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Jackson EMC Records

Jackson EMC Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Jackson EMC Records
Creator: Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (Jefferson, Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1939-2004
Language(s): English
Extent: 26 box(es) (23.9 linear feet and 60 audiovisual items)
Collection Number: RBRL113JEMCO
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative chartered in 1938 to serve electricity to the then-rural areas of northeast Georgia. The records document the work of the cooperative to provide and promote electricity throughout its service area and includes photographs, publications, financial reports, histories and scrapbooks. Also included as part of this collection are four Rural Electrification Administration (REA) films, dating from between 1956 to 1968. The films can be watched from on the Jackson EMC playlist on the Russell Library Audiovisual YouTube account.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative chartered in 1938 to serve electricity to the then-rural areas of northeast Georgia. The cooperative was made possible through the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), a program of the Roosevelt Administration's New Deal. Workers broke ground in Jefferson, Georgia, in January 1939 for construction of Jackson EMC's first transmission lines. In April of that year, power was delivered for the first time to farms and homes in the rural counties of Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Franklin, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson and Madison. By 1960, electricity had reached 98% of homes and businesses within Jackson EMC's service area. The next several decades saw increasing growth, despite the economic downturn of the 1970s, with the cooperative tripling in size between 1980 and 2000. As of 2013, Jackson EMC provides electric service to more than 210,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in 10 metro Atlanta and northeast Georgia counties.

Scope and Content

Jackson EMC Records document the work of the cooperative to provide and promote the use of electricity throughout its service area and more broadly the changes ushered in by electrification. The records include photographs, industry publications, histories, scrapbooks, news clippings, and financial reports as well as some scant correspondence and membership information.

Organization and Arrangement

The records are arranged in six series: I. General, II. Newsletters and Magazines, III. Scrapbooks, IV. Photographs, V. Artifacts, and VI. Audiovisual Materials.

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This collection is open for research use.

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Jackson EMC Records, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding Aid prepared by Mat Darby, 2013.

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Audiovisual materials
Electric utilities -- Georgia
Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (Jefferson, Ga.).
Oral histories.
Rural electrification.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. General , 1939-2004

1 box(es) (0.4 linear feet)
Series I. General includes a small amount of material documenting the formation of Jackson EMC, particularly in the first few years, including notes, manuscripts and published material on the history of the cooperative. Additional records, detailing fiscal matters and political activity, offer only a small glimpse into these aspects of the company.

Subseries A. Annual Meeting

I.11Annual Meeting Invitation, 1942

Subseries B. Financial

I.12Monthly Financial and Statistical Reports, 1956-1963
I.13Georgia Power Company [electric bills], 1939-1941

Subseries C. Political

I.14[Senate Bill No. 30 flip chart], 1959

Subseries D. Histories and Anniversaries

I.15JEMC History of, 1960, 1975
I.16Notes - 1942, undated
I.17Master File: '36 - mid-'42, undated
I.18Manuscript (rough): 1936 - mid-1942, undated
I.19Jackson EMC History, 1936-1942
I.110Rural Electrification Golden Jubilee Celebration, 1985 May 11
I.111National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Anniversary Report, 1991
I.112[65th Anniversary], 2004

Series II. Newsletters and Magazines , 1956-2001

7 box(es) (7 linear feet)
Series II. Newsletters and Magazines includes an incomplete run of Jackson EMC's own Jemco News (1956-1979) published for its members and featuring articles on the cooperative's operations, programs, employees and service area, as well as additional employee-focused newsletters and magazines. Other publications, such as Rural Electrification, published by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, provide insight into industry trends and place Jackson EMC within the larger context of the electric cooperative movement.
II.1 Jackson EMC Employee Bulletin , 1976-1981
II.1JEMCO News [incomplete], 1956-1999
II.1 Live Wire , 1966
II.1 Work Week , 1998
II.1 The Rural Electric Minuteman , 1958-1967
II.1 Rural Electric Newsletter , 1968-1971
II.2 Rural Electric Newsletter , 1972-1993
II.3 Electrical Week Newsletter , 1971-1972
II.5 Rural Electrification , 1951-1960
II.6 Rural Electrification , 1961-1967
II.3 Rural Electrification , 1968 January - 1976 April
II.4 Rural Electrification , 1976 May - 1983 December
II.7 Rural Electrification , 1984-1998
II.7 Rural Electric , 2001

Series III. Scrapbooks and News Clippings , 1939-1998

2 box(es) (0.5 linear feet)
Series III. Scrapbooks and News Clippings documents the coverage Jackson EMC received in local newspapers, primarily during its first 25 years of operation (1939-1964). News clippings (1998) cover Jackson EMC's response to violent storms that brought down powerlines in its service area and neighboring counties.
III.1Scrapbook, circa 1939-1964
III.2Scrapbook, circa 1952-1963
III.2News Clippings, 1998

Series IV. Photographs , 1940s-1990s

16 box(es) (16 linear feet)
Series IV. Photographs comprises the bulk of the records and documents Jackson EMC's members and employees as well as topics ranging from the adoption of electrical appliances in the home, the development of suburbs, and the expansion of the metropolitan Atlanta area.
IV.11-21Homes - Envelope 1, undated
IV.122-43Homes - Envelope 2, undated
IV.144-62Homes - Envelope 3, undated
IV.163-76Homes - Envelope 4, 1985-1989, undated
IV.177-88Homes - Envelope 5, undated
IV.189-104Homes - Envelope 6, 1981-1987, undated
IV.1105-120Homes - Envelope 7, 1987-1988, undated
IV.1121-139Homes and Farms - Envelope 1, 1984, 1989, undated
IV.1140-161Homes and Farms - Envelope 2 (folders 1-22/36), undated
IV.21-14Homes and Farms - Envelope 2 (folders 23-36/36), undated
IV.215-46Homes and Farms - Envelope 3, undated
IV.247-76Homes and Farms - Envelope 4, undated
IV.277-112Homes and Farms - Envelope 5, undated
IV.2113Community Events, undated
IV.2114-118Light Security, undated
IV.2119Jemco News, undated
IV.2120-122Madison County, undated
IV.2123-125Franklin D. Roosevelt, circa 1940
IV.2126-127Fashion Show, 1974 October 29
IV.2128-133Metering Points, undated
IV.2134-135Golf, undated
IV.31-11Annual Meeting, undated
IV.312-15Scenery, undated
IV.316-22Jemco, undated
IV.323-35Group Shots: Board Members and Jemco Directors, undated
IV.336New Year Breakfast, undated
IV.337-40Minutemen Meeting, undated
IV.341-43NRECA [National Rural Electric Cooperative Association], undated
IV.344-57Home Appliances, undated
IV.358-59Home - Water Supply, undated
IV.360-68Employee Bulletin Photos, undated
IV.369-89JEMCO Office Buildings, undated
IV.390-111Kitchen Electronics Demonstrations: Ladies Day, undated
IV.3112-133Homes: Good Cents, circa 1986-1989
IV.3134-139Kitchen Demonstrations: Ladies Day (folders 1-6), circa 1971-1972
IV.41-26Kitchen Demonstrations: Ladies Day (folders 7-32), circa 1971-1972
IV.427-32Jackson Heralds: 1941, 1941
IV.433-42JEMCO Open House, 1980
IV.443-49Employees, undated
IV.450-52Employee Picnic, undated
IV.453-54Employee Party, undated
IV.455-58Employees: Lawrenceville Office, undated
IV.459-61Employees: Gainesville Office, undated
IV.462-63Employees: Engineering Department, undated
IV.464Employees: Neese District Office, undated
IV.465-70Employees, 1970s
IV.471-78Employees: Substations, Powerlines, Transformers, Linemen, Light Poles - Operations Department, undated
IV.479EMC Security, undated
IV.480-82Employees Identified: Office Services, undated
IV.483-101Employees Identified - Envelope 1, 1987, undated
IV.4102-111Employees Identified - Envelope 2, undated
IV.4112-138Employees Identified - Envelope 3, 1970-1971, undated
IV.4139-158Employees Identified - Envelope 4 (folders 1-20/34), undated
IV.51-14Employees Identified - Envelope 4 (folders 21-34/34), undated
IV.515-28Construction, 1981, undated
IV.529-35Dams, circa 1970
IV.536-39Eggs and Chicken Farms: 1960 Farms and Homes, 1960
IV.540-50Chicken and Egg Industry, undated
IV.551-62Employee Awards Identified, undated
IV.563-84Employee Picnics, 1974, 1982, 2000
IV.585-87Employees: Dupes, undated
IV.588-98Employees 1950s Identified, 1950s
IV.599-127Employees Identified and Labeled - Envelope 1, 1970-1972, undated
IV.5128-134Employees Identified and Labeled - Envelope 2 (folders 1-7/40), 1962, 1968, undated
IV.61-33Employees Identified and Labeled - Envelope 2 (folders 8-40/40), undated
IV.634-139No Title [primarily unidentified images used in Jemco News or other publication; subjects include employees, customers, facilities and operations, company and community events, electrical equipment and appliances], 1940s-1990s
IV.71-48No Title [primarily unidentified images used in Jemco News or other publication; subjects include employees, customers, facilities and operations, company and community events, electrical equipment and appliances], 1940s-1990s
IV.749-50Student Tours, undated
IV.751-53Youth, 1950s
IV.754-56Youth, 1970s
IV.757-59Youth Electric, 1971-1972
IV.760-69Youth/Students, undated
IV.770-79Washington and Georgia Youth Tour, 1971-1972, undated
IV.780Energy Bowl, undated
IV.781-894-H, 1950s-1980s
IV.790-98Future Farmers of America, 1972-1973, undated
IV.799-114FFA [Future Farmers of America]/Electrification, 1982, undated
IV.7115-137Wiring Contest/FFA [Future Farmers of America] Electrification Contest, undated
IV.7138-140Future Homemakers of America (folders 1-3/16), undated
IV.81-13Future Homemakers of America (folders 4-16/16), 1972, undated
IV.814-29Cattle Shows - Envelope 1, 1962, 1971-1972, undated
IV.830-50Cattle Shows - Envelope 2, undated
IV.851-74Cattle Shows - Envelope 3, 1973, undated
IV.875-76Parade (Dairy Day), undated
IV.877-81Racing, undated
IV.882Radio, undated
IV.883Randall Pugh, undated
IV.884Relay for Life, undated
IV.885-89Retiree Trip, undated
IV.890Rotary Club, undated
IV.891-95Taxes, undated
IV.896Walkathon, undated
IV.897-99JEMCO State Patrol, undated
IV.8100-119School Buildings, 1970, 1972, undated
IV.8120-129Tornado and Storm Damage and Relief (folders 1-10/16), 1971, 1973, undated
IV.91-6Tornado and Storm Damage and Relief (folders 11-16/16), undated
IV.97-23Rodeo - Envelope 1, undated
IV.924-43Rodeo - Envelope 2, undated
IV.944-69Power Lines - Envelope 1, undated
IV.970-83Power Lines - Envelope 2, undated
IV.984-96Power Lines - Envelope 3, undated
IV.997[Rural Electrification Golden Jubilee Celebration, Little White House, Warm Spring, Georgia], 1985 May 11
IV.998[Rural Electrification Celebration, Little White House, Warm Spring, Georgia], circa 1960
IV.999[Employees, W. H. Booth], circa 1973
IV.9100[Technicians], 1985-1986
IV.9101[Heat pump], 1988
IV.9102[Men inspecting circuit breakers], circa 1960
IV.9103Pictures for Miss Jackson EMC, undated
IV.9104-107JEMC Baseball Team, undated
IV.9108-122Archived Photos (folders 1-15/36), 1971, undated
IV.101-21Archived Photos (folders 16-36/36), 1971, undated
IV.1022[No Title], undated
IV.1023Hi Hope [High Hope School], undated
IV.1024-37Heat Pumps, undated
IV.1038-56Christmas, 1966, 1971-1972, undated
IV.1057-70Churches, undated
IV.1071-94Beauty Pageants - Envelope 1, 1956-1957, undated
IV.1095-103Beauty Pageants - Envelope 2, undated
IV.10104-105A. T. Sharpton, undated
IV.10106-107Annual Report Photos, 1958
IV.10108-110Aerial Photography, undated
IV.10111-134Equipment, undated
IV.10135-136Annual Meeting, 1940s
IV.10137-149Annual Meeting - Envelope 1, 1950s
IV.111-21Annual Meeting - Envelope 2, 1950s
IV.1122-33Annual Meeting, 1970s
IV.1134-37Annual Meeting, undated
IV.1138-49Annual Meeting, 1959
IV.1150-76Annual Meeting - Envelope 1, 1960s
IV.1177-98Annual Meeting - Envelope 2, 1960s
IV.1199-106Annual Meeting, 1965
IV.11107-121Annual Meeting, 1980s
IV.11122-134Homes and Farms - Envelope 1 (folders 1-13/42), undated
IV.121-29Homes and Farms - Envelope 1 (folders 14-42/42), undated
IV.1230-50Homes - Envelope 1, undated
IV.1251-62Homes - Envelope 2, undated
IV.1263-74Homes - Envelope 3, undated
IV.1275-89Homes - Envelope 4, undated
IV.1290-114Business Buildings - Envelope 1, undated
IV.12115-121Business Buildings - Envelope 2 (folder 1-7/21), undated
IV.131-14Business Buildings - Envelope 2 (folders 8-21/21), undated
IV.1315-43Business Buildings - Envelope 3, undated
IV.1344-45Charles Alford Home, undated
IV.1346Aaron, Carol, undated
IV.1347-50Annual Meeting, 1969
IV.1351Air Condition Promotion, undated
IV.1352Summer Home Electric Meeting, 1970
IV.1353Charles Alford, 1971
IV.1354Lawrenceville Spring Meeting, 1973
IV.1355-57Area Holiday Programs, undated
IV.1358-59Area Summer Meeting, 1972
IV.1360Jackson EMC, undated
IV.1361-62Adams, Jimmy J., undated
IV.1363-65Area Industrial, 1972
IV.13661971 Ad Valorem Tax, 1971
IV.1367-68Ad Valorem Taxes, 1972
IV.1369Jackson EMC, undated
IV.1370Allen Farm - Gwinnett County, 1973
IV.1371-72Allen, Mrs. Charles A., undated
IV.1373Alexander, Frank, undated
IV.1374-76Allison, W. H., undated
IV.1377Allison, W. N., undated
IV.1378-82Annual Meeting, 1970
IV.1383I-85 Georgia 98 Interchange, undated
IV.1384I-85 Holiday Inn Exchange, undated
IV.1385Area Meeting Jefferson, Spring, 1968
IV.1386-88Annual Meeting Exhibits, 1970
IV.1389-91Annual Meeting, 1971
IV.1392-93Annual Meeting Exhibits, 1971
IV.1394Annual Meeting: Midle Oconee Water, undated
IV.1395Fall - Best Electric Meeting, 1970
IV.1396Area III Land Judging Contest, 1972
IV.1397Area Meeting (Gainesville, Spring), 1970
IV.1398Area Meeting (Gainesville, Spring), 1968
IV.1399Area Meeting (Gainesville, Winter), 1969
IV.13100Area Meeting, Summer, 1968
IV.13101Awards Banquet: 1969 Rural Electric Contest, 1969
IV.13102-104[No Name], undated
IV.13105Arnold, Charles, undated
IV.13106[No Name], undated
IV.13107Associated Press, undated
IV.13108[No Name], undated
IV.13109Associated Grocers, undated
IV.13110-111Athens Area Subdivisions, undated
IV.13112Attica Substation, 1970
IV.13113Attica Baptist Church, undated
IV.13114Awards, Area Youth Electric, undated
IV.13115[No Name], undated
IV.13116Award, J. flag Bulloch, undated
IV.13117-118Award, Nema-Miami Beach, undated
IV.13119-120Award, Directors, undated
IV.13121Awards, Youth Electric, Jackson County, undated
IV.13122Awards, Jackson County High FFA [Future Farmers of America], undated
IV.13123Award Safety Day: JEMC, undated
IV.13124Awards, Youth Electric - Lumpkin County, undated
IV.13125-127Annual Meeting, 1972
IV.13128Award, Madison County Youth Electric, undated
IV.13129-1301973 Baker and Taylor, 1973
IV.13131Basketball Cookout, 1971
IV.13132B&H Builders, 1971
IV.13133Bagley, J. H., undated
IV.13134Bagley, W. T., undated
IV.141Bailey, James L., undated
IV.142Baker, Robert, undated
IV.143Banks County Ad Valorem Tax, 1970
IV.144Barbecue Employee, undated
IV.145-6Barber Shop Chorus, 1971
IV.147Bark Camp Substation, undated
IV.148Barrett Farm, 1971
IV.149Baugh Ceen, Jon, undated
IV.1410Beck, Douglas, undated
IV.1411Beel, Dean, undated
IV.1412Bell, Sarah, undated
IV.1413-14Bell, Mike, undated
IV.1415Bell, Gurnie, undated
IV.1416Benton, Peggy, undated
IV.1417Berkley Hills Golf Club, undated
IV.1418Bethany Methodist Church, undated
IV.1419Bishop, Julius, undated
IV.1420Black, [unknown], undated
IV.1421Blonehart, A. A., undated
IV.1422[No Name], undated
IV.1423Bulloch, Truman, undated
IV.1424Bolloch, Mrs. Vance, undated
IV.1425Bolton, Y. E., undated
IV.1426Bosewill, C. T., undated
IV.1427Miss Nellie C. Boyd, 1970
IV.1428[No Name], undated
IV.1429Brazilian Visitor, 1970
IV.1430-31Breedlove, Claire, undated
IV.1432-33Beaver Ruin Substation, 1972
IV.1434-35Breedlove, Claire, undated
IV.1436Brenau Home Economics Class, 1971
IV.1437-39Brochure, Industry, undated
IV.1440Brochure, Jefferson, undated
IV.1441Brooks, Gary Allen, undated
IV.1442Brooks, Grady, undated
IV.1443Brookshire, Mrs. Hoyt, undated
IV.1444Browder, J. N., undated
IV.1445Brown, E. E., undated
IV.1446Cofield, Maurice, undated
IV.1447Brown, Fred, undated
IV.1448Bryan High School: Home Economics, undated
IV.1449Bryan, Linda, undated
IV.1450Bryson, Wayne Allen, undated
IV.1451-52George Burke's Flowers, 1972
IV.1453Bulloch, Truman, undated
IV.1454-55Bulloch, Floyd, undated
IV.1456Burton, Verner, undated
IV.1457Burroughs - Swim Pool, undated
IV.1458Businessmen's Luncheon, Gainesville, undated
IV.1459Butler, Whity, undated
IV.1460-62[No Name], undated
IV.1463New Computer System, 1973
IV.1464Cain, Sue, undated
IV.1465Calvary Baptist, 1970
IV.1466Cancer Drive, 1970
IV.1467Camelot Subdivision, undated
IV.1468Carey, Bill, undated
IV.1469Commerce Substation, 1972
IV.1470Carey, Brendt, undated
IV.1471Carey, Calvin, undated
IV.1472Carey, Dwight, undated
IV.1473-76Carpenter, Bill, undated
IV.1477Carolina Truck Terminal, 1970
IV.1478Carter, Nancy, undated
IV.1479Carter-Woods Subdivision, undated
IV.1480-81Casteel, Henry O., undated
IV.1482Negative - Cattle Scenes, undated
IV.1483[No Name], undated
IV.1484Caylor, Hoyt, undated
IV.1485Chambers, Harold, undated
IV.1486Chambers, Terry, undated
IV.1487-88Chandler, Johnnie, undated
IV.1489Chapman, Mrs. Sam, undated
IV.1490Chesser, Hugh, undated
IV.1491Booth, William H., undated
IV.1492Chicken, 3-legged, undated
IV.1493Childress, A. Jack, undated
IV.1494Church, Methodist, Women, undated
IV.1495Christmas Decorations, undated
IV.1496Church, Popular Springs, undated
IV.1497Clark, J. F., undated
IV.1498Clark, E. L., undated
IV.1499Clarke County Ad Valorem Tax, 1970
IV.14100Club-4H Bonds, undated
IV.14101Larry Cofield, undated
IV.14102Coile, Doris, undated
IV.14103Coile, Mrs. G. C., undated
IV.14104Colbert, Jesse, undated
IV.14105Collins, E. H., undated
IV.14106Collins, A. Wayne, undated
IV.14107Collins, Eugene, undated
IV.14108Colonial Manufacturing Company, undated
IV.14109Colony Mobile Home Park, 1970
IV.14110Commerce 5th Grade, 1971
IV.14111Commerce High School, undated
IV.14113Conner, Robert, Sr., undated
IV.14114[No Name], undated
IV.14115-119Construction, undated
IV.14120County Corners Mobile Home, 1970
IV.14121-122Cooper, D. C. Charles Hans, undated
IV.14123-125Construction, Line, undated
IV.14126[No Name], undated
IV.14127Cooper, Ronnie, undated
IV.14128-129Cook, E. Boxton, undated
IV.14130Contest, Powder, undated
IV.14131Cooper, George W., undated
IV.14132Cooper, M. L., undated
IV.14133-134Country Corners, 1972
IV.14135Connie's House, undated
IV.14136Cotton Producer's Association, undated
IV.14137Negative - Cover JEMCO: General Country Scenery, undated
IV.14138-139Cox, Bill, undated
IV.14140Culberston, Billy, undated
IV.14141Cox, A. G., undated
IV.14142Florence Cromer, undated
IV.14143Crooke Creek Church, 1971
IV.14144[No Name], undated
IV.14145-146Negatives - Before Construction Line, undated
IV.14147-148Cycle Ranch, 1973
IV.14149[No Name], undated
IV.14150Crooked Creek Baptist, 1970
IV.14151Bennie Davis, 1971
IV.14152-153Directors JEMCO, undated
IV.14154Dacula 4H, 1971
IV.14155Dacula FFA [Future Farmers of America] Rural Electrification Contest, undated
IV.151-2Dairy - Hall County, undated
IV.153Daniels, Bobbie, undated
IV.154Darkhouse, Poultry, undated
IV.155Darsey, Mrs. John, undated
IV.156Davidson, Wayne High, undated
IV.157Gus Davis, 1971
IV.158Employees, College Students, undated
IV.159Davis, Kenneth D., undated
IV.1510Davis Mary, undated
IV.1511Dairy - Valleyard, undated
IV.1512Demonstration, Commerce High, 1969 January
IV.1513-14Digger/Derrick, 1972
IV.1515Demonstration 4H Electric Project: Jefferson, 1968
IV.1516December JEMCO Cover, 1972
IV.1517Display - Lobby, undated
IV.1518Negatives, Mr. Kelly with Gus Davis, undated
IV.1519Demonstration, Wiring, undated
IV.1520-21Dover, Jerry, undated
IV.1522Davis, Zippopo H., undated
IV.1523Demonstration, Farm Shop - Madison County, undated
IV.1524Dawkins, Deborah, undated
IV.1525C. M. Dawson, undated
IV.1526Gwinnett County Demonstration - Farm Shop Wiring, undated
IV.1527Display - Lighting, undated
IV.1528Dorsey, Mrs. James, undated
IV.1529Tom Dover, 1970
IV.1530Dunaway, Sam, undated
IV.1531Duncan, J. P. - Electric Heat, undated
IV.1532-33Dunne, Daniel, undated
IV.1534Dill, Pete, undated
IV.1535-36Dunson, Jack, undated
IV.1537-38Dyer Elementary School - Gwinnett County, 1972
IV.1539-41Employees: Garage and Various Negatives: Live Wire, 1973
IV.1542[No Name], undated
IV.1543Employee, Graduating, undated
IV.1544Economic Report: Madison County, undated
IV.1545Employee Handbook, undated
IV.1546[No Name], undated
IV.1547Edwards, Quilla, undated
IV.15484-H Electric Workshop, Gainesville, 1968
IV.1549-51Explosion - Hall County, 1971
IV.1552-53Graduation, Lanier Tech, undated
IV.1554Employee Orientation, 1972 August
IV.1555JEMC Employee, undated
IV.1556Employee JEMC, undated
IV.1557Employees, Gainesvilee, undated
IV.1558-59Employee Yard Light Contest Supper, undated
IV.1560Employees, Lawrenceville, undated
IV.1561Employees, Neese District, undated
IV.1562-63Jamie Fincker, 1973
IV.1564Farm Bureau Recipe Winner 1973: July JEMCO and Public Relations, 1973
IV.1565-67FFA [Future Farmers of America] Area Wiring, 1971
IV.1568-69Fox, Rowder. Smith Inc.: JEMCO News, 1973 July
IV.1570-74FFA [Future Farmers of America] Area Wiring Contest, 1972
IV.1575-77FFA [Future Farmers of America] Wiring Contest, 1973
IV.1578State FFA [Future Farmers of America] Banquet, 1971
IV.1579-804H Home Living Meeting, 1971
IV.1581Engineering Department, undated
IV.1582Evans, Joseph, undated
IV.1583Evans, Kay, undated
IV.15841971 FMHA, 1971
IV.1585-86Fall 'Best in Home Living Show' Jefferson, 1970
IV.1587State 4H Team Champs, 1970
IV.1588-89Chapter FFA [Future Farmers of America] Competition, 1971
IV.1590-95FFA [Future Farmers of America] Rural Electric Contest, 1970
IV.1596Faulkner, James, undated
IV.1597-98FFA [Future Farmers of America] Awards, 1968
IV.1599FFA [Future Farmers of America] Awards, Madison County High School, undated
IV.15100FFA [Future Farmers of America] Awards, Banks County High School, 1968
IV.15101FFA [Future Farmers of America] Individual Awards, undated
IV.15102FFA [Future Farmers of America] Awards, Jackson County High School, 1968
IV.15103Farm - Fur, undated
IV.15104-106FFA [Future Farmers of America] Rural Electrification Contest, 1969
IV.15107Fowcelt, C. W., undated
IV.15108Fred Mill, undated
IV.15109Fletcher, Larry, undated
IV.15110Preacher Ferguson - Builder, 1972
IV.15111Fields-Gail, undated
IV.15112Fitzpatrick, Reuben, undated
IV.15113Fortner, W. D., undated
IV.15114Foster, Robie, undated
IV.15115Fouche, Mrs. Chandler, undated
IV.15116Frederick, Hugh J., undated
IV.15117Freezer Plant - Gainesville, undated
IV.15118-119Freeman, Jean, undated
IV.15120Freeman, Mrs., undated
IV.15121H. L. Freezer - Wilbank, Kennels, undated
IV.15122Chicken (Hammocks), Fricks, Roger, undated
IV.15123[No Name], undated
IV.15124Betty Griffith, 1973
IV.15125-127Betty Griffith; Marion Mahaffey, 1972
IV.15128Gold Medallion Brochure, 1972
IV.15129-131General Office, 1971
IV.15132Gainesville Fall Meeting, 1971
IV.15133Gainesville Christmas, 1970
IV.15134Gainesville Area Meeting, 1972
IV.15135-136Gainesville Fall Meeting, 1970
IV.15137GEMC Annual Meeting, 1970
IV.15138Gainesville Meeting, 1970
IV.15139Office, Gainesville, 1962
IV.15140Gainesville Digger Truck, 1972
IV.161-2Gainesville Fabricating County, undated
IV.163Gainesville Stoneworks, 1970
IV.164New Garage, 1971
IV.165-7Bobby Garrett Builder, 1972
IV.168Kay Fuller, undated
IV.169Garrett, Victor, undated
IV.1610Garrett, Willie Nell, undated
IV.1611Glenn, Willis, Sr., undated
IV.1612No Envelope, undated
IV.1613Georgia Concrete Products, undated
IV.1614-15Georgia Moulding Company, undated
IV.1616Gainesville, District Office, undated
IV.1617-19Gibson, Rita and Robbin, undated
IV.1620Girl Scouts, Commerce, undated
IV.1621-22Glass, Larry, Outstanding Farmer, 1966
IV.1623-24Global Garden, 1970
IV.1625Glover, John, undated
IV.1626Goss, Rip, undated
IV.1627Kenneth Grogan, 1970
IV.1628GSA Warehouse Duluth, undated
IV.1629Granny, undated
IV.1630-31Gravitt, Mrs. Robert, undated
IV.1632Griffin, Dennis Charles, undated
IV.1633Griffin, William, undated
IV.1634-35Grindel, L. D., undated
IV.1636Glenn, Terry, undated
IV.1637Grindell, Swindell, undated
IV.1638Gunter, Mrs. Velma, undated
IV.1639Gwinnett City Ad Valorem Tax, 1970
IV.1640T. O Hall, 1969
IV.1641No Envelope, undated
IV.1642Hall City Right of Way, 1973
IV.1643-44Hall City Fire Deptartment, 1972
IV.1645Hall County Ad Valorem Tax, 1970
IV.1646Hall County Junior Nutrition Club, 1972
IV.1647Hall. W. L., undated
IV.1648Hall, W. P., undated
IV.1649No Name, undated
IV.1650Haggard, Mrs. S. G., undated
IV.1651Hall, Ellen, undated
IV.1652Happy Valley - Winder, 1970
IV.1653Hancock, Mrs. Lucille, undated
IV.1654Hancock, Pierce, undated
IV.1655Handte, C. P., undated
IV.1656Harbin, Helen, undated
IV.1657Hardegree, Mrs. Elmer Joe, undated
IV.1658Hardegree, Kathy, undated
IV.1659Harmony Hall Baptist Church, undated
IV.1660Harris, Greg, undated
IV.1661No folder, undated
IV.1662-73Mrs. Evelyn Harris, undated
IV.1674Harris, Thomas, undated
IV.1675-78Holiday Inn, undated
IV.1679Harrison, Mrs. Velvie, undated
IV.1680-811971 Hartwell Dam Youth Tour, 1971
IV.1682Hatfield, Mrs. B. F., undated
IV.1683Health Department Jefferson, undated
IV.1684Herrington, Jerry Thomas, undated
IV.1685Hewatt, Ronald, undated
IV.1686No folder, undated
IV.1687Hewell, Jimmy, undated
IV.1688-89High Hope School, 1970
IV.1690Hill, Cecil, undated
IV.1691Hill, H. E., undated
IV.1692Hillside Hatchery, 1970
IV.1693Hecken Brothers - Home, undated
IV.1694High School Days - Gainesville, undate
IV.1695Hinson, Darl J., undated
IV.1696Hinton, James, undated
IV.1697Hogan, Mrs. Evon, undated
IV.1698Hollond, William, undated
IV.1699Home Federal Brunch, 1972
IV.16100-1011972 Hog Show, 1972
IV.16102Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hooper, 1970
IV.16103Hooper, C. W., undated
IV.16104Hope, Mrs. Howard, undated
IV.16105Fraser - October, undated
IV.16106-107Home - Murphy - Ralph, undated
IV.16108Hooper, J.W., undated
IV.16109Howard, Walter G., undated
IV.16110Huff, Jerry, undated
IV.16111Huff, Mildred, undated
IV.16112Hughes, Jerry, undated
IV.16113No Name, undated
IV.16114Loose Hems, undated

Series V. Artifacts , 1936-1941

1 item(s) (1 electric pole)
Series V. Artifact consists of an electrical pole used by Jackson EMC in its initial years of operation.
V.1Electric pole, circa 1939
V.2Surveyor's wheel, 1940s

Series VI. Audiovisual Materials

60 item(s)
Series VI. Audiovisual Materials includes 16mm films, audiocassettes, DVD, Betacam, and VHS. Subseries A. Oral Histories, which contains interviews with former employees of Jackson EMC. Availability of oral history interviews may be subject to restrictions. Subseries B contains copies of films produced by the Rural Electrification Administration. Digital surrogates of these films may be available upon request.

Subseries A. Oral Histories

UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel1Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 1, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel2Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 2, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel3Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 3, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel4Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 4, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel5Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 5, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel6Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 6, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel7Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 7, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel8Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 8, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel9Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 9, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel10Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 10, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel11Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 11, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel12Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 12, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel13Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 13, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel14Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 14, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel15Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 15, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel16Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 16, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/OH-Reel17Jackson EMC Historical Interviews, Reel 17, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/DVD_0016Unlabeled DVD, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/CS_0001Jackson EMC interviews, tape 1: Luther Wilkes, Jack Dempsey Little, interviewed by Stephen Keown and Jill Severn, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/CS_0002Jackson EMC interviews, tape 2: Thelma Little, Selena O'Shields Arnold, Bobby Gutner, interviewed by Stephen Keown and Jill Severn, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/CS_0003Jackson EMC interviews, tape 3: Bobby Gutner cont., John P. Souther, and Lois Jackson Brooks, 2004
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/CS_0004Jackson EMC interviews, tape 4: Augusta Jenkins, Emageen Burnett Kelly, and Francine Dillard, 2004

Subseries B. Rural Electrification Administration Films

UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/16mm_0001And There Was Light, 1955 Access Online
And There Was Light, video
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/16mm_0002On the Line, undated Access Online
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/16mm_0003Challenge of the Future, 1968 Access Online
UC RBRL/113/JEMCO/16mm_0004By the People, For the People, 1956 Access Online