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George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Series VII: Photographs

George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Series VII: Photographs

Descriptive Summary

Title: George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Series VII: Photographs
Creator: Darden, George, 1943-
Inclusive Dates: 1975-1999
Language(s): English
Extent: 8 box(es) (6 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL079GWD_VII
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: George (Buddy) Darden served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1995. Series VII: Photographs contains images of Darden during campaigns, at events, during visits to military bases, and with groups.

Collection Description

Biographical note

George Washington "Buddy" Darden was born in Sparta, Georgia, on November 22, 1943. He attended North Georgia College, and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in 1965. He was selected to serve in Senator Richard B. Russell's patronage program in Washington, D.C. He received his law degree from the University of Georgia Law School in 1967, and served as assistant district attorney in Cobb County from 1968 to 1972, when he was elected district attorney.

In 1980, he was elected as a Democrat to the Georgia House of Representatives, and served on the Judiciary Committee. After the death of U.S. Representative Larry McDonald, Darden won the special election to take his seat in 1983. In congress, he served on several committees, including the House Armed Services, Ethics, and Appropriations. In 1994, he lost his reelection bid, and unsuccessfully campaigned for congress in 2002. He served under Governor Roy Barnes as chairman of the Judicial Nominating Commission.

Since 1995, he has been with the law firm McKenna, Long & Aldridge. President Clinton appointed him to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. After Clinton left office, Darden began doing work for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, traveling to various countries including Indonesia and Senegal. Darden has also represented Georgia's interests in the water disputes with Alabama and Florida.

Scope and Content

Series VII: Photographs contains images of Darden during campaign fundraisers and with supporters, at event receptions or delivering speeches, during visits to military bases, and with groups. The series also includes photographs of Darden visiting a hurricane-damaged area in 1994 and with Al Gore, James Carville, and Mary Matalin at a Superbowl event.

Organization and Arrangement

Divided into four subseries: A. Campaigns, B. Events, C. Portraits and Groups, and D. Albums.

The rest of Darden's papers are described in separate finding aids: Series I: Constituent Services, Series II: Legislative, Series III: Speeches and Press, Series IV: Political, Series V: Personal, Series VI: Office, Series VIII: Artifacts, and Audiovisual Materials.

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This series is open for research use.

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George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Adriane Hanson, 2013-7-16.

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Legislators -- Georgia.
Military bases -- United States.
Political campaigns -- Georgia.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series VII: Photographs, 1975-1999

8 box(es) (6 linear feet)
Series VII: Photographs contains images of Darden during campaign fundraisers and with supporters, at event receptions or delivering speeches, during visits to military bases, and with groups. The series also includes photographs of Darden visiting a hurricane-damaged area in 1994 and with Al Gore, James Carville, and Mary Matalin at a Superbowl event.

A. Campaigns

VII.11Campaign, 1980-1986
VII.12Campaign Events, undated
VII.13Darden Election Office and Staff, undated
VII.14Headquarters Opening, 1994 July 17
VII.15Campaign: LD [Lillian Darden] Campaigning in Cartersville, 1994 October
VII.16Campaign: Signs, Campaign Event Outside a Private Home, undated
VII.17Campaign: At Airplane Hanger, Private Homes, undated
VII.18Campaign Signs, Signs with Communist Party Candidate Stuck on Them, Musical Event, undated
VII.19Campaign: Outside Private Home, Signs with Graffiti, undated
VII.110Campaign/Labor Day '94 Douglasville, 1994
VII.111Campaign: Outdoor Event (Picnic Area), undated
VII.112Campaign: Outdoor Event (Picnic Area), 1994
VII.113Campaign: Family Portraits at Beach, Event at Beach Pavilion Picnic Area, undated
VII.114Campaign: Seniors for Darden Float, Douglas County, 1994
VII.115Campaign: Qualifying Marietta, April 25 '94, Shaking Hands, Speaking Outside the Douglas Co. Courthouse, 1994 April 25
VII.116Campaign: Indoor Events, Event Set Up, Parades, 1994
VII.117Campaign: Speaking at Cobb Chamber of Commerce (Black and White), undated
VII.118Campaign: Shaking Hands at Event, Darden Halloween Pumpkin (Black and White), undated
VII.119Campaign: Outdoor Event at a Private Home, undated
VII.120Campaign: Indoor Event, undated
VII.121Campaign: Indoor Event, undated
VII.122Campaign: Indoor Event, undated
VII.123Campaign: Darden Supporters Holding Signs, undated
VII.124Campaign: Darden Supporters, undated
VII.125Campaign: Indoor Event, undated
VII.126Washington Fundraiser, 1994
VII.21Campaign: Indoor Event, undated
VII.22Campaign: Showing Constituents a Cobb County Map, 1994 July
VII.23Campaign: Outdoor Events, Talking to Constituents (Black and White), undated
VII.71Darden Photos: Campaigns, circa 1980s-1990s

B. Events

VII.24Athletics, 1988-1989
VII.25Awards, 1987-1992
VII.26Coke Enterprises, undated
VII.27Arts Competition, undated
VII.28Debris from a Plan Crash, 1988 November
VII.29NASA 650 Airplane, undated
VII.210Darden First Flight C-5B Dobbins Air Force Base, 1985
VII.211USS Kitty Hawk CV-63, undated
VII.212Ariel View of Floyd College, Rome, GA, undated
VII.213Heard County Courthouse Photographed by Congressman Richard Ray, undated
VII.214Photo by Mark Chapman 1985 Jonquil Festival Photo Contest Smyrna, GA, 1985
VII.215Darden with 1984 Olympic Torch Runner Holding Torch, 1984
VII.216Trips, District, 1991-1993
VII.217Trips, Military, 1985-1988
VII.218Trips, Military 2, 1991-1993
VII.219[Trip, Military], undated
VII.220Trips, Misc., 1984-1994
VII.221Trip, undated
VII.222Dobbins AFB [Air Force Base] Hearing, Marietta, 1987 September 21
VII.223Community Forums '86, 1986
VII.224Defense Aircraft Photos, undated
VII.225Welfare Conference, undated
VII.226Rollout of P-3 at Lockheed Plant, undated
VII.227Event in Tent, 1995 September
VII.228Jr. Achievement, undated
VII.229Art Competition Reception (1 of 2), 1993
VII.230Art Competition Reception (2 of 2), 1993
VII.31Interviewed on a Porch in a Rocking Chair, undated
VII.32Speaking from the Back of a Trailer, undated
VII.33Al Gore Shaking Hands at Indoor Event, undated
VII.34Al Gore Speaking at Indoor Event, undated
VII.35Al Gore Meets with a Young Man at an Indoor Event, undated
VII.36Talking to Elderly, Outdoor Event, 1994 April
VII.37Hurricane Disaster Visit, 1994
VII.38Speaking at "Cobb County Employees Stand up for America" Event (Color Slides), 1990 August
VII.39BD [Buddy Darden], Al Gore, James Carville, Mary Matalin at Superbowl Event, undated
VII.72[Arctic Village Trip], undated
VII.73[Darden at Event with Al Gore], circa 1990s
VII.74[Darden at Various Events], circa 1975-1990s
VII.75[Darden Receiving Awards, Giving Speeches, and Other Event Photos], circa 1988-1989
VII.76Darden Photos: Travel, circa 1987-1989
VII.77Darden Photos: Washington, circa 1980s
VII.78Debate Photos vs. Rev. Joe Morecraft, 1986 October 28
VII.79[Israel Trip], undated
VII.710[Marrietta Junior High School Events], undated
VII.711[Panama Trip], undated
VII.81[Soviet Union Trip], 1989

C. Portraits and Groups

VII.310Portraits: Family, Undated (Black and White), undated
VII.311Portraits: Darden Working in Office, undated
VII.312[Portraits] (Color Slides), undated
VII.313Portrait: BD [Buddy Darden], CD [Christine Darden] in Garden with Cat, 1994 July
VII.314Portraits: BD [Buddy Darden] at Office, 1992
VII.315Darden Shakes Hands Outside a Building, 1994 May
VII.316Portraits: with LD [Lillian Darden], Talking to Police, Talking to Constituents (Sepia), undated
VII.317Portraits: Family, undated
VII.318Darden Shaking Hands (Black and White), undated
VII.319Darden Giving Speeches, Meeting with People, undated
VII.320Funny Pix, 1987-1993
VII.321Press Kit Photos, undated
VII.322Constits. [Constituents], undated
VII.323Congressman/VIP, 1991-1992
VII.324Darden Portrait with Flag, undated
VII.325Darden with Family in Front of Capital, undated
VII.326Darden, Lillian, Jimmy Carter, undated
VII.327Darden Driving Orange Semi Truck, undated
VII.328Darden, Lillian, Speaker Murphy, Senator Thompson, undated
VII.329Darden Shaking Governor's Hand in Front of Desk, undated
VII.330Darden with Family Outside in Front of House, undated
VII.331Darden and Wife Lillian with President George Bush and Wife Barbara Bush, undated
VII.332Darden with Family in Home, undated
VII.333BD [Buddy Darden] and Bush, 1992
VII.334BD [Buddy Darden]/Family, undated
VII.335BD [Buddy Darden]/Lobbyists, 1988
VII.336BD [Buddy Darden] with Military and ASC VIPs, 1992-1994
VII.41Autographed Carter/Mondale, 1980
VII.42Administration, 1994
VII.43BD [Buddy Darden] and Foreign Leaders, undated
VII.44Cap. Steps Pix [Capital Steps Pictures], 1984-1992
VII.45BD [Buddy Darden]/State Reps., 1984-1987
VII.46BD [Buddy Darden]/ Office, undated
VII.47BD [Buddy Darden]/Stars, 1985
VII.48Blaze [Paralympic Mascot] Photos, undated
VII.49BD [Buddy Darden]/Clinton/Gore, 1993-1994
VII.410Cong. Darden Staff Photo, Nancy Photo, undated
VII.411Portraits, 1990
VII.412Darden Portraits, undated
VII.413Darden with Groups, 1993-1994
VII.82Bill Clinton Photos and Letter, 1998
VII.83Darden Photos: Children/Youth, circa 1989
Includes a photo of Darden with REM lead singer Michael Stipe
VII.84Darden Photos: Military, circa 1980s
VII.85Darden Photos: Schools/Organizations, circa 1989
VII.86Darden with Senator Mack F. Mattingly, Secretary of the Navy William L. Ball, and Others, circa 1988-1989
VII.87Fellow Congressmen, White House, and Lieutenant Governor Photos, 1990-1999
VII.88[Photos of Darden and Other Congressmen], undated

D. Albums

VII.414Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB [Air Force Base], undated
VII.415Unidentified Event, undated
VII.416United States Antarctic Program, 1986
VII.51U.S.S. Kitty Hawk CV-63, 1991 February 8
VII.52[General Dynamics F-16 Program], 1984 August 17
VII.53U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), 1985
VII.54General Dynamics, Fort Worth, Texas, 1984 August 17
VII.6United States Army Berlin Command Photo Album Presented to Congressman George W. Darden by Major General John H. Mitchell, U.S. Commander, Berlin, 1985 May 28-30