Clifford Hodges Brewton Collection of Lester G. Maddox Speech/Press Research Files

Clifford Hodges Brewton Collection of Lester G. Maddox Speech/Press Research Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: Clifford Hodges Brewton Collection of Lester G. Maddox Speech/Press Research Files
Creator: Maddox, Lester G., 1915-2003.
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1976
Language(s): English
Extent: 23 box(es) (11.25 linear feet), 165 photographs
Collection Number: RBRL051CHBLM
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Reverend Clifford Hodges Brewton served as press aide to Lester Maddox during his terms as governor and lieutenant governor of Georgia. This collection contains materials Brewton compiled in order to write a book (never published) about Governor Maddox. The scope of the collection covers both the gubernatorial (1967-1971) and the lieutenant governor (1971-1975) administrations of Maddox including the campaigns for each office as well as his 1968 bid for the U.S. presidency. The collection includes press releases, speeches, research materials, clippings, magazine articles, photographs, audiocassettes, and ¼-inch audiotapes.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Lester G. Maddox was born in Atlanta , Georgia , on September 30, 1915, to Dean and Flonnie Maddox. He was educated in the Fulton County public school system but dropped out of high school in order to pursue a career (either "to start working" or "to pursue a career in something"). In 1936, he married Virginia Cox and the couple eventually had four children. In 1944, Maddox opened a short order grill in Atlanta that he sold a year later at a profit. Maddox continued to hold jobs in the grocery business and real estate until 1947 when he opened a restaurant, the Pickrick. Maddox achieved great success with the Pickrick and expanded it nine times over the course of fifteen years. His business was bolstered by clever advertisements, entitled "Pickrick Says," that ran in Atlanta newspapers. After the 1954 Brown vs. the Board of Education school desegregation ruling, Maddox's advertisements became more political, earning him greater notoriety.

Maddox's outspoken response to desegregation led him to enter politics. In 1957, he campaigned for mayor of Atlanta as an independent, anti-integrationist candidate. Maddox lost the election. Four years later, in 1961, he once again lost his bid for the mayor's office. Maddox faced his third defeat in 1962, after running for lieutenant governor. Although his campaigns were not successful, they made him a well-known figure in Georgia.

It was Maddox's open defiance of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that thrust him into the national spotlight. Not only did Maddox refuse to serve three black students in his restaurant, but he also chased them out with a gun while his customers wielded axe handles. He contended that both his business and property were being threatened. The students sued Maddox. The court ruled that Maddox had to desegregate the Pickrick within twenty days. Rather than accept the ruling and integrate his restaurant, Maddox closed the Pickrick.

In October 1965, he announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for governor. True to his reputation, Maddox ran a grassroots campaign whose platform supported segregation and opposed federal encroachment on state and individual rights. Maddox came in second to Ellis Arnall in the Democratic primary and defeated Arnall in the runoff. In the General Election, the Republican candidate, Howard "Bo" Callaway, received more votes but fell short of the majority due to a write-in campaign for Arnall. The election was, therefore, sent to the General Assembly, which elected Maddox on the first ballot. The new governor was sworn in on 10 January 1967.

It was during Maddox's term that the newly independent legislature came to dominate the state government. They found in their governor an executive who believed in legislative independence. However, Maddox was able to increase funding for the university system as well as state teachers salaries. He attempted to raise money for state education, welfare and mental health with a one-cent sales tax, but could not push it through the state legislature. Maddox succeeded in passing funding for much needed prison reforms which included upgrading fire and health standards, training for guards, and improved living conditions and treatment for inmates.

While Maddox appointed many African Americans during his term in office, he did not give any of them positions of great power or responsibility. He continued to be an outspoken opponent of school desegregation as well as busing. He encouraged private segregated schools and favored freedom of choice in schools rather than strict segregation. Maddox was a staunch supporter of the U.S. war in Vietnam because he feared expansion of communism abroad. At home he continued to warn Georgians of the ever-present threat of communist and socialist influences.

On August 17, 1968, Maddox announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for president, but withdrew before any ballots were cast. He resigned rather than compromise on the number of African-American delegates from Georgia. In 1970, Maddox once again gained national attention. While in Washington, D.C., testifying against the strengthening of the Voting Rights Bill, Maddox passed out souvenir axe handles in a U.S. House of Representatives restaurant. This led to a confrontation between the governor and an African-American congressman from Michigan, Charles Diggs, Jr.

Since the Georgia constitution barred him from seeking consecutive terms as governor, Maddox was unable to run for that office again. He attempted to have the law overturned, but was unsuccessful. In order to remain in politics, Maddox ran for lieutenant governor and won in 1970, making him the first former governor to become lieutenant governor. During his term Maddox clashed regularly with Governor Jimmy Carter, whom he felt was too liberal. In 1974, he ran against George Busbee for governor and lost. Maddox continued to be active in politics and in 1976, the former governor ran for president as the American Independent Party candidate. Many saw his campaign as an expression of his opposition to and dissatisfaction with his political rival, Jimmy Carter, also a candidate for president in 1976. Maddox lost this election as well, receiving only 170,000 votes. After this campaign, Maddox stayed out of politics until 1990, when he made his last bid for political office. On January 25, 1990, he made a formal announcement from the State Capitol that he would once again run for governor of Georgia. Maddox ran a small, grass-roots campaign and lost the Democratic primary with only three percent of the vote.

After exiting from the political scene, Maddox spent most of his time at home in Marietta, Georgia, caring for his wife, Virginia, who died on June 24, 1997. Lester Maddox died in an Atlanta hospice on June 25, 2003.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of materials collected by Reverend Clifford H. Brewton relating to Lester Maddox's terms as governor (1967-1971) and lieutenant governor (1971-1975), as well as his 1966 gubernatorial and 1968 campaigns. Brewton collected the materials for the purpose of writing a biography of Maddox, although it was never published. The collection includes research materials, press releases, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, magazine articles, audiocassettes, and ¼-inch audiotapes.

Photographic materials in the collection consist of nine folders containing 165 images. The images focus on Governor Lester Maddox' political career, particularly speaking engagements with the public and other politicians or government leaders. Most of the images are undated and do not include captions.

Audiovisual materials (see separate finding aid) in the collection supplement the paper materials documenting Maddox's term as governor of Georgia and his subsequent campaigns for president of the United States in 1968 and for lieutenant governor of Georgia in 1970. Included among the four audiocassettes and 22 reels of ¼" audiotape are recordings of several campaign commercials for radio broadcast for both campaigns and speeches delivered for public events and private organizations throughout Georgia in his official capacity of governor.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into three series: I. Research Files, II. Photographs, and III. Audiovisual Materials (see separate finding aid for AV).

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Clifford Hodges Brewton Collection of Lester G. Maddox Speech/Press Research Files, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2008.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Research Files

22 box(es)
(11 linear feet)
This series consists of three sub-series: 1. Biographical File, 2. Subject File, and 3. Speeches and Press Releases. A. Biographical File contains both biographical and autobiographical information about Lester Maddox, including a paper about Maddox, a book manuscript, and correspondence both regarding the publication of an autobiography by Maddox. B. Subject File consists mainly of speeches and clippings on Maddox's views on select topics, mostly politics and religion. C. Speeches and Press Releases subseries contains Maddox's speeches and press releases.

A. Biographical File

11Autobiography/Lester G. Maddox, 1965-1975
12"The New Life of Lester Maddox" by Clifford Brewton
13Maddox Book, "The Dream of Lester Maddox," text from interviews about Maddox, "Gothic Politics in the Deep South", 1964-1966
14Biographic Sketches
15Autobiography-- Table of Contents, Agreement [contract between Lester Maddox and Doubleday, 1967-1973
16Biography--Gubernatorial Campaign
17Book Contacts [press releases and clippings about Maddox], 1967-1972
18Maddox Autobiography, "Speaking Out" Chapters 1-5
19Maddox Autobiography, "Speaking Out" Chapters 6-8
110Maddox Autobiography, "Speaking Out" Chapters 9-11
111Maddox Autobiography, "Speaking Out" Chapters 1-5
112Maddox Autobiography, "Speaking Out" Chapters 6-9
113Maddox Autobiography, "Speaking Out" Chapters 10-13

B. Subject Files

21Action Administration (Clippings) [press releases, clippings, speeches from Maddox press office], 1967-1969
22Ad Lib 1 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1969
23Ad Lib 2 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1968-1971
24Ad Lib 3 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1967-1971
25Ad Lib 4 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1968-1969
26Ad Lib 5 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1968
27Ad Lib 6 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1969
28Ad Lib 7 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1969
29Ad Lib 8 [speech drafts and notes about Maddox's views], 1966-1976
210Ad Valorem Taxes [Maddox's views], circa 1967-1971
211Administration--People's [text from Maddox's speeches], 1969
212Agriculture [text from Maddox's speeches], 1967-1968
213Airports [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968
214Alcoholism [text from Maddox's speeches], 1967-1969
215All Night Sing [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968-1969, 1974
216Articles [Lester Maddox messages to the Georgia General Assembly, clippings about Maddox including "Red, White, Maddox"], 1966-1970
31America's Answer [text from Maddox's speeches], 1969
32America--Kind I Want [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968
33America--Kind We Want [text from Maddox's speeches]
34America--God--Not Ashamed Text [text from Maddox's speeches], 1969
35America's Greatest Crisis [text from Maddox's speeches], 1970, 1974
36American's Heritage [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968-1970
37American's Problems [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968
38Analysis--Fair [clippings about Maddox], 1967-1968, 1971
39Answer--What Can't We Do [text from Maddox's speeches], 1967-1973
310Appointees [clippings], 1967
311Appointments [press releases, clippings, and statements from Maddox], 1967
312New York Times Magazine, 1966 November 6
313Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 1978 May 7
314Assorted Material [clippings, radio spot for Maddox from Lieutenant Governor, text from speeches, 1968, 1970, 1973-1974
315Assorted Quotes, 1967-1971, 1974
316Assorted Subjects, 1967-1971
317Atlanta Chamber of Commerce--Growth [text from Maddox's speeches], 1967 May 10
318Atlanta--Growth, etc. [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968
319Baptists [text from Maddox's speeches], 1970-1973
320Beliefs--Basic [text from Maddox's speeches], 1967-1969
321Bible Reading--Schools [text from Maddox's speeches], 1969-1972
322Blame [text from Maddox's speeches]
323Brewton--Personal [Brewton's resume and clippings], 1971-1974
324Brewton-Maddox Brochures and Flyers, 1974 [?]
325Busing--General [text from Maddox's speeches], 1971
41Campaign (folder 1 of 3), 1966
42Campaign (folder 2 of 3), 1966
43Campaign (folder 3 of 3), 1966
44Campaign, 1974
45Carter, 1974 November 21
46Christian Testimony [text from Maddox's speeches], 1970-1973
47Civic Clubs, etc. [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968
48Civil Disobedience [text from Maddox's speeches]
49Citizen's Responsibility [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968
410Clean-up, Honesty, Efficiency, etc. [text from Maddox's speeches], 1967-1969, 1973
411Clippings--Speeches, 1966-1970
412Clippings, 1967-1968
413Clippings, 1966-1974
414Clippings, 1971, 1974
51Committee of 1000, 1967
52Communism [text from Maddox's speeches]
53Communism—Socialism [text from Maddox's speeches], 1969-1970
54Compassion—Room for Everybody [text from Maddox's speeches]
55Competition [text from Maddox's speeches]
56Conservatism [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968-1970
57Conservatism—Beliefs [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968-1969
58Consolidation [text from Maddox's speeches]
59Constitutional Government—Liberty [text from Maddox's speeches], 1968, 1970
510Correspondence and Clippings, 1967-1973
511Cost of Freedom and Who Will Save America [press releases], 1973
512Couldn't be Done
513Crime (folder 1 of 2), 1961-1969
514Crime (folder 2 of 2), 1961-1969
515Crisis—Crime, Drugs, and Spiritual, 1970, 1972
516Criticism, 1967-1968
517Critics, 1966-1968
518Degree, 1969
519Delinquent—Centers, undated
520Democratic Party, 1967-1968
521Demonstration for God Rally, 1967
522Economy, State, 1967-1968
523Education, 1967-1969
524Elected Officials—Need of God, 1971-1972
525Election of Maddox by General Assembly, 1967 January 10
526Every Big Crisis, 1973
528Exports—Imports, 1966-1967
529Extremist, 1970
61Federal Government, 1967-1968
62Fiscal Responsibility, 1967
63Flag at Mansion, 1968
64Flyers, 1970, 1974
65Forefather's Faith, undated
66Form Letters, 1968-1972
68Four Greatest Years, 1967-1968
69Free, 1968 May 6
610Free Enterprise
612Gap, 1970-1973
613Gap—Truth/Spiritual, 1970 December 4
614General, 1967-1974
615General, 1967-1968
616General Assembly, 1968
617Georgia's Highway Safety Program, 1969 November
618Georgia—Kind I Want
619Georgia and Southeast Growth Potential, 1967-1968
71God's Side, 1972
72Governor's Annual Prayer Breakfast, 1970 January 26
73Governor's Conferences, 1969-1970
74Governor's Speeches (folder 1 of 3), 1967-1972
75Governor's Speeches (folder 2 of 3), 1967-1972
76Governor's Speeches (folder 3 of 3), 1967-1972
77Governor's Youth Council, 1967
78Great Society
79HEW—Governor's Response to Ultimatum, 1969 July 10
710HEW—Schools, 1969-1970
711Health, 1969
712Hell—For nation who forgets God, 1970
713High School Speeches, 1968
714Highways, 1968
715Highway Safety, 1968
716Humor, Etc., 1961
81Ideas, Concepts, etc., 1968-1969
82Inaugural Program, 1967
83Industry, 1967-1968
84Industry and Trade Department
85Johnson Administration, 1967
86Law, Code, etc.
87Law Enforcement—State and County, 1967, 1969
88Local Law Enforcement
89Legislation—Material, 1968
810Legislation—Planned, 1967-1968
811Lt. Governor—Religion, 1971, 1973
812Lt. Governor—Speeches, 1971-1974
813Local Control—Government
814Local Option—Sales Tax, 1967
815Macon Rotary Club Speech, 1967-1969
816Maddox—General, 1965-1974
817Maddox Camp, 1974
818Maddox and Carter
819Maddox for President, 1968 August 16
820Maddox, Lester—Abrams Letters, 1967-1968
822Maddox—Pro/Con Clippings, 1967-1968, 1973
823Maddox—Presidential Nomination by AIP, 1968
824Maddox Press Releases, 1969-1970, 1973-1974
825Maddox—Society of Freedom
91Man's Level, Bringing God Down, 1972
92MARTA, 1967-1968, 1974
93Masonic Speeches, 1968, 1970, 1974
94Meet the Press, 1967 May 7
95Men—Real Men
96Men—Real Men, Leaders, 1971-1972
97Men Who Served God
98Mental Health, 1967-1968
99Methodist Church, 1969 October 19
910Methodists, 1972 December 6
911Miscellaneous, 1974
912Miscellaneous, 1968-1974
913Miscellaneous—Published Materials, 1968
914Morality In Government
915Morals—"The Christian Index", November 10, 1966
916Most Decisive—Where America Can Put Its Trust, 1971 March 28
917Mr. President—Letters to President, 1967-1971
918Municipalities, Cities, 1969
919National Leaders
920Negro Question
921News Clippings, 1964, 1966-1968
922News Clippings, 1974
923News Releases, 1968-1970
924News Releases—Speeches, 1968-1970
925Nixon, 1968-1970
926No Goal—America, 1971
927Obedience To the Law
928"Old Fashioned!", 1968
929Once Upon A Time—Prayer Amendment, 1968, 1972
930Our Fighting Men, 1968-1969
931Out of State, 1968
101Parks, 1967
103People's Administration
104Personal Remarks
105Planning Department
106Plans and Programs—General, 1968-1970
107Police State—Education, 1969-1970, 1973
108Politics and Elections, 1969-1970
109Poverty Program, 1967, 1971-1973
1010Poverty of the Spirit, 1968, 1973
1011Predictions, 1969-1970
1012Prediction—Reflections, 1968-1970
1013President—Red China, 1972 February 16
1014Presidential Campaign, 1968
1015Presidential Candidates, 1968
1016Presidential Race, 1968
1017Press Conference, 1968 June 29
1018Press News, 1967-1971, 1973
1019Press Releases—Religious and Patriotic, 1968-1970, 1972-1974
1020Prisons, Correctional, 1967
1021Private Education, 1970 July 11
1022Private Education, 1968-1970, 1972-1973
1023Private Education, 1967, 1969, 1972
1024Pro-Maddox, 1966-1967
1026Promises, 1966
1027Promises—Fulfilled, 1967
1028Public Education—Christianity's Role, 1970 April 19
111Radio Spots, 1970
112Real Christians, 1970
114Red Carpet Country Club Speech, 196[?] April 10
115Red, White, and Maddox, 1968
116Refile, 1969-1971
117Reflections—Predictions, 1968-1970
118Releases—News, 1968-1970, 1972-1975
119Religion, 1969-1970
1110Religious Heritage—America, 1969-1970
1111Religious Speeches, 1967
1112Re-Organization, 1969-1970
1113Retarded Children
1114Revival—America, 1971-1972
1115Rights—To Protest, Demonstrate
1116Riots, 1967-1968
1118Rural America—Strength of, 1970
121Safety—Highway and Public, 1968-1971
122School Crisis—Busing, etc., 1969-1971
123Seasonal Occasions, 1968-1970
124Secular Speeches, 1967-1973
126Sell Georgia, 1967
127Senators, Congressmen and other Officials, 1968-1970
128Separation of Church and State, 1969-1970, 1972-1974
129Small Communities—Progress and Growth
1210Soil and Water Conservation, 1967-1968
1212Speeches—News Releases, 1967, 1970-1973
1213Speeches by Others, 1954, 1968, 1970
1214Speech Subjects, 1967-1975
1215Spiritual Climate, 1969
1216Spiritual Heritage and Vietnam, 1968 September 5
1217State Government, 1967-1968
1218Supreme Court
131Taped Comments, 1969-1970
132Tax Proposal—What it would do, 1969
133"Tell About Jesus", 1970 January 30
134Testimony, 1969-1970
135Tourism, 1967
136Traffic Safety, 1967-1969
137United States, 1969-1970
138United States, 1968-1970
1310Unusual—Governor's Testimony, 1969
1311Vice President—Comments, etc., 1969
1312Vietnam, 1969-1970
1314Voice of People (Conservative)
1316Watergate, 1973
1317Welcoming Speeches, 1967-1968
1318Welfare State—Handouts
1319When U.S. Will Fall—Conditions, 1974
1320Which Way—America, 1970-1974
1321Why We Have Problems, 1969-1970, 1972
1322Wisdom of God—David, 1969-1970
1323Women in Government, etc., 1968
1324Youth, 1968, 1970-1971

C. Speech and Press Releases

141Speech and Press Releases, 1974
142Speech and Press Releases, 1973
143Speech and Press Releases, 1972
144Speech and Press Releases (folder 1 of 2), 1971
145Speech and Press Releases (folder 2 of 2), 1971
146Speech and Press Releases, 1970 December
147Speech and Press Releases, 1970 November
148Speech and Press Releases, 1970 October
149Speech and Press Releases, 1970 September
1410Speech and Press Releases, 1970 August
151Speech and Press Releases, 1970 July
152Speech and Press Releases, 1970 June
153Speech and Press Releases, 1970 May
154Speech and Press Releases, 1970 April
155Speech and Press Releases, 1970 March
156Speech and Press Releases, 1970 January-February
161Speech and Press Releases, 1969 December
162Speech and Press Releases, 1969 November
163Speech and Press Releases, 1969 September-October
164Speech and Press Releases, 1969 August
165Speech and Press Releases, 1969 July
166Speech and Press Releases, 1969 June
167Speech and Press Releases, 1969 May
168Speech and Press Releases, 1969 January-April
171Speech and Press Releases, 1968 December
172Speech and Press Releases, 1968 November
173Speech and Press Releases, 1968 October
174Speech and Press Releases, 1968 September
175Speech and Press Releases, 1968 August
176Speech and Press Releases, 1968 July
177Speech and Press Releases, 1968 June
178Speech and Press Releases (folder 1 of 3), 1968 May
179Speech and Press Releases (folder 2 of 3), 1968 May
1710Speech and Press Releases (folder 3 of 3), 1968 May
181Speech and Press Releases (folder 1 of 2), 1968 April
182Speech and Press Releases (folder 2 of 2), 1968 April
183Speech and Press Releases (folder 1 of 3), 1968 March
184Speech and Press Releases (folder 2 of 3), 1968 March
185Speech and Press Releases (folder 3 of 3), 1968 March
186Speech and Press Releases, 1968 February
187Speech and Press Releases, 1968 January
188Speech and Press Releases, 1967 December
191Speech and Press Releases, 1967 November
192Speech and Press Releases, 1967 September-October
193Speech and Press Releases, 1967 August
194Speech and Press Releases, 1967 July
195Speech and Press Releases, 1967 January-June
196Speech and Press Releases, Inaugural Address, 1967
197Speech and Press Releases (folder 1 of 2), undated
198Speech and Press Releases (folder 2 of 2), undated
201Daniel, Frank, ed. Addresses of Lester Garfield Maddox. Atlanta: Higgins McArthur/Longino & Porter, Inc., 1971
202"Clifford Brewton aide to governor" name tag; "Everything Pickrick" tie tack
211Speech and Press Releases , 1967 January 11-February 28
212Speech and Press Releases , 1967 March 1-9
213Speech and Press Releases , 1967 March 10-19
214Speech and Press Releases , 1967 March 20-31
215Speech and Press Releases , 1967 April 1-9
216Speech and Press Releases , 1967 April 10-19
217Speech and Press Releases, 1967 April 20-30
218Speech and Press Releases, 1967 May 1-9
219Speech and Press Releases, 1967 May 10-19
2110Speech and Press Releases, 1967 May 20-31
2111Speech and Press Releases , 1967 June 1-9
2112Speech and Press Releases , 1967 June 10-19
2113Speech and Press Releases, 1967 June 20-30
221Speech and Press Releases, 1967 July 1-9
222Speech and Press Releases , 1967 July 10-19
223Speech and Press Releases , 1967 July 20-31
224Speech and Press Releases, 1967 August 1-9
225Speech and Press Releases , 1967 August 10-19
226Speech and Press Releases , 1967 August 20-31
227Speech and Press Releases , 1967 September 1-9
228Speech and Press Releases , 1967 September 10-19
229Speech and Press Releases , 1967 September 20-30
2210Speech and Press Releases, 1967 October 1-9
2211Speech and Press Releases , 1967 October 10-19
2212Speech and Press Releases , 1967 October 20-31
2213Speech and Press Releases, 1967 November 1-9
2214Speech and Press Releases , 1967 November 10-19
2215Speech and Press Releases , 1967 November 20-30
D. Artifact
25Red pick axe handle with Lester Maddox signature "A Pickrick Drumstick, Atlanta, Georgia"

II. Photographs

178 photographs
This series includes nine folders of 178 images that focus on Governor Lester Maddox' political career, particularly speaking engagements with the public and other politicians or government leaders. Most of the images are undated and do not include captions.
23CHBLM PF 1Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 2Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 3Lester Maddox (9 photos)
23CHBLM PF 4Lester Maddox (9 photos)
23CHBLM PF 5Lester Maddox (10 photos), 1967-1971
23CHBLM PF 6Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 7Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 8Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 9Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 10Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 11Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 12Lester Maddox (10 photos)
23CHBLM PF 13Lester Maddox (14 photos)
23CHBLM PF 14Lester Maddox (9 photos)
24CHBLM PF 15Lester Maddox (14 photos)
24CHBLM PF 16Lester Maddox, Ft. Oglethorpe and Ringold (4 images), 1969 April 4
24CHBLM PF 17Young people visit Lester Maddox (11 images)
24CHBLM PF 18Lester Maddox (4 images)
24CHBLM PF 19Lester Maddox, Pugh (4 images)

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