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John James Flynt, Jr. Papers, Series VII: Politics

John James Flynt, Jr. Papers, Series VII: Politics

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Title: John James Flynt, Jr. Papers, Series VII: Politics
Creator: Flynt, John James, 1914-2007
Inclusive Dates: 1954-1970
Language(s): English
Extent: 28 box(es)
Collection Number: RBRL130JJF_VII
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: John James Flynt, Jr. Papers, Series VII: Politics include files regarding political opponents, events, campaigns, and conventions. National party policy statements are an important part of the years when elections occur. The 1960 Kennedy-Johnson election is especially extensive and includes transcripts from the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Local elections include district correspondence, voter lists, financial statements, press releases, in the years they occur. Correspondence includes letters from Senators Talmadge, Kennedy, Kefauver, Humphrey; Representatives Johnson and Vinson; Governors Arnall, Sanders, Vandiver, Stephenson of Illinois and national figures like Ty Cobb, former President Harry Truman, are scattered throughout the series, especially after 1960.

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Biographical Note

John James Flynt, Jr. was born in Griffin, Georgia on 8 November 1914. Flynt graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in 1936. He later attended Emory University Law School and graduated from Georgia Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. with an LL.B. and J.D. in 1940. He held various state positions including assistant United States attorney of the northern district of Georgia; member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 1947 to 1948; solicitor general of Griffin Judicial Circuit from 1949 to 1954; president of the Solicitors General Association of Georgia from 1950 to 1951; president of the Georgia Bar Association from 1954 to 1955. As a Georgia Democrat, Flynt served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1953 to 1978, where he chaired the House Ethics Committee. He also served on the Appropriations Committee and was a ranking member of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. After serving in Congress, Flynt resumed practicing law and farming in addition to engaging in banking and real estate.

Flynt married Patricia Bradley of Dalton, Georgia in 1942 with whom he had three children, Susan, James, and Crisp. John James Flynt, Jr. died of cancer on June 24, 2007, in Griffin, Georgia.

Scope and Content

Series VII: Politics include files regarding political opponents, events, campaigns, and conventions. National party policy statements are an important part of the years when elections occur. The 1960 Kennedy-Johnson election is especially extensive and includes transcripts from the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Local elections include district correspondence, voter lists, financial statements, press releases, in the years they occur. Correspondence includes letters from Senators Talmadge, Kennedy, Kefauver, Humphrey; Representatives Johnson and Vinson; Governors Arnall, Sanders, Vandiver, Stephenson of Illinois and national figures like Ty Cobb, former President Harry Truman, are scattered throughout the series, especially after 1960.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is arranged in reverse chronological order.

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John James Flynt, Jr. Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Advertising, Political
Elections -- Georgia.
Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1951-
Legislators -- United States.
Political campaigns -- Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


VII. Politics

27 box(es)
VII.11Adams, Senator Billy
VII.12Advertising: Sources
VII.13Advertising: Campaign, general, 1968
VII.14Advertising: Campaign, the Fayette County News, 1968
VII.15Atlanta's Mayor's Race, 1969
VII.16Bateman, Senator Oliver
VII.17Bentley, Comptroller General Jimmy (see also Politics: The Big Switch), 1968
VII.18Bibb County, 1968-1969
VII.19Big Switch, (Reference to: Comptroller General Jimmy Bentley, Agriculture Commissioner Phil Campbell, State Treasurer Jack Ray, PSC Chairman Crawford Pilcher, PSC member Alpha Fowler and State Senator Brooks Pennington), 1968
VII.110Big Switch, 1969
VII.111Bond, Julian
VII.112Burson, Bill
VII.113Callaway, Bo
VII.114Candidates for Election, 1968
VII.115Carter, Jimmy
VII.21Congratulations on Re-election, 1968
VII.22Congratulations on Re-election, 1970
VII.23Congressional Redistricting
VII.24Declaration of Candidacy, 1968
VII.25-6Democratic Caucus
VII.27-11Democratic Congressional Committee
VII.212Democratic Executive Committee, 6th District
VII.31-2Democratic Convention, 1968
VII.33-7Democratic National Committee, 1969
VII.38-10Democratic Party of Georgia, 1969-1975
VII.41Democratic Party of Georgia, July-August 1968
VII.42Democratic Party of Georgia, 1968
VII.43Dodson, Rep. Carr
VII.44Election returns, primary, 1968
VII.45Georgia Election Code Revision, 1970
VII.47Georgia Legislature, 1969
VII.48Georgia Legislature, 1968
VII.51Jones, Paul
VII.52Letters of support, 1968
VII.53Maddox, Lester
VII.55Opposition, 1968
VII.57Pre-election and Post-election statements of contributions and expenses, 1968
VII.58Republican, 1969
VII.59Republican, 1968
VII.510Request for support
VII.511Sanders, Carl (governor)
VII.512School Integration
VII.513Seating of Georgia Committeemen and Committeewomen, January 1969
VII.514Speaker and Majority leader, 1971
VII.515Thompson, Ronnie
VII.61Bibb County, 1967
VII.62Civil Rights
VII.63Democratic National Committee, 1967
VII.64Democratic Party
VII.65-6ESEA - HR7819 - and Quie Substitution
VII.67Georgia Jaycees - Annual Federal Affairs Seminar
VII.68John J. Flynt - Schedule and Introductory material, Federal Affairs seminar, Georgia Jaycees, February 24, 1967
VII.69Georgia Legislature, 1967
VII.71Flynt Legislation - Prior to 90th Congress, 1967
VII.72Flynt Legislation - 90th Congress, 1967
VII.73Georgia Legislature - Pay raises and University budget, 1967
VII.74Georgia Legislature - Reapportionment, 1967
VII.75Georgia Legislature - Taxation, 1967
VII.76Georgia Legislature - Western & Atlantic Railroad case, 1967
VII.77Griffin Federal Building, 1967
VII.78House of Representatives, (U. S.) 90th Congress, 1967
VII.79Issues - General, 1967
VII.710Issues - Tax increase, 1967
VII.711LBJ vs. 90th Congress, 1967
VII.712Legislation - Prior Congresses, 1967
VII.713Legislation - 90th Congress, 1967
VII.714Macon Mayor's Race
VII.715National Guard, Annual Report, 1967
VII.716Oceanography, 1967
VII.7A1Powell, Adam Clayton - Misconduct Investigation, 1967
VII.7A2Preparation of District and State History for political pamphlet, 1967
VII.7A3Presentation - Griffin, Georgia, January 14, 1967
VII.7A4Remarks, 1967
VII.7A5Republican file, 1967
VII.7A6Vietnam, 1967
VII.81Acceptance Speech of JJF 6th District, Democratic Convention
VII.82Advertising: The Bowdon Bulletin
VII.83Advertising: Bus
VII.84Advertising: The Clayton County Journal (Jonesboro)
VII.85Advertising: The Fayette County News (Fayetteville)
VII.86Advertising: The Forest Park Free Press & Clayton County News & Farmer (Forest Park)
VII.87Advertising: The Forest Park News (Forest Park)
VII.88Advertising: Griffin Daily News
VII.89Advertising: The Hogansville News
VII.810Advertising: Jackson Progress-Argus (Jackson)
VII.811Advertising: Jones County Journal (Gray)
VII.812Advertising: The LaGrange Daily News
VII.813Advertising: The Macon Gazette
VII.814Advertising: The Macon News
VII.815Advertising: The Macon Telegraph
VII.816Advertising: The Macon Weekly
VII.817Advertising: The Manchester Mercury
VII.818Advertising: The Manchester Star
VII.819Advertising: The Meriwether Vindicator (Greenville)
VII.820Advertising: The Monroe Advertiser (Forsyth)
VII.821Advertising: The Newnan Times-Herald
VII.822Advertising: The News and Banner (Franklin)
VII.823Advertising: The News Gazette (Barnesville)
VII.824Advertising: The Pike County Journal (Zebulon)
VII.825Advertising: Thomaston Publishing Company (Thomaston Times & The Thomaston Free Press)
VII.826Advertising: Times Free Press & Carroll County Georgian (Carrollton)
VII.827Advertising: Troup County Herald (Hogansville)
VII.828Advertising: The Valley Times-News (West Point)
VII.829Advertising: The Villa Rican (Villa Rica)
VII.830Advertising: WAGA-TV (Atlanta)
VII.831Advertising: WAII-TV (Atlanta)
VII.832Advertising: WBAF Radio Station (Barnesville)
VII.833Advertising: WBMK Radio Station (West Point)
VII.834Advertising: WBML Radio Station (Macon)
VII.835Advertising: WCOH Radio Station (Newnan)
VII.836Advertising: WCRY Radio Station (Macon)
VII.837Advertising: The Weekly Advertiser (McDonough)
VII.838Advertising: WFDR Radio Station (Manchester)
VII.839Advertising: WGRI Radio Station (Griffin)
VII.840Advertising: WHIE Radio Station (Griffin)
VII.841Advertising: WIBB Radio Station (Macon)
VII.842Advertising: WKEU Radio Station (Griffin)
VII.843Advertising: WLAG Radio Station (LaGrange)
VII.844Advertising: WLBB Radio Station (Carrollton)
VII.845Advertising: WMAZ Radio Station (Macon)
VII.846Advertising: WNEA Radio Station (Newnan)
VII.847Advertising: WMAZ TV Station (Macon)
VII.848Advertising: WNEX Radio Station (Macon)
VII.849Advertising: WRLD Radio Station (West Point)
VII.850Advertising: WSB-TV (Atlanta)
VII.851Advertising: WSFT Radio Station (Thomaston)
VII.852Advertising: WTGA Radio Station (Thomaston)
VII.853Advertising: WTRP Radio Station (LaGrange)
VII.855Campaign-Advertising Outdoors (posters)
VII.91Americans for Constitutional Action
VII.92JJF's Announcement for re-election to 90th Congress
VII.93Announcement Breakfast
VII.94Bibb County Democratic Campaign
VII.95Blackburn Seating
VII.96Breakfast, Macon
VII.97Budget - Freedom Budget for all Americans
VII.98Campaign, 1964
VII.99-10Campaign - Advertising
VII.101Campaign - Contributions list, 1966
VII.102Campaign Contributions - Miscellaneous
VII.103Campaign Expenditure Forms, 1966
VII.104Campaign Expenses, 1966
VII.105Campaign file - General, 1965-1966
VII.106Chatt - Flint Area Planning Commission
VII.107College Campaign
VII.109Congratulations JJF, 1966
VII.1010Congratulations JJF - Democratic Party
VII.1011Congratulations - JJF Campaign
VII.1012Contested Election, Lowe vs. Thompson
VII.1013Contributions, 1966
VII.1014Democratic Caucus, 1966
VII.1015Democratic Committee, 6th District, 1965-1966
VII.1016Democratic Congressional Committee
VII.1017Democratic Convention - Responses to Delegate letter, 1966
VII.1018Democratic Convention - Thank Yous, 1966
VII.10196th District Democratic Executive Committee, 1966
VII.111Democratic Negro Organization
VII.112Democratic Party of Georgia
VII.113Democratic Primary, September 14, 1966
VII.114Democratic Sixth District Convention, 1966
VII.115Sixth District Physicians Committee for JJF, 1966
VII.116Fish Fry
VII.117Fair Campaign Practices Committee
VII.118Federal Expenditures in the 6th District
VII.119JJF Fund Raising Organization Meeting - Griffin, June 29, 1966
VII.1110-11General, 1966
VII.1112General Election
VII.121General Election - Congratulations, 1966
VII.122Georgia Election Code, 1966
VII.123Georgia, State of
VII.124Gubernatorial Race - Maddox, 1966
VII.125-8House of Representatives, Georgia Legislation, 1965-1966
VII.131-2Governor Race, 1966
VII.133Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce (Questionnaire)
VII.134Letters from JJF soliciting support, 1966
VII.135Letters in opposition to JJF
VII.136Letters of opposition, 1965-1966
VII.137Letters of support
VII.138-9Letters of support, 1965-1966
VII.1310Lists, Miscellaneous
VII.1311Lists, Exchange Club members
VII.1312Lists, Volunteer workers
VII.1313Lists, Young Democrats in Coweta County
VII.1314League of Women Voters of Macon (Questionnaire)
VII.141National Congressional Campaign Committee, 1965-1966
VII.142New Industries, 1965-1966
VII.143News Media, correspondence with, 1966
VII.144Newspapers about JJF
VII.145Newspaper clippings - JJF campaign
VII.146Newspapers and radio
VII.147Notice of candidacy and affidavit - Secretary of State
VII.148Notice of Candidacy and affidavit - vote tabulations, 1965-1966
VII.149Post election statements of contributions and expenditures
VII.1410Personal calls made by JJF in district, 1966
VII.1411Primary and General election statistics, 1966
VII.1413-14Republican file, 1965-1966
VII.151Republican opposition, 1966
VII.152Republicans - Jones, G. Paul
VII.153Requests for support
VII.154Results of Democratic Primary, 1966
VII.1556th District, politics, 1966
VII.1566th District, 1966
VII.157Soil and Water Conservation
VII.158Speeches - Miscellaneous
VII.159State of the Union
VII.1510Statement of Contributions and Expenses, Pre and Post Election, 1966
VII.1511Statistics - 6th District
VII.1512Trade - Selling to the Reds
VII.1513Voter Statistics
VII.1514Voter Age - lower to 18
VII.1515Voting Record - 84th Congress, 1955-October 21, 1966
VII.161Voting Supplemental Lists - Carroll County
VII.162Voting Supplemental Lists - Qualified Voters
VII.163WAGA-TV (Jones-Flynt), October 11, 1966
VII.164Young Democrats (University of GA)
VII.171Advertising Information
VII.172Campaign - Acknowledgments of Support by Tom E. Greene, Jr., 1964
VII.173Campaign - Acknowledgement of Support by JJF
VII.174Campaign Committee (Tom E. Greene, Jr. Treasurer), 1964
VII.175Campaign Expenses forms, 1964
VII.176Campaign File - General, 1964
VII.177Campaign Information, 1964
VII.178Candidates for Congress (GA), 1963-1964
VII.179Contributions by JJF
VII.1710Contributions - Acknowledgments by JJF, 1964
VII.1711Contributions list, 1964
VII.181Contributions - Acknowledgment of Tom E. Green Jr., 1964
VII.182Democratic Campaign, 1964
VII.183Democratic Committee - 6th District, 1963-1964
VII.184Democratic Convention, Responses to delegate letter, 1964
VII.185Democratic Convention, thank yous, 1964
VII.186Democratic Convention Thomaston, GA, 1964
VII.187Democratic National Committee, 1964
VII.188Democratic National Congressional Committee, 1963-1964
VII.189Democratic National Convention
VII.1810Democratic Party of Georgia
VII.1811Democratic Women's Rally
VII.191Elections, Primaries, etc., 1964
VII.192GA Election Code, approved, June 24, 1964
VII.193Letters of Opposition, 1963-1964
VII.194Letters of Support
VII.195Lists: Campaign, no replies to campaign letters; support contributors and Non-participants, 1964
VII.196Lists: Sixth District campaign, 1964
VII.197National Congressional Campaign Committee, 1963-1964
VII.198Notice of Candidacy and Affidavit - vote tabulations, 1963-1964
VII.199Opponents - Democratic, 1964
VII.1910Opponents - Republican, 1964
VII.1911Primary and General Election - Statistics
VII.1912Questionnaires, 1964
VII.1913Republican file, 1963-1964
VII.1914Results of Democratic Primary, September 1964
VII.1915Results of General Election, November 1964
VII.1916Statement of Contributions and Expenses, pre and post election
VII.201Campaign, 1958
VII.202Campaign and Congratulations
VII.203Campaign - JJF - Political files
VII.204Campaign - other than JJF
VII.205Campaign contributions and expenses, 1962
VII.206Campaign contributions, 1960
VII.207Campaign expenses, 1958
VII.208Campaign expenses, 1960
VII.209Campaign information
VII.2010Campaign - Miscellaneous
VII.2011Democratic Caucus
VII.2012Democratic Congressional Committee
VII.2013Democratic Correspondence, 1962
VII.2014Democratic Convention Program, LaGrange, 1962
VII.2015-16Fourth District Convention General Correspondence
VII.211Fourth District Democratic Convention, 1960
VII.212Fourth District Democratic Convention Program
VII.213Fourth District Democratic Convention, 1958
VII.214Fourth District Democratic Convention, Griffin
VII.215Fourth District Democratic Executive Committee, 1962
VII.216Fourth District Democratic Executive Committee to be, 1960
VII.217Fourth District Democratic Executive Committee, 1960
VII.218Fourth District Democratic Executive Committee, 1958
VII.221Democratic National Committee
VII.222Elections, Primaries, etc.
VII.223General Election, 1960
VII.224Governor's Race, 1962
VII.225Kennedy-Johnson, personal letters
VII.231Kennedy-Johnson transcripts, etc., 1960
VII.232National Convention - information
VII.233Presidential election and convention, 1960
VII.234Primary, 1960
VII.241Affidavit of Campaign expenses
VII.242Breakfast meeting of GA delegation, 1957
VII.243Campaign, 1956
VII.244Campaign expenses
VII.245Constitution party
VII.246Butts County
VII.247Carroll County
VII.248Clayton County
VII.249Coweta County
VII.2410District newspapers
VII.2411Fayette County
VII.2412Heard County
VII.2413Henry County
VII.2414Lamar County
VII.2415Spalding County
VII.251Meriwether County
VII.252Newton County
VII.253Pike County
VII.254Talbot County
VII.255Troup County
VII.256Upson County
VII.257Fourth District Democratic Convention, September 29, 1954
VII.258-9Fourth District Democratic Convention, September 26, 1956
VII.2510Fourth District Executive Committee, 1956
VII.2511Forth District Executive Committee, 1956
VII.261National Democratic Committee, 1958
VII.262-3National Democratic Committee, 1957
VII.264-5National Democratic Committee, 1956
VII.266National Democratic Committee, 1955
VII.267National Democratic Committee, 1954
VII.271Democratic Convention, 1956
VII.272Democratic Committee - Women's National Democratic Club
VII.274GA State Democratic Campaign, 1956
VII.275Grand Canyon trip
VII.276Kennedy file
VII.277Letters of Commendation
VII.279National Election, 1956
VII.2710Photos - 4th District Democratic Convention, 1956
VII.2711JJF Personal
VII.2712Salaries - campaign
VII.2713Sheriffs letters of Commendation
VII.2714State Democratic Committee
VII.2715Stevenson-Kefauver file
VII.2717TV Scripts
VII.2719Trip to Washington
OS1Campaign poster, Elect Jack Flynt your Congressman