculture Committee
C. Appropriations Committee
D. Armed Forces Committee
E. Banking & Currency Committee
G. Education & Labor Committee
H. Foreign Affairs Committee
I. Government Operations Committee
J. House Administration Committee
K. Interior and Insular Affairs
M. Interstate & Foreign Commerce Committee
N. Judiciary Committee
P. Postal and Federal Employees Committee
Q. Public Works Committee
R. Rules Committee
S. Science & Astronautics Committee
U. Standards of Conduct Committee
V. Ways and Means
W. Davis Committees
X. Davis Bills
V. Legislative, 90th Congress 1967-1969
X. Davis Bills
V. Legislative, 89th Congress 1965-1967
X. Davis Bills
V. Legislative, 88th Congress 1963-1965
X. Davis Bills
V. Legislative, 86th Congress 1959-1961
X. Davis Bills
John W. Davis Papers, Series V: Legislative

John W. Davis Papers, Series V: Legislative

Descriptive Summary

Title: John W. Davis Papers, Series V: Legislative
Creator: Davis, John W., 1916-1992
Inclusive Dates: 1961-1975
Language(s): English
Extent: 91 box(es) (43.75 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL132JWD_V
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: John W. Davis Papers, Series V: Legislative is arranged by Congress and contains legislative material and correspondence for the 91st, 92nd, and 93rd Congresses (1979-1974). It contains Davis Bills from 1961 to 1974. Each Congress is arranged by House Committee followed by Davis's Committees (ones he served on) and Subcommittee followed by Davis's bills. Topics include Watergate, NASA, the National Science Foundation, fire research and training, metric hearings, energy, and the Panama Canal.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

John W. Davis, Jr. was born in Rome, Georgia on September 12, 1916 to John Camp Davis and Era DeLay. He graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens with an A.B. in 1937 and an LL.B. in 1939. He was admitted to the bar in 1939 and commenced practicing law in Rome, Georgia. Davis served in the War Department Headquarters from July 1942 to December 1945, and was assigned to the Counter Intelligence Corps, serving for a time in South America. He moved to Summerville, Georgia in 1946 and resumed practicing law. From December 27, 1950 to January 1, 1953, he served as solicitor general of the Rome Circuit. Davis was elected judge of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit for six years, and served from January 1, 1955 , until his resignation December 31, 1960. The following year, Davis was elected as a Democrat to the Eighty-seventh and to the six succeeding Congresses (1961-1975). Davis served on the House Administration Committee (1965-1970), the House Foreign Affairs Committee (1971-1974), and the Science and Astronautics Committee (1961-1974), chairing the Subcommittee of Science, Research, and Development. He was an unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1974 to the Ninety-fourth Congress. He married Vivian Hawkins of Walker County, Georgia on February 6, 1944, and they had three children, Katherine, John W. Jr., and Mary Ellen. Vivian died in 1969, and, later in life, Davis married Bridget Christmo. Davis practiced law in St. Simons Island until his death on October 3, 1992.

Scope and Content

This series is arranged by Congress and contains legislative material and correspondence for the 91st, 92nd, and 93rd Congresses (1979-1974). It contains Davis Bills from 1961 to 1974. Each Congress is arranged by House Committee followed by Davis's Committees (ones he served on) and Subcommittee followed by Davis's bills. Topics include Watergate, NASA, the National Science Foundation, fire research and training, metric hearings, energy, and the Panama Canal.

Organization and Arrangement

Each Congress is arranged by House Committee followed by Davis's Committees (ones he served on) and Subcommittee followed by Davis's bills.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John W. Davis Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Notes

Photographs and artifacts have been removed from the papers for preservation. Some newspaper clippings were photocopies and newspaper print removed from the collection. The Graphic dated January 3, 1891 was removed from the collection due to condition.

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Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Busing for school integration -- Georgia.
Electric power systems
Legislators -- United States.
Lockheed Corporation.
Metric system -- Law and legislation.
National school lunch program.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.
Panama Canal (Panama)
Supersonic transport planes.
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Prisoners and prisons.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


V. Legislative, 93rd Congress

This series is arranged by Congress and contains legislative material and correspondence for the 91st, 92nd, and 93rd Congresses (1979-1974). It contains Davis Bills from 1961 to 1974. Each Congress is arranged by House Committee followed by Davis's Committees (ones he served on) and Subcommittee followed by Davis's bills. Topics include Watergate, NASA, the National Science Foundation, fire research and training, metric hearings, energy, and the Panama Canal.

A. General Legislative

11Acknowledgements [letters acknowledging correspondence about various legislation, includes original letters and carbon copy of acknowledgement]
12Bill Requests [requests for copies of legislation], July-December 1974
13Bill Requests [requests for copies of legislation], January-June 1974
14Budget [constituent correspondence regarding the federal budget, includes Davis' replies], January-December 1974
15Budget [constituent correspondence regarding the federal budget, includes Davis' replies], May-December 1973
16Budget [constituent correspondence regarding the federal budget, includes Davis' replies], February-April 1973
17Crime control program [correspondence], 1973
18Environmental Quality [correspondence], 1973
19Joint Committees [Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Budget and Federal Reserve], 1974
21Miscellaneous [constituent correspondence related to various legislation including inflation and the federal budget], May 1974
22Miscellaneous [constituent correspondence related to various legislation], January 1974
23Miscellaneous [constituent correspondence related to various legislation], 1973
25Select Committee on Committees [Bolling-Martin resolution, House Internal Security Committee], May-December 1974
26Select Committee on Committees [Bolling-Martin resolution, House Internal Security Committee, Committee on Small Business], April 1973-April 1974
27Student Requests

B. Agriculture Committee

31Dairy [milk prices], 1973
32Forestry [land use bill, southern pine beetle, forest fires], 1973-1974
33Miscellaneous [constituent correspondence related to various legislation including the Sugar Act], June-October 1974
34Miscellaneous [constituent correspondence related to various legislation including the Farm Bill, Sugar Act, Egg Research], February 1973-May 1974
35REA [Rural Electrification] Loans, 1973-1974
36REAP [Rural Environmental Assistance Program], 1974

C. Appropriations Committee

41Agriculture appropriations [correspondence supporting various funding], 1973-1974
42Agriculture - Food Stamps for strikers, 1974
43Defense [Inactive Duty Training Assemblies], 1974
44Education appropriations, 1973-1974
45Education - Public Library funding, 1973
46HUD (Housing and Urban Development) [community planning grants and urban renewal funding], 1973-1974
47Interior [National Water Commission, land and water conservation], 1973-1974
48Labor - HEW [constituent correspondence regarding various legislation including OSHA, foster children, eduation, vocational rehabilitation programs], 1973-1974
49Legislative [extension/restoration of the West Front of the U.S. Capitol], 1973
410Miscellaneous [correspondence regarding various appropriations including Presidential Transition Act, comprehensive manpower assistance, Georgia bicentennial, Civil Defense Instructor Training, etc.], 1973-1974
411Public Works [includes correspondence about construction of I-185 and water resources and planning], 1973-1974
413Veterans [pensions and hospital funding], 1973

D. Armed Services

51Defense Spending
52Miscellaneous [corrspondence on military health care, Lockheed C-5A, medical officers, air reserve technician program, "space available" air travel practice, Enforcer aircraft], 1973-1974
53Retirement Benefits, 1973
54Retirement - Recomputation of retired pay, 1974
55Retirement - DOD Proposal

E. Banking and Currency

56Economic Stabiliation Act [correspondence], 1974
57Economic Stabiliation Act [correspondence]
58Economic Stabiliation Act [correspondence]
59Fair Credit Billing Act and Truth-in-Lending Act, 1973
510Federal Reserve System
61Housing [correspondence regarding inflation in housing and construction, mortgage credit], 1974
62Housing [correspondence regarding high interest rates, Consumer Home Mortgage Assistance, Housing and Urban Development Act], 1973-1974
63Miscellaneous [correspondence about various legislation including Export-Import Bank Act, International Development Association, etc.]
64Miscellaneous [correspondence regarding various legislation including embargo on exportation of fertilizer, Export-Import Bank, FDIC, private ownership of gold, etc.], 1973-1974

F. District of Columbia

65D.C. Home Rule Bill, 1973

G. Education & Labor

72Adult Education Amendments [correspondence], 1973
73ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Amendment correspondence], July-October 1974
74ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Amendment correspondence], March 1973-June 1974
75Food Services [school lunch program], 1974
76Food Services [school lunch program], September 27-October 1973
77Food Services [school lunch program], 27-September-73
78Food Services [school lunch program], March-September 25, 1973
79Higher education
710Impact Aid, 1973
711LSCA [Library Services and Construction Act], 1974
712Miscellaneous [correspondence about various legislation including Nurse Training Act, Legal Services Corporation Act, financial aid, etc.] , 1973-1974
81Office of Economic Opportunity [includes correspondence about the Community Services Act], 1973-1974
82Vocational Rehabiliation Act [correspondence], 1973-1974
83Compulsory Unionism [right to work legislation], 1973-1974
84Emergency Employment Act, 1973
85Manpower Development Training Act, 1973-1974
86Minimum Wage [correspondence], January-June 1974
87Minimum Wage [correspondence], July-November 1973
88Minimum Wage [correspondence], March-June 1973
91Miscellaneous [correspondence about Workers' Compensation Standards Act, collective barganing, Davis-Bacon Act, National Labor Relations Act], July-November 1974
92Miscellaneous [correspondence about Workers' Compensation Standards Act, collective barganing, Davis-Bacon Act, National Labor Relations Act, Public Employee Relations Act], January-June 1974
93Miscellaneous [correspondence about legal services and Public Employee Relations Act], February-December 1973
94OSHA [correspondence], 1973-1974
95Neighborhood Youth Corp [correspondence], 1973-1974
96Pensions [correspondence on pension reform], 1974
97Vocational Rehabilitation [correspondence], 1974

H. Foreign Affairs

102Atlantic Union Delegation, 1973
103China [U.S. policy and diplomatic relations], 1973-1974
104Foreign Aid [correspondence - Israel, Middle East, Eygpt, and prohibition of funds for abortion], 1973-1974
105Foreign Aid - North Vietnam, 1973
106Foreign Economic Policy [correspondence and reports], 1973-1974
107Middle East [correspondence regarding Israel and conflict in the Middle East], 1973-1974
111Miscellaneous [correspondence regarding various topics including Rhodesian chrome imports, invasion of Cyprus, etc.], March-October 1974
112Miscellaneous [correspondence regarding various topics including Rhodesian chrome imports, genocide treaty, Panama Canal, etc.], February-1974
113Miscellaneous [correspondence regarding various topics including Rhodesian chrome imports, Panama Canal, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Radio Free Europe, War Powers Bill, etc.], January 1973-January 1974
114Panama Canal [correspondence], 1973-1974
115POWs and MIAs, 1973-1974
116UN [United Nations correspondence regarding U.S. membership], 1973-1974
117Vietnam [correspondence regarding prisoners of war and cutting funds for U.S. operations in Indochina], 1973-1974

I. Government Operations

121Consumer Protection Agency Act, 1974
122Miscellaneous [correspondence about various topics including Freedom of Information Act, shipment of animals by air, etc.], 1974

J. House Administration

123Campaign Reform Bill [correspondence], 1973-1974
124Miscellaneous [correspondence about various topics including voter registration, American Folklife Center, etc.], 1973-1974

K. Interior & Insular

132Alaskan Pipeline [correspondence and reports], 1973-1974
133Conservation - Land [correspondence about the Land Use Bill], June-December 1974
134Conservation - Land [correspondence about the Land Use Bill], January-May 1974
135Conservation - Land [correspondence about the Land Use Bill], January-December 1973
136Conservation - Wildlife [game management], 1973
137Land-Eastern Omnibus Wilderness [correspondence], April 1973-December 1974
138Land-Eastern Omnibus Wilderness [correspondence], February-May 1973
141Indian Affairs [correspondence], 1973-1974
143Strip Mining

M. Interstate & Foreign Commerce

147Consumer Protection
151Daylight Savings Time, February-October 1974
152Daylight Savings Time, January 1973-February 1974
153Drugs and Drug Abuse
154Energy, March-October 1974
155Energy, February 1974
15 6-7 Energy, January 1974
16 1-2 Energy, December 1973
163Energy, May-November 1973
164FDA [Food and Drug Administration]
165FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements - Miles materials
166FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements, June-December 1974
167FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements, January-May 1974
171FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements, September-December 1973
172FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements, June-August 1973
173FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements, April-May 1973
174FDA [Food and Drug Administration] - Supplements, February-March 1973
175FTC [Federal Trade Commission]
176Health, general, May-October 1974
177Health, general, January-April 1974
181Health Programs Extension
182ICC [Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, laims Adjudication Act]
183Mass Transit Systems
184Miscellaneous [Strip mining, Clean Air Act, Toxic Substances Control Act]
185No Fault Insurance
187Railroads Retirement, 1974
18 8-9 Railroads Retirement, 1973
191Regional Medical Programs
192Solid Waste
193Territorial Franchise
195Transportation Strike Settlements

N. Judiciary

204ERA [Equal Rights Amendment]
205Gun Control
20 7-8 Impeachment, August-September 1974
209Impeachment, July 1974
2010Impeachment, June 1974
2011Impeachment, May 1974
2012Impeachment, April 1974
211Impeachment, March 1974
21 2-3 Impeachment, February 1974
214Impeachment, January 1974
21 5-7 Impeachment, December 1973
22 1-4 Impeachment, November 1972
225Miscellaneous [correspondence about a variety of topics including adopting Vietnamese children, nomination of Nelson Rockefeller, immigration, etc.], September 1973-December 1974
231Miscellaneous, January-August 1973
232New Media
235Parole & Prison
239School Busing

O. Merchant Marine & Fisheries

241Fish Farming
24 3-4 Wildlife

P. Post Office & Civil Service

251Commemorative Stamps
252Federal Pay Raises
253Miscellaneous (Congressional Pay Raise)
255National Guard Technicians
256Postal Service
257Postal Rates

Q. Public Works

263Water Pollution

R. Rules

265Impoundment [presidential impoundment]

S. Sciences & Astronautics

268Energy, July 1973-July 1974
269Energy, January 1973-June 1974

U. Veterans

271GI Benefits
272Medical Care
274Retirement (Pensions), 1974
275Retirement (Pensions), 1973
276Retirement (Band-Aid Letters)

V. Ways and Means

281Economy & Freeze [wage and price controls], January-November 1974
282Economy & Freeze, June-December 1973
283Economy & Freeze, December 1972-May 1973
285Mills-Vanik Legislation
287National Health Care
291Pensions, November 1973-March 1974
292Pensions, October 17-23, 1973
293Pensions, October 16, 1973
294Pensions, October 11-12, 1973
295-6Pensions, October 10, 1973
297-8Pensions, October 9, 1973
299Revenue Sharing
2910Small Business Tax Simplication & Reform Act
301Social Services
302Social Security
303Taxes, November-December 1974
304Taxes, October 1974
305Taxes, June-September 1974
306Taxes, April-May 1974
307Taxes, March 1974
311Taxes - General, February 1974
31 2-4 Taxes - General, January 1974
315Taxes - General, November-December 1973
316Taxes - General, January-October 1973
317Taxes - Energy
318Taxes - School Tuition
321Trade, September 1973-November 1974
322Trade, January-August 1973
323Welfare, November 1973-May 1974
32 4-6 Welfare, October 1973
327Welfare, March-July 1973

W. Davis Committees

1. Science & Astronautics
a. General
331Agenda, Meeting Information [Technology Assessment Advisory Council]
333Ditchley Conference [Supersonic transport and automobile emissions]
334Dr. Ancher-Johnson [conservation of energy]
335Energy Subcommittee
336Fire Hearings, 1973-1974
337Fire Research & Training Act
338Fire Research & Training
339Metric Hearing [National Metric Conversion Act]
341Metric System [National Metric Conversion Act]
34 2-3 Miscellaneous [includes NASA]
345NSF [National Science Foundation]
346Space Program Booklet
347SST [Supersonic transport]
348STE [Science, Technology and Economy hearings]
349Task Force - Energy Research and Development
3410Technological Assessment - Correspondence
b. Science Research and Development
353Fire Prevention and Control Act
356NSF [National Science Foundation]
357STE [Science, Technology and Economy]
358Technology Assessment
2. Foreign Affairs Committee
359Asian & Pacific Affairs
3510National Security Policy & Scientific Developments

X. Davis Bills

361Voting Record Active Bills
362H.R. 152 Federal Crop Insurance
363H.R. 153 South Atlantic Basin Conservation Program
364H.R. 154 Legal Counsel for Ag. Loan Receipts
365H.R. 155 U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Active Bills
366H.R. 156 Braille Currency
367H.R. 157 White House Conf. on Ed.
368H.R. 158 Federal Fiscal Responsibility
369H.R. 159 Territorial Franchise
3610H.R. 160 Federal Blood Bank
3611H.R. 161 TV Time for ccandidates for Fed. Offices
3612H.R. 162 broadcast License Renewal Procedure
3613H.R. 163 Law Officer's Bill of Rights
3614H.R. 164 Interstate Environment Compact
3615H.R. 165 Benefit for Law Officers & Firemen
3616H.R. 166 Assaults on State Officers, Firemen
3617H.R. 167 Benefits to Law Officers
3618H.R. 168 Fish Farming Assistance
3619H.R. 169 National Guard Technicians Retirement
3620H.R. 170 National Metric System
3621H.R. 171 Higher education Income Tax Credit
3622H.R. 172 Social Security Outside Earnings Increase
3623H.R. 173 Income Tax Credit for Higher Ed. Gifts
3624H.R. 174 .22 Caliber Ammunition
3625H.R. 175 Tax Equity for Single Persons
3626H.R. 176 Small Business Tax Simplication & Reform
3627H.R. 177 Tax Free Pension Reinvestment
3628H.R. 178 National Science Policy & Priorities Act
3629H.R. 384 educational Grants to Police Officers
3630H.R. 385 Parole Improvement
371H.R. 386 Correctional Improvement
372H.R. 442 Higher education Tax Credit
373H.R. 1754 Veterans Pensions Offset Provision
374H.R. 1844 Impoundment Notification
375H.R. 1997 Home Repair Deduction
376H.R. 2049 Water Pollution Funds Allocation
377H.R. 2227 National Industrial Reserve Supplement
378H.R. 2272 National Science Policy & Priorities
379H.R. 2337 Daylight Savings Time
3710H.R. 2551 Environmental Protection & Enhancement
3711H.R. 2644 Special Pay Act for Military
3712H.R. 2688 Veterans' Disability and Death Pension
3713H.R. 2713 Prescription Coverage Under Medical
3714H.R. 2816 Congressional Spending Power Act
3715H.R. 2904 Forestry Incentives Act of 1973
3716H.R. 3146 Impoundment Notification
3717H.R. 3269 Candidates Media Expenditures
3718H.R. 3582 Historical & Archeological Data Preservation
3719H.R. 3589 NDEA Loan Cancellation Active Bills
3720H.R. 3610 NSF Authorizations '74
3721H.R. 3614 REA Loan Reinstatement
3722H.R. 3656 Milk Price Parity
3723H.R. 4623 Financial Disclosure--Cong Members & Staff
3724H.R. 3917 Freedom of Emigration East-West Trade Act
3725H.R. 4614 Eastern Omnibus Wilderness Bill
381H.R. 4820 Public Works Economic Development Extension Act
382H.R. 4887 Social Security Increase Pass Along
383H.R. 4918 Trade Adjustment Assistance Organization Act
384H.R. 5200 National Health Care Act
385H.R. 5217 Tax Exemption for Retarded
386H.R. 5219 Exemption of Police and Firemen's Pension
387H.R. 5310 Loan Assistance to Cable TV
388H.R. 5460 Nat'l Guard Technicians
389H.R. 5589 Fire Research & Training Act
3810H.R. 5590 Fire Research & Training Act
3811H.R. 5909 Criminal Penalties for Skyjacking & Security Force
3812H.R. 5964 Black Powder
3813H.R. 5987 "911" Emergency Number
3814H.R. 5994 .22 Caliber Ammunition
3815Future Bills
3816H.R. 6221 Fire Research & Training Act
3817H.R. 6238 Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance Protection
3818H.R. 6400 Technology in Federal Housing Projects
3819H.R. 6444 Health Programs Extension Act of 1973
3820H.R. 6502 National Guard Technicians
3821H.R. 6503 Fire Research & Training Act
3822H.R. 6606 USS Arizona
3823H.R. 6717 Corps Recreation User Fees
3824H.R. 6903 National Catastrophic Disaster Insurance Act
3825H.R. 6974 National Guard Civilian Attire
3826H.R. 6980 SS Disability Benefits for the Blind
3827H.R. 7108 Voluntary Health Insurance
3828H.R. 7117 Commuter Air Carriers
3829H.R. 7132 Burke-Hartke Bill
3830H.R. 7153 SS Combined Earnings
3831H.R. 7183 Higher education Tax Credit
3832H.R. 7220 Comprehensive Manpower Act
391H.R. 7262 Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of 1973
392H.R. 7561 Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
393H.R. 7727 Ministers-Social Security
394H.R. 7782 NSF Authorization
395H.R. 7818 Adult education Act Amendment
396H.R. 7884 Forest and Conservation & Improvement Act of 1973
397H.R. 7907 Tax Credit, Elementary & Secondary education
398H.R. 7980 Clean Elections Act of 1973
399H.R. 8051 Aid to N. Vietnam
3910H.R. 8194 National Diabetes Act-1973
3911H.R. 8268 Social Security for Fed. Employees
3912H.R. 8327 Higher education Tax Credits
3913H.R. 8510 NSF Authorization
3914H.R. 8762 Budgetary Reform
3915H.R. 8833 Federal Disaster Insurance Corporation
3916H.R. 8870 NASA Weather R & D
3917H.R. 8946 Vietnamese Orphans
3918H.R. 8950 Oil Imports/U.S. Flag Ships
3919H.R. 8984 National Blood Bank
3920H.R. 8987 National Zoological & Aquarium Corporation
3921H.R. 9167 Postal Service Arbitration Board
3922H.R. 9206 Animal & Bird Traps
3923H.R. 9380 Senior Citizens Transportation Act
3924H.R. 9509 Mobile Home Safety
3925H.R. 9579 America Folklife Center
3926H.R. 9619 TV broadcasts of Home Games (sports)
3927H.R. 9761 Eliminate Agriculture Credit-Truth-in-Lending
3928H.R. 9807 Imported Diary Products Standards & Inspection
3929H.R. 9873 U.S. Passport System
3930H.R. 9913 Oil Imports on U.S. Flag Vessels
3931H.R. 9914 Remarriage Effect on Veterans' Benefits
3932H.R. 9920 NSF Study of Earthquakes
3933H.R. 9935 Restriction on Income Tax Inspection
3934H.R. 9956 Social Security Disability Coverage
3935H.R. 9957 Reduced Air Fares for Senior Citizens
401H.R. 9974 Create Department of Energy
402H.R. 10162 Consumer Credit
403H.R. 10250 Auditing Certain Expenditures
404H.R. 10273 ONB Director/Deputy Director Confirmation
405H.R. 10576 Metric Bill
406H.R. 10755 Imported Meat Standards
407H.R. 10772 Pollution Control Loan Assistance
408H.R. 10925 Gerrymandering
409H.R. 10946 Seatbelt Standards
4010H.R. 10992 OSHA Regulations
4011H.R. 11028 Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Act
4012H.R. 11035/11036 Metric System
4013H.R. 11169 Social Services
4014H.R. 11275 Fair Personal Information Practices
4015H.R. 11276 Social Security Numbers
4016H.R. 11502 Ground Propulsion Systems Research
4017H.R. 11803 Embargo on Petrochemical Exports
4018H.R. 11895 Fire
4019H.R. 11905 Taxes on Communication Services
4020H.R. 11929 TVA Pollution Taxes
4021H.R. 11990 Fire Prevention and Control Act
4022H.R. 12057 OPIC
4023H.R. 12079 Solar Heating Demonstration
4024H.R. 12139 Congressional Pay Raises
4025H.R. 12166 Repeal Daylights Saving Time
411H.R. 12183 Small Business Paperwork Burden Study
412H.R. 12254 Petroglyph Protection
413H.R. 12376 National Energy Information System
414H.R. 12618 educational Services--Exceptional Children
415H.R. 12777 Medical Insurance Payments Breast Prosthesis
416H.R. 12982 Territorial Franchises
417H.R. 13080 Fertilizer Exports-Embargo
418H.R. 13230 Exempt Civil Air Patrol from Federal Airport Use Tax
419H.R. 13332 Surplus Real Property
4110H.R. 13814 OPIC Study
4111H.R. 13924 OSHA Amendment
4112H.R. 13973 OPIC
4113H.R. 13998 NASA Authorizations
4114H.R. 13999 NSF Authorizations
4115H.R. 14231 Foreign Investment Study
4116H.R. 14338 PSRO-Repeal
4117H.R. 14633 Geothermal Energy
4118H.R. 14905 Consolidating Social Security Reportings
4119H.R. 15238 Geothermal Energy
4120H.R. 15487 OPIC Study
4121H.R. 15519 National Health Corps Act
4122H.R. 15612 Solar Energy R & D
421H.R. 15651 Edward G. Kelso
422H.R. 15656 U.S. Submarine Veterans W.W.II
423H.R. 15731 Arthritis & Musculo-Skeletal Diseases
424H.R. 15844 Prohibit Nuclear Technology Transfer
425H.R. 17274 Day Fighting
426H.R. 17534 ERTS-Promote
427H.J. Res. 24 Earth Week
428H.J. Res. 25 Joint Committee on Environment
429H.J. Res. 191 Busing Amendment
4210H.J. Res. 409 War Powers of Congress
4211H.J. Res. 542 War Powers Res.
4212H.J. Res. 550 National Family Week
4213H.J. Res. 609 National Volunteer Firemen Day
4214H.J. Res. 614 Equal Opportunity for Ed.
4215H.J. Res. 625 National Grandparent Day
4216H.J. Res. 823 Postal Employees Day
4217H.J. Res. 969 National Arthritis Month
4218H. Con. Res. 6 Overdue Debt Collection
4219H. Con. Res. 267 Continued Close Relations/Taiwan
4220H. Con. Res. 295 Adjournment Sine Die-November
4221H. Con. Res. 305 National Space Week
4222H. Con. Res. 387 CVN 70 - Carol Vinson
4223H. Con. Res. 507 Turkish Papers
4224H. Con. Res. 522 Turkish Opium
4225H. Res. 49 Yiddish VOA broadcasts to Soviet Union
4226H. Res. 50 Select Comm. on Aging
4227H. Res. 486 Hank Aaron
4228H. Res. 497 Prohibit Weather Modification as War Weapon
4229H. Res. 615 Middle East
4230H. Res. 706 Commending President on Middle East
4231H. Res. 758 Select Committee on Oil & Gas Industries
4232H. Res. 1066 Hank Aaron
4233H. Res. 1129 Israel Schoolchildren
4234H. Res. 1239 World Famine
4235H. Res. 1403 Wales: Self-determination Private Bills
4236Private H.R. 6292-6296
4237Private Carendar
4238H.R. 11300 Mrs. L.O. Crawford
4239Private Bills [Proposed]

V. Legislative, 92nd Congress

A. General Legislative

433Crime, November. 1971-October. 1972
434Crime, January.-October. 1971
441Environmental Quality - Georgia
442Environmental Quality
443FBI [spying on congressmen and the Army]
444Genocide Treaty
445Miscellaneous Ballots
447Student Requests on Mr. Davis

B. Agriculture

452Dairy - Georgia
453Extension Services
454Form Credit Act of 1971 HR 7303 & HR 7138
455Food Stamps
456Horse Protection Act
459Poultry and Meat
4510Revenue Sharing - Agricultural Extension Service
4511Rural Electrification
4512H.R. 7 - Rural Telephone Bank Bill
4513Sugar Extension Act HR 8866

C. Appropriations

462Agriculture [food stamps], June-October 1972
463Agriculture, June 1971-May 1972
465Education - Vocational-Hathaway Amendment
466Education - Vocational
467Environmental Protection
468Health - Lead Poisoning
471Labor & HEW, July-October 1972
472Labor & HEW, October 1971-June 1972
474Miscellaneous [includes funding of Peace Corps]
475Public Works
476SST [Supersonic transport], April-September 1971
477SST [Supersonic transport], December 1970-March 1971
479VA - Disabled Veterans

D. Armed Services

482Lieutenant Calley
483Corps of Engineers
484Defense Spending
485Military Retirement Benefits
487Selective Service

E. Banking & Currency

492Agriculture loans
493Consumer Protection
494Child-Care Centers
495Economic Stabilization Act
496Fair Credit
498Lockheed Loan Guarantee, July 1971-May 1972
499Lockheed Loan Guarantee, March 1970-June 1971
4911H.R. 5700 Banking Reform

F. District of Columbia

4912Acknowledgements (empty)
4914Transportation & Metro

G. Education & Labor

502Child Development
503Desegregation, 1971
504Food Services [school lunch]
506Higher education Act H.R 7248
507Library Services & Construction
509OEO [Office of Economic Opportunity]
511Acknowledgements (Labor)
513Compulsory Unionism
514EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunities Commission]
515Emergency Employment Act
516Manpower Training
517Minimum Wage, June-October 1972
518Minimum Wage, February 1971-May 1972
5110Strikes - Railroad
5111Occupation Safety & Health [OSHA]

H. Foreign Affairs

522China [President's visit], 1971
523China and the UN (United Nations), 1971
524Disarmament [Treaty on limitation of defense missles (ABMs)]
525Foreign Aid
526Foreign Economy Policy
527Greece [American military assistance]
528Northern Ireland
5210Pakistan refugees
5211Panama Canal
5212Soviet Jewry
5214United Nations
531Vietnam (answered), June-August 1972
53 2-3 Vietnam (answered), May 1972
534Vietnam (answered), January 1971-February 1972
535Vietnam War - POWs
53 6-7 Vietnam War - POWs (Form)

I. Government Operations

541Acknowledgements (empty)
542Consumer Protection
543Executive Restraint

J. House Administration

545Acknowledgements (empty)
546Campaign Reform

K. Interior & Insular

549Alaska [Native Lands Claims Settlement Act]
5410Conservation - Animals, wildlife
5411Conservation - Land
5412Indian Affairs
5416Wild Horses

L. Internal Security


M. Interstate & Foreign Commerce

555Beverages - labeling
557Consumer Protection
558Conquest of Cancer Act
559Drugs & Drug Abuse
5510FDA - Combination Drugs
5511FDA - Food Supplements
5512Foreign Trade
5514Health - General
5515H.R. 12980 Soft Drink Franchise
561I-75 [completion of interstate]
562ICC [Interstate Commerce Commission]
563Mass transit system
565Natural Gas Act
566No Fault Insurance
567Pentagon Papers
568Political Broadcasting
5610Railroads - ASTRO [America's Sound Transportation Review Organization], 1971
5611Railroad retirement
5612Surface retirement
5613Surface Transportation Act
5614Transportation Research and Development Act, 1971
5615Transportation Strike Settlement

N. Judiciary

573Day Light Savings Time
574ERA [Equal Rights Amendment]
575Gun Control, September-November 1972
57 6-7 Gun Control, August 1972
578Gun Control, June-July 1972
579Gun Control, August 1971-May 1972
582Prayer, December 1971-August 1972
583Prayer, March-November 1971
584School Busing, April-November 1972
585School Busing, January-March 1972
586School Busing, January-December 1971
59 1-4 School Busing - Discharge Petition Form
59 5-7 School Busing - Opinion Ballots

O. Merchant Marines & Fisheries

603Ocean Mammals Protection Act

P. Post Office

604Acknowledgements (empty)
605Commemorative Stamps
608National Guard Technical Service
609Postage Rates

Q. Public Works

612Accelerated Public Works
613Dams & Reservoirs
618Water Pollution

R. Rules


S. Science & Astronautics

623Metric System
625NASA - H.R. 1709
626Space Shuttle

T. Standards of Official Conduct

627H.R. 11453 Legislative Activity Disclosures Act
628Limitation of Power

U. Veterans Affairs

6210Education & Training
6211Medical Care

V. Ways & Means

631Economy & Freeze, May-November 1972
632Economy & Freeze, December 1971-April 1972
633Economy & Freeze, November 1971
634Economy & Freeze, August-October 1971
635Economy & Freeze - Federal Workers
641Guaranteed Annual Income
642Import Quotas - Meat
643Import Quotas - Miscellaneous
644Import Quotas - Textiles
647National Debt
648National Health Insurance
6410Revenue Sharing, 1972
651Revenue Sharing, 1971
652Revenue Sharing - Manpower
653Social Security, 1972
654Social Security, 1971
655Taxes - Equity for Single Persons
656Taxes - Exemptions - General
657Taxes - Investment Tax Credit
661Taxes - Mills/Mansfield Tax Review
662Tax Reform - General
663Welfare Reform, August 1971-June 1972
664Welfare Reform, January 1971-July 1971
665Welfare - Limit State Payment to 110 %

W. Davis Committees

1. Science and Astronautics
a. General
671AAAS [American Association for the Advancement of Science] Advisory Committee
672America Austronautical Society
673Conversion Research and Education Act, 1971 July-1972 October
674Conversion Research and Education Act, January-June 1971
676NSF [National Science Foundation] - Authorization
677NSF [National Science Foundation] - Acknowledgements
678NSF [National Science Foundation] - Antarctic Research Program
679NSF [National Science Foundation] - Education Program
6710NSF [National Science Foundation] - Releases
6711Technology Assessment Advisory Council - Background Material
6712Technology Assessment - Memoranda and Releases
b. Science Research and Development Subcommittee
682Conversion Research and Education Act, 1972 January-October
683Economic Conversion Loan Bill
685Energy Hearings, 1972 Spring
686Fire Research & Safety Act
687Fire Research & Safety Act - Letters of Fire Chiefs
688Georgia Science & Technical Comm. - Mock
689Metric System [Metric Conversion Bills]
692NSF [National Science Foundation] - Authorizations
693NSF [National Science Foundation] - Authorizations FY, 1973
694NSF [National Science Foundation] - Miscellaneous
695NSF [National Science Foundation] - Education Program
696National Environmental Center Act
701Science Technology & the Economy
702Science Technology and Economy - Hearings, 1972 April
703Science Technology and Economy - Memorandums & Releases
704Technology Assessment, 1972 April-December
705Technology Assessment, 1970 July-1972 March
706Technology Assessment -Bills
c. National Bureau of Standards Subcommittee

X. Davis Bills

711Legislative Activity
712Letters to Executive Branch Dead Bills
713H.R. 2294 Encourage MD's to Practice in Areas of Shortage Amendment (PL 92-157)
714H.R. 3206 Emil Glaros (closed)
715H.R. 3269 Technology & Assessment (PL 92-484)
716H.R. 3655 Conquest of Cancer Act (PL 92-218)
717H.R. 7303 Farm Credit Act (PL 92-181)
718H.R. 8580 Emergency Loan Guarantees (PL 92-1970) [Missing]
719H.R. 9557 Ocean Mammal Protection Act of 1971 (PL 92-522)
7110H.R. 10243 Office of Technology Assessment (PL 92-484)
7111H.R. 12510 George Andrews Dam
7112H.R. 13025 Real Property for Wildlife Conservation (PL 92-432) Dead Bills
7113H.R. 14450 Commission on Multiple Sclerosis (PL 92-563)
7114H.J. Res. 1232 National Inventors Day (PL 92-457) Active Bills
7115H.R. 177 Catastrophic Health Care
7116H.R. 2569 Federal Employee Freedom of Choice Act 1971
7117H.R. 2573 Aircraft Excise Tax
7118H.R. 3115 Russell Dam
7119H.R. 3602 Tax Credits for Hiring Hard-Core Unemployed
7120H.R. 3610 Tax Credits for Higher education
7121H.R. 4212 Federal Crop Insurance Program
7122H.R. 4213 Civil Rights Amendment on education
7123H.R. 4214 Amendment to Increase Outside Earnings Permitted Under SS Act
7124H.R. 4262 .22 Caliber Ammunition
7125H.R. 4412 Narcotics Control
7126H.R. 4905 Higher education Gift Incentive Act of 1971
7127H.R. 5314 "Lake Richard Russell" Bill
7128H.R. 5382 National Guard Bill
721H.R. 5446 Interstate Environment Compacts
722H.R. 5632 Implement FTC Act for Increased Consumer Protection
723H.R. 6111 Ethics & Financial Disclosure in Federal Elections
724H.R. 6112 Limitations on TV Time for candidates in Elections
725H.R. 6113 Congressional campaign Mail Act
726H.R. 6114 Tax Credits for political Contributions
727H.R. 6124 Economic Conversion Loan Authorization Act of 1971
728H.R. 6134 Fish Farming Assistance Act of 1971
729H.R. 6233 White House Conference on education
7210H.R. 6471 Prohibit Assaults on Law Officers, Firemen & Judicial Officers
7211H.R. 6484 Environmental Protection & Enhancement Act 1971
7212H.R. 6678 Conversion Research & education
7213H.R. 6725 Income Splitting Tax Benefits to Unmarried Individuals
7214H.R. 6835 Transportation R & D Act
7215H.R. 7054 Conversion Research & education Act
7216H.R. 7188 Fire Research & Safety
7217H.R. 7406 Extended Benefits for Police & Firemen
7218H.R. 8357 FBI Retirement Active Bills
7219H.R. 9341 Provision for the Retirement of FBI & Secret Service
7220H.R. 9401 Fish Farming Assistance Act of 1971
7221H.R. 9711 Legal Counsel for Agriculture Recipients
7222H.R. 10743 Supreme Court to Report Reversal of State Criminal Convictions
7223H.R. 10912 Tax Credit for Higher education
7224H.R. 11542 National Institutional Grants Program
7225H.R. 12220 USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
7226H.R. 12605 Depository Libraries
7227H.R. 12677 OSHA Amendment
731H.R. 12728 Social Security Act Amendment
732H.R. 12740 Amend Omnibus Crime Control & Health Act Amendments
733H.R. 12980 Amend FTC Act (Territorial Franchises)
734H.R. 13071 Amend Communications Act of 1934
735H.R. 13395 Amend Uniform Relocation Assistance Act
736H.R. 13668 Braille Money
737H.R. 13701 Amend Public Works & Economic Development Act
738H.R. 13741 Economic Disaster Area Assistance Act
739H.R. 13948 National Blood Bank - 1972
7310H.R. 14108 Antarctica
7311H.R. 14296 Impoundment of Funds Notification
7312H.R. 14506 Amend Omnibus Crime Act - Redress of Grievances
7313H.R. 14513 Charitable Trusts
7314H.R. 14566 Small Business Tax Simplification & Reform Act
7315H.R. 14660 Public Charities Lobbying Exemption
7316H.R. 14881 Correctional Manpower & Employment Act of 1972
7317H.R. 14882 Amend IRS Code - Tax Free Pensions
7318H.R. 14986 South Atlantic Basin Program
74 1-2 H.R. 15193 Comprehensive education for Handicapped
74 3-4 H.R. 15247 Park & Forest Service Cops - Make Arrests
74 5-6 H.R. 15509 Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1972
747H.R. 15752 Council on Energy Policy
748H.R. 15789 National Science Policy & Priorities act of 1972
749H.R. 18469 Technology Assessment, Establish Office
7410H.J. Res. 279 Earth Week
7411H.J. Res. 385 Joint Committee on the Environment
7412H.J. Res. 403 National Man in Space Week Active Bills
7413H.J. Res. 1092 Policy for Metric System
7414H. Con. Res. III Treatment of U.S. Prisoners in North Vietnam
7415H. Con. Res. 151 Public Health Service Hospitals & Clinics
7416H. Con. Res. 217 Grant Announcements
7417H. Con. Res. 249 P.O.W. Release
7418H. Con. Res. 251 Calley
7419H. Con. Res. 546 Foreign Policy
7420H. Con. Res. 670 Collect Overdue Debts
7421H. Res. 119 Select Comm. on Aging
7422H. Res. 206 Extradition of Diplomatic Kidnappers
7423H. Res. 326 Interstate 75
7424H. Res. 328 Select Committee on Energy Resources
7425H. Res. 335 Mass Transportation as Alternate to SST
7426H. Res. 567 broadcast Voice of American Yiddish
7427H. Res. 663 F-4's for Israel
7428H. Res. 858 Farmers Home Administration Release Funds
7429H. Res. 891 Northern Ireland
7430H. Res. 944 OMB Release Rural Electrification
7431H. Res. 1050 Rural Letter Carriers Private Bills
7432Private calendar
7433Blumenaus, Janis and Carol (HR 3205)

V. Legislative, 91st Congress

A. General Legislative

751General, 1970
752General, 1969
753Alcoholic Beverages
754Budget (empty)
756NFIB [National Federation of Independent Business], 1970
757NFIB [National Federation of Independent Business], 1968-1969

B. Agriculture Committee

763Poultry (empty)
764REA [Rural Electrification]
765School Lunch

C. Appropriations Committee

769Public Utilities
7610Sweetwater Creek Project

D. Armed Forces Committee

7611Armed Forces
7612National Defense
7613-14 Selective Service

E. Banking & Currency Committee

771Banking & Currency, 1969 November-1970 October
772Banking & Currency, 1969 January-October

G. Education & Labor Committee

774-7Education, 1969-1970
778Library Service Act
779Vocational Education
781Labor, 1970 September-December
782Labor, 1968 November-1970 August
783Minimum Wage
786Right to Work
787Unemployment Compensation
788Vocational Rehabilitation

H. Foreign Affairs Committee

789Foreign Affairs
7810Disarmament [empty]
7811U.N. [empty]

I. Government Operations Committee

7813Consumer Affairs

J. House Administration Committee

7814House Administration
7815Four Year Term [empty]

K. Interior and Insular Affairs

7816Appalachia [empty]
7817Fish & Wildlife
7820Mines & Mining [empty]
7821National Parks
7822Rivers & Harbors

M. Interstate & Foreign Commerce Committee

791Interstate & Foreign Commerce
793Anti-Trust Laws [empty]
794Federal Communications Commission
795Food & Drug Administration
797Ice [empty]
798Mental Health
7911Textiles - Impact Competition
7913Transportation Act

N. Judiciary Committee

801Civil Rights
803Electoral College
804Equal Rights
809Prayer [empty]
8010Riots [curbing campus riots], 1969
8011Supreme Court
8012Time [Uniform time]

P. Postal and Federal Employees Committee

8013Civil Service & Railroad Act
8014Postal, 1970 June-December
8015Postal, 1970 February-May
8016Postal, 1969 August-1970 January
8017Postal, 1968 October-1969 July
8018Soil Conservation Employees

Q. Public Works Committee

811Highways & Roads
812Public Works [empty]
813Public Works & Economic Development [empty]
814Water - Pollution

R. Rules Committee

816Rules Committee [empty]

S. Science & Astronautics Committee

817Atomic Energy [empty]
819National Science Foundation
8110Science & Astronautics

U. Standards of Conduct Committee

8111Powell, Adam Clayton

V. Ways and Means

8113Guaranteed Annual Income
8115Import Quotas
8116Medicare, 1970
8117Medicare, 1969
8118National Health Insurance
821Small Business
822Social Security
824Veterans Benefits
825Ways & Means Committee

W. Davis Committees

1. Science & Astronautics
a. General
828Posture Testimony [role of government in science education]
831Miscellaneous [reports and publications about missiles, rockets, and space], 1960-1962
832NASA Budget FY, 1966
833Science & Astronautics
841Testimony Space Committee
3. House Administration Committee
843Electrical Equipment Subcommittee
844Police Subcommittee

X. Davis Bills

851Voting Record Dead Bills
852H.R. 8699 Air Force Reservists
853H.R. 9164 Whitfield Co. Property, [1970]
854H.R. 9164 Whitfield Co. Property, [1969]
855H.R. 14350 Optometry Officers
856H.Con. Res. 785 Police Overtime Pay Active Bills
857H.R. 16 Astronaut's Awards
858H.R. 215 Federal Maritime Administration
859H.R. 623 Stone Mountain Stamp
8510H.R. 8435 Equal Time
861H.R. 9165 Obscenity
862H.R. 10857 Regional Development Act of 1969
863H.R. 10878 NSF Authorization
864H.R. 11149 Merchant Marine Act Amendment
865H.R. 11150 Cargo-Preference Laws
866H.R. 11522 Welfare, Uniform Standards
867H.R. 12502 Postal Reform
868H.R. 13053 Benefits for Law Enforcement Officers & Firemen
869H.R. 13559 Housing Act Amendment
8610H.R. 13949 Office Equipment
8611H.R. 14727 Civil Rights Act Amendment
8612H.R. 14806 Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Land Transfer Active Bills
8613H.R. 14830 Internal Revenue Code Amendment
8614H.R. 14832 Consumer Class Action Act
8615H.R. 15200 Crop Insurance
86 16-17 H.R. 15635 Fair International Trade
871H.R. 16061 TVA Amendment
872H.R. 16505 Loans for Constructing School Facilities
873H.R. 16516 NASA Appropriations
874H.R. 17004 Interest Tax Exemptions
875H.R. 17021 Textile Quotas
876H.R. 17981 National Forest Resources
877H.R. 18397 Narcotic Control
878H.R. 18879 Public Health Act Amendment
879H.R. 19269 Conversion Research education Act, 1970
8710H.R. 19364 Library Services & Construction Act Amendment
8711H.R. 19629 Internal Revenue Code Amendment Regarding Tax on Civil Aircraft
8712H.J. Res. 835 Astronauts Memorial
8713H.J. Res. 992 Georgia-Florida Boundary
8714H.J. Res. 1198 National Volunteer Firemen's Week
8715H.J. Res. 1203 Pollution Earth Day
8716H. Con. Res. 440 Tile Import Quotas
8717H.Res. 616 Vietnam Peace Plan Support
8718Private Calendar

V. Legislative, 90th Congress

X. Davis Bills

881H.R. 5365 Bill to Convey Real Property to W.M. & R.E. Ransom
882H.R. 6971 National Fire Safety Program
883H.R. 7431 Barney Elrod Construction Company, Relief Office
884H.R. 9163/14413/14414 Chickamauga-Chattanooga Land Disposal, 1970
885H.R. 9163/14413/14414 Chickamauga-Chattanooga Land Disposal, 1969-1970
886H.J. Res. 1228 Emergency Credit
887H.Res. 596 Riot Bill
888Active Bills, H.R. 5315 Amendment to SEC 1701 Internal Revenue Code
889Active Bills, H.R. 5316 National Housing Act
8810Active Bills, H.R. 5318 Blue Ridge Parkway
891Active Bills, H.R. 5319 Communications Act, 1934
892Active Bills, H.R. 10113 Crime Bill
893Active Bills, H.R. 11236 River & Harbor Act Amendment
894Active Bills, H.R. 11801 Textile Trade Act, 1967
895Active Bills, H.R. 12254 Federal Tax Lien
896Active Bills, H.R. 13058 Fair Picking Act Amendment
897Active Bills, H.R. 14794 Amending R.R. Retirement
898Active Bills, H.R. 15449 Consolidated Farmers Home Administrative Act Amendment
899Active Bills, H.R. 17235 Policing Library of Congress
8910Active Bills, H.Con. Res. 391 Panama Canal Ownership
8911Active Bills, H.Con. Res. 659 Collection of French Debt
8912Active Bills, H.Con. Res. 750 Revenue Bond Tax Exemption
8913Active Bills, H.Res. 1143 Public Works
8914Active Bills, H.Res. 1211 Additional Police
8915Private Bills, H.R. 5365 For Relief of Brock Blevins
8916Private Bills, H.R. 8181 For Relief of Specialty Paper Products
8917Evolution on Planets

V. Legislative, 89th Congress

X. Davis Bills

901Dead Bills, H.R. 7246 Internal Revenue Code - Excise Taxes
902Dead Bills, H.R. 10427 Captioned Film for the Deaf Active Bills
903Dead Bills, H.R. 1687 Soldiers & Sailors Civil Re. Act Amend. Pvt Bill
904Dead Bills, H.R. 14868 Amend Library Services Act
905Dead Bills, H.R. 14869 Amend National Science Foundation of 1950
906Dead Bills, H.R. 14882 To Amend PL 660 - National Traffic Safety Agency
907Dead Bills, H.R. 14976 User Fee Repeal
908Dead Bills, H.R. 15230 TVA
909Dead Bills, H.R. 15249 for Relief of Woodfin Turner
9010Dead Bills, H.J. Res. 448 Constitutional Amendment
9011Dead Bills, H.J. Res. 289 Voting - 18 yr. old
9012Dead Bills, H. Con. Res. 833 Watershed Improvement Plans
9013Dead Bills, H.Res. 1037 To Create a Committee to Study Statement of Policies for School Desegregation Plans
9014Dead Bills, Federal Housing Act Amendment
9015Dead Bills, Sweetwater Creek Park
9016Deep Water Port on Georgia Coast

V. Legislative, 88th Congress

X. Davis Bills

911Dead Bills, H.R. 1837 REA Act Revision
912Dead Bills, H.R. 5457 Career Compensation Act
913Dead Bills, H.J. Res. 488 Constitutional Amend, 1964 May-October
914Dead Bills, H.J. Res. 488 Constitutional Amend, 1964 March-April
915Active Bills, H.J. Res. 488 Constitutional Amend (See also: VI A Prayer), 1964 June-February
916Active Bills, S.I. Youth Conservation Corp
917Private Bills, H.R. 1778 Amending U.S. Code

V. Legislative, 86th Congress

X. Davis Bills

918Active Bills, H.R. 1594 Relief for Marvin Boy, 1958 April-1962 May
919Active Bills, H.R. 1594 Relief for Marvin Boy, 1957 June-1958 March
9110Private Bills, H.R. 2108 Relief at Lucia L. Lee
9111Private Bills, H.R. 12565 National Cemetery
9112Clerks of Court