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John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Series III: Miscellaneous File

John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Series III: Miscellaneous File

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Series III: Miscellaneous File
Creator: Pilcher, John Leonard, 1898-1981.
Inclusive Dates: 1953-1964
Language(s): English
Extent: 85 box(es) (41.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL131JLP_III
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Miscellaneous File acts as a partial name cross-reference file for Series I. Legislative, IV. Personal, V. Political, and VI. Post Office. It is a partial cross-reference file because not everything that is in the Miscellaneous File is in the series it cross-references, and vice versa. The Miscellaneous File may only have a copy of Pilcher's reply to a letter, the letter but no reply, or both the letter and its reply together. Individuals may be found under their own names or under the organization they represent. The files in the series reflect constituent opinions on the topics of the day, their requests for information and assistance, various projects for the benefit of the Second District that Pilcher undertook, and Pilcher's relationship with both federal and state agencies. Items of special interest include letters to and from U.S. and state legislators such as Richard B. Russell, Herman Talmadge, Carl Vinson, E. L. Forrester, Iris Blitch, and J. Willis Conger (State Senator, 8th District); material from Pilcher's Executive Assistant, John W. Ellis; a 1958 letter from Pilcher to the National Historical Wax Museum in Washington, D.C., detailing an anecdote about Carl Vinson; the Griffin Bell file, concerning his appointment to the 5th Circuit judgeship--he later became Attorney General (1977-1979) under President Jimmy Carter; and material about the Atlantic Union, a plan to create a commonwealth including North America and Western Europe in which Pilcher was interested, and about one of its most ardent advocates, Mrs. Chase S. Osborne.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

John Leonard Pilcher was born in a two-room log cabin near Meigs, Georgia on August 27, 1898. Although Pilcher's father died when he was five, and Pilcher had to support his mother and two young sisters, he completed seven grades of public school and graduated from Massey Business College. In 1922, he married Dorothy Covington of Moultrie, Georgia. They had two sons: John Leonard, Jr., who in 1946, at the age of seventeen, was killed in a plane crash while serving as an ROTC air cadet at the University of Georgia; and Charles, who handled the family business while his father was in Washington.

Pilcher started working at the age of fifteen, and by the time he was twenty he was operating a small business. Involved in agricultural pursuits most of his life, Pilcher not only owned a farm, but expanded his holdings to include a general mercantile business, a fertilizer manufacturing plant, feed mill, corn elevator, cotton gins and warehouses, and a syrup canning plant. He was involved in many business organizations, such as the National Cotton Council and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and served as the director of the Thomas County PEA (production and marketing). He also became president of the Bank of Meigs, Georgia.

At the age of twenty--one, Pilcher was elected mayor of Meigs. During the years 1921 through 1940, he also served as a councilman and a public school trustee. In 1940, he was elected to represent the Seventh District in the Georgia State Senate. After his term expired in 1943, he returned to Meigs and was elected to the post of county commissioner of roads and revenue for Thomas County, a position he held from 1943 to 1947. During this same period he also served as a member of the Agricultural and Industrial Board for the county (1944-1948). From 1948 to 1949, Pilcher was the Supervisor of Purchases for the state of Georgia, serving under Governors Thompson and Arnall. In 1953, Edward Eugene Cox, the congressman representing the Second District, died and a special election was held to fill his seat. In spite of a large field of candidates and his late entrance into the race for the position, Pilcher won the seat in a hardworking campaign by a 2,000 vote margin over his nearest competitor.

Pilcher was a member of Congress from February 4, 1953 to January 3, 1965. He started on the House Committee on Government Operations, serving on the committee from 1953 to 1954. After an attempt to gain a seat on the House Agriculture Committee failed, he accepted a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he served from 1955 to 1964. He was a member of the Subcommittee on the Far East and the Pacific and became chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy. Twice, in 1959 and 1961, Pilcher went abroad with other members of the subcommittee on Special Study Missions to oversee U.S. economic and technical assistance programs.

Pilcher did not run for reelection in 1964. Instead, he retired from his congressional career and took the post of Southeastern Regional Director of the Office of Emergency Planning. Pilcher died on August 20, 1981, at the age of 82.

Scope and Content

The Miscellaneous File acts as a partial name cross-reference file for Series I. Legislative, IV. Personal, V. Political, and VI. Post Office. It is a partial cross-reference file because not everything that is in the Miscellaneous File is in the series it cross-references, and vice versa. The Miscellaneous File may only have a copy of Pilcher's reply to a letter, the letter but no reply, or both the letter and its reply together. Individuals may be found under their own names or under the organization they represent. The files in the series reflect constituent opinions on the topics of the day, their requests for information and assistance, various projects for the benefit of the Second District that Pilcher undertook, and Pilcher's relationship with both federal and state agencies. Items of special interest include letters to and from U.S. and state legislators such as Richard B. Russell, Herman Talmadge, Carl Vinson, E. L. Forrester, Iris Blitch, and J. Willis Conger (State Senator, 8th District); material from Pilcher's Executive Assistant, John W. Ellis; a 1958 letter from Pilcher to the National Historical Wax Museum in Washington, D.C., detailing an anecdote about Carl Vinson; the Griffin Bell file, concerning his appointment to the 5th Circuit judgeship--he later became Attorney General (1977-1979) under President Jimmy Carter; and material about the Atlantic Union, a plan to create a commonwealth including North America and Western Europe in which Pilcher was interested, and about one of its most ardent advocates, Mrs. Chase S. Osborne.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is divided into two subseries, 1953-1960 and 1960-1964, arranged alphabetically by name, corporate name, and subject. These dates are bulk dates only; items carrying later dates were sometimes inserted into earlier files, and earlier material was often brought forward into the later files if the file re­mained active or was reactivated at a later date.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

VII. Academies and VIII. Case Files are closed. Restricted files have been removed from II. Meigs Office, III. Miscellaneous File, and VI. Post Office and are housed separately from the rest of the collection.

Preferred Citation

John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia 30602-1641

Processing Notes

Scrapbooks, photographs, and artifacts were physically separated from the papers for preservation. Photographs were removed from scrapbooks wherever possible and replaced with Xerox copies.

User Restrictions

Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: September 2008.

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Subject Terms

Agricultural laws and legislation
Civil rights movements -- United States.
George, Walter F. (Walter Franklin), 1878-1957
Legislators -- United States.
Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1960.
Sanders, Carl Edward, 1925-
Small business -- Law and legislation -- United States.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Law and legislation.
United States. Congress -- Elections, 1953.
Vandiver, S. Ernest (Samuel Ernest), 1918-2005.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


III. Miscellaneous File

85 box(es)
(41.5 linear feet)
The Miscellaneous File acts as a partial name cross-reference file for Series I. Legislative, IV. Personal, V. Political, and VI. Post Office. It is a partial cross-reference file because not everything that is in the Miscellaneous File is in the series it cross-references, and vice versa. The Miscellaneous File may only have a copy of Pilcher's reply to a letter, the letter but no reply, or both the letter and its reply together. Individuals may be found under their own names or under the organization they represent. The files in the series reflect constituent opinions on the topics of the day, their requests for information and assistance, various projects for the benefit of the Second District that Pilcher undertook, and Pilcher's relationship with both federal and state agencies. Items of special interest include letters to and from U.S. and state legislators such as Richard B. Russell, Herman Talmadge, Carl Vinson, E. L. Forrester, Iris Blitch, and J. Willis Conger (State Senator, 8th District); material from Pilcher's Executive Assistant, John W. Ellis; a 1958 letter from Pilcher to the National Historical Wax Museum in Washington, D.C., detailing an anecdote about Carl Vinson; the Griffin Bell file, concerning his appointment to the 5th Circuit judgeship--he later became Attorney General (1977-1979) under President Jimmy Carter; and material about the Atlantic Union, a plan to create a commonwealth including North America and Western Europe in which Pilcher was interested, and about one of its most ardent advocates, Mrs. Chase S. Osborne.

A. 1953-1960

III.1 1Abel, Mr. McH., 1956-1957
III.1 2Abrams, Mr. Morris, 1958
III.1 3Ackerman, Bobby, 1957
III.1 4Ackerman, H.V., 1957
III.1 5Adams, Mrs. C.G., 1958
III.1 6Adams Cates Company, 1956
III.1 7Adams, Douglas L., 1955
III.1 8Adams, Hoyt, 1957
III.1 9Adams, Jas. C. and Sons (D. Roy and Reddwn W.), undated
III.1 101955-1956, 1958, 1955-1956, 1958
III.1 11Adams, Miss Jeanette, 1954
III.1 12Adams, Mr. Joe B., 1959
III.1 13Adams, 0. Floyd, 1957
III.1 14Adams, Dr. Raymond A., 1958
III.1 15Adams, R.W. and B. Ray, 1956
III.1 16Adams, Rev. T.B., 1955
III.1 17Adcock, Mrs. A.N., Sr., 1958-1959
III.1 18Adkins, William, 1955
III.1 19Adler, Ben, 1955-1957, 1959, 1961
III.1 20Aebersold, Mr. L.H., 1956-1957
III.1 21Aero Jet Company, 1955
III.1 22Aeronautical Training Society, 1959-1960
III.1 23Agriculture Bulletin Information, 1954-1955
III.1 24Agriculture Bulletins, Folder I, 1953, 1955
III.1 25Agriculture Bulletins, Folder II, 1953-1955
III.1 26Agriculture Bulletins, Folder III, 1953-1955
III.1 27Agriculture Bulletins, 1955
III.1 28Agriculture Bulletins, 1956-1959
III.1 29Agriculture Committee, 1954
III.2 1Agriculture, Department of - Corn, 1958
III.2 2Agriculture, Department - Information and General Matters, 1953-1954
III.2 3Agriculture, Department - Mailing List for Livestock Bulletins, 1959
III.2 4Agriculture - Experiment Stations, University of Georgia, college Of Agricuture, 1956, 1958, 1961
III.2 5Agriculture - Farm Program, 1955
III.2 6Agriculture File, 1955-1956
III.2 7Agriculture Matters - Cotton, 1953, 1955
III.2 8Agriculture Matters - Peanuts, 1954
III.2 9Agriculture - Soil Bank Acreage, 1956, 1960
III.2 10Agriculture - Speech Material, 1958-1959
III.2 11Agriculture Yearbook Requests from Coolidge, Pavo, and Doerun, GA, 1956
III.2 12Air Force Contract Flying School, 1955, 1960
III.2 13Airport Aid Program, 1956-1957
III.2 14Akin, A.V. - VA Service Officer, Ashburn, GA, 1955, 1959, 1964
III.2 15Alabama Road Builders Association, Montgomery, Alabama, 1956
III.2 16Alaska Information, 1958-1959
III.2 17Albany Air Service, Inc., Albany, GA, 1957
III.2 18Albany, GA, Airport Improvement, 1957-1958
III.2 19Albany Architects and Engineers, 1955-1957
III.2 20Albany Amusement Company, 1958
III.2 21Albany Boating Club, 1958-1959
III.2 22Albany Chemical Company, 1959
III.2 23Albany, GA - Federal Sales, Inc., 1956
III.2 24Albany, Housing and Home Finance, Federal Projects, 1957
III.2 25Albany Journal, 1955
III.2 26Albany, GA - Marine Corps Depot, 1953, 1955
III.2 27Albany Sewage Plant - Funds, 1955, 1957
III.2 28Albany State College, 1955
III.2 29Albany Transfer Company, Inc., 1959
III.2 30Albany Water, Gas, and Light Commission, 1960
III.2 31Albany, GA - Weather Station, 1955
III.2 32Alberson, A.A., 1958
III.2 33Alcorn, Mr. R.H., 1959
III.2 34Alderman, Mr. H.J., 1959-1960
III.2 35Alexander, Lyman, 1957
III.2 36Alexander, H.A., 1957
III.2 37Alexander, Mrs. P.E., 1955
III.2 38Alexandrides, Mr. C.G., 1959
III.3 1Allen, Mr. Doyle, 1958
III.3 2Allen, Ivan, 1955
III.3 3Allen, Jack V., 1958
III.3 4Allen, Milton E., 1957
III.3 5Allen, Virginia, 1957-1958
III.3 6Allied Federal Council, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.3 7Alligood, Miss Blanche, 1953
III.3 8Alligood, Gene F., F.R., 1956
III.3 9Alligood, Mrs. Ronald, 1959
III.3 10Allison, Airman B.S., 1959
III.3 11Almand, Larry, 1958
III.3 12Allmon, Charles M. (Re: Postal Pay Increase), 1955-1956
III.3 13Alred, James E., 1956-1957
III.3 14Altamaha River Basin Project, 1956
III.3 15Altman, Sol, 1957-1959, 1961
III.3 16Alton, Mrs. J.D., 1955
III.3 17American Dental Association, 1958
III.3 18American Federation of Government Employees, Albany, GA, 1958, 1960
III.3 19American Federation of Government Employees, Savannah, GA, 1958
III.3 20American Federation of Labor and CIO, 1958-1959
III.3 21American Fore Insurance Group, 1956
III.3 22American Legion - Atlanta, GA, 1956-1960, 1962
III.3 23American Legion - Albany and Cairo, GA, 1958-1960
III.3 24American Legion - Americus, GA, 1957, 1959
III.3 25American Legion (Post 141) - Camilla, GA, 1957
III.3 26American Legion (Post 62) - Bainbridge, GA, 1956, 1959
III.3 27American Legion (Post 122) - Cairo, GA, 1958
III.3 28American Legion - Macon, GA, 1955-1958
III.3 29American Legion (Post 3) - Macon, GA, 1957, 1959
III.3 30American Legion (Post 41) - Moultrie, GA, 1960
III.3 31American Legion - Pelham, GA, 1957
III.3 32American Legion - Second District, 1954-1956
III.3 33American Legion - Tallahassee, Florida, 1956
III.3 34American Legion (Post 31) - Thomasville, GA, 1956
III.3 35American Legion (Post 222) - Thomasville, GA, 1956
III.3 36American Legion (Post 21) - Tifton, GA, 1957-1958, 1960
III.3 37American Vocational Association, 1956
III.3 38American Water Works Association (southeastern Section), undated
III.3 39Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.3 40American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs, 1958
III.3 41Ammonia Requirements by Army Department, 1953
III.3 42Amos, Lehman, 1957
III.3 43Anderson, Miss Hazel, 1958
III.3 44Anderson, Marvin L., 1956
III.3 45Andrews, W.J., 1955
III.3 46Anonymous Letters, 1958, 1962
III.3 47Ansley, Rev. W.H., 1959
III.3 48Appointment Requests, 1953-1954
III.3 49Appointments, Meigs, GA, 1958
III.3 50Archibald, B.M., 1953, 1959
III.3 51Archibold Memorial Hospital (Mr. F.V. Eidson), 1956
III.3 52Arctic Bear Drive Inn, 1959-1960
III.3 53Arden, Michael, 1955
III.3 54Arlington Oil Mills (Mr. G.M. Davis), 1958
III.3 55Armour and Company, Tifton, GA, 1957
III.3 56Armstrong, John J. : Army Aviation School, re: transfer from Oklahoma to Alabama, 1957
III.3 57Army, Department of 1958-1959, 1958-1959
III.3 58Arnall, Ellis, 1954, 1959
III.3 59Arnall, H.C., 1955
III.3 60Arneson, Lydia E., 1958
III.3 61Arp, Dr. C. Raymond, 1957
III.3 62Arrendale, J.V., 1955
III.3 63Arrington, Miss Nell, 1958
III.3 64Arrington, Wayne, 1956
III.3 65ASC Chairman - 2nd District, GA, 1959-1960
III.3 66ASC Committee - Georgia State Office, Athens, GA, 1958- 1961
III.3 67ASC County Committee, Moultrie, GA, 1959
III.3 68ASC Office, Cairo, GA, 1958
III.3 69ASC Office, Donaldsonville, GA, 1957
III.3 70Aspinall, Hon. Wayne N., 1956
III.3 71Associated County Commissioners of Georgia, 1955
III.3 72Associated General Contractors of America, Inc., 1956, 1959
III.3 73Associated Industries of Georgia, 1956-1957, 1959-1960
III.3 74Associated Plumbing Contractors of Georgia, 1955
III.3 75Association of Virginia Peanut and Hog Growers, Inc., 1959
III.3 76Atkinson, Furney, 1953
III.3 77Atkinson, Mr. Guy N., President, Norman College, 1956, 1958-1959
III.3 78Atkinson, Mr. W.K., 1958
III.4 1Atlanta and West Point Railroad Company, 1958
III.4 2Atlanta Belting Company, 1959
III.4 3Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company, 1959
III.4 4Atlanta Floor Covering Club, 1957
III.4 5Atlanta Freight Bureau, 1955-1956
III.4 6Atlanta Gas Light Company, 1957
III.4 7Atlanta Central Depot, 1956
III.4 8Atlanta Real Estate Board, 1959
III.4 9Atlanta Transit Employees Federal Credit Union, 1957
III.4 10Atlanta Stove Works, Inc., 1959
III.4 11Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company, 1955, 1958
III.4 12Atlantic Cotton Association, 1956, 1959
III.4 13Atlantic Service Station - Macon, GA, 1957
III.4 14Atlantic Union Committee, 1949, 1951, 1954-1957
III.4 15Aultman, G.J., 1956
III.4 16Aultman, Andrew J., 1955-1956
III.4 17Ausley, R.C., 1957-1958
III.4 18Autograph Requests, 1953-1954
III.4 19Autry, J.E., 1955
III.4 20Avera, W.D. - Moultrie Observer, 1955
III.4 21Averitt, W.S., 1955
III.4 22Aycock, W.E., 1957-1958
III.4 23Babcock Georgia Company, 1955
III.4 24Bacon, J.L., 1955
III.4 25Bacon, Mrs. James L. (Kate Mock), 1956
III.4 26Bader, Salem, President U.S. Arab-Asian Institute, Inc., 1957
III.4 27Baell, James E., 1956
III.4 28Baggs, G.B., Jr., 1958
III.4 29Bailey, Mrs. Arminta C., 1959
III.4 30Bailey, J.G., Jr., 1958
III.4 31Bailey, Phil, 1958
III.4 32Bainbridge Board of County Commissioners, 1955
III.4 33Bainbridge Chapter, Home Builders Association, 1958
III.4 34Bainbridge State Docks, 1958
III.4 35Baker, Clayton, 1955
III.4 36Baker, E.E. - Councilman, Ellenton, GA, 1955
III.4 37Baker, Mrs. Eugene, 1957
III.4 38Baker, J.F. - Councilman, Ellenton, GA, 1955
III.4 39Baker, Miss Susan, 1960
III.4 40Baldwin, Mark, 1955, 1957
III.4 41Baldy, Walter O., 1955, 1957
III.4 42Baldy, Mrs. Willie Louise, 1955
III.4 43Balfour, R.C., Jr., 1958, 1960
III.4 44Ball, Mrs. M.C., 1959
III.4 45Ballard, Mrs. Melba H., 1960
III.4 46Banister, Jason A., 1958
III.4 47Bank of Albany, 1955-1957
III.4 48Bank of Meigs, 1955, 1958
III.4 49Bank of Thomas County, 1954, 1957, 1960
III.4 50Bank - Sylvester Banking Company, 1955
III.4 51Bank - Thomasville, GA, 1956-1957, 1958-1959
III.4 52Banks - Citizen Bank and Trust Company, 1955-1960
III.4 53Banks - First State, Albany, GA, 1955-1957, 1959
III.4 54Baptist Convention of the State of Georgia, 1957
III.4 55Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, 1958
III.4 56Barber, Leo T., 1957
III.4 57Barber, Mac - State Representative, Jackson County, 1956
III.4 58Barber, E. Harold, 1957-1958
III.4 59Barbre, James, Jr., 1957
III.4 60Garden, James S., 1957
III.4 61Barfield, William, 1955
III.4 62Bargeron, Jones, 1956
III.4 63Barham, Edwin G., 1955
III.4 64Barkuloo, O.V., 1956
III.4 65Barlow, Mr. Max, 1959
III.4 66Barlow, W.H., 1955
III.4 67Barnes, Betty Sue, 1960
III.4 68Barnes, J. Perry, 1954
III.4 69Barnes, J.M., 1956, 1958
III.4 70Barnes, Mrs. R.G., 1955
III.4 71Barnes, Sammy, 1957
III.4 72Barrett, T.L., 1955
III.4 73Barricklow, Mr. Larry, 1958
III.4 74Barronton, Dee, 1957
III.4 75Barth, Miss Susan V., 1958
III.4 76Barton, Mr. Vernon, 1958
III.4 77Bass, Mrs. Franklin, 1958
III.4 78Bass, Kitty, 1957
III.4 79Bass, Lucius Herbert, 1956
III.4 80Bateman, Ben, 1957
III.4 81Bates, James L., Jr., 1956
III.4 82Battle, Buford D., 1956
III.4 83Battle, Governor John of Virginia, 1953
III.4 84Battle, Mrs. M.L., 1954
III.5 1Beall, Lera W., 1954
III.5 2Beamon, Mr. John L., 1960
III.5 3Beard, Eugene, 1955
III.5 4Beard, Roy W., 1955
III.5 5Beardon, Robert H., 1958
III.5 6Becker, Hon. Frank J., 3rd District, New York, 1955-1956
III.5 7Beckham, Mr. Enzor Leroy, 1959
III.5 8Beggs, D.W., 1959
III.5 9Belcher, Mr. James R., 1957-1958
III.5 10Bell, Amos, 1955
III.5 11Bell, Dick B., Jr., 1957
III.5 12Bell, Fred, Jr., 1956
III.5 13Bell, John Sammons, Attorney, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.5 14Bell, Nadine, 1957
III.5 15Bell, Mr. W.C., Jr., 1960
III.5 16Bell, Mrs. W.C., 1955
III.5 17Bellamy's Boat Shop, Thomasville, GA, 1959
III.5 18Bender, Hon. George H., Special Assistant to the Secretary of Interior, 1957-1958
III.5 20Bener, Mrs. N.S., 1955
III.5 21Benes, Mrs. Norman S., 1955
III.5 22Bennet, Paul H., 1955
III.5 23Bennett, Hon. Charles E., Member of Congress, Florida, 1958
III.5 24Bennett, Earl, 1958
III.5 25Bennett, Mr. J.C, 1960
III.5 26Bennett, Miss Millicent, 1960
III.5 27Bennett, Valene - Georgia Waterways Commission, 1955
III.5 28Bennett, W.R., 1959
III.5 29Benson, Q.A., 1955
III.5 30Benton, Sylvia Jeane, 1955
III.5 31Bergh, Mrs. Charles T., 1953
III.5 32Berlin, Georgia, 1954, 1958
III.5 33Berry, Mrs. Annie B., 1955
III.5 34Berthea, Miss Cherry, 1960
III.5 35Berthea, Mr. E.W. and daughter Beverley, 1960
III.5 36Bevens, Barbara, 1956
III.5 37Beverley, Miss Elizabeth, 1957
III.5 38Bigelow Rugs and Carpet Corporation, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.5 39Biggar, Lt. K.H., USAF, Albany, GA, 1957
III.5 40Billings, Charles K., 1955
III.5 41Binns, Wallace R., 1956
III.5 42Bird, George M., Sr., 1955
III.5 43Bishop, Rev. Charles, 1955
III.5 44Bivings, Epp, 1955
III.5 45Blair, J.O., 1955
III.5 46Blair, James, Jr., 1957
III.5 47Blakely, GA, PTA - Ella Jones School, 1958
III.5 48Blalock, Charles, 1959
III.5 49Blalock, Mr. Thomas N., 1958
III.5 50Blanton Mills, Albany, CA, 1959
III.5 51Block, Charles J., 1956-1957
III.5 52Bodenhamer, William I., 1955-1959
III.5 53Boggs, Jeff D., 1957
III.5 54Boisvert, Mrs. Julia, 1958
III.5 55Bolton, Dr. E.S., 1957
III.5 56Bomar, William M., Jr., 1955
III.5 57Bond, Mrs. Julia, 1956
III.5 58Bond, Roy J., 1957
III.5 59Banner, B.T., 1957-1958
III.5 60Bonner' James W., 1958
III.5 61Boone, Daniel, 1957
III.5 62Booth, Mrs. Myrtle, 1954
III.5 63Boring, Mrs. W.M., 1959
III.5 64Boston 20th Century Club, Mrs. J.D. Huddleton, President, 1955
III.5 65Bostwick, Albert, 1959
III.5 66Bowden, Mr. Hill, 1959
III.5 67Bowen, A'Delbert, Attorney, 1956
III.5 68Bowen Baptist Association, 1957-1958
III.5 69Bowen, C.A., 1957
III.5 70Bowen, Mrs. J.N., 1956
III.5 71Bowen, Miss Janet, 1958
III.5 72Bower, Miss Caroline, 1959
III.5 73Bower, Emory S., 1956, 1959
III.5 74Bower, Jack, 1958
III.5 75Bower, John D., Jr., 1955-1957, 1960
III.5 76Bowers, Miss Raine, 1958
III.5 77Bowman, Dr. Berry, 1954-1958
III.5 78Boy Scouts, Albany, GA, 1957
III.5 79Boyd, Joseph, 1956
III.5 80Boyett, Mr. W.J., 1958
III.5 81Boynton, S.C., 1954
III.5 82Bozeman, James Hugh, 1958-1959
III.5 83Bozeman, J.W. Insurance Company, 1958
III.5 84Bradley, W.C., Company, 1959
III.5 85Bradwell, Mrs. Bertha L., 1958
III.5 86Bradwell, Rev. Marion G., 1957
III.5 87Branch, Dan, 1956
III.5 88Branch, Harllee, 1957
III.5 89Brandon, Miss Judy, 1958
III.5 90Brasington, Mrs. G.A., 1955
III.6 1Brasington, G.A., 1956
III.6 2Braswell, Bobby, 1955
III.6 3Braswell, Mr. C.B., Jr., 1957
III.6 4Breakfast Club, 1953-1955
III.6 5Breckenridge, Mr. Robert S., 1959
III.6 6Breedlove, Thomas L., 1957
III.6 7Breggs, Lloyd, 1959
III.6 8Brewer, C.G., 1950
III.6 9Brewton, B.L., 1956
III.6 10Brewton, Mrs. Clara J., 1958
III.6 11Brewton Supply Company, 1959-1960
III.6 12Bridges, Dr. Henry A., 1955, 1957
III.6 13Bridges, Linda, 1957-1958
III.6 14Bridges, Paul Lanier, 1958
III.6 15Bridges, Miss Sandra, 1960
III.6 16Bridges, Vashti, 1956
III.6 17Bridges, Mrs. Z.H., 1955
III.6 18Briggs, Rear Admiral H.M., 1959
III.6 19Briggs, Mr. Raymond, 1959
III.6 20Brightwell. W.T., 1955-1957, 1959
III.6 21Brightwell, Mrs. W.T., 1957-1959
III.6 22Brim, Miss Betsy, 1958
III.6 23Brinson, Clarence C., 1958-1959
III.6 24Broach, Mrs. Gertrude, 1954, 1956
III.6 25Broach, Mr. Rudolph, 1959
III.6 26Broach, Mrs. Ruth F., 1957
III.6 27Broadway, Mr. Clarence, 1958-1959
III.6 28Broadwell, Mrs. Marguerite F., 1960
III.6 29Brock, C.O., 1956-1957
III.6 30Brock, Staff Sgt. Donald W., 1958
III.6 31Brock, Mr. Elwood H., 1960
III.6 32Brookard, L.I., 1958
III.6 33Brookins, G.J., Chairman, Grady County ASC Committee, 1956
III.6 34Brooks County Commissioners (Mr. J.C. Padgett, Chairman), 1958-1959
III.6 35Brooks County Hosiery Mill, 1959
III.6 36Brooks County Lumber Company, 1959
III.6 37Brooks, Cecelia, 1956
III.6 38Brooks, D.W., 1958
III.6 39Brooks, Miss Effie P., 1960
III.6 40Brooks, J.D., 1957
III.6 41Brooks, Mrs. Margaret, 1958
III.6 42Brooks, Raymond, 1957
III.6 43Brooks, S.W., 1957, 1960
III.6 44Brooks, W.W., 1956
III.6 45Brooks, Woodrow, 1955
III.6 46Broome, Carl, 1956
III.6 47Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, 1957
III.6 48Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks - Franklin D. Roosevelt Lodge No. 852, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.6 49Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Cleveland, OX, and Albany, Americus, and Atlanta, GA, 1957-1958
III.6 50Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Washington, D.C., 1956
III.6 51Brawn, E. Thurston, 1958, 1960
III.6 52Brown, Franklin E., 1955
III.6 53Brown, Hugh F., 1957
III.6 54Brawn, J.D., County Agent, 1957
III.6 55Brawn, J. Harold, 1955, 1957
III.6 56Brawn, Mrs. J.L., 1958
III.6 57Brown, Mrs. J.R., n.d.
III.6 58Brawn, Josh C., 1958
III.6 59Brown, Lamar, 1953, 1955
III.6 60Brawn, Robert W., 1955
III.6 61Brawn, T.E., 1958
III.6 62Brown, Mr. Vernon B., 1958-1959
III.6 63Brown, W.S., 1954, 1956
III.6 64Brown, Mrs. Walter R., 1959
III.6 65Brown, Mr. and Mrs. William J., 1959
III.6 66Browne, Emerson W., 1955
III.6 67Brownlee C.V., 1955
III.6 68Brownlee Sonya, 1957
III.6 69Bruce, Charles, 1955
III.6 70Bruce, H.E., 1958
III.6 71Bryan, D.T., 1959
III.6 72Bryan, David L., 1955
III.6 73Bryan, Mr. F.A., 1958
III.6 74Bryan, H.T., 1958
III.6 75Bryan, Mr. Henry L., 1956, 1958-1959
III.6 76Bryan, J.M., 1957
III.6 77Bryan, Lloyd, 1955
III.6 78Bryan, Mr. Marvin, 1958-1959
III.6 79Bryan, Mrs. Mary, 1956
III.6 80Bryant, J.J., 1956
III.6 81Bryant, J.J., Jr., 1956
III.6 82Budget Figures, 1959
III.6 83Buie, Mr. R.C., 1960
III.6 84Bullard, Harold, 1957
III.6 85Bulloch, Mrs. W.D., 1959
III.6 86Bullock, Mrs. Sara W., 1958-1959
III.6 87Bullock, W.G., 1955
III.6 88Bureau for Lathing and Plastering for the State of Georgia 19 Burger, L.B., 1957
III.6 90Burgess, David S., 1955
III.6 91Burgess, James L., President, Hawthorne Employees Federal Credit Union, Moultrie, GA, 1957
III.6 92Burgess, James L., 1957
III.6 93Burgess, Mrs. Mollie, 1955
III.6 94Burgess, William E., 1959
III.6 95Burleson, Hon. Omar, Chairman, Committee on House Administration Washington, D.C., 1958
III.6 96Burnum, Mr. Edward, 1956
III.6 97Burns, Alfred E., 1956
III.6 98Burns, Mrs. Jean S., 1955
III.6 99Burns, Mr. W. J., 1958
III.7 1-2 Burnside, Elizabeth, 1955
III.7 3Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford, 1959
III.7 4Busch, Norman, 1956
III.7 5Business and Professional Women, Washington, D.C., 1957
III.7 6Business and Professional Women's Club, Sylvester, GA, 1958
III.7 7Business International, 1959
III.7 8Bussey, Earl, 1955
III.7 9Bussey, Gordon, 1956, 1958
III.7 10Bussey, Walter L., 1956
III.7 11Butler, Mr. Bennett, 1959
III.7 12Butler, Charles B., 1957
III.7 13Butler, E.L., 1957
III.7 14Butler, Miss Jerry, 1953
III.7 15Butler, John C., 1956, 1958
III.7 16Butler-Johnson Moving and Storage Company, Agents for Dean Van Lines, Inc., 1959-1950
III.7 17Butler, Mr. Lamar, 1958-1959
III.7 18Butler, Mrs. Margaret, 1958
III.7 19Butler, Robert D., 1955
III.7 20Byrd, Hon. Robert C., Representative for West Virginia, 1955-1956
III.7 21Cabbage Emergency, 1956
III.7 22Cain, John M., 1956
III.7 23Cain, S.P., 1956-1957, 1959
III.7 24Cain, W.H., 1957
III.7 25Cairo Banking Company, Cairo, GA, 1955, 1958
III.7 26Cairo, GA - Cane Experiment Station, 1958
III.7 27Cairo Draft Board - Local Board No. 69, 1955
III.7 28Cairo Life Underwriters Association, 1950
III.7 29Cairo Public Housing Project, 1957
III.7 30Cairo - REA Appreciation Dinner, 1956
III.7 31Cairo Roads, 1955
III.7 32Caldwell, Horace, 1956-1958
III.7 33Caldwell, R.A., 1956-1959
III.7 34Calfee, S.L., 1955, 1958-1960
III.7 35Calhoun, Marcus, 1955-1959
III.7 36Callahan, H.H., 1956
III.7 37Callaway, Mr. T.F., 1955
III.7 38Calvin, Frank F., 1960
III.7 39Cameron, Mrs. H.C., 1957
III.7 40Camilla Cotton Oil Company, 1955, 1959
III.7 41Camilla, GA, PTA, 1956
III.7 42Campbell, Mrs. Alma Cloud, 1960
III.7 43Campbell, Mr. D.C., Jr., 1959
III.7 44Campbell, G.T., 1955
III.7 45Campbell, James, 1958
III.7 46Campbell, M. Lewis, 1955
III.7 47Campbell, Rice, 1955
III.7 48Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R., 1959
III.7 49Campbell Soup Company, 1959
III.7 50Candler, Scott, 1957-1958
III.7 51Cannady, Miss Annie, 1956, 1958
III.7 52Cannon, Felton, 1955
III.7 53Cannon, Mrs. Maude W., 1957
III.7 54Cannon, Mrs. W.C., 1954-1955
III.7 55Capitol Gist (Frank Burdick), n.d.
III.7 56Carithers, James H., 1955
III.7 57Carlisle, B.E. - U.S. Marshall, Middle District, Macon, GA, 1955-1957, 1960
III.7 58Carlisle, Edwin A., 1957
III.7 59Carlton, Miss Gloria, 1959
III.7 60Carlton, Thomas and Marjorie, 1956
III.7 61Carrington, Airman Marian E., 1955
III.7 62Carswell Mrs. Nina, 1957
III.7 63Carswell, W.R., 1955
III.7 64Carter, Mrs. E.J., 1959
III.7 65Carter, Mrs. Frank, 1959
III.7 66Carter, Herbert, Jr., 1958
III.7 67Carter, Julie (7th Grade), 1955
III.7 68Carter, Julie (Senior in High School), 1960
III.7 69Carter, June, 1955-1956
III.7 70Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Kelso, 1957-1959
III.7 71Caruthen, W. Roy, 1956
III.7 72Carver, H.A., 1958
III.7 73Carver, W.A. (Agronomist), 1957
III.7 74Cash Drug Store, 1960
III.7 75Castle, Mr. Eugene W., 1958
III.7 76Caswell, Lloyd C., 1957
III.7 77Cater, Mrs. Malina M., 1959
III.7 78Cauthen, H.L., 1958
III.7 79Census Bureau Requests and Information, 1953-1954
III.8 1Central of Georgia Railway, 1956-1959
III.8 2Central of Georgia Railway; Pulpwood Rates, 1956-1959; 1953
III.8 3Chafin, Mr. Junior, 1957
III.8 4Chafin, Mr. William C., 1959
III.8 5Chamber of Commerce, Georgia, File 1, Folder I, 1957-1960
III.8 6Chamber of Commerce, Georgia, File 1, Folder II, 1953-1956
III.8 7Chamber of Commerce, Georgia, 1955-1959
III.8 8Chamber of Commerce, of the United States, 1953, 1957-1958
III.8 9Chamber of Commerce, Arlington, GA, 1958
III.8 10Chamber of Commerce, Brooks County, GA, 1957-1959
III.8 11Chamber of Commerce, Dublin, GA - Mr. Gordon W. Avison, 1957
III.8 12Chamber of Commerce, Elberton, GA, 1957
III.8 13Chamber of Commerce, Gainesville, GA, 1956
III.8 14Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, 1955, 1960
III.8 15Chamber of Commerce, Macon, GA, 1957
III.8 16Chamber of Commerce, Milledgeville and Baldwin County, GA, 1957
III.8 17Chamber of Commerce, Pierce County (Blackshear, GA), 1956
III.8 18Chamber of Commerce, Quitman, GA, 1957-1959
III.8 19Chamber of Commerce, Valdosta and Lowdes County, GA, 1955,1957-1958
III.8 20Champion, J.P., 1958- 1959
III.8 21Chang, Sank Ik, 1958
III.8 22Chance, C.E., 1954
III.8 23Chapman, Janice, 1956
III.8 24Chappel, Mr. Allen, 1958
III.8 25Charollais Cattle Matter, 1954
III.8 26Chason, Dr. Gordon, 1954-1955
III.8 27Chason, Mrs. R.H., 1957
III.8 28Chason, Williard H., 1955
III.8 29Chastain, Arthur, 1955
III.8 30Chastain, Robert E., 1956, 1958-1959
III.8 31Chatham, Hon. Thurmond, 5th District, North Carolina, 1955
III.8 32Cheek, Emory, 1955
III.8 33Chelf, Hon. Frank, 4th District, Kentucky, 1957
III.8 34Cheney, Dr. H.L., 1956
III.8 35Cherry, B.L., 1959
III.8 36Cherry Blossom Festival, 1953
III.8 37Cherry, Mrs. H.C., 1959-1960
III.8 38Cherry, Horace C., 1955
III.8 39Cherry, Mrs. Willie P., 1960
III.8 40Cheshire, H.G., 1957
III.8 41Cheshire, Dr. Z.A., 1956
III.8 42Childers, Mrs. Lavonne, 1958
III.8 43Childress, Billy, 1957
III.8 44Childress, Wade, 1955
III.8 45Chisholm, J.E., 1959
III.8 46Chism, J.B., 1956
III.8 47Christian and Bell Company, 1956
III.8 48Citizens Cafe, 1960
III.8 49Citizens Foreign Aid Committee, 1959
III.8 50Civil Aeronautics Association, 1953-1954, 1957, 1959
III.9 1Civil Defense Division, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.9 2Civil Rig m s, 1957
III.9 3Clant on, L.B., 1955
III.9 4Clark, Andrew J., 1958
III.9 5Clark, Chet, 1955
III.9 6Clark, E.R., 1956
III.9 7Clark, Genie, 1956
III.9 8Clark, Mr. Harold, 1959
III.9 9Clark, Mrs. John H., 1955
III.9 10Clark, Mrs. Martha W., 1955
III.9 11Clary, Mrs. E.A., 1954
III.9 12Clearman, Mr. Luther Y., Jr., 1957
III.9 13Clement, Hon. Frank G., Governor of Tennessee, 1956
III.9 14Clements, Carl, 1955
III.9 15Clements, F.P., 1956
III.9 16Clements, Gerald, 1955
III.9 17Cleveland, Mr. Grover C., Jr., 1959
III.9 18Cliett, Mrs. B.B., 1958
III.9 19Climax Milling Company, 1957
III.9 20Clinkscales, Hal, 1957
III.9 21Clinton, Cyrene, 1960
III.9 22Clinton, W.L., 1955
III.9 23Cloninger, S.E., 1955
III.9 24Cloud, Miss June Patricia, 1957
III.9 25Cloud, Miss Orena, 1955
III.9 26Clower, Mrs. J.P., 1954
III.9 27Coarsey, Nathan L., 1955
III.9 28Coarsey, Mr. Raleigh, 1959
III.9 29Coca Cola Export Corporation, 1958
III.9 30Cochran, Edward D., 1955-1956, 1958
III.9 31Cochran, Tump Douglas, 1958
III.9 32Cochran, Yancey, 1957
III.9 33Code of Ethics, 1957
III.9 34Coffin, Hon. Frank M., 2nd District, Maine, 1959
III.9 35Cogar, Minnie, 1955
III.9 36Cohen, Carl H., 1960
III.9 37Cohen, H.S., 1955-1956
III.9 38Cohen, Richard D., 1957
III.9 39Cohen, Roberts, and Kohler, Attorneys, 1957-1958
III.9 40Coker, Billy, 1958
III.9 41Cole, J.J., 1955-1957
III.9 42Coleman, Jack, 1958
III.9 43Coleman, L.C., 1955
III.9 44Collins, Mr. Andrew M., 1960
III.9 45Collins, Miss Anne, 1957
III.9 46Collins, Dr. Braswell E., 1956
III.9 47Collins, Mr. Embry, 1957-1958
III.9 48Collins, Harry, 1955
III.9 49Collins, James, 1956
III.9 50Collins, Mrs. Jesse, 1960
III.9 51Collins, Mr. Julian W., 1958
III.9 52Collins, Laurie, 1956
III.9 53Collins, Mr. L.C., 1958
III.9 54Collins, Mrs. Malvin, Sr., 1960
III.9 55Collins, M.D., 1955-1958
III.9 56Collins, R.L., 1957
III.9 57Collum, Mr. Cecil, 1959
III.9 58Colonial Dairies, Mr. Gordon E. Hanson, President, 1959
III.9 59Colquitt County Board of Education, 1957
III.9 60Colquitt County Hospital Authority, Moultrie, GA, 1956
III.9 61Colquitt County 100th Anniversary - Statement by J.L. Pilche, 1956
III.9 62Colter Corporation, M.A. Ries President, 1955
III.9 63Comer, Jack G., 1956
III.9 64Commercial Printers, 1957
III.9 65Compton, Charles S., III., 1956
III.9 66Concrete Builders, Inc., 1956
III.9 67Cone, Gordon W., 1958
III.9 68Cone, Mrs. J.B., 1956
III.9 69Conference on Economic Progress, 1959
III.9 70Conger, Mrs. A.B., 1956
III.9 71Conger, Mrs. Beulah, 1957
III.9 72Conger, Commander Henry Jackson, 1956
III.9 73Conger, H.L., 1957
III.9 74Conger, J. Willis, 1954-1959
III.9 75Conger, Sharon, 1957
III.9 76Congratulatory Letters, 1956, 1959
III.9 77Congratulatory Messages - 84th Congress, 1954
III.10 1Congressional Anthology, 1957
III.10 2Congressional Directories Mailed, 1955
III.10 3Congressional Directory, Requests, 1957-1960
III.10 4Congressional Directory, Second Session, 1954
III.10 5Congressional Quarterly Information, 1955
III.10 6Congressional Record Information, 1953-1960
III.10 7Congressmen, 1959
III.10 8Connell, Mr. C.L., 1959
III.10 9Connell, Jennifer, 1960
III.10 10Connell, Mr. L.B., 1959
III.10 11Consolidated Pecan Sales Company, 1956-1957
III.10 12Consolidated Telephone Company, 1954-1955
III.10 13Continental Gin Company, 1956
III.10 14Contractors of Georgia Associated (Robert Strickland), 1956
III.10 15Cook, Charles W., 1958
III.10 16Cook, Decia, 1957
III.10 17Cook, F.M., 1957
III.10 18Cook, Eugene, 1955, 1958-1959, 1961
III.10 19Cook, James L., 1956
III.10 20Cook, Lamar, 1958
III.10 21Cook, Ray, 1955
III.10 22Cooper, Alton B. and Donald C., 1955
III.10 23Cooper, Miss Delores, 1958
III.10 24Cooper Mrs. Donald D., 1955
III.10 25Cooper, Harold, 1956
III.10 26Cooper, Hilliard, 1958
III.10 27Cooper, Rev. Howard, 1956
III.10 28Cooper, Jessie Lee, 1959
III.10 29Cooper, Judson, 1954, 1956
III.10 30Cooper, Judy, 1957
III.10 31Cooper, Lavaughn, 1955-1956
III.10 32Cooper, Miss Mary Frances, 1960
III.10 33Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. M.P., 1957
III.10 34Cooper, Miss Peggye, 1958
III.10 35Cooper, Robert F., 1955, 1959
III.10 36Cooper, Warren C., 1955
III.10 37Cooper, Wayne, 1955, 1957
III.10 38Cooper, Willis, 1958
III.10 39Cope, Mr. John L., Secretary, Treasurer, Independent Plant Food, 1959
III.10 40Copeland, Mr. - West Bainbridge, GA, 1959
III.10 41Copeland, Arthur J., 1959
III.10 42Copeland, William W., 1955
III.10 43Corbin, Curtis, Jr., 1958
III.10 44Cordell, Sara, 1955
III.10 45Cordell, T.M., 1957-1958
III.10 46Cormack, Phyllis, 1957
III.10 47Corno, Walter J., 1955
III.10 48Cottle, Mr. James M., 1960
III.10 49Cotton Figures - Report, (December 1, 1955)
III.10 50Cotton File, 1955-1959
III.10 51Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia (T.M. Forbes), 19,551,958
III.10 52Cotton Manufacturers Institute, Inc., 1955, 1960
III.10 53Cotton Producers Association (D.W. Brooks), undated
III.10 54Cotton Subcommittee, 1959
III.10 55Council, C. Ray, 1955
III.10 56Courtney, Rev. R.E., 1959-1960
III.10 57Covington, Mrs. W.A., 1958, 1960
III.10 58Cowan Supply Company, 1955
III.10 59Cowart, Jack, 1957
III.10 60Cowart, John Pilcher - Clerk, U.S. District Court, Macon, GA, undated
III.10 61Cox, Ben T., Sr., 1958
III.10 62Cox, Miss Dianne, 1960
III.10 63Cox, Mr. Edward F., 1960
III.10 64Cox, George W., 1957
III.10 65Cox, Joseph E., 1957
III.10 66Cox, Julian, 1956
III.10A 1Cox Memorial Service, 1953-1954
III.10A 2Cox Subcommittee, 1953-1954
III.10A 3Cox, Tom, 1955
III.10A 4Craft, Mr. John F., 1958, 1960
III.10A 5Craigmiles, J.E., 1955
III.10A 6Cranford, Miss Bobby, 1960
III.10A 7Cranford, Mrs. Robert H., 1959
III.10A 8Cravey, Zack D., Comptroller General, Georgia, 1960
III.10A 9Crew, Miss Mary, 1959
III.10A 10Crew Motors, Inc., Cairo, GA, 1959
III.10A 11Crim, W.M., 1957
III.10A 12Crisp, Buddy, 1959
III.10A 13Crisp County, GA; Project 659, FPC, 1957
III.10A 14Crittenden, F.A., 1957
III.10A 15Crittenden, T.J., President, Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants, 1957-1958
III.10A 16Crittenden, Mr. Zack G., 1959
III.10A 17Crocker, Jack, 1955
III.10A 18Crocker, Jack I., 1957
III.10A 19Crockett, J.A., 1958
III.10A 20Croft, L.A., 1957
III.10A 21Cromartie, Mr. Ed, 1960
III.10A 22Cronin, W.L., Jr., 1956
III.10A 23Crosby, Mrs. D.A., 1958
III.10A 24Crosby, Evan, 1958
III.10A 25Crosby, Mr. H.C. - Crosby Aeromarine Company, 1959
III.10A 26Crosby, Harmon, 1955
III.10A 27Crosby, Sherwood, 1955
III.11 1Crosland, W.W., 1956
III.11 2Crosley Broadcasting of Atlanta, Inc., 1958
III.11 3Cross Compliance Program of the Agriculture Department, 1954
III.11 4Cross-Florida Barge Canal, 1958
III.11 5Cross, J.D. - State Department of Veterans Services, GA1955, 1957
III.11 6Cross, Perry, 1955
III.11 7Crow, Mrs. Carl E., 1959
III.11 8Crowder, Jack, 1957
III.11 9Crowe, Hobart W., Jr., 1955
III.11 10Crowe, Dr. Norman J., 1956
III.11 11Crowe, W.J., 1960
III.11 12Crowley, Mr. James H., 1960
III.11 13Crownover, Hal, 1955
III.11 14Croy, Paul, 1955
III.11 15Crozier, Mr. R.T., Jr., 1958
III.11 16Crum, George, 1955
III.11 17Crum, Jimmy, 1957-1960
III.11 18Crumbley, Dr. James J., 1955
III.11 19Cryer, Mr. Wade, 1958
III.11 20Cuba - President of Cuban Senate, 1958
III.11 21Cuffaro, Mrs. Joseph (Sally), 1956
III.11 22Culbertson, E.R., 1953, 1956-1958, 1960
III.11 23Culbreth, Mrs. Emmett R., 1955
III.11 24Cullens, W.F., 1954, 1956, 1958-1960
III.11 25Culpepper, Miss Annette, 1953
III.11 26Culpepper, C.B., 1955
III.11 27Culpepper, Ed W., 1956
III.11 28Culpepper, Mrs. Hazel, 1959
III.11 29Culpepper, Paris, 1959
III.11 30Culpepper, Mr. R.A., 1959
III.11 31Culpepper, Robert, Jr., 1955-1960
III.11 32Culpepper, Sam H., 1956
III.11 33Cummings, Dolores (colored), 1960
III.11 34Cummings, Henry 0., 1957-1958
III.11 35Cummings, John J., 1955
III.11 36Cummings, W.F., 1954-1960
III.11 37Curles, Miss M. Finnette, 1958
III.11 38Currie Ford Company, 1960
III.11 39Curry and Turner Construction Company, 1956
III.11 40Custer, Vance - Attorney, 1955-1960
III.11 41Czechoslovak National Council of America, 1958
III.11 42Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1953-1954
III.11 43Daffodil Garden Club, 1958-1960
III.11 44Dairy Queen and Brazier, Cairo, GA, 1960
III.11 45Dairyco and Dairyland, South Georgia Dairy Co-op, Quitman, GA, 1960
III.11 46Daniel, C.C., 1954
III.11 47Daniel, Howard T., 1958
III.11 48Daniel, J. Lee, 1956
III.11 49Daniel, Miss Nancy, 1955
III.11 50Daniell, Jeff, 1955
III.11 51Daniell, Jeff W., 1957
III.11 52Daniell, Patricia, 1957
III.11 53Daniels, Thomas F., 1960
III.11 54Daniels, Mrs. T.T., 1960
III.11 55Daniels, Mrs. Veda M., 1960
III.11 56Dannenberg, Joe W., 1958-1959
III.11 57D.A.R. Thronateeska Chapter, 1957, 1960
III.11 58Darby, Mrs. Fannie F., 1956-1957, 1959
III.11 59Darbyshire, G., 1955
III.11 60Darley, Vernon 0., 1957
III.11 61Dasher, Mrs. Carl A., Jr., 1954
III.11 62Daugherty, Bob, 1957
III.11 63Daugherty, Mr. Wayne, 1958
III.11 64Daughters of the American Revolution, 1958, 1961
III.11 65Daughtry, Weyman, 1958
III.11 66Davenport, H.H., 1955
III.11 67Davenport, P.J., 1958
III.11 68Davenport, R.J., 1956
III.11 69David, Mary E., 1956
III.11 70Davidson, H. Lawson, Jr., 1956
III.11 71Davidson, Merrill, 1958
III.12 1Davis, Miss Annette, 1958
III.12 2Davis, Mrs. B B, 1959
III.12 3Davis, Becky, 1957
III.12 4Davis, Mr. Britt W., Attorney, 1955-1958,1960-1961
III.12 5Davis, Mr. Charles, 1960
III.12 6Davis, Effie J., n.d.
III.12 7Davis, Ellis Paul, Jr., 1957
III.12 8Davis, Elroy C., 1957
III.12 9Davis, Miss Ernestine, 1958
III.12 10Davis, Mrs. F.C., Sr., 1959-1960
III.12 11Davis, Gabe, 1956
III.12 12Davis, H.A., 1955-1956
III.12 13Davis, Major Harold C., 1959
III.12 14Davis, Harry L., 1955, 1957, 1959-1960
III.12 15Davis, H.G., Jr. (M.D.), 1960
III.12 16Davis, James, 1957-1958
III.12 17Davis, Hon. James C., 5th District, GA, 1957-1959
III.12 18Davis, Jasper C. and Mrs. Jasper C., 1957-1958
III.12 19Davis, Mr. J.B., 1959
III.12 20Davis, Mr. J.I., Jr., 1957, 1959
III.12 21Davis, John H., 1957
III.12 22Davis, John Henry, 1955
III.12 23Davis, Mrs. Josh, 1958
III.12 24Davis, Mrs. Julia W., 1959
III.12 25Davis, Mrs. Lola Childers, 1958
III.12 26Davis, L.V., 1958
III.12 27Davis, Oscar, Jr., 1955
III.12 28Davis, R.E., 1955-1956
III.12 29Davis, Miss Ruth, 1959
III.12 30Davis, Mr. T.O., 1958-1959
III.12 31Day, Mrs. Joe, 1955
III.12 32Deacon, E.F., 1958
III.12 33Dean, A.D., 1959
III.12 34Dean, Dr. and Mrs. Clay Dean, 1957-1959
III.12 35Dean, J.J., 1956
III.12 36Dean Van Lines, Inc., 1959-1960
III.12 37Deane, Hon. Charles B., 8th District, North Carolina, 1956
III.12 38D & D Motor Court, 1959
III.12 39Decatur County Hospital Authority, 1957
III.12 40"Decatur" Ferry Boat - W.H. Miller (Decatur County), 1954
III.12 41Dearison, Miss Kay, 1959
III.12 42Defense Bond Information, 2nd District, 1953
III.12 43Defense, Department of - Self-Insurance, Army, Navy, Air Force Exchanges, etc., 1958
III.12 44De Give, Dunham and O'Neill, Inc., 1955-1956
III.12 45Deiter, Mrs. Mary T., 1957
III.12 46DeKalb County Federal Savings and Loan - McMurry, C.P., Executive Vice President, 1956
III.12 47Dekle, Coy, 1958
III.12 48Dekle, Mrs. D.T., 1960
III.12 49DeLaney, J.L., n.d.
III.12 50Dell, Mr. and Mrs. T.L., 1959
III.12 51DeLoache, Waldo, 1956, 1958-1959
III.12 52Delta Airlines - Application to Compete with Eastern Airlines on Atlanta to New York route, 1955, 1959, 1961
III.12 53Delta Council, 1959
III.12 54Democratic National Committee, Folder I, 1955-1959
III.12 55Democratic National Committee, Folder II, 1956
III.12 56Democratic National Committee, Folder III, 1955-1956
III.12 57Denby, Helen, 1957
III.12 58Dendy, F.H., 1955
III.12 59Denham, Curtis, 1955
III.12 60Denham, Miss Martha Sue, 1957
III.12 61Denmark, Miss Jennie L., 1959
III.12 62Dennard, W.F., 1955
III.12 63Denney, A.L., 1955
III.12 64Denson, A. Eugene, 1955
III.12 65Denson, Mrs. Ermagene, 1955
III.13 1Departmental Communications, 1953-1954
III.13 2Derberick, Leonard, 1956
III.13 3DeSeversky, Alexander P., 1955
III.13 4DesRosier, Technical Sgt. Clinton S., 1955-1956
III.13 5Deutch, Michael J., 1960
III.13 6Dewberry, G.M., 1960
III.13 7Dickenson, R.H., 1955, 1957, 1959
III.13 8Dickerson, Miss Joyce, 1959
III.13 9Dickey, Mrs. R.T., 1959
III.13 10Diers, H.H., 1955
III.13 11Dies, Martin, Representative from Texas, 1955
III.13 12Dillard, Dr. A.D., 1956
III.13 13Dillard, Philip, 1956, 1958
III.13 14Dingell, Hon. John D., 15th District, Michigan, 1957
III.13 15Disabled American Veterans, 1956, 1958-1959
III.13 16Disaster Loans, 1957
III.13 17Disaster to Crops, 1955
III.13 18Dismuke Mrs. Elizabeth W., 1956
III.13 19Dixie Broadcasters, 1957
III.13 20Dixie Dairies - Mr. Charles Rainey, 1957-1958
III.13 21Dixie Hunt Hotel - Forrest M. Runnels, 1960
III.13 22Dixie Plywood Company of Macon and Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.13 23Dixie Seed Company, 1955
III.13 24Mr. Harold Clark L, 1958
III.13 25Dixon, J.M., 1956
III.13 26Documents and Information Furnished #1, Folder I, 1953-1954
III.13 27Documents and Information Furnished #1, Folder II, 1953
III.13 28Documents and Information Furnished #2, Folder I, 1954
III.13 29Documents and Information Furnished #2, Folder II, 1954
III.13 30Documents and Information Furnished #3, 1954
III.13 31Dodson, Heck, Jr., 1957
III.13 32Doerun Milling Company - Mr. R.J. Taylor, President, 1958
III.13 33Doke, Mrs. John P., Jr., 1953
III.13 34Dollar, Mr. J.E., 1959
III.13 35Dollar, Jimbo, 1958, 1960
III.13 36Dollar, M.M., 1955
III.13 37Dollar, Miss Ruth Ann, 1958
III.13 38Dollar, Mr. T.F., n.d.
III.13 39Donaldson, MR. D.M., 1958
III.13 40Donalson, Mrs. O.H., 1955
III.13 41Donalsonville, GA - Island Access Lands, 1957
III.13 42Donalsonvi]le Lions Club, 1955
III.13 43Donations - Congress - JLP, 1953-1954
III.13 44Doolittle, Mr. W.L., 1958
III.13 45Dorminey, Raymond, 1955
III.13 46Dorn, Hon. William Jennings Bryan, 3rd District, South Carolina, 1957
III.13 47Dorsey, Mr. J.N., 1959
III.13 48Doss, Davis, 1955
III.13 49Dougherty Building and Finance Company, 1955
III.13 50Dougherty County, undated
III.13 51Board of Education, Albany, GA, undated
III.13 52Public Works, Albany, GA, undated
III.14 1Douglas, Allen, Executive Director, Committee of 100, 1958
III.14 2Dowling, Mr. James L., 1958
III.14 3Downing, Thomas W., 1958
III.14 4Draffin, Mr. F.M., 1959
III.14 5Drake, John L., 1953, 1956- 1959
III.14 6Drake, Julian, 1957-1959
III.14 7Drake, Olive, 1958
III.14 8Drewry, M.H., 1955
III.14 9Drexel, E.P., 1954, 1956-1957
III.14 10Driver, Eugene, 1959
III.14 11Drought, 1954
III.14 12DuBose, Mrs. P.D., 1955
III.14 13Duck Season, Georgia-Florida, 1958
III.14 14Duckworth, J. Lon, 1957, 1959-1960
III.14 15Dufoe, Major F.G., Jr., Jul-57
III.14 16Duggan, Carlton, 1957
III.14 17Duggan, Mr. Ivy W., 1956, 1959, 1961
III.14 18Duggan, Jonathan, 1958
III.14 19Duggan, Mr. Robert, 1958
III.14 20Duggan, Mr. Sam, 1957-1958, 1960
III.14 21Duke, C.B., Sr., 1956
III.14 22Duke, C.D., Jr., 1957
III.14 23Duke, C.W., Vocational Agriculture Department, 1958
III.14 24Duke, Mrs. F.L., 1955
III.14 25Duke, Wyley L., 1953-1954
III.14 26Duncan, Charles C., Pastor, 1956
III.14 27Dundee Mills, 1958
III.14 28Dunford, Rev. Phil, 1958
III.14 29Dunlap, C.E., 1955
III.14 30Dunn, Ellison, 1954
III.14 31Dunn, Samuel F., 1956
III.14 32Dunn, W.E., 1956
III.14 33Dunning, Carolyn, 1957
III.14 34Dupree, Mr. and Mrs. T.E., 1957
III.14 35Durden, George A., 1955
III.14 36Durden, Mrs. H.G., 1959
III.14 37Durham, Ennis J., Deceased, 1958
III.14 38Durham, Mrs. Mary J., 1960
III.14 39Dusterdieck, F.W., 1956-1957
III.14 40Dyson, Mrs. R.D., 1956-1957
III.14 41D - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953
III.14 42E - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.14 43Easom, George, 1957
III.14 44Eason, Mr. Jack 0., 1955
III.14 45East Side School, Quitman, GA, 1956
III.14 46Eastern Star - Edison Chapter, 457, Edison, GA, 1957
III.14 47Eaton, Bert, 1958
III.14 48Eaton, Miss Judy, 1958
III.14 49Eberharter, Hon. Herman P., Member of Congress from the 26th District, Pennsylvania, 1958
III.14 50Ecenrode, Jean, 1956
III.14 51Echols, J.B., 1957-1958
III.14 52Economy Auto Stores, Inc., 1957
III.14 53Edison Community, 1953
III.14 54Edison, Georgia Housing Program, 1956
III.14 55Edison Girl Scout Troop 64, Edison, GA, 1957
III.14 56Edwards, Frank H., 1956-1957
III.14 57Edwards, Mrs. Jane H., 1958
III.14 58Edwards, Ralph, 1955-1959
III.14 59Edwards, Mrs. Sara, 1958
III.14 60Elder, Mrs. Alma J., 1959
III.14 61Electrical Contractors Association, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.14 62Eli Witt Cigar and Candy Company, Athens, GA, 1957-1958
III.14 63Elkins, Carl, 1957
III.14 64Elkins, James, 1958
III.14 65Ellington, Lt./jg. James 0., 1958-1959
III.14 66Ellington, M.D., 1959
III.14 67Ellis, C.E., 1955
III.14 68Ellis, Mrs. Jean, 1960
III.15 1Ellis, John W. - Administrative Assistant to J.L. Pilcher, Folder I, 1956-1959
III.15 2Ellis, John W. – Administrative Assistant to J.L. Pilcher, Folder II, 1953-1960 and undated
III.15 3Ellis, K.A., 1956
III.15 4Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph, 1955
III.15 5Ellis, Roscell, 1955
III.15 6Elsas, Norman E., 1956, 1958
III.15 7Embassy, American - Vienna, Austria, 1957
III.15 8Enfinger, Barbara, 1956
III.15 9Engineering and Equipment Company, Albany, GA, 1960
III.15 10Engineers, Army Corps of, Mobile, Alabama, 1955-1959
III.15 11Engineers, Chief of - Department of the Army, 1956-1960
III.15 12Engineers, Corps of - Reports and Information, 1954, 1957
III.15 13Engineers, Corps of, U.S. Army, 1954, 1957, 1959-1960
III.15 14English, Mrs. Francis Morris, 1957
III.15 15English, Mrs. Indiana W., 1955
III.15 16Engram, Sammy, 1956-1957
III.15 17Ennis, Eddie, 1958
III.15 18Entrekin, T.J., 1958
III.15 19Erickson, T.W., 1955
III.15 20Erwin, C.M. - Debate Coach, Red Bud School, Calhoun, GA, 1956
III.15 21Estes, Mr. W.J., 1959
III.15 22Etheredge, W. Jerome, 1957
III.15 23Etherington, A., 1955
III.15 24Ethredge, Hugh, 1956
III.15 25Ettinger, William L. Company, Atlanta, Georgia, 1956
III.15 26Eubanks, Mrs. Myrtis A., 1956
III.15 27Evans, Mrs. Helen P., 1956
III.15 28Evans, Mr. Kenneth F., Jr., 1959
III.15 29Evans, Mr. Pat, 1959-1960
III.15 30Evans, R L., 1957
III.15 31Eve, Robert W., 1956
III.15 32Everett, H.J., 1955
III.15 33Everett, M.E., 1955
III.15 34Everidge, H.B., 1958
III.15 35Everson Miss Martha Jean, 1957
III.15 36F - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.15 37F.H.A. - Minimum Property Standards for Lumber, 1957
III.15 38Fain, Butch, 1957
III.15 39Fair, Melvin L., 1958
III.15 40Faircloth, Mr. Marion, 1958
III.15 41Faircloth, Miss Sylvia, 1956
III.15 42Fallin, Vinson, 1955
III.15 43Falotico, Helen, 1959
III.15 44Farkas, Leonard, 1955, 1958
III.15 45Farm - Information, 1959
III.15 46Farm Bureau, undated
III.15 47American, 1956
III.15 48Colquitt County, Moultrie, GA, 1953, 1955-1956, 1958-1959
III.15 49Dooly County, Vienna, GA, 1959
III.15 50Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1955, 1957-1959
III.15 51Macon County, Montezuma, GA, 1957
III.15 52Screven County, Sylvania, GA, 1957
III.15A 1Farm Bureau Federation, Georgia, 1953-1960
III.15A 2County President, 2nd District, 1955
III.15A 3Farmer, W.F., 1958
III.15A 4Farmers Bulletins, Letters, 1960
III.15A 5Farmers Bulletins, Letters, 1958-1959
III.15A 6Farmers Home Administration, Washington, D.C., 1956
III.15A 7Farmers Home Administration, Atlanta, GA, 1953-1959
III.15A 8Farmers Union, National, Washington, D.C., 1955
III.15A 9Farvar Dr. Bayouk, 1959
III.15A 10Faulk, Mrs. Frank F., 1955
III.15A 11Faulk, Outley A., 1955
III.15A 12Faulkner, John, 1954
III.15A 13Fears, Harold, 1956
III.15A 14Federal Communications Commission, 1958
III.15A 15Federal Savings and Loan Association, Atlanta, GA – Mr. George W. West, President, 1957
III.15A 16Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C., 1957-1959
III.15A 17Feinberg, Joe, 1956-1958
III.15A 18Felton, Julie W., 1956
III.15A 19Fenny, Mr. Cliff A., 1958
III.15A 20Ferguson, T.C., 1955
III.15A 21Ferrell, W.C. Joseph E., 1955
III.15A 22Ferst, M.A., Vice President of M.A. Ferst, Limited, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.15A 23Fewell, R.L., 1955
III.15A 24Fewell, Wylene, 1955
III.16 1Fidelity Products Company, 1958
III.16 2Fields, Mr. Charles M., 1960
III.16 3Fields, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 1957
III.16 4Finch, Tom, 1956
III.16 5First Christian Church, Albany, GA, 1955
III.16 6First Federal Savings and Loan Association, Bainbridge, GA, 1958
III.16 7First Methodist Church, Bainbridge, GA, 1955, 1957
III.16 8Fish Applications, 1953-1955
III.16 9Fisher, Miss Karen, 1958
III.16 10Fishing Vessels, Seizure of - Mexican Seizure of American Vessels, 1953
III.16 11Fitzgerald, H.D., 1957
III.16 12Fitzgerald, J.B., 1959
III.16 13Fitzgerald, R.S., Sr., 1957-1958
III.16 14Flag Requests, 1954, 1957-1958
III.16 15Fleetwood, Roscoe - Flowers Baking Company, 1957-1959
III.16 16Fleming, Mrs. Carlton A., 1959
III.16 17Fletcher, Edmond P., 1956
III.16 18Fletcher, Gerald, 1957
III.16 19Fletcher, Mrs. Jack, 1955
III.16 20Fletcher, Milton 0., 1957-1958
III.16 21Fletcher, Orlin K., Jr., 1956
III.16 22Fletcher, Mrs. R.T., 1956
III.16 23Flint Industrial Service, Albany, GA, 1950
III.16 24Flint River Mills, Inc., Bainbridge, GA, 1959
III.16 25Flournoy, Mrs. Cordelia, 1959
III.16 26Flowers, Mrs. E.M., 1959
III.16 27Flowers, Mr. L.D., 1960
III.16 28Flowers, W.H., 1956-1960
III.16 29Floyd, D.I., Agricultural Statistician in Charge, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, Athens, GA, 1955
III.16 30Floyd, James Chris, 1955-1956
III.16 31Floyd, Mr. Lewis, 1950
III.16 32Fluoridation Matters, 1953-1954
III.16 33Flynn, Dr. James T., Jr., Secretary, Colquitt County Medical Society, 1958
III.16 34Flynt, Hon. John J., Jr., 4th District, Georgia, 1954-1957
III.16 35Fokes, Dr. R.E., Jr., 1960
III.16 36Folding Room - Old Files – Closed, Folder I, 1953-1954, 1957-1960
III.16 37Folding Room – Old Files – Closed, Folder II, 1953-1950
III.16 38Folsom, W.H., 1955
III.16 39Food Brokers - T. and M. Brokerage Company, Atlanta, GA,Mr. Harold M. Tregellas, 1958
III.16 40Football Tickets, Army-Navy Football, 1959
III.16 41Forbes, Mrs. Jan, Jr., 1956
III.16 42Ford, E.G., 1956-1957
III.16 43Ford, Mrs. Julian B., Sr., 1957
III.16 44Foreign Consulates, n.d.
III.16 45Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of U.S., 1956, 1958
III.16 46Forest Farmers Association, Executive Director J. Walter Meyers, Jr. Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1957
III.16 47Forest Service - Summer Jobs, 1959, 1962
III.16 48Forestry Service, 1957
III.16 49Forms, 1955
III.17 1Forster, Mr. Bayard S., 1958
III.17 2Fort Gaines Lock and Dam, Chattahoochee River, 1956
III.17 3Fouche, Ray, Trucking Company, 1957
III.17 4Fountain, Mrs. Ruth C. and Dr. J. Gray Fountain, 1959
III.17 5Fountain, Tom, Jr., 1956
III.17 64-H, Club, Athens, Georgia - Tommy L. Walton, Leader, 1955
III.17 74-H, Club, 2nd District, Morgan, GA - Leak Mansfield, 1958
III.17 8Fourmy, Carroll F., 1954
III.17 9Fowler, Mrs. Ada E., 1955
III.17 10Fowler, Mr. L.A., 1959
III.17 11Foy, Miss Margie, 1956-1957
III.17 12Frame, Barbara, 1957
III.17 13Franceschini, Lido, 1958
III.17 14Frankel, J.V., 1955
III.17 15Franklin, Manie M., 1955
III.17 16Franklin, Miss Rachel, 1956
III.17 17Franklin, Rachell, 1957
III.17 18Fravel, Mr. Bill, 1958, 1960
III.17 19Frazer, James, 1957
III.17 20Free, George C., Jr., 1960
III.17 21Free, R.J., 1958
III.17 22Freeman, Cliff, 1955
III.17 23Freeman, Henri H., 1955
III.17 24Freeman, J.M., 1955
III.17 25Freeman, T.M., Superintendent, International Mineral and Chemicals, undated
III.17 26Tifton, GA, 1958
III.17 27Frei, Mr. Otto C., 1958
III.17 28Fretwell, J.H., 1955
III.17 29Friesen, Lawayna Luckey Glynn, 1955
III.17 30Frosteg, Harry, 1958
III.17 31Fudge, Peggy, 1957
III.17 32Fudge, Ralph, 1957
III.17 33Fulford, L.C., 1956
III.17 34Fuller, H.W., 1959
III.17 35Fuller, Jim, 1959-1960
III.17 36Fult on, Grady H., 1955
III.17 37Fulton Supply Company, Atlanta, GA - Mr. C.T. Winship, 1957
III.17 38Fuqua, Mr. C.G., 1959
III.17 39Fuqua, Mrs. W.A., 1959
III.17 40Fussell, Shirlie, 1955
III.17 41Futch, A.W., 1955, 1958
III.17 42Future Farmers of America, Mr. T.G. Walters, State Advisor,Atlanta, GA, 1953-1954
III.17 43Future Homemakers, Georgia - Mrs. Bernice McCullar, 1955
III.17 44G -Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.17 45Gaines, Mrs. J.G., 1958
III.17 46Gainesville Midland Railroad Company, Gainesville, GA, 1957
III.17 47Gainey, Mrs. E.M., 1955-1956
III.17 48Gainey, Miss Loraine, Berry College, Mt. Berry, GA, 1958
III.17 49Gainey, William P., 1956
III.17 50Gainous, Larry B., 1957-1959
III.17 51Galbreath, Mrs. John S., 1954
III.17 52Galloway, Charlton - Slash Pine Seedlings, 1955-1956
III.17 53Gambrell, David H., 1958
III.17 54Gambrell, Harlan, Barwick, Russell and Smith Law Firm, Atlanta, 1955
III.17 55Gammage, Mr. D.L., Jr., undated
III.17 56Gander, C.W. - Gulf Supply Company, Carrabelle, Florida, 1955
III.17 57Gander, Mr. Charlie, 1960
III.17 58Gandy, Mr. B.A., 1960
III.17 59Garcia, John, 1960
III.17 60Gardner, J.D., 1958
III.17 61Gardner, J. Dorbal, 1957
III.17 62Gardner, Miss Joanne, 1954
III.17 63Garrett, H.R., 1955-1956
III.17 64Garrett, Sims, Jr., 1957-1958
III.17 65Garrison, Rev. J. Gorham, 1953, 1959
III.17 66Garrison, Searcy, Executive Secretary, Baptist Convention Atlanta, GA, 1958, 1960
III.17 67Gaston, Jimmy, 1957
III.17 68Gathings, Hon. E.C., 1st District, Arkansas, 1956, 1958-1959
III.17 69Gay, C.P., Jr., 1958
III.17 70Gay, Mrs. John D., 1956
III.17 71Gay Plumbing and Heating Company, 1957
III.17 72Geer, Buck, 1958
III.17 73Genealogists: Lists, n.d.
III.17 74Gentry, Hon. Brady, 3rd District, Texas, 1955-1956
III.17 75George, Ronnie, 1957
III.17 76George, Mr. S.E., County Agent, Cairo, GA, 1958
III.17 77George, Walter F., Senator, Georgia, 1955
III.17 78George, Mr. W.E., Director, Georgia Municipal Association, 1958
III.17 79Georgia Art Supply Company, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.17 80Georgia - American Association of University Women, Georgia Division, 1959
III.17A 1Georgia Association for Help of Retarded Children, Savannah, GA, 1955-1956
III.17A 2Georgia Association of Broadcasters, 1955
III.17A 3Georgia Association of Insurance Agents, Albany, GA, 1958
III.17A 4Georgia Association of Petroleum Retailers, 1955-1957, 1959
III.17A 5Georgia Association of School Administrators, Cartersville, GA, 1958
III.17A 6Georgia Association of Soil Conservation, District Supervisors, 1958
III.17A 7Georgia Automobile Dealers Association, Atlanta, GA, 1957-1958
III.17A 8Georgia Bankers Association, Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1957-1959
III.17A 9Georgia Baptist Hospital and School of Nursing, Atlanta, GA, undated
III.17A 10Georgia Bar Association, 1955, 1957
III.17A 11Georgia Capitol Reports, 1955-1956
III.17A 12Georgia Coastal Natural Gas Corporation, 1955, 1957
III.17A 13Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA,, 1958-1960
III.17A 14Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers, Atlanta, GA, 1956, 1958-1961
III.17A 15Georgia Congressmen, 1955
III.17A 16Georgia Cotton Warehouse and Compress Association, Columbus, GA,, 1957-1958
III.17A 17Georgia Dairy Association - Mr. James Jackson, Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1958
III.17A 18Georgia D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution), Athens, 1958
III.17A 19Georgia Dental Association, 1956-1960
III.17A 20Georgia Department of Agriculture, 1958-1959
III.17A 21Georgia - Department of Commerce, 1957-1959
III.17A 22Georgia - Department of Entomology, 1955-1957
III.17A 23Georgia - Department of Labor, 1955, 1958-1959
III.18 1Georgia - Department of Law, 1956
III.18 2Georgia - Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology, 1955
III.18 3Georgia - Department of Public Health, 1956-1957, 1959, 1962
III.18 4Georgia - Department of Revenue, 1959-1960
III.18 5Georgia Electric Company, Albany, GA, 1957
III.18 6Georgia Electric Membership Corporation, Millin, GA, 1955-1960
III.18 7Georgia Employees' Retirement System, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.18 8Georgia Factory for the Blind, 1958-1959
III.18 9Georgia, Federal Aid Funds Received for Year 1960,also Comparative Figures, 1952 1952, 1961
III.18 10Georgia Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, undated
III.18 11Georgia Federation of Post Office Clerks - Mr. R.E. Cranford President, Brunswick, GA, 1957
III.18 12Georgia Federation of Retired Civil Employees, Atlanta, GA 195, 1958
III.18 13Georgia Federation of Trades, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.18 14Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.18 15Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, Savannah, GA, 1956
III.18 16Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, 2nd District, Thomasville, GA, 1959
III.18 17Georgia Feed Association, Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1958
III.18 18Georgia, Florida, Alabama (GFA) Peanut Association, C.G. Fuqua, President, Camilla, GA, 1955, 1961
III.18 19Georgia and Florida Railroad, O.J. Capps, Freight Traffic Manager Augusta, GA, 1957
III.18 20Georgia Forest Research Council, Macon, GA, 1958
III.18 21Georgia Forestry Commission, Guyton DeLoach, Director, Atlanta, GA, 1955-1957, 1959
III.18 22Georgia Garden Club, Inc., Savannah, GA, 1958
III.18 23Georgia Governor's Office, James L. gently, Jr., Executive Secretary, Atlanta, GA, 1953
III.18 24Georgia Hatchery Association - Mr. Roy M. Durr, Secretary-Treasurer, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.18 25Georgia Highway Contractors, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1959-1960
III.18 26Georgia Highway Users Conference - Mr. H.L. Wingate, Chairman, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.18 27Georgia Hotel Association, Mr. Stephen Styron, Executive Vice President, Atlanta, GA, 1957, 1959
III.18 28Georgia Ice Manufacturers Association, 1955
III.18 29Georgia Library Association, 1955-1958
III.18 30Georgia Livestock Association, 1957
III.18 31Georgia Loan and Trust Company, 1957
III.18 32Georgia Magazine, 1957
III.18 33Georgia Medical Association, 1957, 1959
III.18 34Georgia Mercantile Association, 1959
III.18 35Georgia Motor Club, Inc., 1956, 1959
III.18 36Georgia Motor Trucking Association, 1955, 1957-1958
III.18 37Georgia Municipal Association, Natural Gas Section, 1956-1958 1960-1961
III.18 38Georgia - National Association of Postmasters, Georgia Chapter, 1956
III.18 39Georgia National Guard, 1957-1958
III.18 40Georgia Oil Jobbers Association, Inc., 1957, 1959-1960
III.18 41Georgia Optometric Association, Mr. Andrew J. Deman, President Athens, GA, 1957-1958, 1960
III.18 42Georgia Peach Council, 1959
III.18 43Georgia Pharmaceutical Association, 1955, 1958
III.18 44Georgia Plant Growers Association, John L. Wright, President, Tifton, GA, 1958
III.18 45Georgia Poultry Processors Association, Inc., Gainesville, GA, 1959, 1962
III.18 46Georgia Power and Light Company, Valdosta, GA, 1955
III.18 47Georgia Power Company, Mr. J.J. McDonough, President, Atlanta, GA, File #1 Folder I, 1957-1960
III.18 48Georgia Power Company, Mr. J.J. McDonough, President, Atlanta, GA, File #1 Folder II, 1955-1956
III.18 49Georgia Public Service Commission, 1955-1960
III.18 50Georgia Retail Food Dealers, 1956
III.18 51Georgia Retail Furniture Association, 1957-1958
III.18 52Georgia Retired Civil Service Employees, Dr. Charles S. Klein, President, Albany, GA, 1958
III.18 53Georgia Rural Letter Carriers' Association, 1957, 1959
III.19 1Georgia School Boards Association, W.J. Andrews, Executive Secretary, Toccoa, GA, 1958
III.19 2Georgia School for the Deaf, Cave Springs, GA, 1957-1958
III.19 3Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants, 1959
III.19 4Georgia Society of Professional Engineers, 1955
III.19 5Georgia Southern Construction Company, Macon, GA, 1956
III.19 6Georgia, State Of - Facts and Information, 1953-1954
III.19 7Georgia State Association of Letter Carriers, 1957, 1959
III.19 8Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.19 9Georgia State Chamber of Commerce, 1953
III.19 10Georgia State Game and Fish Commission, 1958-1959
III.19 11Georgia State Industrial Union Council, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.19 12Georgia State Legislative Board, Columbus, GA, 1957-1953
III.19 13Georgia State Officials, 1956-1957, 1959
III.19 14Georgia State Patrol, Department of Public Safety, 1957-1958
III.19 15Georgia State Patrol, Captain E.D. Mink, Secretary and Treasurer Peace Officers Association of Georgia, 1958
III.19 16Georgia State Planning Commission, J.M. Wray, Chairman, 1958
III.19 17Georgia State Society, 1955-1956, 1962
III.19 18Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.19 19Georgia Telephone Association, Atlanta, GA, 1959-1960
III.19 20Georgia Turkey Association, Inc., Athens, GA, 1956-1958
III.19 21Georgia United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1950
III.19 22Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, 1956, 1958
III.19 23Georgia Vocational Association, 1960
III.19 24Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Division, Department of Education, 1958
III.19 25Georgia, State YMCA, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.19 26Ghertner, Mr. G.H., 1959
III.19 27Gibbon, E.E., Secretary, Rod and Gun Club, Marine Corps Supply, undated
III.19 28Center, Albany, GA, 1956
III.19 29Gibbons, Eugene T., 1958
III.19 30Gibbons, L.R., Agent, ACL Railroad, Donaldsonville, GA, 1958
III.19 31Gibbs, Mrs. Gertie B., 1955
III.19 32Gibbs, James A., 1957
III.19 33Gibbs, Mrs. James E., 1959
III.19 34Gibbs, Reta, 1957
III.19 35Gibson, Henry, 1955
III.19 36Gibson, Henry Wyatt, 1957
III.19 37Gibson, Pat, 1959
III.19 38Gibson, Mrs. Ruby Y., 1959
III.19 39Giddens, Miss Dorothy, 1956
III.19 40Giddens, Mrs. Jean G., 1959
III.19 41Gifrord, Mr. James R., 1950
III.19 42Gilbert, Eddie Lee, 1956
III.19 43Gilbert, Richard, 1956-1959
III.19 44Gilbert, R.L., 1960
III.19 45Giles, B.F., Jr., 1955
III.19 46Giles, Roy W., Treasurer, Moultrie Federal Credit Union, Moultrie, GA, 1957
III.19 47Gill, D.L., 1955
III.19 48Girtman, Carey L., 1957, 1959
III.19 49Girtman, Miss Marianna, 1955
III.19 50Gleason, Mr. C.R., 1960
III.19 51Gleaton, J.P., President, Plant Telephone Power Company, Tifton, GA, undated
III.19 52Glenn, C. Lamar, 1955-1956
III.19 53Glenn, Mrs. Thomas A., 1958
III.19 54Glenn, Mr. William Robert, 1959
III.19 55Glisson, Mr. Bert, 1958
III.19 56Globe-Union, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1955
III.19 57Gloer, J.M., 1955
III.19 58Glover, B.R., 1958
III.19 59Glover, Byron Elwood, 1958
III.19 60Glover, Robert G., 1955
III.19 61Glynn, Cleaners and Laundry, Brunswick, GA, 1958
III.19 62Gnehm, Edward, Jr., 1957
III.19 63Godbee, Jack C., 1954-1955
III.19 64Godwin, Miss Kitty Jane, 1958
III.19 65Godwin, William, 1958
III.19 66Goette, Martin A., 1956
III.19 67Goff, Ann, 1959
III.19 68Goff, Cassie E., 1954
III.19 69Goins, A.G., 1956
III.19 70Gold Star Wives - Albany, GA Chapter, 1955
III.19 71Golden, Bobby A., 1957
III.19 72Golden Glow Dairies, Inc., Albany, GA, 1960
III.19 73Golden, T.A., 1955
III.19 74Golding, Mrs. Eunice S., 1955
III.19 75Goldsmith, Dr. Abram O., 1959
III.19 76Goodman, W.M., Commander, American Legion Post 113, Poulan, GA, 1955
III.19 77Goodwin, James, 1955
III.19 78Goodyear, H.M., Jr., 1956-1957, 1959
III.19 79Gordon Bush Tire Company, Macon, GA, 1957
III.19 80Gordon, Ollie Scott, 1958
III.19 81Gore, Lee H., 1955
III.19 82Gortatowsky, I.C., 1956, 1959
III.19 83Gosselin, Rachel, 1957
III.19 84Gossett, Miss Nelda, 1958
III.19 85Government Printing Office, 1953-1955
III.19 86Graco Fertilizer Company, R.E. Johnson, President, Cairo, GA, 1959
III.19 87Graco Insurance Agency, Cairo, GA, 1959
III.19 88Grady Co-op, 1955
III.19 89Grady County, County Commissioners, Cairo, GA, 1959
III.19 90Grady County, Electric Membership Corporation, 1959
III.19 91Grady County, High School Association, Cairo, GA, 1959
III.19 92Grady County Hospital Authority, Cairo, GA, 1957-1958
III.19 93Grady, Henry W., Stamp Club, 1953
III.19 94Graham, C.E., 1955
III.19 95Graham, Charles, 1955
III.19 96Graham, Mrs. M.J., 1954
III.19 97Grant, Mrs. Gordon G., 1956
III.19 98Grantham, Julian, 1956
III.19 99Gray, Judge Bowie, 1958
III.19 100Gray, Mr. Henry C., 1959
III.19 101Gray, James E., 1957
III.19 102Gray, James H., 1956, 1958
III.19 103Great Southern Trucking Company, 1954-1955, 1958-1959
III.20 1Green, H.A., 1955
III.20 2Green, H.L., Company, 1957
III.20 3Green, Johnnie, 1959
III.20 4Green, Mrs. Rosa P., 1956
III.20 5Green, W.M., 1955
III.20 6Green, W.W., 1957-1959
III.20 7Greene, W.O., Bainbridge, GA, 1955
III.20 8Greene, W.O., Donalsonville, GA, 1957-1959
III.20 9Greer, D.A., 1955, 1957
III.20 10Griffin, Mr. Celmar, 1959
III.20 11Griffin, Mr. G.W., 1959
III.20 12Griffin, Mrs. J.E., 1955
III.20 13Griffin, Dr. J.H., 1959
III.20 14Griffin, J.L., Jr., 1959
III.20 15Griffin, John T., 1957
III.20 16Griffin, Mr. John W., 1958-1959
III.20 17Griffin, Lynda, 1956
III.20 18Griffin, Hon. Marvin, Governor of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1954-1958
III.20 19Griffin, Otto, 1958
III.20 20Griffin, Van, 1955, 1957-1958
III.20 21Griffin, W.C., 1955
III.20 22Griffin, W.M., 1956
III.20 23Griffin, GA - City Commissioners, 1958
III.20 24Griffith, Miss Glee, 1955
III.20 25Grimes, Mrs. G.P., 1957
III.20 26Grimes, Gene, 1956
III.20 27Grimsley, Gail, 1956
III.20 28Grimaley, John U., 1955
III.20 29Griner, H.B., 1956-1959
III.20 30Griner, Mr. and Mrs. J.P., 1959
III.20 31Griner-Price Chevrolet Company, Quitman, GA, 1958
III.20 32Griner, Richard D., 1956
III.20 33Grist, W.J., 1959
III.20 34Groover, C.R., 1957-1959
III.20 35Groover, C. Roy, 1956
III.20 36Groover, Denmark, Jr., 1957
III.20 37Groover, Mr. Ray, 1959
III.20 38Grossenbacher, Mrs. C.E., 1958
III.20 39Grow, Bill, III, 1957
III.20 40Gunn, Gunn Motor Company, Bainbridge, GA, 1958
III.20 41Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Company, Mr. C. Weston Goode, Manager, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.20 42H - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.20 43Hackett, John, 1957
III.20 44Hackett, John H., 1955
III.20 45Hadden, Mr. and Mrs. Lester, 1955
III.20 46Haire, Kenneth, 1955
III.20 47Hall, E.M., 1955
III.20 48Hall, Miss Flora, 1957
III.20 49Hall, Mrs. France, 1958
III.20 50Hall, H.J., 1955
III.20 51Hall, Herbert, 1956
III.20 52Hall, J.M., 1957
III.20 53Hall, Jack, 1957-1958
III.20 54Hall, Mrs. John R., 1959
III.20 55Hall, Mary, 1956
III.20 56Hall, Thomas, 1958
III.20 57Hall, W.L., n.d.
III.20 58Halstead, Mrs. J.B., 1958
III.20 59Hambrick, Mr. C.T., 1960
III.20 60Hamburger Motor Express, Inc., Albany, GA, 1960
III.20 61Hamby, Boyce G., Sr., 1956
III.20 62Hamilton, Mary, 1957
III.20 63Hamilton, Mr. Ray, 1956-1959
III.20 64Hammack, Dan, 1955-1956
III.20 65Hammond, E.G., 1957-1958
III.20 66Hammond, J.M., 1957
III.20 67Hammond, R.F., 1959
III.20 68Hammons, Ray 0., 1955-1955
III.20 69Hamner, Sherrell, 1956
III.20 70Hancock, Ricky W., 1959-1950
III.20 71Hancock, Robert C., 1956
III.20 72Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. S.E., 1959
III.20 73Hand, Carolyn, 1957
III.20 74Hand, C.W., 1955, 1957-1959
III.20 75Hand, Eurl E., 1956
III.20 76Hand, Judson L., 1956
III.20 77Hand, L.D., 1957- 1958
III.20 78Hand, Mrs. Nettie D., 1956
III.20 79Hannah, Joe E., Jr., 1959
III.20 80Hannon, Miss Gail, 1960
III.20 81Hansen, Captain S.P., 1957
III.20 82Harden, D.H., Manager, GFA Peanut Association, Camilla, GA, 1957
III.20 83Harden, Miss Jackie, 1958
III.20 84Hardin, H.H. and N.A., 1957, 1959
III.20 85Hardin, Mr. Ira H., 1959
III.20 86Hardin, Mr. N.A., 1957, 1959
III.20 87Hardman, Mr. L.G., Jr., 1955, 1958
III.20 88Hardwick, Dr. H.D., 1960
III.20 89Hardy, Mrs. Lois, 1959
III.20 90Hardy, Sonny, 1955
III.20 91Hargett, Anne, 1957
III.20 92Hargrave, Miss Clara, 1956
III.20 93Harmon, Mrs. Eula, 1955
III.20 94Harmon, Mr. Luther M., 1958
III.20 95Harmon, Silas A., 1955-1957, 1959
III.20 96Harmon, W.E., 1955
III.20 97Harmon, Walter E., 1958
III.20 98Harmon's Food Store, Mr. S.P. Harmon, 1958
III.20 99Harper, James K., 1956-1957
III.21 1Harrell, Albert, 1958-1959
III.21 2Harrell, Mr. and Mrs. A.F., 1959
III.21 3Harrell, C.A., 1955
III.21 4Harrell, Charles B., Jr., 1957
III.21 5Harrell, Ed (Mr. and Mrs. W.E.), Claxton, GA, 1959
III.21 6Harrell, Hubert, 1955
III.21 7Harrell, Jack, 1955
III.21 8Harrell, Mr. Joe W., 1960
III.21 9Harrell, Lois, 1955
III.21 10Harrell, O.G., 1955
III.21 11Harrell, P.R., 1958
III.21 12Harrell, Roscoe, 1956
III.21 13Harrell, W.E., Jr., Hartsfield, GA, 1958
III.21 14Harrell, W.L., 1957
III.21 15Harrell, Mrs. W.P., 1957
III.21 16Harris, D.W., 1958
III.21 17Harris, H.C., 1956-1959
III.21 18Harris, J. Strozier, 1955
III.21 19Harris, McCulley, 1958
III.21 20Harris' Hon. Oren, 4th District, Arkansas, 1957-1958
III.21 21Harris, Robert M., 1958
III.21 22Harris, Sterling G., 1955
III.21 23Harris, T.B., 1955
III.21 24Harrison, Alice A., 1955
III.21 25Harrison, Alton W., President, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Collidge, GA, 1955, 1960
III.21 26Harrison, Mr. Hadley, 1958
III.21 27Harrison, Jimmy, 1960
III.21 28Harrison, John, 1958
III.21 29Harrison, Mellie, 1956
III.21 30Harrison Oil Company, Quitman, GA, 1960
III.21 31Harrison, Robert L., Representative - Wayne County, Jesup, GA, Georgia House of Representatives, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.21 32Harrison, Walter, 1955- 1959
III.21 33Harriss, Robert M., 1955
III.21 34Hart, Hugh F., 1959
III.21 35Hartley, Eddie, 1956
III.21 36Hartley, Shell, 1956
III.21 37Hartline, W.G., 1957
III.21 38Hartsfield, Buddy, 1957
III.21 39Hartsfield, William B. - Mayor, Atlanta, GA, 1955-1957
III.21 40Hartwell Dam Information, 1955-1957
III.21 41Harvey, J.L., 1956
III.21 42Harvey, Lawrence H., 1958
III.21 43Harvey, Mrs. Roscoe, 1957
III.21 44Haskins, Miss Addie L., 1954
III.21 45Haskins, Mr. Donald R., 1959
III.21 46Hassell, W.A., 1955
III.21 47Hatch, Dr. Paul H., 1959
III.21 48Hatcher, Billy, 1956
III.21 49Hatcher, N.C., 1955
III.21 50Haverty, Clarence, 1955
III.21 51Hawkes, Peyton, 1958
III.21 52Hawkins, W. Colbert, 1955
III.21 53Hawthorne, Miss Mary Ann, 1960
III.21 54Hay, Miss Eurice, 1959
III.21 55Hays, A.T., 1955
III.21 56Hays, B.C., 1955
III.21 57Hays, William J., 1955
III.21 58Heard, Mrs. Allie K., 1960
III.21 59Heard, Mrs. I.A., 1959, 1962
III.21 60Hearn, George, 1955
III.21 61Heath, Mr. George, 1956, 1959-1960
III.21 62Hecht, Charles K., 1957-1959
III.21 63Hedrick, Frank H., 1957-1958
III.21 64Hegwood, Donald A., 1959
III.21 65Heidt, James B., 1958
III.21 66Heist, Mr. John W., Sr., 1959
III.21 67Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F., 1955
III.21 68Henderson, Henry M., 1956
III.21 69Henderson, Joe S., 1957
III.21 70Hendrick, F.O., Jr., 1957
III.21 71Henry, James A., 1954
III.21 72Henry, Mr. Waight G., Jr., 1958-1959
III.21 73Herbener, Henry, 1953-1954, 1956, 1958-1959
III.21 74Herbert, Hon. F., undated
III.21 75Edward, 1st District, Louisiana, 1955-1958
III.21 76Herndon, Grady M., 1955
III.21 77Herndon, Mrs. L.O., 1955
III.21 78Herndon, Mr. Max, 1958
III.21 79Herring, Mrs. Blanche, 1958
III.21 80Herring, Mr. Joe T., 1958
III.21 81Hester, Mrs. Marshall, 1958
III.21 82Hester, Mr. Olin, 1959
III.21 83Hester, Paul, 1955
III.21 84Hicks, A.A., President, Worth County Farm Bureau, 1957
III.21 85Hicks, Leon, 1958
III.21 86Hiers, Mr. R.S., 1959
III.21 87Higginbotham, W.A., 1957-1959
III.22 1High School - Cairo, GA (1956 Visit, D.C.), 1956
III.22 2High School Graduates - List of Students, Senior Class, 2nd District, 1956
III.22 3High School Graduates - 2nd District, 1953
III.22 4High School Graduates - 2nd District, 1954
III.22 5High School groups, 1955
III.22 6High School Trips, 1954
III.22 7High School Trips, 1953
III.22 8High School Trips to Washington, D.C., 1956
III.22 9Hightower, Hilton, 1953
III.22 10Hill, Green G., 1955-1956, 1959
III.22 11Hill, Mrs. H.T., 1955
III.22 12Hill, J. Fred, 1957
III.22 13Hill, Kent, 1959
III.22 14Hillenbrand, Dr. Harold, 1955
III.22 15Hilliard, Airmen Ed N., 1959-1960
III.22 16Hinds, Harry, 1956
III.22 17Hinson, Mrs. C.D., 1958
III.22 18Hinson, L.G., 1955
III.22 19Hiscock, Mr. and Mrs. R.V., 1959
III.22 20Hitchcock, Rubye, 1956
III.22 21Hixon, William H., Jr., 1956
III.22 22Hobbs, Mrs. Ernest, 1953
III.22 23Hobby, William B., 1956
III.22 24Hodges Builders Supply, Albany, GA, 1956-1958
III.22 25Hodges, K.B., 1955
III.22 26Hodges, R.D., 1956
III.22 27Hodges, Mrs. R.D. (Mary), 1958
III.22 28Hodgkins, Jack G., Jr., 1956
III.22 29Hogate, H.E., 1957, 1960
III.22 30Hoggard, Mrs. Jim Lou C., 1957
III.22 31Holcomb, Billy, undated
III.22 32Holden, Mrs. Clyde, 1959
III.22 33Holland, Billy, 1957
III.22 34Holland, Dianne, 1956
III.22 35Holle, Brigader General Charles G., 1955
III.22 36Holleman, Horace, 1959
III.22 37Hollingsworth, C.C., 1955
III.22 38Hollis, F.D., 1955
III.22 39Holloway, Mrs. Robert, 1955
III.22 40Holman, Dr. Charles M., 1959
III.22 41Holmes, Mr. Hunt, 1960
III.22 42Holt, Ronnie, 1958
III.22 43Holton, Harvey, 1956
III.22 44Holton, Jimmy, 1956
III.22 45Home Builders Association of Albany, GA, 1957
III.22 46Home Economic Teachers - Lists, Etc., 1955
III.22 47Honick, Mrs. Ruth, 1958
III.22 48Hood, Ralph, 1956
III.22 49Hooker, Mr. Buddy, 1958
III.22 50Hooks, Ralph L., n.d.
III.22 51Hooper, Miss Ora, 1955
III.22 52Horkan, P.D., 1956
III.22 53Home, Mr. O.S., 1959
III.22 54House Administration Committee, 1953
III.22 55House Gallery - Requests for Passes, 1954
III.22 56House of Representatives, Georgia - Atlanta, GA, 1953
III.22 57Housing Authority, Bainbridge, GA, 1955-1956
III.22 58Housing Authority - Camilla, GA, 1956, 1959-1960
III.22 59Housing Authority - Colquitt, GA, 1958
III.22 60Housing Authority, Southwest Georgia Region, 1954-1956, 1959
III.22 61Housing Matters, 1953-1954
III.22 62Housing Program Information - Cairo, GA, 1956
III.22 63Housing Program Information - Moultrie, GA, 1955, 1958-1959
III.22 64Houston, Collie D., 1956
III.22 65Houston, Mr. D. Collier, 1959-1960
III.22 66Houston, Leon, 1955-1960
III.22 67Houston, Mack, 1955
III.22 68Houston, Mr. R. Travis, 1960
III.22 69Houston, W. Ray, 1955-1958
III.23 1Howard, Mr. Beverly, Spence Air Base, Moultrie, GA, 1955-1961
III.23 2Howard, E.H., 1955
III.23 3Howard, Robert A., 1956
III.23 4Howard, W. Linton, 1957-1958
III.23 5Howell, Sid, 1956, 1959
III.23 6Hubbard, Lane, 1954-1957, 1959
III.23 7Huckabee, Thad, 1960
III.23 8Hudson, Flynn E., Jr., 1957
III.23 9Huegel, Arthur C., 1955
III.23 10Huggins, M.E., 1956, 1958
III.23 11Hughes, Miss Jeanette, 1956
III.23 12Hughes, Jerrell, 1958
III.23 13Huiet, Ben T., 1955, 1957
III.23 14Hulsberg, Cecil, 1959
III.23 15Hulse, Frank, President, Southern Airways Company, Birmingham, AL, 1958, 1960
III.23 16Hult, Mrs. Howard W., 1955-1958
III.23 17Humphrey, Miss Beulah, Home Demonstration Agent, Bainbridge, GA, 1958
III.23 18Humphrey, Hon. George C., Secretary of the Treasury, 1955
III.23 19Humphrey, Senator Hubert H., 1959
III.23 20Humphries, Katherine, 1957
III.23 21Hunt, Alvin, 1954
III.23 22Hunt, Mr. J.W., 1958
III.23 23Hunter, A.L., 1958
III.23 24Hunter, J.B., 1957-1958
III.23 25Hunter, Mr. Russell W. and Sara C., 1959
III.23 26Hunter, W.E., 1958
III.23 27Hurst, Mr. Carl, 1958
III.23 28Hurst, Louis, 1958
III.23 29Hurst, Mrs. Viola, 1958
III.23 30Hutchens, Ann, 1957
III.23 31Hutto, Miss Katrina, 1955
III.23 32Hutto, Mrs. Mary K.M., 1955
III.23 33Hydrogen Bomb Film, 1954
III.23 34I.C.A. (International Cooperation Administration), 1958
III.23 35Inauguration:, 1957 1956-1957
III.23 36Ingram, Charles B., 1955
III.23 37Inland Container Corporation, Mr. F.M. Talbot, President, Macon, GA, 1958
III.23 38Insurance - Georgia Accident and Health Insurance, 1955
III.23 39Inter-American Cultural and Trade Center, 1953
III.23 40International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Mr. Harry Bexley, President, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.23 41International Ladies' Garment Workers Union, Local No. 349, Bainbridge, GA, 1959
III.23 42Ireland, L.E., 1957
III.23 43Iron City - Public Water System, 1957
III.23 44Irish, Marian D., 1957
III.23 45Israel, Abner M., 1956-1959, 1961
III.23 46Ivey, J. Harold, 1956
III.23 47Ivey, Leonora, 1956
III.23 48Jackson, Miss Geneva, 1958
III.23 49Jackson, Miss Illah, 1955
III.23 50Jackson, O.F., 1955
III.23 51Jackson, Mr. Robert A., 1959
III.23 52Jackson, Dr. R.W., 1955
III.23 53Jackson, William V. - Cox hearings, 1955
III.23 54Jacobs, Roger D., 1957
III.23 55James, Al S., Jr., 1956
III.23 56James, Bobby E., 1957
III.23 57Jamison, E.K., 1955
III.23 58Japan Cotton Spinners' Association, Osaka, Japan, 1957-1958
III.23 59Jarrand, Mrs. Dora, 1957
III.23 60Jarrell, Mrs. W.W., 1955
III.23 61Jarrett, E.C., 1956, 1958
III.23 62Jarrett, Mr. Ferris E., 1960
III.23 63Jarrett, Mrs. Henry K., Jr., 1960
III.23 64Jeanes, Mrs. Grace, 1955
III.23 65Jefferson, Marie E., 1957
III.23 66Jefferson, Mr. Robert, 1958
III.23 67Jenkins, Dr. H.B., 1960
III.23 68Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. J.G., 1955
III.23 69Jensen, Mr. E.R., 1958
III.23 70Jensen, E. Ray, 1955
III.23 71Jerger, Ed, 1956, 1959
III.23 72Jernigan, H.C., 1955
III.23 73Jesup, Hon. Ben, State Representative, Bleckley County, Cochran, GA, 1958
III.23 74Jet Training Base for Navy, Brewton, AL, 1957
III.23 75Jewell, Mr. Jesse D., 1958
III.23 76Jinks, Mr. C.G., 1958
III.23 77Jinright and Jinright, Architects, Thomasville, GA, 1955
III.23 78Jinright, Prince E., 1954
III.23 79Jinright, Mr. Robert R., 1959-1960
III.23 80Johns, Hon. Charley, Senator, Florida State Senate, 1956
III.23 81Johns, Paul W., 1955
III.24 1Johnson, Mr. Allen, Jr., 1959
III.24 2Johnson, Mrs. Anne, 1959
III.24 3Johnson, Mrs. Arie C., 1959
III.24 4Johnson, Billy, 1955-1956
III.24 5Johnson, Byron L., 1957
III.24 6Johnson, Carl R., 1957
III.24 7Johnson, Judge Charles, 1959
III.24 8Johnson, C.W., 1956
III.24 9Johnson, Dan C., 1955
III.24 10Johnson, Mr. Edward, 1960
III.24 11Johnson, Elston L., 1958-1960
III.24 12Johnson, Eric, 1957
III.24 13Johnson, Ernest, 1958
III.24 14Johnson, Mrs. F.D., 1958
III.24 15Johnson, Franklin, 1957
III.24 16Johnson, Mrs. Helen, 1959
III.24 17Johnson, Hubert H., 1955
III.24 18Johnson, Nrs. lone P., 1959
III.24 19Johnson, Mr. J. Fred, 1958
III.24 20Johnson, Mr. J.J., Jr., 1959
III.24 21Johnson, L.B., 1960
III.24 22Johnson, Lonnie, 1959
III.24 23Johnson, Hon. Lyndon B., 1960
III.24 24Johnson, Michael, 1956
III.24 25Johnson, Morris L., 1955
III.24 26Johnson, Mr. O.J., 1958
III.24 27Johnson, Peggy J., 1956
III.24 28Johnson, Mr. R.E., 1958
III.24 29Johnson, Robert W., 1954
III.24 30Johnson, Dr. Thomas, 1959
III.24 31Johnson, W.P., Atlanta, GA, 1957, 1959
III.24 32Johnson, W.P., Marietta, GA, 1958
III.24 33Johnson, Mr. William E., 1959
III.24 34Joiner, Mr. C.W., 1959
III.24 35Joiner, Mr. E. Paul, Thomasville, GA, 1959-1960
III.24 36Joiner, Mr. Paul E., Albany, GA, 1957-1958
III.24 37Jolly, Grady G., 1956
III.24 38Jones, Mr. and Mrs. C.W., 1959
III.24 39Jones, Dorothy, 1956
III.24 40Jones, Emily C., 1955-1957, 1959
III.24 41Jones, Erwin J., 1959-1960
III.24 42Jones, Mrs. F.D., 1958-1959
III.24 43Jones, Frances, 1956
III.24 44Jones, Grace, 1956
III.24 45Jones, Mr. H. Chandler, 1959
III.24 46Jones, J.F., 1955
III.24 47Jones, Jiroud, 1956, 1960
III.24 48Jones, P.A. 7 Sr., 1955-1957
III.24 49Jones, Mrs. Percy P., 1959
III.24 50Jones, Miss Priscilla, 1957
III.24 51Jones, Mr. R. Bruce, 1958
III.24 52Jones, Rex W., 1960
III.24 53Jones, Hon. Robert, 8th District, Alabama, 1957, 1959
III.24 54Jones, R.V., 1959
III.24 55Jones, Dr. Thomas J., Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1956
III.24 56Jordan, James L., 1955, 1958
III.24 57Joy, Williard B., President, Steel Builders, Inc., Columbus, GA, 1957
III.24 58Joye, D.R., 1957
III.24 59Judd, Hon. Walter H., 5th District, Minnesota, 1958
III.24 60Judas, Dr. Elizabeth, President, Estonian Cultural Committee, Washington, D.C., 1958
III.24 61Junior Women's Club of Moultrie, GA, 1959
III.24 62J - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.24 63Kaliher, R.E., 1955-1959
III.24 64Kalmon, E.H., 1955-1956
III.24 65Kamps, Mr. H.W., Koblenz, Germany, 1958
III.24 66Kane, Bill, 1957
III.24 67Karageusian, A. and M., 1957-1959
III.24 68Keadle, H.H., 1955, 1957
III.24 69Keadle Lumber Company, Mr. N.H. Keadle, Thomasville, GA, 1955
III.24 70Keating, Hon. Kenneth, 38th District, New York, 1955
III.24 71Keaton, Mr. B.P., 1957
III.24 72Keenan Credit Union, Albany, GA, 1957
III.24 73Keenan, Paul, 1953-1955, 1957-1959
III.24 74Kefauver, Mr. Eddie A., 1959
III.24 75Kefauver, Hon. Estes, Senator from Tennessee, 1956
III.24 76Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Jim, 1957
III.24 77Kelly, Mr. Lester C., 1955
III.24 78Kelly, Maxine, 1956
III.24 79Kelly, Mrs. Russell, 1957
III.24 80Kelly, Rear Admiral Thomas, 1957
III.24 81Kemp, Charles E., 1955-1956
III.24 82Kendall, Hon. C.M., Mayor of Funston, GA, 1955, 1959
III.24 83Kennedy, Charles, 1954
III.24 84Kennedy, Mrs. Charlie 0., 1955
III.24 85Kennedy, John, Tifton, GA, 1955
III.24 86Kennedy, Louis, Pastor, 1955
III.24 87Kennedy, Margo, 1957
III.24 88Kennemur, Mr. James R., 1960
III.24 89Kennington, G.C., O.D., 1957-1958
III.24 90Keogh, Hon. Eugene J., 96th District, New York, 1956
III.24 91Keown, Vernon F., 1957
III.24 92Kerr, Senator Robert S., 1956
III.24 93Key, Ernest M., 1955
III.24 94Keys, J.H., 1957
III.24 95Keyton, Charles, 1955
III.24 96Keyton, Mr. James W., President, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.24 97Keyton, Joe J., 1957, 1959
III.25 1Kibler, Mrs. Forrest, 1955
III.25 2Kidd, William L., 1958
III.25 3Kierce, G.D., 1955
III.25 4Kilgore, Hon. Joe M., 15th District, Texas, 1957
III.25 5Killebrew, Dr. J. Herschel, 1958
III.25 6Killebrew, Mr. Theo, 1959-1960
III.25 7Kimbrel, Marlin, 1955
III.25 8King and Queen Rod and Gun Club, 1956-1961
III.25 9Kinder, M.M., 1953
III.25 10Kindred, Mrs. Ames Watkins, 1957-1959
III.25 11King, B.W., 1956
III.25 12King, Rev. Clennon, 1950
III.25 13King, D.F., 1955
III.25 14King, Frank P., 1955
III.25 15King, G.W., 1959
III.25 16King, Mr. James, 1958
III.25 17King, Mr. Joe, 1959
III.25 18King, Major John M., Jr., 1958
III.25 19King, O.H., Jr., 1956
III.25 20King, P.C., Jr., 1956-1957
III.25 21King, R.L., 1955-1956
III.25 22King, Dr. Richard, 1957
III.25 23King, Sam, 1959
III.25 24King, Tom, Albany, GA, 1957
III.25 25King, Mrs. Tom, Bainbridge, GA, 1955
III.25 26King, William D., 1957
III.25 27Kinney, Mr. B.C., 1958
III.25 28Kinney, Mrs. Mae M., 1955-1956
III.25 29Kirby-Evans Material Company, 1958
III.25 30Kirck, Alvin, 1955
III.25 31Kirksey, Enoch, 1958
III.25 32Kiwanis Club, Meigs, GA, 1956
III.25 33Kiwanis Club of Columbus, GA, 1960
III.25 34Klein, Arthur G., Justice, Supreme Court of New York, 1956-1957
III.25 35Klein, Dr. Charles A., 1958
III.25 36Klein, E.J., 1958
III.25 37Knight, Jimmy, 1956
III.25 38Knight, Mr. Scott, 1960
III.25 39Knight, W.R., Director, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.25 40Knighton, Bradley, 1957
III.25 41Knowles, Edith V., 1955
III.25 42Knox, Mr. and Mrs. F.E., 1955
III.25 43Knudson, Dr. A.B.C., 1959
III.25 44Kocher, Ned, 1955
III.25 45Kona County Farm Bureau, Kealakekua, Hawaii, 1960
III.25 46Korean National Association of North America, 1959
III.25 47Kruger, Mr. Paul, 1959
III.25 48Kunes, G. Gerald, 1957-1959
III.25 49Kwilecki, Paul, 1957
III.25 50K - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.25 51LaGrange, GA, 1957
III.25 52Laird, Floyd, 1957
III.25 53Lake, Mrs. Lawrence L., 1957
III.25 54Lamb, B.J., 1955
III.25 55Lamb, Henry L., 1955
III.25 56Lamb, Larry, 1955
III.25 57Lambert, Betty Jean, 1956
III.25 58Lamm, Mrs. Ronald M., 1958
III.25 59Lancaster, P.M., 1958-1959
III.25 60Land, F.D., 1956
III.25 61Land - Request to Lease (E.P. McLean, Moultrie, GA), 1953
III.25 62Landau, Edmund, 1958
III.25 63Landrum, Phil, 9th District, GA, 1956
III.25 64Lanford, Mr. Leroy, 1959
III.25 65Langford, Jack, 1955
III.25 66Langley, Mr. Ross, 1958
III.25 67Langtry, W.W., 1958-1959
III.25 68Lanham, Hon. Henderson, 7th District, GA, 1954
III.25 69Lanier, Mr. Hollis, 1958-1959
III.25 70Laporte, George, 1959
III.25 71Laptiste, Clarence Phillip, Trinidad, British West Indies, 1956, 1957
III.25 72Laseter, Lamar, 1958
III.25 73Laslie, Mr. Joe T., 1959
III.25 74Lastinger, A.P., 1955
III.25 75Lastinger, J.W., 1955
III.25 76Lastinger, R.W., 1956
III.25 77Lastinger, S.R., 1957
III.25 78Latimore, Willie, colored, 1958
III.25 79Laundry and Dry Cleaners' Club, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.25 80Lawhorn, Mrs. Janie, 1957
III.25 81Lawhorn, Junior, 1956
III.25 82Lawhorn, W.F., 1959
III.25 83Lawrence, Gayle, 1955
III.25 84Lawrence, Hoke Smith, Jr., 1958
III.25 85Lawson, Roger H., 1957
III.25 86Lawson, Sim L., 1955
III.25 87Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, Mr. J.G. Woodruff, Atlanta, GA,, 1956
III.25 88Lay, H.W. and Company, Inc., Chamblee, GA, 1960
III.25 89Layton, C.E., City Manager of Cairo, GA, 1957
III.25 90Layton, Jean, 1960
III.25 91Lazenby, Mrs. E.K., 1959
III.25 92League of Women Voters, undated
III.25 93Albany, GA, 1955-1959
III.25 94Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.25 95Bainbridge, GA, 1957
III.25 96Thomasville, GA, 1955
III.25 97Ledbetter, Mrs. J.D., 1956
III.25 98Ledford, Thomas J., 1957, 1960
III.25 99Lee, Mr. Ira, 1959
III.25 100Lee, J.R., 1955
III.25 101Lee, James E., Boys Industrial School, Topeka, Kansas, 1956
III.25 102Lee, Jimmy C., 1957-1958
III.25 103Lee, L.A., Company, Inc., Dalton, GA, 1957
III.25 104Lee, Ray M. Company, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.25 105Lee, S.E., 1957, 1959
III.25 106Leeger, George W., 1958-1959
III.25 107Leetum, Mrs. D.O., 1959
III.26 1LeGette, Harry L., bainbridge, Georgia Motor Company, 1956
III.26 2Legislation, 85th Congress, Clippings, 1958
III.26 3Lenert, Louva, Director, Public Health Engineering, Georgia, 1956
III.26 4Lester, Mr. J.J., 1959
III.26 5Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, 1959
III.26 6Lewis, Mr. Davis, 1956, 1960-1961
III.26 7Lewis, Miss Elaine, 1959
III.26 8Lewis, Mrs. E.W., 1958
III.26 9Lewis, Mr. E.Z., 1959
III.26 10Lewis, H.M., 1957
III.26 11Lewis, Mrs. Jean, 1955-1956
III.26 12Lewis, Robert D., 1955
III.26 13Lewis, Roy, 1957
III.26 14Lewis, Mr. W.M., 1958, 1960
III.26 15Library, Albany, GA, 1953, 1956-1960
III.26 16Library, Cairo, GA, Public, 1955-1959
III.26 17Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, 1955-1956
III.26 18Coastal Plain Regional, Tifton, GA, 1957-1958
III.26 19Desoto Trail, 1956, 1958-1959
III.26 20Donaldsonville, GA, 1960
III.26 21Jakin, GA, 1958
III.26 22Norman Park High School, 1958
III.26 23of Congress, 1955, 1957-1959
III.26 24Thomas County Board, 1960
III.26 25Tifton, GA, Mr. Philip Ogilvie, Director, 1958, 1960
III.26 26Liles, James G., 1957
III.26 27Lilly, Roy M., 1957, 1960
III.26 28Lindsey, E.L., 1955
III.26 29Lines, Julian, Assistant to Vice President, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company, N.Y., N.Y., 1955-1957, 1959
III.26 30List - Doctors, Second District, 1953-1954
III.26 31Little, Crawford E., 1957
III.26 32Littleton, G.L., 1958
III.26 33Livingston, G.M., 1957
III.26 34Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. Mayo, Jr., 1955
III.26 35Locatell, Incorporated, Architects and Engineers, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.26 36Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Marietta, GA, 1955
III.26 37Loftin, Merlin, 1955
III.26 38Lofton, J.R., 1958
III.26 39Logan, Charles 0., 1956
III.26 40Long, Ben, 1957, 1960
III.26 41Long, E.V., 1956
III.26 42Long, Herbert, 1957
III.26 43Lonsberg's Book and Music House, 1959
III.26 44Lord, J.L., 1958
III.26 45Lossin, Edwin J., Jr., 1957
III.26 46Lott, Grady V., 1954
III.26 47Love, Mr. G.J., Entomologist, 1956, 1958-1960
III.26 48Lovell, Fulton, Director, Georgia State Game Commission, 1956-1957
III.26 49Lovett, Herschel, 1958
III.26 50Lowe, C.W., 1955
III.26 51Lowe, C.W. - Agriculture Bulletins, 1957
III.26 52Lucas, Pat, 1957
III.26 53Lucas, Mrs. Paul, 1959
III.26 54Lucia, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, 1957
III.26 55Luckie, Mr. Bill, 1958, 1960
III.26 56Luke, G.L., 1958
III.26 57Lukowsk, Airmen K., Turner Air Base, GA, 1955
III.26 58Lumberman's Associated Mutuals, Mr. Hitt, President, 1959
III.26 59Lundy, 1st Lt. Walter J., Clark AFB, Manila, 1957
III.26 60Lutheran Church of the Ascension, Rev. Jacob Longacre, Pastor, 1955
III.26 61L - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.26 62Mabry, T.F., 1956
III.26 63Macbeth, James, 1956
III.26 64MacIntyre, Bill, 1955
III.26 65MacIntrye, Judge Hugh J., 1956
III.26 66Mackay, Miss Sonia M., 1955
III.26 67Mackey, Miss Alma, 1955
III.26 68Macmillan, Mrs. James A., Jr., 1957
III.26 69Macomber, Mrs. A., 1960
III.26 70Macon Buildings Trades Council, Macon, GA, 1956
III.26 71Macon Federation Trades, 1956
III.26 72Macon Typographical Union, No. 92, Macon, GA,, 1958
III.26 73Madden, R.W. Company, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.26 74Maddox, J.B., 1958
III.26 75Maddox, S.G., 1955-1958, 1961
III.26 76Madill, Frank C., 1955-1959
III.26 77Magazine Subscriptions, Miscellaneous, 1953
III.26 78Magee, Fred B., 1959
III.26 79Magnuson, Hon. Don, 7th District, Washington, 1960
III.26 80Magusiak, Mrs. Stanley J., 1959
III.26 81Maier, Robert L., 1957
III.26 82Majeskie, C.H., 1956, 1959
III.26 83Majors, Mr. M.W., 1959
III.26 84Malcolm, Bobby, 1955
III.26 85Mallory, Mrs. Evelyn T., 1959
III.26 86Malone, Faye, 1957
III.26 87Maloney, Elmo, 1957
III.26 88Manning, Mrs. Helen M., 1957
III.26 89Mansfield, Henry C., 1959
III.26 90Maples, Mrs. A.S., 1959
III.26 91Maples, Dan, 1957-1958, 1960
III.26 92Maps, Official Wall Map of U.S., 1954
III.27 1M - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.27 2Marchant, Mr. Warren, 1958
III.27 3Marchant, W.H., 1955
III.27 4Marchman, Mrs. Frank G., 1959
III.27 5Madre, W.T., 1955-1956
III.27 6Marett, Mr. W.W., 1959
III.27 7Marine Corps Supply Employees, 1958
III.27 8Marine Supply Depot, 1958
III.27 9Marr, S.L., 1956
III.27 10Marshall, Milton M., 1957
III.27 11Martin, Mrs. Betty A., 1957
III.27 12Martin, C.E., 1955
III.27 13Martin, Rev. and Mrs. E.A., 1959
III.27 14Martin, George, Georgia Director of Vocational Education, 1955-1956, 1958
III.27 15Martin, Mrs. Hugh L., 1958
III.27 16Martin, Dr. James B., 1957, 1959
III.27 17Martin, Kenny, 1957
III.27 18Martin, Mr. Marian, 1954
III.27 19Mason, Mrs. James, 1960
III.27 20Mason Lumber Company, Madison, GA, 1955
III.27 21Massey, Earl, 1958
III.27 22Massey, Howard, 1959
III.27 23Massey, J.H., 1956
III.27 24Massey, Miss Nadine, 1955
III.27 25Mathis, E.M., 1958
III.27 26Mathis, Flint, 1956
III.27 27Mathis, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., 1955
III.27 28Matthews, Hon. Billy, 8th District, Florida, 1958
III.27 29Matthews, H.M., 1956
III.27 30Matthews, Miss Marguerite, 1958
III.27 31Matthews, Melanie, 1957
III.27 32Mauldin, J.A., County Agent, Camilla, GA, 1957, 1959
III.27 33Mauldin, Miss Leora, 1955
III.27 34Maulsby, Miss S., 1957
III.27 35May, Mr. Earle B., Attorney, Bainbridge, GA, 1959
III.27 36May, Earl B., Sr., 1959
III.27 37May, Mr. Russell P., 1950
III.27 38Maxwell Brothers - Homer Ellis, 1960
III.27 39Maxwell, Dr. C.H., 1957
III.27 40Maxwell, Mrs. Edna, 1956-1957
III.27 41Maxwell, Howard, 1957
III.27 42Maxwell, Howard G., 1957
III.27 43Maxwell, Mr. Lee, 1956, 1959
III.27 44Mayfield, Mr. John S., 1958
III.27 45Mead-Atlanta Paper Company, David Bloom, Vice President (Sales), Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.27 46Meadors, Mr. Jason L., 1958-1959
III.27 47Meadows, John W., 1958
III.27 48Meadows, M.M., 1955
III.27 49Meadows, Will (colored), 1959
III.27 50Medlock, Mrs. Gladys T., 1956
III.27 51Megahee's Pharmacy (Gene Megahee), Norman Park, GA, 1960
III.27 52Megahee, L.E., 1955
III.27 53Meigs, GA, Public Housing Units, 1959
III.27 54Meigs, Jimmy, 1955
III.27 55Meigs-Moultrie Road, Paving of, 1953-1954
III.27 56Meinders, Mr. Harvey, 1958
III.27 57Meininger, Dan Clinton, 1957
III.27 58Mellen, Mrs. Roger, 1956
III.27 59Melton, G.C., 1956
III.27 60Mercer, Donald, 1955
III.27 61Mercer, J.L., 1956
III.27 62Merchant, O.K., 1957, 1959
III.27 63Mercier, L.W., 1955-1956
III.27 64Merck and Company, Inc., Rahway, New Jersey, 1955
III.27 65Merck, Mr. Harry L., 1958
III.27 66Merck, Mr. Harry W., 1959
III.27 67Merits Equipment Company, 1957, 1959
III.27 68Meritt, J.Byron, 1955
III.27 69Merritt, Walter H., 1959-1960
III.27 70Middleton, Brenda J., 1957
III.27 71Middleton, Chester, 1957
III.27 72Middleton, Curtis L., 1957
III.27 73Middleton, Mr. Edward H., 1960
III.27 74Middleton, F.F., Sr., and F.F., Jr., 1958-1960
III.27 75Middleton, R.G., 1957
III.27 76Miller, Andy, 1955
III.27 77Miller, Arthur, 1958, 1960
III.27 78Miller, Miss Bessie, 1955
III.27 79Miller, Bill, 1955
III.27 80Miller County - Establishment of County Office, 1958
III.27 81Miller County Home Demonstration, Miss Helen Brown, Agent, Colquitt, GA, 1958
III.27 82Miller County Hospital Authority, H.M. Newberry, Chairman, Colquitt, GA,, 1955
III.27 83Miller, Craig, 1956-1958
III.27 84Miller, Herbert, 1958
III.27 85Miller, J.B., 1958
III.27 86Miller, James A., 1955
III.27 87Miller, James F., 1957
III.27 88Miller, Lamar, 1955
III.27 89Miller, Miss Patty, 1958
III.27 90Miller, Mrs. O.R., 1954
III.27 91Miller, W.H., 1955-1957
III.27 92Miller, Mr. W.M. (Fishbait), Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives, 1960
III.27 93Miller, W.S., 1955
III.28 1Millican, G. Everett, 1955, 1957, 1959
III.28 2Milligan, H.F., 1957
III.28 3Mills, E.S., 1956-1959
III.28 4Mills, J.P., 1959
III.28 5Mills, J.R., President, Home Builders Association, Albany, GA, 1957
III.28 6Mills, Mr. L.A., 1960
III.28 7Mills, R.E., 1955
III.28 8Milton, V.A., 1958
III.28 9Mims, Arthur, 1956
III.28 10Minerals and Chemicals Corporation of America, 1959
III.28 11Minter, J.C., President, Citizens Bank, Cairo, GA, 1955
III.28 12Minter, L.A., 1957-1958
III.28 13Mitchell County Electric Membership Corporation, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1959
III.28 14Mitchell, Hon. Erwin, 7th District, GA (Dalton, GA), 1958
III.28 15Mitchell, General Henry B., 1957
III.28 16Mitchell, J.A., 1955
III.28 17Mitchell, Tommy, 1958
III.28 18Mixon, J.C., President, Atlanta and West Point Railroad Company, 1957
III.28 19Mixon Milling Company, Cairo, GA, 1955-1957
III.28 20Mize, F.K., 1956-1957
III.28 21Mobley, Mrs. Frances G., 1957
III.28 22Mock, George B., Sr. and Jr., 1954-1955
III.28 23Modern Coach Corporation - Mr. R.E. Coleman, Albany, GA, 1955
III.28 24Modern Home Appliance Company, Edison, GA, 1959
III.28 25Mohlere, Richard P., 1958
III.28 26Monahan, Captain E.T., Elgin AFB, Florida, 1957-1958
III.28 27Monk, David, 1957
III.28 28Monk, James B., 1959
III.28 29Montgomery, Alex, 1957-1958
III.28 30Montgomery, Mrs. Ann Lane P., 1960
III.28 31Montgomery, David, 1956
III.28 32Montgomery, Donald, 1955
III.28 33Montgomery, J.F., 1955
III.28 34Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta, GA, 1957-1958
III.28 35Moody, E.E., 1956
III.28 36Moody, James, 1956
III.28 37Moore, A.V., 1958
III.28 38Moore, E., 1957
III.28 39Moore, Mr. G.B., 1960
III.28 40Moore, Glen, 1956-1957
III.28 41Moore, Mrs. Henry M., 1959-1960
III.28 42Moore, James C., 1956
III.28 43Moore, L,L,, 1955
III.28 44Moore, Louis S., 1959
III.28 45Moore, Mary Anne, 1956
III.28 46Moore, Mrs. Mary Large, 1959
III.28 47Moore, Sandra, 1956
III.28 48Moore, Theresa, 1955
III.28 49Moore, Wiley L., 1956
III.28 50Moore, Willie, 1955
III.28 51Moore, W.L., 1956
III.28 52Morcott Captain W.J. USN (Ret.), 1960
III.28 53Morey, Ernest G., 1957
III.28 54Morgan, Mrs. Huldah B., 1956
III.28 55Morgan, Mr. J. Brooks, 1958
III.28 56Morgan, John H., County Agent, Tifton, GA, 1956
III.28 57Morgan, Mrs. Lillian, 1957
III.28 58Morgan, L.W., 1956, 1959
III.28 59Morris, Auston, 1958
III.28 60Morris, Bing, 1956
III.28 61Morris, H.H., 1957-1958
III.28 62Morris, James B., 1955
III.28 63Morris, Joe C., Jr., 1958
III.28 64Morris, Mr. Victor, 1959
III.28 65Morse, Dan, 1955
III.28 66Morse, Senator Wayne, of Oregon, 1958
III.28 67Mortgage Building Corporation, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.28 68Morton, Miss Cleone, 1959
III.28 69Morven, Town of, Morven, GA, 1959
III.28 70Mosley Clark, 1957, 1959
III.28 71Moss, Hon. John E., 3rd District, California, 1955
III.28 72Moss Photo Service, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1955
III.28 73Moultrie, GA, Airport, 1959-1960
III.28 74Moultrie Banking Company, 1955, 1958
III.28 75Moultrie, GA, Board of School Commissioners, 1953
III.28 76Moultrie Junior Woman's Club, 1957
III.28 77Moultrie Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company, Moultrie, GA, 1960
III.28 78Moultrie Observer, 1955-1955, 1958-1959
III.28 79Moultrie Production Credit Association, 1956
III.28 80Moultrie Service League, Inc., 1959
III.28 81Moultrie Speech and Hearing Center, 1957
III.28 82Moye, Frank Q., 1958
III.28 83Moznette, Mr. G.F., 1957-1960
III.28 84Mras Miss Irene Betty, 1959
III.28 85Mueller, Mr. Spencer, 1960
III.28 86Mulford, W.P., 1955
III.28 87Mulkey Miss Antha, 1956
III.28 88Mulligan, George T, 1957
III.28 89Mullin, Clarence M., Jr., 1955-1956
III.28 90Mullis Donald W,, 1955
III.28 91Murdock J.M., 1957, 1959-1960
III.28 92Murdock James, 1957, 1959-1960
III.28 93Murdock, Walter W., 1957
III.28 94Murff, Mrs. T.N., 1955
III.28 95Murkison, Jeff, 1954-1956
III.28 96Murphy, B.D., 1957
III.28 97Murphy, Jerry, 1955
III.28 98Murphy, Jimmy, 1957
III.28 99Murphy, Mrs. Lawrence W., 1955
III.28 100Murphy, R.H., 1956-1957
III.28 101Murphy, Mrs. T.A., 1955-1956, 1958
III.28 102Mruuah Robert, Jr., 1956
III.28 103Murray, Hon. Tom, 7th District, Tennessee, 1958
III.28 104Musselwhite Mrs. Roy, 1955
III.28 105Myers, Orie E., 1955
III.28 106Myles, Adolphus (colored), undated
III.29 1Me - Miscellaneous Correspondence, undated
III.29 2McAfee, A.H., 1959
III.29 3McAfee, Hon. W.F., Mayor of Albany, GA, 1956-1958
III.29 4McBeth, James A., 1955
III.29 5McBrayer, Eugene, 1955
III.29 6McBride. Cleve, 1958
III.29 7McCarty, William, 1957
III.29 8McCall, Gene, 1956
III.29 9McClain, Aubrey F., 1957, 1960
III.29 10McClain, Louise, 1958
III.29 11McClain, Miss Miriam, 1958
III.29 12McCleskey, Thomas M., 1955
III.29 13McCool, Mrs. M.A., 1957
III.29 14McCollough, Mack, 1957
III.29 15McCollum, T.H., 1958
III.29 16McConnell, L.D., Jr., 1957
III.29 17Accord, C.A., 1956
III.29 18McCord, Mr. and Mrs. M.S., 1958
III.29 19McCorkle, Clifton C., 1958
III.29 20McCorvey, J.C., 1955
III.29 21McCoy Electronics, Inc., Chamblee, GA, 1958
III.29 22McCoy, Thurman H., 1958
III.29 23McCrary, David, 1955
III.29 24McCrary, Mr. L.A., 1959
III.29 25McCullough, Mrs. W.E., 1960
III.29 26McDaniel, Bonny Howard, 1957
III.29 27McDaniel, E.C., 1957-1958
III.29 28McDaniel, Mrs. G.M., 1955
III.29 29McDaniel, H.H., 1955, 1958-1959
III.29 30McDaniel, Jackson W., 1957
III.29 31McDonald, Connie, 1957
III.29 32McDonald, D.B., 1955- 1956
III.29 33McDonald, D. Bennett, 1957
III.29 34McDonald, Miss Emoryette, 1958
III.29 35McDonald, Hugh Lee, 1957
III.29 36McDonald, Richard Anthony, 1957
III.29 37McDonald, R.G., 1957
III.29 38McDonald, Royce, 1956
III.29 39McDonald, Tucker, 1959
III.29 40McDonald, William, 1956
III.29 41McDonough, Jack J., President, Georgia Power Company, Atlanta, GA, 1955., 1957-1959
III.29 42McDougald, Mrs. C.H., 1955
III.29 43McDougald, Mrs. C.H., 1955
III.29 44McDuffie, James C., 1955
III.29 45McEachen, Mrs. J.S., 1959
III.29 46McElvey, Mrs. H.H, 1958
III.29 47McGalliard, Mrs. Robert T., Jr., 1959-1960
III.29 48McGill, James, Tifton, GA, 1955
III.29 49McGill, James M., Moultrie, GA,, 1955-1957
III.29 50McGinty, V.C., 1956, 1959
III.29 51McGlamory, Marjorie, 1957
III.29 52McGowan, Mrs. H.D., 1959
III.29 53McGowan, L.H., 1957
III.29 54McGrath Pest Control, Albany, GA, 1958-1959
III.29 55McGregor, Anna, 1958
III.29 56McGrew, Mr. W.R., 1959
III.29 57McGuire, Charles, 1954-1955
III.29 58McHargue, Mrs. Clytie Mae, 1956
III.29 59McIntyre, W.F., 1958
III.29 60McInvale, Gene, 1957
III.29 61McIver, Mrs. Rose M., 1956
III.29 62McKellar, Mrs. Clare, 1958
III.29 63McKellar, Dr. Clare, 1955
III.29 64McKemie, Mrs. Frank, 1958
III.29 65McKemie, W.J., Jr., 1956
III.29 66McKenney, Paul K., 1956-1958
III.29 67McKenzie, J.W., 1955
III.29 68McKinnon, A.G., 1958
III.29 69Aching Mr. C.W., 1958
III.29 70McKinnon, William A., 1958-1959
III.29 71McLendon, Miss Bobbye Lou, 1955
III.29 72Accent Clayton D., 1955
III.29 73McLendon, M.H., 1956
III.29 74McLendon, Mr. Ted, 1958, 1960
III.29 75McLeod, Carlis J., 1955
III.29 76McLeod, Frank J., 1958
III.29 77McLeod, Jerry, 1957
III.29 78McLeod, John D., 1959
III.29 79McLeod, Martha, 1955-1958
III.29 80McMahan, Mrs. Pat C., 1955
III.29 81McMahon, E.J., 1955
III.29 82McMillan, Tip, 1955
III.29 83McMillin, Dr. James E., 1958
III.29 84McMulian, J.F., 1957
III.29 85McMullen, Sgt. Jessie R., 1960
III.29 86McMurry, Scott and C.P., 1956
III.29 87McMurtirey, Mrs. A.H., 1959
III.29 88McNair, Frances, 1957-1958
III.29 89McNair, Joe, 1956-1959
III.29 90McNeal, Miss Julie, 1959
III.29 91McNeil, Wendell, 1957
III.29 92McPhaul, L., 1955
III.29 93McPherson, James Ray (empty), undated
III.29 94McQuary, Mrs. Jane, 1955
III.29 95McWhorter, Hamilton, 1955
III.30 1N-Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.30 2Nash, George, 1957
III.30 3National, Association of Letter Carriers, Douglas, GA, 1957
III.30 4National, Association of Post Office and Postal Transportation Service Mail Handlers, Atlanta, GA, 1957-1958
III.30 5National, Association of Retired Civil Employees, Atlanta, GA, 1957, 1959
III.30 6National, Association of Retired Civil Employees, Thomasville, GA, 1955, 1957
III.30 7National, Association of Rural Letter Carriers', Washington, D.C., 1956, 1963
III.30 8National, Broadcasting Company (NBC), Radio City, NY, 1955
III.30 9National, Congress of Petroleum Retailers, Detroit, Michigan, 1957
III.30 10National, Contracting and Engineering Company, Alma, GA, 1957
III.30 11National, Cotton Compress and Cotton Warehouse Association, Memphis, Tennessee, 1959-1960
III.30 12National, Cotton Council of America, 1956, 1959-1960
III.30 13National, Cotton Ginners Association, 1958
III.30 14National Cottonseed Products Association, Inc., Memphis Tennessee, C.W. Hand, President, Pelham, GA, 1959
III.30 15National, Education Association, Georgia, 1959
III.30 16National, Federation of Post Office Clerks, Local 1377, Albany, GA, 1957
III.30 17National, Federation of Post Office Clerks, Memphis, Tennessee, 1957
III.30 18National, Federation of Post Office Clerks, Local 4349, Moultrie, GA, 1958
III.30 19National, Guard Armory, Quitman, GA, 1957, 1959
III.30 20National, Guard Association of Georgia, Macon, GA, 1958-1959
III.30 21National, Guard, Chief, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.30 22National, Historical Wax Museum, Frank L. Dennis, President, Washington, D.C., 1958
III.30 23National, Independent Dairies Association, Mr. J.E. Stovall, Douglas, GA, 1959
III.30 24National, Institute of Social Welfare, Washington, D.C., 1957
III.30 25National, League of Postmasters, West Bainbridge, GA, 1957
III.30 26National, Maritime Union of America, CIO, Savannah, GA, 1957
III.30 27National, Postal Transport Association, Atlanta, GA, 1956-1957, 1960
III.30 28National, Rivers and Harbors Congress (Committee), 1954
III.30 29National, Security Training, 1955
III.30 30Natural Gas Matters—Reports, Notices of Hearings, Etc., 1953-1954
III.30 31Neal, Melvin L., 1958
III.30 32Neel, Dr. Julian, Commander, American Legion, Thomasville, GA, 1954-1955
III.30 33Neel, Mrs. Lawson, 1955-1958
III.30 34Nelsen, Hon. Ancher, 2nd District, Minnesota, 1959
III.30 35NeSmith, J.F., 1957-1958
III.30 36Neveh, Walter B., 1955
III.30 37Nevels, Brown, 1957
III.30 38Nevels, Mrs. W.B., 1955
III.30 39Nevels, W. B., 1957
III.30 40Nevin, Henry F., 1955
III.30 41New Mexico, State of, 1957
III.30 42New York Trip of Mr. and Mrs. Pilcher, 1954
III.30 43Newberry, Alton E., 1957-1958
III.30 44Newberry, Miss Elise, 1958
III.30 45Newberry, Tom, 1956-1957, 1959
III.30 46Newberry, Mr. Willie, 1959
III.30 47Newlin, L.K., 1956-1957
III.30 48Newman, Mrs. Clyde, 1954
III.30 49Newsome, Gail, 1957
III.30 50News Releases, 1955-1956
III.30 51The Albany Herald, Albany, GA, 1956-1959
III.30 52Atlanta Constitution, 1953, 1955
III.30 53The Atlanta Journal, 1959-1960
III.30 54Camilla Enterprise, 1954-1955, 1957, 1960-1961
III.30 55The Dawson News, Mr., Carl Rountree, Editor, 1958
III.30 56Quitman Free Press, 1957, 1959
III.30 57Thomasville Times-Enterprise, 1959-1960, 1963
III.30 58Tri-County Courier, Arlington, GA, 1958
III.30 59Newton, Miss Annie C., 1955-1959
III.30 60Newton, Baker County, Georgia Housing, 1956
III.30 61Newton, David L., Moultrie, GA, 1955
III.30 62Newton, Hon. David L., State Representative, Colquitt County, Norman Park, GA, 1958
III.30 63Nichols, A.M., 1955
III.30 64Nichols, Mr. C.R., 1960
III.30 65Nichols, Miss Mary Ellen, 1957
III.30 66Nichols, T.F., County Commissioner, Barney, GA, 1959
III.30 67Nicholson, Lanny, 1956
III.30 68Nieckary, William, Jr., 1955
III.30 69Nix, Lucile, Chief Library Consultant, Georgia Department of Education, Atlanta, GA, 1955-1957
III.30 70Noble, Mr. Fred, Jr., 1959
III.30 71Noel, Mr. E.C., 1960
III.30 72Noland Company, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.30 73Norman, Leon T., 1956
III.30 74Norman, T. Edwin, 1957
III.31 1Norris, Mr. And Mrs. James T., 1956
III.31 2North Carolina Peanut Growers Association, 1959
III.31 3North, Hugh D., 1957
III.31 4Norton, John, 1955
III.31 5Norton, Mr. And Mrs. Ross, 1955-1956, 1958
III.31 6Norwood, Clyde E., 1957
III.31 7Norwood, C. Dewey, Secretary-Manager, Thomasville, GA, Chamber of Commerce, 1955, 1957-1958
III.31 8Nottingham, Mrs. Larkin, 1958
III.31 9Nunnally and McCrae Company, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.31 10Nussbaum, Herbert H., 1953, 1955,1959
III.31 11O-Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953
III.31 12Oak Hill High School, Sylvester, GA, 1955
III.31 13Oates, Mr. James, 1958
III.31 14Ochlochnee Mills, Inc, J.C. Rustin, Secretary and Treasurer, Ochlochnee, GA, 1959
III.31 15Oconee Clay Products, Milledgeville, GA, 1953, 1955-1959
III.31 16Odom, Colquitt, Attorney, Albany, GA, 1958
III.31 17Odom Farms, Jim Mack Odon, Moultrie, GA, 1953, 1956, 1959, 1961
III.31 18Odom, Linda, 1957
III.31 19Office Furniture and Equipment, 1955, 1958
III.31 20Office of Price Stabilization Releases, 1953
III.31 21Ogilvie, Phillip, 1956-1957, 1959
III.31 22O'Kelly, C.B., 1955
III.31 23Old War Horse Lawyers Club, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.31 24Olin, Mrs. C.B., 1959
III.31 25Oliver, Mrs. E.C., 1960
III.31 26Oliver, Jonas G., 1957
III.31 27Oliver, Mrs. Julia J., 1959
III.31 28Oliver, William L., 1957
III.31 29Olsen, Miss Bernice, 1958
III.31 30Omega, Georgia (Town of), 1956
III.31 31O'Neal, Mr. J.W., 1958
III.31 32O'Neal, Maston, 1956, 1959
III.31 33O'Neal, S.D., 1956
III.31 34O'Neal, Mr. Simmie Deen, 1958
III.31 35Orgel, Mr. Frank, 1959
III.31 36Osborn, Mr. D.A, 1959
III.31 37Osborne, Mrs. Chase S., 1955-1959
III.31 38Outer, Mrs. L.T., 1956
III.31 39Overstreet, Mr. Henry C., 1956, 1959-1960
III.31 40Owen, Mr. Charles R., 1958
III.31 41Owen, G.H., 1957
III.31 42Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.31 43Owens, Mr. David, 1958, 1960
III.31 44Owens, W.D, 1955-1958, 1960-1961
III.31 45Ozmore, R.L., 1957
III.31 46P-Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.31 47PMA Field Office (Production and Marketing Administration), 1953
III.31 48Pace, Bill, III, 1959
III.31 49Pace, Earl, 1955
III.31 50Pace, Mr. Stephen, 1956, 1958-1959
III.31 51Pace, Mr. Stephen, Jr., 1959
III.31 52Pacolet Manufacturing Company, Gainesville, GA, 1957
III.31 53Padgett, Harold D., 1955
III.31 54Padgett, J. Clifford, 1955
III.31 55Padgett, J.L., 1960
III.31 56Palma Ceia Methodist Church, Tampa, Florida, 1958
III.31 57Palmar, Delmar, 1957
III.31 58Palmer, Albert P., 1956
III.31 59Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. A.L, n.d.
III.31 60Palmer, Staff Sgt. Harry L., 1959
III.31 61Palmer, Jack R., 1956
III.31 62Palmer, Mrs. J.D., 1955
III.31 63Palmer, Mr. Jerome, 1958
III.31 64Palmer, Dr. J.I., 1958
III.31 65Palmer, Mrs. Lota Bullad,, 1958
III.31 66Palmer, Mr. Malcolm M., Jr., 1958
III.31 67Palomar, Mr. Dioscoro G., 1960
III.31 68Pan, Aaron, 1955
III.31 69Parent-Teachers Association (PTA)-Griggs, Colquitt, GA, 1955
III.31 70Parent-Teachers Association (PTA)-2nd District, 1955
III.31 71Park, Fred, 1955
III.31 72Parker, Betty L., 1957
III.31 73Parker, John, 1957
III.31 74Parker, John R., 1956
III.31 75Parker, Mrs. Lonnie, 1959
III.31 76Parker, Mr. W.A., 1958
III.31 77Parker, W.J., 1953, 1955
III.31 78Parks, Venable, 1958-1960
III.31 79Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. John B., n.d.
III.31 80Partridge, Miss Dova, 1958
III.31 81Pasco Packing Company, Dade City, Florida (Re Shrimp), 1959
III.31 82Pate, J.A., 1955
III.31 83Pate, Ralph S., 1956
III.31 84Pate, Sam S., 1955-1956, 1958
III.31 85Pate, Mrs. T.E., 1957
III.31 86Patent Requests-Copies, 1954-1955
III.31 87Patrick, Bill, 1957
III.31 88Patterson Eugene, 1955
III.31 89Paul, Mrs. Edith J., 1957-1958
III.31 90Paules, George E., 1956
III.31 91Paulk, Edd, 1955
III.31 92Paulk, H.M., 1955
III.31 93Pavo, GA, Water System, 1954
III.31 94Payne, Sibley F., 1956
III.32 1Peacock, Martha, 1957
III.32 2Peacock, Neely, 1958-1959
III.32 3Peanuts, 1956-1957
III.32 4Pearce, Mrs. I.L., 1954
III.32 5Pearman, Gordon C., 1955
III.32 6Pearman, Raymond, 1955
III.32 7Pecan Experiment Station, Albany, GA, 1954
III.32 8Pecans, 1953
III.32 9Peck, Mrs. Gerald W., 1959
III.32 10Peden, W.G., 1957
III.32 11Peek, Earl, 1957
III.32 12Peele, Ray, 1955
III.32 13Pehler, Mrs. Anne W., 1955
III.32 14Pelham, GA, 1959
III.32 15Pelham, Mrs. P.D., 1956
III.32 16Pendergast, W.L., 1954-1955
III.32 17Pendley, George R., 1955
III.32 18Penn, John, 1957
III.32 19Pennington, A.F., President, S.E. Pecan Growers Association, Mathews, GA, 1955
III.32 20Peoples, Mrs. T.A., 1958
III.32 21Perkins, Mr. JJ., 1958
III.32 22Perkins, Hon. Roy, State Representative, Cairo, GA, 1958
III.32 23Perkins, W.D., 1955
III.32 24Perry, A.J., 1956
III.32 25Perry, H.H., Jr., Attorney, Albany, GA, 1960
III.32 26Perry, Izre, 1956
III.32 27Perry, James, 1958
III.32 28Perry, Lucille, 1957
III.32 29Perry, Mr. T.B., 1960
III.32 30Perry, T.R., Jr., 1956
III.32 31Perry and Walters, Attorneys, Albany, GA, 1957, 1959-1960
III.32 32Perry, William G., 1957
III.32 33Perryman, R.L., 1957
III.32 34Peterman, Mrs. Irene, 1956-1957
III.32 35Peterman, Mr. Johnny, 1959
III.32 36Peters, James S., 1955
III.32 37Peters, Jimmy, 1957
III.32 38Peterson, George L., 1955
III.32 39Peterson, M.A., 1955
III.32 40Peterson, Malcolm, 1956
III.32 41Peterson, Melville A., 1957
III.32 42Pfaff, Mrs. J.C., 1959
III.32 43Phelps, B.J., 1957
III.32 44Phelps, Mrs. S.A., 1957
III.32 45Phillips, Mrs. G.D., 1959
III.32 46Phillips, Gradey W., 1954
III.32 47Phillips Insurance Agency, Tifton, GA, 1956
III.32 48Phillips, Iva Lee, 1956
III.32 49Phillips, John T., Jr., 1957-1959
III.32 50Phillips, John T., Sr., 1957-1959
III.32 51Phillips, L.E., 1956
III.32 52Phillips, Leon Terrell, 1957
III.32 53Phillips, R.B., 1954
III.32 54Phillips, Sam M., 1959
III.32 55Phillips, Shirley, 1957
III.32 56Phillips, W.T., 1959
III.32 57Pickel, Howard, 1959
III.32 58Pickens, Charles, 1955
III.32 59Pickens, Norman, 1957
III.32 60Pickett, Miss Sharon, 1958, 1960
III.32 61Pickle, Earl F., 1955
III.32 62Pickle, Earl "Tige", 1960
III.32 63Pidcock, C.W., 1956-1959
III.32 64Pidcock, F.R., 1956, 1958
III.32 65Pierce County Conservative League, Blackshear, GA, 1956
III.32 66Pierce, D.V., 1956
III.32 67Pierson, Anne, 1956
III.32 68Piland, Mr. Gene W., 1958
III.32 69Pilcher, Austin, 1955
III.32 70Pilcher, Crawford, 1954, 1957-1959
III.32 71Pilcher, D.F., 1955
III.32 72Pilcher, E.G., 1953, 1955, 1959-1960
III.32 73Pilcher, Walter, 1955
III.32 74Pilkinton, Mrs. Bessie, 1956
III.32 75Pilkinton, Jerry, 1957
III.32 76Pincus, A., 1954
III.32 77Pine, Mrs. Helen V., 1958
III.32 78Pinson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Sr., 1959
III.32 79Pinson, Miss Rebecca, 1959
III.32 80Pittman, Archie W., 1957-1958
III.32 81Pittman, Mrs. Carl, Jr., 1959
III.32 82Pittman, Carter, 1958
III.32 83Pittman, Mrs. F.C., Postmaster, Meigs, GA (Mr. Pilcher's sister), 1958
III.32 84Pittman, Mr. J.C., 1960
III.32 85Pittman, Mrs. J. Lucas, 1960
III.32 86Pittman, J.L., Jr., 19,561,958
III.32 87Pitts, Roy, 1960
III.32 88Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Albany, GA, 1957
III.32 89Plant Telephone and Power Company, Tifton, GA, 1954-1955
III.32 90Plowden, E.J., 1957-1960
III.32 91Plymel, James, 1958, 1960
III.32 92PMA Committee (Production and Marketing Committee), Moultrie, GA, 1957
III.33 1Poe, Mr. Parker, 1957-1958
III.33 2Poitevint, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., 1959
III.33 3Poitevint, Ottis L., 1958
III.33 4Pollock, C.E., President, Home Builders Association, Bainbridge, GA, 1957, 1960
III.33 5Pollock, Mrs. Mamie H., 1957
III.33 6Pollock, T.E., 1955, 1958
III.33 7Polycultural University of America, Washington, D.C., 1954-1955
III.33 8Pomahatch Jan, 1956
III.33 9Pond, Mrs. Mary Lou, 1958
III.33 10Ponder, N.C., 1956
III.33 11Ponder, R.C., 1958-1959
III.33 12Ponder's Print Shop, Thomasville, GA, 1958
III.33 13Poole, Captain Henry, 1959
III.33 14Pope, Danny, 1958
III.33 15Pope, Fred, 1955
III.33 16Pope, J. B., 1955
III.33 17Pope, Jeff A., 1956-1957
III.33 18Poppell, Mrs. L.C., 1958
III.33 19Porter, Hon. Charles 0., 4th District, Oregon, 1958
III.33 20Post Off ice (General), 1953-1954
III.33 21Post Off ice Department, Washington, D.C., 1955
III.33 22Postal Transport Association (National), Washington, D.C., 1957, 1959
III.33 23Potters Association, Mr. Jones, Washington, D.C., 1955
III.33 24Potts, Albert, 1955
III.33 25Powell, Bert, 1956
III.33 26Powell, Dallas H., 1956-1957, 1959
III.33 27Powell, Eddie, 1955
III.33 28Powell, Gail, 1957
III.33 29Powell, J.J., 1958
III.33 30Powell, O., 1956
III.33 31Powell, Mrs. Ottis F., Jr., 1955
III.33 32Powers, Miss Beth, Editor, Quitman Free Press, Quitman, GA, 1957
III.33 33Prance, Coley C., 1956
III.33 34Presley, Charles B., Manager, Agriculture Department, Georgia Railroad Bank and Trust, Savannah, GA, 1955
III.33 35Presley, Gladys (colored), 1959
III.33 36Presley, W.T., 1953
III.33 37Presnell, Miss Lillian, 1958
III.33 38Preston, Bryan H., 1959
III.33 39Preston, Hon. Prince, 1st District, Georgia, 1956-1957, 1960-1961
III.33 40Price, Airman George W., 1958
III.33 41Price, Maxine, 1957
III.33 42Price, Paul E., 1959
III.33 43Price, Roy, 1958
III.33 44Pridgen, Mrs. Ona, 1959-1960
III.33 45Prince, Mr. A.M., 1958
III.33 46Prince, J.D., 1956
III.33 47Prince, L.E., 1953
III.33 48Prince, Max A., 1956, 1959-1950
III.33 49Prince, W.L., 1955, 1958-1959
III.33 50Prioleau, Mrs. Margaret Lucas, 1957
III.33 51Pritchett, C.B., 1955-1958, 1960
III.33 52Proctor, Mrs., 1959
III.33 53Producers Peanut Company, Sylvester, GA, 1959
III.33 54Psalmond, T. Gerald, 1958
III.33 55Public Roads, Bureau of, Washington, D.C., 1959
III.33 56Public Safety, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.33 57Puckett, Flo, 1955
III.33 58Puckett, J.R., 1957
III.33 59Pugh, Ben 0., 1956-1957
III.33 60Purcell, Claude, Assistant Georgia Superintendent of Schools,, undated
III.33 61Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.33 62Purcell, T.M., Jr., 1956
III.33 63Purdom, Mr. T.M., 1959
III.33 64Purvis, Donald, 1955
III.33 65Purvis, Tommy, 1956
III.33 66Purvis, W.W., 1955
III.33 67Pyles Mr. C.J., 1958
III.33 68Quick: Wendell, 1958
III.33 69Quinn, Mr. R.M., 1959
III.33 70Quitman High School Senior Class Trip, 1956
III.33 71Quitman, GA, Lions Club, 1957
III.33 72Quitman Western Union Office, 1953-1954
III.33 73R - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.33 74Rackley, Mr. Carl R., 1959
III.33 75Rackley, Roy C., Jr., 1955
III.33 76Rackley, Royce, 1958
III.33 77Rackley, Mr. Vassar 0., 1960
III.33 78Radcliffe, Thy., 1957
III.33 79Radio and TV Station WAGA, Atlanta, GA, 1956, 1958
III.33 80Radio and TV Station WJBF, Television Park, Augusta, GA, 1960
III.33 81Radio and TV Station WLW-A, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.33 82Radio Station WPAX, Mr. Al M. Feinberg, Thomasville, GA, 1956
III.33 83Radio Station WSAV, Savannah, GA, 1959
III.33 84Radio Station WTGA, Confederate Radio Station, West Point, GA, 1956-1957
III.33 85Radium Springs Luncheon-Mr. Pilcher Host, Albany, GA, 1957
III.33 86Ragan, H.E., 1954
III.33 87Railroad and Steamship Clerks, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.33 88Railway Clerks Division of Labor, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1956
III.33 89Railway Express Company-2nd District, Georiga, 1958
III.33 90Rainer, Mrs., Joel P, 1957
III.33 91Raines, Hon. Albert, 5th District, Alabama, 1956, 1959, 1961
III.33 92Rainwater, Harrison, 1956
III.33 93Rake, Julian D., 1956
III.33 94Ramos, Bamvino Oswaldo Pardo, Matanzas, Cuba, 1958
III.33 95Ramsey, Mrs. Carl, 1959
III.33 96Randall, Mr. B.S., 1957
III.33 97Ranew, C.R., Chief of Police, Moultrie, GA, 1957
III.34 1Rawles, Grady, 1955, 1958-1959
III.34 2Rawson, Charles A. and Associates, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.34 3Ray, Calvin Charter, 1956
III.34 4Ray, Dempsey F., 1955
III.34 5Ray, Jack B., 1955
III.34 6Ray, Mr. Jarrell, 1957-1958
III.34 7Ray, Jimmy, 1955
III.34 8Ray, Homer G., Jr., 1955-1957, 1959
III.34 9Ray, Miss Nita Ann, 1960
III.34 10REA, Washington, D.C., 1955
III.34 11REA, Mr. Clyde T. Ellis, General Manager, 1959
III.34 12REA, Grady County, Cairo, GA, "Mr. Rosser", 1955-1957
III.34 13REA, Moultrie, GA, Mr. H.S. Glenn, Manager, 1957-1958
III.34 14REA, Mr. Stanley, Tallahassee, Florida, 1957-1958
III.34 15Readys, George W., 1955
III.34 16Reagan, Herschel D., 1953-1954
III.34 17Reams, Frazier, attorney, 1955
III.34 18Reaves, Monroe C., 1957
III.34 19Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Miscellaneous, 1953
III.34 20Recording Facility, House Office, Washington D.C., 1955
III.34 21Reddick, Mrs. Alton, Regent, DAR, Bainbridge, GA, 1957
III.34 22Redding, Jimmy, 1957
III.34 23Reddoch, Cyril W., n.d
III.34 24Redgrave, DeWitt C., Jr., Captain USN, Retied, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.34 25Reed, Marvin E., Jr., Stetson University, Deland, Florida, 1958
III.34 26Reese, Malcolm, 1957
III.34 27Reese, N.T., 1958
III.34 28Reeves, D.A., 1955
III.34 29Refrigerated Transport Company, Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1958
III.34 30Regan, William, 1959
III.34 31Register, J.E., 1956
III.34 32Rei, Hon., August-Head of Government of Estonia in exile, 1957
III.34 33Reichert, A., 1955
III.34 34Reid, Henry N., Chief of Police, Albany, GA, 1958
III.34 35Reimer, Tom, 1956
III.34 36Releases, 1956-1957
III.34 37Renawek, Mrs., Ella, 1958, 1961
III.34 38Renawek, Mrs. Ella Moss, 1955
III.34 39Rentz, G.O., 1958
III.34 40Rentz, H.E., 1956
III.34 41Rentz, Mr. James O, 1960
III.34 42Rentz, T.W, MD, 1959
III.34 43Resolutions, 1955
III.34 44Respess, Mr. James L., Sr., 1959-1960
III.34 45Retired Officers Association, 1959
III.34 46Reynolds, Dr. and Mrs. Edward, 1960
III.34 47Reynolds, J.I., 1956
III.34 48Reynolds, J., Louis, 1956
III.34 49Reynolds, Mrs. R.J., 1956
III.34 50Reynolds, Reuben, 19,581,960
III.34 51Rhodes, Mrs. Ava G., 1960
III.34 52Rhodes, Henry W., 1956
III.34 53Rhodes, J.R., Jr., 1956
III.34 54Rhone, Lucille, 1956
III.34 55Rice, Mrs. B.S., Jr., 1957
III.34 56Rich, Tommy, 1958-1959
III.34 57Richard, Richard V., 1958
III.34 58Richards, Roy, President, Georgia Coastal Natural Gas Corporation, Alma, GA, 1957
III.34 59Richardson, Mrs. Herman M, 1959
III.34 60Richardson, Mrs. Marion E., 1960
III.34 61Richardson, Walter R., 1954
III.34 62Richter, Ashton, 1955
III.34 63Richter, Mr. Boyd, 1958
III.34 64Ricketson, Doughty, Senator, 19th District, Georgia State Senate, 1955
III.34 65Ridge, Russell, 1955
III.34 66Rigdon, Sam T., 1957-1958
III.34 67Riley, A.W., 1957
III.34 68Riley, Albert, 1956
III.34 69Rineer, Mrs. J.S., 1959
III.34 70Riverside Manufacturing Company, Miss Jeanette Adams, Moultrie, GA, 1955, 1957
III.34 71Rizer, B.J., 1955
III.34 72Roberson, Earl, 1955
III.34 73Roberts, Alice, 1956
III.34 74Roberts, Charles L., 1956
III.34 75Roberts, Mrs. Ethel, 1960
III.34 76Roberts, Corporal Eston (Marine Corps), 1955
III.34 77Roberts, Harold, 1955
III.34 78Roberts, John, 1955
III.34 79Roberts, R.S., 1956
III.34 80Roberts, Mrs. Thomas B., 1956
III.34 81Roberts, Willie, 1960
III.34 82Robinson, Mrs. A.G., Sr., 1959
III.34 83Robinson, Barksdale and Motley, Augusta, GA, 1956
III.34 84Robinson, Mrs. Jean D., 1956-1957, 1960
III.34 85Robinson, L.R., 1956-1957
III.34 86Robinson, Truman, 1955
III.34 87Rockwell Manufacturing Company, Statesboro, GA, 1958
III.34 88Roddenberry, J.B, Jr., 1958, 1960
III.34 89Roddenberry, Julian, 1955
III.34 90Roddenberry, R.S., Jr., 1955
III.34 91Rodgers, W. Ralph, 1956-1957
III.34 92Roebuck, J.L., 1955
III.35 1Rogers, Mrs. A.R., 1954
III.35 2Rogers, Mr. C.B., 1959
III.35 3Rogers, Miss Harriette, 1958
III.35 4Rogers, Mrs. L.E., 1956
III.35 5Rogers, Mr. Norman M., 1959
III.35 6Rogers, Mrs. Q.M., 1959
III.35 7Rogers, Hon. Walter, 18th District, Texas, 1957
III.35 8Booker, W.A., 1955
III.35 9Rosenberg, Mark, 1959
III.35 10Rosolio, J.N., 1959-1960
III.35 11Ross, Billy, 1957
III.35 12Ross, J.R., 1956
III.35 13Rotary Club, Camilla, GA, 1960
III.35 14Rotary Club, Moultrie, GA, 1958
III.35 15Rotary Club, Pelham, GA, 1955-1956, 1958-1959
III.35 16Rotary Club, Tifton, GA, 1960
III.35 17Rountree, Claude, 1954
III.35 18Rountree, Mr. G.E., 1959
III.35 19Rountree, Rev. J.A., 1955
III.35 20Rountree, William I., 1958
III.35 21Roland C.L., 1957
III.35 22Rowell, Mr. C.A., 1959
III.35 23Royal, Mr. Arnie, 1958
III.35 24Royal, Toby, 1958
III.35 25Rucker, Messrs H.W. and C.N. (Soil Bank), Albany, GA, 1957
III.35 26Rumble, Neal, 1955
III.35 27Rumbles' Inc., Thomasville, GA, 1960
III.35 28Rural Electrification Association - Miscellaneous, 1953-1954
III.35 29Rural Letter Carriers, Georgia, 1955
III.35 30Russell, Charles H.S., Executive Director, Georgia Conservation League, Waycross, GA, 1958
III.35 31Russell, Senator Richard, 1956, 1959
III.35 32Rustin, Mrs. Lorene, 1955-1956
III.35 33Rutland, Jesse E., 1955
III.35 34Outland, Johnny, 1955
III.35 35Rutten Dusting Service, Calvary, GA, 1959
III.35 36S - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.35 37Sacirovic, Marie, 1959
III.35 38Saloma, Mr. John S., 1958
III.35 39Salter, D.J., 1956, 1960
III.35 40Salter, Joe, 1956
III.35 41Sampson, Mrs. Jessie B., 1957
III.35 42Sanders, Doyle, 1958
III.35 43Sanders, G.D., Editor, Sylvester Local, Sylvester, GA, 1955
III.35 44Sanders, Mr. James, 1958
III.35 45Sanders, Mr. J.C., 1930
III.35 46Sanders, Miss Laura E., 1958
III.35 47Sanders, Patsy, 1955
III.35 48Sanders, Mr. V.R., 1959
III.35 49Sandison, Arthur 0., 1955-1957, 1959-1960
III.35 50Santer, George M., 1958
III.35 51Sapp, A.P., 1956, 1960
III.35 52Sapp, James Davis, Jr., 1955
III.35 53Sarrica, Louis, 1956-1957
III.35 54Saucier, Miss Linda, 1958, 1960
III.35 55Saunders, Mrs. Don, 1955
III.35 56Savannah Italian Club, Savannah, GA, 1959
III.35 57Savannah State Docks and Warehouses, Savannah, GA, 1956
III.35 58Savelle, Mr. Julian, 1958
III.35 59Savelle, Mr. M.J., Jr., President, Savelle Jewelry Company, Albany, GA, 1958
III.35 60Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. R.G., 1955
III.35 61Sayle, Mrs. Lucille, 1960
III.35 62Saylor, Dorothy, 1957
III.35 63Saxon, Mr. John E., 1959
III.35 64Scarboro, Miss Neta Belle, 1958
III.35 65Scarborough, Mrs. A.P., 1959
III.35 66Scarborough, Vernon, 1957
III.35 67Scarborough, Mrs. Willie B., 1957
III.35 68Schaeffer, Frank E., 1957
III.35 69Schieck, DeWitt C., Secretary, Cordage Institute, New York, N.Y., 1955
III.35 70Schmutz, Charles A., 1955
III.35 71Scholarship Information, Etc., 1953
III.35 72School (High) List - 2nd Congressional District, Georgia, 1960
III.35 73School (High) List - 2nd Congressional District, Georgia, 1959
III.35 74School (High) List - 2nd Congressional District, Georgia, 1958
III.35 75Schools - Principals, 2nd District, Georgia, 1955, 1957
III.35 76Attapulgus High School, Attapulgus, GA, 1960
III.35 77Baconton, GA, 1960
III.35 78Berkeley High School, Berkeley, California, 1959
III.35 79Blakely High School, Blakely, GA, 1955-1956
III.35 80Blakely-Union High School, Blakely, GA, 1958, 1950
III.35 81Boston High School, Boston, GA, 1955
III.35 82Cairo, Georgia, Elementary School, 1958, 1960
III.35 83Cairo High School, Cairo, GA, 1957-1958
III.35 84Calhoun County, Georgia, 1959
III.35 85Climax, Georgia, High School, 1955-1956
III.35 86Colquitt County, Moultrie, GA, 1957- 1960
III.35 87Colquitt County, Moultrie, GA, Mrs. Carl Jeter, Director of Instruction, Board of Education, 1960
III.35 88Colquitt County, Georgia - Requests, 1959-1960
III.35 89Coolidge High School, Coolidge, GA 1958, 1961
III.35 90Damascus High School, Damascus, GA, Mr. Bomar, Principal, 1955
III.35 91Decatur County, Bainbridge, GA, 1956-1959
III.35 92Dixie High School, Dixie, GA, 1958
III.35 93Doerun High School, Doerun, GA, 1956, 1958, 1960
III.35 94Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1954-1955, 1957-1960
III.36 1Early County, Board of Education, Miss Anne M. Grier, Superintendent, Blakely, GA, 1958
III.36 2Early County, Teachers Association, Mr. G.W. Pause, President, Blakely, GA, 1958
III.36 3Grady County High School, Cairo, GA, 1959
III.36 4Hartsfield, GA - Requests, 1960
III.36 5Meigs High School, Meigs, GA, 1958, 1960
III.36 6Miller County High School, Colquitt, GA, 1956-1957, 1959, 1963
III.36 7Mitchell County High School, Camilla, GA, 1955, 1960
III.36 8Morgan, GA, Superintendent H.D. Harrison, Calhoun County, 1957-1960
III.36 9Morgan-Leary High School, Morgan, GA, 1958
III.36 10Moryen, Georgia, High School, 1958
III.36 11Moultrie, GA, 1953, 1955-1960
III.36 12Moultrie Senior High, Football Coach, W.M. McCrary, 1959
III.36 13Norman Park High School Library, Mrs. Jean Newton, Librarian, 1956
III.36 14Norman Park School, Vocational Teachers, Elvin Walker and John Foreman, Norman Park, GA, 1957-1958, 1960
III.36 15Ochlochnee High School Senior Class, Ochlochnee, GA, 1957-1958
III.36 16Omega, GA, 1959-1960
III.36 17Outside our District, 1959-1960
III.36 18Pavo High School, Pavo, GA, 1956
III.36 19Pelham, GA, 1957-1959
III.36 20Poulan School Library, Poulan, GA, 1958
III.36 21Quitman Public Schools, Quitman, GA, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1960
III.36 22Sale City School, Sale City, GA, 1956
III.36 23Stunner, GA - Requests, 1958-1960
III.36 24Sylvester, GA, 1958-1950
III.36 25Sylvester, GA - Student Requests, 1959-19601
III.36 26Thomas County, Thomasville, GA, 1958-1959
III.36 27Thomasville, GA, 1958, 1960
III.36 28Tift County Public Schools, Tifton, GA, 1957-1959
III.36 29Tifton, GA, 1959-1960
III.36 30Tifton, GA, High School Library, 1960
III.36 31Tifton Junior High School, Mrs. J.R. Belflower, Librarian, 1957
III.36 32Ty Ty, GA, 1959-1960
III.36 33Whigham Elementary and High School, Whigham, GA, 1958, 1960
III.36 34Schott, Mrs. Marguerite E., 1956
III.36 35Schulz, Wilbert G., 1955
III.36 36Scott, Barbara, 1957
III.36 37Scott Construction Company, Thomasville, GA, 1953-1954, 1956
III.36 38Scott, Rev. E.C., 1956
III.36 39Scott, Miss Ethel, 1955
III.36 40Scott, Fred, Jr., 1954-1960
III.36 41Scott, Fred, Sr., 1955-1956, 1958-1959
III.36 42Scott, Mrs. John P., 1959
III.36 43Scott, Mrs. Shelden, 1959
III.36 44Sealtest Southern Dairies Division, Atlanta, GA, 1958-1959
III.36 45Seapak Corporation, St. Simons Island, GA, 1955, 1959
III.36 46Searcy, F.H., 1955
III.36 47Searcy, Dr. W.M., 1957
III.36 48Sears, George, 1956
III.36 49Seaton, Mr. F.B., 1959
III.36 50Security Storage and Moving Service, Albany, GA, 1960
III.36 51Segler, James R., 1959
III.36 52Segler, Jim, 1957
III.36 53Segler, Maryan N., 1955-1956
III.36 54Segler, P.M., 1959
III.36A 1Segregation Matters - Comments, Information, Etc., 1954
III.36A 2Selden, Hon. Armistead I., Jr., 6th District, Alabama, 1960
III.36A 3Selective Service - Grady County, 1959
III.36A 4Sell, Maynard, 1956
III.36A 5Sells, Sam, Sells Inc., Moultrie, GA, 1954-1956, 1958
III.36A 6Seminole Drug Company, Donalsonville, GA, 1960
III.36A 7Seminole Naval Stores Company (R.M. Reynolds), Bainbridge, GA, 1955
III.36A 8Settelmayer, John C., Director, Atlanta Public Library, 1955
III.36A 9Severence, O.W., 1957
III.36A 10Sewell, Mr. C.J., 1960
III.36A 11Shackelford, Mr. Hugh, Attorney, Albany, GA, 1959
III.36A 12Shaw, Mrs. Hasil R., 1957
III.36A 13Shaw, S.T., 1958
III.36A 14Shearhouse, H.S., Director, Curriculum Development, State (Georgia) Department of Education, 1955
III.36A 15Sheheane, Mr. and Mrs. R.L., 1958
III.36A 16Sheffield, E.A., 1955
III.36A 17Sheffield, Mr. J.H., 1958
III.36A 18Sheffield, John E., Jr., 1955-1956, 1958-1959
III.36A 19Sheffield, L.T., AAA Concrete Products Corporation, Albany, GA, 1957
III.36A 20Sheffield, Mac, 1956
III.36A 21Sheffield, W.T., 1959
III.36A 22Shelley, Pauline, 1955
III.36A 23Shepard, Louis, 1955
III.36A 24Shepard, W.E., 1956-1959
III.37 1Shepherd, Mrs. I.S., 1960
III.37 2Shepherd, James L., 1955
III.37 3Sheppard, J.C., 1958
III.37 4Sheraton-Park Hotel, Washington, D., undated
III.37 5Shingler, Paul, 1958
III.37 6Shippey J.E., 1955
III.37 7Shiver, Edwin, 1955
III.37 8Shiver, Jimmy, 1956
III.37 9Shiver, L.M., 1956
III.37 10Shiver, Mrs. Morris, 1955
III.37 11Short, Mrs. Robert, 1955
III.37 12Shuitt, Roy Allen, 1957
III.37 13Shuman, Mr. David E.R., 1959-1960
III.37 14Sikes, Hon. Bob, 3rd District, Florida, 1954, 1956-1957, 1959
III.37 15Simmons, Chuck, 1957
III.37 16Simmons, Mr. Harry H., 1960
III.37 17Simmons, Mallie L., 1957
III.37 18Simmons, Mrs. Rena B., 1960
III.37 19Simpson, F. Kelly, 1959
III.37 20Simpson, Gordon, 1958
III.37 21Simpson, Jack, 1959
III.37 22Simpson, Mrs. Maude, 1958
III.37 23Simpson, M.E., 1955
III.37 24Sims, Jane, 1956
III.37 25Sims, Mr. J.F., 1960
III.37 26Sims News Bureau, Washington, D.C., 1958
III.37 27Sinclair, Duncan, 1955
III.37 28Sinclair Refining Company, Washington, D.C., 1956
III.37 29Singletary, A.O., 1957
III.37 30Singletary, Dick, 1954
III.37 31Singletary, Donald, 1959
III.37 32Singletary, Mr. E.A., 1959
III.37 33Singletary, Fletcher P., 1956
III.37 34Singletary, Harry, 1957
III.37 35Singletary, Mr. I.B., 1959
III.37 36Singletary, Mrs. Jane, 1958
III.37 37Singletary, Mrs. Margaret Sparks (Mrs. Raymond), 1958
III.37 38Singletary, Nelson, 1956
III.37 39Singletary, Mr. R.C., Jr., 1955-1958, 1960
III.37 40Singletary, Wayne, 1957
III.37 41Singleton, Mary G., 1957
III.37 42Sippel, William L., 1955
III.37 43Sirmons, Bubbie, 1957
III.37 44Sizemore, Henry Carl, 1958
III.37 45Skinner, Willard L., 1955
III.37 46Slack, Eugene, 1956-1957
III.37 47Slappey, Mrs. J.A., 1957
III.37 48Slappey, Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Sr., 1955
III.37 49Slappey, Miss Vivian, 1959
III.37 50Slater, P.B., 1960
III.37 51Sledge, John, 1955
III.37 52Slickman, George C., 1956
III.37 53Slocumb, Gus, 1959
III.37 54Small Business, 1953-1956
III.37 55Small Business Administration, Atlanta, GA, James F. Hollingsworth, Director, 1957
III.37 56Small Business Administration, Washington, D.C., 1956, 1958
III.37 57Small Business Ballots and Information, 1953-1954
III.37 58Small Business Investment Kit, 1958-1950
III.37 59Small, Mrs. Clara, 1955
III.37 60Smallwood, Mr. Frederick, 1955, 1959
III.37 61Smallwood, Mrs. Jack, 1958
III.37 62Smart, Joy, 1956, 1958
III.37 63Smathers, Hon. George, Senator from Florida, 1958
III.37 64Smith, Albert J., 1956
III.37 65Smith, Miss Altamine, 1956
III.37 66Smith, Carl, 1955
III.37 67Smith, Mrs. Carrie L., Director, Public Health, Moultrie, GA, 1957
III.37 68Smith, Mrs. Cecil W., 1956
III.37 69Smith, Charles H., Jr., 1958
III.37 70Smith, Mrs. Claude E., 1958
III.37 71Smith, Davis D., 1956
III.37 72Smith, Edwin T., 1958, 1960
III.37 73Smith, Mrs. F.R., 1958
III.37 74Smith, Franklin I., 1955
III.37 75Smith, G. Maynard, 1957
III.37 76Smith, H.J., 1955
III.37 77Smith, Haygood, 1954
III.37 78Smith, Henry L., 1955
III.37 79Smith, Herbert, 1954
III.37 80Smith, Homer T., 1955
III.37 81Smith, James N., 1957
III.37 82Smith, Mrs. J.C., 1959-1960
III.37 83Smith, Mr. Jerry, 1959
III.38 1Smith, Mr. J. Fred, Jr., 1960
III.38 2Smith, Joe, Tifton, GA, 1956, 1960
III.38 3Smith, Joe M., Albany, GA, 1957
III.38 4Smith, Mr. J.O., 1959
III.38 5Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J.W., 1956
III.38 6Smith, Mr. P.B., 1958
III.38 7Smith, Mrs. Ralph W., 1958
III.38 8Smith, Mrs. Robley, 1959
III.38 9Smith, Mrs. Ruby, 1957
III.38 10Smith, S.B., 1956
III.38 11Smith, Mrs. S.J., 1955
III.38 12Smith, Thomas V., 1955
III.38 13Smith, Tommy, 1960
III.38 14Smith, William W., 1956
III.38 15Smith, W. Ollie, 1956
III.38 16Smith, W.P., Jr., 1957
III.38 17Snipes, Mrs. Edward, 1960
III.38 18Snipes, H.G., 1956-1958
III.38 19Snyder, Dr. George A., 1957
III.38 20Snyder, Dr. Russell J., 1959
III.38 21Social Security Administration, Georgia, 1958, 1960
III.38 22Social Security - Information, Etc., 1955
III.38 23Social Security Office, Valdosta, GA, 1958
III.38 24Socony Mobil Oil Company, Washington, D.C., 1957
III.38 25Alpha Soil Conservation District, Valdosta, GA, 1955-1959
III.38 26Atlanta District, 1954-1955, 1958-1959
III.38 27District Supervisors, Georgia Association, Mr. B. Fred Statham, President, 1956
III.38 29Piedmont District, Milledgeville, GA, 1957
III.38 30Service, State Office, Athens, GA, 1958
III.38 31Soperton Guano Company, Soperton, GA, 1959
III.38 32Souder, Mr. R.C., Jr., 1958
III.38 33South Georgia Natural Gas Company - Old file, Etc. Correspondence, 1953-1954, 1960
III.38 34Material, 1958
III.38 35Material, 1953
III.38 36South Georgia Natural Gas, Thomasville, GA, 1953, 1955, 1957-1959
III.39 1Southeastern Area Local Service Case Docket 7038, Thomasville, Georgia, 1957
III.39 2Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissioners, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.39 3Southeastern Interlibrary Research Facility, Atlanta, GA, 1956
III.39 4Southeastern Liquid Fertilizer Company, Albany, GA, 1959-1960
III.39 5Southeastern Pecan Growers Association, 1956
III.39 6Southern Airways Company, Atlanta, GA, 1953, 1956-1959
III.39 7Southern Bell, Albany, GA, 1955, 1958-1950
III.39 8Southern Bell, Atlanta, GA, 1954-1955, 1958-1959
III.39 9Southern Bell, Thomasville, GA, 1959
III.39 10Southern Company, The, Atlanta, GA, 1959
III.39 11Southern Construction Company, Augusta, GA, 1956
III.39 12Southern Dairies, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1958-1959
III.39 13Southern Diaper Service, Albany, GA, 1957, 1960
III.39 14Southern Fertilizer and Chemical Company, Savannah, GA, 1955
III.39 15Southern Garment Manufacturers Association, Nashville, Tennessee, 1955
III.39 16Southern Railway Application - Acquisition of South Georgia Railway Company, 1953-1954
III.39 17Southern States Phosphate and Fertilizer Company, Savannah, GA, 1955
III.39 18Southland Plantation, Baingridge, GA, 1955
III.39 19Southwestern District Dental Association, Dr. Albert C. Tuck, Secretary-Treasurer, Thomasville, GA, 1958
III.39 20Spahr, Miss Phyllis, Hallam, Pennsylvania, 1958
III.39 21Spangle, Mr. H.H., 1958
III.39 22Spears, Mr. William R., 1959
III.39 23Spell, Mrs. Grady E., 1956
III.39 24Spence, Dorothy V., 1956
III.39 25Spence, H.T., 1956-1958
III.39 26Spence, Judson Cauthen, Jr., 1958
III.39 27Spence, Mrs. Louise H., 1957
III.39 28Spivack, Mr. Robert G., Washington Correspondent, New York Post, Washington, D.C., 1959
III.39 29Spivey, C.D., Assistant Horticulturist, Georgia Coastal Plains Experiment Station, Attapulgus, GA, 1956, 1958
III.39 30Spooner, Jeff, 1955
III.39 31Spooner, Luther, 1955
III.39 32Spradley, Paul, 1956
III.39 33Stafford, Mr. DeNean, 1957-1960
III.39 34Stahl, Mrs. H.A., 1954
III.39 35Stallings, Roscoe, 1955
III.39 36Stamps - Request for Commemoratives, 1954
III.39 37Stanaland, John, 1956
III.39 38Standard Oil Company of Tifton, GA, 1955
III.39 39Standifer, Dr. Jack G., 1955
III.39 40Stanford, Hollis, 1956
III.39 41Staples, Mr. Glen, 1958
III.39 42Star Route 21232 - Adel, GA to Dixie, GA, 1955
III.39 43State Department, Washington, D.C., 1955, 1960
III.39 44Information on Hungarian Refugees, 1957
III.39 45States Rights Council - Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1956
III.39 46States Rights Council of Georgia, 1956-1957
III.39 47Staten, Franklin, 1957
III.39 48Stephens, Mrs. Faye A., 1958
III.39 49Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. J.L., 1955, 1959
III.39 50Stephens, P.B., 1955, 1957
III.39 51Stephens, Mrs. Pauline Tyson, 1954
III.39 52Stationary Account, Folder I, 1955-1960
III.39 53Stationary Account, Folder II, 1953-1957, 1960, 1962
III.40 1Stationary Supply, Our Office, 1959-1960
III.40 2Sterne Lee, 1956, 1958-1959
III.40 3Steve Stevens Industries, Inc., 1955
III.40 4Stevens, Joe G., 1957
III.40 5Stevens Shipping Comp, undated
III.40 6Stevens, Mrs. Wayne, 1959
III.40 7Stevenson, Hon. Adlai E., 1956
III.40 8Stewart, Charles L., 1955
III.40 9Stewart, Ellis Leroy, Sr., 1953
III.40 10Stewart, Mr. J. W., 1958
III.40 11Stewart, Mrs. Marie H., 1955-1956
III.40 12Stewart, M.R., 1956
III.40 13Stewart, Travis, 1955
III.40 14Stewart, Mr. W.S., n.d.
III.40 15Steyer, Mr. Z.E., 1959
III.40 16Still Gas Company of Albany, Inc., Albany, GA, 1954
III.40 17Still, H.S., 1956
III.40 18Still, Mrs. Ruby C., 1959
III.40 19Stilwelf, John, 1957
III.40 20Stoner, Paul, 1955
III.40 21Stoner, Dr. W.P.., M.D., 1960
III.40 22Story, Mr. Jimmy, 1959
III.40 23Story, W.M., 1956
III.40 24Stoudemore, Mrs. Thomas, 1960
III.40 25Stova11, Mr. Ed, 1959-1960
III.40 26Strickland, Mr. Don E., 1960
III.40 27Strickland, H.H., 1957
III.40 28Strickland, Mrs. J. Leon, 1960
III.40 29Striclkand, Mr. Phillip, 1958
III.40 30Srtickland, Paul, 1955
III.40 31Stringer, Mr. A.G., 1958
III.40 32Strobel, Dr. Frank A., 1956-1957
III.40 33Srong, Miss Veronise T., 1958
III.40 34Stubbs, Harry M., 1954
III.40 35Stubbs, H.H., 1955
III.40 36Student Loan Program, 1959
III.40 37Sturdinant, Major Phillip N., 1958
III.40 38Suber, Bill, 1955, 1957
III.40 39Suber, Mr. Tom, Commercial Bank, Thomasville,, GA, 1959
III.40 40Suber, Tommy, 1955, 1957, 1959
III.40 41Suit, Harold C., Treasurer, Federal and State Inspectors, Federal Credit Union, Atlanta, GA, 1957
III.40 42Summerford,, Bill, 1956
III.40 43Summer ford, R.A.,, Jr., 1955, 1957
III.40 44Sunner, Clint, Jr., 1958-1959
III.40 45Sumner, Gene, 1955
III.40 46Sumner, Mrs. Gordon S., 1959
III.40 47Sumner Marcus, 1958
III.40 48Sumner, Oscar, 1957
III.40 49Sumner, Ralph, 1956-1957
III.40 50Sumner, S.B., 1958
III.40 51Sunny land Packing Company, Thomasville, GA, 1957-1958
III.40 52Sunshine Metal Products, Arlington, GA, 1959
III.40 53Sunshine Press, Litchfield, Illinois, 1955
III.40 54Surplus Property Plan of California, 1954
III.40 55Surplus Property, Requests, n.d.
III.40 56Sutlive, Kirk, 1958-1959
III.40 57Sutton, Franklin, 1957
III.40 58Sutton, Miss Glenda, 1960
III.40 59Sutton, J.F., 1955-1956
III.40 60Sutton, Dr. J.M., Sylvester, GA, 1956
III.40 61Sutton, J.W., Albany, GA, 1957
III.40 62Sutton, R.C. President, Albany Serum Company, Albany, GA, 1956-1957
III.40 63Sutton, Mrs. R.C., 1960
III.40 64Sutton, Sonia, 1957
III.40 65Sutton, W.A., Director, Agricultural Extension Service, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1958
III.40 66Swanke, Albert Homer, 1955
III.40 67Swartz, Mrs. Mary, 1956, 1958
III.40 68Sweat, John, 1959
III.40 69Swicord, Miss Jacquelin, 1960
III.40 70Swift and Company, Albany, GA, 1958-1959
III.40 71Swift, Mr. L.S., 1958
III.40 72Swift, William D., First Vice President, Muscogee Manufacturing Company, Columbus, GA, 1959
III.40 73Swinson, L.F., 1957
III.40 74T - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.40 75Tabb, Mr. J.W., 1958
III.40 76Tally, John D., 1955
III.40 77Talmadge, Herman, 1957- 1959
III.40 78Talmadge, Mrs. Julius Y., 1957
III.40 79Tanner, Mrs. Joe, 1954
III.40 80Tariff, U.S. Commission, 1959-1960
III.40 81Tassman, Lorin C., 1959
III.40 82Tate, Miss Frances, 1957
III.40 83Taylor, Dr. A. Earl, 1958
III.40 84Taylor B.L., 1957
III.40 85Taylor Cecil, 1955
III.40 86Taylor Cecil Melvin, 1957
III.40 87Taylor D.E., 1955
III.40 88Taylor James W., 1958
III.40 89Taylor John W., 1956
III.40 90Taylor , T. F., Fertilizer Works , Inc, undated
III.41 1Teague, Olin fin, Congressman, Texas, 1955
III.41 2Teate, H. t., 1956-1957
III.41 3Tedder, M r. H.C., 1960
III.41 4Telegram File, Folder I, 1960
III.41 5Telegram File, Folder II, 1960
III.41 6Telegram - Extra Copies, Folder I, 1959-1960
III.41 7Telegram – Extra Copies, Folder II, 1959-1960
III.41 8Telegrams, 1959
III.41 9Telegrams, 1958
III.41 10Telegram Copies, 1957
III.42 1Telegraph Bills, Etc., 1955-1957
III.42 2Telegraph Copies, 1956
III.42 3Telegraph Copies, 1954-1955
III.42 4Telephone and Telegraph Statements, 1953-1954
III.42 5Telephone Bills, Etc., 1955-1956
III.42 6Telephone Statements, 1959
III.42 7Telephone Statements, 1957-1958
III.42 8Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Railway Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1957-1958
III.42 9Tennilie, Aubrey W., 1957
III.42 10Tenny on, Walter B., Camilla Dairies, Camilla, GA, 1955
III.42 11Terre11, George P., 1955
III.42 12Terrell Vaughn, Superintendent, Georgia Factory for the Blind, Bainbridge, GA, 1953
III.42 13Terry, Addison, 1957
III.42 14Terry, Billy, 1957
III.42 15Terry, George M., 1955
III.42 16Terry, Guyton 0., Jr., 1959
III.42 17Thames, McDuffie, 1958
III.42 18Thigpen, Mrs. Estella, 1956
III.42 19Thogard. J.B., 1956
III.42 20Thomas, Alva, 1956
III.42 21Thomas, Mr. C.B., 1959
III.42 22Thomas, Chancey and Mattie (colored), 1959
III.42 23Thomas County Baptist Association, n.d.
III.43 24Thomas County Commissioner of Roads, 1959
III.43 25Thomas County Education Association, 1957, 1959
III.43 26Thomas County Historical Society, 1958
III.43 27Thomas, Edison, 1958
III.43 28Thomas, G.C., 1955
III.43 29Thomas, John M.S., 1958
III.43 30Thomas, Lamar, 1955
III.43 31Thomas, Nan, 1956
III.43 32Thomas, Rev. R.K., 1959
III.43 33Thomas, Robert, 1958
III.43 34Thomas, Robert N., 1955
III.43 35Thomas, W. George, 1955
III.43 36Thomas, W.R., 1956
III.43 37Thoma6ville Chapter HHAB, 1958
III.43 38Thomasville, City, 1955-1959
III.43 1Thomasville, Federal Aid Airport Program, 1953-1956, 1958
III.43 2Thomasville, GA, Airport File, n.d.
III.43 3Thomasville Ice and Manufacturing Company, 1953, 1954
III.43 4Thomasville National Guard, 1954
III.43 5Thomasville Sales Company, John L. Turner, III, President, 1958
III.43 6Thomasville Weather Bureau, 1955
III.43 7Thompson Mrs. Mrs., 1955
III.43 8Thompson and Street Company, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.43 9Thompson, Bobby, 1956
III.43 10Thompson, D.V., 1955
III.43 11Thompson, H., 1957
III.43 12Thompson, Mr. John F., Jr., Schuster Naval Stores Company, Savannah, Georgia, 1959
III.43 13Thomas Mary Lucy, 1957
III.43 14Thompson M.E., 1958
III.43 15Thompson Hon. T.A. 7th District, Louisiana, 1958
III.43 16Thompson, Wayne, 1955
III.43 17Thompson, W.H. President, Colquitt Farm Bureau, Lenox GA, 1956
III.43 18Thompson, William B., 1958
III.43 19Thompson Mrs. Albert, 1958
III.43 20Thorn] hill John P., 1958
III.43 21Thrasher Mrs. Myrtle and Miss Sallie, 1956
III.43 22Three Notch Electric Membership Corporation, Donalsonville, GA, 1995, 1957, 1959
III.43 23Three Rivers Development Association, Columbus, GA, 1957
III.43 24Thrift Milling Company, Albany, GA, 1954, 1959
III.43 25Thursby, A.L., 1956
III.43 26Tift C County Commissioners, 1957, 1959
III.43 27Tift County Home Demonstration Council, Stephens, Mrs. J.L., 1957
III.43 28Tift County PTA Council, Tifton, GA, 1956-1957
III.43 29Tift County Soil Survey, 1959
III.43 30Tift County, "Welcome Wagon, Inc.", Mrs. Mary D. Jackson, 1958
III.43 31Tift M.W., 1956
III.43 32Tift Richard, 1955, 1958, 1960
III.43 33Tifton - Army Reserve Training Center, 1957
III.43 34Tifton, City Commission, Tifton, GA, 1959
III.43 35Tifton Cotton Mills, 1957-1959
III.43 36Tifton Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, 1959
III.43 37Tifton Forestry, Mr. W.F. Watson, 1957
III.43 38Tifton Gazette, Homer Rankin, Publisher, Tifton, GA, 1955-1957, 1959
III.43 39Tifton Navy Jet Base Project, 1957
III.43 40Tifton W.C.T.U. (Women's Christian Temperance Union), undated
III.43 41Mrs. Glenn Burton, President, Tifton GA, 1958
III.43 42Tillman, James H., 1956
III.43 43Tillman Mr. and Mrs. Mrs., 1959
III.43 44Timmons, James, 1955
III.43 45Timmons, Jimmie H., 1958-1959
III.43 46Tinsley, K.T., 1956
III.43 47Tisdale, Dr. Alvin C., 1958
III.43 48Tobacco Association, Mr. Fred Royster, Manager, Henderson, North Carolina, 1957
III.43 49Tobacco Market Matters, Boston, GA, 1953
III.43 50Tobacco Program, 1956, 1958
III.43 51Tomlin, Mrs. Corrie B., 1959
III.43 52Tomlinson, W.L., 1956
III.43 53Toole, Janet, 1957
III.43 54Toote, Giles L., 1956
III.43 55Topalu, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H., 1957
III.43 56Topshe, Joseph I. (Deceased) ((Nora Topshe), 1954-1957
III.44 57Torbert, Major George W., 1957
III.44 58Torbett, Mrs. Mae, 1956
III.44 59Touchton, Mrs. C.S., 1955
III.44 60Townsend, Judge J.M.C., 1956
III.44 61Towson, Joyce, Secretary, Department of Horticulture, Georgia Coastal Plains Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, 1959
III.44 62Trammel, Mrs. Merle H., 1955
III.44 63Trefether, Harold, 1956
III.44 64Tribble, Maurine, 1957
III.44 65Tri-State Marine, Inc., Bainbridge,, GA, 1958
III.44 66Tri State Tractor Company, Albany, GA, 1959
III.44 67Troutman, Henry B., 1956, 1958
III.44 68Triutt, Mrs. Ethel D., 1958
III.44 69Truitt, Roy Allen, III, 1957
III.44 70Truman, Hon. Harry S. Kansas City, Missouri, 1956
III.44 71Trust Company of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, Mr. John A. Sibley, 1955-1957
III.44 72Tuck, Dr. Albert, 1956, 1958
III.44 73Tuck, Hon. William M., 5th District, Virginia, 1955, 1964
III.44 74Tucker, H.E., 1955
III.44 75Tung Oil Matters, 1953-1954
III.44 76Turk, J.L., 1956-1958
III.44 77Turner Air Force Base, 1953-1954, 1958, 1962
III.44 78Turner, D.O., 1956
III.44 79Turner, Douglas, Radio Station WMTM, Moultrie,, GA, 1956
III.44 80Turner, H.O., 1956
III.44 81Turner, Luther, 1955-1959
III.44 1Turner, S.M., 1955
III.44 2Turner, Mr. W.D., 1959
III.44 3TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), 1956
III.44 4Tye, O.H., 1956
III.44 5Tye, Oscar H., 1956
III.44 6Tyner, Mrs. E.E., 1959
III.44 7Tyson, Mrs. Gladys H., 1957
III.44 8Ulm, W .A., 1957
III.44 9Underwood, Donald, 1955
III.44 10Underwood, Shirlene, 1955
III.44 11Union Bag-Camp Paper Corporation, New York, N.Y., 1957
III.44 12United American Mechanics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1956
III.44 13United Auto Workers - CIO, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.44 14U.S. Wholesale Grocers Association, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1957
III.44 15University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1954, 1956
III.44 16Unchurch, J.S., 1956
III.44 17Ursrey, Lawton R., 1957
III.44 18V - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953
III.44 19Valdosta, City of, Hon. A.J. Stickland, III, Mayor, 1958
III.44 20Valdosta - Turpentine Association, 1955
III.44 21Valeri, Gus, Jr., 1956
III.44 22Vance, H.H., 1955
III.44 23Vance, W.H., 1955
III.44 24Vandiver, Ernest, Lieutenant-Governor of Georgia, 1957-1959
III.44 25Vann B.Y., 1953-1954, 1955, 1958-1959
III.44 26Vann, Harry, Sr., Clerk of Court, Thomasville, GA, 1954
III.44 27Vann, Harry A., Jr., Valdosta, GA, 1956
III.44 28Vansant, R.L., 1955
III.44 29Vantress, Charles, 1958
III.44 30Van Landingham, W.E., 1955
III.44 31Varnedoe, Mr. Heeth, 1958
III.44 32Varner, Max P., 1956
III.44 33Vaughan, Mr. Ernest C., 1959
III.44 34Vaughan, Mrs. Walter J., Vaughan's Sporting Goods, Thomasville, GA, 1958
III.44 35Vaughn, John W., 1955
III.44 36Vause, Rev. Joel E., 1959
III.44 37Vax, John J., 1958
III.44 38Veale, Mrs. H.L., 1958
III.44 39Vereen Memorial Hospital, Moultrie, GA, 1956, 1960
III.44 40Vereen, W.C. Jr., 1955-1959
III.44 41Vereen, Mrs. W.J., 1956
III.44 42Vereide, Abraham, 1955
III.44 43Veterans Administration Hospital, Dublin,GA, 1958
III.44 44VA Hospital Inspection Tour By Mr. Pilcher, Atlanta GA, 1954- 1955
III.44 45Veteran, of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Athens, GA, 1959
III.44 46Veterans of Foreign Wars, Bainbridge, GA, 1958
III.44 47Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ladies Auxiliary, Albany, GA, 1959
III.44 48Veterans of Foreign Wars - List of Posts in 2nd District, 1954, 1956
III.44 49Veterans of Foreign Wars, Moultrie, GA, 1958
III.44 50Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Headquarters, Kansas City, Missouri, 1959
III.44 51Veterans of Foreign Wars, Summerville, GA, 1958
III.44 52Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sylvester, GA, 1959
III.44 53Veterans of Foreign Wars, Thomasville, GA, 1957
III.44 54Veterans of Foreign Wars, Winterville, GA, 1959-1950
III.44 55Veterans Home, Milledgeville, GA, 1957
III.44 56Veterans Service, (Georgia) State Department of - List of Offices in 2nd District, Organization and Personnel Roster, 1954-1955
III.44 57Vick, Stanley, 1955
III.44 58Vickers, A.D., 1957
III.44 59Vickers, Mr. D.E., 1958-1959
III.44 60Vidalia, GA, Chamber of Commerce, 1955
III.44 61Vinson, Hon. Carl, 6th District, Georgia, 1958
III.44 62Vinson, J.T., 1955
III.44 63Vinson, Mr. Vance, 1958
III.44 64Virginia Peanut and Hog Growers, Inc., Franklin, Virginia, 1955
III.44 65Visscher, W.T. Secretary, Moultrie Federal Savings and Loan, Moultrie, GA, 1955-1957
III.44 66Visitors, 1953-1954
III.44 67Vocational Department, Dubuque, Iowa, 1954
III.44 68Vocational Education Department, Columbus, Indiana, 1958
III.44 69Vocational Education Information, 1953-1954
III.44 70Vocational Education Information and Letters, Albany, GA, 1955
III.44 71Vogel, Henry, 1957
III.44 72Vorys, Hon. John M., 12th District, Ohio, 1956, 1960
III.44 73Voting Laws, 1958
III.44 74Wade, C.G., 1955
III.44 75Wainer, D.S., 1958
III.44 76Walden, Mrs. Ida, 1959
III.44 77Walden and Kirkland, 1957, 1950, 1953
III.44 78Walden, S.C., 1958, 1960
III.44 79Waldrop, Mr. C.O., 1958
III.44 80Walker, Burton, 1956-1957
III.44 81Walker, Mr. C.E., 1957-1958
III.44 82Walker, Donnel, 1955
III.44 83Walker, Elvin, 1955-1955
III.44 84Walker, Fred, 1955
III.44 85Walker Hauling Company, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1957, 1959
III.44 86Walker, John W., 1955
III.44 87Walker, Knox, President, Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1957
III.44 88Walker, L.N., 1955
III.44 89Walker, Mr. Tom, 1955
III.45 1Wallace, L.T., 1955
III.45 2Waller Marlene, 1957
III.45 3Walsh, H.D. Jr., 1958
III.45 4Walter, Thomas G., Operations Director, Government Employees' Council, Washington, D.C., 1956-1957
III.45 5Walters, Joyce, 1957
III.45 6Walton, James E., 1956
III.45 7Ward, Mrs. Graham, 1959
III.45 8Ward, Parmelee, 1955
III.45 9Ward, Mrs. R.C., 1956, 1950
III.45 10Ward, Truman, Clerk of Majority Room, U.S. House of Representatives, 1958- 1960
III.45 11Warren, Mrs. Delta, 1957
III.45 12Warren, Dester, 1956
III.45 13Warren, Irvin J., 1954
III.45 14Warnell, W.B., 1957
III.45 15Warner Robins Air Force Base Employees, Warner Robins, GA, 1959
III.45 16Warner Robins Air Material Area, Robins Air Force Base, GA, 1958-1960
III.45 17Wasden, Mr. Andy, 1959
III.45 18Washington, Booker T. Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1959
III.45 19Washington Newsletter, 1958
III.45 20Watermelon Growers and Distributors Association, Adel, GA, 1956
III.45 21Waters, Cecelia, 1957
III.45 22Waters, Fred, 1957
III.45 23Waters, James, 1957-1959
III.45 24Waters, Miss Virginia, 1958
III.45 25Watkins, Jim Porter, 1959
III.45 26Watkins Motor Line, 1954-1959
III.45 27Watkins, Mr. W.B. Jr., 1959
III.45 28Watson, Hon. G. Stuart, State Representative, Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1955-1957
III.45 29Watson, R.C., 1957
III.45 30Watson-Scott Company, Thomasville, GA, 1957, 1960
III.45 31Watson, Tommy, 1955
III.45 32Watt, Dr. Charles H., 1956
III.45 33Watt, Dr. F.H., 1956
III.45 34Watt, William, 1955-1959
III.45 35Waverly Petroleum Products Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1956-1958
III.45 36Wayne County Conservation League, Jesup, GA, 1956
III.45 37Weathers, Miss Sherril, 1958
III.45 38Weatherspoon J.B., 1957, 1959
III.45 39Webb, Fred, 1958
III.45 40Webb, Jody, 1956
III.45 41Webb, Julian, 1955- 1960
III.45 42Webb, Lee W., 1955-1958, 1960
III.45 43Webb, Mrs. Lee, 1960
III.45 44Webb, Marcus L., M.D., 1959
III.45 45Webb, R.C., 1957
III.45 46Webb, Robert E., 1955-1957
III.45 47Wedin, Miss Lauretta, 1955
III.45 48Weeks, 1955
III.45 49Weeks, S.S., 1958
III.45 50Welch, Carl B., M.D., 1954-1955, 1957, 1959-1960
III.45 51Welchel, Mr. Tom, 1959
III.45 52Wells, Jerome, 1955
III.45 53Wells, Mrs. L.R., 1959
III.45 54Wells, Miss Maxine, 1960
III.45 55Wells, R.E., 1955
III.45 56Wells, William B., 1955-1957, 1959
III.45 57Weltzbarker, Howard, 1955
III.45 58Wentz, A.B., President, Georgia Rose Society, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.45 59Wesleyan College, Macon, GA, 1955
III.45 60West, Clarence L., 1957
III.45 61West, H.N., 1955-1957
III.45 62West, Robert, 1954
III.45 63Westbrook, W.P., Jr., 1955
III.45 64Wester, Mr. Billy, 1959
III.45 65Wetherbee, Ernest, Jr., 1957
III.45 66Wheeler, Don M., 1955
III.45 67Wheeler, John R., 1955
III.45 68Wheeler, Miss Linda, 1955
III.45 69Wheeler, Mary Jo, 1955
III.46 1Wheeler, Pete, Director of Veterans Service, Atlanta, GA, 1955-1960
III.46 2Wheeless, Clifford R., 1955-1956
III.46 3Whidden, Mr. C.P., 1958
III.46 4Whiddon, Dorothy, 1955
III.46 5Whiddon, L.W., 1956
III.46 6Whigham Clinic, Dr. John A. Ferrence, Whigham, GA, 1958
III.46 7Whigham, L.F., Jr., 1955
III.46 8Whisnant, Jimmy, 1956
III.46 9Whitaker, Mrs. M.E., 1956
III.46 10Whitchard, Oscar, 1955, 1957
III.46 11Whitel, Buford, 1955
III.46 12White, Charles R., 1956
III.46 13White, C.W., 1956
III.46 14White, Mrs. Jim, 1957
III.46 15White, Acting Sgt. John M., 1960
III.46 16White, Miss Louise J., R.N., 1958
III.46 17White, Mr. Milledge, 1958, 1960
III.46 18White, Sandra Joan, 1959
III.46 19White, Warren T., 1955
III.46 20Whitfield, Dana A., 1956
III.46 21Whitfield, Mrs. George, 1957
III.46 22Whitfield, Lewis B., 1955
III.46 23Whitham, Colonel Matt, 1958
III.46 24Whiting, Deming, 1955
III.46 25Whiting, J.D., 1955-1959
III.46 26Whitley, Mr. H.M., 1958
III.46 27Whitten, Mrs. W.H., 1960
III.46 28Whorton, B.W. President, Dixie Mills, Inc., Lagrange, GA, 1955
III.46 29Widener, Donald, 1955
III.46 30Widener, W.B., 1955
III.46 31Widner, Eloise, 1957
III.46 32Widner, Horace, 1955
III.46 33Widner, Mr. W.V., 1959
III.46 34Wier, Mrs. George D., 1957
III.46 35Wigelsworth, W.J., 1956
III.46 36Wiggins, F.B., 1957-1958
III.46 37Wiggins, Miss Inez, 1959
III.46 38Wiggins, Mrs. J.H., 1959
III.46 39Wiggins, M.W., 1954
III.46 40Wright, C.W., 1956
III.46 41Wight, Mr. Warren C., 1959
III.46 42Wilder, Billy, 1957
III.46 43Wilder, Mr. Judson, 1960
III.46 44Wilder, Miss Louise, 1960
III.46 45Wilder, Miss Ruth, 1955
III.46 46Wiley, Mrs. Inah, 1960
III.46 47Wilkes, Dutch, 1957
III.46 48Wilkinson, Eldon, 1957
III.46 49Wilkinson, Harvey W., 1955
III.46 50Wilkinson, R.H., 1957
III.46 51Willett Robinson, President, Screven County Farm Bureau, Sylvania, GA, 1957
III.46 52William, T.J., President, Albany Employee Credit Union, Albany, GA,, 1957
III.46 53Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Baxter, 1959
III.46 54Williams, C.A., 1957
III.46 55Williams, Mr. and Mrs. C.O., 1958
III.46 56Williams, Elvin B., 1955
III.46 57Williams, E.F., 1955
III.46 58Williams, E.M., 1957
III.46 59Williams, Mr. F.H., 1959-1960
III.46 60Williams, G. Mennen, Governor of Michigan, Lansing, Michigan, 1959
III.46 61Williams, Gladstone, 1956
III.46 62Williams, Mrs. Grace, 1957
III.46 63Williams, Mrs. Irene, 1956
III.46 64Williams, Merrill, 1958
III.46 65Williams, Nat, 1955
III.46 66Williams, Mr. Neptie, 1959
III.46 67Williams, Dr. R.C. Director, Public Health, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.46 68Williams, Richard, 1957
III.46 69Williams, Mr. Roy, 1959
III.46 70Williams, Mrs. S., 1959
III.46 71Williams, Sid, 1955-1956
III.46 72Williams, Miss Vera, 1957
III.46 73Williams, Walter, 1957
III.46 74Williamson Dickie Manufacturing Company, Bainbridge, GA, 1956
III.46 75Williamson, Dr. H.H., 1956
III.46 76Williford, J.H., 1957
III.46 77Willis, Arthur T., 1959
III.46 78Willis, Miss Aureatha, 1955
III.46 79Willis, Barbara, 1955
III.46 80Willis, Cad, 1956
III.46 81Willis, Mrs. Dean R. 1957, 1957
III.46 82Willis, Mrs. Glynn, 1958-1959
III.46 83Willis, Judson R., 1959
III.46 84Willis, Judy, 1957
III.46 85Willis, Lewis H., 1955
III.46 86Willis, Mack E., 1959
III.46 87Willis, Miss Robbie Ann, 1958
III.46 88Willis, R.F., 1955-1956
III.46 89Willis, Robert A., 1956-1957
III.46 90Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe, 1955
III.46 91Willis, Stewart, 1955-1956
III.47 1Willoughby, 1955
III.47 2Wilmark Steel Company, Columbus, GA, 1958
III.47 3Wilson, Hon. Bob, 30th District, California, 1955
III.47 4Wilson, H.B., 1956, 1958
III.47 5Wilson, H.E., 1957
III.47 6Wilson, H.T., 1959
III.47 7Wilson, Mrs. James, 1959
III.47 8Wilson, John R., 1959
III.47 9Wilson, Miss Margaret, 1959
III.47 10Wilson, Reid A., Jr., 1957
III.47 11Wilson, Miss Shirley, 1959
III.47 12Wilson, 1954-1955
III.47 13Wimberley, Rev. L. Cecil, 1958
III.47 14Wingate, Alice, 1957
III.47 15Wingate, Harry, 1957
III.47 16Wingate, H.L., 1955-1957
III.47 17Wingate, J.L., County Commissioner, Mitchell County, Camilla, GA, 1955
III.47 18Wingate, Roxier K., 1955
III.47 19Wingate, Woodrow W., 1955, 1957
III.47 20Winn, Mrs. Joe, 1958
III.47 21Winters, A.B., 1957
III.47 22Wise, Bob, 1957
III.47 23Wise, Tommy, 1957
III.47 24Witter, Mrs. Louie H., 1958
III.47 25Wolff, Captain Mikie, 1957-1958
III.47 26Womac Annette, 1955
III.47 27Womac Herbert, Entomologist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, undated
III.47 28Stored-Product Insects Laboratory, Tifton, GA, 1958, 1960
III.47 29Women's Missionary Society, Tifton, GA, 1957
III.47 30Women's Society of Christian Service, First Methodist Church, Bainbridge, GA, 1955
III.47 31Wood, Charles, 1958
III.47 32Wood, Jessie J., 1956
III.47 33Wood, John E., 1956
III.47 34Wood, Neil, 1957
III.47 35Wood, Wendell H., 1955-1957
III.47 36Woodall, Mrs. R.B., 1957
III.47 37Woodard, Mr. and Mrs. O.J., 1958
III.47 38Woodard, Otis, 1955- 1959
III.47 39Woodbery, Jerry, 1957
III.47 40Woodruff, Jim - Jim Woodruff Dam Project, 1955-1957
III.47 41Woodruff, Jim - Request for land for Recreational Site, 1953-1954, 1957
III.47 42Woodruff, J.W. Jr., 1955
III.47 43Woods, L.D. President, Dublin, GA, Chamber of Commerce, 1956
III.47 44Woods, Mr. Mack, 1958
III.47 45Woodlard, J.S., 1957-1958
III.47 46Wooten, Thomas W., 1956
III.47 47Workers of America, Director, Mr. Earle Moye, Atlanta, GA, 1955
III.47 48Workers of America, Mr. John C. Huss, President, Atlanta, GA, 1958
III.47 49Worth County Board of Education, 1957
III.47 50Worth County Commissioners, 1959
III.47 51Worth County - Request for Foreign Labor, 1957
III.47 52Worth County Sportsman Club, Sylvester, GA, 1957
III.47 53Worth Milling Company, Sylvester, GA, 1959
III.47 54Wrenn Optical Company, Albany, GA, 1957
III.47 55Wright, George, 1956
III.47 56Wright, Hon. Jim, 12th District, Texas, 1955
III.47 57Wright, Max, 1957
III.47 58Wright, R.B. Jr., 1956, 1960
III.47 59Wright, R.H.., Jr., and Associates, Columbus, GA, 1955
III.47 60Wright, William R., 1958
III.47 61Wurdinger, L.A., 1957
III.47 62Wurst, Dallas, 1957, 1959- 1960
III.47 63Wyche, Harry, 1955, 1957-1958
III.47 64Wyche, Jack, 1957
III.47 65Wyche, R.L., 1957-1958
III.47 66Wynn, W.T..., President, National Cotton Council, Memphis, Tennessee, 1955
III.47 67W - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1955
III.47 68Yarborough, Hugh M., 1957
III.47 69Yarbrough, Phil, 1955
III.47 70Yates, Mr. V.L.., 1959
III.47 71Yates, Mrs. W.N., 1958
III.48 1Yearbook Requests #1, 1953-1954
III.48 2Yearbook Requests #2, Folder I, 1953-1954
III.48 3Yearbook Requests #2, Folder II, 1953
III.48 4Yearbook Requests #3, 1953-1955
III.48 5Yearbook Requests #4, 1953
III.48 6Yearbook Requests For, 1954
III.48 7Yearbook Requests For, 1957
III.48 8Yearbook Requests For, 1959-1951, 1959-1961
III.48 9York, Daniel, 1955
III.48 10Young, Cecil S., 1955
III.48 11Young, Mr. Emmett, 1958
III.48 12Young, Dr. H. Grady, 1956-1952
III.48 13Young, H.M., 1956, 1958
III.48 14Young, Hon. John, 14th District, Texas, 1958

B. 1960-1964

III.48 15Young, Lane, 1958
III.48 16Young, Ruth H., 1958
III.48 17Young, W. Wilson, 1955
III.48 18Zablocki, Hon. Clement, 4th District, Wisconsin, 1958-1959
III.48 19Zess, Roy F., 1958
III.48 20Zimmerman, C.E., 1959
III.48 21X-Y-Z - Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1953-1954
III.49 1AAA Concrete Products Corporation, Albany, GA, 1963
III.49 2Abbott' Robert, 1961
III.49 3Abel, McH., 1962
III.49 4Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA, 1962-1963
III.49 5Adams, Miss Jeannette, 1964
III.49 6Adams, Mr. M.F., 1962
III.49 7Adams, Mr. Tommy J., 1962
III.49 8Agency for International Development, 1962, 1964
III.49 9Agricultural Extension Service, Athens, GA, 1955-1963
III.49 10Agriculture, Cotton Storage for Government Acquired Cotton, 1963
III.49 11Agriculture, Department of, 1958-1964
III.49 12Agriculture, Department of - Tobacco, 1963-1964
III.49 13Agric - Florida and Georgia Cigar Leaf Tobacco Association, Quincy, Florida, 1964
III.49 14Agriculture, Peanut Research Laboratory, 1961-1964
III.49 15Agriculture Releases, 1958-1959, 1961, 1963-1964
III.49 16Agriculture - Tobacco, 1962-1964
III.49 17Agriculture, Tobacco Allotments, Folder I, 1964
III.49 18Agriculture, Tobacco Allotments, Folder II, 1963
III.49 19Agriculture, U.S., 1959-1962
III.50 1Air Force, Department of the, 1960-1961, 1963
III.50 2Airport Program, Federal Aid, 1964
III.50 3Akins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K., 1962-1963
III.50 4Akridge, Mrs. Lavenia, 1963
III.50 5Albany Brokerage Company, Inc., 1963
III.50 6Albany, City of, Parks Department, 1963
III.50 7Albany Concrete Products Company, 1962
III.50 8Albany-Dougherty County Hospital Authority, 1961
III.50 9Albany Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1957, 1959, 1962
III.50 10Albany Real Estate Board, 1961
III.50 11Albany State College, 1960, 1963
III.50 12Albany Travel Agency, 1962
III.50 13Albany Womans Club, 1963
III.50 14Alday, Mr. Marvin Earl, 1960-1961
III.50 15Alexander, Mr. Al, 1963
III.50 16Alexander, Mr. William W., Jr., 1963
III.50 17Allen, Francis E., 1962-1964
III.50 18Allen, Hon. H.B. State Representative, Tift County, GA, 1962-1954
III.50 19Allen, Mrs. Myrtle, 1960
III.50 20Allen, Mr. William R., 1963
III.50 21Allied Chemical Corporation, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.50 22Alligood, Mr. Ronald, 1963
III.50 23Allman, Miss Katherine, 1964
III.50 24American Carpet Institute, Empire State Building, N.Y., N.Y., 1961
III.50 25American Cotton Manufacturing Institute, Inc., Washington, D.C. 1959-1961 1 American Cyanamid Company, Washington, D.C., 1961
III.50 26American Federation of Government Employees, Albany, GA, 1964
III.50 27American Legion, Auxiliary, Tifton, GA, 1961
III.50 28American Legion, Auxiliary, Department of Georgia, Macon, GA, 1960-1964
III.50 29American Legion, Auxiliary, Edison, GA, 1963
III.50 30American Legion, Auxiliary, Moultrie, GA, 1961
III.50 31American Petroleum Institute, Washington, D.C., 1962
III.50 32American Ports Cotton Compress and Warehouse Association, Houston, Texas, 1962
III.50 33American Textile Manufacturers Institute, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1962
III.50 34American Turpentine Farmers Association Cooperative, Valdosta, GA, 1960- 1961, 1963
III.50 35Americans Alert For Freedom Study Group, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.50 36AMVETS, Department of Georgia, Columbus, GA, 1963
III.50 37Anderson, Mr. Charles H., 1960
III.50 38Anderson, Miss Linda Sue, 1961, 1953
III.50 39Anderson, Mr. Roland Bruce, 1962
III.50 40Andersson, Mr. Rolf L., Oskarahamn, Sweden, 1963
III.50 41Anglin, Mr. Byron C., 1964
III.50 42Ansley, Mr. W.H., 1962
III.50 43Archer, Rev. Raiford, 1963
III.50 44Architect of The Capitol, Washington, D.C., 1961
III.50 45Arline, Mr. Edward T., 1961
III.50 46Arlington National Cemetery, 1963
III.50 47Arnall, Mr. Ellis, 1962-1963
III.50 48Arnold, Mr. J.H., 1963
III.50 49Arnold, Doctor W.H., DDS, 1962
III.50 50Area Redevelopment Administration, 1961-1963
III.50 51Area Redevelopment Material, 1962
III.51 1Arrington, James H., 1963
III.51 2Asgrow Seed Company, Thomasville, GA, 1962
III.51 3Askew, Miss Susan Georgia, 1963
III.51 4Associated Industries of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1961, 1964
III.51 5Associated Plumbing Contractors, Albany, GA, 1961
III.51 6Association County Commissioners of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 19,591,963
III.51 7Association of American Railroads, 1963-1964
III.51 8Atkinson, Rev. A.J., 1960
III.51 9Atlantic Cotton Association, Atlanta, GA, 1964
III.51 10Atlantic Cotton Association, Greensboro, NC, 1961
III.51 11Aultman, Mrs. Carolyn Heath, 1962
III.51 12Austin, Miss Louise E., 1960
III.51 13Autin, Mr. Arthur, 1962
III.51 14Autographs, Requests for, 1960
III.51 15Avant, Mr. C.A., 1962, 1964
III.51 16Avery, Miss Donna, 1961
III.51 17Aycock, Mrs. Mary Bette, 1959, 1961, 1963
III.51 18Aycock, W.E., 1961-1964
III.51 19Baell, Mr. James E., 1961
III.51 20Bailes, Mr. Mason, 1964
III.51 21Bailey, Dr. Martin, M.D., 1962
III.51 22Bainbridge Air Base, GA, 1959-1961, 1963
III.51 23Bainbridge and Decatur County Benevolent Society, 1963
III.51 24Bainbridge and Decatur County Recreation Advisory Committee, 1961
III.51 25Baker, Mr. Bruce B., 1959, 1962
III.51 26Baker, Mr. Clayton R., 1962
III.51 27Baker County Farm Bureau, Newton, GA, 1962
III.51 28Baker, Mr. Harvard S., 1963
III.51 29Baker, Mr. J. Julian, 1964
III.51 30Baker, Miss Merle M., 1962-1963
III.51 31Baker, Mr. Willard D., Jr., 1964
III.51 32Baldwin, Dr. Marion A., 1961
III.51 33Balfour, Miss Marcia E., 1961-1962
III.51 34Balfour, R.C., Jr., 1961-1964
III.51 35Ball, Mrs. Rose Marie, 1962
III.51 36Albany Trust and Banking Company, Albany, GA, 1961
III.51 37Ashburn Bank, Ashburn, GA, 1964
III.51 38Bank of Camilla, Camilla, GA, 1962
III.51 39Bank of Early, Blakely, GA, 1960
III.51 40Bank of Quitman Quitman, GA, 1958-1959, 1962
III.51 41Bank of Terrell, Dawson, GA, 1964
III.51 42Bank of Thomas County, Thomasville, GA, 1961-1963
III.51 43Bank of Tifton, GA, 1957-1958, 1960-1961, 1963
III.51 44Cairo Banking Company, Cairo, GA, 1963
III.51 45Citizens and Southern National Bank, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.51 46Citizens Bank, Cairo, GA, 1957, 1963-1954
III.51 47Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Bainbridge, GA, 1960, 1964
III.51 48Citizens Bank of Tifton, Tifton, GA, 1962
III.51 49Citizens National Bank, Quitman, GA, 1963
III.51 50Commercial Bank, Thomasville, GA, 1962, 1964
III.51 51Farmers and Merchants Bank, Leslie, GA, 1961
III.51 52Farmers Bank of Pelham, GA, 1961-1963
III.51 53Farmers Bank of Tifton, GA, 1962, 1964
III.51 54First National Bank of Atlanta, GA, 1958, 1962, 1964
III.51 55First State Bank, Albany, GA, 1961, 1963
III.51 56First State Bank, Blakely, GA, 1960
III.51 57First State Bank, Shellman, GA, 1964
III.51 58First State National Bank, Bainbridge, GA, 1958, 1951, 1964
III.51 59Moultrie Banking Company, Moultrie, GA, 1963
III.51 60Moultrie National Bank, Moultrie, GA, 1961, 1964
III.51 61National Bank of Albany, GA, 1963-1964
III.51 62Pelham Banking Company, Pelham, GA, 1963
III.51 63Planters and Citizens Bank, Camilla, GA, 1961
III.51 64The Bank of Edison, Edison, GA, 1961, 1964
III.51 65The Peoples Bank, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.51 66Banks, Mr. Frank R., 1962
III.52 1Barber, Mr. James, 1962
III.52 2Barfield, Mrs. Jacqueline H., 1962
III.52 3Barham, Mr. Ed G., 1962
III.52 4Barnes, Miss Faye, 1954
III.52 5Baron, Mr. Billy J., 1964
III.52 6Barrett, Mr. Barnum L., 1963
III.52 7Barrett, Mr. Gil, 1959, 1961
III.52 8Barrett, Grant, 1960- 1961
III.52 9Barronton, Mr. T.E., 1962
III.52 10Bass, Mr. Homer C., 1962
III.52 11Bass, Mr. Willon Ray, 1962
III.52 12Baughman, Mr. Leon Hodges, 1963
III.52 13Baxter, Mr. Lloyd, 1954
III.52 14Baynard, Mrs. Jane L., 1964
III.52 15Beadles, Mr. C.V., 1962
III.52 16Beale, Mr. Charles, 1961-1962
III.52 17Beasley, Roy D., 1958, 1960
III.52 18Beck, Mr. Adrian, 1963
III.52 19Beck, Mr. John J., 1961
III.52 20Beck, Mrs. Rose C., 1961
III.52 21Beckanstin, Harry H., 1954-1955, 1961-1962, 1964
III.52 22Beckham, Mr. James Kirk, 1961
III.52 23Beers, Mr. Bertam R., 1961
III.52 24Beers Construction Company, Atlanta, GA, 1963-1964
III.52 25Belen, Mr. Fred C., 1963
III.52 26Bell, Beautord, 1963
III.52 27Bell, Fred, Jr., 1957, 1961, 1963-1954
III.52 28Bell, Mr. Griffin B., 1957, 1961
III.52 29Bell, Mr. H.G. Jr., 1964
III.52 30Bell, Mrs. H.L., 1961
III.52 31Bell Jewelers, Bainbridge, GA, 1962
III.52 32Bell, Mr. Roy Arthur, Attorney, Cairo, GA, 1960-1964
III.52 33Bell, Mr. W.H., 1962
III.52 34Beller, Mr. Martin L., 1962
III.52 35Bennett, Mr. Robert K., 1963
III.52 36Bennett, Tony, 1964
III.52 37Benson, Mrs. Regina Rambo, 1963
III.52 38Benson, Mr. W.H., 1963
III.52 39Bentley, Hon. James L., Jr., Executive Secretary to Governor Herman E. Talmadge, Atlanta, GA, 1953, 1958, 1960-1962
III.52 40Bentley, Mr. Mike, 1963
III.52 41Bentley, Mr. Wilmer Douglas, 1961
III.52 42Benton, Mr. Cecil, 1962
III.52 43Benton, Lt. Colonel D.L. Jr., U.S. 3rd Army, Ft. McPherson, GA, 1956, 1958, 1961-1962
III.52 44Bermuda Plantation, Mr. Harry Mogford, Manager, Leary, GA, 1962
III.52 45Berquist, Stanley E., Jr., 1961
III.52 46Beverly, Miss Alana, 1964
III.52 47Beverly, Mr. Gerald Wayne, 1958, 1961-1962
III.52 48Beverly, Mr. O.L., 1963
III.52 49Beverly, Phil C., 1954, 1958-1960
III.52 50Binder, Mrs. Orpha R., 1960
III.52 51Birdsong, Miss Myralyn, 1961
III.52 52Birdwood College, Thomasville, GA, 1957, 1959-1960, 1963
III.52 53Bishop, Dr. Charles, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Bainbridge, GA, 1963
III.52 54Bishop, Mr. H.M. Jr., Bishop's Jewelry, Cairo, GA, 1958, 1962
III.53 1Black, J.J., 1960
III.53 2Blackett, Mr. Hill, 1960
III.53 3Blackmer, H.N., 1956, 1959, 1962
III.53 4Blake, Mrs. Margaret, 1963
III.53 5Blakeley, GA, 1955-1957, 1959-1963
III.53 6Blanton, Mr. Louie S., 1964
III.53 7Blasingame, Mr. W.A., 1963
III.53 8Blevins, Mr. Arle, 1963
III.53 9Blitch, Hon. Iris, 8th District, Georgia, 1955-1957, 1959, 1952
III.53 10Bloch, Charles J., 1960-1963
III.53 11Blocker, Miss Lois, 1963
III.53 12Bobb Inc., Albany, GA, 1959, 1961, 1963
III.53 13Bode Mr. David S.T. Marine Corps, 1961
III.53 14Bodenhamer, William T., 1960-1964
III.53 15Bohannon, Mr. John, 1962
III.53 16Bohannon, Mr. Ross, Attorney, Dallas, Texas, 1961
III.53 17Bolton Hon. Arthur K., Administration Floor Leader, Georgia State H House Griffin, GA, 1963
III.53 18Bolton, Mrs. Fanny H., 1962
III.53 19Bolton, Mrs. Jettie Lou, 1962-1963
III.53 20Bolton, Mr. Rowland P., 1964
III.53 21Bond, Mr. R.H., 1960
III.53 22Bonds - E and H Series Information, 1959-1960
III.53 23Bonner, Mr. R.J., 1962
III.53 24Bostick Henry, 1959-1960
III.53 25Boston Georgia, Mr. Henry Blair, Mayor, 1960
III.53 26Bostwick Mr. Albert, 1962
III.53 27Bourne Mr. Robert, 1964
III.53 28Bowen, Mr. L.E., 1959, 1961-1952
III.53 29Bowen, W.A., 1954, 1961, 1964
III.53 30Bower, Mr. Watson H., 1962
III.53 31Bowen, Mr. W.J., 1961
III.53 32Bower, Mrs. Jack Dickinson, 1963
III.53 33Bowles Hon. Chester, 2nd District, Connecticut, 1959-1960
III.53 34Bowman, Dr. Berry, M.D., 1960, 1962-1963
III.53 35Boy Scout Badges, 1961-1962
III.53 36Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta, GA, Area Council, 1964
III.53 37Boy Scouts of America, Council 97, Albany, GA, 1961
III.53 38Bozeman, Mr. F.A., 1953
III.53 39Bozeman, Mr. James, Albany, GA, 1963
III.53 40Bozeman, Mr. Jim, Meigs GA, 1959-1960
III.53 41Bozeman, Mr. Walter H., 1962
III.53 42Bradwell, Rev. Marion G., 1964
III.53 43Brady, Mr. Paul, 1964
III.53 44Branch, Mr. Frank, 1960-1961
III.53 45Branch, Mr. Gilbert D., Vice President, Ashburn, GA, Bank, 1964
III.53 46Branch, Harllee, Jr., 1963
III.53 47Branch, J.L., 1957, 1962
III.53 48Brandon, Mr. James G., 1963
III.53 49Brantley, Mr. Welby, 1962
III.53 50Brasington, Mr. Frank, 1964
III.53 51Brasington, Mrs. G.A., 1951
III.53 52Brasington, Mrs. Hazel, 1964
III.53 53Brasington, Mr. Jim, 1964
III.53 54Brasure, Mr. E.D., Jr., 1961
III.53 55Braswell Carl, 1963
III.53 56Braswell Mr. Hugh H., 1963-1964
III.53 57Braswell Miss Marie, 1963
III.53 58Braswell Mr. Preston, 1963
III.53 59Bridgeport Brass Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut and Moultrie,GA, 1959, 1964
III.53 60Bridges, Dr. Henry A., 1963-1964
III.53 61Brigham, Mr. W.E., 1961
III.53 62Brim, Dr. J., 1963
III.53 63Brinson, Mr. Clarence Company, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.53 64Brinson, Town of - Brinson, GA, 1963-1964
III.54 1Broach, Mrs. Mary, 1964
III.54 2Broadway, Miss Nancy and Ann Cox, 1964
III.54 3Frock, Mr. Clayton 0., 1962
III.54 4Brock Mr. Eugene, 1962
III.54 5Brooks, Mr. Phillip, 1963
III.54 6Brooks, Mr. Raymond W., Jr., 1963
III.54 7Brooks, Roy M., 1957, 1961
III.54 8Brosnan, D. William, 1952
III.54 9Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, East Point, GA, 1960
III.54 10Brown, Mr. Charles H., 1961-1963
III.54 11Brawn, Mrs. Elward, 1961
III.54 12Brawn, Mr. G.C., 1951
III.54 13Brown, Mr. J.B., 1961
III.54 14Brown, Johnny M., 1962, 1964
III.54 15Brawn, Mr. Leonard C., III, 1961
III.54 16Brawn, Miss Nancy, 1962
III.54 17Brawn, Hon. Paul, 10th District, Georgia (Elberton), 1959-1961
III.54 18Bruner Mr. James, 1953
III.54 19Bryan, Miss Annie Ruth, 1961
III.54 20Bryan, Mr. Bennie, 1962
III.54 21Bryan, Mr. David, 1961
III.54 22Bryan, Mr. F.A., 1963
III.54 23Bryan, Mrs. Mary L., 1961
III.54 24Bryan, Mr. W.B., 1959, 1961-1962, 1964
III.54 25Bryan, Mr. Wheeler, 1961
III.54 26Bryant, Mrs. Johnnye, 1964
III.54 27Bryant, Mr. Milton, 1952
III.54 28Buchanan, Miss Nancy, 1964
III.54 29Bugg, Mr. Francis (Thumper), Jr., 1962
III.54 30Bullock, Mr. N. Carlotn, 1957, 1959, 1961
III.54 31Bulova Watch Company, Flushing, N.Y., 1961
III.54 32Burch, Mr. James B., 1960-1963
III.54 33Burdick Mr. Frederick, 1959-1964
III.54 34Burgess, Mr. David S., Peace Corps Representative, American Embassy, Djakarta, Indonesia, 1963
III.54 35Burk, Mr. Edwin V., 1961
III.54 36Burke, Mr. Sam, 1962
III.54 37Burris, Miss Susan, 1963
III.54 38Burson, Mr. Thomas, 1962
III.54 39Bush, Mr. James Edwin, 1961
III.54 40Business and Professional Women's Club, Albany, GA, 1960-1961, 1963
III.54 41Butler, Mr. John C., 1952
III.54 42Buzzard, Mr. Chris, 1964
III.54 43CBS News, Broadcast House, Washington, D.C. - Lee Coney, 1960
III.54 44Castleberry, Mr. Jimmy, 1964
III.54 45Causey, Mr. Harvey, 1962
III.54 46Cadwell, Miss Emily, 1962
III.54 47Cagle, Mr. Aklee, Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, 1964
III.54 48Cain, Mr. S.P. Attorney, 1962
III.54 49Cairo, GA, City of, 1957-1958, 1960, 1962-1963
III.54 50Cairo, GA, High School PTA (Parent-Teacher Association), 1962
III.54 51Cairo, GA, School Lunchrooms, 1963
III.54 52Cairo, GA, Telephone Company, 1962
III.54 53Caldwell, Horace, 1960, 1963
III.54 54Caldwell, Mr. R.A., 1961
III.54 55Calendars, 1960, 1963
III.54 56Calheren, Mack A., 1960
III.54 57Calhoun County Board of Education, Morgan, GA, 1956, 1962
III.54 58Calhoun, Mr. Clyde R., 1962
III.54 59Calhoun, Mr. Marcus, 1960-1964
III.54 60Callahan, Mr. R.D., 1963
III.54 61Callaway, Rev. T.F., 1961
III.54 62Campbell, Mr. David C., Jr., 1962
III.54 63Campbell, Miss Mary Estelle, 1962
III.54 64Campbell, Mr. O.F., 1964
III.54 65Campbell, Phil, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Agriculture, 1955-1958, 1961, 1963
III.54 66Campbell Soup Company, Cairo, GA, 1955-1964
III.54 67Cannady, Mr. Leslie J., 1964
III.54 68Cannon, J.A., 1957, 1961
III.55 1Cardin, Miss Jane, 1961
III.55 2Caribbean Power Company, Denver, Colorado, 1963
III.55 3Carlisle, Mr. Edwin A., Attorney, Cairo, GA, 1964
III.55 4Carlton, Mr. Oris, 1961
III.55 5Carney, Mrs. L.C., 1962
III.55 6Carroll, Sgt. Thomas R., Marine Corps Supply Center, Albany,GA, 1963
III.55 7Carswell, W.R., 1957, 1962
III.55 8Cartee, Miss Linda, 1950
III.55 9Carter, Miss Betty, 1960
III.55 10Carter, Mrs. M.H., 1964
III.55 11Carter, Mr. Polk A., 1962
III.55 12Cartwright, Mr. H.L., 1962
III.55 13Cash, Mr. Larry H., 1961
III.55 14Cassels, Mr. Arthur, 1961
III.55 15Cassels, Mr. J.W., 1963
III.55 16Cedar Springs, Georgia, 1964
III.55 17Census Bureau, Washington, D.C., 1959- 1961, 1964
III.55 18Central of Georgia Railway Company, Savannah, GA, 1961-1962
III.55 19Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, GA, 1960-1963
III.55 20Chamber of Commerce, Augusta, GA, 1961
III.55 21Chamber of Commerce, Blakely, GA, 1958, 1962
III.55 22Chamber of Commerce, (Junior) Camilla, GA, 1962
III.55 23Chamber of Commerce, Columbus, GA, 1961
III.55 24Chamber of Commerce, Donalsonville and Seminole County, GA, 1962
III.55 25Chamber of Commerce, (Junior) Moultrie, GA, Mr. Bill Treadway, National Director, 1958, 1961
III.55 26Chamber of Commerce, Pelham, GA, 1959, 1961
III.55 27Chamber of Commerce, Quitman, GA, 1958-1959, 1961
III.55 28Chambers, Dennis and Dallas, 1962-1963
III.55 29Chambless, Mr. M.S., 1961
III.55 30Chambliss, Miss Peggy, 1964
III.55 31Champion, Mrs. C.P., 1960
III.55 32Champion, Mr. James H., 1962
III.55 33Champion, J.P., 1960-1963
III.55 34Chapman, Mr. Cecil, 1962
III.55 35Chappell, Miss Carol, 1963
III.55 36Chase, Phillip, 1963
III.55 37Chase, Mr. Roland E., 1962
III.55 38Chason, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo H., 1958, 1961, 1964
III.55 39Chastain, Miss Karyl, 1964
III.55 40Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad, Cedar Springs, GA, 1954
III.55 41Cheek, Mr. Emory, 1959-1960
III.55 42Cheney, Mr. Clarence, 1960
III.55 43Cheney, Daniel, 1964
III.55 44Cheney, Mrs. Eugenia J., 1961
III.55 45Cheshire, Mr. Stephen L., 1963
III.55 46Chiles, Mrs. Kate Harrell, 1961
III.55 47Chitty, Mr. and Mrs. C.O., 1961
III.55 48Chitty, Mr. David C., 1964
III.55 49Church of Christ, Warner Robins, GA, 1961
III.55 50Church, Hon. Marguerite Stitt, 13th District, Illinois, 1960
III.55 51Church, Rear Admiral William C.G., 1961
III.55 52Churchwell, Mr. Allen, 1961
III.55 53Cinderella Foods, Dawson, GA, 1964
III.55 54Civil Defense, Albany, GA, 1957, 1964
III.55 55Civil and Defense Mobilization (Region Three), Thomasville, GA, 1959, 1963-1964
III.55 56Clanton. Ervin, 1959-1963
III.55 57Clardy, Mr. Chester, 1956-1958, 1960, 1962
III.55 58Clark, Rev. A.T., 1957, 1961-1962
III.55 59Clark, Mr. Charles, 1964
III.55 60Clark, Mrs. Florence M., 1961
III.55 61Clark, Mr. J.F., Jr., 1962
III.55 62Clark, Mrs. J. Norwood, 1964
III.55 63Clark, Mr. James M., 1961
III.55 64Clark, William A., 1958, 1961
III.55 65Clegg, Miss Carol Lee, 1963
III.55 66Clemens, Mrs. Robert, 1964
III.55 67Clements, Mr. H.C., 1963
III.55 68Clenney, Mr. John T., 1962-1963
III.55 69Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., 1960-1963
III.55 70Cleveland, Mr. L.C., 1963
III.55 71Cleveland, Miss Sandra, 1962
III.55 72Cliett, Furman, 1963
III.55 73Clifton, Wilbur L., Jr., 1962
III.56 1Cline Mrs. Christine, 1964
III.56 2Cline Mr. Jimmy, 1964
III.56 3Cloud, Miss Dana Sue, 1963
III.56 4Cloud, Mrs. H.C., 1961
III.56 5Cloud, Miss Marlene, 1961
III.56 6Coarsey, Mr. Raleigh, 1961
III.56 7Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, D.C., 1964
III.56 8Coats and Clark, Inc., New York, N.Y., 1955, 1957-1960, 1962
III.56 9Cochran, Mrs. A.B., Sr., 1962
III.56 10Cochran, Edward, 1960-1963
III.56 11Cochran, Mr. G.M., 1961
III.56 12Cochran, Mrs. Martha C., 1961
III.56 13Cochrane, Mr. James D., 1962
III.56 14Cocke, Mr. Erle, Jr., 1962
III.56 15Cohen, Mr. I.T., 1964
III.56 16Coleman, Mr. Denton S., 1963
III.56 17Coleman, Mr. J.B., 1964
III.56 18Coleman, Mr. Paul, 1964
III.56 19Collier, Hon. James M., Mayor, City of Dawson, GA, 1964
III.56 20Collier, Mr. John E., 1964
III.56 21Collins, Mrs. Frances, 1961
III.56 22Collins, Mr. J. Albert, 1964
III.56 23Collins, James, 1955, 1961
III.56 24Collins, John, County Commissioner, Mitchell County, Camilla, GA, 1955, 1961
III.56 25Collins, Mrs. Mattie L., 1963
III.56 26Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Rodney V., 1961
III.56 27Colquitt, City of, Colquitt, GA, 1958, 1960
III.56 28Colquitt County Board of Commissioners, W.A., Blaingame, Chairman, Moultrie, GA, 1959-1962
III.56 29Colquitt County, Department of Public Welfare, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.56 30Colquitt County Health Department, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.56 31Colquitt County, Home Demonstation Agent, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.56 32Colquitt County, Moultrie, GA, 1960-1962
III.56 33Colquitt County Rural Electric Company, Moultrie, GA, 1958-1959, 1961-1963
III.56 34Colquitt County Tuberculosis Association, Moultrie, GA, 1960
III.56 35Colson, Mr. Joe S., 1962
III.56 36Columbia Nitrogen Corporation, Augusta and Bainbridge, GA, 1963
III.56 37Commerce Department, Washington, D.C., 1956, 1961-1962
III.56 38Communications Workers of America, Atlanta, GA, 1957, 1961
III.56 39Cone, Mr. Ed, 1956, 1959, 1963-1964
III.56 40Cone, Mr. Gary, 1963
III.56 41Conger, Mr. J. Willis, (Georgia) State Senator, 8th District, 1960-1964
III.56 42Congressional Directory, 1960-1961
III.56 43Congressional Directory Promises for 1963, 1963
III.56 44Congressmen, 85th Congress, New Members, 1956-1957, 1961-1963
III.56 45Congressmen, 84th Congress, 1955-1956, 1961
III.56 46Congressmen Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1960-1964
III.56 47Connell, Mr. C.L., 1964
III.56 48Connelly, Dr. Joseph R., 1963
III.56 49Connor, Miss Connie, 1963
III.56 50Conservation Report, 1962
III.56 51Consolidated Loan Company, Thomasville, GA, 1962
III.56 52Consolidated Telephone Company, Moultrie, GA, 1957-1960, 1962, 1964
III.56 53Cook, Captain Henry D., USAF, 1964
III.56 54Cook, Mrs. Oscar T., 1962
III.56 55Cooper, Rev. Carl L., 1963
III.56 56Cooper, Mrs. H.W., 1957, 1961
III.56 57Cooper, Mr. Ray, 1961-1963
III.56 58Cope Rendering Company, Inc., Mr. Kenneth Cope, President, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.56 59Copeland, Miss Ellie L., 1964
III.56 60Cordell, Joe J., 1963-1964
III.57 1Coston, Mrs. A.J., 1961
III.57 2Cotton File, 1959, 1961
III.57 3Cotton Producers Association, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.57 4Courtney, Mr. Ray, 1963
III.57 5Cowart, Mr. Charlie Webb, 1963
III.57 6Cowart, Mr. Harry, 1964
III.57 7Cowart, Mr. J.B., 1963
III.57 8Cox, Mr. C.K., 1961-1962
III.57 9Cox, Mr. Charles M., 1958, 1960-1961, 1964
III.57 10Cox, Mrs. Eugene, 1961
III.57 11Cox Mr. J.C., 1962
III.57 12Cox, Marvin, 1958, 1961
III.57 13Craft, Mr. John F., 1964
III.57 14Craven, Mr. R.I, 1962
III.57 15Crawford, Mr. Charles F., 1961
III.57 16Crawford, Johnny L., 1962
III.57 17Crawford, Mr. Neil A., Jr., 1963
III.57 18Crawford, Mr. Robert S., 1960-1961
III.57 19Creel, Miss Faye, 1963
III.57 20Crenshaw Mrs. Lorene, 1964
III.57 21Crew, Mr. Cecil, 1962
III.57 22Cripps, Rev. David F., 1963
III.57 23Crisp County Power Commission, Flint River Survey, Cordele, GA, 1962
III.57 24Crissey, Cadet Private M.P., 1961
III.57 25Crocker, Mr. Jack I., 1963
III.57 26Crockett, Mr. J.A., 1951, 1963
III.57 27Croft, Mr. John F., Postmaster, Doerun, GA, 1964
III.57 28Croft, Mrs. Roger B., 1964
III.57 29Crosby, Miss Kay, 1961
III.57 30Cross, Mr. C.M., 1963
III.57 31Cross-Florida Barge Canal, 1963
III.57 32Cross, Mrs. J.D., 1964
III.57 33Cross, Mr. Joseph, 1963
III.57 34CrossState Canal (Georgia), 1963
III.57 35Crosson, Mr. James H., 1961
III.57 36Crownover, Mrs. Hal, 1962
III.57 37Croy, Mr. O.D., 1961
III.57 38Crum, Mrs. H.E., 1962
III.57 39Crum, Mr. Jimmy, 1961-1963
III.57 40Cuba, 1960
III.57 41Cubbedge, Mrs. B.B., 1951
III.57 42Culbertson, Mr. E.R., 1963-1964
III.57 43Culpepper, Mr. J.T. (Jimmy T.), 1961, 1963
III.57 44Cullens, Mr. Plant C., 1962
III.57 45Cullens, W.F., 1961
III.57 46Curles, Wallace Wayne, 1961-1962
III.57 47Dalton, Miss Natholyn, 1962, 1964
III.57 48Daniels, Miss Almeda, 1963
III.57 49Daniels, Mr. Francis Gregory, 1962
III.57 50Daniels, Mrs. S.E., 1963
III.57 51Darsey, Mr. C. Herschel, 1962, 1964
III.57 52Dasher, Mr. W.B. Jr., 1963
III.57 53Davis, Miss Cara, 1961
III.57 54Davis, Mr. Charles V., 1960-1961
III.57 55Davis, Mr. E.B., 1951
III.57 56Davis, Forbes, 1961
III.57 57Davis, Mr. J.B. Jr., 1955-1959, 1961-1964
III.57 58Davis, J.D., County Agent, Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1957, 1959-1964
III.57 59Davis, Mr. James, Washington, D.C. (From Moultrie, GA), 1962
III.57 60Davis, Mr. Joel T., 1963
III.57 61Davis, Mr. L.R., 1963
III.57 62Davis, Mr. Russell, 1961
III.57 63Davis, Miss Susan, 1963
III.57 64Davis, Mr. Theron, 1961
III.57 65Davis, Mr. Wiley J., 1961
III.57 66Davis, Mr. William 0., Publisher, Albany Journal, Albany, GA, 1962
III.57 67Dawes Silica Mining Company, Thomasville, GA, 1958-1962
III.57 68Dawson, City of, Dawson,, GA, 1964
III.57 69Dawson, Hon. William L., Congressman from Illinois, n.d.
III.57 70Dean Engineering Company, Albany, GA, 1964
III.57 71Dean, Miss Juanita, 1963
III.58 1Decatur County, Bainbridge, GA, 1960-1963
III.58 2Decatur County, Board of Education, County Superintendent, Bainbridge, GA, 1962
III.58 3Dees Mrs. Mrs., 1962
III.58 4Defer se Construction Bill, 1961
III.58 5Defense Department, Washington, D.C., 1955, 1958-1960, 1963
III.58 6Defense Supply Agency, 1964
III.58 7DeLoache, Mr. Michel, Attorney, Moultrie, GA, 1961-1962
III.58 8Democratic Digest, 1959-1960
III.58 9Democratic National Committee, Washington, D.C., 1960-1961, 1963, 1964
III.58 10Democratic National Congressional Committee, 1959, 1964
III.58 11Democratic Party of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1964
III.58 12Demosthenian Literary Society, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1962
III.58 13Denham Mr. Curtis, 1962
III.58 14Denson, Mr. A.E., 1962
III.58 15Dermenjian, Mrs. G.P., 1961
III.58 16de Sibour, John R., 1955, 1962
III.58 17Dewberry, Mr. Oscar, 1961-1962, 1964
III.58 18Dewell, Mr. Charles H., 1962
III.58 19Dickens, Miss Ann, 1960, 1962
III.58 20Dickens, Mrs. W.T., 1961
III.58 21Dillinger, Dr. George R., 1964
III.58 22Disabled American Veterans, Atlanta, GA, 1960-1962
III.58 23Dismuke, Mr. Lee S., 1962-1963
III.58 24Dixie Alumni Association, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.58 25Dixie Business, Decatur, GA, 1962-1963
III.58 26Dixie Oil Company, Tifton, GA, 1962-1963
III.58 27Dixie Seed Company, Ochlocknee, GA, 1962
III.58 28Dixon, Mr. James W., 1961
III.58 29Dixon, Mr. Robert, 1962-1963
III.58 30Dixon, Vickie, 1962
III.58 31Dogwood Girl Scout Troop 130, Thomasville, GA, 1962
III.58 32Dollar, Byron, 1962
III.58 33Dollar, James, 1956, 1961
III.58 34Donaldson, Mr. George P., 1961-1964
III.58 35Donalsonville, City of, Donalsonville, GA, 1958, 1961
III.58 36Doorkeeper, The Capitol, Washington, D.C., 1957-1959, 1962
III.58 37Dorsey, Jasper, Southern Bell Telephone, Washington, D.C., 1960-1963
III.58 38Dougherty County Commissioners, Albany, GA, 1959, 1962-1963
III.58 39Dougherty County Health Authority, Albany, GA, 1955, 1961, 1963
III.58 40Dozier, Mr. Robert Peyton, 1962
III.58 41Dozier, Mr. Zack, 1962
III.58 42Drake, Mr. G.L., 1961-1962
III.58 43Drake, Mr. John L., Sr., 1962, 1964
III.59 1Drake, Julian, 1961-1964
III.59 2Drexel, Mr. E.P., 1962
III.59 3Driskell, Mr. Johnny, 1961
III.59 4Driver, Mr. Eugene H., 1962
III.59 5Driver, Mr. William J., 1964
III.59 6Duggan, Mr. Robert M., 1962
III.59 7Dumas, Mr. Howard D., 1961
III.59 8Dunham, Mr. Bill, 1964
III.59 9Duncan, Mr. John P., Jr., Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 1963
III.59 10Dunlap, Dixie G., 1963
III.59 11Dunn, Mr. Allen, 1962-1963
III.59 12Dunn, Mrs. E.D. Jr., 1962
III.59 13Dykes, Mr. Thomas A., Jr., 1963
III.59 14Dykes, Mr. Tom, 1961
III.59 15Early County Commissioners, Blakely, GA, 1960-1962
III.59 16East Albany Lumber Company, Albany, GA, 1957, 1959, 1961-1964
III.59 17Eastern Airlines, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1964
III.59 18Eberhart Conway Company, Atlanta, GA, 1963
III.59 19Edge, Mrs. Anne Blackmar, 1962
III.59 20Edge, Mr. Edwin, 1964
III.59 21Edmondson, Dr. Tom L., 1964
III.59 22Edwards, Mr. E.A., 1962
III.59 23Edwards, Mr. John W., 1963
III.59 24Edwards, Mrs. Lucy Brim, 1959, 1961-1962
III.59 25Edwards, Ralph, Owner, Radio Station WWGS, Tifton, GA, 1960-1963
III.59 26Eidson, Mr. Gorman, 1961
III.59 27Eldridge, Mr. Will, 1962
III.59 28Electric Membership Corporations, 2nd District, Georgia, n.d.
III.59 29Electrical Equipment - Apeco, Instruction Book (copier), 1958, 1960-1961
III.59 30Electrical Office Equipment, Miscellaneous, 1953, 1957, 1961
III.59 31Ellender, Senator Allen J. of Louisiana, 1962
III.59 32Ellis, John W., Administrative Assistant to Congressman J.L. Pilcher of Georgia, Folder I, 1961-1963
III.59 33Ellis, John W., Administrative Assistant to Congressman J.L. Pilcher of Georgia, Folder II, 1958, 1960
III.59 34Ellison, Mrs. W.M., 1963
III.59 35Elrod, Mr. Dick, 1963
III.59 36Emergency Planning, Office of, Mr. Thomas H. Goodman, Director, Region 3, Thomasville, GA, 1964
III.59 37Engineers, Corps of - Savannah District, Savannah, GA, 1962
III.59 38Engineers, Corps of, U.S. Army, Mobile, Alabama, 1961-1963
III.59 39English, Mr. W.M., 1961
III.59 40Entomology Research Laboratory, Tifton, GA, 1959-1960
III.59 41Epps, Mr. Robert G., 1962
III.59 42Espy Merchantile Company, Headland, Alabama, 1962-1963
III.59 43Estep, Mr. Mack, 1960
III.59 44Etheredge, Mr. John, 1961
III.59 45Evans, Mr. Aubrey C., Attorney, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1961
III.59 46Evans, Mr. Cecil, 1961
III.59 47Evans, Mr. Howard, 1964
III.59 48Evans, Marcus H., 1954-1955, 1961
III.59 49Evans, M.H. Peanut Warehouse Company, Ty Ty, GA, 1960-1961
III.59 50Evans, Mr. Robert E., 1964
III.59 51Everson, Mrs. B.L., 1964
III.59 52Everson, Mr. O.B., 1964
III.59 53Exports,, 1962
III.59 54Fairburn, Mr. John D., 1961
III.59 55Faircloth, Mr. F.B., 1962
III.59 56Faircloth, Mr. William G., 1956, 1958, 1961
III.60 1Farm Bureau, Baker County, Newton, GA, 1959, 1961-1962
III.60 2Farm Bureau, Brooks County, Quitman, GA, 1959, 1961-1963
III.60 3Farm Bureau, Colquitt County, Moultrie, GA, 1961-1963
III.60 4Farm Bureau, Decatur County, Bainbridge, GA, 1955-1956, 1958-1959, 1961-1963
III.60 5Farm Bureau, Early County, Blakely, GA, and Arlington, GA, 1959, 1961-1962
III.60 6Farm Bureau, Grady County, Cairo, GA, 1956, 1962-1964
III.60 7Farm Bureau, Miller County, Colquitt, GA, 1961
III.60 8Farm Bureau, Mitchell County, Camilla, GA, 1955, 1959, 1961-1964
III.60 9Farm Bureau, Seminole County, Donalsonville, GA, 1955, 1962
III.60 10Farm Bureau, Thomas County, Thomasville, GA, 1956, 1961-1964
III.60 11Farm Bureau, Tift County, Tifton, GA, 1956, 1962-1963
III.60 12Farm Bureau, Worth County, A.A. Hicks, President, Sylvester, GA, 1958-1959, 1963-1964
III.60 13Farm Bureau Federation, Georgia, Macon, GA, 1960-1964
III.60 14Farmers Bonded Warehouse, Americus, GA, 1962
III.60 15Farmers Bulletins - Check Lists Mailed, 1960-1962
III.60 16Farmers Home Administration, Atlanta, GA, 1960-1961, 1963
III.60 17Farmers Home Administration, Brooks County, Quitman, GA, 1956-1959, 1962-1963
III.60 18Farmers Mutual Exchange, Inc., Sylvester, GA, 1961
III.60 19Farmers Mutual Exchange of Cairo, Inc., Cairo, GA, 1961
III.60 20Farmers Mutual Exchange of Tifton, Inc., Tifton, GA, 1961
III.60 21Faulk Chevrolet Sales Company, Cairo, GA, 1960, 1962
III.60 22Fears, Miss Juanice, 1961
III.60 23Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Washington, D.C., 1961-1962
III.60 24Federal Housing Administration, Washington, D.C., 1957-1961
III.60 25Feene Mr. E.B., 1964
III.60 26Felder, C.W., 1956, 1958-1962
III.60 27Fender, Mr. Robert, 1963
III.60 28Fincher, Mr. C.E., 1964
III.60 29Fincher, Mr. R.H., 1962
III.60 30First Presbyterian Church, Camilla, GA, 1962
III.60 31Fish Applications - Blanks, n.d.
III.60 32Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. and Gail, 1962
III.60 33Fitzgerald, Mr. William H.G., 1961
III.60 34Fleetwood,, Mr. Roscoe, 1963
III.60 35Fletcher, Mrs. America, 1961
III.60 36Fletcher, Mr. Ollis G., 1961-1962
III.60 37Flint Industrial Service, Albany, GA, 1964
III.60 38Flint River Citizens Council, Doerun, GA, 1960
III.60 39Flint River Cotton Mills, Albany, GA, 1957-1959, 1961
III.60 40Flint River Soil Conservation District, Cairo, GA, 1963
III.60 41Flint River Tuberculosis Association, Albany, GA, 1960
III.60 42Flint River Valley Development Association, Albany, GA, 1963
III.60 43Florida Development Commission, Tallahassee, Florida, 1961
III.60 44Flowers Lumber Company, Robert Flowers, Thomasville, GA, 1958, 1961, 1963
III.60 45Flowers, W.H., 1961-1964
III.60 46Flowers, Mrs. William Howard, Merrily Plantation, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.60 47Flynt, Hon. John J., Jr., 4th District, Georgia, 1960-1962
III.60 48Flynt, Mr. Ollif P., 1964
III.60 49Fogarty, Mr. Joseph, Jr., President, Preston, Cranman and Fogarty, Inc., Savannah, GA, 1961
III.60 50Fokes Dr. Robert E., Jr., 1962
III.61 1Folding Room, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., 1961-1962
III.61 2Foley, Frank D., 1957, 1961
III.61 3Ford, Mrs. Roberta B., 1962
III.61 4Foreign Aid Figures, 1963 and undated
III.61 5Forester, Mr. Frank Link, 1958, 1962
III.61 6Forrester, Hon. E.L. 3rd District, Georgia, 1955-1963
III.61 7Forsyth, Mr. J.E., 1961
III.61 8Fortson, Ben C., Georgia Secretary of State, Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1957-1959, 1962
III.61 9Foster, Miss Carol, 1963
III.61 10Fouche, Mr. Ray, 1963
III.61 11Fountain, Dr. T. Gray, 1962
III.61 12Fowler, Mr. Earl D, 1959, 1961-1953
III.61 13Frame, Mrs. C.W., 1963
III.61 14Fraiser, Mr. and Mrs., 1963
III.61 15Frazer, Mr. Eley C., III, 1962
III.61 16Frechtling, Ed P., 1957-1963
III.61 17Frederick, Mrs. W.F., 1964
III.61 18Free, Mr. George, Jr., 1964
III.61 19Freeman, Mr. Curtis, 1961
III.61 20Freeman, Elgin, 1963
III.61 21Freeman, Mr. Robert A., 1964
III.61 22Freeman, Mr. Wayne H., 1959, 1961
III.61 23Fried lander, Mr. Matt, 1961-1963
III.61 24Fryer, Mr. W.H., 1963
III.61 25Fulle Rev. Kenny D., 1963-1964
III.61 26Funderburke, Mr. and Mrs. H.B., 1962
III.61 27Funston Baptist Church, Funston, GA, 1962
III.61 28Funston Farm Bureau, Funston GA, 1963
III.61 29Gainous, Dewitt, 1959, 1961
III.61 30Gainous, Larry B., 1960-1962
III.61 31Gaither, Mr. James C., 1961-1964
III.61 32Galbreath, Mr. Gelon, 1962-1963
III.61 33Galloway, Mr. John, 1962
III.61 34Gambrell, Harlan, Russell, Moye and Richardson, Attorneys, Atlanta, GA, 1959, 1961, 1963
III.61 35Gandy, Mr. Leon, 1963
III.61 36Garrett, Mr. F.C. Jr., 1961-1962
III.61 37Garrett, Mr. Sims, Jr., 1960-1964
III.61 38Garrison, Andy, 1961-1963
III.61 39Garver, Master Sgt. Richard, 1960
III.61 40Gay, Mr. F.H., 1964
III.61 41Gay, Mr. J.E., 1964
III.61 42Gay, I Mr. Jack F., 1961
III.61 43Gay, I Lendy, 1963
III.61 44Gellerstedt, Mr. L.L., Jr., 1961, 1963-1964
III.61 45George, Mr. Alford, 1960
III.61 46George, Mr. L.M., 1962
III.61 47George, Walter F., Dam and Reservoir, Chattahoochee River, Georgia, 1963
III.61 48Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts, Tifton, GA, 1964
III.61 49Agricultural Experiment Station, Athens, GA, 1963
III.61 50American Legion, Macon, GA, 1961, 1963
III.61 51Association County Commissioners, Atlanta, GA, 1962-1964
III.61 52Association of Broadcasters, Atlanta, GA, 1962-1964
III.61 53Association of Consulting Foresters, Moultrie, GA, 1964
III.61 54Association of Petroleum Retailers, Inc., Decatur, GA, 1963
III.61 55Association of Real Estate Boards, Atlanta, GA, 1956, 1950, 1962
III.61 56Association of Registered Land Surveyors, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.61 57Bankers Association, Atlanta, GA, 1960-1962
III.61 58Civitan Club International, Savannah, GA, 1960
III.61 59Coastal Plains Experiment Station, Tifton, GA and Attapulgus, GA, 1961- 1964
III.61 60Cotton Ginners Association, Atlanta, GA, 1956-1957, 1964
III.61 61County Officers' Association of Georgia, Lawrenceville, GA, 1962
III.61 62County Unit System, 1963
III.61 63Credit Union League, Atlanta, GA, 1959, 1962
III.61 64Dental Association, Savannah, GA, 1960, 1962
III.62 1Department of Agriculture, J. Phil Campbell, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1963
III.62 2Commerce, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1963
III.62 3Defense, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.62 4Labor, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1962
III.62 5State Parks, Atlanta, GA, 1963-1964
III.62 6Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Albany, GA, 1960, 1964
III.62 7Education Association, Atlanta, GA, 1962-1963
III.62 8Electric Membership Corporation, Millen, GA, 1963
III.62 9Factory for the Blind, Bainbridge, GA, 1963
III.62 10Federation of Women's Clubs, Atlanta, GA, 1963
III.62 11Feed Dealers Association, Gainesville, GA, 1961-1962
III.62 12Forest Research Council, Macon, GA, 1959, 1963
III.62 13Forestry Association, Atlanta, GA, 1963
III.62 14Funeral Directors Association, Thomaston, GA, 1962-1963
III.62 15Game and Fish Commission, Albany, GA, 1960-1961
III.62 16General Assembly, Resolutions, 1964
III.62 17High School Association, Thomaston, GA, 1961, 1963
III.62 18Historical Society, Savannah, GA, 1962
III.62 19Home Demonstration Council, Hull, GA, 1962
III.62 20Information on, 1963
III.62 21Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, 1963
III.62 22Launderers and Cleaners Association, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.62 23Legislature, Resolutions, 1961
III.62 24Library Association, 1960-1962
III.62 25(Citizens) Library Committee, Griffin, GA, 1962
III.62 26Livestock Association, Savannah, GA, 1962, 1964
III.62 27Managers Association, Alma, GA, 1963
III.62 28Medical Association, Atlanta, GA, 1963
III.62 29Medical Political Action Committee, Macon, GA, 1963
III.62 30Milk Producers, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1959, 1962
III.62 31Motor Trucking Association, Atlanta, GA, 1962, 1964
III.62 32Peach Council, Fort Valley, GA, 1961-1962, 1964
III.62 33Pharmaceutical Association, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.62 34Ports Authority, Savannah, GA, 1958, 1962-1963
III.62 35Poultry Federation, Gainesville, GA, 1957, 1960-1963
III.62 36Power Company, File No. 2, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1964
III.62 37Press Association, Atlanta, GA, 1958-1960, 1964
III.62 38Public Service Commission, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1953
III.62 39Public Welfare, State Department of, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1962
III.62 40Redistricting, 1963
III.62 41Restaurant Association, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.62 42Retail Food Dealers Association, Atlanta, GA, 1963
III.62 43Rural Letter Carriers' Association, Lizella, GA, 1962
III.62 44Sales by Counties, 1964
III.62 45Savings and Loan League, Atlanta, GA, 1957, 1952
III.62 46School Food Service Association, Albany, GA, 1953
III.62 47South Georgia Conference, Board of Education of the Methodist Church, St. Simons Island, GA, 1963
III.63 1State, Board of Correction, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.63 2State, Democratic Executive Committee, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.63 3State, Game and Fish Commission, Atlanta, GA, 1962, 1964
III.63 4State, Highway Department, Atlanta, GA, 1960-1962, 1964
III.63 5State, Literature Commission, Atlanta, GA, 1959-1960
III.63 6State, Soil Conservation Committee, Soperton, GA, 1963-1964
III.63 7Textile Manufacturers Association, Atlanta, GA, 1959-1960, 1962,1954
III.63 8Treasury Department, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.63 9University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 1962, 1964
III.63 10University of Georgia, Athens, GA - Requests, 1964
III.63 11University, Student Bar Association, 1964
III.63 12University System, Regents of, 1963
III.63 13Vital Statistics, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.63 14Wholesale Grocers Association, Macon, GA, 1956, 1962
III.63 15General Gas Corporation, Macon, GA, 1963
III.63 16General Services Administration, Washington, D.C., 1961-1963
III.63 17Gerardino, Sgt. W.E. Marine Corps Supply Center, Albany, GA, 1953
III.63 18Giles Mr. Gordon, 1963
III.63 19Gill, John B., 1958-1961, 1964
III.63 20Gill, Mr. Marvin W., 1961
III.63 21Gill, Miss Sandra, 1963
III.63 22Gill, Mr. Virgil L., 1964
III.63 23Gilliard, Mr. Kenneth B., 1954
III.63 24Gilliard, Mr. Marion B., 1962
III.63 25Girtman, Carey L., 1961-1962
III.63 26Givens, Miss Betty, 1960
III.63 27Glover, Miss Freddie, 1963
III.63 28Glover, Mr. Glen H., 1962
III.63 29Glover, Mr. W.T., 1963
III.63 30Gobbel, Mr. Clyde, 1961
III.63 31Godfrey, Mr. G.T., 1964
III.63 32Godfrey, Mr. Horace, 1963
III.63 33Godwin, Eddie, 1963
III.63 34Godwin, Mr. R.L., 1960
III.63 35Goff, Miss Cassie, 1962
III.63 36Goff, Mr. Leroy Robert, undated
III.63 37Gold-Leaf Telephone Company, Moultrie, GA, 1959, 1961
III.63 38Golden, Mr. Bruce, 1963
III.63 39Goldieri, Mr. Gerald, 1962
III.63 40Good, Mr. J.M., 1962
III.63 41Goodfellow, Mr. John C., 1962
III.63 42Goodwill Industries of South Georgia, Albany, GA, 1964
III.63 43Goodwin Mr. James W., 1963
III.63 44Gormley, Mr. R.E., 1962
III.63 45Gortatowsky, I.C., 1963
III.63 46Goss, Mrs. Supori, 1963
III.63 47Government Printing Office - Exchange Account, 1955, 1961
III.63 48Graco Dehydration, Inc., Cairo, GA, 1963
III.63 49Grad: County Electric Membership Corporation, Cairo, GA, 1961-1962, 1964
III.63 50Grady County School Food Service Association, Cairo, GA, 1962
III.63 51Grady County Sugar Cane Committee, Cairo, GA, 1962-1963
III.63 52Grady Tractor Company, Cairo, GA, 1961, 1964
III.63 53Graham, Mr. Dillon, 1962
III.63 54Graham, Ronnie, 1963
III.63 55Grainger, Mr. Gordon Paul, 1962
III.63 56Gray, Mr. Cecil W., 1964
III.63 57Gray, James H., Albany Herald, Albany, GA, 1960-1962
III.63 58Great Southern Land and Paper Company, Cedar Springs, GA, 1964
III.63 59Green, Mr. Herbert, 1962
III.63 60Green, Mr. Johnnie G., 1963
III.63 61Green, Mr. W.W., Jr., 1962-1963
III.63 62Greene, Mr. Hamp H., 1963
III.63 63Greene, Mr. James E., 1961
III.63 64Greene Poultry Company, Mr. Alf Greene, Iron City, GA, 1962
III.63 65Greenwood Seed Company, Thomasville, GA, 1961
III.63 66Greer, Mr. Donald L., 1963
III.63 67Gregson and Associates, Atlanta Architectural Firm, Atlanta, GA, 1961- 1963
III.63 68Gresham, Mr. T.A., 1961
III.63 69Griffin, Mr. C.C. Sr. (Bunk), 1964
III.63 70Griffin, R.A., 1961- 1963
III.63 71Griffin, Mrs. Russell G., 1959-1960, 1963
III.63 72Griffin, Mr. Warren S., 1963
III.63 73Griffin, Mrs. W.B., 1962
III.63 74Griffith, Mr. E.Z., 1961- 1964
III.63 75Grime s, Mr. Robert L., 1962
III.63 76Griner, Miss Genova Marie, 1963-1964
III.63 77Griner, Mrs. Polly, 1964
III.63 78Grizzard Advertising Company, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.64 1Groga Miss Wanda, 1962-1963
III.64 2Groover, Mr. Dana, 1961
III.64 3Groover, Mr. James M., 1951
III.64 4Gruenther, Mr. Homer H., 1960
III.64 5Guill, Mr. R.A., 1961
III.64 6Gunn, Mrs. Alaira, 1960
III.64 7Gunnels, Mr. Joel B., 1960, 1964
III.64 8Gunter, Mr. Bobby, 1963
III.64 9Guss, Mr. Billy, 1962
III.64 10Guy, Mr. John B., 1962, 1964
III.64 11Hackett, Mrs. Nina C., 1961
III.64 12Hagan, Mr. Frank, 1963
III.64 13Haley Farms, Albany, GA, 1962
III.64 14Hall, Captain Howard W., Jr., 1961
III.64 15Hall, Mr. Jack M., Consulting Forester, Moultrie, GA, 1961-1964
III.64 16Hall, Mr. J.H., Jr., 1953
III.64 17Hall, Mr. Lee Hilson, Southwest Georgia Regional Housing Authority, 1962
III.64 18Hall, Mr. Rhonwyn, 1964
III.64 19Hall, and Mrs. Russell A., 1962
III.64 20Halln1an, man, H., 1957-1958, 1962-1964
III.64 21Hamill, Mr. W.R., 1962
III.64 22Hamilton, Mr. George, State Treasurer, State Capitol, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.64 23Hami Mrs. Uzera (colored), 1962
III.64 24Hamm Dan, 1960-1961, 1963
III.64 25Hammack, Mr. Guy A., 1961
III.64 26Hammond, Mr. E.E., 1960
III.64 27Hammond, Mrs. Effie, 1962
III.64 28Hammond, J.M., 1962
III.64 29Hammond, Mrs. P.B., 1952- 1963
III.64 30Hampton, Mr. J.D., 1963
III.64 31Hand, Mr. Bobby, 1961
III.64 32Hand , C.W., 1956- 1962
III.64 33Hand , Fred, Sr., 1956, 1961
III.64 34Hand , Fred B., Jr., 1953
III.64 35Hand, H.H, 1955, 1960
III.64 36Hand Airman Joel A., 1962
III.64 37Hand, L.D., 1961-1963
III.64 38Hand Miss Sophronia, 1961
III.64 39Hare' Mrs. Woodrow, 1962
III.64 39Hare' Mrs. Woodrow, 1962
III.64 40Hargrave, Miss Clara D., 1963
III.64 41Harney, Mr. Doug, 1962
III.64 42Harp, Miss Diane, 1964
III.64 43Harp Judge J.K., 1963
III.64 44Harr Mrs. Albert, 1962
III.64 45Harr Mrs. C.C., 1964
III.64 46Harr Miss Connie, 1963
III.64 47Harr Mrs. Gail Lanier, 1950
III.64 48Carroll, Miss Julia, 1962
III.64 49Harrell, Mr. Robert, Jr., 1960, 1962
III.64 50Harrell, Mrs. W.E., 1963-1964
III.64 51Harris, Mrs. Ethel P., 1961
III.64 52Harris, H.C., President, Pelham Banking Company, Pelham, GA, 1961-1962
III.64 53Harris, Miss Teena Ann, 1962
III.64 54Harris, Dr. William M., 1956, 1962, 1964
III.64 55Harrison and Ellis, Inc., Cairo, GA, 1962
III.64 56Harrison, Mr. Bruce A., 1962
III.64 57Harrison, Mr. E.E., 1963
III.64 58Harrison, Mr. Leland, 1962
III.64 59Harrison, Mr. Walter, Manager, Georgia Electric Membership, undated
III.64 60Corporation, Millen, GA, 1960- 1964
III.64 61Harsh, Mr. Bert, 1960, 1962
III.64 62Hart' Mrs. Byron E., 1961, 1963
III.64 63Hart, Mr. Lyman, 1962
III.64 64Hartford Accident and Accident Indemnity, Quitman, GA, 1964
III.64 65Harvey, Mr. Douglas L., 1951
III.64 66Harvey, Mrs. J.Q., 1957-1961
III.64 67Harwell, Dr. C.W. M.D., 1964
III.64 68Hashagen, Mr. John D., 1962
III.64 69Hasting, Mr. Donald M., Hastings Seeds Company, Atlanta, GA, 1959, 1963
III.64 70Hatc Mr. Charles F., 1963
III.64 71Hatc Mr. J.M., 1962
III.64 72Hatcher, Mr. L.E., 1961
III.64 73Hatcher, Mr. W.A. Mayor, Sumner, GA, 1952-1963
III.64 74Hathcock, Mr. Leon W., 1956, 1962
III.64 75Hawes, Peyton, Attorney, Elberton, GA, 1961-1963
III.64 76Hawkins, Mr. C.M., 1963
III.64 77Hawkins, Mr. Thomas T., 1962
III.64 78Hawthorne, Mr. George B., 1963
III.64 79Hawthorne Jewelers, Camilla, GA, 1962
III.64 80Hay, Mr. F. Marion, 1963
III.64 81Hay, Private Harold, 1961
III.64 82Hayes, Mr. Jim, 1961
III.64 83Hayes, Miss Mary Jean, 1963
III.64 84Hays, Mr. A.T., 1953
III.64 85Hays, B.C., 1960-1951
III.64 86Hays, Tom, 1960
III.65 1Head, Mr. M. Cameron, 1952
III.65 2Health, Education, and Welfare Department, Washington, D.C., 1960-1962, 1964
III.65 3Hearn, Mr. Bill, 1962
III.65 4Hecht, Mr. Charlie, 1963
III.65 5Hege, Miss Carol, 1963
III.65 6Heinemann, Mr. and Mrs. C.H., Jr., 1962
III.65 7Heinsohn, Robert A., 1957, 1959-1953
III.65 8Hellemn, Miss Beverly, 1962
III.65 9Helms, Mr. S.B., 1963
III.65 10Hendrix, Rev. J. Leroy, 1962
III.65 11Herbener, Henry, 1951- 1963
III.65 12Heery and Heery, Architects, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.65 13Hemphill, Charles F., 1960
III.65 14Herndon, Mr. Michael N., 1960, 1962
III.65 15Herring, Miss Ethel, 1964
III.65 16Herring, Mr. H.W., 1964
III.65 17Herring, Mr. James Malcolm, 1963
III.65 18Hester, Mr. Henry, 1950
III.65 19Hester, Mr. Thomas B., 1959, 1953
III.65 20Hewett, Mr. Bobby, 1962
III.65 21Hicks, Miss Betty, 1962
III.65 22Hicks, Miss Mary, 1963-1964
III.65 23Hiers, Mr. Robert S., 1964
III.65 24High School Graduates - Certificates and Letters, n.d.
III.65 25Hightower, Mr. David, 1962
III.65 26Hiles, Ed W., Executive Vice President, Georgia Savings and Loan, undated
III.65 27League, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1955, 1958-1959, 1962, 1964
III.65 28Hilliard, Mr. E.B., 1953
III.65 29Hilliard, Harry, 1963
III.65 30Hilliard, Mr. Wayne C., Radio Station WKTG, Thomasville, GA, 1963- 1964
III.65 31Hinemann, Mr. Charles H., Sr., 1961
III.65 32Hinson, Mr. J.R., 1962
III.65 33Hjort, Mr. Sam C., 1960, 1962, 1964
III.65 34Hobbs, Mrs. Fannie, 1952
III.65 35Hobby, Thomas D., 1955, 1958, 1952
III.65 36Hodges, Mr. John, 1953
III.65 37Hodges, Mr. S.D.., Jr., 1961
III.65 38Holland, Mr. B.H., 1962
III.65 39Holland, J. Truman, 1956, 1961
III.65 40Holley, Mr. Doyle and Rose Mary Woods - Students, 1964
III.65 41Hollinshead, Miss Claudine, 1963
III.65 42Holloway, Miss Lenora J., 1951
III.65 43Holman, Mrs. Charles, 1962
III.65 44Holman, Mr. and Mrs. W.C., Jr., 1962-1963
III.65 45Holmes, Mr. Robert B., 1958, 1960, 1963
III.65 46Holt, Mr. Dorris, 1962
III.65 47Holt, Miss Hazel, 1960
III.65 48Holt Nitrogen Company, Colquitt, GA, 1961
III.65 49Holton, Miss JoAnn, 1964
III.65 50Holton, Mr. W.C., 1960, 1964
III.65 51Home Demonstration Agent, Bainbridge, GA, 1964
III.65 52Home Federal Savings and Loan Association, Albany, GA, 1962
III.65 53Hood, Ralph E., Superintendent of Schools, Brunswick, GA, 1961
III.65 54Hooks, Miss Wanda, 1962
III.65 55Hopkins, L.R. and Sons, Cairo, GA, 1962
III.65 56Hornbuckle, Mr. H.A., 1963
III.65 57Home, Vernon W., Jr., 1961
III.65 58Horning, Mr. L.W., 1962
III.65 59Hornsby, Mr. G.E., 1963
III.65 60Horton, Mr. Clarence C., 1960-1961
III.65 61Horton, Mr. H.J., 1960
III.65 62Horton, Mrs. Willery, 1963
III.65 63House of Representatives, U.S., Washington, D.C., 1951, 1963
III.65 64Housing and Home Finance Agency, Washington, D.C., 1959-1961
III.65 65Housing Authority, Albany, GA, 1957, 1959, 1961
III.65 66Houston, G. Leon, 1961-1964
III.65 67Houston Gin and Warehouse Company, Sylvester, GA, 1963
III.65 68Houston, Hilton, S.A., 1963
III.65 69Houston, Mr. Joe L., 1951-1962
III.65 70Houston, Mr. R. Travis, Jr., 1953
III.65 71Howard, Mrs. Alden L., 1963
III.65 72Howard, David, 1962
III.65 73Howard, Mr. Don, 1962
III.65 74Howard, Mr. H.L., 1963
III.65 75Howard, Mr. R.S., Jr., 1962-1964
III.66 1Howe, Mrs. Lougenia Davis, 1964
III.66 2Howell, Mr. Hugh, Jr., 1961
III.66 3Howell, Mr. Hugh, Sr, 1961
III.66 4Howell, Mr. James R., 1960, 1953
III.66 5Howell, Mr. Luther L., 1963
III.66 6Howell, Mr. Robert W., 1962
III.66 7Howell, Mr. Tony, 1961
III.66 8Hubbard, Lane, Southern Bell Telephone, Atlanta, GA, 1953
III.66 9Hudgins, Mr. Lamar, 1964
III.66 10Hudson, Miss Andrea, 1961
III.66 11Hudson, Miss Dana, R.N., Director of Nursing, Georgia Baptist Hospital, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.66 12Huegel, Mr. Arthur C., 1961
III.66 13Huffaker, Mrs. Libby, 1963
III.66 14Hughes Color Litho, Inc., Albany, GA, 1954
III.66 15Hughes, Mr. David, 1962
III.66 16Hughes, Mr. John H., 1962
III.66 17Hughes, Mr. Kenneth, 1964
III.66 18Humber, W.M., Jr., Deputy U.S. Marshall, Albany, GA, 1960-1961
III.66 19Humphrey, Miss Beulah, 1964
III.66 20Humphreys, Private Thomas N., 1962
III.66 21Hunter Air Force Base, Georgia, 1963
III.66 22Hunter, Mr. Emory J., 1963
III.66 23Hunter, Mr. Gerald R., 1961
III.66 24Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Jack L., 1962
III.66 25Hurst, Hon. Joe J., Georgia State Representative, Quitman County, 1964
III.66 26Hutchinson, Mr. Hilton S., 1960-1961
III.66 27Hutchinson, Mr. Ralph J., 1964
III.66 28Hyland, Mr. John J., III, 1963-1964
III.66 29Ince, Dr. William T., 1961
III.66 30Ingram, Mrs. Herbert, 1962
III.66 31Inman, Mr. and Mrs. B.S., 1961-1962
III.66 32Inman, Mr. David L., 1964
III.66 33Inman, Doctor John S., Jr., M.D., 1962
III.66 34International Ladies Garment Workers Union, Bainbridge, GA, 1963
III.66 35International Museum, Washington, D.C., 1961, 1963-1964
III.66 36Independent Oxygen Manufacturing Association, W.R. Keenan, Vice President, Albany, GA, 1960
III.66 37Independent Plant Food Manufacturing Association of Georgia, Moultrie, GA, 1950
III.66 38Interior Department, 1961, 1963-1964
III.66 39Interstate Commerce Commission, Bulk Cement Freight Rate, 1961, 1964
III.66 40Interstate Commerce Commission, Grain Freight Rates, Georgia, 1961-1963
III.66 41Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington, D.C., 1959, 1961-1963
III.66 42Irvin, Mr. Paul, 1963- 1964
III.66 43Isom, Mr. Clyde C., Jr., 1962
III.66 44Itson, Mr. John, 1963
III.66 45Ivey, Mr. Donald, 1964
III.66 46Ivey, Miss Leonora, 1963
III.66 47Jackson, Miss Montine, 1964
III.66 48Jackson, Mr. Nyle M., 1961
III.66 49Jackson, R.B., 1963
III.66 50Jackson, Mr. Robert C., 1961
III.66 51Jackson, Mrs. R.P. Jr., 1961
III.66 52Jackson, Dr. R.W., 1958, 1960, 1962
III.66 53Jackson, Sidney E., 1958-1959, 1951, 1963
III.66 54James, Mr. Cody, 1962
III.66 55James, Mr. S.H., 1951
III.66 56Jeffords, Harmon, 1956, 1958-1959, 1963-1964
III.66 57Jeffries, Mrs. Jessie Watt, 1956-1957, 1960, 1963
III.66 58Jenkins, Mr. S.F., Jr., Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, 1961
III.66 59Jerger, Mr. Joseph, 1958, 1952
III.66 60Jeter, Mr. Charles E., 1956, 1961
III.66 61Jinright and Jinright, Architects, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.67 1Johnson, Mr. B.B., 1961
III.67 2Johnson, Mr. Bobby, 1962-1963
III.67 3Johnson, Miss Brenda Ann, 1962
III.67 4Johnson, Mr. C.D., 1963
III.67 5Johnson, Mrs. Jewell T., 1962
III.67 6Johnson, Mr. L.D., 1963
III.67 7Johnson, Mr. Larry B., 1964
III.67 8Johnson, Mrs. Lorenzo D., 1961
III.67 9Johnson, Mr. Tom S., 1961
III.67 10Johnson, Mr. Wilbur, 1961
III.67 11Johnson, Mr. William W., 1962
III.67 12Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1955-1957, 1960-1962
III.67 13Joiner, Wayne, 1963
III.67 14Jones, Mr. Alfred, 1962
III.67 15Jones, Mr. Dewitt, 1963
III.67 16Jones, Rev. Doyer E., 1962
III.67 17Jones, Mr. Fenton, 1961
III.67 18Jones, Mr. Gary, 1963
III.67 19Jones, Mrs. Leila H., 1952
III.67 20Jones, Mr. Manning T., 1964
III.67 21Jones, Miss Martha, 1963
III.67 22Jones, N.B. and Son, Dixie, GA, 1963
III.67 23Jones, Paul A., Jr., Paul Jones Fuel Oil Comp, 1958, 1963
III.67 24Jones, Mr. R.H., 1962
III.67 25Jones, Mr. William F.,, 1963
III.67 26Jordan, G.W., 1955-1956, 1961
III.67 27Jordan, Mr. W.H., 1957-1961
III.67 28Joyner, Mr. E.T., 1962
III.67 29Justice, Ed L., Jr., 1956-1957, 1960-1961
III.67 30Kader, Mr. Raymond, 1964
III.67 31Kaliher, R.E., 1961-1962
III.67 32Kambeitz, Mr. Herman, 1961
III.67 33Karagheusian, A. and M., Inc., Albany, GA, 1960, 1962
III.67 34Keenan, Mr. Paul A., 1960-1963
III.67 35Keenan, Mr. Paul A., Jr., Attorney, Albany, GA, 1958, 1961
III.67 36Keenan, Mr. W.R., 1958, 1960-1962, 1964
III.67 37Kelley, Miss Martha, 1962
III.67 38Kelly, Mr. Ed, 1963
III.67 39Kelly, Mr. J. Pat, 1962-1963
III.67 40Kelly, Lee E., 1960-1952
III.67 41Kelly, Rear Admiral Thomas J., 1962
III.67 42Kelly, Mr. Wade, 1962- 1963
III.67 43Kemph, Mrs. Frances P., 1962
III.67 44Kennedy, Mr. L.L., 1961-1962
III.67 45Kennedy, Rev. Louis F., 1962
III.67 46Kenney, Miss Ann, 1959-1961
III.67 47Kent, Mr. M.U., 1963
III.67 48Kickliter, Mr. Ralph, 1964
III.67 49Kierch, Mr. Dewey, 1958, 1961, 1963-1964
III.67 50Kilgore, L.N. Sr., 1954
III.67 51Kimbell, Mrs. W.V. Sr., 1962
III.67 52Kimbrel, Mr. Edward, 1963
III.67 53Kimbrel, Mr. Monroe, President, American Bankers Association, Thomson, GA, 1963
III.67 54Kimler, Mr. Fred A., 1962-1963
III.67 55Kimsey, Mr. Don, 1951
III.67 56King and Queen Rod and Gun Club, 1951-1963
III.67 57King, Mr. Baldwin, 1962
III.67 58King, Mr. J.G>, 1961
III.67 59King, Mr. Jack, 1960
III.67 60King, Jim, 1962
III.67 61King, Mr. Luther, 1962
III.67 62King, Mrs. Marie H., 1962
III.67 63King, Mr. M.L., 1961
III.67 64King, Onez, 1960, 1962
III.67 65King, R.L., President, Georgia Fertilizer Company, Valdosta, GA, 1956, 1953
III.67 66King, Miss Sarah G., 1964
III.67 67King, Miss Suzan, 1964
III.67 68Kirbo, T.L. Company, Camilla, GA, 1964
III.67 69Kirkland, Mr. Malcome, 1962
III.67 70Kirkley, Mr. James Patterson, 1963
III.67 71Kistler, Mr. Ernest D., 1963
III.67 72Kiwanis Club, Moultrie, GA, 1960-1961
III.67 73Knight, Miss Doris, 1952
III.67 74Knight, Mr. Michael, 1963
III.67 75Komarek, Mr. E.V., Gareenwood Seed Company, Thomasville, GA, 1959, 1961, 1964
III.67 76Krajizonyez, Miss Anna, 1964
III.67 77Krueger, Mr. Fred, Jr., 1963-1964
III.67 78Labor Department, U.S., Washington, D.C., 1962
III.67 79Ladson,, Mr. J.E.., 1964
III.67 80Lady Bird (Mrs. Lydon Johnson) Special (Train), 1954
III.67 81Lamb,-Mr. A.F.., Jr., 1958, 1963
III.67 82Lambert,, Mr. J.V.., 1961
III.67 83Landau, Mr. Edmund A., Jr., Attorney, Albany, GA, 1963
III.67 84Landrum,, Hon. Phil, 9th District, Georgia (Jasper, GA), 1960-1961
III.67 85Lane, Mr. Joe T., 1962
III.67 86Langford, Mr. Jim Jeffries, 1961
III.67 87Langtry,, Miss Flo, 1963-1964
III.67 88Langtry, W.W.., Jr., 1963
III.67 89Lanier and Tift,, Insurance, Albany, GA, 1964
III.68 1Lawhorne, Hon. Thomas W., Mayor, Sylvester, GA, and Tommy Lawhorne, Jr., 1963
III.68 2Lawler, Mr. Carey, 1963- 1964
III.68 3Lawrence, Miss Anne Pearl, 1962
III.68 4Lawson, Mr. Howard, 1962
III.68 5Lawson, Mr. Roy, 1963
III.68 6Lawyer, Mrs. Zeda B., 1962
III.68 7League of Women Voters, Albany, GA, 1960-1952
III.68 8League of Women Voters, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1964
III.68 9Ledford, Mr. Thomas J., 1963
III.68 10Lee, Mrs. Anne, 1963
III.68 11Lee, Mr. Banner, Jr., 1961
III.68 12Lee, Mr. Cory, 1963
III.68 13Lee, Mr. Henry, 1951
III.68 14Lee, Mrs. Maurice, 1960
III.68 15Leggett, Mrs. Millie Mae, 1960-1961
III.68 16Lester, Olin T., 1959, 1961
III.68 17Letter Carriers Association, Washington, D.C., 1962
III.68 18Leverett, Mr. J.H., 1964
III.68 19Leverette, Mr. L.L., 1961-1962
III.68 20Lewis, Mr. Edwin L., 1962
III.68 21Lewis, James R., 1964
III.68 22Lewis, Mr. Logan M., 1962, 1964
III.68 23Lewis, Mr. Max A., 1961
III.68 24Lewis, Mr. Oliver K., Jr., 1963
III.68 25Lewis, Mr. Paul T., 1951-1962
III.68 26Lewis, Mr. W.E., 1963
III.68 27LibraryAlbany, GA - Carnegie Free Library, 1962-1964
III.68 28Anne Wright Memorial Library, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.68 29Cairo, GA, Library, 1960-1964
III.68 30Coastal Plain Experiment Station, Tifton, GA, 1960, 1963-1964
III.68 31Coastal Plain Regional Library, ABAC Station, Tifton, GA, 1960, 1963-1964
III.68 32Colquitt-Thomas Regional Library, Moultrie, GA, 1958-1962
III.68 33Decatur-Seminole Regional Library Board, Bainbridge, GA, 1958, 1960 196 1964
III.68 34Desoto Trail Regional Library, Camilla, GA, 1960-1961,1963-1964
III.68 35Hazard Training School Library, Albany State College, Albany, GA, 1960
III.68 36Mitchell County High School Library, Camilla, GA, 1962
III.68 37Of Congress, Washington, D.C., 1960-1964
III.68 38Pelham, GA, 1960-1962
III.68 39Thomasville High School Library, Thomasville, GA, 1964
III.68 40Tifton-Tift County Public Library, Tifton, GA, 1964
III.68 41Libya, Embassy of United Kingdom, Washington, D.C., n.d.
III.68 42Lindsey, Miss Lynda, 1963
III.68 43Linehan, Mr. John F., 1961
III.68 44Lions Club, Bainbridge, GA, 1961
III.68 45Lipsey, Mr. Frantz, 1963
III.68 46Lipsey, Miss Marie, 1964
III.68 47Lipsey, Mr. and Mrs. Paul D., Sr., 1957, 1963
III.68 48Lists, Mailing, 1959-1960
III.68 49Lists, Thomas County Voters, 1961
III.68 50Little, Mr. David, 1961
III.68 51Little, Dr. Frank, 1962
III.68 52Lloyd, Paul, 1964
III.68 53Lockheed Plant, Marietta, GA, 1961-1962, 1964
III.68 54Logan, Mr. J.C., 1962
III.68 55Long, Mr. Ben F., Jr., 1961
III.68 56Long, Mr. Ben N., Black Jack Ranch, Bainbridge, GA, 1962
III.68 57Long, Miss Esther, 1963
III.68 58Lovett, Mr. James W., 1961
III.68 59Lowery, Mr. Harvey J., 1963
III.68 60Lumpkin, Miss Ann, 1963
III.68 61Lundy, Mr. Walter A., n.d.
III.68 62Lutes, Mr. G.E., 1963
III.68 63Lynch, Mr. Earl M., 1962
III.68 64Macbeth, Mrs. Dorothy, 1963
III.68 65Mack, Dan, 1962
III.68 66Maddox, S.G. (Guy), 1960-1963
III.68 67Mahan, Miss Linda, 1962
III.68 68Mailing Lists, 1962-1963
III.68 69Majors, Mr. David, 1962, 1964
III.68 70Mallard, Mr. W.D., 1962
III.68 71Malone, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, 1960-1962, 1964
III.68 72Malone, Mr. Rosser, Attorney, Albany, GA, 1961-1962
III.69 1Marbury, Mr. J.G., 1962-1963
III.69 2Marchant, Mr. R.F., 1964
III.69 3Maney Aircraft Corporation, Warner Robins, GA, 1964
III.69 4Mansfield, Senator Mike of Montana, 1963
III.69 5Mansfield, Mr. Paul H., 1960, 1962-1963
III.69 6Marine Corps Supply Center Rod and Gun Club, Albany, GA, 1963
III.69 7Markwell, Miss Theresa, 1963
III.69 8Marshall, Mr. Sonny, 1964
III.69 9Martha White Mills of Georgia, Tifton, GA, Branch, 1962
III.69 10Martin, Mr. Arthur C., 1962
III.69 11Martin, Mrs. Eleanor B., 1962
III.69 12Martin, Mr. George I., 1961, 1953
III.69 13Martin, Mrs. Louise, Librarian, Northwoods School, Doraville, GA, 1963
III.69 14Martin, Mr. M.J., 1962
III.69 15Martin, Mr. Roy E., 1962
III.69 16Massey, H.H., 1962
III.69 17Mauldin, Mr. J.A., 1963-1964
III.69 18Mauldin, Mr. Leo, 1960-1961, 1964
III.69 19May, Mr. Clentis C., 1963
III.69 20May, Mr. W.S., n.d.
III.69 21Maye, Miss Becky, 1962
III.69 22Medders, Miss Cynthia, 1962
III.69 23Meeks, Miss Kathryne, 1963
III.69 24Mendez, Miss Erma, 1963
III.69 25Merchant Marine, 1955-1956
III.69 26Merck Chemical Division, Albany, GA, 1961-1962
III.69 27Merritt, Mrs. Agnes K., 1963
III.69 28Merritt, Mr. C.C., 1963
III.69 29Merts Equipment Company, Albany, GA, 1960-1962
III.69 30Middle South Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District, Tifton, GA, 1963
III.69 31Middlebrooks, Miss Susan, 1964
III.69 32Miller, Mr. A.J., 1964
III.69 33Miller Brothers Packing Company, Sylvester, GA, 1962
III.69 34Miller, G.W., 1961
III.69 35Miller, John T., 1961, 1963-1954
III.69 36Miller, Mrs. Kathleen, 1961
III.69 37Miller, Mr. Ralph, 1960- 1964
III.69 38Miller, Mr. Sam, 1956, 1959-1961, 1964
III.69 39Miller, W.H., 1950- 1953
III.69 40Millican,, G. Everett, 1962
III.69 41Milliner, Mrs. Gwen C., 1963
III.69 42Mills, E.S., 1960- 1962
III.69 43Mills, Mr. F.M., 1963
III.69 44Mincey,, Mr. Larry, 1964
III.69 45Mitchell County Board of Commissioners, Camilla, GA, 1959, 1961-1962
III.69 46Mitchell County Electric Membership Corporation, Camilla, GA, 1961-1964
III.69 47Mitchell County, Georgia, 1953
III.69 48Mitchell County Hospital Authority, Camilla, GA, 1961-1962
III.69 49Mitchell County Program Development Board, Camilla, GA, 1962
III.69 50Mitchell, Mrs. E., Jr., 1962
III.69 51Mitchell, Mr. J. Christopher, 1963
III.69 52Mitchell, Mr. Kenny, 1962
III.69 53Mitchell, Mr. T.A. Jr., 1964
III.69 54Mobley, Mr. C.A., 1961-1962
III.69 55Mobley, Mrs. Leola, 1961
III.69 56Mobley, Mr. Stanley, 1962
III.69 57Monk, Mr. David, 1963
III.69 58Monk, Mr. Joes L., Jr., 1960-1961
III.69 59Montgomery, Mr. J.F., 1962
III.69 60Mooney, Mr. Andrew N., 1962
III.69 61Moore and Moore, Attorneys, Moultrie, GA, 1959, 1961-1962
III.69 62Moore, Glenn E., 1963-1964
III.69 63Moore, Mr. Joseph E., 1963
III.69 64Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1964
III.69 65Morningside Methodist Church, Albany, GA, 1959, 1962-1953
III.69 66Morrell, Mr. Willis Daniel, 1961-1964
III.69 67Morris, Miss Dorothy, 1963
III.69 68Morris, Mr. L.C., 1964
III.69 69Morrow, Hugh, Jr., 1960, 1962
III.69 70Morse, Miss Patsy, 1961
III.69 71Morton, Mr. E.D., 1964
III.69 72Morton, Miss Jeanne, 1962
III.69 73Morton, Miss Rebekah, 1962
III.69 74Moseley, Mr. John, 1961
III.69 75Mosely, Mr. Clark (E.C.), 1960-1962
III.69 76Mott, Mr. Leon W., 1963
III.69A 1Moultrie-Colquitt County, GA, Industrial Development Corporation, 1963
III.69A 2Moultrie Banking Company, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.69A 3Moultrie Federal Savings and Loan Association, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.69A 4Moultrie Observer, Moultrie, GA, 1960, 1963
III.69A 5Moultrie Serum Distributors, Moultrie, GA, 1961
III.69A 6Mpakogiannis, Mr. George, 1963
III.69A 7Murdock, Mr. James, undated
III.69A 8Mayor of Blakely, GA, 1961-1964
III.69A 9Murphy, Mr. David Albert, 1961
III.69A 10Murphy, Mr. J.C., 1961
III.69A 11Murphy, Mrs. T.A., 1961-1962
III.69A 12Muscogee Manufacturing Company, Columbus, GA, 1961-1962
III.69A 13Muse, Mr. A.W., 1962
III.69A 14Musgrove, Mrs. Jay, 1964
III.69A 15Musgrove, Mrs. Mattie L., 1964
III.69A 16Musgrove, Mr. T.M., 1963
III.69A 17Mutual Security Program, 1960
III.69A 18Myers, Mr. Wallace, 1961
III.69A 19McAlpine, Miss Eloise, 1962
III.69A 20McCall, Mr. J.D., 1964
III.69A 21McClellan, Joseph M., 1961
III.69A 22McClenny, Mr. John J., 1962
III.69A 23McClung, Ethel Carroll, 1962
III.69A 24McCollum, Mr. T.M., 1960, 1962
III.69A 25McCollum, Mr. William P., 1961-1962
III.69A 26McCormack, Hon. John W., Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1963
III.69A 27McCorvey, Mr. A.C., 1961-1962
III.69A 28McCracken, Mrs. A.L., 1961
III.69A 29McCrary, Mr. Charles J., 1962
III.69A 30McCray, Mr. E.H., 1958, 1962
III.69A 31McCumber, Mr. Larry, 1961-1962
III.69A 32McDaniel, Charles, 1963
III.69A 33McDaniel, Mrs. L.D., 1962
III.69A 34McDonough, J.J., 1962-1963
III.69A 35McDonough Public School, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1963
III.69A 36McDowell, D.H. President, Chamber of Commerce, Blakely, GA, n.d.
III.69A 37McGee, Miss Anne, 1961
III.69A 38McGill, Mr. James M., 1961, 1964
III.69A 39McGinty, Mr. Miles S., Washington, D.C., 1962, 1964
III.69A 40McGinty, Mr. Miles, Moultrie, GA, 1964
III.69A 41McGawan, Captain Gordon, 1962
III.69A 42McGowan, Rev. S.H., 1963
III.69A 43McGrath Pest Control, Albany, GA, 1960, 1962
III.69A 44McGriff,, Mr. John, 1960
III.69A 45McGrotha, Miss Martha, 1963
III.69A 46McGuire, Mr. John, 1961
III.69A 47McKay, Mr. E.G., 1961
III.69A 48McKellar, Dr. Ella Clare, 1964
III.69A 49McKemie, Dr. W. Frank, 1962
III.69A 50McKenzie, Mr. Emmett, 1962
III.69A 51McKenzie, Mrs. Vondelle Prater, 1961, 1963
III.69A 52McKinney, Mrs. J.W., 1962
III.69A 53McKinney, Mr. L.F., 1964
III.69A 54McLendon, Mr. Nath H., 1962
III.69A 55McLeod, Mr. H.E., Jr., 1961-1962
III.69A 56McLeod, Mr. John, Jr., 1964
III.69A 57McLeod, Josephine C. (Mrs. Elzy McLeod), 1963-1964
III.69A 58McLeod, Mr. Michael, 1961-1962
III.69A 59McLeod, Mr. Tommy, 1962
III.69A 60McNutt, Mr. Albert H., 1961
III.69A 61Nash, Mr. Roscoe, 1957, 1963
III.69A 62National Association of Letter Carriers, 1957, 1963
III.69A 63National Bellamy Award, Portsmouth, Virginia, 1961-1964
III.69A 64National Guard Armory, undated
III.69A 65Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.69A 66Quitman, GA, 1959-1961
III.69A 67Tifton, GA, 1957, 1961-1963
III.69A 68National Guard Bureau - Information on Armories, Etc., 1955, 1961
III.69A 69National Negro Century of Progress Committee, Washington, D.C., 1963
III.69A 70National Park Service job file, 1963-1964
III.69A 71National Park Service job file, 1962-1963
III.69A 72National Plant Food Institute, Washington, D.C., n.d.
III.69A 73National Rivers and Harbors Congress, Washington, D.C., 1962-1963
III.69A 74National Rural Electric Cooperative Association,Washington,D.C., 1958-1961
III.69A 75Neal, Dr. L.G., Jr., 1963
III.69A 76Neel, Dr. Julian B., Commander, American Legion Post 31, Thomasville, GA, 1961-1962
III.69A 77Neel, Lawson, 1960-1961
III.69A 78Neighbors, Mr. J.E., 1963
III.69A 79Neill, Dr. Frank K., 1960
III.69A 80Nelms, Mr. Marlon, 1961-1964
III.69A 81Nelms, Sgt. Ralph, 1960
III.70 1Nesmith, Mr. Ross E., 1964
III.70 2Nesmith, Mr. Wayne, 1960, 1963
III.70 3Newcomb, Mr. Robert D., 1962
III.70 4Newell, Miss Mary H., 1962
III.70 5Newlin, L.K., 1961
III.70 6Newspapers, Albany Herald, Albany, GA, 1959-1964
III.70 7Newspapers, Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 1960, 1962
III.70 8Newspapers, Atlanta Journal, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.70 9Newspapers, Atlanta Times, Atlanta, GA, 1964
III.70 10Newspapers, Augusta Chronicle, Augusta, GA, 1964
III.70 11Newspapers, Bainbridge Post Searchlight, Bainbridge, GA, 1960
III.70 12Newspapers, Cairo Messenger, Cairo, GA, 1960
III.70 13Newspapers, Cordele Dispatch, Cordele, GA, 1964
III.70 14Newspapers, Daily Tifton Gazette, Tifton, GA, 1959-1960, 1962
III.70 15Newspapers, Dublin Courier Herald, Dublin, GA, 1964
III.70 16Newspapers, Macon Telegraph, Macon, GA, 1963
III.70 17Newspapers, Moultrie Observer, Moultrie, GA, 1964
III.70 18Newspapers, Sims News Bureau, Washington, D.C., n.d.
III.70 19Newspapers, The World, Washington, D.C., 1963
III.70 20Newspapers, Times Publishing Company, Cuthbert, GA, 1964
III.70 21Newspapers, Washington Daily News, Washington, D.C., 1960
III.70 22Newspapers, Newsweek, 1964
III.70 23Newton, David L., Georgia State Representative, Colquitt County, Norman Park, GA, 1960, 1962-1963
III.70 24Newton, Mr. J.A., 1962
III.70 25Newton, William M., Jr., M.D., 1963
III.70 26Newton, Georgia, City of Newton, 1963
III.70 27Nexsen, Mr. W.E., 1962
III.70 28Nicely, Mr. and Mrs. Brent D., 1962
III.70 29Nicholas, Mrs. Louella T., 1961-1962
III.70 30Nicholson, Mr. W. Lannis, 1962
III.70 31Nicholson, W.S., Jr., 1960
III.70 32Nobles, Miss Delores, 1962
III.70 33Nobles, Miss Diane, 1962
III.70 34Nolen, Mr. H.I., 1962
III.70 35Norman College, Norman Park, GA, 1961-1963
III.70 36Norris, Mr. O.E., 1962
III.70 37Norton, Mrs. Lucille Askew (Mrs. Ross Norton), 1964
III.70 38Norton, Mr. William L., Jr., 1961
III.70 39Nussbaum, Herbert H., 1960-1961
III.70 40Nussbaum, Mr. Max E., 1960-1961, 1963-1964
III.70 41Oates, Mr. B.H., 1961-1962
III.70 42Oates, Mr. F.O., 1958, 1962
III.70 43Oconee Clay Products, Milledgeville, GA, 1960-1962
III.70 44Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization, Thomasville, GA, 1961
III.71 1Pate, Mr. and Mrs. F.W., 1963
III.71 2Patstone, W.E., 1958, 1963
III.71 3Patterson, Mr. J.M., President, Southern Nurserymen's Association, Albany, GA, 1963
III.71 4Patterson, Mr. J.M., Moultrie Senior High School, Moultrie, GA, 1963
III.71 5Patterson, Mr. Joseph M., 1961
III.71 6Patton, Mr. John C., 1962
III.71 7Paulk, Mr. Jule F., 1962
III.71 8Paulk, Miss Shirley Jean, undated
III.71 9Paullin, W.L., 1955, 1959, 1961, 1963
III.71 10Peace Corps, 1961
III.71 11Peace Corps, 1961-1963
III.71 12Peacock, Mr. Louis A., Attorney, Albany, GA, 1961
III.71 13Peacock, Mr. Neely, Attorney, Albany; GA, 1961
III.71 14Peanut Butter Program of Department of Agriculture, 1957, 1961
III.71 15Peanuts, National Stabilization Peanut Advisory Committee, 1962
III.71 16Peanuts, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1961
III.71 17Pearman, Mrs. Fred, 1956, 1961
III.71 18Pearman, Mr. Grady E., 1962
III.71 19Peavy, Mr. F.L., 1961
III.71 20Pecan Laboratory, Albany, GA, 1963
III.71 21Peddy, Mr. C. Hill, Royal Crown Cola, Tifton, GA, 1963
III.71 22Pelham, City of, Pelham, GA, 1961
III.71 23Pelham Business Women's Club, Pelham, GA, 1962-1963
III.71 24Pelham, GA. U.S. Highway 19 Through Pelham, GA, curbs and gutters, 1961
III.71 25Pennington Grain and Seed, Inc., Vidalia, GA, 1961
III.71 26Peoples Warehouse Company, Blakely, GA, 1960, 1962
III.71 27Pepper, Hon. Claude, 3rd District, Florida, 1964
III.71 28Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Albany, GA, W.H. Malphurs, 1963
III.71 29Perkins, Mr. Carroll J., 1961
III.71 30Perkins Freight Lines - Sanders, Clinton L., Owner, Atlanta, GA, 1964
III.71 31Perry, Mr. George, Jr., Camilla Cotton Oil Company, Camilla, GA, 1962-1963
III.71 32Perry, Mr. H.H., Jr., Attorney, Albany, GA, 1964
III.71 33Perry, Mr. H.O., 1962
III.71 34Peters, Mr. and Mrs. H.M., 1963
III.71 35Petroleum Council of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.71 36Pfost, Hon. Gracie, lst District, Idaho, 1962
III.71 37Phelps, Mr. Ferrell, 1962
III.71 38Phelps, Mr. James H., 1961
III.71 39Phillips, Mrs. Albert, 1962
III.71 40Phillips, Mr. Austin P., Tax Commissioner, Decatur County, Bainbridge, GA, 1958-1959, 1961, 1963
III.71 41Phillips, Mr. James W., Jr., 1961
III.71 42Phillips-Jester Post 4904, Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Bainbridge, GA, 1964
III.71 43Phillips, John T., Jr., Lilliston Implement Company, Albany, GA, 1962
III.71 44Phillips, John T., Sr., Albany, GA, 1960-1963
III.71 45Phillips, Mr. Rassie L., 1963
III.71 46Phillips, Mr. W.H., 1962
III.71 47Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Albany, GA, n.d.
III.71 48Piatek, Mr. Eugene, 1964
III.71 49Pidcock, F.R., III, Pidcock Tobacco Warehouses, Moultrie, GA, 1962-1963
III.71 50Pierce, Mrs. E.W., 1963-1964
III.71 51Pierce, W.T., 1956-1957, 1959, 1961
III.71 52Piggly Wiggly Southern, Inc., Vidalia, GA, 1957, 1960, 1963
III.71 53Pilcher, Crawford L., 1960, 1964
III.71 54Pilcher, Mr. John E., Jr., Panama City, Florida, 1960-1961
III.71 55Pilcher, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Jacksonville, Florida, 1962
III.71 56Pilcher, W. Wyman, Marietta, GA, 1959, 1961
III.71 57Piper, Mrs. Josephine Pilcher, 1960
III.71 58Pippin, C.M., 1957, 1962
III.71 59Pippin, Mr. W.L., 1961-1964
III.71 60Pirrung, Mr. G.R., 1961-1963
III.71 61Pittman, Drs. C.S., Sr. and C.S., Jr., 1959, 1962
III.71 62Pittman, Mr. H.F., 1963
III.71 63Pittman, Mr. Ross H., Jr., 1959, 1962
III.71 64Plantation Services, Albany, GA, 1962
III.71 65Plowden, E.J., 1961-1963
III.71 66Pointevint, Mr. Seaborn R., 1964
III.71 67Pollard, Thomas Clyde, 1964
III.71 68Pollock, Mrs. John T., 1963
III.72 1Ponder, Mrs. J.G., Jr., 1962
III.72 2Poole, Mr. Harry L., 1961
III.72 3Poole, Mr. William M., 1961-1962
III.72 4Pope, Mr. B.H., 1963
III.72 5Pope, Mr. Frank S., 1960-1961
III.72 6Pope, Mr. S.J., Jr., 1962-1963
III.72 7Porter, Miss Charlotte, 1961
III.72 8Porter, Mrs. David L., 1964
III.72 9Porter, Mrs. E.B., 1964
III.72 10Porter, Mr. Joseph Richard, III, 1961
III.72 11Porter, Mr. Sam, 1962
III.72 12Post Office Department, Atlanta, GA, 1962
III.72 13Potts, Mr. Albert, 1963-1964
III.72 14Poulan, GA, City of, 1963-1964
III.72 15Powell, Mr. John C., Prudential Insurance Company, Colquitt, GA, 1962
III.72 16Powell, Mr. John D., Arlington, Virginia, 1963
III.72 17Powell, Mr. Oscar, Albany, GA, 1962
III.72 18Powell, Mrs. Oscar, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.72 19Powell, Mr. R.E., 1962
III.72 20Powell, Mr. William C., 1962-1963
III.72 21Price, Miss Linda Marie, 1963
III.72 22Pritchard, Mr. C.R., 1963
III.72 23Pritchett, C.B., 1961-1963
III.72 24Pritchett, Mr. Jimmy, 1962
III.72 25Puckett and Pierce, James L. Pierce, Accountants, Albany, GA, 1960-1961
III.72 26Quattlebaum, Miss Virginia, 1961-1962
III.72 27Rabenstein, Jerry Wayne, 1962
III.72 28Rachaels, Miss Ronda and brother, Mr. Robert (students), 1964
III.72 29Radase, Mr. Thomas L., 1963
III.72 30Radio Station WTVM, Columbus, GA, 1961
III.72 31Radio Station WWGS, Tifton, GA, 1960, 1963
III.72 32Radio Station WRDW and TV Station Channel 12, Augusta, GA, 1961
III.72 33Ragan, Mrs. W., 1962
III.72 34Ragland, Miss Sara, 1960
III.72 35Raiford, William (Bill), 1959, 1961, 1963
III.72 36Rainey, Hon. Howard, Georgia State Reprsentative, Crisp County, Cordele, GA, 1964
III.72 37Ramsey, Mr. Bill, 1962
III.72 38Ranew, Miss Gloria, 1962
III.72 39Rankin, Mrs. Harvey W., 1964
III.72 40Rappa, Miss Susan, 1962
III.72 41Ratcliffe, T.J., 1962-1963
III.72 42Rawls, Grady, 1960, 1962
III.73 1Rhodes, Mr. Carl, 1962
III.73 2Rhodes, Mr. Franklin, 1961-1962
III.73 3Richards, C.F., 1961
III.73 4Richards, Miss Juliet, 1962
III.73 5Ricks, Mr. Robert G., 1962
III.73 6Rigdon, Sam T., 1956, 1961
III.73 7Riley, Mr. Albert, 1961
III.73 8Rinehart, Mr. O.C., 1962
III.73 9Rivers, Mr. James S., 1962
III.73 10Roberts, Mr. John L., 1964
III.73 11Roberts, Mr. Oscar M., 1961
III.73 12Roberts, Mr. Wilson, 1962
III.73 13Robins Air Force Base, GA, 1961
III.73 14Robinson, Mr. Arthur R., 1961, 1963
III.73 15Robinson, Mr. Kenneth, 1963
III.73 16Robinson, Tony L., 1964
III.73 17Robinson, Mr. W.H., Inc., 1961-1962
III.73 18Robison, Mr. Lanny, 1962-1963
III.73 19Rocco, Mr. Joseph, 1961
III.73 20Rockel, Mr. W.M., Rockel Frozen Foods, Thomasville, GA, 1957-1962
III.73 21Rod and Gun Club, Marine Corps Supply Center, Albany, GA, 1962
III.73 22Roddenbery, J.B., 1955, 1961-1963
III.73 23Rodgers, W. Ralph, 1962-1963
III.73 24Roland, Mrs. Jerry, 1962
III.73 25Roosevelt, Franklin D., Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1962
III.73 26Rosemond, Miss Lillian, 1961
III.73 27Rosenberg, Mr. H.B., 1961
III.73 28Roses Stores, Inc., Henderson, North Carolina, 1963-1964
III.73 29Rossman, Miss Nell, 1961
III.73 30Rotary Club of Pelham, GA, H.C. Harris, President, 1961-1962
III.73 31Rothstein, Mr. Bennie, 1962
III.73 32Royal, Arnie, 1962
III.73 33Royal Poultry Company, Camilla, GA, 1959-1961, 1963
III.73 34Rucker, Mrs. Will, 1962
III.73 35Rules Committee, Enlargement, undated
III.73 36File I, Approval Letters and Telegrams, 1960-1961
III.73 37File II, Disapproval Letters and Telegrams, Out of District, undated
III.73 38Letters, Copies of Mr. Pilcher's Form Letter, 1960-1961
III.73 39Rural Electrification Administration, Washigton, D.C., 1961-1962
III.73 40Russell, Mrs. Marian B., 1962-1964
III.73 41Russell, Mr. Willard L., Attorney, Houston, Texas, 1961
III.73 42Salyers, Mr. Robert K., 1963
III.73 43Sample, Miss Carolyn, 1963
III.73 44Sanders, Hon. Carl E., Governor of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1962-1964
III.73 45Sanders, Miss Patsy, 1961
III.73 46Sanders, Mr. Tim, 1963
III.74 1Sandison, Arthur 0., 1964
III.74 2Sapp, Mrs. Lillie Mae, President, Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary, Tifton, GA, 1963
III.74 3Sartor, Mr. James R., Jr., 1963
III.74 4Sasser, Mr. Winston, 1961, 1963
III.74 5Sasser, Mr. William D., 1963
III.74 6Sauve, Mr. Alfred D., 1962
III.74 7Savannah Electric and Power Company, Savannah, GA, 1961
III.74 8Savannah River Development, 1961
III.74 9Savannah River Plant, 1963
III.74 10Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation, Savannah, GA, 1962
III.74 11Savelle, Mr. Julian, 1964
III.74 12Scarbour, Mr. W.E., 1963
III.74 13Scholts, Miss El Donna, 1962
III.74 14School, Extra Copies of High School Certificates and Letters for High School Graduates, n.d.
III.74 15School, Graduates, - 2nd District, Georgia, 1964
III.74 16School, Graduates, - 2nd District, Georgia, 1963
III.74 17School, Graduates, - 2nd District, Georgia, 1962 and 1963
III.74 18School, High School Lists, Seniors, - 2nd District, Georgia, 1961
III.74 19Schools, Albany, GA, Schools, Requests, 1959, 1961-1964
III.74 20Schools, Arlington High School, Arlington, GA, 1959, 1963
III.74 21Schools, Bainbridge, GA, Requests, 1959-1961
III.74 22Schools, Baker County High School, Newton, GA, 1957, 1960, 1963
III.74 23Schools, Baker County - School Lunchroom, Newton, GA, 1964
III.74 24Schools, Blakely-Union High School, Blakely, GA, 1961-1962
III.74 25Schools, Boston, GA, Requests, 1961, 1963
III.74 26Schools, Cairo, GA, 1960-1961
III.74 27Schools, Calhoun County Schools, Morgan, GA, 1963-1964
III.74 28Schools, Camilla, GA, 1957, 1960-1961, 1963
III.74 29Schools, Colquitt County Schools, Moultrie, GA, Mr. Ray Bryant, Superintendent, 1961-1963
III.74 30Schools, Decatur County, Bainbridge, GA, 1960, 1962-1963
III.74 31Schools, Doerun, GA, J.C. Fincher, Principal, 1964
III.74 32Schools, Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1961-1964
III.74 33Schools, Funston, GA, 1961
III.75 1Schools, Meigs High, Meigs, GA, 1961
III.75 2Schools, Miller County, Colquitt, GA, 1960-1961
III.75 3Schools, Mitchell County High School, Camilla, GA, 1962
III.75 4Schools, Moultrie, GA, Cox Elementary, 1962-1964
III.75 5Schools, Moultrie, GA, E.V. Whelcher, Superintendent, 1961-1964
III.75 6Schools, Moultrie, GA, Miss Merle M. Baker, Teacher of American History, 1962
III.75 7Schools, Moultrie High - Moultrie Junior High, 1960-1961, 1963
III.75 8Schools, Norman Park School, Norman Park, GA, Requests, 1964
III.75 9Schools, Outside 2nd District, Requests, 1960, 1962
III.75 10Schools, Pelham Public Schools, Pelham, GA, 1962-1963
III.75 11Schools, Thomas County, Thomasville, GA, 1961
III.75 12Schools, Thomasville, GA, 1961, 1963-1964
III.75 13Schools, Tift County, Requests, 1961, 1964
III.75 14Schools, Worth County, Sylvester, GA, 1961-1964
III.75 15Scoggins, Mr. Bruce T., 1960, 1962
III.75 16Scott, Mr. Albert E., 1961
III.75 17Scott, Mr. C.A., 1960-1962
III.75 18Scott, Fred, Jr., 1960-1961, 1963
III.75 19Scott, Fred, Sr., 1963
III.75 20Scott, Walter U., 1956-1959, 1963
III.75 21Sculley, Miss Paula, 1963
III.75 22Seaboard Air Line Railroad Company, Norfolk, VA and Richmond, VA, 1955, 1959, 1961-1962
III.75 23Searcy, Mrs. Carol V., 1958, 1962-1963
III.75 24Sears, George, 1961, 1963
III.75 25Seay, Mr. Lewis E., 1963
III.75 26Second District Rural Letter Carriers Association, Moultrie, GA, 1961
III.75 27Secrest, Mr. Pratt, 1963
III.75 28Secretary of State, Washington, D.C., 1963
III.75 29Sell, Mr. E.W., 1961, 1963
III.75 30Sellers, John A., 1964
III.75 31Sellers, Mr. William, 1962
III.75 32Selective Service - Colquitt County, Moultrie, GA, 1962
III.75 33Seminole Telephone Company, Donalsonville, GA, 1962
III.75 34Settles, Mr. W.J., 1961
III.75 35Sheffield, John E., Jr., 1961-1962
III.75 36Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Joe M., 1956, 1964
III.75 37Shepard, Mr. John L., Jr., 1959-1960, 1963-1964
III.75 38Shepard, Mr. Louis, 1960, 1963
III.75 39Shepard, Mr. Winston, 1962-1963
III.75 40Shepherd, Mr. Robert, 1963
III.75 41Sherrod, Larry, 1963
III.75 42Shingler, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Jr., 1959, 1961
III.75 43Shirah, Miss Judy, 1962
III.75 44Shiver, Miss Lanie, 1964
III.75 45Shuler, Mrs. Nadine, 1961
III.75 46Sibley, Mr. John A., Trust Company of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1961
III.75 47Simpson, Douglas, 1963
III.75 48Simpson, Lt. Colonel R.P., 1961
III.75 49Sing Oil Company, Inc., Pelham, GA, 1961
III.75 50Singletary, A.J., 1962-1963
III.75 51Singletary, Mr. Clarence, 1962
III.75 52Singletary Farms, Jack Farmer, Blakely, GA, 1963
III.75 53Singletary, Mr. and Mrs. Jack, 1963
III.75 54Singletary, Mrs. Lee, 1962
III.75 55Singletary, Mr. and Mrs. Len, 1963-1964
III.75 56Singletary, Lewis Hall, 1955, 1959, 1960
III.75 57Singletary, R.C., Jr., Singletary Farms, Blakely, GA, 1960-1964
III.75 58Singletary, Mrs. Richard L., 1963
III.75 59Singletary, Mr. R.P., 1963
III.75 60Singletary, Terrell, 1958, 1961, 1963
III.75 61Skyline Motel and Restaurant, Tifton, GA, 1962
III.75 62Slappey, Mr. Robert, 1963-1964
III.75 63Slappey, Mr. T.G., Sr., 1963
III.75 64Sloan, Mrs. J.R., 1959, 1964
III.75 65Sloane, Mrs. G.K., 1956, 1964
III.75 66Sloane, Mrs.Thomas J., 1963
III.75 67Slocumb, Mr. B.B., 1960-1961, 1964
III.75 68Small Business Administration, Washington, D.C., 1958, 1962-1963
III.75 69Smith, Mr. A. Edward, Attorney, Columbus, GA, 1961
III.75 70Smith, Mr. Agnew, 1961, 1963-1964
III.75 71Smith, Mr. C.D., 1963
III.75 72Smith, Mr. C. Milton, 1963
III.75 73Smith, Mr. C.O., Jr., C.O. Smith Guano Company, Moultrie, GA, 1958-1960, 1963-1964
III.75 74Smith, Mr. Charles E., 1964
III.76 1Smith, E.E., 1959, 1963
III.76 2Smith, Mr. Edwin T., 1961-1964
III.76 3Smith, Ernest G., 1958-1959, 1962
III.76 4Smith, Hon. Frank E., 3rd District, Mississippi, 1962
III.76 5Smith, George T., 1959-1961
III.76 6Smith, Mr. H.J., 1961
III.76 7Smith, Miss Judith Wren, 1964
III.76 8Smith, Mrs. Mamie Ola, 1962
III.76 9Smith, Mrs. Mary Anne, 1961
III.76 10Smith, Miss Ophelia, 1964
III.76 11Smith, Mr. Sam P., 1963
III.76 12Smith, Mrs. Tom, 1961
III.76 13Smith, Mr. Wendell M., 1961
III.76 14Smith, Mr. William Stuart, 1962
III.76 15Smoak, Mr. G.W., 1958, 1961-1962
III.76 16Snyder, Mr. F.A., 1962
III.76 17Snyder, Mr. J.R., 1958, 1961, 1964
III.76 18Social List of Washington, D.C., 1964
III.76 19Soil Conservation, Alapaha Soil Conservation District, Valdosta, GA, 1962-1963
III.76 20Soil Conservation, Macon, GA, 1962
III.76 21Soil Conservation, Middle South Georgia District, Tifton, GA, 1960, 1962-1963
III.76 22Sollami, Mr. S.R., 1961
III.76 23South Georgia Natural Gas Company, Thomasville, GA, 1960, 1962
III.76 24Southeastern Cottonseed Crushers Association, Dawson, GA, 1961
III.76 25Southeastern Peanut Advisory Committee, Tifton, GA, 1963
III.76 26Southeastern Peanut Association, Americus, GA, 1962
III.76 27Southern Airways Company, Atlanta, GA, 1960-1963
III.76 28Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, Albany, GA, 1961, 1963
III.76 29Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, Atlanta, GA, 1960, 1963
III.76 30Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, Thomasville, GA, 1962
III.76 31Southern Grain Insects Research Laboratory, Tifton, GA, 1962
III.76 32Southern Land Timber and Pulp Corporation, Richland, GA, 1961
III.76 33Southern Railway System, Washington, D.C., 1963
III.76 34Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, Southern Textile News, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1960
III.76 35Southern Turf Nurseries, Tifton, GA, 1959, 1962
III.76 36Southwest Georgia Medical Society, Arlington, GA, 1962
III.76 37Spadine, Mrs. Opal, 1964
III.76 38Spence, Mr. Carroll, 1961
III.76 39Spence Field, Moultrie, GA, 1963
III.76 40Spence, Mr. H.T., Spence-Geiger Company, Albany, GA, 1963
III.76 41Spence Oldsmobile, Inc., Mr. Ernest Spence, President, Thomasville, GA, 1962
III.76 42Spence, Miss Susie, 1960
III.76 43Spence, Miss Toy, 1962
III.76 44Spooner, Mrs. Ella, 1962
III.76 45Spooner, Mr. J.M., 1963
III.76 46Spooner, Mr. N.L., 1962
III.76 47Spooner, Mr. Stephen 0., 1960
III.76 48Stacy, Mr. L.D., 1960
III.76 49Stahlecker, Mr. Robert R., 1960
III.76 50Stallings, Mr. L.R., 1961
III.76 51Stamps, 1958-1964
III.76 52Stanaland, Mr. R.Y. (Vonnie), 1964
III.76 53State Department, Washington, D.C., 1961-1962, 1964
III.76 54State Veterans Service, Brunswick, GA, 1962
III.76 55States Rights Council of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1960, 1962
III.76 56Stationary Accounts, 1961-1964
III.76 57Stationary Supply, Our Office, 1961-1964
III.76 58Stegall, Mr. Ivan B., Jr., 1963
III.76 59Stembridge, Mr. W.D., 1963
III.77 1Stephens, Mrs. A.C., 1963
III.77 2Stephens, Mr. Albert J., 1962
III.77 3Stephens, Mr. Luther Max, 1962-1964
III.77 4Stephens, Hon. Robert G., Jr., 10thDistrict, Georgia (Athens), 1961-1963
III.77 5Sterne, Mr. Lee, 1962
III.77 6Stetson, Mr. and Mrs. R.M., 1961
III.77 7Stevens Industries, Inc., Dawson, GA, 1961-1962
III.77 8Stewart, Mr. Horace P., 1961
III.77 9Stewart, Mrs. J. Furman, Leader, Dogwood Girl Scout Troop 130, Thomasville, GA, 1962
III.77 10Stewart, Mr. Keith, 1963
III.77 11Stewart, Mrs. Marie H., 1964
III.77 12Still, Mr. J.C., 1963
III.77 13Still, Miss Kay, 1962
III.77 14Stocking, Dr. Bruce W., 1962
III.77 15Stone, Miss Laura, 1964
III.77 16Story, W.M., 1963
III.77 17Strickland, Mr. Bruce L., 1961
III.77 18Strickland, Mr. Grady, 1961
III.77 19Strickland, Mrs. James Hall, 1963
III.77 20Stiplin, Miss Judy, 1964
III.77 21Stroud, Mr. James M., 1962
III.77 22Stubbs, Mr. D.M., 1961-1963
III.77 23Stubbs, Mr. James B., 1963
III.77 24Suddath, Miss Alicia, 1963
III.77 25Suleiman, Mr. David P., 1963
III.77 26Sullivan, Mr. W.J., 1960-1961
III.77 27Summerford, Mr. John, 1962
III.77 28Sumner Door Corporation, Sumner, GA, 1963-1964
III.77 29Sumner, Georgia, City of - Hon. W.A. Hatcher, Mayor, 1962-1963
III.77 30Sumner, Mr. Paul, 1963
III.77 31Sumner, Mr. Roy H., 1963
III.77 32Sunnyland Packing Company, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.77 33Sutlive, Mr. John, Editor, Savannah News, Savannah, GA, 1962
III.77 34Sutlive, Kirk, Union Bag-Camp Paper Corporation, Savannah, GA, 1963
III.77 35Sutton, Mr. Frank, 1963
III.77 36Sutton, Mr. George M., 1961
III.77 37Sutton, W.A., Director, Agricultural Extension Service, Athens, GA, 1960, 1963
III.77 38Swain, Mr. W.F., 1960-1961
III.77 39Sweeny, Mr. Dial F., 1962-1963
III.77 40Swicord, Mr. J.B., 1961
III.77 41Swift and Company, Mr. R.J. Perry, Moultrie, GA, 1963-1964
III.77 42Swift, John H., 1962
III.77 43Swords, Mr. Jimmy, 1962
III.77 44Sylvester Seed Company, Sylvester, GA, 1962
III.77 45Symington, Senator Stuart of Missouri, 1959-1960, 1962
III.77 46Sympathy Letter List, 1961-1964
III.77 47Sympathy Letters, 1961-1963
III.77 48Tabb, Hon. Buck, Georgia State Representative, Miller County, Colquitt, GA, 1961
III.77 49Tabb, Mrs. D.R., 1963-1964
III.77 50Tabb, Mr. W.F., Sheriff, Miller County, Colquitt, GA, 1961
III.77 51Taliaferro, Mr. Kenneth S., 1961-1962
III.77 52Talmadge, Senator Herman of Georgia, 1960-1962
III.77 53Tanner, J.C., 1961
III.77 54Tatum, Miss Bonnie, 1964
III.77 55Tatum, Mr. Frank, 1963
III.77 56Taylor, Mr. C.D., 1962
III.77 57Taylor, Mr. C.E., Jr., 1960
III.77 58Taylor, Mr. C.W., 1960
III.77 59Taylor, Mr. Lewis, 1961
III.77 60Taylor, Mrs. Margie L., 1963
III.77 61Taylor, Miss Nancy, 1960-1961
III.77 62Taylor, Mr. Perry, 1962
III.77 63Teaster, Mr. Dean, 1962
III.77 64Tedder, Mr. James, 1961
III.77 65Telegrams, 1963-1964
III.77A 1Telegraph Bills, 1964
III.77A 2Telegraph Bills, 1963
III.77A 3Telegraph Bills, 1962
III.77A 4Telegraph Bills, 1961
III.77A 5Telephone and Telegraph Statements, 1960-1961
III.77A 6Telephone Statements, 1962-1964
III.77A 7Temple, Mr. Billy, 1963
III.77A 8Templies, Miss Sue, 1964
III.77A 9Tennyson, Mr. Walter, 1962-1963
III.77A 10Terry, Mr. Carl, 1964
III.77A 11Textile Imports, 1960-1963
III.78 1Thomas County Commissioner of Roads and Revenue, Thomasville, GA, 1961
III.78 2Thomas County Court House, Thomasville, GA, 1964
III.78 3Thomas County 4-H Club, Thomasville, GA, 1964
III.78 4Thomas, Mrs. Doris, 1964
III.78 5Thomas, R.H., Jr., 1960
III.78 6Thomas, Rev. Willie F., 1964
III.78 7Thomas, Mr. William W., 1962
III.78 8Thomas, Mr. W,R., Jr., 1961, 1963
III.78 9Thomasville Association of Independent Insurance Agents, Thomasville, GA, 1960
III.78 10Thomasville, Georgia, City of, 1960-1961, 1964
III.78 11Thomasville, Georgia, Industrial Promotion and Expansion, 1961-1962
III.78 12Thomasville High School Band, Mr. Jim Keyton, 1960
III.78 13Thomasville Ice and Manufacturing Company, Mr. J.W. Keating, Thomasville, GA, 1961
III.78 14Thomasville Rose Show, Thomasville, GA, 1960-1963
III.78 15Thomasville Weather Bureau, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.78 16Thompson, Rev. Clyde, 1964
III.78 17Thompson, Mr. C.R., 1960
III.78 18Thompson, Mr. Lamar, 1963
III.78 19Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert D., Jr., 1962-1963
III.78 20Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert D., Jr., 1962-1963
III.78 21Thornton, Mr. Tommy, 1962
III.78 22Thornton, Mr. W.L., 1962
III.78 23Three Notch Electric Membership Corporation, Donalsonville, GA, 1960, 1962-1963
III.78 24Thurman, Marjorie C., 1963
III.78 25Tift County Commissioners, Mr. W.C. McCormick, Chairman, Tifton, GA, 1961
III.78 26Tift County, County Agricultural Agent William H. Pool, Tifton, GA, 1956, 1959, 1962
III.78 27Tift County Hospital Authority, Tifton, GA, 1963
III.78 28Tift County Medical Society, Tifton, GA, 1962
III.78 29Tifton, City of, Tifton, GA, 1959-1961
III.78 30Tifton Cotton Mills, Tifton, GA, 1961
III.78 31Tifton Printing Company, Ralph Edwards, 1964
III.78 32Tifton, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Crops Research Division (Mr. Robert Toler), Tifton, GA, 1962
III.78 33Timberlake, Miss Betty, 1961-1962
III.78 34Timmons, James M., 1960
III.78 35Toastmasters Club, Albany, GA, 1961
III.78 36Tobacco Program, 1960, 1962
III.78 37Tours - Information, 1962
III.78 38Townsend, H.P., 1960
III.78 39Trapnell, Mr. Gail, 1962
III.78 40Treasury Department, Washington, D.C., 1960
III.78 41Trotman, Mr. Earl, 1962
III.78 42Trotters Shoals Dam, 1963
III.78 43Trulock, Miss Goldie, 1962
III.78 44Trulock, Paul 1961,, 1964
III.78 45Tuck, Mr. and Mrs. W. Gerald, 1961-1962
III.78 46Tucker, William E., 1964
III.78 47Tully, Mr. Glen, 1961
III.78 48Tully, Mr. W. Glen, 1961
III.78 49Turk, J.L., 1963
III.78 50Turnbull, Mr. Gus, III, 1963
III.78 51Turner Air Force Base, Albany, GA, 1962, 1964
III.78 52Turner, Bill, 1962
III.78 53Turner, Luther, 1959, 1961-1962
III.78 54Turner, Mr. M.W., Jr., 1962
III.78 55Turner, Mr. Otis, 1963
III.78 56Turner, Mr. Roland A., 1961
III.78 57Turry, Miss Drucilla, 1963
III.78 58Tuten, Mr. James L., 1961
III.78 59Tuten, Hon. J. Russell, 8thDistrict, Georgia (Brunswick), 1962
III.78 60Tweed, Mr. Alfred, 1961
III.78 61Twin Pines Farm, Mr. Cedric R. Toms, Ty Ty, GA, 1963
III.78 62Tyson, Miss Christine, 1960
III.78 63Tyson, Mr. E.J., 1961
III.78 64Tyson, Miss Gayle, 1963
III.78 65Ty Ty Farm Bureau Chapter, Ty Ty, GA, 1963
III.78 66Ty Ty, Georgia, Town of, 1962
III.79 1Underwood, Dom R., 1960
III.79 2Union Bag-Camp Paper Corporation, Savannah, GA, 1963
III.79 3United Federation of Postal Clerks, Local 1377, Albany, GA, 1961-1962, 1964
III.79 4United Federation of Postal Clerks, Forest Park, GA (Georgia Branch Office), 1963
III.79 5United Fund of Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1964
III.79 6United Papermakers and Paperworkers, Southern Regional Office, Mobile, Alabama, 1960
III.79 7United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Washington, D.C., 1963
III.79 8Upchurch, Mr. J.S., 1960
III.79 9Upton, Mr. Gerald, 1960
III.79 10Usry, Henry W., 1960-1961
III.79 11V.A. (Veterans Administration) Domiciliary, Thomasville, GA, 1962-1964
III.79 12Valli, Mr. Vincent, 1962
III.79 13Vancise, Mr. W.M. Albany Holly and Pecan Company, Albany, GA, 1963
III.79 14Vandiver, Hon. Ernest, Governor of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, 1959-1962
III.79 15Van Hout, Mr. Bui, Saigon, Vietnam, 1961
III.79 16Van Landingham, Mr. Richard, 1964
III.79 17Vann, B.Y., United Van Lines, Inc., Thomasville, GA, 1960-1962
III.79 18Vann, Mr. E.J Sr., 1962
III.79 19Varn, Mr. J.C. (Heddie), 1962
III.79 20Varnadoe, Mrs. Marie Virginia Bynum, 1963
III.79 21Varner, Mr. W.H., 1962
III.79 22Vaughan, Miss Hilda, 1961
III.79 23Veal, Mrs. Guy H., Sr., 1963
III.79 24Ventura, Mr. Peter, 1962
III.79 25Vereen, Mr. Eugene M., Jr., 1963
III.79 26Vereen, T.J., 1957, 1964
III.79 27Vereen, W.C., Jr., 1959-1964
III.79 28Veterans Administration, Personnel Directory, Georgia, 1962
III.79 29Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., 1958-1959, 1961, 1953
III.79 30Veterans of Foreign Wars, Auxiliaries, Georgia, 1963
III.79 31Veterans of Foreign Wars, Auxiliary, Albany, GA, 1961
III.79 32Veterans of Foreign Wars, Auxiliary, Bainbridge, GA, 1962-1964
III.79 33Veterans of Foreign Wars, Auxiliary, Thomasville, GA, 1963
III.79 34Veterans of Foreign Wars, Bainbridge, GA, 1963
III.79 35Veterans of Foreign Wars, Camilla, GA, 1961
III.79 36Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ladies Auxiliary, Bainbridge, GA, 1962-1963
III.79 37Veterans of Foreign Wars, Thomaston, GA, 1964
III.79 38Veterans of World War I, U.S.A., 1957, 1961-1963
III.79 39Vickery, Mr. Robert, 1961
III.79 40Viking Distillery, Inc., Albany, GA, 1961
III.79 41Vincent, Miss Annie Ray, 1964
III.79 42Vining, Captain, National Guard, Albany, GA, 1963
III.79 43Vinson, Hon. Carl, 6th District, Georgia (Milledgeville), 1961, 1963
III.79 44Vocational Agriculture Instructor, Mr. E.S. Mills, Tifton, GA, 1962
III.79 45Wainer, Mr. D.S., 1962
III.79 46Wakeford, Hon. Don, Mayor Pro Tem, Albany, GA, 1957, 1963
III.79 47Wald, Mr. Allen, 1962
III.79 48Walden, S.C., 1961-1962
III.79 49Walden, Mr. Tommy, 1964
III.79 50Walker, Mr. Albert, 1960, 1962
III.79 51Walker, Mrs. Martha, 1963
III.79 52Walker, W.A., Jr., 1960
III.79 53Wall, Airman James Q., 1960
III.79 54Wallace, Mrs. Cecil, 1961
III.79 55Wallace, Mr. George C., Birmingham, Alabama, For Governor, 1962
III.79 56Wallace, Miss Grace, 1962
III.79 57Wallace, Mrs. L.R., 1963
III.79 58Warburg, Mrs. John, 1961
III.79 59Ward, Mr. H. Thomas, 1960
III.79 60Ward, Mr. Marl C., Jr., 1961
III.79 61Ward, T.A., Chairman, Gator Bowl Game, Albany, GA, 1961
III.79 62Ward, Thruman, Clerk, Majority Room, U.S. House of Representatives, 1961-1964
III.79 63Water Pollution, Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Basin, 1964
III.79 64Waters, Mr. Richard, 1964
III.79 65Watkins, Mrs. Annie H., 1963
III.79 66Watkins, Hon., Jim Porter, Mayor of Albany, GA, 1963
III.79 67Watkins Motor Line, Thomasville, GA, 1960-1961, 1963
III.80 1Watson, Mr. Cook, 1961
III.80 2Watson, Mr. E.J., 1960
III.80 3Watson, Hon. G. Stuart, Georgia State Representative, Dougherty County, Albany, GA, 1960-1961
III.80 4Watson, Mr. Jack, 1963
III.80 5Watson, Lloyd D., 1959-1961, 1963
III.80 6Watson-Scott Company, Thomasville, GA, 1961-1964
III.80 7Watt, Mrs. Charles, n.d.
III.80 8Watt, Dr. Charles H., Jr., 1962
III.80 9Watt, Dr. James, Thomasville, GA (For Surgeon General), 1961
III.80 10Watt, Mr. R., Jr., 1963
III.80 11Watt, William A., 1960-1961, 1963-1964
III.80 12Watt, Mrs. W.A., 1962-1963
III.80 13Wax Museum, Washington, D.C., 1961
III.80 14Way, Mr. Jesse, 1959, 1963
III.80 15Weant, Mr. E.W., Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Domestic Affairs, 1961-1962
III.80 16Weather Service, Agricultural, For Southwest Georgia, Southeast Alabama, and Central Northwest Florida, 1961-1964
III.80 17Webb, Mr. Andy, 1963
III.80 18Webb, Mr. Fred, Tax Commissioner, Moultrie, GA, 1961
III.80 19Webb, Julian, Georgia State Senator, 11th District, Donalsonville, 1961-1964
III.80 20Weeks, Mr. R.C., 1962
III.80 21Wein, Mr. Charles, 1962
III.80 22Wells, Mr. W.F., 1962
III.80 23Wells, Mr. William R., 1964
III.80 24Weltner, Hon. Charles L., 5th District, Georgia (Atlanta), 1963
III.80 25Wentworth, Miss Jane, 1961
III.80 26Wesley Construction Company, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.80 27Wesleyan College, Citizens Committee for Preservation of Old Wesleyan, Inc., Macon, GA, 1962
III.80 28Wesberry, Mr. James P., Georgia State Senator, 37th District, Atlanta, 1963
III.80 29West, Mr. David. G., 1960, 1963
III.80 30West Point Manufacturing Company, Columbus, GA, 1962
III.80 31Westberry, Mr. and Mrs. M.H., 1962
III.80 32Western Auto Stores, Mr. E.W. Brinson, Cairo, GA, 1960
III.80 33Westwood, Mrs. F.B., 1961
III.80 34Wetherbee, Ernest, Jr., 1962-1963
III.80 35Wetherbee, Mrs. F.P., 1963
III.80 36Whaite, Wilbur J., 1960
III.80 37Whatley, Mr. Julian M., 1962
III.80 38Wheat, 1963
III.80 39Wheeler, Mr. Charles D., Attorney, Decatur, GA, 1962
III.80 40Wheeler, Mr. John L., 1964
III.80 41Wheeler, Mr. Joseph W., 1961
III.80 42Wheeler, Pete, Director, (Georgia) State Department of Veterans Service, Atlanta, GA, 1961-1964
III.80 43Whiddon, Mr. Harold, Whiddon Moving and Storage, Tifton, GA, 1964
III.80 44Whiddon, Mrs. W.N., 1961
III.80 45White, Edward S., Attorney, Atlanta, GA, 1960
III.80 46White, Mr. Guy, 1964
III.80 47White, Mr. W.O., 1961
III.80 48The White House, Washington, D.C., 1961-1962, 1964
III.80 49Whitehead, Mr. A.G., 1961
III.80 50Whitehead, Mrs. Evelyn, 1964
III.80 51Whitfield, Mrs. Frances P., 1962
III.81 1Whiting, J. Deming, 1960-1963
III.81 2Whiting, Mrs. Ruby, (colored) n.d.
III.81 3Whitman, Mrs. C. Lewis, 1962
III.81 4Widner, Mr. Irving, 1962
III.81 5Wiggins, Mrs. H.J. 1961, 1961
III.81 6Wiggins, Mr. and Mrs. M.M., Sr., 1963
III.81 7Wiggins, Mr. T.N., 1962, 1964
III.81 8Wight, Miss Harriet, 1962
III.81 9Wight, John B., 1955, 1959, 1961-1963
III.81 10Wilder, L.B., 1956, 1961
III.81 11Wilkerson, Mr. A.D., 1962
III.81 12Wilkerson, Mr. William Larry, 1963
III.81 13Wiley, Mrs. Inah Torbert, 1961
III.81 14Williams, Mr. Douglas E., 1964
III.81 15Williams, Mr. Duwane D., 1963
III.81 16Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Edge, 1964
III.81 17Williams, Ralph (deceased veteran), 1962
III.81 18Williams, Sid, 1962-1963