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E. L. (Tic) Forrester Papers

E. L. (Tic) Forrester Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: E. L. (Tic) Forrester Papers
Creator: Forrester, Elijah Lewis (Tic), 1896-1970.
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1970
Language(s): English
Extent: 88 box(es) (44.75 linear feet), including 28 scrapbooks, 150 photographs, 3 sound recordings
Collection Number: RBRL062ELF
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection consists of personal and political papers of E. L. Forrester from 1920 to 1970. Includes law practice client case files (1920-1969); House of Representative subject files containing information on the Dawson Peanut Laboratory, civil rights, and the House Judiciary Committee (1950-1964); personal files containing correspondence, military, civic, and religious activities, and Civil War research (1918-1970); speech files containing notes, outlines, and drafts (1926-1970); and political files containing election campaign materials. Of particular interest are records relating to his involvement as prosecuting attorney in a 1949 civil rights case involving Rosa Lee Ingram.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Elijah Lewis Forrester was born on a farm near Leesburg, Lee County, Georgia, on August 16, 1896. He attended the Leesburg public schools. Forrester passed the State bar examination in 1917. During World War I, he served as a private in the United States Army. He commenced the practice of law in 1919 in Leesburg, Georgia. Forrester served as solicitor for the City Court of Leesburg, Georgia from 1920 to 1933 and mayor of Leesburg from 1922 to 1931. Forrester was county attorney of Lee County (1928-1937), solicitor general, southwestern judicial circuit (1937-1950), delegate to Democratic National Conventions in 1948 and 1952, Democrat to the Eighty-second and to the six succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1951-January 3, 1965).

Forrester returned to Leesburg and resumed the practice of law. He died in Albany, Georgia on March 19, 1970.

Scope and Content

The papers of E. L. Forrester document his law practice in Leesburg, Georgia, from 1920 through 1969 and his service in the U.S. Congress from 1950 through 1964. Personal papers begin with military training in 1918 and extend to 1970, including accounts of his death and tributes following. The speech file is dated 1926-1970. Types of material are legal files, correspondence, speeches, news clippings, printed material, notebooks, and photographs. Scrapbooks supplement information found in the manuscripts; they consist mainly of clippings. In addition, there are plaques, "commissions", and other honors. Also included are campaign memorabilia and three LP recordings.

Of note are files related to the Rosa Lee Ingram case. Ingram, an African American woman, along with the conviction of two of her adolescent sons, were convicted of murdering their white neighbor John Ethron Stratford. The all-white, all male jury found them guilty and they were sentenced to death, which caused a national outcry and civil rights organizations to protest the verdict. The files include legal documents, correspondence, and clippings.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into ten series: I. Law Practice, II. Political, III. Speeches, IV. House of Representatives, V. Personal, VI. Post Office, VII. Photographs, VIII. Artifacts, IX. Audiovisual Materials, and X. Books.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

E. L. (Tic) Forrester Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

Processing Information note

Original order of the collection was maintained when possible. Clippings have been copied on bond paper for preservaton of content. Photographs are separated from manuscripts for preservation purposes.

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Library acts as "fair use" reproduction agent.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Subject Terms

Audiovisual materials
Civil rights movements -- United States.
Congressional records.
Dawson Peanut Laboratory (Ga.)
Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1865-1950.
Georgia -- Politics and government -- 1951-
Ingram, Rosa Lee.
Legislators -- United States.
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Law Practice

49 box(es)
(24.5 linear feet)
The Law Practice files are divided into early practice and the period following retirement from U.S. Congress. Although biographical notes indicate that Mr. Forrester began law practice in 1919, earliest files received were dated 1920. However, some documents included were dated before 1900, brought over for use in cases after 1920. Cases were filed by client's name, alphabetically. Some files in the 1965 to 1969 period include cases from the early period. Handwritten and self-composed notebooks on points of law are included.

A. 1920-1948

11Ackerly, Minnie
12Ackerly, H. S.
13Adams Bros.
14Addy, W. P.
15Albany Produce Co.
16Albany Warehouse Co.
17Allen, A. E.
18Allen, Nick
19Anderson, I.
110Anderson, Mary C.
111Andrews, R.
112Ansley, C.
113Avera, C.
114Armstrong, W.
21Ballard, D.
22Barrett, A. W., Jr.
23-4 Barrett, A. W., Sr.
25Bass & Booker
26Battle, C.
27Beauchamp, E. M.
28-9 Beauchamp, D.
210-11 Beauchamp, M.
212Beauchamp lands
213Beauchamp, Carl
31-2 Beavers, F.
33Bell, G.
34Bell, H.
35Bell, Katie
36Berryhill, D.
37-9 Berryhill, E.
310Blackshear Mfg. Co.
311Bohannan, O.
41Booker, W.
42Bowen, G.
43Bowen, M.
44Bowen, McAfee
45-6 Branch, W. H.
47-8 Brown, P.
51Buchanan, F.
52-5 Bullard, W. P.
56Burgin Lumber Co.
57Burton, A. F.
58Burton, G. T.
59Burton lands
61Bush, J.
62Cain, M.
63-4 Callaway, G.
65Cannon Peanut Co.
66Cannon, H. B.
67-8 Cannon, J. B.
6 9-10 Cannon, J. B. and H. B.
611Cannon, J. M.
612Cannon Bros. Peanut Co.
71Carpenter, C.
72Carter, J.
73Carter, M.
74Cassels, G.
75Cassels-Snider house
76Cato lands
77Century Pecan Co.
78Chamblis, C.
79Christie, M.
710Churchwell Bros.
711-13 Clark, C. H.
714Clark-Leesburg Peanut Co.
715Clark, E. A.
716-18 Clark, G. A.
81Classic City Overall
82Clay, H.
83Clayton, H.
84Clinton, Q.
85Cobb, H.
86Coleman, O.
87Comer, J.
88Cook, P.
89Cooper, M.
810Copeland, C.
811Couch, N.
8 12-13 Council, L.
814Council, C.
91Coxwell, A.
92Coxwell, Mrs. L.
93Coxwell, P.
94Cranford heirs
95Crawford, J.
96Crews, M.
97Crotwell Bros.
98Crownover, W.
910Cubbedge, L.
911Cunningham, G.
912Curry, J.
101Davis E.
102Davis, J.
103Davis, L.
104Davis, R.
105Davis, S.
106Davis, W.
107Dawley, L.
108Dawson Paper Shell Co.
109Deavors, V.
1010Dicus, A.
1011Douglas, J. H.
1012Douglas lands to Smith and Stovall
1013Douglas, J. H.
1014Douglas, J. H.
1015Douglas lands and Mrs. Oliver
1016Douglas, Dr. - Jay Coston
111Dubose, W.
112Duskin, J.
113Edwards, J.
114Eldridge, Mrs. M
115Emory, E.
116Evans, R.
117Evans, S.
118-9 Farkas, S.
1110Farmers Merchants Bank
1111-12 Feeney, E.
1113First State Bank
121Forrester, Catherine
122-4 Forrester, E. L.
125-6 Forrester, E.S.
127Forrester, Helen
128Forrester, J. K. and E. L.
129-10 Forrester, J. K., R. H., and E. S.
1211Forrester, Mrs. L. K.
1212Forrester, Mrs. W. H.
1213G.& O. Service
1214Gaggstatter, H.
1215Gantt, T. L.
132Goneke, Mrs. W.
133Godfrey, E.
134Goodin, L.
135Gosa, W. L.
136Gouse, T.W.
137Grant, H.T.
138Griffen, J.
139Godwin, A
1311Greene, R. R.
1312Gregory, J.
1313Grisham, V. J.
1314Gunter, Mrs. G. O
141Haley, J. T.
142Hall, Alonzo
143Hally, Arthur
144Hall, Judson
145Hall, Sylvia
146Hardy, Gordon
147Harper, H.
148Harrell, J.
149Harris, Cas
1410Harris, Daniel
1411Harris, E.
1412-14 Harris, K.
1415Harris, L.
1416Harris, R. C.
151Harvey, S.
152Hatcher, E. A.
153Hatfield, W. H.
154Hay, Homer
155Haynes, L. A.
156Hayslip Lands
157Heard, Will
158Heath, F. M.
159Heath, Mary B.
1510-11 Heath, R. L.
1512Hightower, Mrs. R.
1513Hines, J. M.
1514Hines, Minnie
1515Hines, Mary E.
1516Hines, M. J.
1517Hines, W. A.
161Hines, F.
162Hinesville Relocation
163Hogan, R.
164Hogg, J.
165Hollis place
166Holman, J. C.
167Hooks, C.
168Horne, C.
169Horne, J.
1610Howe, R.
1611Hunsinger, S.
1612Hunter, E.
1613Hunter, M.
1614"H" Misc.
171Rosa Lee Ingram case
172-3 State of Georgia vs. Ingrams
174-5 Ingrams vs. State of Georgia (appeal)
176Ingram case - public opinion, 1948
177Ingram case - correspondence, 1955, 1957
178Ingram parole, 1959
181Isreal, N.
182Jackson, K.
183Jackson, M.
184Jamison, P.
185Jernigan, R.
186Jessup, J.
187Johnson, J.
188Johnson, R.
189Jones, C.
1810Jones, M.
1811Jones, Rosa B.
1812Jones, R. T.
1813Jones, S.
1814Jones, T.
1815Kauffman, Mrs. H.
1816Kaylor, W.
1817-18 Kaylor, J.
1819-20 Kearse, G. C.
1821Kearse, H. T.
191-2 Kennedy, T. E., Jr.
193Ketcham, D. E.
194-5 Ketcham, H.
196Ketcham, M.
197Kieve, I.
198Kimbrough, Mrs. G.
199-16 King, T. C.
1917King, V.
1918Kitchens, S.
1919Knox, E.
201-2 Lane, A. P.
203Lane, Lee
204Laramore, C.
205Laramore, F.
206Laramore, Mrs. H. H.
207Larsen, G.
208Lawyers Title
209-10 Layson, W.
211-5 Lee, E. B.
216Lee, Mary
217-9 Lee County
2110Leesburg Peanut Co.
2111Leesburg School District
2112Leesburg Water works
221-3 Lewis, D.
224Lilliston Harvester
225Lipsey, J.
226Logan, R.
227Long, J.
228Long, W. H.
229Long, W. P.
2210Lowrey, C.
2211Lutz, H.
231McBride, J.
232McConnell heirs
234McDaniel, R.
235McDonald, W.
236McKinney, O.
237McLendon, C.
238McLendon, W.
239Mann, M.
2310Manning -Haley
2311Marshall, J.
2312-13 Martin, C.
2314Martin - Cook
2315Martin, G.
2316Martin, J.
2317Martin, M.
2318Martin, W.
2319Mathis, Mrs. E.
2320Mathis, Mrs. R.
2321Maughn, W.
2322Mayes, J.
241Melton, J.
242Mengle, H.
243Metropolitan Life
244Mike, P.
245Miller, G.
246Miller, L.
247Milward, J.
248Minton, B.
249Mitchell, C.
2410Mix, J.
2411Moon, J.
2412Moreland, G.
2413Morley, G.
2414Morris, P.
2415Moseley, R.
2416Murray, F.
2417Murray, O.
2418A. W. Muse Co.
251Napier, J.
252Neel, T.
253Norris, Mrs. E.
254O'Neal, J.
255Paul, J.
256Paul, Mrs. J.
257Paul, N.
258Pettis, Mrs. D.
259Pitts, F.
2510Pitts, Mrs. F.
2511Planters Seed
2512Ponder, G.
2513Pope, R.
2514Powell, J. B.
2515Powell, Julian C.
2516Powell, Mamie
2517Powell, S. J.
261Prather, C.
262Price, A.
263Price - Cromartie
264Price, P. A.
265Pridgen, W.
266Profit, S.
267-8 Pryor, C. S.
269Pryor, E.
2610Pryor, J. G.
2611Pryor, R. S.
2612Pryor, Mrs. R. S.
271Ragan, Dora
272Ragan, D. A.
273Raines, C. R.
274Raines, Jordan
275-9 Raines, T. B. and J. W. Salter
281Reddick, I.
282Reynolds, Mrs. J. E.
283-4 Rhodes, J. M., Jr.
285Rich, J. C.
286Richardson, B.
287Richardson, G. H.
288Richardson, J.
289Richardson, L. L.
2810Richardson, Warren
2811Richardson, Willie
2812Riley, P.
2813Rivers, W.
2814Robbins, J.
2815Roberson, P. E.
2816Roberson, Ruby
2817Rutland, L.
2818Rutland, W. C.
2819Rutland -Sasser
291Sadler, W.
292Salter, J.
293-4 Salter, R. P.
295Salter, Mrs. R. P.
296Sanders, E.
297Sanford, E.
298Scarborough lands
299Scott, W.
2910Searcy, L.
2911Shackleford, A.
2912Sheffield Company
2913Shemwell land
2914Shields - Geise
2915Simmons, H.
2916Simpson, E.
2917Simpson, G.
2918Simpson, O.
2919Sirmons, P.
301Smith, F.
302Smith, H. W.
303Smith, Hoke
304Smith, Q. R.
305-7 Smith, Victor v. States of George
308City of Smithville
311Sneed, A.
312-5 Southern Cotton Oil
316Sparling, G.
317Stallings, E.
318Starr, B.
319Statham, O.
3110Stocks, G.
3111Stocks, Mrs. J. A.
3112Stocks, Jesse B.
3113Stocks, Nannie
3114Stocks estate
3115Stocks, Nell
321Story, W. M.
322-6 Stovall, H. B.
327Stovall -Williams
328Stovall, Sarah
329Suddeth, W. R.
3210Sumter County
3211Tarpley, W. E.
3212Taylor, John
3213Tellis, G.
3214Thomas, L.
3215Thompson, Mrs. Dean
3216-17 Thompson, Ella C.
3218Thrash, E.
3219Thurman, H.
3220Tison abstract
3221Tison, Claude H.
3222-23 Tison, C. W.
3224Tison, H. G.
3225Tison, Mrs. H. G.
331Tolleson, H. M.
332Tucker, J. R.
333Turner, H. L.
334Turner, W. C.
335Tyler, J. B.
336Tyler, H. J. (Mrs.)
337Tyson, C. W.
338Usry, Ada
339-10 Usry, Jack
3311-12 Usry, John R.
341Varner, R.
342Wade, N.
343-4 Wagner, J. M.
345Wallace, G.
346Washington, A.
347Watkins, E.
348Watkins, H.
349Watkins, W.
3410Watson Bros.
3411Watson, M.
351Webb, W.
352-3 West, E.
354Westbrook, M.
355Whaling, B.
356Wilcox, Mrs. E. K.
357Wilkerson heirs
358Williams, Cora
359Williams, Mrs. Clyde H.
3510Williams, E. H.
3511Williams, J.
3512Williams, V.
3513Wilson, H.
3514-15 Wilson, L.
3516Winn, A.
3517Wisener lands
361Wood, K.
362Workman, J.
363Workman, L.
364Workman - Crisp
365Wright, Cora
366Wright, Eddie
367Wright, John
368-9 Wright, Shade
371Yeoman, S.
372-3 Young, C. O.
374Young, S.
375Guidebook and Notes on Cases
381Barfield, L. D.
382Bass, James

B. 1965-1969

383Bass, Nettie M
384Bell, Dorothy
385Bolton, Robert
386Bosley, George
387Boyd, J. H.
388Brooks, David F.
389Burke, Mrs. Whatley
3810Callaway, George G.
3811Clinton, Bertha
3812Dykes, Will
3813Eagle & Phenix Mills
3814Emerson, James B.
3815Eubanks, Mrs. Agnes B.
3816Eubanks, Calvin
3817Exum, Willis
3818Faircloth, W. Y.
3819Featherfield Farms
3820Federal Court
3821Feeney, G. F.
3822Feeney, Mary H.
3823Ferrell Properties, Inc.
3824Fields, Leroy
3825Flakes, Rufus
3826Flakes, Thomas S.
3827Fletcher, Lena M.
3828Flowers, Isom
391Fore, Frances
392-3 Fore, Jack
394Forrester, J. W.
395Forrester, Louise
396Forrester, R. H.
397Forrester, Wallace
398Forrester, William
399Fulgham, Mrs. J. D.
3910Fussell, Hugh
3911Gamble, Henry
3912Gatson, Lee
3913George, Clarence
3914Georgia Dept. of Public Safety
3915Georgia Sheriffs' Boys Ranch
3917Gill, Charlie
3918Glover, Chester
3919Godwin, Eula
3920Godwin, Walter
3921Goforth, Floyd
3922Gosa, Mrs. J. C.
3923Gosa, Lee Roy
3924Gosa, Sybil
3925Gowan, R. D.
3926Gray, Martha
3927Green, Annie B.
3928Griffith, Floyd
3929Guarro, Eva F.
3930Gunter, Benjamin
401Hall, H. G.
402Hanes, J. G.
403Hardison, Lula M.
404Hare, Tracy
405Harrell, Noah
406Harris, Florence
407Harris, G. L.
408Harris, Henry
409Harris, Leroy
4010Harris, Rubin
4011Harris, Samuel
4012The Harrison Co.
4013Hartig, Alfred
4014Hartley, Flora
4015Hasty, Willard
4016Hatcher, E. A.
4017Hatfield, Lewis
4018Heard, McArthur
4019Heath, Mrs. David
4020Helton, Henry
4021Helton, Lois
4022Henderson, Herman
4023Henderson, Icyleiner
4024Herrington, J. F.
4025Hewett, William
4026Hightower, Isom
411Hind, J. C.
412Hinson, Flossie
413Hollomon, Mrs. W. G.
414Holton, Eloise
415Holton, J. C.
416Hooks, Eddie
417Howard, Fannie
418Howard, R. T.
419Howell, Clayton
4110Howell, Tom, Sr.
4111Howell, Tom, Jr.
4112Howell, William
4113Hubbard, Iley
4114Hughes, John
4115Hunt, Billy
4116Hutchison, W. H.
421Israel, J. F.
422Ivey, Robert
423Jackson, Henry
424Jackson, Thomas
425Jamison, Peter
426Johnson, Alice
427Johnson, Derryl
428Johnson, Henrietta
429Johnson, John R.
4210Johnson, Willie Lou
4211-12 Johnston, E. A.
4213Jones, Link
4214Jones, Orange
4215Josey, Pauline
4216Joy, Billye
4217Kaylor, W. M.
4218Kearse, G. C.
4219Kearse, Mary R.
4220Kennedy, Bryan
4221Kennedy, Eula M.
4222Kent, Rosa
4223King, Daniel
4224King, Molly D.
4225King, Ray E.
4226Kirkland, Carol F.
4227Kirkland, C. R.
4228Kirkpatrick, James
4229Knott, Ferrell
4230Knox, E. R.
4231Koenig, Daisy
4232Koenon, E. H.
431Lane, Alex
432Lanier, James
433Laramore, Eva
434Laramore, Lillie
435Larsen, Nona
437Law: Parent and Child
438Law Books
439Lawyers Title Ins.
4310Ledford, Thomas
4311Lee, E. B.
4312Lee, Minnie
4313Lee, Robert
4314Lee County (map)
4315Lee County Social Club
4316Lee Co. Superior Court, 1921-1927
4317Lee Co. Attorney: E. L. Forrester
4318Legal Ads
4319Leverett, Morris
4320Levy, Doris
4321Lindsey, Waldo
4322Lipsey, J. A.
4323Livingston, Mrs. Charles
4324Lokey, John E.
4325Long, Annie
4326Long, Frank
4327Lundy, Basil
441McBride, James
442McCard, Claude
443McCray, E.
444McCurry, Tom
445McGarr, David
446McKenzie, Lester
447Mahe, Billy
448Malone, John B.
449Mann, John
4410Marchbanks, Winston
4411Martin, Fannie
4412Martin, G. H.
4413Mathis, Billy
4414Mathis, James
4415-16 Mathis, John
4417Mays, Jesse
4418Mays, John
4419Mays, Robert
4420Melton, Roman
451Melvin, B.
452Mercer, M.
453Milledge, H.
454Milledge, Rufus
455Miller, J.
456Miller, Mallie
457Miller, Mary
458Miller, Susie
459Milner, E.
4510Mitchell, Gene
4511Mitchell, Leila
4512Mixon, James
4513Montgomery, R.
4514Moore, Pearl
4515Moore, Tom
4516Mosley, Ida
4517Mosley, Marie
4518Mosley, Ralph
4519Mosley, Sallye
4520Mulkey, Lowell
4521Murray, Frank
4522Murray, Marion
4523Murray, Oliver
4524Myers, John
4525Myers, Ruth
4526Myers Electric
4527Myrick, Joe
461Napp, Virginia
462Nelson, Annie
463Nesbitt, Burton
464Nesbitt, James
465New Communities, Inc.
466Newspaper Clippings
467Norris, O. E.
468O'Neal, Maston
469Orkin Exterminating
4610Owens, Robert Fred
4611Owens, Robert J.
4612Pace, Stephen Jr.
4613Page, Earl
4614Palmyra Colored Baptist Church
4615Parker, Lois
4616Peek, Elizabeth
4617Peek, Robert
4618Perkins, Charles
4619Pettis, Virgil
4620Pitts, Eugene
4622Porter, Losie
4623Porter, Mary
4624Powell, Edna
4625Paul, Florence
4626Powell, Julian
4627Powell, Mrs. S. J.
4628Pine Grove Baptist Church
471Prather, Sam
473Profit, Kate
474Pryor, Francis
475Quarterman, Stella
476Reddick, Charlie Lou
477Rhyne, Will
478Richardson, Alice
479Roberts, Carroll
4710Robinson, Bessie Mae
4711Robinson, Elizabeth
4712Robinson, Lillie
4713Robinson, Minnie
4714Rucker, David
4715Russell, Jerry
4716Shady Grove Baptist Church
4717Singletary, Joe
4718Smith, H. A.
4719Spurlin, H. A.
4720Starley, Benjamin
4721Stocks, Joe T.
4722Stokes, Rufus
4723Stokes, Seaborn
4724Stovall, Frank
4725Strozier, S.
4726Miscellaneous, 1967, 1968

C. Miscellaneous

481Cases, 1949
482Papers, 1940s
483Papers, 1920s-1940
484Papers, 1920s-1930s
485-6Papers, 1920s
491Papers, 1930s
492E. L. F. Notebook on the Law

D. Printed Material

493Journals, undated
494Legal Forms, 1965-1969
495Legal Forms from briefcase, undated
496Legal Forms, 1920-1948

II. Political

1 box(es)
(.5 linear feet)
The Political series is relatively small, explained in part by the fact that Mr. Forrester had very little opposition when he ran for office. He was elected Solicitor General, Southwestern Judicial Circuit, in 1936, and re-elected every two years until he resigned to run for U.S. House of Representatives, Third District. His acceptance speech as Democratic Party nominee in 1950 is in the Speech file. The 1956 campaign is covered in Scrapbook no. 10.

A. Campaigns

501Congress, 1950, 1956
502Solicitor General, SW Georgia, 1948
503Solicitor General, SW Georgia, 1944, 1946
504Solicitor General, SW Georgia, 1936
505Solicitor General, SW Georgia, 1936
506Solicitor General, SW Georgia, 1936
507Solicitor General, SW Georgia, 1936

B. Miscellaneous Political Papers


III. Speeches

5 box(es)
(3 linear feet)
The Speech file was maintained in chronological order. However, many speeches do not have a date. A file marked "Undated" also contains incomplete manuscripts and fragments. Notes and rough drafts and a box of typed cards containing outlines, reminders, and some complete drafts are included. Mr. Forrester's philosophy is expressed in his speeches.

A. 1926-1970

511Tifton, GA (also used 1967 March 15), 1970 March 6
512DAR, Americus, 1970 January 13
513Veterans' Day, Ashburn, 1969 November 11
514Dedication of Federal buildings on Forrester Square, Americus, 1969 October 10
515UDC, Dawson, 1968 April 26
516Groundbreaking for Peanut Lab., Dawson, 1968 February
517Americus Jaycees, 1968 January 25
518Memorial Day at Andersonville, 1967 May 30
519Forrester Reunion, New Albany Hotel, 1966 November 24
5110Layman's Day, Calvary Baptist Church, Albany, 1966 January 23
5111Commencement, Norman College, 1965 June 6
5112Graduating Class, Lee. Co. High School, 1965 May 31
5113UDC, Fort Valley, 1965 April 26
5114Dedication of Post Office, Bluffton, 1965 April 22
5115Albany High School, 1965 January 14
5116Chamber of Commerce, Columbus, 1964 December 10
5117Dedication of Clay Co.-Ft. Gaines Hospital, 1964 December 6
5118Albany Bar Assoc. Party, 1964 November 16
5119Forrester Appreciation Day, Americus, 1964 September 11
5120in House of Representatives, 1964 August
5121on Civil Rights Bill, HR 7152 in House of Representatives, 1964 January 31
5122Dedication of Post Office, Butler, 1963 November 3
5123Against Extension of Civil Rights Commission, in House, 1963 October 7
5124Rotary Club, Cordele, 1962 December 5
5125Kiwanis Club, Columbus, 1962 November 6
5126Junior League, Columbus, 1962 November 6
5127In opposition to HR 10050, Increasing the Public Debt, 1962 February 20
5128American Legion, 2d and 3d Cong. districts, Albany, 1961 December 5
5129Kiwanis Club, Perry, 1961 November 28
5130Kiwanis Club, Americus, 1961 November 17
5131American Legion, Unadilla, 1961 November 16
5132Georgia Municipal Assoc. 3d Dist., Columbus, 1961 October 12
5133Kiwanis Club, Americus, 1960 November 25
5134Veterans' Day, Americus, 1960 November 11
5135Quoto Club, Columbus, 1960 October 15
5136Demo. Exec. Comm., 3d Dist., Americus, 1960 September 20
5137Electric Memb. Corp., Dooly Campground, 1960 July 21
5138in support of Bow Amendment, HR 10128, on floor of House, 1960 May 26
521Farm Bureau meeting, , 1959 December
522Rotary Club, Dawson, 1959 November 25
523Ga. Farm Bureau, Columbus, 1959 November 17
524Dedication of Oliver Dam, Columbus, 1959 November 12
525Armistice Day, Ashburn, 1959 November 11
526Rotary Club, Albany, 1959 October 22
527Farm-City Day, Americus, 1959 October 20
528Ga. Farm Bureau, Vienna, 1959 September 21
529Commencement, Plains High School, 1959 June 1
5210on HR 3, the States Rights Bill, in House, 1959 June 23
5211Ga. Assembly: Unveiling portrait of Sen. George, 1959 January 29
5212Optimists Club, Warner Robins, 1958 December 4
5213Lions Clubs of Ft. Gaines and Abbeville, AL, 1958 December 2
5214Cordele Civic Clubs, 1958 November 25
5215Rotary Club, Albany, 1958 November 20
5216Armistice Day, Rochelle, 1958 November 11
5217U.D.C., Georgia Division, Columbus, 1958 October 17
5218Supreme Court of Georgia, Memorial to Walter F. George, 1958 October 15
5219Demo. Expc. Comm. 3rd District; ELF Acceptance, 1958 September 18
5220Soil Conservation District Supervisors, Atlanta, 1957 December 2
5221Bronwood Methodist Laymen, 1957 September 5
5222Port Cities Day, late 1957
5223American Legion, Vienna, 1957 October 16
5224In House of Representatives on Supreme Court Rulings, 1957
5225Kiwanis Club, Columbus, 1957 November 5
5226Minority Report on HR 6127, 1957 April 1
5227Opposition to HR 6127, also Legal Discussion on Contempt Testimony before Civil Rights, 1957 June 10
5228Subcommittee, 1957
5229Brotherhood Rehobeth Church, 1957 October 11
5230Georgia Prison Wardens Assoc., 1957 July 29
5231Georgia Bar Assoc., Savannah, 1957 May 30
531Chipley Chamber of Commerce, 1956 December 10
532Rehabilitation Conf., Albany, 1956 November 11
533in opposition to HR 627, in House, 1956 July 16
534before House Committee on Rules, on HR 627, 1956 June 21
535"Correcting Some Misconceptions," in House, 1956 February 23
536on States Rights, Justice Black, and the Segregation Decision, 1955 July
537"Communism, Treaties, and the U. S. Supreme Court," in House, 1954 February 23
538"The Bible and Segregation," in House, 1954 February 8
539Future Homemakers, Vienna, 1953 November 7
5310in opposition to HR 6672, in House, 1953 July 31
5311on the Defense Appropriation Bill, in House, 1953 July 2
5312opposition to Statehood for Hawaii, in House, 1953 March 9
5313Labor Day, Columbus, 1952 September 1
5314American Legion, Ft. Gaines, 1952 August 28
5315on wheat loan to India, in House, 1951 May 22
5316Sumter Elec. Memb. Corp., 1950 July 21
5317Acceptance speech, Dem. nominee for Congress, 1950
5318Moultrie Rotary Club, on Communism, 1949 July 12
5319Introduction of Dr. James Winthrop Holley, 1949 March 22
5320Chez Nous Club, Leesburg, 1948 December 16
5321Americus Rotary Club, 1947 June 13
5322Dawson Rotary Club, 1947 February 5
5323Richland Lions Club, 1946 September 26
5324Americus Rotary Club, 1943 November 20
5325Americus Kiwanis Club, 1941 May 30
5326Bronwood High School Commencement, 1926

B. Undated Speeches

5327"The American Citizen in the World Today"
5328Columbus Traffic Club
5329on making it a Federal offense to kill the president, etc.
5330United Daughters of the Confederacy, Stewart County
5331Speech on the U.S. Constitution
541Miscellaneous speeches
542Fragments of speeches

C. Talks at churches by E. L. Forrester


D. Notes for speeches


E. Speeches by others

545Sim DeLapp, J. Forrester, and Woodrow Jones on HR 5113, 1965, 1968
546Cong. John J. Flynt, 1961 June 5
547Cong. Carl Vinson, 1960 Fall
548on Civil Rights legislation, Carter Pittman and others, 1957, 1958, 1964
549"How to Preserve Liberty Under Law" by Atty. Gen. Eugene Cook, undated
5410Eugene Cook before Senate Judiciary Committee, 1957 February 20
5411Eugene Cook: Brief in support of Judiciary Amendment, circa 1960
5412James C. Davis to Georgia Bar Assoc., 1956 May 25
5413Hearing before Judiciary Comm. on S. J. Res. 44, 1954 June 23
54B 1Notes for speeches on cards

IV. House of Representatives

20 box(es)
(9.75 linear feet)
Through the years in Congress, Mr. Forrester kept a subject/name file arranged alphabetically. Of note is the Dawson Peanut Laboratory, legislation for which Congressman Forrester spent a great deal of time and energy. Another major topic is Civil Rights legislation and his work on the House Judiciary Committee as a forceful member of the opposition.
551Air Force Academy
552American Civil Liberties Union
553Americans for Democratic Action
554Americus - Civil Rights Trouble
555Jack Anderson
556Andersonville - proposed motion picture
557Andersonville Cemetery
558Anti-Bombing legislation
559Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith
5510Ellis Arnall
5511Augusta Courier
5512The Bible and Segregation
5513John Birch Society
5514Chester Bowles
5515Bricker Amendment
5516Jack Brinkley
561Jimmy Carter
562Cases - all [RESTRICTED]
564Emanuel Celler
565Bureau of Census
567Charters, Corporations
569Citizens Councils
5610Erle Cocke, Jr.
5611Committee Appointments, 1964
5612The Congo situation, 1961, 1962
5613Congress and State Laws
5614Congressional Club -pictorial directory
5615The Constitution, re Civil Rights
5616Eugene Cook, Ga. atty. general
5617County Unit system
5618The Chicago Jewish Forum
571Civil Rights, 1964
572Civil Rights, 1963
573Civil Rights Act of (H.R. 7152), 1963
574Civil Rights Petitioners, 1962-1963
575Civil Rights Correspondence, 1957-1958
581Civil Rights, 1953-1962
582Civil Rights, 1953-1958
583Civil Rights - Hearings, Reports, Bills
584Civil Rights - clippings, 1961-1964
591Civil Rights - clippings, 1956-1957
592Civil Rights - clippings, 1948, 1951
593Civil Rights - printed matter
594Civil Rights and American Jews - printed matter
601Communism - correspondence
602Communism - Committee Hearings, Supreme Court decisions
603Communism - pamphlets
604Communism - news clippings
611Dawson Peanut Laboratory, 1964, 1965, 1968
612Dawson Peanut Laboratory (Leesburg)
613-4 Dawson Peanut Laboratory, 1964
615Peanuts sent - thank you notes, 1964
621Dawson Peanut Laboratory, 1963
622Dawson Peanut Laboratory - Form Letters, 1963
623Dawson Peanut Laboratory -Colleagues Correspondence, 1963 October-December
624Dawson Peanut laboratory - Colleagues Correspondence, 1963 February
631Peanut distribution and thank you notes, 1963
632Dawson Peanut Lab, 1962
633Dawson Peanut Lab, 1961
634Statements, Speeches on Dawson Lab
635Dawson peanut Lab - Bills and Reports
63BDawson Peanut Laboratory Agricultural Appropriations Hearings 5 books
63CDawson Peanut Laboratory Department of Agriculture Appropriations-Hearings 6 books
641Dawson, Terrell County, Georgia
642Democratic Committee, Third District
643Fitzgerald Civil War Centennial
644Georgia Department of Agriculture
645Guest Books
646R. C. Harris
649-11 Legislation
6412Lee County, Georgia Soil Survey
6413McCormack, John W.
651Ralph McGill
653William E. Miller
655Erwin Mitchell
656Moody Mulkey and REA
661National Council of Churches
662National Lawyers Guild
663Naval Academy
664-5 Negroes
666New House Committee
6610Steve Pace, Sr.
6611Steve Pace, Jr.
6612The Peace Corps
6613John L. Pilcher
6614Pittsburg Courier
671-4 Politics, 1964
675Politics, 1963
676Politics, 1962
677Politics - Georgia
678Postmaster appointments
679Post Office - Americus
6710-11 Post Office - Leesburg
6712Post Office - Parrott
6713Post Office - Smithville
681Charles O. Porter
682Adam Clayton Powell
683Presidential Inability hearings
684Puerto Rico
685Race Problem
687Republican Party
688Abraham Ribicoff - HEW
689Nelson Rockefeller
6810Walter Ruether
6811Dean Rusk
6812Richard Russell
6813Bayard Rustin
6814Carl Sanders
6815Carl Savage
691Service Academy
692Social Security
693Special Projects
695Robert G. Stephens
696Adlai Stevenson
697Herman Talmadge
698Third Congressional District
699Harry Truman
6910Stewart Udall
6911Un-American Activities
6912United Nations
701U. S. Congress - Pictorial Directory
702U. S. Federal Building - Americus
703U. S. Military Academy
704U. S. Supreme Court - Bill
705U. S. Supreme Court - Decisions, Pamphlets
711U. S. Supreme Court - Reapportionment
712U. S. Supreme Court - Prayer decision
713U. S. Supreme Court - Sit-ins
714Carl Vinson
715Voting Record, 1963, 1964
716Voting Record, 1962
717Voting Record, 1961
721Voting Record, 1960
722Voting Record, 1958, 1959
723Voting Record, 1956
724Voting Record, 1953, 1954
725Voting Record, 1951, 1952
726Voting Rights
727Edwin E. Walker
728George Wallace
729Charles Weltner
7211World Court
7212World Health Organization

V. Personal

5 box(es)
(2.5 linear feet)
E. L. Forrester attended Officer Training School in 1918 and served in the U.S. Army. Some papers from this experience are included. Correspondence with persons in public life and papers concerning politics are headed Personal Political. Sunday School lessons taught by Mr. Forrester and activities in civic clubs make up one sub-series. Civil War research was a hobby of Mr. Forrester and the collection includes lists of Georgia Confederate soldiers, mementos from battlefields, magazines, booklets, maps.

A. Personal Political


B. Officer Training School

734Officer Training School, , 1918

C. Family


D. Tributes to E. L. Forrester


E. Civic Clubs and Church

738Civic Clubs and Church

F. Miscellany


G. Income Tax

7310Income Tax, 1947-1949
7311Income Tax, 1943-1945

H. Civil War

74Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, undated
751Centennial Observances, 1961-1964
752Centennial Observances - Clippings
76Civil War Times 23 issues
77Pamphlets, booklets, maps (47 items)

VI. Post Office

4 box(es)
781Fort Gaines - Postmaster, 1951-1960
782Fort Gaines - Postmaster, 1961
783Fort Gaines (Building), 1958-1962
784Fort Gaines - Rural Route, 1960-1964
785Fort Gaines, 1958
786Georgetown, Georgia, 1961-1964
787Graves, 1957
788Hatcher, 1954-1963
789Morris, Georgia, 1959-1961
7810Morris Postmaster, 1961-1962
7811Parrott, Georgia, 1954-1964
7812Rebecca, Georgia, 1955-1963
7813Sasser, Georgia, 1961
7814Sasser (Postmaster), 1961-1966
7815Shellman, 1952-1964
791Springvale, Georgia, 1952-1961
792Sycamore (Postmaster), 1961
793Sycamore (Postmaster), 1962
794Rural Route - Arabi
795Rural Route - Ashburn Phelps, Elmore V.
796Rural Route - Ashburn Sheffield
797Benevolence (Rural Route), 1953
798Bluffton (Rural Route), 1953
799Bronwood (Rural Route), 1952-1953
7910Bronwood and Dawson (Rural Route), 1954
7911Cordele (Rural Route), 1955-1963
801Cuthbert (Rural Road), 1950-1960
802Cuthbert (Rural Route Carriers), 1960-1961
803Cuthbert (Rural Route), Arthur, William C. , 1950-1951
804Cuthbert (Rural Route), Baldwin, David, 1951
805Dawson - Rural Route, 1963
807Dawson (Rural Route), Black, Lon, 1952
808Dawson (Rural Route) Cannon, J. W., Jr. , 1952
809Rural Route - Parrott, 1959
8010Rural Route - Rebecca, 1958
8011Shellman, Georgia - Rural Route, 1955
8012Rural Route - Springvale, 1966
8013Rural Route - Sycamore, 1953-1960
8014Bluffton Postmaster
8015Arabi, 1954-1956
811Arabi, 1952
812Ashburn, Georgia, 1951-1961
813Ashburn (O.D.) New Equipment, 1952-1958
814Bronwood, 1963
815Carnegie, 1952-1958
816Cordele, 1951-1963
817Cuthbert, 1950-1964
818Dawson, 1961-1963

VII. Photographs

1 box(es)
This series contains 150 unframed photographs dating from approximately 1941 until the mid 1960s. Photographs are loosely arranged chronologically with pictures from Forrester's law practice during the 1940s and 1950s beginning the collection followed by t hose from his congressional years, 1950 to 1965. Many of these photos had been framed and left undated without information about the place or persons pictured. Identified photographs include those from Georgia's 1950 and 1956 3rd District Congressional Convention, autographed portraits of Forrester's fellow Congressmen, as well as pictures of Forrester at various functions and award ceremonies.
82ELF-PF-01Wrecked Automobile, 1941 ( 6 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-02Photos Used in Victor Smith Case, Murder of Roy Downer, [1947 March 24] ( 18 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-03E.L. Forrester's Congressional Staff, Press Aid and Personal Secretary, circa 1960s. ( (9x7") )
82ELF-PF-04Residence of C. C. Avera, Smithville, GA, undated. ( 2 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-05Residence of George G. Callaway, Smithville, GA, circa 1934. ( (3.5x5.75") )
82ELF-PF-06Auto and Truck Involved in Collision, circa 1947 January 21. ( 10 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-07Wrecked Automobile, circa 1947 July 5. ( 6 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-08Robert S. Kerr of Chevy Chase, MD, [circa 1952] ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-09Body of John E. Stratford, [circa 1947 December 8] ( 9 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-10House and Fields of Rosa Lee Ingram and Family, undated. ( 18 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-11House of S. J. Powell, undated. ( (3.5x5.75") )
82ELF-PF-12E. L. Forrester, undated. ( (9.75x11.25") )
82ELF-PF-13Group photo with E. L. Forrester at Northwestern School of Law, undated. ( (6.5x13.5") )
82ELF-PF-14E. L. Forrester, Matson O'Neal and Others Breaking Ground for National Peanut Marketing Research Laboratory, Dawson, GA, [circa 1968 February] ( 1 (8x10"), 1 (3.25x4.5") )
82ELF-PF-15E. L. Forrester Portrait, [circa 1950] ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-1686th Congress, circa 1959 January 7. ( (9x14") )
82ELF-PF-17E. L. Forrester with Phil Landrum Touring Unidentified Airplane Factory [Lockheed?], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-18Woodrow A. Jones, Congressman, 11th District, North Carolina [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-19John Pilcher, E.L. Forrester, Phil Landrum and Others Touring Unidentified Plant (L to R)., undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-20E. L. Forrester With Other Congressmen at Veterans of Foreign Wars Annual Dinner Honoring Members of Congress Who Served in the Armed Service, Stalter Hotel, Washington, D.C., circa 1951 February 15. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-21E. L. Forrester at Steps of White House with President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Other Members of Congress, circa 1953 March 23. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-22Matted Color Photo of E. L. Forrester at "Citizens Council Forum 1959," Washington, D.C., [1959] ( (4.25x6.25") )
82ELF-PF-23John L. Pilcher, Congressman, 2d District, GA. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-24Paul Brown, Congressman, 10th District, GA. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-25Dwight L. Rogers, Congressman, 6th District, FL. [autographed], circa 1952. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-26William M. McCulloch, Congressman, 4th District, OH. [autographed], circa 1955. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-27J. Frank Wilson, Congressman, 5th District, TX. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-28Edwin Willis, Congressman, 3rd District, LA. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-29H. Carl Andersen, Congressman, 7th District, MN [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-30Francis E. Walter, Congressman, 15th District, PA [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-31Ed Gossett, Congressman 13th District, TX [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-32Robert L. F. Sikes, Congressman, 3rd District, FL [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-33Carl Albert, Congressman, 3rd District, OK [autographed], circa 1955 March 6. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-34E. E. Cox, Congressman, 2nd District, GA. [autographed], [circa 1947] ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-35Prince H. Preston, Jr., Congressman, 1st District, GA. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-36W. M. Wheeler, Congressman, 8th District, GA. [autographed], circa 1951 February 2. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-37Hugh Alexander, Congressman, 9th District, NC. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-38Joseph R. Bryson, Congressman, 4th District, SC. [autographed], circa 1951. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-39Iris F. Blitch, Congresswoman, 8th District, GA. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-40Chester B. McMullen, Congressman,1st District, FL. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-41William E. Miller, Congressman, 40th District, NY. [autographed], undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-42Unidentified Male, undated. ( (4.25x6.5") )
82ELF-PF-43E.L. Forrester, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-44E.L. Forrester, Tom Moore, Ford Pierce at Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Forrester Appreciation Luncheon, Martinique, Columbus, GA, circa 1964 December 10. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-45Herman Talmadge Receiving "Award of Merit." Pictured with Herman Talmadge are, Eric Cooke, Jr., Coleman Spencer, A. A. Adair, Jr. and E. L. Forrester, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-46E.L. Forrester at National 4-H Breakfast, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., circa 1953 March 9. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-47E.L. Forrester with Georgia Forestry Queen, Penny Andrews, Outside Capital Building, Washington, D.C., 1962 July ( (7x9") )
82ELF-PF-48E.L. Forrester portrait, undated. ( (6.75x9.25") )
82ELF-PF-49E.L. Forrester with Unidentified Group of People, [circa 1954] ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-50Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-51Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - W.H. Young, Jr. at Podium, with Rev. Milton Gardner and J. P. Luther in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-52Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - W.H. Young, Jr. at Podium, with Allan Garden and Rev. Milton Gardner in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-53Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Tom Marshall and W.H. Young, Jr., 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-54Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia – Allen Garden at Podium, W.H. Young, Jr. in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-55Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Warner Wells, W.H. Young, Jr., Allen Garden, and Rev. Milton Gardner, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-56Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Billy Fort at Podium, with W.H. Young, Jr., Alan Garden, and Rev. Milton Gardner in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-57Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - J.G. Raines, W.H.Young, Jr., Allan Garden, Rev. Milton Gardner, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-58Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia -Richard Best at Podium with W.H. Young, Jr., and Allan Garden in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-59Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Charles Tarver at Podium with W. H. Young, Allan Garden, and Milton Gardner, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-60Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - E.L. Forrester Headed Toward Podium, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-61Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - E.L. Forrester, Rev. Milton Gardner, Mrs. E. L. Forrester, W.H. Young, Jr., 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-62Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - E.L. Forrester, Tom Marshall, Rev. Milton Gardner, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-63Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - E.L. Forrester, Mrs. E.L. Forrester, W.H. Young, Jr., 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-64Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Jim Short at Podium, with E.L. Forrester, Mrs. Forrester and W.H. Young., Jr. in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-65Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Raymond Duncan at Podium, with W. H. Young, Jr., Allen Garden, E.L. Forrester, and Mrs. E.L. Forrester in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-66Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Tom Marshall at Podium, with E.L. Forrester, Mrs. Forrester and W.H. Young, Jr. in background, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-67Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - E.L. Forrester at Americus Country Club Greeting Delegates, 1950. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-68Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Wingate Dykes, Garland Byrd, Stephen Pace, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-69Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - J.P. Luther, Rev. Milton Gardner, W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Wingate Dykes, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-70Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Rev. Milton Gardner, J.P. Luther, Tom Marshall, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-71Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Wingate Dykes, Garland Byrd, Stephen Pace, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-72Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Garland Byrd, W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Wingate Dykes, Stephen Pace, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-73Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Eugene Horne, Wingate Dykes and Tom Marshall, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-74Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Zade Kennimer, Waverly Hall, W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Wingate Dykes, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-75Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Charles E. Tarver, Rev. Milton Gardner, W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Wingate Dykes, Garland Byrd, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-76Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Tom Marshall, Rev. Milton Gardner, W.H. Young, Jr., Wingate Dykes, Garland Byrd, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-77Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - Wingate Dykes, W.H. Young, Jr., Tom Marshall, Garland Byrd, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-78Georgia 3rd Congressional District Convention, Hylander Theater, Americus Georgia - E.L. Forrester, 1956. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-79E.L. Forrester and Garland Byrd, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-80Garland Byrd, Unidentified Female, and E.L. Forrester, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-81E.L. Forrester Speaking at Unidentified Event, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-82E.L. Forrester Speaking at Unidentified Event, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-83Georgia Congressmen Posing with Jim Thomas: 1-E.L. Forrester; 2-Sen. Richard B. Russell, Jr.; 3-Jim Thomas; 4-Iris Blitch; 5-Sen. Herman Talmadge; 6-?; 7-?; 8-John J. Flynt; 9-Paul Brown; 10-Phil Landrum; 11-Carl Vinson; 12-Prince H. Preston; 13-John L., [circa 1959-1960] ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-84Georgia Congressmen: 1-James C. Davis; 2- Sen. Richard B. Russell; 3-Carl Vinson; 4-?; 5-?; 6-E.L. Forrester; 7-E.E. Cox; 8-John S. Wood; 9-A. Sidney Camp; 10-Henderson L. Lanham; 11-William Wheeler; 12-Paul Brown; 13-Prince Preston; 14-?; 15-?; 16-?, [circa 1951] ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-85Georgia Congressmen (L to R): G. Elliot Hagen, J. Russell Tutten, John Davis, John Pilcher, E.L. Forrester, Phil Landrum, Robert Stevens, John J. Flynt, Charles L. Weltner, [circa 1965]
82ELF-PF-86E.L. Forrester Receiving Award from Veterans of Foreign Wars (Congressmen James C. Davis and John Pilcher stand directly behind Forrester, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-87E.L. Forrester, R.B. Russell, Jr., Unidentified man, and Prince Preston, undated. ( (8x10") )
82ELF-PF-88Representative E.L. Forrester with Senator Talmadge and congressmen, undated. ( (8x10") b/w )
82ELF-PF-89Representative E. L. Forrester and General Omar Bradley presenting awards. Congressional medal of honor given to family members, undated. ( 5 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-90The first prayer in Congress. Painted September 1774, undated. ( (8x10") b/w )
82ELF-PF-91Negative of three unidentified men, undated.
82ELF-PF-92Thursba Whitaker [Forrester] and friends, Mountain Lodge, Dahlonega, Ga., 1927 April 10. ( 2 (3x4.5") b/w, (8x10") b/w )
82ELF-PF-93Ground breaking ceremony, Peanut Laboratory, Dawson, Ga., 1968 February 12. ( 2 (3.5x5") color, (3.5x3.5") color )
82ELF-PF-94Representative E.L. Forrester with Speaker Sam Rayburn, and others at close of 82nd Congress, 1951 October 20. ( (7x9") b/w )
82ELF-PF-95Americus and Sumter County "Farm-City" Day, 1959 October 20. ( 4 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-96Representative E.L. Forrester, Congressman J.L. Pilcher and members of the Civil Air Patrol organization of pilots, undated. ( (4x5") b/w )
82ELF-PF-97Representative E.L. Forrester with women at the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., 1951 August 23. ( 3 photograph(s) )
82ELF-PF-98Representative E.L. Forrester in hospital bed receiving a plaque from Dr. Frank Wilson and others, undated. ( (4x5") b/w )
82ELF-PF-99E.L. Forrester at a luncheon in his honor at the Martinique Motor Hotel, Columbus, Ga., 1964 December 2. ( (3.5x5") color )
82ELF-PF-100Representative E.L. Forrester in his office with employees (?), 1958 May. ( (3.5x3.5") color )
82ELF-PF-101Daughter and grandson of W.H. (Billy) Young and Laura Young. Young was Chairman of the 3rd District Democratic Committee, 1965 December. ( 2 (3.5x3.5") color, (5x5") color )
86Portrait of E. L. Forrester [framed]

VIII. Artifacts

3 box(es)
83small engagement book (Mutual Benefit)
83brown leather notebook (3x5")
83"cotton book" season (3x5"), 1910-1911
83mailing envelope (12x15") (House of Representatives)
832 House of Representatives (candidate cards), 1950
832 E. L. "Tic" Forrester, Solicitor Gen. 1936 on postal cards (candidate cards), 1936
833 House of Representatives (candidate cards), 1956
8323 - Solicitor General: E. L. Forrester (candidate cards), undated
8325 - Solicitor General: E. L. "Tic" Forrester (candidate cards), undated
83opponent H. O. Jones (candidate cards), 1936
832 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (pamphlet)
832 Unmasking the Civil Rights bill (pamphlet)
83The Gist of the Lesson by R. A Torrey (pamphlet)
83Packet of picture cards of Leningrad compliments, Ambassador Menshikov, USSR
83Civil rights speech. 5 copies in envelopes, ready for mailing, 1953 October 7
8312 uniform buttons for Confederate general, circa 1861-1865
831 ticket stub: Georgia vs. Auburn, 1951 November 17
83Booker T. Washington Memorial Birthplace commemorative coin
83Pictorial Directory, 84th Congress - Georgia edition, 1956
83E. L. Forrester Papers [various correspondence ], 1918-1970
83Papers [memorabilia, programs, congressional record]
842 campaign button "All 48 in '48" - Young Democrats, 1948
844 in. diameter campaign button "DICK RUSSELL DELEGATE"
84Truman Victory Kit (4 souvenirs), 1945
84Memorabilia (pieces of wood and metal) from Civil War battlefields
84Lockheed C-130 turbo-prop cargo-personnel transport design on metal placard with Forrester's image, 1954
84Certificates, 1922-1969
84Metal Plates (Portrait), undated
85"GIVE US RUSSELLL" cap Richard B. Russell presidential, 1952
85Plaque, Georgia Heart Association , 1964
MapcaseGov. Carl Sanders Commission with seal, Solicitor General Emeritus [oversize] , 1964 December 11. ( (14x17") )
MapcaseGov. Lester Maddox Appointment Lt. Col., Aide de Camp, Governor's staff [oversize], 1967 January 11. ( (14x17") )
MapcaseGov. Lester Maddox: Member, State Democratic Executive Committee [oversize] , 1966 October 15. ( (14x17") )
MapcaseGov. Eugene Talmadge Commission with seal. Solicitor General, Southwest District of Georgia [oversize]

IX. Audiovisual

3 item(s)
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
UC RBRL/062/ELF/PD_0001Coffee in Washington, Rep. Forrester, GA (parts 2 and 5), February 9, 1952, 1952 February 9 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/062/ELF/PD_0002Coffee in Washington, Rep. Forrester, GA (parts 3 and 6), February 9, 1952, 1952 February 9 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )
UC RBRL/062/ELF/PD_0003The Honorable E.L. Forrester, Member of Congress, "The Leading Question," February 28, 1957, the CBS Radio Network, 1957 February 28 ( 1 sound_recording(s) )

X. Scrapbooks

1Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1951
1Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1952
1Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1953 January-July
1Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1953 August-December
1Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1954
6Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1955 January-July
6Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1955 August-December
6Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1956 January-June
6Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1956 July-December
10Scrapbook - Campaign [microfilm reel #1], 1956
11Scrapbook [microfilm reel #1], 1957 January-May
11Scrapbook [microfilm reel #2], 1957 June-December
11Scrapbook - Testimonial Dinner [microfilm reel #2], 1957
11Scrapbook [microfilm reel #2], 1958
15Scrapbook [microfilm reel #2], 1959
15Scrapbook [microfilm reel #2], 1960
15Scrapbook [microfilm reel #2], 1961-1963
18Scrapbook [microfilm reel #2], 1964
19Scrapbook [microfilm reel #3], 1964
19Scrapbook [microfilm reel #3], 1964
19Scrapbook [microfilm reel #3], 1964
19Scrapbook [microfilm reel #3], 1964
19Scrapbook [microfilm reel #3], 1964
19Scrapbook [microfilm reel #3], 1964
19Scrapbook - Invitations, Christmas cards, congratulations [microfilm reel #3], 1951-1964
19Scrapbook - Invitations, Christmas cards, congratulations [microfilm reel #3], 1951-1964
18Scrapbook - Get Well Cards, 1964
28Scrapbook - Get Well Cards, 1964
29Scrapbook and Newspaper Clippings, circa 1930-39