Cedar Creek Civic Association Records

Cedar Creek Civic Association Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Cedar Creek Civic Association Records
Creator: Cedar Creek Civic Association, Inc.
Inclusive Dates: 1967-2017
Language(s): English
Extent: 8 box(es) (5.25 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL042CCCA
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection documents the administrative and community activities of the Cedar Creek Civic Association which formed in the 1960s with the formation of the Cedar Creek subdivision in Athens, Georgia. Over the years, the Cedar Creek Civic Association has been involved with community issues including water taxes, traffic studies, and re-zoning. This collection also includes the records of the Cedar Creek Garden Club

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Cedar Creek Civic Association was established in the early 1960s soon after the Cedar Creek Neighborhood was built in Athens, Georgia. Over time, 652 homes were built in the neighborhood attracting diverse populations from different professions. The Cedar Creek Civic Association has been involved with a number of activities including the production of a newsletter and neighborhood directory. The Cedar Creek Civic Association has also been involved with maintaining a neighborhood watch and ensuring that laws and regulations of Clarke County are enforced as well as advocating for community issues including water tax regulations and re-zoning around Athens-Clarke County.

Scope and Content

The collection is comprised of records created by the Cedar Creek Civic Association from 1967 through 2012. The records in this collection document the activities of the Cedar Creek Civic Association in their involvement with local issues around Athens-Clarke County, administrative files, and copies of the Association's membership directory and monthly newsletters. Also documented in this collection are the records and scrapbooks kept by the Cedar Creek Garden Club.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged into five series: Series I. Issues and Legislation, Series II. Board of Directors, Series III. Garden Club, Series IV. Directories and Newsletters, and Series V. Financial Files.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Issues and Legislation

1 box(es) (1 linear feet)
This series includes various drafts and versions of bylaws, covenants, and constitutions of the Cedar Creek Civic Association. Also included in this series are papers related to re-zoning the Cofer's property on Cedar Shoals Drive.
I.11ACC Island [Cedar Creek Subdivision], 1997
I.12Bylaws, undated
I.13CCCA Bylaws, undated
I.14Bylaws, 2006
I.15Cedar Creek Welcomes You! [Welcome Packet], 2005
I.16CSD Petition Material [Cedar Shoals Drive/Cofer's Property Re-zoning], 2005
I.17[Cedar Shoals Drive Re-zoning], 2005
I.18CCCA Flyer, CCCA Dues Flyer, [Opposition to Cofer Re-zoning], 2005
I.19[Letters regarding re-zoning of Cofer's property on Cedar Shoals Drive], 2005
I.110Re-zoning Cedar Shoals Drive, Puerta del Sol], 2005
I.111Spring Lake Letter [Cofer's Property Re-zoning Opposition], 2005
I.112Traffic/Inc. [includes photographs of Cofer's Property], 2005 (4 (4x6") color)
I.113Petition Copies [Cofer's Property Re-zoning], 2005
I.114Constitution, undated
I.115Covenant Original, undated
I.116Covenant, undated
I.117History Contacts & Presidents, etc., 2006
I.118Landscape [Matters], 2001-2002
I.119Post Office Reprimand, 1992
I.120TOD [Transit Oriented Development Program], 2006
I.121Trash, 2002
I.122Trash, 2004
I.123Zone & Block Captains, undated
I.124Waste Pro [Neighborhood Plan for Cedar Creek brochure], 2000s

II. Board of Directors

3 box(es) (2 linear feet)
The Board of Directors records have been arranged chronologically and include papers such as financial reports, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, membership lists, committee reports, and event fliers. This series also includes the administrative files of past Cedar Creek Civic Association board presidents.
II.11Presidents [List from 1964-2008], 2007 January 11
II.121967 Directory Residents Still Living in CC [Cedar Creek], 2006 November 3
II.13Beechwood Hills Membership Dues, 1967 May 12
II.14Meeting Minutes, Constitution, 1968
II.15Steering Committee Members, Statement to Clarke County Commission, 1969
II.16Cedar Creek Dues, 1973
II.17Cedar Creek Dues Paid, 1974
II.18Newsletters, Membership Dues, 1975
II.19Newsletters, Re-zoning Requests and Proposals, 1976
II.110Newsletters, 1977
II.111Newsletters, 1978
II.112Newsletters, Letter to Civic Association President, 1979
II.113Newsletters, Letter to Board of Commissioners, 1980
II.114Newsletters, Letters regarding Ravenswood Run Easement Channel and Cedar Creek Beaver Pond, 1981
II.115Letters from CCCA President, Nathan W. Dean; Newsletters, 1982
II.116Officers and Board Members Memorandum, 1983
II.117Dues Log; Letters to State Representatives and Clarke County Board of Commissioners regarding Airport Authority, Water Taxes; Newsletters, 1983
II.118Newsletters, Correspondence regarding Gaines School Road and Cedar Creek Drive Traffic, 1983-1985
II.119Newsletters, Memorandum, Letters regarding Gaines School Road Traffic, Clarke County School District, Athens-Clarke County Planning Commission, 1985
II.120Newsletters, Meeting Minutes, Association Constitution, Traffic Studies, 1986
II.121Newsletters, Meeting Minutes, Department of Transportation Intersection Study, 1987
II.122Newsletters, Financial Reports, 1988
II.123Memorandum, Newsletters, Committee Reports, 1988 January-1991 March
II.124Newsletters, Correspondence, Planning Commission, Traffic Issues, 1989
II.125Financial Reports, Dues Log, Newsletters, Event Fliers, Correspondence, 1990
II.126Ed Kassinger, President [Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, Traffic] (folder 1 of 2), 1991-1992
II.127Ed Kassinger, President [Traffic, Personal Care Homes, County Unification] (folder 2 of 2), 1991-1992
II.128[Secretary's Binder – Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Memorandum] (folder 1 of 2), 1991-1992
II.129[Secretary's Binder – Constitution, Bylaws, Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Memorandum] (folder 2 of 2), 1991-1992
II.130Newsletters, Financial Reports, 1991
II.131Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, 1992
II.132CCCA – Correspondence, 1992
II.133CCCA - Park, 1987, 1992
II.134Annual Meeting, Board of Directors, Newsletters, Minutes, 1993
II.135Annual Meeting , Board of Directors, Newsletters, Budget Reports, 1994
II.136Annual Meeting, Board of Directors, Newsletters, 1995
II.137Annual, Meeting, Board of Directors, Newsletters, Treasurer's Reports, Traffic and Re-zoning Studies, 1995-1996
II.138Annual, Meeting, Board of Directors, Newsletters, Treasurer's Reports, 1996
II.139Secretary's Minutes, 1996 February 5–1997 February 10
II.140Annual Meeting, Board of Directors, Newsletters, 1997
II.141Public Affairs and Zoning Committee Notes, Correspondence, Newsletter Article, 1998
II.142Annual Meeting Agendas, Meeting Notes, 1998
II.143Minutes, Board Meeting Agendas, Newsletters, 1999
II.144Membership, 1994-1999
II.145Minutes, Newsletters, Correspondence, 2000
II.146Membership List, 2000
II.147CCCA States McCarter, President [Board Agendas and Minutes, 2000 Annual meeting] (folder 1 of 3), 1999-2000
II.148CCCA States McCarter, President [List of Block Captains, Correspondence] (folder 2 of 3), 1999-2000
II.149CCCA States McCarter, President [Membership, Newsletters, Hank Qadir's Files] (folder 3 of 3), 1998-2000
II.21Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Treasurer's Reports, 2001
II.22Newsletters, Board Meeting Minutes, Annual Meeting Agendas, 2002
II.23Annual Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes and Agenda, 2002
II.24CCCA – Meetings, etc. [Newsletters], 2003
II.25Newsletters, Board Meeting Agenda, 2003
II.26July/August Newsletter, 2004
II.27CCCA Board Reports, 2006
II.28Nomination [Correspondence re. Board Nominations], 2006
II.29Newsletters. Annual Meeting Agenda, Constitution, 2007
II.210David Hamilton, President Files [Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Financial Reports], 2007
II.211Lauren Harris, President Files [Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Financial Reports], 2008
II.212Sue Plaskin, President Files [Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Financial Reports], 2009
II.213Board Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, Newsletters, 2007-2009
II.214Treasurer's Reports, 1994-1996
II.31Minutes, 2003
II.313Financial Reports, Minutes, Correspondence, Newsletters, 0
II.32Minutes, Newsletters, Letters of Understanding, 2004
II.33Minutes, 2005
II.34Minutes, Newsletters, 2006
II.35Minutes, Newsletters, 2007
II.36Minutes, Newsletters, 2008
II.37Minutes, Newsletters, 2009
II.38Minutes, Newsletters, 2010
II.39Goals, Minutes, By Laws, Newsletters, 2011
II.310Goals, Minutes, Financial Reports, Newsletters, 2012
II.311Secretary Files, 1990s-2000's
II.312Financial Reports, 2011-2013

III. Directories and Newsletters

1 box(es) (.5 linear feet)
This series includes newsletters produced by the Cedar Creek Civic Association and membership directories for the Cedar Creek subdivision.
III.11A Short History of Cedar Creek Subdivision, Newsletter, 1986 November
III.12CCCA-Newsletter, etc. [Membership Lists, Zone Captains], 2001
III.13-5Cedar Creek Civic Association Newsletter, 2009-2017
III.16Cedar Creek Civic Association Directory, 1967, 1977-1984
III.17Cedar Creek Civic Association Directory, 1985-1988
III.18Cedar Creek Civic Association Directory, 1988-1992
III.19Cedar Creek Civic Association Directory, 1995-1996
III.110Cedar Creek Civic Association Directory, 1993-2000
III.111Cedar Creek Civic Association Directory, 2003-2004, 2012

IV. Garden Club

2 box(es) (1.25 linear feet)
This series consists of administrative records such as bylaws, constitutions, membership lists, and meeting minutes of the Cedar Creek Garden Club. This series also includes photo albums and scrapbooks compiled by the Garden Club.
IV.11Garden Club Material [Minutes, Membership Lists] (folder 1 of 2), 1970-1978
IV.12Garden Club Material [Minutes, Membership Lists] (folder 2 of 2), 1970-1978
IV.13Cedar Creek Garden Club Bylaws, Lists of Presidents, Members, Constitution, 1989-2000
IV.14Welcome to Our 23rd Year [Photo Album] (folder 1 of 2), 1990-1991
IV.15Welcome to Our 23rd Year [Photo Album] (folder 2 of 2), 1990-1991
IV.2Garden Club Scrapbook, 1967-1980
IV.2Garden Club Scrapbook, 1981-1990
IV.2Garden Club Scrapbook, 1994-1996

V. Financial Files

1 box(es) (.5 linear feet)
The financial files in this series includes records such as copies of refund requests from members of the Cedar Creek Civic Association, copies of monetary contributions, receipts, and bill statements from various services used by the Association.
V.11Citizens for Responsible Development Contribution Directives for Refund (folder 1 of 2), 1997
V.12Citizens for Responsible Development Contribution Directives for Refund (folder 2 of 2), 1997
V.13Citizens for Responsible Development Account Balance & Summary, 1996-1997
V.14Letters/Contribution Directives Not For Refund, 1997
V.15Requested Refunds Copy Letters, 1997
V.16CCCA Donations Checked & Rechecked, 1997
V.17Athens Lawn Rangers, 2001
V.18Charmar Flower & Gift Shop, 2001
V.19Contributions, 2000
V.110Instructional Support & Development – UGA, 2001
V.111Kethley, T. William Jr., 2001
V.112Nelson, Annette A. CPA Tax Preparation, 2001
V.113Reimburse Board Members, 2001
V.114Stiber Tech, Inc., 2001
V.115U.S. Postmaster, 2001
V.116Misc. [Receipts], 2001
V.117Athens Lawn Rangers, Tim McGough, 2003
V.118Reimburse Board Members, 2003
V.119Federation of Neighborhoods, 2003
V.120U.S. Postmaster, 2003
V.121Check Receipts, 2004

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