Dean Rusk Personal Papers, Series VI: Administrative

Dean Rusk Personal Papers, Series VI: Administrative

Descriptive Summary

Title: Dean Rusk Personal Papers, Series VI: Administrative
Creator: Rusk, Dean, 1909-1994
Inclusive Dates: 1939-1994
Language(s): English
Extent: 19 box(es) (10.25 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL/055/DR_VI
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Administrative series includes requests for Rusk's appearance at various events or meetings, his schedule of meetings and appointments (1970-1994), and personal files. The personal files consist of correspondence, clippings, articles, programs and publications. There is also a section of Virginia Rusk's personal papers which includes personal letters she received while living in Washington, D.C.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Dean Rusk was born on February 9, 1909 in Cherokee County, Georgia. He attended Lee Street Elementary and Boys' High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Rusk obtained an A.B. degree from Davidson College, North Carolina in 1931, and a B.S. (Rhodes Scholar) and M.A. in 1933 and 1934 from St. John's, Oxford, England. He returned to the United States to become Associate Professor of Government and Dean of Faculty at Mills College, Oakland, California, from 1934 to 1940 and studied law at the University of California, Berkeley, class of 1940.

Rusk served in the United States Army from 1940 to 1946 in the China-Burma-India theater. At first he served with the Third Infantry Division, then later with the Military Intelligence Service. Rusk was released from duty with the rank of colonel.

After his military career ended, Rusk joined the Department of State from 1947 to 1952, as Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs and for Far Eastern Affairs. From 1952 to 1960 he was president of the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Rusk to the office of Secretary of State. He remained in this position until 1969, through the administrations of Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Rusk was in office during the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion, when East Germany began constructing the Berlin Wall, and as the world teetered on the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was also Secretary of State during the height of the Vietnam Conflict.

In 1970, Rusk came to the University of Georgia's School of Law as the Samuel H. Sibley Professor of International Law, and he later established the Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law. Rusk served the University of Georgia until his death on December 20, 1994.

Rusk married Virginia Foisle in June, 1937. They had three children together, David Patrick, Richard Geary and Margaret Elizabeth. In 1990, As I Saw It , the book he co-authored with his son, Richard, was published.

Scope and Content

The Administrative series includes requests for Rusk's appearance at various events or meetings, his schedule of meetings and appointments (1970-1994), and personal files. The personal files consist of correspondence, clippings, articles, programs and publications. There is also a section of Virginia Rusk's personal papers which includes personal letters she received while living in Washington, D.C.

Organization and Arrangement

This series is organized into three subseries: A. Speaking Engagements, B. Calendars, and C. Personal

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Dean Rusk Personal Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Clippings have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Photographs, audiovisual material and artifacts have been removed from the papers for preservation purposes and inventoried.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


VI. Administrative

19 box(es)
(10.25 linear feet)

A. Speaking Engagements

( 11 box(es) ) ( (5.25 linear feet) )
These files include requests for Rusk's appearance at various events or meetings. Arrangement is by month and year.
VI.A.1 1Accepted, January, February, March 1972
VI.A.1 2Accepted, 5/1/1972
VI.A.1 3Accepted, September 1972
VI.A.1 4Accepted, October 1972
VI.A.1 5Accepted, November 1972
VI.A.1 6Engagements, December 1972
VI.A.2 1Engagements, January 1976
VI.A.2 2Regretted, January 1976
VI.A.2 3Engagements, February 1976
VI.A.2 4Regretted, February 1976
VI.A.2 5Engagements, March 1976
VI.A.2 6Regretted, March 1976
VI.A.2 7Engagements, April 1976
VI.A.2 8Regretted, April 1976
VI.A.2 9Engagements, May 1976
VI.A.2 10Regretted, May 1976
VI.A.2 11Engagements, June 1976
VI.A.2 12Regretted, June 1976
VI.A.2 13Regretted, July 1976
VI.A.2 14Engagements, August 1976
VI.A.2 15Regretted, August 1976
VI.A.2 16Engagements, September 1976
VI.A.2 17Regretted, September 1976
VI.A.2 18Engagements, October 1976
VI.A.2 19Regretted, October 1976
VI.A.3 1Engagements, November 1976
VI.A.3 2Regrets, November 1976
VI.A.3 3Engagements, December 1976
VI.A.3 4Regrets, December 1976
VI.A.3 5Engagements, January 1977
VI.A.3 6Regrets, January 1977
VI.A.3 7Engagements, February 1977
VI.A.3 8Regrets, February 1977
VI.A.3 9Engagements, March 1977
VI.A.3 10Regrets, March 1977
VI.A.3 11Engagements, April 1977
VI.A.3 12Regrets, April 1977
VI.A.3 13Engagements, May 1977
VI.A.3 14Regrets, May 1977
VI.A.3 15Engagements, June 1977
VI.A.3 16Regrets, June 1977
VI.A.3 17Engagements, July 1977
VI.A.3 18Regrets, July 1977
VI.A.3 19Engagements, August 1977
VI.A.3 20Regrets, August 1977
VI.A.3 21Regrets, September 1977
VI.A.3 22Regrets, October 1977
VI.A.3 23Engagements, October 1977
VI.A.3 24Engagements, November 1977
VI.A.3 25Regrets, November 1977
VI.A.3 26Engagements, December 1977
VI.A.3 27Regrets, December 1977
VI.A.4 1Engagements, January 1978
VI.A.4 2Regrets, January 1978
VI.A.4 3Engagements, February 1978
VI.A.4 4Regrets, February 1978
VI.A.4 5Engagements, March 1978
VI.A.4 6Regrets, March 1978
VI.A.4 7Regrets, April 1978
VI.A.4 8Engagements, April 1978
VI.A.4 9Engagements, May 1978
VI.A.4 10Regrets, May 1978
VI.A.4 11Engagements, June 1978
VI.A.4 12Regrets, June 1978
VI.A.4 13Engagements, July 1978
VI.A.4 14Regrets, July 1978
VI.A.4 15Regrets, August 1978
VI.A.4 16Engagements, September 1978
VI.A.4 17Regrets, September 1978
VI.A.4 18Engagements, October 1978
VI.A.4 19Regrets, October 1978
VI.A.4 20Engagements, November 1978
VI.A.4 21Regrets, November 1978
VI.A.4 22Engagements, December 1978
VI.A.4 23Regrets, December 1978
VI.A.4 24Engagements, January 1979
VI.A.4 25Regrets, January 1979
VI.A.4 26Engagements, February 1979
VI.A.4 27Regrets, February 1979
VI.A.4 28Engagements, March 1979
VI.A.4 29Regrets, March 1979
VI.A.5 1Engagements, April 1979
VI.A.5 2Regrets, April 1979
VI.A.5 3Engagements, May 1979
VI.A.5 4Regrets, May 1979
VI.A.5 5Regrets, June 1979
VI.A.5 6Regrets, July 1979
VI.A.5 7Engagements, July 1979
VI.A.5 8Engagements, August 1979
VI.A.5 9Engagements, August 1979
VI.A.5 10Engagements, September 1979
VI.A.5 11Regrets, September 1979
VI.A.5 12Engagements, October 1979
VI.A.5 13Regrets, October 1979
VI.A.5 14Engagements, November 1979
VI.A.5 15Regrets, November 1979
VI.A.5 16Engagements, December 1979
VI.A.5 17Regrets, December 1979
VI.A.5 18Regrets, January 1980
VI.A.5 19Engagements, January 1980
VI.A.5 20Regrets, February 1980
VI.A.5 21Engagements, February 1980
VI.A.5 22Engagements, March 1980
VI.A.5 23Regrets, March 1980
VI.A.5 24Regrets, April 1980
VI.A.5 25Engagements, April 1980
VI.A.5 26Regrets, May 1980
VI.A.5 27Engagements, May 1980
VI.A.5 28Engagements, June 1980
VI.A.5 29Regrets, June 1980
VI.A.5 30Engagements, July 1980
VI.A.5 31Regrets, July 1980
VI.A.6 1Regrets, August 1980
VI.A.6 2Engagements, August 1980
VI.A.6 3Regrets, September 1980
VI.A.6 4Engagements, September 1980
VI.A.6 5Regrets, October 1980
VI.A.6 6Engagements, October 1980
VI.A.6 7Regrets, November 1980
VI.A.6 8Engagements, November 1980
VI.A.6 9Regrets, December 1980
VI.A.6 10Engagements, December 1980
VI.A.6 11Regrets, January 1981
VI.A.6 12Engagements, January 1981
VI.A.6 13Regrets, February 1981
VI.A.6 14Engagements, February 1981
VI.A.6 15Regrets, March 1981
VI.A.6 16Engagements, March 1981
VI.A.6 17Regrets, April 1981
VI.A.6 18Engagements, April 1981
VI.A.6 19Regrets, May 1981
VI.A.6 20Engagements, May 1981
VI.A.6 21Engagements, June 1981
VI.A.6 22Regrets, June 1981
VI.A.6 23Regrets, July 1981
VI.A.6 24Engagements, July 1981
VI.A.6 25Regrets, August 1981
VI.A.6 26Regrets, September 1981
VI.A.6 27Engagements, October 1981
VI.A.6 28Regrets, October 1981
VI.A.6 29Engagements, November 1981
VI.A.6 30Regrets, November 1981
VI.A.6 31Engagements, December 1981
VI.A.6 32Regrets, December 1981
VI.A.7 1Regrets, January 1982
VI.A.7 2Engagements, January 1982
VI.A.7 3Regrets, February 1982
VI.A.7 4Engagements, February 1982
VI.A.7 5Regrets, March 1982
VI.A.7 6Engagements, March 1982
VI.A.7 7Regrets, April 1982
VI.A.7 8Engagements, April 1982
VI.A.7 9Regrets, May 1982
VI.A.7 10Engagements, May 1982
VI.A.7 11Regrets, June 1982
VI.A.7 12Engagements, June 1982
VI.A.7 13Regrets, July 1982
VI.A.7 14Regrets, August 1982
VI.A.7 15Engagements, August 1982
VI.A.7 16Regrets, September 1982
VI.A.7 17Engagements, September 1982
VI.A.7 18Regrets, October 1982
VI.A.7 19Engagements, October 1982
VI.A.7 20Regrets, November 1982
VI.A.7 21Engagements, November 1982
VI.A.7 22Regrets, December 1982
VI.A.7 23Engagements, December 1982
VI.A.7 24Regrets, January 1983
VI.A.7 25Engagements, January 1983
VI.A.7 26Regrets, February 1983
VI.A.7 27Engagements, February 1983
VI.A.7 28Regrets, March 1983
VI.A.7 29Engagements, March 1983
VI.A.7 30Regrets, April 1983
VI.A.7 31Engagements, April 1983
VI.A.7 32Regrets, May 1983
VI.A.7 33Engagements, May 1983
VI.A.7 34Regrets, June 1983
VI.A.7 35Engagements, June 1983
VI.A.7 36Engagements, July 1983
VI.A.7 37Regrets, July 1983
VI.A.8 1Regrets, August 1983
VI.A.8 2Engagements, August 1983
VI.A.8 3Regrets, September 1983
VI.A.8 4Engagements, September 1983
VI.A.8 5Regrets, October 1983
VI.A.8 6Engagements, October 1983
VI.A.8 7Engagements, November 1983
VI.A.8 8Regrets, November 1983
VI.A.8 9Regrets, December 1983
VI.A.8 10Regrets, January 1984
VI.A.8 11Engagements, January 1984
VI.A.8 12Regrets, February 1984
VI.A.8 13Engagements, February 1984
VI.A.8 14Regrets, March 1984
VI.A.8 15Engagements, March 1984
VI.A.8 16Regrets, April 1984
VI.A.8 17Engagements, April 1984
VI.A.8 18Regrets, May 1984
VI.A.8 19Engagements, May 1984
VI.A.8 20Regrets, June 1984
VI.A.8 21Engagements, June 1984
VI.A.8 22Regrets, July 1984
VI.A.8 23Engagements, July 1984
VI.A.8 24Regrets, August 1984
VI.A.8 25Engagements, August 1984
VI.A.8 26Engagements, September 1984
VI.A.8 27Regrets, September 1984
VI.A.8 28Engagements, October 1984
VI.A.8 29Regrets, October 1984
VI.A.8 30Regrets, November 1984
VI.A.8 31Engagements, November 1984
VI.A.8 32Engagements, December 1984
VI.A.8 33Regrets, December 1984
VI.A.9 1Regrets, January 1985
VI.A.9 2Regrets, February 1985
VI.A.9 3Engagements, February 1985
VI.A.9 4Engagements, March 1985
VI.A.9 5Regrets, March 1985
VI.A.9 6Regrets, April 1985
VI.A.9 7Engagements, April 1985
VI.A.9 8Engagements, May 1985
VI.A.9 9Regrets, May 1985
VI.A.9 10Regrets, June 1985
VI.A.9 11Engagements, June 1985
VI.A.9 12Engagements, July 1985
VI.A.9 13Regrets, July 1985
VI.A.9 14Engagements, August 1985
VI.A.9 15Regrets, August 1985
VI.A.9 16Regrets, September 1985
VI.A.9 17Engagements, September 1985
VI.A.9 18Engagements, October 1985
VI.A.9 19Regrets, October 1985
VI.A.9 20Engagements, November 1985
VI.A.9 21Regrets, November 1985
VI.A.9 22Regrets, December 1985
VI.A.9 23Regrets, January 1986
VI.A.9 24Regrets, February 1986
VI.A.9 25Engagements, February 1986
VI.A.9 26Engagements, March 1986
VI.A.9 27Regrets, March 1986
VI.A.9 28Engagements, April 1986
VI.A.9 29Regrets, April 1986
VI.A.10 1Regrets, May 1986
VI.A.10 2Engagements, May 1986
VI.A.10 3Regrets, June 1986
VI.A.10 4Engagements, June 1986
VI.A.10 5Engagements, July 1986
VI.A.10 6Regrets, July 1986
VI.A.10 7Regrets, August 1986
VI.A.10 8Engagements, September 1986
VI.A.10 9Regrets, September 1986
VI.A.10 10Engagements, October 1986
VI.A.10 11Regrets, October 1986
VI.A.10 12Engagements, November 1986
VI.A.10 13Regrets, November 1986
VI.A.10 14Regrets, December 1986
VI.A.10 15Regrets, January 1987
VI.A.10 16Engagements, January 1987
VI.A.10 17Regrets, February 1987
VI.A.10 18Engagements, February 1987
VI.A.10 19Regrets, March 1987
VI.A.10 20Regrets, April 1987
VI.A.10 21Regrets, May 1987
VI.A.10 22Regrets, June 1987
VI.A.10 23John Proposal [American Bar Association], ABA
VI.A.10 24Regrets, July 1987
VI.A.10 25Regrets, August 1987
VI.A.10 26Regrets, October 1987
VI.A.10 27Engagements, October 1987
VI.A.10 28Regrets, November 1987
VI.A.10 29Regrets, December 1987
VI.A.10 30Regrets, January 1988
VI.A.10 31Regrets, February 1988
VI.A.10 32Regrets, March 1988
VI.A.10 33Regrets, June 1988
VI.A.10 34Regrets, July 1988
VI.A.10 35Regrets, August 1988
VI.A.10 36Regrets, September 1988
VI.A.10 37Regrets, October 1988
VI.A.10 38Regrets, November 1988
VI.A.10 39Regrets, December 1988
VI.A.10 40Regrets, January 1989
VI.A.10 41Engagements, March 1989
VI.A.10 42Regrets, March 1989
VI.A.10 43Engagements, April 1989
VI.A.10 44Engagements, May 1989
VI.A.10 45Regrets, May 1989
VI.A.10 46Regrets, June 1989
VI.A.10 47Regrets, July 1989
VI.A.10 48Engagements, July 1989
VI.A.10 49Invitations, Acceptance and Regret, September 1989
VI.A.10 50Engagements, October 1989
VI.A.10 51Regrets, November 1989
VI.A.11 1Regrets, January 1990
VI.A.11 2Regrets, February 1990
VI.A.11 3Regrets and Engagements, March 1990
VI.A.11 4Regrets, April 1990
VI.A.11 5Regrets, May 1990
VI.A.11 6Engagements, May 1990
VI.A.11 7Regrets, June 1990
VI.A.11 8Engagements, June 1990
VI.A.11 9Regrets, July 1990
VI.A.11 10Engagements, July 1990
VI.A.11 11Regrets, August 1990
VI.A.11 12Regret, September 1990
VI.A.11 13Engagements, September 1990
VI.A.11 14Regrets, October 1990
VI.A.11 15Regrets, November 1990
VI.A.11 16Engagements, November 1990
VI.A.11 17Regrets, December 1990
VI.A.11 18Engagements, January 1991
VI.A.11 19Regrets, January 1991
VI.A.11 20Regrets, February 1991
VI.A.11 21Regrets, March 1991
VI.A.11 22Regrets, April 1991
VI.A.11 23Regrets and Engagements, May 1991
VI.A.11 24Regrets and Engagements, July 1991
VI.A.11 25Regrets and Engagements, August 1991
VI.A.11 26Regrets and Engagements, September 1991
VI.A.11 27Regrets and Engagements, October 1991
VI.A.11 28Regrets and Engagements, December 1991
VI.A.11 29Regrets and Engagements, January 1992
VI.A.11 30Regrets and Engagements, February 1992
VI.A.11 31Regrets and Engagements, March 1992
VI.A.11 32Regrets and Engagements, April 1992
VI.A.11 33Regrets and Engagements, May 1992
VI.A.11 34Regrets and Engagements, July 1992
VI.A.11 35Regrets and Engagements, October 1992
VI.A.11 36Regrets and Engagements, November 1992
VI.A.11 37Regrets and Engagements, February 1993
VI.A.11 38Regrets and Engagements, April 1993
VI.A.11 39Regrets and Engagements, May 1993
VI.A.11 40Richard B. Russell Symposium, undated
VI.A.11 41Regrets and Engagements, June 1993
VI.A.11 42Regrets and Engagements, September 1993
VI.A.11 43Regrets and Engagements, November 1993
VI.A.11 44Regrets and Engagements, March 1994
VI.A.11 45Regrets and Engagements, April 1994
VI.A.11 46Sample Letters, undated

B. Calendars

( 2 box(es) ) ( (1 linear foot) )
These calendars maintained the schedules of meetings and appointments of Dean Rusk. They were kept for each year from 1970 until 1994. Arrangement is chronological.
VI.B.1 1calendar, 1970
VI.B.1 2calendar, 1971
VI.B.1 3calendar, 1972
VI.B.1 4calendar, 1973
VI.B.1 5calendar, 1974
VI.B.1 6calendar, 1975
VI.B.1 7calendar, 1976
VI.B.1 8calendar, 1977
VI.B.1 9calendar, 1978
VI.B.1 10calendar, 1978
VI.B.1 11calendar, 1976
VI.B.1 12calendar, 1978
VI.B.1 13calendar, 1979
VI.B.2 1calendar, 1980
VI.B.2 2calendar, 1981
VI.B.2 3calendar, 1982
VI.B.2 4calendar, 1983
VI.B.2 5calendar, 1984
VI.B.2 6calendar, 1985
VI.B.2 7calendar, 1986
VI.B.2 8calendar, 1987
VI.B.2 9calendar, 1988
VI.B.2 10calendar, 1989
VI.B.2 11calendar, 1990
VI.B.2 12calendar, 1991
VI.B.2 13calendar, 1992
VI.B.2 14calendar, 1993
VI.B.2 15calendar, 1994

C. Personal

( 6 box(es) ) ( (4 linear feet) )
This subseries consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, programs and publications. Some of these materials include articles and newspaper clippings that were published after Rusk's death in 1994. There is also a section of Virginia Rusk's personal papers which includes personal letters she received while living in Washington, DC when Rusk was Secretary of State, as well as newspaper clippings on herself, family activities, and her daughter's interracial marriage. There are also letters written by Virginia regarding their lives in 1961 (Cuban Missile Crisis) and 1963 (Kennedy's assassination) and how world events influenced them. Very informative material regarding the workings of a family surviving under the national microscope is provided.
VI.C.1 1-2 Genealogy - Rusk Family, undated
VI.OS28Diploma Cum Laude from Davidson College, 1931 June 3
VI.C.1 3VIP file, 1948-1951
VI.C.1 4Copy of Kennedy's Message Nominating Rusk as Secretary of State, undated
VI.C.1 5Birthday - Greetings and Messages, undated
VI.OS29Veterans of Foreign Wars Resolution for appreciation to Rusk, 1968 August 16-23
VI.OS210The Sylvanus Thayer Medal awarded to Rusk, 1969
VI.C.1 6"Engineering and Diplomacy Mix to Make Policy" Georgia Professional Engineer, 1987 March/April
VI.C.1 7Dedication Ceremony Dean Rusk Center, 1977 October 28
VI.OS212Dean Rusk Appreciation Day Proclamation, 1978 June 28
VI.C.1 8"Dean Rusk Sworn in to Georgia Bar" Georgia Advocate, 1989 Spring
VI.C.1 9"Exiles: the Kennedy Court at the End of the American Century," The New Yorker, 1993 October 4
VI.C.1 10"Dean Rusk - A Great Georgian" Film Premiere, 1977 October 28
VI.C.1 11"Remembering Dean Rusk: February 9, 1909-December 20, 1994" Georgia Advocate, 1909 February 9-1994 December 20
VI.C.1 12"Dean Rusk: Forever a Part of UGA History," Georgia Alumni Record, undated
VI.C.1 13Dean Rusk death notices, undated
VI.C.1 14Funeral Services, undated
VI.C.1 15Memorial Service, University of Georgia, 1995 February 6
VI.C.1 16Memorial Service - Davidson College, 1995 February 20
VI.C.2 1George C. Marshall Research Library Topics, 1975-1979
VI.C.2 2The Johnson Years, 1969 January 13
VI.C.2 3John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, 1979
1. Virginia Rusk
VI.C.3 1Correspondence, 1936
VI.C.3 2Correspondence, 1948-1949
VI.C.3 3Correspondence, 1950
VI.C.3 4Correspondence, 1960
VI.C.3 5Correspondence, 1961
VI.C.3 6Correspondence, 1962
VI.C.3 7Correspondence, 1963
VI.C.3 8Correspondence, 1964
VI.C.3 9Correspondence, 1965
VI.C.3 10Correspondence, 1966
VI.C.3 11Correspondence, 1967
VI.C.3 12Correspondence, 1968
VI.C.3 13Correspondence, 1969
VI.C.3 14Correspondence, 1970
VI.C.3 15Correspondence, 1971
VI.C.3 16Correspondence, 1973
VI.C.3 17Correspondence - Fran and Rich Rusk, undated
VI.C.3 18Correspondence, 1984
VI.C.3 19Correspondence, undated
VI.C.4 1Thank You notes, undated
VI.C.4 2Greeting cards, undated
VI.C.4 3Phone Log, undated
VI.C.4 4White House Activities, undated
VI.C.4 5Dean Rusk letters, (1934, 1941, 1967)
VI.C.4 6Virginia Rusk letters (1961, 1963 re: life as wife of Sec. of State), 1961, 1963
VI.C.4 7Newsclippings -Dean Rusk, undated
VI.C.4 8Newsclippings - Virginia Rusk, undated
VI.C.4 9Newsclippings - Rusk family, undated
VI.C.4 10Peggy Rusk and Guy Smith Wedding articles, undated
VI.C.4 11Memorial Service for John F. Kennedy, (December 22, 1963)
VI.C.4 12"New Frontier" Newsweek, 23-Jan-61
VI.C.4 13Time, Inauguration of John F. Kennedy, 27-Jan-61
VI.C.4 14"Man and Nature," by Dean Rusk, Department of State Newsletter, Nov. 1964
VI.C.4 15Washington Senator's baseball program, 1969
VI.C.4 16Protest against Dean Rusk at Mills College, 1969
VI.C.4 17Mills College, undated
VI.C.4 18Law Dames (social group), undated
VI.C.4 19Projects notebook, undated
VI.C.4 20Scholarship Fund Project, 1969-1970
VI.C.5 1The Mass on the Day of Burial, undated
VI.C.5 2Australian Aboriginal Words and Place Names and their Meanings, undated
VI.C.5 3What's Cooking in Tamalpais Valley, undated
VI.C.5 4-9 Kansas City Star, "Truman" (1884-1972), 6-May-84
VI.C.5 10"Britain Goes to War," Life, 1939 September 18
VI.C.71Biographical information about foreign ambassadors wives, 1960s
VI.C.72Dean and Virginia Rusk fund, 1960-1980s
VI.C.73Correspondence, 1960-1981
VI.C.74Mills Club welcome back tea for Quincy Rusk , 1961 March 8
VI.C.75Virginia Rusk's schedule, 1962?
VI.C.76Dinner menu in honor of Mrs. Rusk, 1962 May 10
VI.C.77Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1965
VI.C.78Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1965
VI.C.79Mills Stream newsletter and Alumi Association, 1965-1967
VI.C.710Directory of embassy members and wives [includes photos], circa 1966
VI.C.711Directory of embassy members and wives [includes photos], circa 1966
VI.C.712Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1966
VI.C.713Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1966
VI.C.714Ewha Womans University, honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, 1966 July 9
VI.C.81Mrs. Rusk's schedule [incomplete], 1967
VI.C.82Mrs. Rusk's schedule [incomplete], 1967
VI.C.83Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1968
VI.C.84Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1968
VI.C.85Meridian House Foundation, 1968
VI.C.86Mrs. Rusk's schedule, 1969
VI.C.87Appointment book
VI.C.88Correspondence [including Alumni Association fo Mary Washington], 1978, 1981
VI.C.89Holiday cards received by the Rusks, 1981
VI.C.810Address Book
2. Dean Rusk Office Files
VI.C.6 1Boy's High School, undated
VI.C.6 2Honorary Degrees, undated
VI.C.6 3Kappa Alpha - Smith Province, undated
VI.C.6 4H. DeHaven Manley Award, 1982
VI.C.6 5[George C.] Marshall Medal, 1971
VI.C.6 6-7 Rusk Birthday Party - (75th Birthday), 9-Feb-84
VI.C.6 8Rusk Dinner, 28-Jun-78
VI.C.6 9Rusk Honorary Knight Commander, (KBE)
VI.C.6 10Separation Statement, undated
VI.C.6 11Spirit of America Lifetime Award (veteran's group), 1991

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