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Frankie Welch collection

Frankie Welch collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Frankie Welch collection
Creator: Welch, Frankie, 1923-
Inclusive Dates: 1969-1989
Language(s): English
Extent: 52 item(s)
Collection Number: HCTC014
Repository: Historic Clothing and Textile Collection

Collection Description

Historical Note

Frankie Welch (Mary Frances Barnett), a noted 20th century Washington, D.C. area textile designer who hails from Rome, GA, designed and created scarves that were the height of fashion from the early 1960s to the late 1980s and beyond. Frankie Welch was honored by Betty Ford who chose her to design her Inaugural gown. It is now displayed in the First Ladies' Hall at the Smithsonian Institution. Working mainly out of Alexandria, Virgina, Welch designed more than 4,000 scarves for business, colleges, cities and individuals. Among those were the Cherokee Alphabet scarves for U.S. embassies overseas, and scarves for Time Life Books, the University of Georgia, National Geographic, McCormick Spice Company, and McDonald's first franchise outside the United States. Welch began her custom scarf designing in 1966 when Virginia Rusk, wife of then Secretary of State Dean Rusk asked Mrs. Welch to make a gift for visiting foreign dignitaries from the State Department.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection is a teaching collection that belongs to the College of Family and Consumer Science.

Preferred Citation

Frankie Welch collection, HCTC014, Historic Clothing and Textile Collection, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Georgia.

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Subject Terms

Clothing and dress -- 20th century.
Dress accessories
Fashion design.
Scarves (costume accessories)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

41960.000.000Scarf: red, white, blue; graphic map of USA; "Discover America" Lyndon Johnson era, 1960-1969
Scarf has no identifier on it.
41960.097.039Scarf: International Azelea Festival 1969; pink border; Tricia Nixon signature, 1969
21970.097.048Tote: navy blue, 1970-1979
21970.097.049Tote: fragrance bottle inside, 1970-1979
21970.097.050Scarves: 6 packs; silk; different colors, 1970-1979
21970.097.051Ties: 10, 1970-1979
31970.097.053Tote: white; red print; Jelly Beans, 1970-1979
31970.097.054Tote: cream; green print; back reads FOR PEGGY; image of cat and quilt, 1970-1979
31970.097.056Tote: cream; navy print; Quilt of Early American, 1970-1979
21970.097.058Tote bag: creme; orange, green, brown design, 1970-1979
11980.097.001Tote: maroon; gray; floral bird design; "The Folger Theater Washington DC", 1980-1989
11980.097.002Tote: maroon designs; "US Senate", 1980-1989
11980.097.003Tote: purple; lotus design; "the Altomar Collection", 1980-1989
11980.097.004Tote: blue; Lyndon B. Johnson theme, 1980-1989
11980.097.005Tote: orange; long horn and star design; "The University of Texas At Austin", 1980-1989
11980.097.006Tote: green; tree design; "Virginia Center for the Creative Arts", 1980-1989
11980.097.007Tote: blue; inkwell design; "Southern Conference of Attorney's General", 1980-1989
11980.097.008Tote: Elephant design; "National Association of Republican Women", 1980-1989
11980.097.009Scarf: red; black; white; UGA arch and seal design, 1980-1989
11980.097.010Bandana: red; black border; "Georgia Association of Family and Consumer Sciences", 1980-1989
11980.097.011Scarves: 3 - short; narrow; red and white design; 1 - burgundy with blue and beige designs, 1980-1989
11980.097.01225 Scarves: 4 gray; 21 with red and white design, 1980-1989
11980.097.013Scarf: long; narrow; red and white; teardrop design, 1980-1989
11980.097.014Scarf: red; white; UGA arch , 1980-1989
31980.097.020Handkerchief: red and blue border; member of Congress; 12'x12", 1980-1989
31980.097.021Handkerchief: Navy blue border; Hagley Museum; 7"x8" , 1980-1989
31980.097.022Handkerchief: red; white lettering; 8"x8" , 1980-1989
31980.097.023Handkerchief: red and white design; tree in the middle with Jeanne written in trunk, "80" wriiten in leaves; 8"x8", 1980-1989
31980.097.024Scarf: red and white; reads IHE with rainbow over top of letters, 1980-1989
31980.097.025Handkerchief: rust colored border; Arabic alphabet; circular star design in the middle; 7"x7" , 1980-1989
31980.097.026Tote: black with Cherokee alphabet in white; tan border, 1980-1989
31980.097.027Handkerchief: white; "Many Thanks" in blue and "HHH" - Hubert Horatio Humphrey - in green; 7"x7" , 1980-1989
31980.097.028Scarf: Four square panels with Georgia "G" and bulldog mascot. "G"s are in a diagonal with red; 34"x8", 1980-1989
31980.097.029Scarf: 20" x 20" - Blue and green border, 1980-1989
31980.097.030Scarf, 1980-1989
31980.097.031Scarf: long and narrow; four square panels, each with blue and red floral designs; Betty Ford signature in design; 32"x8", 1980-1989
31980.097.032Scarf: brownish-red; leaf motif; 4 panels; St. Luke's Episcopal Church; 3 crosses in the middle of each panel; 35.5"x9" , 1980-1989
31980.097.033Tote: white with brown ruler border; "The Associated General Contractors of America" Washington DC Memorials and landmarks are pictured in the middle, 1980-1989
31980.097.034Tote: white with navy blue design; Rome Georgia, 1980-1989
31980.097.035Tote: The Boxcar - Windows of the car have "Ronald Reagan" "Nancy Reagan" "George Bush" and "Barbara Bush" in windows, 1980-1989
41980.097.037Scarf: decorative; blue, green, 1980-1989
41980.097.038Scarf: red and teal border; poppies, teal circle design, 1980-1989
41980.097.040Scarf: state flowers design; green border, 1980-1989
41980.097.041Scarf: state flowers design; yellow border, 1980-1989
51980.097.042Scarf: red, blue, green border; red and blue polka dots; pink smears in corners; flowers; Betty Ford signature in lower right, 1980-1989
51980.097.043Scarf: state flowers design; orange border, 1980-1989
51980.097.044Scarf: red border; Frankie Welch of Virginia text design in black, 1980-1989
51980.097.045Scarf: state flowers design; light green border, 1980-1989
51980.097.046Scarf: green, yellow and red border; Graham family crest design; 1970 in center, 1980-1989
21980.097.047Scarves: assorted, 1980-1989
31980.097.052Scarf: large; square; orange white and navy border; Forward Together; Richard Nixon Campaign, 1980-1989
31980.097.055Tote: white bag; red print; Reagan Bush Inaugural 1981, 1980-1989