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Harmony Grove Mills Records

Harmony Grove Mills Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Harmony Grove Mills Records
Creator: Harmony Grove Mills (Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1882-1994
Language(s): English
Extent: 108 box(es) (87.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL/092/HGM
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. was a cotton manufacturing corporation operating in Commerce, Jackson County, Georgia from 1893 to 1991. The records document the founding of the mill, its operations, its sale to Mount Vernon Mills, and its employees and members of the Commerce community. Includes original and drafts of the corporate charter, board of directors minutes, property records and plats for mill locations and facilities, payroll and time books for employees, ledgers documenting production and sales, as well as consulting reports assessing Harmony Grove's financial health.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. was a cotton manufacturing corporation founded on April 3, 1893, in Harmony Grove (later re-named Commerce), Jackson County, Georgia, by Lamartine G. Hardman, an area physician, brothers G. W. D. and W. T. Harber and other members of the local business community to spur industrial growth in northeast Georgia. The corporation was chartered with a capital stock of $50,000 in June of the same year; the real estate property was purchased from Hardman and Mrs. W. S. Webb at $75 to $100 per acre.

The founding officers of the company were President G. W. D. Harber, Vice President W. B. J. Hardman, and Secretary-Treasurer C. J. Hood, with board members Hardman, T. E. Key, C. W. Hood, C. D. Stark, W. T. Harber, W. B. Hardman, and W. T. Thurmond. Harber served as president from 1893 through 1899. In 1898, Hardman bought out the majority share of the corporation from the Harber Brothers and became president the next year. He was succeeded by Lamartine Hardman, Jr. (1937-1978) and then Lamartine Hardman III (1978-1991).

The original 15,000-square-foot mill facility was designed by W. T. Thurmond, the first plant foreman, and furnished with 60 40-inch looms. Harmony Grove produced its first cotton sheeting on May 25, 1894, purchased by buyer T. E. Key, and paid its first dividends of 6% to stockholders on June 10, 1895.

Enlarged several times, first in 1902 and then in 1923 and 1941, Harmony Grove operated 586 looms and employed more than 500 workers at the time of its fiftieth anniversary. By 1950, the original site was expanded to 130,000 square feet. To house its many employees, Harmony Grove constructed a mill village. As of 2016, these houses make up a large portion of homes in the southeast part of Commerce. In the mid-1950s, the company purchased a competing mill location in Cleveland, Georgia, to further increase production. Throughout its operation, Harmony Grove was a leading supplier of yarn and unfurnished bottom weight fabric, especially the kind used to produce industrial work uniforms and denim overalls, among other products.

Economic decline in the late 1980s led to job cuts, and by 1990, Harmony Grove employed just 270 workers. In 1991, Greenville, South Carolina-based Mount Vernon Mills purchased Harmony Grove. As a major supplier of cloth for Mount Vernon's Apparel Fabrics division, Harmony Grove was an attractive acquisition for the company. Harmony Grove's facilities in Commerce and Cleveland remained fully operational until 2004 when Mount Vernon closed several locations. The original mill building in Commerce remains an important historic and aesthetic landmark for the community.

Scope and Content

The Harmony Grove Mills Records document the founding of the mill in 1893, its operations for nearly a century, its sale to Mount Vernon Mills in 1991, and its employees and members of the Commerce community. The collection includes original and drafts of the corporate charter, board of directors minutes, property records and plats for mill locations and facilities, payroll and time books for employees, ledgers documenting production and sales, as well as consulting reports assessing Harmony Grove's financial health.

Organization and Arrangement

The records are arranged in four series: I. Administrative and Financial, II. Employees, III. Production and Sales, and IV. Equipment and Facilities.

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This collection is open for research.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding Aid prepared by Mat Darby and Jordan Dopp, April 2017.

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Subject Terms

Commerce (Ga.)
Cotton trade -- Georgia -- Commerce.
Hardman, Lamartine Griffin, 1856-1937
Textile industry -- Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Administrative and Financial, 1891-1994

17 box(es)
Series I. Administrative and Financial documents the governance, decision-making, leadership and high-level financial functions of Harmony Grove Mills and includes charters, minutes, general ledgers and financial documentation, stocks and shareholder information, travel files, and awards and recognition for Harmony Grove's presidents. Of note are the Board of Directors' minutes ledgers that span the entire history of the company.
11-3[Charter], 1893-1972
14Barbecue [Fiftieth Anniversary], 1944 May
221[Petition of Interest: Pledges to Mill], circa 1891
222[Original Charter and Revised Charter], 1893, 1922
223[Correspondence: Robert Jackson verses Harmony Grove Mills], 1902
224[Clipping: Harmony Grove Mills Observer Anniversary], 1944 May 25
225Minutes, 1893
226[Mill Stocks and Bonds, Notes], circa 1920s
227[Election by Stockholders], 1893 June 12
228[Officers and Board Election], 1894
229[Election of Board of Directors], 1896
Board of Directors
15[Minutes and Related Material], 1937-1991
16Corporate Resolution Certification to By Laws and Resolutions of Board, 1986
231[Minutes Ledger], 1893-1906
232[Minutes Ledger], 1907-1924
17[Minutes Ledger], 1925 February - 1932 February
18[Minutes Ledger], 1932 March - 1941 April
19[Minutes Ledger], 1941 June - 1950 May
110[Minutes Ledger], 1950 June - 1952 June
111[Minutes Ledger], 1952 September - 1960 May
112[Minutes Ledger], 1960 April - 1971 March
21[Minutes Ledger], 1971-1979
22[Minutes Ledger], 1980-1991
23[Sale of Harmony Grove Mills to Mount Vernon Mills: Legal Papers, Plats, Correspondence, Finance], 1984-1991
Stocks and Shareholders
24[Stockholders on Record and Financial Statements to Stockholders], 1968-1984
25-6[Redemption of Harmony Grove Mills Stock], 1983-1984
27Annual Stockholders Meeting, 1982
28Annual Stockholders Meeting, 1983
29Proxies, Etc. Annual Stockholders Meeting, 1984 April 2
210Proxies Meeting, 1985 April 1
211Stockholders Meeting, 1986 April 7
212Stockholders Proxies and Meeting, 1987 April 6
213Stockholders Meeting, 1988 March 24
214Shareholders Meeting, 1989 April 3
215[Knox and Zacks Correspondence to Dorothy S. Hardman on Value of Harmony Grove Mills Stock], 1989 September 27
216Shareholders Meeting, 1990 April 2
217Proxies Received Stockholders Meeting (Sale of Property), 1991 October-November
218Shareholder Package on Sale to Mount Vernon Mills, 1991 October 4
219Proxies Received Meeting, 1992 February 5
220Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Annual Stockholders Meeting, 1993 May 3
221Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Stockholders Proxies, 1994 August 22
222Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Distribution to Shareholders, 1992-1994
223Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Distribution to Stockholders, 1994
224Miscellaneous Information and Correspondence on Stockholders, 1985-1988
1071-9[Stockholder Voting], 1980-1990
10710Stock Redemption, 1984
10711Dividends and Miscellaneous Income Returns, 1985-1986
10712Dividends Paid, 1989
Consultant Assessments
225-28[Reconciliation Report: Cleveland and Commerce], 1989 January-December
31-10[Loper Report: Cost Revision of Harmony Grove Mills], 1976 July - 1988 August
311-14[Roberts, Curry and Co. Assessment: Manufacturing, Marketing, Financial], 1990 July-November
Inventory Control B File
315-17[B File Harmony Grove Mills Reports on Examinations], 1937-1944
41-3[B File Harmony Grove Mills Reports on Examinations], 1944-1949
General Ledgers
241[General Ledger], 1920-1946
242[General Ledger], 1947-1968
322-3[General Ledger], 1951-1970
251[General Ledger], 1985
39[General Ledger], 1986
44[Harmony Grove Mill Chart of Accounts and Explanation of Ledger Postings], undated
33Ledger Page: Profit and Loss 1894-1964, 1964
38General Ledger Monthly Reports [microfiche], 1986-1988
38Accounts Payable Reports [microfiche], 1987-1988
38Check Register [microfiche], 1987-1988
38Accounts Payable Check Register [microfiche], 1988
38Posting Reports [microfiche], 1988
Trial Balance
233[Trial Balance Ledger], 1906 July - 1915 October
234[Trial Balance Ledger], 1942-1947
235[Trial Balance Ledger], 1948-1950
236[Trial Balance Ledger], 1951-1956
237[Trial Balance Ledger], 1957-1983
Revenue Bond
252[Bond Register Ledger], 1934
45[Revenue Bond UCC Financing Statements], 1984-1991
46Bond Financing, Cleveland, 1984-1987
47Citizens and Southern National Bank Trustee (White County Revenue Bonds), 1984
48-9[Loan and Lease Agreements between Harmony Grove Mills and The Citizens and Southern National Bank], 1984-1987
410$5,500,000 in aggregate principal amount of White County Industrial Development Authority Revenue Bonds (Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Project), 1984 November 28
411-13$1,500,000 in aggregate principal amount of Jackson County Industrial Development Authority Revenue Bonds (Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Project), 1984 December 31
51$5,500,000 Amendment and Modification of Development Authority of White County Revenue Bonds (Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Project), 1991 June 28
52$1,500,000 Amendment and Modification of Development Authority of Jackson County Revenue Bonds (Harmony Grove Mills, Inc. Project), 1991 June 28
53[Revenue Bond Related Material], 1984-1986
Industrial Bond
54[Transcript of Bond Financing ($5,500,000 Principle Amount Development Authority of White County Revenue Bonds)], 1985 January 17
55[Transcript of Bond Financing ($1,500,000 in Aggregate Principle Amount of Jackson County Industrial Development Authority Revenue Bonds)], 1984 December 31
56[Jackson County Industrial Development Authority], 1984
57[Deed to Secure Debt and Security Agreement Jackson County Industrial Development Authority], 1984-1989
58[Standard Operating Procedure Public Corporation HGM], 1968-1988
59[Additional Financial Covenants Citizens and Southern Bank White County Statement], 1984
510Citizens and Southern (White County) [Correspondence Requisitions for Industrial Development Businesses], 1953, 1984-1985
511Citizens and Southern (Jackson County), 1984-1985
512Requisitions Jackson County, 1984
513Confirmation of Securities Purchased (Jackson County), 1985
514Requisitions NOT Submitted (Jackson County), 1985 February
515Statement of Account (Jackson County), 1984-1985
61Requisitions Complete (Jackson County), 1985
62[White County Bond File Legal Pad], 1985 January 11
63Cleveland [Additional Financing Covenants], 1984-1987
64Requisitions NOT Submitted (White County), 1984-1985
65Confirmation of Securities Purchased (White County), 1985 January 11
66Requisitions (White County), 1984-1985
67Statement of Amount (White County), 1984 November - 1985 December
68Requisitions Complete (White County), 1984 November - 1985 August
69[Proposed Financing of Industrial Facilities], 1984
610[Cleveland: Ames Textile Mill Purchase], 1984
611[Inspection of Ames Textile Mill Building], 1984 August 27
612[White County Industrial Development Authority], 1984
613[Industrial Bonds Related Material], 1984-1989
614-18[Tax Return/Income Tax Cases File Harmony Grove Mills], 1928-1950
619[Corporate Income and Excess Profits Tax Return], 1936-39
620"J" Miscellaneous [Tax Returns], 1947-1948
71Frozen Food Lockers, Inc. Commerce GA Tax File/"B" File, 1943-1948
72-14[Inventory of Production Rooms], 1986-1991
715Note: Lam Hardman III, 1980-1989
Lamartine G. Hardman III Travel Files
ATMI [American Textile Manufacturers Institute] Board of Directors Meeting
81Kauai, Hawaii, 1980 March 26
82Washington, D.C., 1982 September 16
83Washington, D.C., 1984 March 5
84Palm Beach, Florida, 1985-1986
85Williamsburg, Virginia, 1986 November 20-21
86-7New Orleans, Louisiana, 1987 April 7-8
88Phoenix, Arizona, 1987 October 25-27
89San Francisco, California, 1988 April 9
YPO [Young Presidents' Organization]
810Rebel Chapter Keystone Forum], 1983 January 25-29
811-12Copenhagen, Norway, 1983 May 22-28
813Rebel Forum II, 1984 March 8
814Rebel Chapter, Dominican Republic, 1985 January 16-20
815U.S. Air Force Academy, 1985 July 3-7
816-17Southern Area Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 1985 October
818Rebel Chapter, Hilton Head, South Carolina, 1986 June 18-22
819Rebel Chapter, Lake George, New York, 1987 June 24-28
820Callaway Gardens, Georgia, 1990 June
821GTMI [Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association, Inc.] Sea Island, Georgia, 1982 September 1-4
822[Lamartine G. Hardman III Travel-related Material], 1984-1990
1081Proceedings of the Forty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia [Lamartine G. Hardman, Jr.'s personal copy], 1949 May
1082Proceedings of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia [Lamartine G. Hardman, Jr.'s personal copy], 1950 May
1083Proceedings of the Fifty-first Annual Meeting of the Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia [Lamartine G. Hardman, Jr.'s personal copy], 1951 May
823[Clipping: Death of Lamartine G. Hardman, Jr.], 1978
824[Textile Industry Organizations Letters (Cotton Manufacturers Association of Georgia/Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association, American Cotton Manufacturers Institute)], 1939-1975
825Guest Book [Visitors to Harmony Grove Mills], 1954-1979
37Plaque: In Memoriam Lamartine Griffin Hardman, Jr., 1978 September 7
37Certificate: Dr. Lamartine Griffin Hardman, circa 1937
37Certificate: Lamartine G. Hardman Jr., Confederate Air Corps, 1953
37Key to Athens-Clarke County, circa 1991

Series II. Employees, 1894-1980

38 box(es)
Series II. Employees documents the hours and wages of Harmony Grove employees and includes payroll ledgers, time books, and additional workforce information. The ledgers and books also serve as a record of the types of jobs available with the company and the members of the Commerce community whom Harmony Grove employed.
826Wage Scale, 1938-1950
827Office Payroll, 1950
253[Employee Medical Costs Ledger], 1950-1953
68[Employment Hiring Records Ledger], 1966-1969
38Payroll Record Cards Microfiche, 1937-1973
238[Time Book Carding and Spinning Ledger], 1894 October - 1896 May 30
239[Time Book Ledger], 1900-1902
261[Time Book Ledger], 1901-1905
2310[Time Book Card Room Ledger], 1903-1905
262[Time Book Ledger], 1905 May - 1908 October
263[Time Book Ledger], 1907 January - 1908 October
264[Time Book Ledger], 1908 November - 1910 May
265[Time Book Ledger], 1908 November - 1911 May
266[Time Book Card Room Ledger], 1910 April - 1912 May
267[Time Book Ledger], 1911 June - 1913 November
268[Time Book Ledger], 1914 January - 1916 May
269[Time Book Ledger], 1916 April - 1919 February
2610[Time Book Ledger], 1920 October - 1922 April
2611[Time Book Ledger], 1922 April - 1923 May
2612[Time Book Ledger], 1923 May - 1924 September
271[Foreman's Time Book Weave Room Ledger], 1923 December - 1927
272[Time Book Ledger], 1924 November - 1926 April
273[Time Book Ledger], 1925 February - 1930 May
274[Time Book Ledger], 1927-1929
275[Time Book Ledger], 1929 February - 1930 July
276[Time Book Ledger], 1930 July - 1932 May
277[Foreman's Time Book Ledger], 1930 May - 1933 January
278[Time Book Ledger], 1932 June - 1934 February
279[Time Book Ledger], 1933 May - 1935 August
2710[Time Book Ledger], 1934 February - 1935 July
281[Time Book Ledger], 1935 October - 1937 April
282[Time Book Ledger], 1941 September - 1942 December
283[Time Book Ledger], 1941 July - 1945 February
284[Time Book Ledger], 1942 August - 1943 July
285[Time Book Ledger], 1945 April - 1949 January
286[Time Book Ledger], 1949 January - 1952 October
287[Time Book Ledger], 1949 October - 1953 February
288[Time Book Ledger], 1952 November - 1953 May
289[Time Book Ledger], 1953 January-February
2810[Time Book Ledger], 1955 December - 1956 February
40[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1949 January 1-December 31
41[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1950 January 14-December 30
42[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1952 January-December
43[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1953 January-December
44[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1954 January 9-December 25
45[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1955 January-December
46[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1956 January 7-December 22
47[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1957 January - 1960 December
48[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1962 January 13-December 29
49[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1963 January 12-December 28
50[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1965 January-October
51[Overseers' Payroll Sheets Ledger], 1965 October 16 - 1966 April 30
52[Payroll Ledger], 1931 January 13-December 30
53[Payroll Ledger], 1937 January 1 - 1941 December 24
54[Payroll Ledger], 1942 December 10- 1944 December 23
55[Payroll Ledger], 1945 January 6 - 1946 December 21
56[Payroll Ledger], 1947 January 4 - 1948 December 18
57[Payroll Ledger], 1950 January 1-December 30
58[Payroll Ledger], 1952 January 12 - 1953 December 26
59[Payroll Ledger], 1954 January 9-December 21
60[Payroll Ledger], 1956 January 7-December 22
61[Payroll Ledger], 1957 January 5-December 21
62[Payroll Ledger], 1958 January 4-December 20
63[Payroll Ledger], 1959 January 3-December 12
64[Payroll Ledger], 1960 January 2-December 3
65[Payroll Ledger], 1961 January 14-December 20
66[Payroll Ledger], 1962 January 13 - 1963 December 28
67[Payroll Ledger], 1964 January 11 - 1966 December 24
36Harmony Grove Mills Softball Uniform [tank top and shorts], circa 1980

Series III. Production and Sales, 1893-1991

54 box(es)
Series III. Production and Sales documents the manufacturing and sales functions of Harmony Grove and includes cash and cotton books, sales and order records, fabric samples, and photographs. The records illustrate the company's growth from a small manufacturing concern to its larger presence in the regional textile industry as well as its connection with other companies and related industries.
Purchases and Production
254[Manufactured Goods Ledger], 1946-1950
91-5[Baled/Yarn Production Report], 1985-1991
Completed Orders
317[Orders and Cotton Ledger], 1948 August - 1951 December
1130-32[Completed Orders Ledger], 1960 January - 1962 December
341[Completed Orders Ledger], 1965-1967
Light and Electricity Service
291[Light Service Month Ledger], 1907
292-4[Light and Electricity Service Ledger], 1909-1915
Cash and Cotton Books
295[Cash Book Ledger], 1895-1896
296[Cash Book Ledger], 1895 March - 1895 November
297[Cash Book Ledger], 1895 March - 1896 March
298[Cash Book Ledger], 1900-1903
255[Cash Book Ledger], 1907-1920
96-10Cash Book [Folder], 1971-1975
911-15Cash Book [Folder], 1979-1983
69[Cotton Book and Cash Book Ledger], 1899-1903
70[Cotton Book and Cash Book Ledger], 1904
71[Cotton Book Ledger], 1905-1908
72[Cotton Book and Cash Book Ledger], 1910-1915
73[Sales to Catlin and Co.], 1904-1912
74[Sales to Catlin and Co.], 1914-1920
75[Sales to Catlin and Co.], 1921-1923
76[Sales to Catlin and Co.], 1924-1925
77[Cash Book Ledger], 1893 June - 1896 January
78[Cash Book Ledger], 1896-1898
79[Cash Book Ledger], 1896 February - 1900 June
80[Cash Book Ledger], 1900-1904
81[Daily Statement Book Ledger], 1901-1902
82[Cash Book Ledger], 1901-1905
83[Cash Book Ledger], 1908-1913
84[Cash Book Ledger], 1915
85[Cash Book Ledger], 1915-1920
86[Customer's Ledger], 1916-1917
87[Cash Book Ledger], 1920-1923
88[Cash Book Ledger], 1924-1926
89[Cash Book Ledger], 1926 December - 1929 December
90[Cash Book Ledger], 1930 January - 1934 May
91[Cash Book Ledger], 1934 June - 1937 December
92[Cash Book Ledger], 1938 January - 1941 November
93[Cash Book Ledger], 1941 November - 1944 October
94[Cash Book Ledger], 1945 January - 1946 December
95[Cash Book Ledger], 1947-1949
96[Cash Journal], 1951 January - 1952 December
97[Cash Book Ledger], 1953 January - 1956 December
98[Cash Journal Ledger], 1957 January - 1960 December
99[Cash Journal Ledger], 1961 January - 1964 December
100[Cash Book Ledger], 1964-1968
101[Cash Journal Ledger], 1969-1972
102[Cash Book Ledger], 1973-1978
105[Record of Written Checks/Check Ledger], 1979-1984
103[Cash Journal Ledger], 1985-1986
104[Check Book/Receipts Ledger], 1945-49
Cotton: Used, Bought, Produced
301[Weekly Reports Ledger], 1950-1955
299[Supply Book Record Ledger], 1902
302[Records on Cotton Ledger], 1907-1914
2910[Cotton Record Ledger], 1903 September
2911[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1925-1928
2912[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1929 January - 1933 December
2913[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1950-1951
2914[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1951-1954
311[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1955-1958
312[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1959-1962
313[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1966-1970
314[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1971-1976
315[Cotton Used/Bought Ledger], 1977-1983
316[Cotton Used Ledger], 1984-1988
916-17October-November Sales and Production w/p, 1986 December 31 - 1991 August 24
918-37[Cotton Production Statements, Monthly], 1955-1974
101-9[Cotton Production Statements, Monthly], 1975-1983
1010-14[Weekly Production Sheets], 1980-1985
Sales Records
317[Sales Ledger], 1899 June - 1905 June
33[Sales Ledger], 1903-1905
318[Sales Ledger], 1910 September - 1910 December
319[Banking Records Ledger], 1952-1958
3110[Cotton Sales Ledger], 1955-1957
171-2Sale Invoices, 1985
173-8Sale Invoices, 1986
179-10Bill of Lading, 1987 December-August
181-6Sale Invoices, 1987
187Sales Summary, 1987
188-9Bill of Lading, 1988
1810-11Sale Invoices, 1988 December-September
191-3Sale Invoices, 1988 August-January
194Sale Invoices Numerical File, 1989
195-6Bill of Lading, 1989
197-12Sale Invoices, 1989
201Sale Invoices Numerical File, 1990
202Sales Orders, 1990
203-5Bill of Lading, 1990
206-9Sale Invoices, 1990
2010-13Sale Invoices-Yarn, 1990
211-2Sale Invoices-Credit Memos, 1990-1991
213Sale Invoices Numerical File, 1991
214Sale Orders Contract Dates, 1991
215-20Sales--Product Number, 1991
2121Sale Orders, 1991
2122Waste Sales, 1991
2123-24Bill of Lading, 1991
2125-28Sale Invoices, 1991
2129Sale Invoices-Yarn, 1991
331[Straight Bills of Landing], 1991
Cotton Company Sales
1015-16Sale of Cotton to Montgomery, 1989 May-June
1017Southern Cotton Company, 1981
1018Montgomery, 1991
1019LOEB, 1991
1020Hohenberg-Lawson, 1991
1021Davis-Hunt, 1991
1022Allenburg, 1991
1023Volkart, 1991
1024Weil, 1991
1025Shekivah, 1991
1026RSM, 1991
1027R. Weaver, 1991
1028Cotton Position Report, 1991
1029National Cotton Council, 1991
35Selling Agent's Fabric Samples
35Miniature cotton bales (2)
36Fabric Samples
37Production Photographs
37Sign: National Cotton Council
37Production Tags

Series IV. Equipment and Facilities

12 box(es)
Series IV. Equipment and Facilities documents in great detail the Harmony Grove Mills facilities, the machinery and apparatus with which it was outfitted, and the land on which it was built. The records include property records and plats for mill locations and facilities, construction plans, invoices and contracts for equipment, leases for rented buildings, and examples of loom components. Of particular note are the deeds and other land records documenting the history of various properties prior to acquisition by Hardman and his associates.
Subject terms:
1030[Contract: General Electric], 1899
1031Contracts: Specifications of Northrop Looms, 1910
1032[Boiler Makers' Policy RD Cole MFG Co.], 1903
1033[Purchases from the American Machine Company: Cotton Machinery], 1904-1905
1034[Purchases from Joseph Sykes Bros.], 1908-1909
1035[Contracts: Southern Railway Co.], 1902-1906
1036[Specifications of Shafting, Hangers, Pulleys Contract], undated
Company Leases on Warehouse Spaces
1037Re: Purchasing Ames Textiles Cleveland Plant, 1984 September 24
1038Clark-Schwebel Fiber Glass Corp, 1987 September 27
1039Ames Textile Lease Agreement, 1986
1040Ames Textile Letter of Intent, 1984 September 28
1041Sales Tax Department of Revenue Machinery Exemption Application, 1986-1987
1042Agreement on Drainage Easement Contract Commerce Recreation Council, 1960-1963
1043Orbit Manufacturing Cleveland Plant, 1985-1986
1044Lease Agreement Harmony Grove Mills and Lamartine Hardman III, 1970 May 4
1045Executrix Deed from Francine Harden, 1963 March 13
1046Warrantee Deed Madison Street Church WBJ Hardmann, 1950-1951
1047Action, Inc., 1985-1990
1048Rusty David Station, 1988 April 12
1049Southside Service Station Lease Rusty David, 1985-1988
1050T.E.S.A. Electronics Lease Agreement, 1989
1051Pipeline Easement, 1983 July 29
1052Letters, Etc. Regarding New Machinery Purchases and Building at Cleveland, 1984
1053Rental Lease: Banks Bowling Muffler and Radiator, 1984-1985
1054South Elm Street House, 1992
1055Commercial Insurance Policy, 1991
The Mills: The Building, Maps, Floor Plans, Construction
2210[Mill Contract with Commerce, Georgia Utilities], 1917
2211[Anthony Property], 1882-1892
2212[Barber Property Deeds, Notes], 1894-1941
2213[Warranty Deed of F.J. Crocker Property], 1924
2214[Daughtery Property], 1906-1942
2215[Dunson-Hood-Stark Property], 1890-1901
2216[Farabee Property], 1909-1938
2217[Harber Estate Zeller Lot], 1886-1920
2218[T.C. Harman to Mill, Deed, Plat], 1947-1948
2219[WBJ Hardman to HW Peeler Quit Claim Deed, 1884
2220[Harris Property], 1919-1953
2221[Massey Property], 1887-1901
2222[Stark Morgan Moor Lot and Houses Warranty Deeds], 1893-1927
2223[Smallwood Property], 1921-1925
2224[Mill Village Warranty Deed Susan L. Thomas-Eva M. Tuggle], 1956-1958
2225[Warehouse Property], 1882-1892
2226[MS Webb and LGH to Mills Plat], 1893
2227[MS Webb to sons JSW Johnson and Young J. Johnson Deeds], 1901
2228[Williams Property Deeds, Plat], 1920-1943
2229[Other Warranty Deeds and Property Notes], 1882, 1916
1056[Pardue Construction Company Cost of New Building], 1951
1057[Clipping: New Building], 1951
1058[List of Mill Buildings, Warehouses and Machinery], 1952-1963
111[Feasibility Study of New Mill], 1973
112[Expansion Analysis Harmony Grove Mills Commerce], 1970
113[Performance Data Sheet], 1973
114[Manpower Potential in Georgia], 1972
115[Recruitable Labor for New Mill], 1972
116[Maps for New Plant], 1970-1973
117[Miscellaneous on New Plant], 1973
118[Maps and Plats], 1957-1967
119[Photographs and Negatives of Harmony Grove Mills], undated
1110[Publications on Machinery], 1910, undated
1111-27[Upland Cotton Program Inventory Control], 1991 August-December
1128[Manufacturing Purchases Ledger Materials], 1984
1129[Manufacturing Purchases Invoices], 1985
121Warranty Deed to Harmony Grove Mills, 1979 December 14
122[TC Hardmann Estate Plat], 1963
123[Harmony Grove Mills Plat (Color)], 1948
124[Harmony Grove Mills Plats (Folded full maps)], undated
125[Survey of Land Plat], 1989
126[Lot 3, 4, and 5 Block N Harmony Grove Mills Plat], 1950
127[Harmony Grove Mills Block N of Mill Village Plat], 1950
128[Shafting Diagram (Blueprint)], undated
129[Mill Village Map], 1952
1210[Lot 38 and 39 Block G Mill Village], 1950
1211[Lot 36, 37, and 38 Mill Village], 1950
1212[The Carter Brown Memorial Amphitheater Dedication], 1951
1213[Drawing of Harmony Grove Mills], undated
1214[Dwelling Housing Harmony Grove Mills Plat], 1940
1215[Block N Mill Village Plat], 1950
1216Sand Creek Property Jackson County Plats [In casing], 1985
1217[Nalley Construction Co Plat Harmony Grove Mills], 1979
1218[Photograph: Cotton Textile Institute Annual Dinner], 1948
Capitol Invoices
13Capitol Machinery Invoices, 1941-1958
14Capitol Machinery Invoices, 1959-1980
151-7Capital Machinery Invoices, 1980-1984
158-13Capitol Invoices Other than Machinery, 1964-1967
16Capitol Invoices Other than Machinery, 1967-1982
342[Manufacturing Purchases Ledger], 1935-1984
332-3[Manufacturing Purchases Ledger], 1950-1982
106Harmony Grove Grill [Restaurant Ledger], 1955-1961
35Wooden shuttle for mechanical loom
35Bobbin with undyed cotton thread
35Red plastic spool with corded cotton fibers