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George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Series V: Personal

George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Series V: Personal

Descriptive Summary

Title: George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Series V: Personal
Creator: Darden, George, 1943-
Inclusive Dates: 1970-1995
Language(s): English
Extent: 25 box(es) (24.25 linear feet, 700 KB)
Collection Number: RBRL079GWD_V
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: George (Buddy) Darden served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1983 to 1995. Series V: Personal includes Darden's daily schedules, general correspondence, biographical materials, and accepted invitations.

Collection Description

Biographical note

George Washington "Buddy" Darden was born in Sparta, Georgia, on November 22, 1943. He attended North Georgia College, and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in 1965. He was selected to serve in Senator Richard B. Russell's patronage program in Washington, D.C. He received his law degree from the University of Georgia Law School in 1967, and served as assistant district attorney in Cobb County from 1968 to 1972, when he was elected district attorney.

In 1980, he was elected as a Democrat to the Georgia House of Representatives, and served on the Judiciary Committee. After the death of U.S. Representative Larry McDonald, Darden won the special election to take his seat in 1983. In congress, he served on several committees, including the House Armed Services, Ethics, and Appropriations. In 1994, he lost his reelection bid, and unsuccessfully campaigned for congress in 2002. He served under Governor Roy Barnes as chairman of the Judicial Nominating Commission.

Since 1995, he has been with the law firm McKenna, Long & Aldridge. President Clinton appointed him to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. After Clinton left office, Darden began doing work for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, traveling to various countries including Indonesia and Senegal. Darden has also represented Georgia's interests in the water disputes with Alabama and Florida.

Scope and Content

Series V: Personal includes Darden's daily schedules of events and meetings, general correspondence, biographical materials such as newspaper clippings and press releases, and accepted invitations. Much of the correspondence is thank you, congratulations, condolence, and other personal notes between Darden and constituents or other politicians. The invitations include notices or letters about political, civic, or social events that Darden attended, as well as requests for meetings with him and memos with agendas for upcoming Congressional committee or caucus meetings.

Organization and Arrangement

Divided into four subseries: A. Schedules, B. Correspondence, C. Biographical and Memberships, and D. Invitations.

The rest of Darden's papers are described in separate finding aids: Series I: Constituent Services, Series II: Legislative, Series III: Speeches and Press, Series IV: Political, Series VI: Office, Series VII: Photographs, Series VIII: Artifacts, and Audiovisual Materials.

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George W. (Buddy) Darden Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series V: Personal, 1970-1995

25 box(es) (24.25 linear feet, 700 KB)
Series V: Personal includes Darden's daily schedules of events and meetings, general correspondence, biographical materials such as newspaper clippings and press releases, and accepted invitations. Much of the correspondence is thank you, congratulations, condolence, and other personal notes between Darden and constituents or other politicians. The invitations include notices or letters about political, civic, or social events that Darden attended, as well as requests for meetings with him and memos with agendas for upcoming Congressional committee or caucus meetings.
Access Note: Subseries B contains electronic files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

A. Schedules


B. Correspondence

V.31Personal Letters from BD, 1983 December
V.32Organizational Letters or Lobbyist from BD, 1983 December
V.33Official Letters from BD Re: Washington Office, 1983 December
V.34Congrats on Wedding, Birthday Etc. from BD, 1986 December
V.35Special Letters for BD Personal, 1983
V.36Thank You Letters Written to BD District, 1984
V.37Thank You Letters Written to BD Washington, 1983
V.38Thank You Letters Gifts Date Order, 1983
V.39Miscellaneous Information Washington Office, 1983
V.310Legislative Cyprus Reading List, 1983
V.311Office Set-up, Ben Guthrie, 1983
V.312Congrats on Election (folder 1 of 3), 1983
V.313Congrats on Election (folder 2 of 3), 1983
V.314Congrats on Election (folder 3 of 3), 1983
V.315Filing System, 1984
V.3161984 January
V.3171984 February
V.3181984 March
V.3191984 April
V.3201984 May
V.3211984 June
V.3221984 July
V.3231984 August
V.3241984 September
V.3251984 October
V.326November, 1984
V.327December, 1984
V.328Administrative, 1984
V.329Armed Services Committee, 1984
V.330Biographies: Defense Dept., 1984
V.331Budget Information, 1984
V.332Condolences, 1984
V.41BD Congratulatory Letters, 1984
V.42Commission on Presidential Scholars, 1984
V.43Congratulations, 1984
V.44District Meetings, 1984
V.45Gridiron, 1984
V.46Dept. of Interior, 1984
V.47Exchange Programs, 1984
V.48General Misc.: Answered (folder 1 of 2), 1984
V.49General Misc.: Answered (folder 2 of 2), 1984
V.410General Misc.: Unanswered, 1984
V.411Georgia Delegation Letters, 1984
V.412Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, 1984
V.413Interns, 1984
V.414Interior Committee, 1984
V.415Legislation, 1984
V.416Library of Congress, 1984
V.417Lobbyist, 1984
V.418Military Uniforms, 1984
V.419Misc. Members Unanswered Corres. [Correspondence], 1984
V.420National Archives, 1984
V.421Subject: Organizational, 1984
V.422Passports, 1984
V.423Naval Academy, 1984
V.424Passport Completed, 1984
V.425Passport Office, 1983-1984
V.426Personal Notes, 1984 February
V.427Personal Notes, 1984 March
V.51Personal Notes, 1984 April
V.52Personal Notes, 1984 May
V.53Personal Notes, 1984 June
V.54Personal Notes, 1984 July
V.55Personal Notes, 1984 August
V.56Personal Notes, 1984 September
V.57Personal Notes, 1984 October
V.58Personal Notes, 1984 November
V.59Personal Notes, 1984 December
V.510Pictures, 1984
V.511Press, 1984
V.512Reference Material, 1984
V.513Requests: Anniversary and Birthday, 1984
V.514Resolutions, 1984
V.515Service Organizations, 1984
V.516Stamps, 1984
V.517State Department, 1984
V.518Subject: State of Georgia, 1984
V.519Telegrams, 1984
V.520Thank You- Donations, 1984
V.521Thank You Gifts, 1984
V.522Thank You- General (folder 1 of 2), 1984
V.523Thank You- General (folder 2 of 2), 1984
V.524Thank You- Legislation, 1984
V.525Veterans Administration, 1984
V.526Carl Vinson Institute, 1984
V.527Visitors, 1984
V.528Condolence Letters (Sympathy), 1984
V.529Congratulatory Letters, 1984
V.530Thank You Letters (Engagements), 1984
V.531Western Union, 1985
V.532White House Letters, 1984
V.5331985 January
V.5341985 February
V.5351985 March
V.5361985 April
V.5371985 May
V.5381985 June
V.5391985 July
V.5401985 August
V.5411985 September
V.5421985 October
V.543November, 1985
V.544December, 1985
V.61Academies, 1985
V.62Administrative, 1985
V.63Armed Services: Public Affairs, 1985
V.64Condolences, 1985
V.65Congratulations (folder 1 of 2), 1985
V.66Congratulations (folder 2 of 2), 1985
V.67District Meetings, 1985
V.68Exchange Programs, 1985
V.69Proxmire Fleece Awards, 1985
V.610Georgia Delegation, 1985
V.611Georgia Trial Lawyers Assn, 1985
V.612Gen. Misc. Answered, 1985
V.613Gridiron, 1985
V.614Government Printing Office, 1985
V.615Interior, 1985
V.616Interns, 1985
V.617Legislation, 1985
V.618Legislation, 1985
V.619Library of Congress, 1985
V.620Lobbyist, 1985
V.621Meeting Rooms, 1985
V.622Military Uniforms, 1985
V.623Gen. Misc.: Unanswered, 1985
V.624Misc: Members Unanswered Corres. [Correspondence], 1985
V.625News Clippings, 1985
V.626Personal Notes, 1985 January-December
V.627Personal Notes, 1985 February-March
V.628Personal, 1985 April-May
V.629Personal, 1985 June-July
V.630Picture Forms, 1985
V.631Political, 1985
V.632Press, 1985
V.633William Penn Mott, 1985
V.71Schedule, 1985
V.72Service Organizations, 1985
V.73Thank You- General (folder 1 of 3), 1985
V.74Thank You- General (folder 2 of 3), 1985
V.75Thank You- General (folder 3 of 3), 1985
V.76State Matters, 1985
V.77Telegrams, 1985
V.78Thank You: Fund Raiser, 1985
V.79Thank You: General (folder 1 of 2), 1985
V.710Thank You: General (folder 2 of 2), 1985
V.711Thank You Gifts, 1985
V.712Thank You: Legislation, 1985
V.713White House Letters, 1985
V.714Filing Systems, 1986
V.7151986 January
V.7161986 February
V.7171986 March
V.7181986 April
V.7191986 May
V.7201986 June
V.7211986 July
V.7221986 August
V.7231986 September
V.7241986 October
V.7251986 November
V.7261986 December
V.727A, 1983-1986
V.728B, 1983-1986
V.729C, 1983-1986
V.730D, 1983-1986
V.731E, 1983-1986
V.81F, 1983-1986
V.82G, 1983-1986
V.83H, 1983-1986
V.84I, 1983-1986
V.85J, 1983-1986
V.86K, 1983-1986
V.87L, 1983-1986
V.88M, 1983-1986
V.89N, 1983-1986
V.810O, 1983-1986
V.811P, 1983-1986
V.812Q, 1983-1986
V.813R, 1983-1986
V.814S, 1983-1986
V.815T, 1983-1986
V.816U, 1983-1986
V.817V, 1983-1986
V.818W, 1983-1986
V.819X, 1983-1986
V.820Y, 1983-1986
V.821Z, 1983-1986
V.822Armed Services: Public Affairs, 1986
V.823Biographies, 1986
V.824Campaign, 1986
V.825Jim Sawhill, 1986
V.826Condolences, 1986
V.827Congratulations, 1986
V.828District Meetings, 1986
V.829Georgia Trial Lawyers Assn., 1986
V.830Gen. Misc: Answered, 1986
V.831Interior, 1986
V.832Legislation, 1986
V.833Personal Notes, 1986
V.834Lobbyist, 1986
V.835Meeting Rooms, 1986
V.836Misc. Members Unanswered Correspondence, 1986
V.837National Archives, 1986
V.838Northwest Georgia Conv. [Convention] and Trade Center, 1986
V.839Pictures, 1986
V.840Political Poster Zones, 1986
V.841Postal Zone [Postal Patron Count], 1986
V.91Schedule, 1986
V.92Service Organizations, 1986
V.93Thank You: Fund Raiser, 1986
V.94Thank You: Legislation (folder 1 of 2), 1986
V.95Thank You: Legislation (folder 2 of 2), 1986
V.96Thank You, 1986
V.97Visitors, 1986
V.98Thank You: Gifts, 1986
V.99White House Letters, 1986
V.910Cartersville- Anheuser-Busch, 1987
V.911Boys Club, 1987
V.912Humor, 1987
V.913American Security Council, 1987
V.914Nasty Letters, 1987
V.915Thank You's, 1987-1989
V.916Thank You, 1987
V.917White House, 1987
V.918Misc. January, 1988
V.919Misc. February, 1988
V.920Misc. March, 1988
V.921Misc. April, 1988
V.922Misc. May, 1988
V.923Misc. June, 1988
V.924Misc. July, 1988
V.925Misc. August, 1988
V.926Misc. September, 1988
V.927Misc. October, 1988
V.928Misc. November, 1988
V.929Misc. December, 1988
V.930Letters Mailed by June, 1988
V.931Letters Mailed by July, 1988
V.932Invitation, 1988
V.933Camp Sunshine, 1988
V.934Ben Jones, 1988
V.935Bicentennial Comm. [Commission], 1988
V.936Auctions/Giveaways, 1988
V.937Chronological Letter File, 1988 July-September
V.938Chronological Letter File, 1988 October 3-November 18
V.939Thank You's, 1988
V.1011989 May 1-2
V.1021989 May 3-7
V.1031989 May 8-10
V.1041989 May 11-12
V.1051989 May 13-16
V.1061989 May 17-23
V.1071989 May 24-June 3
V.1081989 June 4-9
V.1091989 June 10-14
V.10101989 June 14-28
V.10111989 July 1-15
V.10121989 July 16-31
V.10131989 July-August
V.10141989 August
V.1111989 June 15-19
V.1121989 June 29-31
V.1131989 August 1-15
V.1141989 September 1-12
V.1151989 September 12-20
V.1161989 September 20-31
V.117Thank You's and Misc. (folder 1 of 3), 1989
V.118Thank You's and Misc. (folder 2 of 3), 1989
V.119Thank You's and Misc. (folder 3 of 3), 1989
V.1110Chronological Letter File, 1989
V.1111Thank You Notes, etc. (folder 1 of 2), 1989-1990
V.1112Thank You Notes, etc. (folder 2 of 2), 1989-1990
V.121Important Letters, 1990
V.122White House, 1990
V.123March-SAK-August, 1990
V.124Thanks, 1990
V.125Thank You, Buddy Darden, 1990
V.126Personal Correspondence, 1990
V.1271990 September
V.128Thank You Notes, 1991
V.129Bill Bohn, 1991
V.1210Thank You Notes, 1991
V.1211Luncheon for Seventh District, 1991 February
V.1212A-C, 1991
V.1213C-E, 1991
V.1214F-J, 1991
V.1215K-O, 1991
V.1216P-T, 1991
V.1217U-Z, 1991
V.131A-B, 1992
V.132C-D, 1992
V.133E-G, 1992
V.134H-L, 1992
V.135M-Q, 1992
V.136R-T, 1992
V.137U-Z, 1992
V.138Congrats- Appropriations, 1992
V.139Congrats Letters, 1992
V.1310Thank You's, 1992
V.1311Thank You, 1992-1993
V.141Congrats/Election Local, 1993
V.142Appreciation Luncheon for Seventh District, 1993 February
V.143Carrollton Elementary Thank You Letters, 1993
V.144Thank You's, 1993
V.145Richard Russell Foundation, 1993
V.146Thank You's (folder 1 of 2), 1993
V.147Thank You's (folder 2 of 2), 1993
V.148Letters from Celebrities, 1993
V.149Thank You- No Response, 1994
V.1410Appreciation Luncheon for Seventh District, 1994 February
V.1411Thank You's, 1994
V.1412Sympathy Letters, 1994
V.1413Messages and Cards (folder 1 of 2), 1994
V.1414Messages and Cards (folder 2 of 2), 1994
V.1415BD Personal Notes (folder 1 of 2), 1994
V.1416BD Personal Notes (folder 2 of 2), 1994
V.1417Letters and Invitations, 1986-1993
V.151Marietta District Office, 1988
V.152Marietta District Office (folder 1 of 3), 1990
V.153Marietta District Office (folder 2 of 3), 1990
V.154Marietta District Office (folder 3 of 3), 1990
V.155Marietta District Office (folder 1 of 3), 1991
V.156Marietta District Office (folder 2 of 3), 1991
V.157Marietta District Office (folder 3 of 3), 1991
V.158Marietta District Office (folder 1 of 3), 1992
V.159Marietta District Office (folder 2 of 3), 1992
V.1510Marietta District Office (folder 3 of 3), 1992
V.1511Marietta District Office (folder 1 of 2), 1993
V.1512Marietta District Office (folder 2 of 2), 1993
V.161Marietta District Office (folder 1 of 2), 1993
V.162Marietta District Office (folder 2 of 2), 1993
V.163Marietta District Office (folder 1 of 5), 1994
V.164Marietta District Office (folder 2 of 5), 1994
V.165Marietta District Office (folder 3 of 5), 1994
V.166Marietta District Office (folder 4 of 5), 1994
V.167Marietta District Office (folder 5 of 5), 1994
V.168Marietta District Office, 1995
V.169Academy Reception Letters and Information, 1987-1989
V.1610Solid State Systems, Inc., 1987
V.1611Tribute to Billy Jack Little, 1988-1989
V.251Thank You Letters from Richard B. Russell, Jr., 1970
V.252Thank You's, 1974, 1984
V.253Thank You's, 1990-1992
V.254Thank You's, 1992-1994
ER 17RBRL-079-FD5-9 Schedule [Dictated Letters] [electronic files], 1979-1986
ER 18RBRL-079-FD5-30 General Correspondence 102nd [electronic files], 1990
ER 19RBRL-079-FD5-33 Special Requests [electronic files], 1990

C. Biographical and Memberships

V.1612Interview of Darden by "Airborne Log", 1993
V.1613Bio [Biographical] Info, 1989-1992
V.1614Biography, 1994
V.1615Darden Personal- Frequent Flyer, 1985
V.1616Features, 1985-1988
V.1617Buddy Biography, undated
V.1618Biographies (Old), undated
V.1619Leadership Georgia, 1986-1988
V.1620Memberships, 1987-1990
V.171Democratic Club, 1987
V.172Democrats for New Direction, 1987-1988
V.173Demosthenian Society, 1987
V.174Ducks Unlimited, 1987
V.175GA Delegation Alumni Group, 1988
V.176Jayhole Club, 1987-1989
V.177Gridiron, 1988-1989
V.178Gridiron Recommendations, 1989
V.179White House Invitations, 1983-1987
V.1710BD Jury Duty, 1986
V.1711BD Personal, 1987-1988
V.1712Darden- Family and Personal, 1988-1989
V.1713Gridiron Prior to 1988, 1986-1988
V.1714Wedding Gifts, 1988-1990
V.1715Cobb Emergency Aid Board, 1987-1990
V.1716Supreme Court Bar Admission, 1991 February 25
V.1717GA State Society, 1990
V.1718GA Trial Lawyers Assn. [Association], 1987
V.1719Richard B. Russell Foundation, 1993
V.1720Awards, 1992
V.1721Botanic Gardens Board Meetings, 1993
V.1722Carl Vinson Institute, 1984
V.1723Student Programs, 1989
V.1724Certification, 1984-1989
V.1725Richard B. Russell Foundation, Inc., 1989
V.1726Law Day Speaker, 1989
V.1727Kiwanis, 1988-1990
V.1728Cobb International Center, 1987-1989
V.1729Greenbrier Weekend, 1989
V.1730National Prayer Breakfast, 1989 February
V.1731Prayer Breakfast, 1987
V.1732Chamber Dinner, 1987
V.1733Chamber Fly-in, 1989
V.1734Chamber Fly-in, 1986
V.1735Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, 1989
V.1736GA Gen. [General] Assembly Lunch, 1987
V.1737Speakers Club, 1987-1988
V.1738Lillian's Recipe to Give Out, undated
V.1739Long Aldridge and Norman, 1994-1995
V.1740National Fund for the U.S. Botanical Garden, Board of Trustees, 1991-1993
V.255News Clippings, undated

D. Invitations