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John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Series I: Legislative

John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Series I: Legislative

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Series I: Legislative
Creator: Pilcher, John Leonard, 1898-1981.
Inclusive Dates: 1941-1976
Language(s): English
Extent: 26 box(es) (12.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL131JLP_I
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: John Leonard Pilcher Papers, I. Legislative series contains correspondence, bills, memoranda, news releases, reports, telegrams, and other printed material pertaining to legislation sponsored by Pilcher and other congressmen. There is some overlap with similar topics in the various subseries. There is also legislative correspondence filed by constituent name in the Miscellaneous series, which acts as a partial name cross-reference file to this and other series (for a more detailed explanation of this cross-referencing, see the description of III. Miscellaneous File). Topics include farming and small business practices, social security, postal rates, education, and taxation. There is also documentation of Pilchers activities as a member of the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy and Subcommittee on the Far East and the Pacific.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

John Leonard Pilcher was born in a two-room log cabin near Meigs, Georgia on August 27, 1898. Although Pilcher's father died when he was five, and Pilcher had to support his mother and two young sisters, he completed seven grades of public school and graduated from Massey Business College. In 1922, he married Dorothy Covington of Moultrie, Georgia. They had two sons: John Leonard, Jr., who in 1946, at the age of seventeen, was killed in a plane crash while serving as an ROTC air cadet at the University of Georgia; and Charles, who handled the family business while his father was in Washington.

Pilcher started working at the age of fifteen, and by the time he was twenty he was operating a small business. Involved in agricultural pursuits most of his life, Pilcher not only owned a farm, but expanded his holdings to include a general mercantile business, a fertilizer manufacturing plant, feed mill, corn elevator, cotton gins and warehouses, and a syrup canning plant. He was involved in many business organizations, such as the National Cotton Council and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and served as the director of the Thomas County PEA (production and marketing). He also became president of the Bank of Meigs, Georgia.

At the age of twenty--one, Pilcher was elected mayor of Meigs. During the years 1921 through 1940, he also served as a councilman and a public school trustee. In 1940, he was elected to represent the Seventh District in the Georgia State Senate. After his term expired in 1943, he returned to Meigs and was elected to the post of county commissioner of roads and revenue for Thomas County, a position he held from 1943 to 1947. During this same period he also served as a member of the Agricultural and Industrial Board for the county (1944-1948). From 1948 to 1949, Pilcher was the Supervisor of Purchases for the state of Georgia, serving under Governors Thompson and Arnall. In 1953, Edward Eugene Cox, the congressman representing the Second District, died and a special election was held to fill his seat. In spite of a large field of candidates and his late entrance into the race for the position, Pilcher won the seat in a hardworking campaign by a 2,000 vote margin over his nearest competitor.

Pilcher was a member of Congress from February 4, 1953 to January 3, 1965. He started on the House Committee on Government Operations, serving on the committee from 1953 to 1954. After an attempt to gain a seat on the House Agriculture Committee failed, he accepted a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he served from 1955 to 1964. He was a member of the Subcommittee on the Far East and the Pacific and became chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy. Twice, in 1959 and 1961, Pilcher went abroad with other members of the subcommittee on Special Study Missions to oversee U.S. economic and technical assistance programs.

Pilcher did not run for reelection in 1964. Instead, he retired from his congressional career and took the post of Southeastern Regional Director of the Office of Emergency Planning. Pilcher died on August 20, 1981, at the age of 82.

Scope and Content

The series contains correspondence, bills, memos, news releases, reports, telegrams, and other printed material pertaining to legislation sponsored by Pilcher and other congressmen. There is some overlap with similar topics in the various subseries. There is also legislative correspondence filed by constituent name in the Miscellaneous series, which acts as a partial name cross-reference file to this and other series (for a more detailed explanation of this cross-referencing, see the description of III. Miscellaneous File). Topics include farming and small business practices, social security, postal rates, education, and taxation. There is also documentation of Pilchers activities as a member of the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy and Subcommittee on the Far East and the Pacific.

Organization and Arrangement

The papers are organized into five subseries: A. Subject File, B. Foreign Affairs Committee, C. Copies, D. Bills, and E. Voting Record.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions

Series VII. Academies and VIII. Case Files are closed. Restricted files have been removed from II. Meigs Office, III. Miscellaneous File, and VI. Post Office and are housed separately from the rest of the collection.

Preferred Citation

John Leonard Pilcher Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia 30602-1641

Processing Notes

Scrapbooks, photographs, and artifacts were physically separated from the papers for preservation. Photographs were removed from scrapbooks wherever possible and replaced with Xerox copies.

User Restrictions

Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding aid prepared on: September 2008.

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Subject Terms

Agricultural laws and legislation
Civil rights movements -- United States.
Congressional records.
Legislators -- United States.
Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1960.
Press releases.
Small business -- Law and legislation -- United States.
United States -- Foreign relations -- Law and legislation.
United States. Congress -- Elections, 1953.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Legislative

26 box(es)
(12.75 linear feet)
The series contains correspondence, bills, memos, news releases, reports, telegrams, and other printed material pertaining to legislation sponsored by Pilcher and other congressmen. There is some overlap with similar topics in the various subseries. There is also legislative correspondence filed by constituent name in the Miscellaneous series, which acts as a partial name cross-reference file to this and other series (for a more detailed explanation of this cross-referencing, see the description of III. Miscellaneous File

A. Subject File

( 17 box(es) ) ( (8.5 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of constituents' letters dealing with various topics mainly concerned with farming and small business practices, although public issues such as social security, postal rates, education, and taxes are also common to the files. The subseries is arranged by year beginning with the earliest date first, arranged in four, and then two year increments (1953-1956, then 1957-1958, 1959-1960, etc.), then alphabetically by subject. Within each folder the correspondence, bills, newsletters, telegrams, memos, and other printed material are generally arranged chronologically. This subseries is cross-referenced by series III. Miscellaneous File, and a few of the folders contain notes that cross-index individual files.
I.A.1 1Amend Home Owners' Loan Act, 1955-1956
I.A.1 2Appropriations, Control of Gypsy Moth, 1956
I.A.1 3Appropriations, Dental Research, 1956
I.A.1 4Banking, Bank Holding Bill, 1955
I.A.1 5Bradley Committee Report, 1956
I.A.1 6Bricker Amendment, 1954, 1956
I.A.1 7Defense Appropriations Act, 1956
I.A.1 8Education, 1956
I.A.1 9Equal Rights for Women, 1956
I.A.1 10Farm Credit, 1956
I.A.1 11Federal Aid to Education, 1956
I.A.1 12Federal Construction Act, 1955-1956
I.A.1 13Foreign Affairs, 1953-1956
I.A.1 14Highway Bill, 1955
I.A.1 15Highway Program, 1954
I.A.1 16Hinshaw Bill, 1956
I.A.1 17Housing Bill, 1956
I.A.1 18Hoover Committee, 1956
I.A.1 19Legislative Daily, 1956
I.A.1 20Legislative File, 1955
I.A.1 21Mentally Retarded, 1955-1956
I.A.1 22Minimum Wage, 1955
I.A.1 23Monroney Bill, 1956
I.A.1 24Motor Carrier and Vehicles, 1956
I.A.1 25Organization for Trade Cooperation, 1956
I.A.1 26Post Office Committee, 1956
I.A.1 27Postal Pay, 1955
I.A.1 28Postal Rate Increase, 1955-1956
I.A.1 29Readjust Postal Classification on Educational and Cultural Materials, 1955-1956
I.A.1 30Request for Congressman Pilcher to Personally Introduce, 1955
I.A.1 31Robinson-Patman Act, 1954-1956
I.A.1 32Social Security, 1956
I.A.1 33Subscription T.V., 1955
I.A.1 34Transportation Bill, 1955
I.A.1 35Upper Colorado River Basin and Frying Pan Arkansas Project, 1956
I.A.1 36Veterans-H.R. 7918, 1956
I.A.1 37Veterans Affairs, H.R. 2867 (to raise pension of widows of Spanish-American War veterans), 1956
I.A.1 38H.R. 7886, 1956
I.A.1 39H.R. 9121, 1956
I.A.1 40Subcommittee on Interest Rate on Loans to Veterans, 1956
I.A.1 41War Increase, 1955
I.A.1 42Water Pollution Act, 1956
I.A.1 43Workmen's Compensation Bill, 1955
I.A.2 1Advertising Alcoholic Beverages in Interstate Commerce, 1958
I.A.2 2Agricultural Extension Employees, 1958
I.A.2 3Agriculture, 1958
I.A.2 4Airport Development, Federal Aid, 1958
I.A.2 5Alaska Statehood, 1958
I.A.2 6Appropriations, Agriculture, Field Tung Investigations, 1958
I.A.2 7Appropriations, Department of Labor, H.E.W. re: Building for National Institute for Dental Research, 1958
I.A.2 8Appropriations, Post Office, 1957
I.A.2 9Area Redevelopment Act, 1957-1958
I.A.2 10Armed Services, Cordiner Proposals, 1958
I.A.2 11Banking, Fiscal Inquiry, 1957
I.A.2 12Banking, Financial Institutions Act, 1958
I.A.2 13Baseball Bill, 1958
I.A.2 14Boating Safety on Navigable Waters, 1958
I.A.2 15Budget, 1957
I.A.2 16Federal Budget and Accounting Bill, 1958
I.A.2 17Civil Rights Act, 1957-1958
I.A.2 18Community Facilities Bill, 1958
I.A.2 19Cordiner Report, 1958
I.A.2 20Cotton Acreage Reserve Project, 1958
I.A.2 21Credit Unions, Investigation of, 1957
I.A.2 22Cross-Florida Barge Canal, 1958
I.A.2 23Defense Department Reorganization, 1958
I.A.2 24Education, Federal Aid To…;, 1957 -1958
I.A.2 25Education, Mentally Retarded, Funds for Research and Teachers, 1958
I.A.2 26Education, National Defense Education Act, Scholarships:, 1958
I.A.2 27Education, Public Laws Nos. 874 and 815:, 1958
I.A.2 28Education, Teachers' legal expenses, 1958
I.A.2 29Equal Rights, 1958
I.A.2 30Exchange of athletes, 1958
I.A.2 31Farm Bill, 1958
I.A.2 32Federal Employees, Increase Annuities, Retirement, 1956-1958
I.A.2 33Federal Employees, Life Insurance Fund, 1957
I.A.2 34Federal Employees, Raise, 1958
I.A.2 35Federal Employees, Retirement, Income taxable, 1958
I.A.2 36Federal Employees, allowing service credit, 1957-1958
I.A.2 37Federal Impacted Area School Bill, 1958
I.A.2 38Federal Trade Commission Act Amendments, 1958
I.A.2 39Fifty-Fifty Law Amendments, 1957
I.A.2 40Film Library Bill, 1958
I.A.2 41Fire Ant, Control of, 1957-1958
I.A.2 42Freight Charges, 1958
I.A.2 43Home Loan Guarantee Cooperation, 1958
I.A.2 44Housing Act, 1954-1955, 1957-1958
I.A.2 45Humane slaughter of livestock, 1957-1958
I.A.2 46Immigration Bill, 1957
I.A.2 47Import Duties on Jute or Yarns Used for Backing for Rugs and Carpets, undated
I.A.2 48Import Duties on Wool, 1958
I.A.2 49Including Georgia Policemen and Firemen under Social Security, 1957
I.A.2 50Interstate Commerce Act Amendments, 1957
I.A.2 51Labor, Employee Welfare Funds, 1958
I.A.2 52Labor, Kennedy-Ives Bill, 1958
I.A.2 53Labor, Right-to-Work Law, 1957
I.A.2 54Library, Designation of National Library Week, 1958
I.A.2 55Library, Library Services Act of 1959, 1958
I.A.2 56Library, Library Services Bill, 1955-1957
I.A.2 57Liquor, Advertising, 1956-1958
I.A.2 58Meat Packing Plants, 1957-1958
I.A.2 59Middle East Resolution, 1957
I.A.2 60Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act, 1958
I.A.2 61Military Pay Raise, 1958
I.A.3 1Milk Ordinance and Code, 1958
I.A.3 2Motor Carriers: Amend ICC Act re: Regulation, 1957-1958
I.A.3 3Motor Vehicles: Amend ICC Act, Filing of Documents, 1957
I.A.3 4Murray-Metcalf Bill, 1958
I.A.3 5Mutual Security Act of 1954, Amended 1958, 1958
I.A.3 6National Guard Program, 1957-1958
I.A.3 7National Security Act, 1958
I.A.3 8Natural Gas Bill Amendment:, 1955, 1957
I.A.3 9Onions, removal from trading, 1958
I.A.3 10Organization for Trade Cooperation, 1957
I.A.3 11Peanut Marketing Quota, 1958
I.A.3 12Peanuts, 1958
I.A.3 13Physical Therapy in D.C., to Regulate its Practice, 1957
I.A.3 14Postal Employees, Salary Increases:, 1955, 1957-1958
I.A.3 15Postal Pay Bill, 1957-1958
I.A.3 16Poultry Inspection Bill, 1957-1958
I.A.3 17Power, 1958
I.A.3 18Power Brake Bill, 1957
I.A.3 19Public Facilities Loan Program of the Community Facilities Administration, and Others, 1958
I.A.3 20Public Works Program, 1958
I.A.3 21Railroad Retirement, 1955-1958
I.A.3 22Reciprocal Trade, Agreement Bill, 1958
I.A.3 23Reciprocal Trade, Opposition Bill, 1958
I.A.3 24Religious Denominations, Granting Loans for Hospital and Medical Facilities, 1957
I.A.3 25Retirement Benefits, 1955-1958
I.A.3 26Robinson-Patman Act, amend, 1957
I.A.3 27Rose Society, 1958
I.A.3 28Rural Electrification Administration, 1958
I.A.3 29Rural Public Libraries, 1958
I.A.3 30School Lunchroom Program, 1958
I.A.3 31Selective Service Clerks, 1957
I.A.3 32Smathers Bill, June 19-August 1958
I.A.3 33Smathers Bill, June 13-18, 1958
I.A.4 1Smathers Bill, May-June 11, 1958
I.A.4 2Small Business Investment Act, 1958
I.A.4 3Social Security Amendments of 1958, Folder I (increases, benefits), 1958
I.A.4 4Social Security Amendments of 1958, Folder II, 1957-1958
I.A.4 5Soil Bank, 1958
I.A.4 6State Laws, Rules of Interpretation, 1958
I.A.4 7Talle Amendment, 1958
I.A.4 8Tariff Act, 1958
I.A.4 9Taxes, Contracts with the U.S. to Eliminate Claims of Immunity From State and Local Taxes on Contracts, 1958
I.A.4 10Taxes, Co-ops, 1957-1958
I.A.4 11Taxes, Corporate, Sheehan Bill, 1957
I.A.4 12Taxes, Excise:, 1956-1958
I.A.4 13Taxes, Excise Technical Changes:, 1957
I.A.4 14Taxes, Income Tax Deductions for Disabled Persons, 1957
I.A.4 15Taxes, Income Tax Deductions, Personal and Corporate, 1957-1958
I.A.4 16Taxes, Savings and Loan Association Tax Act, Curtis Bill, 1957-1958
I.A.4 17Taxes, Technical Amendments, 1958
I.A.4 18Textile Industry, 1957
I.A.4 19Trade Development and Assistance Act, 1958
I.A.4 20Transportation Investigation, 1958
I.A.4 21T.V.A. Authority,, 1957-1958
I.A.4 22T.V.A. Revenue Bond, 1958
I.A.4 23Unemployment Compensation Act, 1958
I.A.4 24Utilities Facilities, 1958
I.A.4 25Veterans, Legislation, 1958
I.A.4 26Atlanta V.A. Hospital, 1957
I.A.4 27Beds for Eligible Veterans, 1957-1958
I.A.4 28Benefits for G.I.'s in Peacetime, 1957
I.A.4 29Disabled, Increase Pension Compensation Rate, 1957
I.A.4 30Pensions, Increase to Widows of Spanish American War Veterans,, 1957
I.A.4 31Pensions, Veterans' and Widows' Benefits, 1958
I.A.4 32Pensions, World War I Veterans:, 1958
I.A.4 33Veterans Security Act, 1957
I.A.4 34Veterans Separate Medical Facilities, 1958
I.A.4 35World War I, Compensation Rights, 1958
I.A.4 36Veterans Administration, Clinic, Savannah, 1958
I.A.4 37Veterans Administration, Housing, Raise Interest Rate, 1957
I.A.4 38Veterans Administration, Salaries of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses:, 1957-1958
I.A.4 39Wage and Hour Law, Fair Labor Standards Act, 1957-1958
I.A.4 40Water Pollution Control, 1958
I.A.4 41Wool Program, undated
I.A.5 1Agriculture, 1959-1960
I.A.5 2Agriculture, Appropriations:, 1959-1960
I.A.5 3Airline Pass Privileges, 1959
I.A.5 4Airmail Rates, 1960
I.A.5 5Airports, Federal Aid:, 1959
I.A.5 6American History Month, 1960
I.A.5 7Anti-Government Competition, Hiestand Bill, 1959
I.A.5 8Apprenticeship Training Programs, 1959
I.A.5 9Area Redevelopment Act, 1959
I.A.5 10Armed Services, 1959
I.A.5 11Atlantic Union, 1960
I.A.5 12Automobile Finance, 1959
I.A.5 13Banking, 1959-1960
I.A.5 14Boating Safety, 1959
I.A.5 15Cancer, 1959-1960
I.A.5 16Chemicals Pesticides Coordination, 1960
I.A.5 17Civil Defense, 1959
I.A.5 18Civil Rights, 1959-1960
I.A.5 19Communism, 1960
I.A.5 20Connally Amendment Reservation, 1960
I.A.5 21Co-ops, to Exempt from Anti-Trust Laws:, 1959
I.A.5 22Defense Appropriations, 1959
I.A.5 23Dooley Congressional Award, 1960
I.A.5 24Downstream Benefits Bill, 1960
I.A.5 25Education, General:, 1959-1960
I.A.5 26Constitutional Amendment, re: Public Schools, 1959
I.A.5 27-28 Murray-Metcalf Bill, Folders I-II, 1959-1960
I.A.5 29Equal Rights Amendment, 1959
I.A.5 30Fair Trade, 1959-1960
I.A.5 31Farm Bill, 1959
I.A.5 32Farm Labor, 1959
I.A.5 33Federal Employees, Amend Regarding Retirement, 1960
I.A.5 34Federal Employees, Firefighters Retirement Benefits, 1959-1960
I.A.5 35Federal Employees, Health Benefits, 1959
I.A.5 36Federal Employees, Health Benefits for certain retired employees of Government, 1960
I.A.5 37Federal Employees, Pay Raises, Retirement, 1959-1960
I.A.5 38Federal Employees, Pay Raises, Retirement, 1959-1960
I.A.5 39Federal Engineering Registration Act, 1960
I.A.5 40Fisheries, 1959
I.A.5 41Foreign Aid, 1959-1960
I.A.5 42G.I. Bill, 1960
I.A.5 43Health, Education, and Welfare Department, Labor Department: Appropriations, 1959-1960
I.A.5 44Highways, 1959-1960
I.A.5 45Holiday Observance on Saturdays, 1959
I.A.5 46Hospital Construction, 1959
I.A.5 47Housing Bill, 1959
I.A.5 48Inflation, 1959-1960
I.A.5 49Immigration and Nationality Act, amend 1959, 1959
I.A.6 1-3 Labor, Folders I-III, 1959-1960
I.A.6 4Labor Management Act, background material, 1959
I.A.6 5Library Services Act, 1959-1960
I.A.6 6Little League Baseball Week, 1959
I.A.6 7Milk, 1959
I.A.6 8Military Dependents, overseas, 1960
I.A.6 9Miscellaneous, 1959-1960
I.A.6 10Mutual Security Aid Program, 1960
I.A.6 11National Guard, 1959
I.A.6 12Natural Gas Act, 1960
I.A.6 13Norris-LaGuardia Act, 1960
I.A.6 14Obscene material, 1960
I.A.6 15Passports to U.S. for communists or other subversive groups, 1959
I.A.6 16Peace Officers, 1960
I.A.6 17Peanuts, 1959
I.A.6 18Physical Therapists, District of Columbia, 1959
I.A.6 19Postal, Employees, Pay Raise, 1959-1960
I.A.6 20Postal, Rate Increase, 1960
I.A.6 21Postal, Rates to suspend on nursery stocks, 1960
I.A.6 22Poultry, 1960
I.A.6 23Practical Nurse Training Extension, 1960
I.A.6 24Public Debt, 1959
I.A.7 1Railroad,Passenger Train Service Act, 1960
I.A.7 2Railroad, Pension, Retirement, 1959
I.A.7 3Retired Officers-Pay Bill, 1959
I.A.7 4Rose as National Flower, 1959
I.A.7 5Rules Committee, 1959
I.A.7 6Rural Electrification Administration, 1959
I.A.7 7Sale of Stock, 1959
I.A.7 8School Lunch Program, 1959
I.A.7 9Secondary Boycotts, 1959-1960
I.A.7 10Segregation, 1960
I.A.7 11Self-Employed Individuals, Dentists, and Doctors: retirement, 1959
I.A.7 12Shrimp Industry, re: Tariff and Quota Bill, 1960
I.A.7 13Social Security Amendments of 1960, 1960
I.A.7 14Disability Age Limits, 1960
I.A.7 15Forand Bill, to provide insurance for hospital benefits, 1959-1960
I.A.7 16Justice of Peace coverage, 1959
I.A.7 17Physicians, compulsory coverage, 1950
I.A.7 18Welfare Department, 1960
I.A.7 19Soil Bank, 1959
I.A.7 20State Laws, Rules of Interpretation, 1959
I.A.8 1Taxes, 1960
I.A.8 2Taxes, Banking, 1959
I.A.8 3Taxes, Co-ops, 1959-1960
I.A.8 4Taxes, Depletion, 1959
I.A.8 5Taxes, Excise, 1959-1960
I.A.8 6Taxes, Gasoline increase, 1958-1959
I.A.8 7Taxes, Income, deduction for legislative purposes, 1959-1960
I.A.8 8Taxes, Inheritance, 1959
I.A.8 9Taxes, Life Insurance Companies, 1959
I.A.8 10Taxes, Mutual Insurance Companies, 1960
I.A.8 11Taxes, Sports Events, collecting methods, 1959-1960
I.A.8 12Taxes, State Taxation of income in interstate commerce, 1959-1960
I.A.8 13Tobacco, 1960
I.A.8 14Townsend Plan, 1959-1950
I.A.8 15Tuberculosis Control, 1960
I.A.8 16T.V. Education, 1960
I.A.8 17T.V.A. Self-financing Bill, 1959
I.A.8 18Textile Industry, 1959
I.A.8 19Un-American Activities Committee, 1959
I.A.8 20Unemployment Compensation, 1959
I.A.8 21Veterans, Amend U.S. Code, re: certain statutory awards, 1959-1960
I.A.8 22Veterans, Insurance Premiums, 1960
I.A.8 23Veterans, National Life Insurance Contract, 1960
I.A.8 24Pensions, Programs to modernize, 1959
I.A.8 25Pensions, Widows, 1959
I.A.8 26Pensions, World War I, 1959-1960
I.A.8 27Readjustment Assistance Act, 1959-1960
I.A.8 28Visual Care, 1959-1960
I.A.8 29Veterans Administration Hospital, Dublin, 1959
I.A.8 30Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., 1959
I.A.8 31Veterinarians, Military, 1959
I.A.8 32Wage and Hour Bill, Folders I-II, 1959-1960
I.A.8 33Walter-McCarran Act, 1960
I.A.8 34Water Pollution, 1960
I.A.8 35Wilderness Bill, 1960
I.A.9 1Agricultural, general, 1962
I.A.9 2Agricultural appropriations, 1962
I.A.9 3Agricultural Experiment Station Research, 1962
I.A.9 4Agriculture, Farm Bill, Folders I-II, 1961
I.A.9 5Agriculture, Farm Stabilization Act, 1961
I.A.9 6Agriculture, Tobacco Allotment Transfer, 1961
I.A.9 7Anti-trust, Labor Organizations, 1961
I.A.9 8Arms Control Agency, 1961-1962
I.A.9 9Automobile Finance and Insurance Act, 1962
I.A.9 10Banks, savings and loan associations, re: taxes, 1961-1962
I.A.9 11Civil Aeronautics, subsidy, 1961
I.A.9 12Civil Defense, 1962
I.A.9 13Civil Rights, 1961
I.A.9 14Cities, 1961
I.A.9 15Columbia, Alabama, to name dam for George W. Andrews, 1962
I.A.9 16Co-ops, 1961-1962
I.A.9 17Common Market, 1962
I.A.9 18Communism, 1962
I.A.9 19Cosmetics and Therapeutics Devices, amendments, 1962
I.A.9 20Crime, 1961
I.A.9 21Dental Public Health Program, 1962
I.A.9 22Discharge Data, 1962
I.A.9 23Drug Industry Anti-trust Act, 1961
I.A.9 24Dye, Garnett J., patent matter, 1961
I.A.9 25-26 Education, Federal Aid, Folders I-II, 1961
I.A.9 27Education, Federal Aid, Unanswered Letters, 1961
I.A.10 1Education, Education Bill, 1962
I.A.10 2Education, Exceptional Children, 1962
I.A.10 3Education, General Extension Act, 1961
I.A.10 4Educational T.V., 1962
I.A.10 5Employment Security Amendments, 1962
I.A.10 6Equal Employment Opportunity, 1951
I.A.10 7Equal Pay Bill, 1962
I.A.10 8Fair Competitive Practices Act, 1961
I.A.10 9Fair Trade Act, 1961
I.A.10 10Farm Bill, 1962
I.A.10 11FCC Reorganization Plan, 1961
I.A.10 12Federal Employees, Pay raise increase, 1962
I.A.10 13Federal Employees, Retirement, Full annuity after 30 years service at Age 55, 1961
I.A.10 14Federal Employees, Retirement, Full amounts of insurance at Retirement, 1961
I.A.10 15Federal Employees, Retirement, Retired Civil Service annuity increase, 1962
I.A.10 16Federal Employees, Retirement, State-Federal cooperative programs Credit, 1961-1962
I.A.10 17Federal Employees, Sick Leave Credit, 1962
I.A.10 18Federal Employees, Social Security, 1962
I.A.10 19Federal Pistol Registration Act, 1961
I.A.10 20Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 1962
I.A.10 21Food and Fiber Development Act, 1961-1962
I.A.10 22Foreign Aid, 1961-1962
I.A.10 23Gambling, 1962
I.A.10 24Grain Bill, 1962
I.A.10 25Health, 1961-1962
I.A.10 26Highways, 1961
I.A.10 27Hog Cholera Program, 1961
I.A.10 28Housing Bill, 1961
I.A.10 29Immigration, orphans, 1961
I.A.10 30Immigration and Nationality Act, to amend 1961, 1961
I.A.10 31Integration, 1962
I.A.10 32Interstate Commerce Act, re: rate-making, 1961
I.A.10 33International Trade Bill, 1962
I.A.10 34Labor, Anti-trust laws applicable to labor unions, to make, 1962
I.A.10 35Labor, Common Sites Bill, 1961
I.A.10 36Labor, Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act, 1961-1962
I.A.10 37Legislation, 1961
I.A.10 38Lumber shipments, 1962
I.A.10 39Manpower Development and Training Act of 1962, 1961-1962
I.A.10 40Medical Care for Aged, 1961-1962
I.A.11 1Medical Care for Aged, 1961-1962
I.A.11 2National Milk Sanitation Act, 1961
I.A.11 3National Peace Agency, 1961
I.A.11 4National Service Life Insurance, 1962
I.A.11 5Natural Gas Act, 1961
I.A.11 6Natural Gas Company, change in rates, 1952
I.A.11 7Navy Mothers-Congressional Charter, 1962
I.A.11 8Packers and Stockyards Act, 1962
I.A.11 9Patent Office Fees, 1962
I.A.11 10Peace Corps Bill, 1961
I.A.11 11Pecan Program, 1952
I.A.11 12Pipelines for coal, 1952
I.A.11 13Postal, Equipment Maintenance Allowance Increase, 1961-1962
I.A.11 14Postal, Rate Increase, 1961-1962
I.A.11 15Postal Employees, Longevity raises, 1961
I.A.11 16Postal Employees, Salary increases, 1962
I.A.11 17Public Debt Ceiling, 1962
I.A.11 18Public Laws, 1960-1961
I.A.11 19Public Works Coordination and Acceleration Act, 1962
I.A.11 20Railroads, Merger suspension, 1961
I.A.11 21Railroads, Retirement increase, 1962
I.A.11 22Reducing Federal Spending, 1962
I.A.11 23Religious Freedom, 1962
I.A.11 24Rules Committee, 1961
I.A.11 25School Lunch Program, 1961-1962
I.A.11 26Small Business Act Amendments, 1961
I.A.11 27Social Security, 1961
I.A.11 28Sugar Quota for sugar cane, 1962
I.A.11 29Surplus Property, 1952
I.A.11 30Supreme Court Decision (Prayer in public schools), 1962
I.A.11 31Taxes, 1951-1962
I.A.11 32Banking, Savings and Loan Associations, 1961-1962
I.A.12 1Taxes, Deduction re: legislative proposals, 1961
I.A.12 2Taxes, Dividend With-holding, Folder I, 1952
I.A.12 3Taxes, Dividend With-holding, Folder II, 1961-1962
I.A.12 4Taxes, Excise, 1951-1962
I.A.12 5Taxes, Income, 1962
I.A.12 6Taxes, Miscellaneous, 1951
I.A.12 7Taxes, Revenue Act of 1962, 1962
I.A.12 8Taxes, Sales Tax on Interstate Shipments, 1961
I.A.12 9Taxes, Self-Employed Individuals Retirement Act of 1961, 1961-1962
I.A.12 10Taxes, Small Business, 1951
I.A.12 11Taxes, State Taxation of income in interstate commerce, 19,591,951
I.A.12 12Taxes, Stock distribution, re: anti-trust laws, 1961-1962
I.A.12 13Taxes, Trucking, 1961
I.A.12 14Textile Imports, 1961
I.A.12 15Trade Expansion Bill, 1962
I.A.13 1-2 Transportation Bills, Folders I-II, 1962
I.A.13 3United Nations, 1952
I.A.13 4Urban Affairs and Housing Act, 1961-1962
I.A.13 5U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1961
I.A.13 6Veterans, Copies, 1961-1962
I.A.13 7Veterans, Disabled, increase compensation for service-connected Disabled veterans, 1962
I.A.13 8Veterans, Life Insurance, 1962
I.A.13 9Veterans, Philippine Service, 1962
I.A.13 10Veterans, Readjustment Benefits Act, 1961-1962
I.A.13 11Veterans, Widows pension and compensation, 1962
I.A.13 12Veterans, World War I pension, 1961-1962
I.A.13 13Vocational Education, 1961
I.A.13 14Wage and Hour Law, 1961
I.A.13 15Walsh-Healey Act, 1961
I.A.13 16Welfare Amendments, 1952
I.A.14 1Copies, Miscellaneous, 1961-1964
I.A.14 2Abolish Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1963
I.A.14 3Agriculture, 1963
I.A.14 4Additional Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, 1963
I.A.14 5Cotton Bill, 1963-1964
I.A.14 6Cotton Insurance, 1964
I.A.14 7Cotton Voluntary Acreage Diversion, 1964
I.A.14 8Experiment Station, 1963
I.A.14 9Tobacco, Research on to produce safe cigarettes, 1964
I.A.14 10Wheat sale to Russia, 1963
I.A.14 11Anti-government Competition Bill, 1963
I.A.14 12Appalachian Bill, 1964
I.A.14 13Appropriations bills, Defense, 1964
I.A.14 14Area Redevelopment Administration, Expansion Bill, 1963
I.A.14 15Armed Services Committee, to prevent implementation of the Gesell Report, 1964
I.A.14 16Armed Services pay, 1963
I.A.14 17Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1963-1964
I.A.14 18Banking, Federal Savings and Loan Associations-unanswered, 1964
I.A.14 19Banking, House Bill 7404, 1963
I.A.14 20Banking, Miscellaneous, 1963-1964
I.A.14 21Blood Banks, 1964
I.A.14 22Church and State, 1964
I.A.14 23Civil Rights, Folder I, Material, 1963-1964
I.A.14 24Civil Rights, Folder II, Correspondence, 1963-1964
I.A.14 25Co-ops, 1963-1964
I.A.14 26Domestic Peace Corps, 1963
I.A.14 27Education, Federal Aid, 1963
I.A.14 28Education, Higher Education Facilities, 1963
I.A.14 29Education, Vocational and National Defense Education Act, 1963-1964
I.A.14 30Equal Pay Act, 1963
I.A.14 31Federal Communications Commission, 1963-1964
I.A.14 32Federal Employees, Miscellaneous, 1964
I.A.14 33Federal Employees, Pay Raise, 1963
I.A.15 1Federal Employees, Retirement Credit, State-Federal Service, 1964
I.A.15 2Federal Interstate constructed between Pacific Northwest and California, 1964
I.A.15 3Federal Power Commission Regulation, 1964
I.A.15 4Firearms, sale, 1964
I.A.15 5Food and Drug Act, 1963
I.A.15 6Foreign Affairs, 1963-1964
I.A.15 7General Legislation, 1963
I.A.15 8Grain Bill, 1963
I.A.15 9Health, 1963
I.A.15 10Immigration, 1964
I.A.15 11Imports, Meats, 1963-1964
I.A.15 12Imports, Woolen and Worsted Goods I, 1963
I.A.15 13Labor, 1964
I.A.15 14Labor, 1964, Fair Labor Standards Act, Wage and Hour, 1963-1964
I.A.15 15Labor, 1964, National Labor Relations Board, 1963
I.A.15 16Land and Water Conservation Fund Act, 1963-1964
I.A.15 17Library Services Act, 1963-1964
I.A.15 18Lithographing or engraving on envelopes sold or furnished by the Post Office Department - prohibition of 1964, 1964
I.A.15 19Lobbying, 1964
I.A.15 20Mass Transit Bill, 1963-1964
I.A.15 21Medical Care for Aged, Folder I, 1963-1964
I.A.15 22Medical Care for Aged, Folder II, 1964
I.A.16 1Mental Health, 1963
I.A.16 2Military Pay Raise, 1963
I.A.16 3National Economic Conversion Commission, 1964
I.A.16 4National Parks and Monuments, 1963
I.A.16 5Office of Emergency Planning, 1963
I.A.16 6Oil Companies, Buildings, 1963
I.A.16 7Postal Employees, Retirement, 1963
I.A.16 8Poverty Bill, 1964
I.A.16 9Prayer and Reading Bible, Supreme Court Decision, 1963-1964
I.A.16 10Presidential Succession and Disability, 1964
I.A.16 11Private Enterprise, to help preserve, 1964
I.A.16 12Quality Stabilization Act, 1962-1963
I.A.16 13Railroad Strike, 1963
I.A.16 14Rules Committee, 1963
I.A.16 15School Lunch Program, 1963
I.A.16 16Small Business, 1963
I.A.16 17Construction set aside for small business :, 1963
I.A.16 18Social Security Legislation, 1964
I.A.16 19Southeast Asia Resolution (Tonkin Gulf Resolution), 1964
I.A.16 20State Reapportionment, 1964
I.A.16 21Taxes, Excise tax repeal, 1963-1964
I.A.16 22Taxes, Social Security, 1964
I.A.16 23Taxes, Stock Dividends, 1963
I.A.16 24Taxes, Tax Reduction, (1 of 2), 1963-1964
I.A.17 1Taxes, Tax Reduction, (2 of 2), 1963
I.A.17 2Tobacco, Allotments, 1964
I.A.17 3Tobacco, Georgia seeking own tobacco market, 1964
I.A.17 4Transportation, amendments, 1964
I.A.17 5-7 Transportation Bill, Folders I-III, 1963
I.A.17 8Trucking weight and length law, 1963
I.A.17 9Un-American Activities Committee, 1963
I.A.17 10United Nations, 1963
I.A.17 11United Nations Participation Act, 1963
I.A.17 12Urban Mass Transportation Act, 1963-1964
I.A.17 13Veterans, Miscellaneous, 1963-1964
I.A.17 14Veterans, Pensions, World War I, 1963-1964
I.A.17 15Veterans, Social Security, 1963
I.A.17 16Veterans, State Veterans Home, 1963-1964
I.A.17 17Veterans, Vocational Rehabilitation Act amendments, 1964
I.A.17 18Watershed Planning Act, 1963
I.A.17 19Workmen's Compensation, 1963
I.A.17 20Youth Employment Act, 1963

B. Foreign Affairs Committee

( 6 box(es) ) ( (3 linear feet) )
This subseries contains correspondence, memos, releases, and printed material related to the Foreign Affairs Committee in which Pilcher was the chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy (1955-1963) and a member of the Subcommittee on the Far East and the Pacific. It is cross-referenced by series III. Miscellaneous File to a minor extent. The Foreign Affairs Committee subseries is composed of the following divisions:

1. General File , 1955-1964
Consists of memos, press releases and printed material, loosely grouped by year but not in a strict chronological sequence. This was material of an informational nature furnished to Pilcher as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
I.B.1 1Materials, Folder I A, 1956
I.B.1 2Materials Folder I B, 1955
I.B.1 3Materials, Folder I C, 1957-1958, 1960
I.B.1 4Materials, Folder II A, 1956
I.B.1 5Materials, Folder II B, 1957-1958, 1961-1963
I.B.1 6Materials, Folder III, 1956, 1959-1963
I.B.1 7Materials, Folder IV, 1956-1958

2. Subject File , 1955-1964
Consists of correspondence and material arranged alphabetically by subject, dealing with matters that came before the Foreign Affairs Committee and committee business.
I.B.2 1Correspondence, General, 1959-1964
I.B.2 2Correspondence, Committee, 1959
I.B.2 3Foreign Economic Policy Subcommittee, 1959-1960, 1962-1963
I.B.2 4Legislation, bills, 1960-1961, 1964
I.B.2 5Luncheon, 1961
I.B.2 6Mutual Security Program, 1956, 1960
I.B.2 7Reports-Requests 1962, Saturday Evening Post Article: "Is Foreign Aid Jeopardizing American Jobs?", 1960
I.B.2 8Statements before Committee 1958, 1962-1963
I.B.2 9Study Missions of J.L. Pilcher, 1960, 1962
I.B.2 10Testimony by N.R. Danielian on Foreign Aid, 1963

3. Countries , 1956-1963
Consists of correspondence and material, arranged alphabetically by city, county, or region. Most of the files contain material, such as itineraries and briefings, that were collected while Pilcher and several other congressmen traveled to Asia, the Western Pacific, the Middle East, Southern Europe, and North Africa in 1959 and to the Far East in 1961 on Special Study Missions to oversee U.S. economic and technical assistance programs. Reports and speeches that arose from these trips are also contained in the files.
I.B.3 1Australia, 1959
I.B.3 2Bangkok, (empty)
I.B.3 3Canal Zone, 1959
I.B.3 4Casablanca, (empty)
I.B.3 5China (Taiwan), 1959
I.B.3 6Materials, 1961
I.B.3 7Djakarta, 1959
I.B.3 8England, n.d.
I.B.3 9Far East, Trip, 1959
I.B.3 10-11 Far East, Itinerary, Folder I-II, 1959
I.B.3 12Far East Report, 1960
I.B.3 13Far East, Speech, 1960
I.B.3 14-15 Far East 1961 Trip, Folder I-II, 1961-1962
I.B.4 1Far East, From the Briefcase, Briefing Material (Far East), 1961
I.B.4 2Far East, From the Briefcase, Briefing Material (Pakistan), 1961
I.B.4 3Far East, From the Briefcase, (Correspondence, Material, Receipts), 1961, 1963
I.B.4 4France, n.d.
I.B.4 5Greece, Athens, undated
I.B.4 6Hong Kong, 1959
I.B.4 7Honolulu, 1959
I.B.4 8Indonesia, 1959-1960
I.B.4 9India, 1958-1961
I.B.4 10Material, 1958-1961
I.B.4 11Israel, 1959-1960
I.B.4 12Istanbul, 1960
I.B.4 13Japan, 1959
I.B.4 14Karachi, (empty)
I.B.4 15Korea, 1959-1960
I.B.4 16Latin America, 1956, 1959
I.B.5 1Mexico, Presidential Inauguration, Invitations, 1958
I.B.5 2Mexico, Presidential Inauguration, Delegate Book, 1958
I.B.5 3Mexico, Presidential Inauguration, Briefing Book, 1958
I.B.5 4Morocco, 1959-1960
I.B.5 5-6 New Zealand, Folder I-II, 1958-1960
I.B.5 7Okinawa, 1959
I.B.5 8Pakistan, Embassy, Washington D.C., 1960-1961
I.B.5 9Pakistan, Material, Folder I, 1960- 1961
I.B.5 10Pakistan, Material, Folder II, 1958-1959
I.B.6 1Philippines, 1959-1960
I.B.6 2Saigon, 1959
I.B.6 3Saudi Arabia, 1961
I.B.6 4SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization), 1957-1959
I.B.6 5Spain, Madrid, 1959, 1962
I.B.6 6Taipei, (empty)
I.B.6 7Taiwan, 1959
I.B.6 8Thailand, 1959, 1961
I.B.6 9-10 Thailand 1959, 1961 Materials, Folder I-II, 1960-1961
I.B.6 11Turkey, 1959
I.B.6 12Vietnam, 1959-1960

C. Copies

( 1 box(es) ) ( (.5 linear feet) )
Arranged alphabetically by subject , this subseries contains copies of Pilcher's replies (either by letter or telegram) to constituent letters found in the Subject File (Subseries A). It also includes Jules replies not found in the Subject File, copies of replies sent to Pilcher, copies of bills to which the replies relate, and a few unanswered letters. The sub­series is cross-referenced by series III. Miscellaneous File.
I.C.1 1Agriculture, Farm Bill, 1961
I.C.1 2Agriculture, Miscellaneous, 1956, 1961
I.C.1 3Education, Federal Aid, 1960-1961
I.C.1 4Eisenhower, Restore rank to full General, 1961
I.C.1 5Fair Trade Act, 1961
I.C.1 6Federal Employees, Retired Civil Service annuity increases, 1962
I.C.1 7Federal Employees, Retirees to keep full amount of insurance at Time Of retirement with premiums deducted from annuities, 1961
I.C.1 8Foreign Aid, 1961
I.C.1 9Health Insurance for Aged, 1961
I.C.1 10Highways, 1961
I.C.1 11Hog Cholera Program, 1961
I.C.1 12Housing Bill, 1961
I.C.1 13Immigration and Nationality Act, to amend, 1961
I.C.1 14Interstate Commerce Act, to amend as to rate-making, 1961
I.C.1 15Labor, Common Situs Bill, 1961
I.C.1 16Nutritional Enrichment, 1961
I.C.1 17Postal Employees, Longevity Raises, 1961
I.C.1 18Postal Increase, 1961
I.C.1 19Railroad Mergers, 1961
I.C.1 20School Lunch Program, 1962
I.C.1 21Tax Revision Bill, 1962
I.C.1 22Taxes, Banks, Savings and Loan Associations, 1961
I.C.1 23Taxes, Co-ops, 1961
I.C.1 24Taxes, Deduction re: legislative proposals, 1961
I.C.1 25Taxes, Dividend with-holding, 1961
I.C.1 26Excise, 1961
I.C.1 27Excise, 1961, Exemption of rebuilt automobile parts and Accessories, 1961
I.C.1 28Taxes, Income Tax reduction, personal and corporate, 1961-1962
I.C.1 29Taxes, Miscellaneous, 1961
I.C.1 30Taxes, Self-employed Individuals, tax retirement act, 1961
I.C.1 31Taxes, Trucking, 1961
I.C.1 32Trailer Bill, 1961
I.C.1 33Un-American Activities, 1961
I.C.1 34Wage and Hour Bill, 1961

D. Bills

( 1 box(es) ) ( (.5 linear feet) )
Subseries D contains bills introduced by Pilcher in the House of Representatives including those bills that became law, and also consists of reports on the bills and copies of the laws some of those bills became. A small amount of correspondence and other material, consisting primarily of telegrams but also including memos and speeches which relate to specific bills may also be found here. The material in this subseries is arranged alphabetically by subject or (in the case of private bills) by name and is found in the same box that contains copies (Subseries S), filed immediately after the copies. Series V. Political, subseries C. Georgia File, cross­references individual files in this subseries.
I.C.1 35Bills that became law, 1957-1958
I.C.1 36Bills introduced in House, 1955-1957
I.C.1 37Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C., relief of due to death of son, Bobby Jack Bryant, 1962
I.C.1 38Cannon, Agnes, for relief of 1957, 1957
I.C.1 39Contract Flying Schools, 1955-1956
I.C.1 40Desecration of places of worship, 1960
I.C.1 41Internal Revenue Code of 1954, to amend to impose an additional Tax On cigars manufactured with processed or reconstituted tobacco Wrapper sheets, 1959
I.C.1 42Lake Roanoke, to name, 1962
I.C.1 43Lake Seminole, leases on recreational facilities, 1964
I.C.1 44Lake Seminole, Naming lake created by Jim Woodruff Dam, 1957
I.C.1 45Mutual Security—Speeches and Minority Report, 1960
I.C.1 46Prohibit sale or lease of certain real property of the U.S. in Thomasville, Ga, 1958
I.C.1 47Provide for the denial of passports to persons engaged in Communist Activities, 1959
I.C.1 48Relief of Government of Iceland, 1959
I.C.1 49Requiring public hearings re: any changes of U. S. Standard Grades For agricultural commodities, 1959
I.C.1 50Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Alto, relief of, 1958
I.C.1 51U.S. Relations with West Germany and Japan, 1955
I.C.1 52Woodruff, Jim Dam, Lake Seminole, 1955

E. Voting Record

( 2 box(es) ) ( (.75 linear feet) )
This subseries, arranged alphabetically, contains mainly pamphlets and bound tablets on Pilcher's voting record while a member of the House of Representatives. These pamphlets and tablets are separated into subject headings and how he voted. A booklet outlining how Democrats and Repub­licans voted on major issues in 1955 and 1956 and a file containing a Congressional Record pertaining to Pilcher's views on foreign aid are also included.
I.E.2 1Analysis of Major Issues in the House of Representatives, 1955-1956
I.E.2 2Congressional Record, 87th Congress, 1st Session, Views on Foreign Aid, August 16, 1961
I.E.2 3Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls, Bound, 1954-1956
I.E.2 4Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls, Bound, 1957-1958
I.E.2 5Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls, Bound, 1959-1962
I.E.2 6Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls, Bound, 1963-1964
I.E.2 7Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls, Unbound, 1958-1960
I.E.2 8Individual Voting Record by Roll Calls, Unbound, 1961-1964
I.E.3 1Voting Record Listed by Subject, 1947-1953
I.E.3 2Voting Record Listed by Subject, 1953-1961